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Take Me

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As I sit on the bed, I watch you pour the wine, large glasses full to the brim, passing one to me you watch as I drink it all in one go, you now know what I want, and what you will get. Slipping your hand up my legs to the tops of my black lace hold up stockings you slowly pulled each one from my body. I stand up and closed my eyes as I let you strip me, turning my body slowly round so that you could see every inch, then watch as I fill then drink yet another glass of wine as you strip.

Falling slowly back onto the bed I closed my eyes, the wine taking full effect, my mind swimming out of control as I and you knew it would. Lifting my arms above my head, you wrap my wrists and tie them to the bed head with my stockings, kissing slowly down each arm to my waiting tits with there hard nipples each one begging to be sucked hard. Keeping my eyes closed, I moan softly as I feel your teeth gently graze one then the other, your tongue flicking over each one then trailing over each tit to the other. Your fingers rested on my mouth, then slipping one in you watch as I suck it, my tongue is flicking in and out, round and round as if that finger was your hard cock.

Sliding down the bed you hold my legs tightly together, the soft mound of my shaved pussy waiting for your touch once more, tighter you squeeze and watch as my juice is forced out between my legs, little drops appear, knowing that my pussy is so wet just for you. I gasp as your tongue laps hard at my mound, just the feel of your tongue pushing hard between my lips to find my clit makes me squirm and thrust my hips, my hands grip tight to their restraints, wishing I could hold my lips open and let your tongue delve in deep.

Slowly you straddle me, your cock resting between my tits, only just close enough, if I lift my head for me to flick my tongue over the tip, jabbing into your tiny eye, tasting your sap that leaks drop by drop. I feel you reach up and untie my hands, my eyes open wide with disappointment until you kiss me hard then tell me to turn over onto my front. Once over you retie my hands above my head, now I am yours, my pussy and ass there for you to do as you wish.

My mind fights with the feelings sweeping over my body, the wine as you knew, would make me too drunk to resist your demands, I feel helpless something you know I don’t like, yet I want you to use me, to fuck me, slap my ass, make me scream with a pleasure brought on by pain as I feel your hard cock stretch my ass as it slides in deep, will I love this, or will I hate it? You will have to try me, and I know you are going to.

Unable to see where you are I only know by your touch, I can feel your tongue and lips as they slide up the back of my legs, still you hold them tight together. As you reach my ass, you hold my knees and push me up onto them. With one hand you push gently down on my back, pressing my tits into the soft quilt, I hear you suck the air through your lips as you stroke my ass and let your fingers slide over my pussy, still you press my legs together.

I pant loudly as I feel your tongue slide down my ass, over my pussy then back up again. Over and over you lap at my pussy, your tongue pushing into my lips and finding my clit. Please let me open them I ask, but you take no notice as I twist and turn, you hold them tightly closed. You tell me to shut up, your tone one of dominance as you tell me if I ask again you will slap my ass. So I ask, over and over again and each time I feel your hand sting my ass, one cheek then the other, each slap followed by a kiss where my skin is turning red. I hate this, or do I? My pussy throbs as I feel the excitement build, as I twist and turn I can feel my lips slide together as my juice seeps out of my pussy and down my legs.

You reach under me with one hand and pull hard on my nipples, stretching and teasing each one as your other hand slips up and down over my pussy, rubbing my juice up and over my ass, every now and then letting your finger slip into my ass, just enough to make me moan and beg you to fuck me. Still you play and tease my body, telling me that you want me to be so hot, so ready, so needy of your cock, as soon as you enter me you want me to cum. I thrust and move my body against your hands, you have known from the moment you walked in and slipped you hand up my skirt to find that I had no panties on and my pussy was wet that I wanted you. Fuck me please, I want to drench your cock with my cum, I need to feel you deep, pounding hard into my body.

I feel you behind me, your legs on either side of mine, pressing my legs close together and then your cock as you force it between my pussy lips and begin to rub it up and down slowly. My breath leaving my body in sobs as I try to push back and take your cock into me. Pressing one hand down on my back, you make it impossible for me to move back, you are in control and then I scream as you thrust your cock hard and deep with one powerful push into my pussy. Your hips slam against my ass as you fuck me hard, telling me how tight I feel, as if you were taking me for the very first time. I arch my back as I feel the orgasm take hold of my pussy and I groan with delight as I cum. Panting yes, over and over again, I feel my cum trickle out and down over my clit, I want so much to rub it all over my pussy but you will not untie me.

You fuck me so well, you know as my pussy throbs around your cock just when my orgasm has finished. I feel you pull back, your cock slipping from my pussy, still hard, still ready to make me cum again. I know what your going to do, I want you to do it, but when I ask you slap my ass, moving up the bed, you hold my head and turn my face until my mouth is touching your cock. As I look up you grin and force your cock between my lips, telling me to suck my cum from it. Greedily I suck and lick, shit! I taste good on you cock, my mouth taking you in further so that I can taste myself on your balls. Then, just like you pulled out of my pussy you pull out of my mouth. Damn you! you are making the most of this, you just love the fact that I cant get my hands on you or myself and I am too drunk to care.

Once more you straddle my legs, once more you hold mine closed, once more you rub your cock over my pussy. Holding my ass, your fingers digging into each cheek you hold them open, then I feel your tongue push gently into my ass, then your tongue flicking over and around it. Yet another slap as I beg you to fuck my ass, yet another as I tell you how much I want to feel you fill it with your cum. Two more slaps as I beg you please, then you slam your cock once more into my pussy and slide two fingers into my ass. Holding onto the bed head I thrust back, twisting and turning my hips, taking you deep into my holes. Lifting up I feel my tits slap against my arms with every thrust, your fingers now pulling and stretching one nipple then the other. Our pants and grunts leaving our bodies at the same time as our orgasms build. Now, now please now, I scream as I hear you hiss ohhhh yessssssssssssssss and feel you thrust hard so that your cum spurts deep into my pussy. Holding my hips, our bodies still, as we let our muscles milk each other, you kiss my back, my head now reeling from your fuck, the wine losing its grip.

Lifting up, curling my legs under myself, my hands still tied to the bed, I look at you, “now it’s my turn” I purr as you reach up and release me…

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