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The Long Weekend

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The pub was crowded, which was only to be expected since Alice was pretty popular, and the music was way too loud for me. Oh, I guess I should introduce myself.

I’m Caroline. I’m 23 years old and blonde with a nice figure, by which I mean it is the right shape, just not toned. My breasts are a reasonable 36B and my height about 5’7″.

I work for an accounting firm in the city. It’s a big firm and I work in the secretarial pool. That’s where I met Alice and instantly fell in love with her. Of course she doesn’t know that for the last three years I haven’t slept, I’ve been unable to eat, and she has been always on my mind.

That night she was there in all her glory, looking like Sophie Marceau – an absolute ten out of ten. I’d never spoken with her but tonight I was determined to take what could — no, would – be my last chance.

As I approached her, she looked at me. I almost collapsed. I blurted something out (I don’t remember what it was, or even what language it was) and then walked away embarrassed.

The night wore on. As always Tim from the mail room was trying to get into my pants. He’s a few years younger than me, quite strapping, but a complete player. I smiled, let him buy me drinks, listened to his feeble attempts at flirting, then pretended I needed the bathroom and managed to ditch him.

Eventually the group dwindled. I don’t know why I stayed late. Even Tim had gone home, probably with Jenny the skank from Executive. Give her a Midouri and she’s anyone’s.

I was about to leave when Alice came over with a bottle of wine. She put it on the table in front of me.

“Shiraz. Your favourite, I believe,” she said, showing me two glasses.

I looked at her, wondering how she knew that.

“Y-y-yes.” I looked at the glasses.

She led me to a quiet booth and we sat opposite each other. She poured me a glass of wine and then one for herself. We drank and I gradually became more at ease with her. We spoke about what she was going to do after leaving. I spoke about my ambitions and my studies.

The more comfortable we got, the more we spoke, until for some reason the topic turned to sex. I dropped a bombshell.

“I’ve always wanted to be tied up and dominated.” Even as I said the words, I blushed. I couldn’t believe what I’d said. Alice’s eyes widened as she gazed at me. She smiled.

“Really?” she asked. “Have you got plans for the weekend, hun?”

I thought for a moment. I loved this woman. I had for so long, but I barely knew her. What would she do? I felt my lips moving of their own accord.

“Why, what did you have in mind?” I asked, unable to stop myself.

She smiled that wicked, mind-melting smile that had first caught my attention. “Go to the Ladies. Remove your underwear and then come back.”

My legs started moving before I had time to question it. Before I knew it I was in the toilets, removing my undies and hoping no one would come in.

I returned to the table. My short skirt allowed the air to rush up around my exposed pussy. My tight top felt even tighter.

I sat and she looked at me. “Well, hand them to me.”

I looked around the room. There were still lots of people there and my face reddened.

“H-h-here?” I was stuttering with nerves.

“Yes, now.” Her voice was not threatening but certainly carried some authority.

I handed my undies to her across the table and hoped no one saw.

We sat for a while. She bought a second bottle of wine and poured me another glass. Then I felt something sliding up my leg. I recognised it straight away as a stocking-clad foot. Alice looked into my eyes, smiling. I felt her toe find my already wet sex.

“Wow, are you excited?” she asked, laughter in her tone.

I sat bolt upright, my jaw trembling slightly. She had found the exact spot and I was working hard just to keep my face from totally betraying me. It was heaven and I felt myself building up. Then, cruelly, she stopped.

“Not here, little one.” She looked at me as she stood. “Stand up and turn around for me.”

I did as she asked. She grabbed my hands and cuffed them behind my back. The sound of the click from the cuffs almost made me cum right there. I couldn’t believe the state she had me in already.

“Come on, sweetie.” She walked towards the door. “My car is not too far.”

I thought about my situation. I had no undies, my hands were cuffed behind my back, my face was flushed, and I needed to cum more than I had ever needed it before. I almost ran after her.

