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Runner’s High: Long Distance

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Conservative upbringing had told me my body was a temple.

These two were crossing the moat between my legs.

Jennifer climbed up Tiffany and met me at her 36C breasts. She smiled at me, and licked along the same breast I was tasting. Jennifer kissed my cheek and then kissed my lips hard, running her tongue — sweet with Tiffany’s essence — into my mouth.

We kissed and I took in the new taste. It was a taste I knew I was going to be getting to know much, much better.

“You two are so sexy,” Tiffany breathed.

I pulled away from Jennifer and Tiffany. I crouched back onto my knees. My white and crimson towel dangled on my body like a fallen shawl, covering one of my breasts and the middle of my thighs.

“What are you thinking, Erica?” Tiffany asked.

“If I admit to you that I masturbated in the shower, will you give me my clothes back?” I smiled.

“No,” Jennifer stated. “Show us the beauty of your masturbation,” she continued.

Tiffany pulled the towel from my torso, my nipples rising in the coolness of the air. One of my hands was already between my legs as I teased my body. Fingers flicked through my pussy and against my clit, one at a time. Three fingers, one finger at a time.

My wetness was extraordinary for me. Never had I been so turned on before.

The women of the porn, Ms. Red and Ms. Blue, were done, but we were far from it. We weren’t watching the free movies now, we were living out a scene that some girls and a lot of guys back at our No. 1 party campus would have been proud of — crazy, fun sex between three young, attractive women.

Naked, Tiffany crawled behind Jennifer and wrapped her long arms around Jennifer’s short torso. Tiffany snaked a hand into Jenn’s shorts as she kissed her collarbone and shoulders. Her other hand wandered from Jennifer’s thigh up to her chest, pulling the sportsbra up one beautiful breast at a time. She lightly pinched against Jennifer’s nipples.

“You’re both so sexy,” Tiffany spoke as she kissed along Jennifer’s ear.

Jennifer stared intensely into my eyes as my legs shook below me. It had taken less than three minutes for me to cum in the shower. Here, with this desire racing through my veins, it probably wouldn’t take as long.

A portion of me spoke to the conservative side of Erica, mentioning the fact that what I was doing was considered immoral by most standards I’d be raised upon. But I ignored that voice like I do anyone who tries to control my physical needs. Lusting for other women wasn’t something I thought was any more wrong then lusting after some men.

It was in my nature. Jennifer and Tiffany were allowing me to enjoy that nature without fear of repercussions.

And maybe they’d eventually give me my clothes back.

I leaned back onto my ankles as I let Tiffany and Jennifer look onto my body. I wondered if they found me desirable. They were both so sensual and sexy, seeing their two bodies welded together skin-to-skin. Tiffany continued to grope Jennifer’s heavy breasts from behind like she was enjoying the texture of silk in her hands. Jennifer pulled her shorts down to her own knees. I noticed Tiffany and I were both trimmed close for comfort and sensuality, but Jennifer was completely shaved between her legs.

Now, like me, she was settled back on her ankles as we watched each other.

My knees spread from my perched knees. I pulled against my skin and ran two fingers over my clit, pleasuring myself. My eyes closed and my neck craned backwards as a small orgasm took over my body like red wine flowing through my heart and arteries.

“Mmmm. Mmmmm. Mmmmmph,” I signed in ecstasy. I slipped a finger inside me and pushed over and over, feeling my body contract over it, wetness surrounding it like an invisible lover.

Opening my eyes, I found Tiffany and Jennifer were much closer to me. They had crawled to my body as I climaxed. My eyes showed a sign of surprise, and Jennifer reacted to my hesitation.

“Can we touch you, Erica?” she asked, whispering to me like she was sharing a secret among friends.

I couldn’t answer. I just bowed my head up and down in acknowledgment. They surrounded me on my left and right. They alternated in kissing my lips, and then the three of us shared another uncoordinated buss, lips and tongues flaying like hands cheering on a music concert — independently, but with a same purpose.

Jennifer spoke in my ear.

“You’re so sexy…”

I felt their hands on my body as they kissed my ears, neck and collarbone. They nibbled and licked at my neck like it was a long-awaited dessert. Tiffany continued down the rise of my breast to my tummy and licked slowly, from side-to-side, at my panty line. Then, with no further warning, she opened her mouth and craned her neck between my legs. Her mouth to my low wetness. It was so much different from anything I’d felt. Jennifer maneuvered between my neck, shoulder and breasts. She returned her lips to my mouth, paused and smiled at me.

“You’re going to experience something new,” she grinned.

“I already am,” I confessed.

Tiffany’s fingernails scratched along my bottom as she drank from me as if I was a bourbon glass in a mansion. My body is a temple, and she was crossing my moat. So much less invasive than the doctor’s visits I had, but at the same time so much more physical. Maybe the physical wasn’t as important as the emotional. I had hidden my desire, and now the three of us were sharing secrets.

