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Crime and Punishment

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It was a dark and stormy night. The woods crew got scared off by the dark ominous skies. Hannah was quite bummed that everyone bailed. She had so wanted to let off some steam…and maybe run into Darren. Seeing how far she could tempt him had been the plan. Between a couple of “special blends” from her cousin’s stash and her trusty pink dildo, affectionately known as “Pinkie”, resistance was futile. But sadly, he hadn’t even shown.

And now, soaked through, her silky cream t-shirt looking like a second skin across her chest and her little black flouncy skirt outlining her thighs, and no change of clothes, Hannah was pretty bummed. Being left her to her own devices always meant driving around aimlessly through all the back roads around her rural town, trying to get lost in their familiarity. The radio was on full blast, thumping out “S.E.X.” The rain was driving hard against the windshield; so much so, the wipers were barely keeping up. She was busy singing along “S is for the simple need…E is for the ecstasy…X is just to mark the spot cause that’s the one you really waaaaaant…” paying no real attention to her speed or that her lights weren’t on. This is precisely why she was oblivious to the sirens and lights behind her for a few minutes, until the cop car pulled up next to her.

“CRAAAAAAAAAP” she growled as she slowed to a stop on the shoulder, in a secluded section of road way deep in the woods. Hannah hated getting pulled over, and always felt so intimidated by the sheer power cops seemed to exude in a uniform. She rolled down her window as he approached.

“Hi officer, what seems to be the problem?” she asked timidly.

“Do you have any idea how fast you were going? And with a storm like this, it’s a hazard to not have your lights on, not to mention it’s the law when your wipers are on!”

“Oh…I-I’m sorry. I had a bummer of a day, and I’m soaked to the bone, and I was just trying to dry out and relax a little.”

“I need your license, insurance and registration please.”

“O-o-okay. H-Hold on, it’s in my purse here…just wait, my – my wallet’s sssstu-” and as the wallet let loose with a flick of her wrist, out flew the joints and Pinkie, right into her lap.

“Oooooooohhhhh shit! Oh my god, I can explain, shit oh, I was taking these to a friend but I got side tracked…bu-but it’s not mine! I swear! Oh please don’t arrest me! I never do stupid stuff like this! I’m the good girl! Pleeeeeease!”

“Step out of the car ma’am.”

“Oh man…ok…but you’re not going to arrest me are you?! Pleeeeeeeease!”

“Please step out of the car NOW ma’am.”

At this point, it had begun to rain hard again; Hannah bit her lip, fighting back tears while the cop searched her car top to bottom. She was soaked through again. Her creamy tee was leaving nothing to the imagination again. Deciding to forego a bra in order to help her temptress ways was proving to be a really stupid decision. Her supple perky breasts showed right through, her erect nipples popping out. The little black skirt was askew and plastered half way up her curvy hip, exposing a single black string, tied in a bow. He finished his search, and then directed her back to his car.

“Are you arresting me? Please don’t arrest me! I’ll do anything! You can keep the joints; I’ve never even smoked before! They were my cousin’s! I’ll turn on my lights, a-and drive 30 miles an hour straight home and you’ll never see me on this road again! Please don’t arrest me PLEASE!” The officer didn’t say anything as he leaned arms crossed next to her against his car. But Hannah was suddenly aware how much closer he was than before, and that his finger was just barely tracing up and down her arm, his eyes fixed on her jutting nipples.

“Um, am I going to jail officer?” She asked quietly, inching backwards, away from his fierce ogling.

“Only if you refuse to do exactly as I say. Trust me doll face…” He grinned, tracing the side of her face with none other than her own Pinkie. She stood panic stricken for a moment, her mind racing through various violent horrible scenes, none of which ended well for her. He must have seen the horror in her eyes.

“Relax kitten, I wouldn’t ever hurt such a delicate thing like you, it would be a crime.” He snickered at his own irony. She rolled her eyes at his corny joke. She was back in control of her emotions now, and her thinking; and starting to pay attention to the officer’s soft touch.