The walk through the city was not too long. I did cop some stares and wolf whistles but for most part it was pretty quiet.

Alice’s car was like her, all class. A BMW convertible. She opened the door for me and helped me in. Once I was seated, she put my seatbelt on for me, trapping me.

She got in and flicked a switch to retract the roof. We drove towards the coast. I had no idea where Alice lived but I had been this way before to the beach.

We got to the seaside town, and we entered an underground car park in a block of units. Alice came round and helped me out.

As I stood there in front of her she started to unbutton my tight blouse. I looked at her, shocked.

“Follow me, sweetie.” She turned and walked to the lift. I followed slowly, trying not to fall out of my blouse. It was useless. I could feel the air getting closer to my hard nipples.

We got into the lift and Alice covered me up a little. She pressed the button for the eighth floor. We started to move up but the lift stopped on the ground floor. An old couple got in. The old man looked at Alice with a smile. His eyes widened when he looked at me. His wife glared at me in disgust.

They pressed for the seventh floor. As the lift was going up I felt Alice’s hand in the small of my back. She started crunching up my blouse. I felt it parting at the front. My face went scarlet. The old man watched as my breasts popped out for him. My eyes closed and my head fell back. It was so humiliating and yet I was ready to cum right there and then.

Finally the lift reached their floor. The old man winked at me as he left. His wife looked at me and clicked her tongue in disgust. The doors closed and the lift went up.

The eighth floor was one whole apartment. I walked in and looked around in awe.

“You like my little apartment, sweetie?” Alice asked.

“Very nice.” I looked around. It had all the features and comforts of a show home.

Alice uncuffed my hands and stood in front of me.

“Okay. Off with your clothes. You won’t be needing them any more.”

I paused for a moment, a little shocked, but again I found my body betraying me. Within seconds my clothes were off and I stood naked in front of the woman I had adored for so long.

She took my arms and started to wrap a rope around my wrists. Her movements were assured, as thought she’d done it many times before. It wasn’t long before I felt the pull and knew I was trapped.

She led me to her balcony. I looked scared, I knew, and she looked at me.

“Come on, hun. You’ll be okay, I promise.” Her look was reassurance enough for me and I was no longer in control of what I did anyway.

We stepped out onto the balcony and I saw the beautiful ocean view. No one could see this balcony except a determined fisherman with some good binoculars.

She led me to a corner and looped a rope through an overhead pipe. She attached it to my wrists and hoisted my arms up. She tied it off. My body was stretched like a bow. She put a spreader bar between my ankles. It held my legs wide apart and I was forced to stand on my tiptoes.

She ran her fingernails over my tightly pulled body.

“You ready for some fun?” she asked in a voice that almost made me squeal with delight.

She went inside and came out with an envelope. Her face had changed and she looked altogether more menacing.

“You have been a cock and clit tease for too long, bitch.” Her voice was a low snarl. Fear coursed through me.

She grabbed a ball gag from her pocket and rammed it into my mouth. My eyes widened. She donned a rubber glove and opened the envelope.

“You’re going to feel the torment you have given my brother Tim and me for the last few years. I’ve wanted you and all you’ve done is act shy and scared. I’ve had to suffer. I have not been able to be with anyone else because all I wanted was you. You’ve made my pussy itch like it’s on fire. Well now it’s your turn.”

I struggled in my bindings, screaming incoherently through the gag, but to no avail. I watched as she poured some powder onto her gloved finger. She stroked it into my aching pussy. Within seconds I realised what it was.

“Itching powder, slut. It should only last about fifteen minutes, but I’ll be back to give you some more soon. Hope you have a great weekend.”

I screamed into the gag again, my face flushed, my body twisting trying to touch my itching, aching sex and give it some relief. Sweat poured out all over my body. I only needed one touch but it wasn’t coming. Alice laughed and went inside. I heard the television and knew I was in for a long weekend.

The sweat was beading all over my body and the itching in my sex was driving me insane.

