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You, Me and Yo Brother

Category: Incest
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I would not have imagined that a little innocent flirting could lead to such life changing events. I am a woman scorned. And you know what they say about that!

Let me explain. I’d been married to my high school sweetie for nine years when I woke up in the middle of the night to find my husband licking my sisters trifling pussy. Yeah…that’s exactly what I said too!

My sister had been staying with us until her nasty ass could find an apartment of her own. Well, I guess her ass wasn’t all that nasty, because when I went to bed and left her to sleep on my couch, somebody was all up in it!

To make things even worse, when I woke up at about 2:30 a.m. and found Mike (my husband) not in bed with me, I went to look for him. After seeing that shit, this fool had the audacity to try to fuck me…as if that would make things better! Go figure!

My mind immediately began racing. I had known for a long time that my man found my sister attractive. I should’ve nipped that in the ass a long time ago, but I didn’t. Now, I looked around at the shit that was going on and I was fire mad!

Would I kill them? No, I wasn’t going to jail for nobody!

Would I just whoop a lil’ ass? Hell, yeah! But now was not the time.

You see, I believe that Mike would never understand what lines he crossed that morning unless….

Remember when I mentioned about the innocent flirting? Yeah, well, that was between Mark and I. You may be wondering who Mark is. That would happen to be Mike’s younger brother! Oh, boy! Talk about things that make you go, “Hmmm”! Now I knew exactly how I would drive the point home.

I called Mark and invited him over while Mike was out of town on business. He was absolutely glad to hear from me. As soon as we sat down, I wasted no time.

“You know Mark…I’ve been checking you out for quite some time.” I told him.

Mark was busy eating the sandwich that I had made for him. He couldn’t respond, his mouth was full.

I continued, “And I know that you’ve been looking at all of this.”

I pressed my ample breast against his bulging bicep. Mark turned and looked at me. I could tell that he was shocked and didn’t know whether I was playing or serious.

“Are you serious?” He asked me placing his half eaten sandwich down onto the saucer.

“Oh, I want to show you how serious I am.” I told him as I stood and began releasing my large tits from the tight blouse I was wearing. His eyes followed the zipper as it made its way south.

Boop! Boop! Both firm titties plopped out in all of their fullness, on display for my brother-in-laws viewing.

“How’s that?” I asked him.

I rubbed my fingers along the sides of my breast until I reached the nipples which were becoming erect. I gently tugged on them both. At this point, I alone had crossed the line that should’ve stopped my sweet hubby and sister. I wanted to see if poison ran through their family line. Further testing Mark, I hooked my thumbs under the waistband of my skirt, slid it off of my hips and down my round, tight ass. I turned so that he could get a good look at it, just like they do in the porno movies. They turn, bend and slide those thongs over their oiled rumps each and every time they undress. In this scene though, there was no oil.

Hot, passionate, and furious. That’s how we began to kiss each other. I knew that he could not resist me. Our tongues darted in and out of each other’s mouths. We both ripped at his clothes while trying to get him butt naked like I was. His pants, boxers and shirt fell right there beneath us in a pile.

He leaned against my dining room table for support when I took his long skinny dick into my mouth. I squatted before him, taking it all in. His toe played with my pussy lips! I almost came like that, too. I enjoyed fucking with his mind, and now I would fuck his hard black dick.

I bent over the contemporary, cherry wood and spread my ass cheeks to Mark. He shoved his steel piston so far up into me that I fell forward, smashing his sandwich with my huge tit.

“Fuck!” I yelled.

This was going to be the best revenge. It was turning out to be funner than I thought that it would be!

“Yes, fuck me.” I screamed.

Mark did just that. He pounded my juicy pussy over and over again, not letting up. Wow, it was like he was trying to punish me for acting like such a trick! Well, I had good teachers! While he punched the head of his prick up against my cervix, I thought about my hubbies face moving in circles between my older sister’s thighs.

“You fucker!” I growled between clenched teeth.

Mark thought that I was talking to him and slowed his pace.

“No baby, not you,” I assured him.

“Please keep stroking my pussy.” I pleaded.

“Awww, I’m about to come Brandy.” He told me.

I rolled my hips on his swollen dick. My pussy muscles tightened around it, drawing the cum out of him involuntarily. He shook so hard as he came behind me that he made my ass jiggle.

“Can I come inside of you?” He asked me.

Wow, I couldn’t believe that he asked me that, but why was I surprised, he was fucking his own brother’s wife.

“No! I want you to cum on my ass!” I yelled at him.

Mark then backed his hard dick out of my throbbing pussy muscles. The head of it was the last thing to pop out of my tight opening. It kinda hurt and felt good all at the same time. Maybe it was just the kinkiness of the moment.

“Yeah!!” Mark yelled at the top of his lungs.

He came long and hard, spraying his shit clear up my back and into my weave. He dropped to the carpet, massaging his shrinking prick. While still lying across the table, I looked down at him with piercing eyes.

“You better not say a word…that is, not if you wanna ever get some more of this good thing.” I warned him.

Mark smiled up at me, sat straight up and spanked me on my naked ass.


“Never a word, sis….never a word,” Said Mark.

That was the end…of day one.

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