NO! He’s a freaking officer of the law and it’s so wrong. I’ll go to jail before I do this guy any favors! She thought to herself.

He held out the pink dildo and examined it. She watched his eyebrows rise as he peered back up from it to her.

“What’s a little lady like you doing with such a thing like this in her purse? Doesn’t seem like an appropriate accessory for the “good girl”…” he trailed off as he slid Pinkie up her stringed hip and across the line still hidden by her skirt. She jumped back, but he grabbed hold of her arm and yanked her against him.

“Remember the alternative if you resist little lady.” He pulled out his handcuffs and dangled them in front of her face.

“Then take me to jail!” she screamed in his face.

“Someone needs to remind you what good girls act like!” he grunted, and spun her around mashing her against the back fender of the cruiser, muscling her legs apart with his knee and bending her over the car’s rear end. He slapped the handcuffs around her wrists, tightening them hard, making her whimper. He pressed himself into her back, practically on top of her, and breathed heavily in her ear. One hand grabbed her breast; the other one traced Pinkie over her hip and lifted her skirt to trace the strings of her panties. She wriggled beneath him. “Oh no sweet thing, you won’t be running off on me. Not until you pay your debt to society.”

As much as she loathed his blatant abuse of his authority, she was starting to really enjoy the manipulation of his fingers on her nipple. And the feeling of Pinkie as he directed it along her string line across the top of her ass.

“You won’t get away with this!” She wriggled some more, this time with her ass purposely against his crotch. “Someone is going to come along and see this and stop and report you!” She felt him straighten up behind her.

“You’re right kitten. Maybe we’ll have to take this somewhere a little more obscure. And then maybe we can get to know each other a little better.” He was breathing in her ear again.

Hannah’s heart was thumping in her ears, but it wasn’t quite panic she was feeling at the moment.

Ugh, he’s a cop looking for sexual favors Hannah – STOP BEING INTERESTED!!!!

He grabbed her arm and started leading her off the shoulder and into the woods engulfing the road. She kept resisting and struggling against his pull, forcing him to pull her closer to his warm body; it felt so good against her cool wet skin.

This is absurd, she thought. I can’t believe this is happening to me…and I can’t decide if I want to run far away, or let him bone me?! What is wrong with me?!

He stopped and stared overhead at the tree limb about six inches above her head.

“This looks like a perfect spot.” He was grinning at her again, and ogling her some more. He unlocked one of the handcuffs, but not the other.

“W-what are you doing, why did we stop, why are you taking off the handcuffs?” she whined at him, slightly confused.

“Don’t you worry your pretty little head. I’m just going to make it easier for us to get to know each other…” and with that he pulled her close, nose to nose with him, each of his hands gripping her full round ass. He looked deep into her eyes, and slid one hand up from her ass, over her hip, along her waist and side, her arm moving up, to allow it, her shirt bunching up as his hand rose. His fingers tickled up and down her side, giving her goose bumps, and making her nipples erect again. One breast was already completely exposed, and he was now flicking her nipple with his tongue, nibbling gently, while his other hand was now lifting the other side of her shirt. As her other breast peaked out, he attacked it with his tongue and she let out a low sigh. She raised her arms to allow him to lift the shirt completely, not realizing what she was doing, totally focused on the tingling sensations beginning to radiate throughout her body. He continued to manipulate her breasts and nipples, and she moaned a little. He slid the shirt over her head, and her short auburn curls bounced down to her shoulders. He slid her shirt up her arms, just to her wrists, just under the tree branch and in one motion clamped the one dangling handcuff to her other wrist. When she realized what had happened she began to writhe away from him.

“What are you DOING?!” she howled. “What are you going to do to me?!”

“Kitten, hush now! I don’t want to have to gag you! Or worse bind your feet. That would be unpleasant for you, pushed up against this tree in bare skin. Be a good girl, and calm down sweet thing. I told you I wasn’t going to hurt you…”

“I’ll scream if you don’t let me go. It’s clearing up, someone is bound to be out and about, and they will hear me! You WON’T get away with this! HELP! HELLLLLLLLP!” she wailed as loud as she possibly could.