True to her word, every so often Alice came out and applied more itching powder. She also played with me a little each time, knowing exactly when to stop. I could feel my teeth sinking into the ball gag. Tears welled in my eyes. I wondered how long she intended to keep me like this.

After the sixth time she looked at me.

“It’s horrible, isn’t it, bitch?” she hissed at me.

I feebly nodded my head. My body ached. She pinched and twisted my nipples. It almost set me off. Almost, but not quite.

“I bet you would do anything to be fucked right now, wouldn’t you?”

My head was nodding before I had a chance to focus on what she had asked. My body was in a different place to my brain.

“Should I grab my strap on and fuck your little brains out?”

She was playing with my clit, and it ached. I was grinding on her hand, my body completely betraying me. I was getting close and my chest was heaving. She stopped.

“I don’t think you’re ready yet.” She looked at me, smiling, evil in her eyes, “I wanna see you really want it.”

She reached down for the itching powder. I screamed incoherently behind the gag.

“Yes, more. I know you love it.” She stroked more of the devilish powder onto my hot smoking sex. It was too much. I let out a massive scream behind the gag, trying to squeeze my legs together. Then I heard the crack.

The spreader bar snapped. My legs came together and my eyes rolled back. I rubbed my thighs against each other desperately. I was a second away from release when she forced my legs apart.

“Shit! Tim!!” She yelled into her apartment and her brother came out. I recognised the sleaze bag who’d been trying to get me for ages.

“Get the other spreader bar and bring me the special condom.” She looked up at me. She was angry, but with a devious look on her face.

Tim came out with a small box and a stronger-looking spreader bar. They attached it to me quickly. I started to cry. My frustration was unbearable.

Alice opened the box and pulled out a sheaf. It was covered in hair.

“This is horse’s hair, bitch. It’s time that itch was scratched.”

My eyes bulged. I started again struggling but it was useless. I felt myself dripping down my legs.

She brought out her strap on. It was huge. I looked at it in horror. It would spilt me in two. She rolled the horse hair sheaf on and looked into my eyes. I looked back, fearful of what was about to come.

I felt it sliding in, the hair scratching my itchiness as it forced me open. I almost blanked out. The feeling was absolutely euphoric. I came round and felt myself moving quickly up and down on the dildo. I was screaming with pleasure. I saw Tim to the side jerking off but I didn’t care. I kept on orgasming until finally I couldn’t move any more.

“Wow slut,” Alice said, pulling out of me. “I guess you’re spent for now.”

I hung limply, unable to respond. My brain felt like it wasn’t there but was watching from somewhere else. I felt Tim untying me, groping me as he did so. They dragged me inside and threw me to the floor. I looked up and got the shock of my life.

“Well, look what we got here,” said the man, looking down at my naked body.

I started to panic. I looked around and there was quite a crowd in Alice’s apartment. Some I remembered from her party but others I didn’t know. I curled up and tried to cover myself.

“Get her up,” I heard Alice bark at someone.

Two pairs of hands grabbed me and pulled me to my feet. Alice worked up to me, smiling as I was held there naked for all to see.

“Well my pretty little slut.” She looked me up and down. There was a touch of disgust in her voice. “I hope you are ready for some real fun now.”

I looked at her with tears in my eyes. When driving down here I’d thought how sweet and romantic this was going to be. A touch of bondage followed by love-making with the woman I adored. Now my heart raced as I realised I was in way over my head.

Alice tried to stroke my abused sex. I closed my legs as tight as I could, but she called in two guys and they pulled them apart. The crowd laughed and applauded as my pussy opened unwillingly. I let out a moan behind the gag.

“She loves this,” yelled Alice. The crowd responded with cheers. “Now, slut, this belongs to us, not you. If we want to play with it we will. UNDERSTAND?”

I nodded my head. I was trapped with people I didn’t know. I didn’t know what they were capable of, and I wasn’t looking forward to finding out.