My hips rose instinctively to allow Tiffany to taste whatever she wanted to. Feeling her tongue lick and suck against my thighs, velvet skin, and clit left me wanton. I was stuck between feeling slutty and feeling like a woman on her honeymoon. My body, which was tired and worn from the basketball and track seasons, felt alive with the attention Tiffany and Jennifer were giving me.

Jennifer whispered as she licked my earlobe.

“She’s so good at licking, isn’t she?” Jennifer said.

I responded in heavy moans. Jennifer’s fingers crawled to Tiffany’s mouth. Like I had touched Tiffany earlier, now Jennifer touched me. The motion back and fourth, round-and-round, rekindled the fire in my body. A finger of Tiffany sank into my pussy, and sparked liked a match. Like a strike of lightning hitting my body. I tried to remember how to breath, but hyperventilation was trying to overtake me. Before hyperventilation found me, my orgasm thundered through my soul.

“Mmmm. Climax, baby,” Jennifer told me.

“I am, I am, I am…” I responded.

She smiled at me. “My turn,” she grinned. “Tell me if you don’t like this,” Jennifer continued as she moved into a position I never thought I’d experience.

Her strong legs straddled my neck and her taunt ass sat on my chest. She pulled my ponytailed hair above the pillow to avoid pulling it unintentionally with her knees. Tiffany’s tongue continued licking me, but I could feel her hands rubbing my tummy and then going to Jennifer’s back. Jennifer looked down at me, her legs on either side of my still-flushed cheeks. She leaned back and looked down on me.

“Want to?” she asked.

I didn’t answer. I lightly tasted the flesh of her legs. Warm. Soft. Strong. I looked at her moisture between her legs. This was a perspective I never considered. I’d never been this close to my own body with my mouth. I wrapped my arms up Jenn’s back and licked, for the first time, another woman. For several minutes, I experimented and took in the new information. The new taste, familiar because of my indirect taste of Tiffany earlier.

My body arched in the surprise of another orgasm Tiffany licked into me. Jennifer laughed at my reaction.

“You’re almost as sexy as Tiffany,” she smiled. As I recovered my breathing and returned to Jennifer’s shaved pussy and clit, she spoke me through what she enjoyed. I felt Tiffany straddle my waist with her legs, and the taller girl was then looking down on my progress over Jennifer’s shoulder. Tiffany’s hands wandered from Jennifer’s breasts, to her mouth, down to her nipples again. Then Tiffany lowered her hands, a finger flicked Jennifer’s clit for a moment, then her hands edged Jennifer’s thighs, and her fingertips swept through my hair.

“Is she a good licker?” she asked.

“She’s learning fast,” Jennifer complimented me.

Tiffany spoke. “Erica, suck on her clit. And then on both sides of her pussy, nice and slow. And then go faster. And then return to her clitty.”

I complied, and felt Tiffany’s hand return to my own clit, slowly rubbing me as she encouraged my progress.

“Oh yes. Just that like, Erica,” Jennifer said as I ate into her like fresh sweet pudding. Her reaction encouraged me more. Her wetness was all over my chin and mouth as I tasted her folds.

“Now, just concentrate only on her clit,” Tiffany spoke.

I complied. Licking, sucking and then licking faster against her clit. It became apparent that Tiffany was also pleasuring herself as she watched over Jennifer’s shoulder and fingered me. Tiffany was also kissing Jennifer’s shoulder. This girl could multitask.

Jennifer became very wet on my face. I was drinking of her temple’s moat. I was running with two teammates in a long-distance relay. And we were passing the baton as we exchanged from tongue-to-clit, finger-to-pussy, and finger-to-clit.

Jennifer’s orgasm on my mouth was like setting off a stick of dynamite in a fireworks factory. She exploded, and her moans and cries of passion ignited Tiffany and then in turn ignited me. My legs jumped in elation and I could feel the sweat and wetness of Tiffany on my belly as she fingered her own body.

Animalistic noises filled the room as if we had turned up the porno video on the television. I lapped slowly against Jennifer, and she enjoyed an aftershock orgasm. She looked down at me and smiled, then lifted her body from my lips. She laid on my right side. Tiffany still straddled my waist. She leaned down and kissed me passionately, as I shared the wetness of her lover with her. After a minute-long kiss, she dismounted me to the left. They looked up at me in satisfaction and smiled.

“Want to share a bed with Tiffany and I?” Jennifer asked.

“Well, whatever helps the team,” I smiled.

Tiffany kissed me.

I laid there flushed with my four orgasms of the day. The three of us cuddled together naked and spoke of other great moments in our lives. I was enjoying The Runner’s High I received anytime I finished a long-distance jog. I’m sure Mr. Ashcroft will eventually try to outlaw it as well. I guess he thinks it should be illegal for consenting adults to enjoy themselves.

I loved The Runner’s High, and I had found a new way to achieve it. A way that I wouldn’t even have to leave my room.

At that meet, none of us finished in the top three. Maybe it was the fact that it was early in the season and we weren’t in perfect trackster shape. Maybe it was because of the thin air in the Rockies.

Maybe it was just because we wore each other out.

And in that way, all three of us took home a First Place ribbon.

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