“Little lady, you’ve left me no choice!” And he ripped her t shirt apart from her arms. She stopped screaming and started to whimper…

“But officer, you don’t have to hurt me, I promise I won’t scream any more, just please don’t hurt me, please don’t leave me here like this!” she begged and pleaded.

“Sweet thing, why won’t you believe me? I’m doing this for your own good. I can’t have anyone pass by and hear you carrying on. I’m just going to put this around your mouth to keep you quieter is all. Trust me doll face…” and he wrapped the ripped t-shirt around her mouth with the knot in the back. She whimpered as she listened to him undressing behind her.

How in the world could this man just a minute ago be so tender to her, how could she have been so stupid?!

He moved closer and let his fingertips travel down her arms and sides to her skirt. He unzipped the side and it fell to the ground. She kept whimpering.

“Kitten, you don’t have to be afraid. I promise I am not going to hurt you and you’ll get to go home again. Just not until we’ve had a little fun. Believe me darlin; you are far too precious to not handle with care. Now just relax…” and he gently pressed his naked body against her from behind. She could feel his erection slide right between her legs. “You are such a naughty girl! I can feel your juices through those little panties. If I didn’t know any better kitten, I’d think you were enjoying this! But then again, any little lady who carries a dildo in her purse must have a reason for needing punishment!”

His fingers traced her panty line again. “And any little lady running around with no bra and strings for panties must certainly have a need to be punished!” and he tugged at the strings on each hip. The little bit of material they were holding in place floated to the ground.

He laid kisses across her back, while his fingers danced along the front of her stomach, up to her nipples and down to her hips. She could feel his hard cock rubbing gently back and forth between her legs. Goose bumps rose in a wave across her body.”Mmmmmm, kitten…such soft skin…” His kisses continued down her back, and his hands wandered up and down the front of her, sweeping over every inch of her. Her breath was becoming deeper. His fingers swished just ever so closely to her patch, and she gasped through her gag.

Good god his fingers feel like feathers on my skin…

“Now see sweet thing, I knew you’d start to enjoy this. I think you and I are going to get along just fine.” and his kisses continued across her ass to her hip, down her thigh, and up her inner thigh as he moved to her front, stopping just at her inner hip, his hands massaging her ass the entire time.

“Well, well, well…look at that little kitten tattoo…” he traced it with his tongue. “Only naughty girls have these little tattoos…only naughty girls enjoy being this naked. I don’t think you’re a good girl at all!” and SMACK! His palm landed hard on her ass. She squeaked through her gag. “That’s what naughty girls with little kitten tattoos that like being naked get!” SMACK! His hand connected with her ass again for another squeak. “You like your ass smacked – such a bad girl. I’ll have to find another way to punish you then!”

He walked behind her again, she could hear him at his clothes, but couldn’t see what he was doing. When he walked in front of her again, his erection was adorned with Pinkie (as it was a cock ring and dildo all in one). Her eyes widened.

“Yeah that’s right sweet thing, you’re going to get both of us! But not just yet…I want to play with you a little more…see how much more naughty you’ve got in you.” He leaned into her, kissed her neck, kissed her chest, kissed each breast with special tongue flicks to each nipple, trailed kisses down her stomach to that little kitten tattoo. His hands had been following down her sides, but now were pressing open her thighs. His tongue traced down the side of her patch and flicked her clit. There was another definite gasp through the gag, and he dove into her pussy, kissing, sucking, and flicking…his finger working her hole at the same time.

Mmmmmmm-this man should be illegal!

She let out a long slow moan and he stopped and looked her in the eyes.

“You’re enjoying this way too much little lady! We’re going to have to try another punishment!” He eyed her up and down, and then walked behind her and she lost sight of him again. She felt his hands rubbing her ass so softly. SMACK! She yelped. SMACK! “Yep, you need a good spanking! I’m going to uncuff you sweet thing, and bend you over my knee…”

Her hands were suddenly free, but she realized that as they came down to her sides, they were behind her back and bound once again. He pressed his hard cock right into the palm of her hand. “I bet you know your way around a pole like mine” he breathed in her ear as he rubbed himself around some more.