Alice opened my sex with her soft fingers. There was still a slight itch and a bit of pain but she was gentle. She picked up a small box with her other hand. She opened it and showed me the contents. I recognised them from my internet browsing.

“Ben Wa balls,” she said. “Inserted in this little hole here, they will move constantly, keeping her aroused, but she will not cum. She will need her clit touched for that.”

I watched as she popped them in, feeling the stretch then the give. I squirmed a little but could not get away from the hands holding me.

“Now,” Alice was obviously enjoying herself, “an egg vibrator on a remote. Again, it will not allow her to cum, but will certainly provide us with entertainment.”

She slid it in and used medical tape to seal my lips. The people holding me helped as leather cuffs were attached to my wrists and ankles. They locked my wrists behind my back, and a chain placed between my legs limited my movement. I was placed back in a standing position. I could already feel the balls moving and moaned a little behind the gag.

“Okay, slut.” Alice looked me in the eye, only talking to me now. “I hope you remember your waitress days, because you will be serving drinks to my guests. If you spill any, or don’t satisfy my guests, they will have the right to punish you.”

I looked at her. My eyes were teary but I could feel anger bubbling up. She attached a small tray under my breasts. Straps looped over my shoulders and around my back. It was like a bra with a table attached. She placed some champagne flutes on it.

“Go, serve my guests.”

I started to move around the room as best I could. I was pretty steady until somebody pinched my ass. I staggered a bit, spilling the only glass on my tray. I was held in place while a guy Alice called Frank readied himself.

“Well Frank,” asked Alice, again commanding her audience, “what’s it to be?”

“I have my riding crop with me,” said Frank, “so bend her over.”

I heard the words and hoped he was kidding. But they bent me over and I felt him move in behind me. I heard a swoosh, followed by a crack. For a split second I wondered whether he’d hit me, then my ass exploded on fire. I screamed behind the gag.

“She likes it. Give her more, I say,” said Tim.

The crop came down again, and again the pain took a moment to register. It came down six more times before they finally let me stand. My ass was on fire, my eyes barely open from the tears. But the worst part was that the Ben Wa balls had been moving around the whole time, and I was dripping insanely.

“Look!” I saw Tim pointing at me. “Look at what that did to the little slut. She must like pain.”

I squirmed as everyone looked at me.

“Perhaps she should get more,” said another man.

“Stop,” said Alice. “Let her serve the drinks. I don’t want her too worked up.”

I returned to serving the drinks. Every now and again someone would spank my sore ass, causing me to wince and moan. The balls had me on fire, and then I felt the vibrator kick in.

I looked around, panting behind the gag. This was torture. If I could get my clit touched it would trip off an epic orgasm. I fell to my knees. Fortunately I had no drinks on my tray. I looked around. Everyone was laughing and pointing at me.

Alice walked over and looked down at me.

“So pathetic,” she said. “What was it you said about men the other day, slut? Oh yes, that they let their cocks rule what they do. Well as you see, women are just as easily led.”

She left the vibe on for what seemed an eternity, but my orgasm never came. Finally she turned it off with the remote control. My face was red and my body ached.

Tim helped me up and removed the table. He led me to a spare room that had no furniture.

“Sleep now, bitch,” he said. “Tomorrow is the big race.”

I listened to his words, not knowing what the big race was. But I curled up as best I could in the corner, wondering what would come next.

I didn’t sleep well. What was this big race they spoke of? What where they going to do to me next? Why was I so turned on?

Every time I moved, the Ben Wa balls moved with me. My hands were still secured behind my back and no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t reach to give myself that final touch.

My jaw ached. How long had I been wearing this gag now? I thought about hanging outside with the itching powder burning my sex, and my frustration mounted more.

I saw the light under the door and knew it was morning. The door flew open and Tim marched in. He lifted me roughly to my feet. The balls inside me shook more and I moaned.

“Wow,” said Tim, “so now just my touch turns you on.”

I looked meekly at the floor. He dragged me into the lounge. Thankfully only Alice was still there.

“Well,” she said, looking at me, “let’s prepare the slut.”

First they removed my gag. The pain was nasty as I tried to loosen my tight jaw. They place a bowl of very wet Muesli on the floor in front of me.

“Eat, slut,” Alice said, pointing down.

I looked at her, disgusted, but I didn’t dare speak. I slowly got down on my knees and stuck my face in the bowl. I heard my two tormentors laughing behind me.

“I’ll put these photos on the blog now, I think,” said Tim. I tried not to panic as I wondered what sort of photos they’d taken.

I quickly ate then knelt, looking around. Alice brought me a drink with a straw. I drank the warm water offered.

I was dragged back to my feet. Tim grabbed my hair. I looked at Alice and my stomach turned.

“Do you like this?” she asked, holding up the custom-made bridle. “Let’s see if it fits.”

She shoved the bit between my teeth and strapped the head piece over my head. I felt the reigns hanging down my back and heard it all being clicked into place.

“Now,” said Alice, “our little pony needs a tail.”

Tim brought over what I recognised as a butt plug, but then I saw this one had a tail. He applied a tiny amount of lube and went behind me. I felt the pressure but didn’t want it inside of me. I clenched my muscles as tight as I could.

“Relax, slut,” said Tim. “It will be over before you know it.”

He pinched my nipple. I squealed behind the gag and then felt the plug sliding into my hole. I felt the pop and knew it was lodged in place.

The two circled me, surveying me. I felt my sex dripping like crazy. I looked at them both, blushing while they laughed and pointed.

They dragged me by my arms to the lift. My legs buckled with fear. I couldn’t go out in public like that! But I had no way of fighting it. I was thrown into the lift.

We went down and I hoped the lift wouldn’t stop before we reached the basement. I thought my luck must have changed when the B lit up. How wrong I was.

The lift doors opened and I saw them standing there. My heart almost leapt out of my mouth. I think only the bit between my teeth stopped it.

“Say hello to Robyn and Harold,” Alice said, gesturing to the old couple from the other day who were now standing outside the lift.

I mumbled through the bit as the old couple put out their hands to grab me. They led me to a horse box that was open and pushed me into it. They tied rope around my breasts, and then secured it to poles running along the sides of the horse box. They then tied my ankles to another pole at the bottom of the horse box, holding them wide apart and increasing the strain on my poor breasts.

“Smile, slut,” said Tim. He pointed a camera at me and took another picture.

They closed the box, leaving me stood there in silence. The Ben Wa balls were still inside me and I was busting for the toilet.

I felt the horse box jerk forward as we took off. The pull on my breasts was instantly torturous. I screamed into the bit. I hoped we might get pulled over, break down or something, anything, just so I could be freed from my torment. I was groaning in agony when I heard three thumps. I knew straight away that it was the vibe and the Ben Wa balls. I felt myself start to flow and heard the humiliating sound of my piss hitting the floor of the box.

The drive continued in torture for my breasts. I felt every bump in the road. Finally, after what seemed like hours, we came to a stop.

The door to the box flew open and Tim looked up at me.

“My my, slut!” he shouted. “Looks like we may need a clean up in here.”

He left and returned with a hose. He turned it on. I was pushed back by the force of the water. The pull on my abused chest was unbearable and I screamed as loud as I could.

I must have looked like a drowned rat by the time he was finished. He came in and untied my breasts, which were almost purple by then. I thought it would me relief, but the rush of blood back into them was horrible.

After releasing my ankles, Tim led me out of the horse box. I looked around and saw similar scenes of torture. Women and men in restraints like mine were being led around by other men and women. I then saw Harold in a jockey’s outfit.

“The balls fell out when she pissed,” I heard Tim telling Alice.

She came over to me, holding them in her hands.

“Well,” she said, looking at me, “we will need to make doubly sure that this time they stay in.”