God he’s so hard, he’d feel so nice inside me.

Instinctively, she wrapped her fingers around him and began to stroke “Yeah, you know what to do” he whispered. The cuffs left just enough slack that she could cradle his balls in one hand while the other stroked up and down his unit slowly. He pulled away, at which point she realized the tee gag was no longer in her mouth, but hanging loosely around her neck. The suddenly she was spinning around and forced to the ground onto her knees. She looked up at him, his hand holding her by the chin. He was grinning.

“I know you know what to do sweet thing. Don’t worry, I’ll help you since your hands are still cuffed.” and he shoved his cock into her mouth, making her gag. “C’mon kitten, I know you can handle me…” another thrust and she gagged again, tears streaming. She turned away for just a second to catch her breath, but his fingers wrapped in her hair and pulled her head back to shove his cock in her mouth again. This time though, she had her tongue in place and wrapped it around the head. She could hear his exhale, and knew she found the right spot. She worked the head of his cock with her tongue, and then slowly took him into her mouth, rubbing her tongue along his shaft, sucking on her way off. She picked up speed, up and down his cock, taking care to tease the tip every so often to hear him moan. He pulled her head away from him and peered down at her. He stood her up and unlocked the handcuffs again. She put her arms back up to the tree branch.

“But officer…shouldn’t you restrain me?” she pouted at him and batted her eyes at him. He followed her direction this time, running his fingers down her body after he had secured her back into position

“Yeah kitten, you’ve got a lot of naughty in you…I’m just going to have to fuck it out of you!”

He stood up, rubbing himself and pinkie between her legs again, taking care to cover each in her juices. He hooked one leg over the crook of his arm. “Since you’re being punished, you don’t get to choose.” He gently guided Pinkie into her pussy, and slowly slid Pinkie in and out of her. She loved the slick feel of Pinkie in her pussy, the smooth easy glide…and the slow rhythm in which he was using to penetrate her. She started swirling her hips ever so slightly, enjoying herself fully now

“mmmmmmmmmmmmm” another slow low moan.

“Oh no baby girl, you’re not in control, I am!” And in one fast motion, his hard cock was inside her ass, and he had her other leg up off the ground. It happened so fast, she didn’t have time to protest. “You have such a tight ass! I knew you’d be a tight fit. You feel so good wrapped around my cock sweet thing.” He was right; he and pinkie were a very tight fit. As he pounded her ass, Pinkie slid in and out of her wet pussy. She took him and Pinkie hard and fast, their bodies slapping against each other, her breasts bouncing freely.

“I’m going to cum” she moaned and he thrust himself and Pinkie so hard she screamed with her orgasm. He exploded in her ass just seconds later. He lowered her legs back to the ground and unlocked her handcuffs, this time removing them completely. He tossed her his undershirt, and outfitted himself back into uniform. She slid back into her skirt, slid the grey tee over her head and tied it in the back for a fitted shape.

“Mmmm, kitten, that’s what got you into trouble in the first place…” he ogled her just like he had back at the car.

“But officer, haven’t I paid my debt already?”

“Sweet thing, you’re paid in full, but get out of here before I change my mind. Remember – lights on for safety.” He winked at her and started back to his car.

“Thanks for the shirt” she called after him.

“No thank you little lady!” and he disappeared towards the road.

She was searching for her panties when she heard someone call her name from the road. She gave up on the panties and ran towards the voice. As she closed in, she realized the voice belonged to Darren.

WTF is he doing out here? Jesus, I hope he doesn’t figure out what just happened…

“Hey, uh, Darren. What on earth are you doing out here?”

“I was driving around. I went to the spot, but no one was there. I was running late from a flat tire. Then I saw your car here, and passed a cop about a couple of miles ago. Are you ok? Did you get pulled over or something?”

“Oh – oh – yeah. Everything is just fine. I um, got off… with a warning…about my headlights…” she grinned a little to herself.

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