She used more medical tape to hold them in this time, but left out the vibe.

“Ok,” said Harold, “let’s start warm up.”

“You will need to learn to trot for us, slut,” said Alice. She pointed to another woman, who was running around, raising her knees high while someone else struck her with a riding crop

I tried to copy her, but felt the crop on my ass almost straight away. I squealed.

“Come on! Knees higher, slut!” Harold hit me with the crop again.

I brought my knees up high as I moved, and felt the smack on my ass to keep my rhythm up. This continued for ten minutes, after which I was exhausted and humiliated. The worst part was the Ben Wa balls, which were moving around even more freely now.

“Okay,” said Alice to the others. “It’s mounting time. Let’s get her out to the yard.”

They led me past a lot of other people training to a yard. I stood my back to a garage. I heard talking and then the garage door opening. I stood still, staring straight ahead and wondering what else could be done to me.

I heard the sound of wheels on the paving, and then saw wooden handles sliding under my arms. A strap under my still sore breasts held the handles in place.

“You’re trotting cart, slut,” said Tim. I could hear the smile in his voice. “Trot forward.”

I stepped forward and felt the weight behind me. The crop landed across my ass, hard.

“Come on, donkey!” It was Harold’s voice. He whipped my ass again.

I trotted forward a bit more. Tim beckoned me to follow him.

They took me to a miniature trotting track. It wasn’t as big as the one where I had seen the horse racing, more like an Olympic running track. Tim led me to one end, where I saw more people attired like me. There was quite a crowd building as I reached the starting point.

I looked up at the crowd, my face red. Tim looked at me.

“One more thing to encourage you, slut,” he said as he attached nipple clips to each breast. He lifted the handles slightly and tied them off. They pulled me down slightly.

I looked at him, hoping for some pity, but it was useless.

I was led to the starting line with the other poor saps. I looked up at the crowd one more time.

A gunshot cracked, and I felt the crop hit my ass. I leapt forward.

The crowd cheered. The crop hit my already burning ass. I squealed and instinctively speeded up.

“Come on, bitch, get those knees up!” Harold shouted excitedly as he whipped my ass hard.

The Ben Wa balls rolled madly inside my sex, but I tried to concentrate on the task at hand. I was at the head of the pack and was biting down hard on the bit between my teeth.

The clip on my nipples tugged a little every now and again, causing me little shots of pain. But my mind was lost and I was determined to win.

We rounded the last bend and I could see the finish line not far ahead. Harold was whipping my ass like crazy as I tried with everything I had. Then I heard panting beside me. I turned my head and saw him.

“Don’t look back, you dumb bitch!” Harold screamed and hit me harder still, but it was too late. The pony boy shot past me and I was relegated to second place.

I was devastated. Suddenly the pain in my ass and nipples registered fully. Tears streamed from my eyes as I stood there, feeling utterly pathetic. Alice came up to me.

“Well done, slut,” she said, patting my face reassuringly. “That was nothing to be ashamed of. You seem to have enjoyed yourself too.”

She touched a hand to my pussy and I felt my juices flowing down my leg. I was in pain, frustrated beyond belief, and I couldn’t believe the next words that came out of my mouth.

“Phunk you, miff.”

Alice looked at me and smiled. She kissed me on the forehead.

“Let’s get you home. You have a bit more to do yet to repay your debts.”

I nodded and followed, dragging Harold on the cart behind me.

I was allowed to sit in the horse box on the way home. They gave me a bowl of water. I drank it as best I could through the bit gag.

Much to my relief, when we got home the lift went all the way up. Alice, Tim, Robyn, and Harold followed me into the apartment. Tim removed the bridle and led me into the middle of the room.

“Now, slut,” said Tim, “we have a party tomorrow and you will be the centrepiece. Go to your room now and get some rest. You have done well today and you will be rewarded by not having to sleep with a gag.”

I didn’t argue and went to my room. I heard the door close and lock behind me.

I slept well and was awoken the next day with a bowl of water and more wet muesli. I ate and drank with my hands still locked behind my back. Tim helped me up and took me into the lounge. A Japanese man was sitting next to Alice.

“Slut, meet Hiroti,” said Alice.

I smiled meekly. Tim uncuffed my hands and gently massaged my aching limbs. I almost collapsed from his touch, it was so nice.

I was all relaxed until I saw Hiroti taking out bundles of rope. They looked rough.

“Hemp,” said Alice. “Nice and itchy. You should enjoy them.”

Hiroti started wrapping the rough rope around me. The itching was nasty. He looped it under my breasts then over. He took another section across my nipples.

He tied my wrists and elbows tight behind me and followed it up with something I had never experienced. He passed the rope between my legs and pulled it tight against my sex.

This rope looped around the ropes on my breasts, pushing them out against the rope that crossed my nipples. Hiroti passed the line up to a pulley in the ceiling, lifting me up a little.

One final rope circled my left ankle. This too was lifted to the ceiling. I was left on one foot, on my tiptoes, with the rope against my crotch rubbing my clit.

It wasn’t enough to let me cum, but I had never been so desperate to orgasm.

“Now,” said Alice, “let’s wait for our guests.”

I hung there with my toes barely touching the ground. The rope against my sex rubbed madly, and the Ben Wa balls still rattled inside of me. The rough rope chafed against my nipples.

People arrived and walked around me. They watched as I writhed in the ropes, getting hotter and hotter. I just couldn’t get that one tiny touch needed to trip me over the edge.

I thought back over the weekend and what torments I had been subjected to. The horrible itching powder. The horse hair, scratching away at my sex and making me cum harder than I had ever cum in my entire life. The party and the start of my real torment. Since then I’d been teased beyond anything I’d previously imagined. The Ben Wa balls, the vibe. Then the pony race. My body giving my all for my torturers.

Could it be that I had enjoyed this? I’d been held by these monsters the whole weekend, and yet I had never tried to escape. The thought had never even crossed my mind.

I looked at the smiling faces looking at me, and I realised how much more their stares were arousing me.

I saw Alice and Tim having a laugh and exchanging hugs with Robyn and Harold. Drinks were flowing, and people were having a great time.

Finally the night ended. I was untied and taken to Alice’s bedroom and laid down on the bed.

I looked up at the ceiling; I didn’t know who I was, where I was. All I could think of was the aching in my sex. My clit felt as hard as a diamond. Alice walked in.

“Well, slut,” she said, “tomorrow is the end of the weekend. I start my new job, Tim will be back to work, and you will be free too. I just had one more thing I wanted to do, though.”

She bent down and pressed her lips to mine. Her tongue entered my mouth and started to explore. I felt someone between my legs. Fingers pushed inside me and removed the Ben Wa balls.

Alice straddled my head and lowered her sex to my lips. I’d never been in this position but my cruise control took over. I started to stroke the tip of my tongue around her sex.

Then I felt something at the entrance to my wet, hot, sensitive pussy. It was Tim. His rock hard cock entered me slowly. I screamed with delight into Alice’s sex.

From there it was all a blur. I don’t know how many times I orgasmed. I don’t know how long it lasted. I wasn’t there.

I awoke the next day, still naked, with Alice’s white doonah covering me. The sun shone through the windows, lighting up the whole room.

I sat up and found an envelope next to me. It was addressed to me and I opened it.

Dearest Caroline

The last few days have been heaven. It is a shame that now we must par., I start my own business today and you will return to the rat race.

I have an offer for you, though. I will give you a job with my new company. In exchange, you give me you, your submission.

No pressure, hun. Let me know as soon as you are ready.



I put the letter down and wrapped a sheet around myself. I went into the kitchen and saw Alice chopping something. She looked at me and smiled wryly.

I picked up the phone and dialled.

“Hello, Mr Harris,” I said. I grinned and winked at Alice. “I quit.”


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