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A Morning Romp

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Kate lay on the bed, naked and asleep on her stomach with her left leg bent off to the side. Slowly her body nagged her into waking. She reached her arm out and felt only an empty pillow where her boyfriend, David, normally would be lying next to her. Suddenly something tickled the back of her right knee — a feather-light touch of a pair of lips. The fog of sleepiness began to evaporate as David trailed light kisses up her leg.

Kate giggled lightly as her boyfriend’s touch tickled her, then yelped when he nipped one smooth buttock. Quickly David soothed the spot with a kiss and a swipe of his tongue, making Kate laugh musically once again, and he moved to her other cheek, kissing it as well. He rained more kisses over her body, across her buttocks, her thighs, and her lower back, titillating her nerves.

Knowing what he wanted, and wanting it just as much herself, she spread her legs and reached back with her hands to open the cheeks of her ass, revealing herself with a moan of anticipation.

David smiled as he looked down at her perfectly-toned rear, held apart to reveal the darker skin of her rosebud and the red and moist lips of her pussy. Beautiful as the view was, he could only hold his gaze for a moment before his lust made him lean in and run his tongue from the base of her pussy lips, through her channel, and over her tight pucker. As he did this, she let out a throaty moan, enjoying the feel of his tongue playing over the most sensitive and private places of her body.

David swiped his tongue over her asshole again and again, delighting in the moans he was eliciting from Kate. He ran his tongue up and down, then in circles around her rim, constantly moving and varying the way he touched her.

“Yes, yes, oh yes,” Kate said, the first words either had uttered yet. “Oh that’s wonderful. I love feeling you lick my ass!”

David responded by moaning himself, and the vibrations traveled through his tongue and into Kate’s flesh, redoubling her pleasure. He suddenly stiffened his tongue and pushed it past the ring of her ass, licking inside her. At the same time, he slid a hand up to her pussy and rubbed her excited clitoris with a finger.

“Whaa…ayeeeee!” Kate shrieked as her orgasm hit. She bucked up, trying to get his tongue further inside of her ass. He thrust his tongue in and out while continuing to manipulate her clit. Slowly her spasms died down.

“Get up here, NOW!” she growled, and reached down with her left hand to grab a fistful of his hair which she used to pull him up from where he was happily licking her.

“Yes ma’am,” David replied, with a laugh, and kissed his way up her spine, his body sliding over hers as she tugged insistently on his hair. Kate pulled his head over her shoulder and turned her own face to meet his so that she could kiss him passionately. They stayed like that for a long minute, Kate loving the feeling of his weight on top of her, David reveling in the feeling of their skin touching.

Soon, both their desires became too great to be sated by kissing. David straddled his knees on either side of Kate’s hips and pushed forward. His cock found her pussy, entered her, and in unison they moaned. He kissed her neck as they drank in the wave of sensation caused by the penetration.

“Mmmm, that’s nice, but not what I had in mind,” Kate said with a gleam in her eye.

“Oh really? Please, elaborate,” David responded playfully.

“You cheeky man, you know what I mean.”

“But I want to hear you say it. I want to hear you beg for it.”

Kate’s lilting laugh filled the room once more. Then she dropped her voice to a husky whisper and, knowing how it excited him, fulfilled his request: “Please, I want it in my ass. I want to feel you deep in my ass.” As she said this, she felt his cock twitch within her, making her grin.

“Have I ever said how much I love you?” David asked, punctuating his question with a kiss on her cheek.

“You have mentioned it, but it’s always nice to hear…and even nicer to feel. Now show me you mean it, give me what I want. Give me what I need.”

He slid out of her, and the emptiness was disappointing, but she knew it would be short-lived. She reached back with one hand and grasped his penis, slick with her wetness. She aimed it at her ass, which was still wet and relaxed from the tonguing it had received only minutes ago. David began to gently push forward when he felt her hand tugging on him.

“Yesssssss!” hissed Kate as the head of his cock pushed open her ass. The slight discomfort could not compare to the pleasure and wonderful fullness she felt as David’s penis entered her deeper and deeper.

“You’re so tight,” David moaned.

“Deeper, yes, deeper!” Kate demanded, arching her back to force his cock further inside. With a grunt, David hunched his hips forward, thrusting himself another inch deeper into her backside. Her right hand snaked out and grasped his hand, their fingers entwining. He gave one more push, and was fully inside her.

After a moment to savor the delightful tightness, Dave began to pull out of her ass. When just the tip of his cock remained inside her, he began to push back in. He groaned as the hot, slick tightness enveloped him once again. Underneath him, Kate shuddered as he slid into her, nerve endings deep inside of her firing and driving her to the heights of ecstasy. Again, he pulled himself almost fully out, before sliding smoothly deep into her ass. Without warning, her whole body began to shake as an orgasm swept through her. David felt her body jerking underneath him, and also felt her ass pulsing around his dick. Kate reached back once more and pulled his face to hers, thrusting her tongue into his mouth as she continued to ride the waves of pleasure.

Swiftly, David began to piston his cock in and out of her tight ass. “Is this what you wanted?” he growled as he fucked her.

“Always, I want you inside me always,” she groaned back, pushing her butt up to meet each of his thrusts. The bed creaked as the two fucked, their sweat mingling. They kissed passionately as they joined while their hands remained entwined and their bodies rubbed.

“I’m going to come again,” Kate husked, “I want you to come with me. Come inside me!”

David could only groan at her words as he buried himself in her ass over and over. Kate’s breathy moans and his deep groans filled the air as they bucked against each other with a rising tempo.

David desperately held back against the growing pleasure, until he knew he couldn’t wait any longer, and with gritted teeth he yelled: “I’m going to come deep in your ass!”

“Do it!” shrieked Kate, and she was immediately rewarded with the feeling of his dick throbbing deep inside her. She felt him stiffen on top of her, and then the come was shooting into her ass, and this triggered her own orgasm that had been building.

Exhausted, David collapsed on top of Kate, still inside her. She smiled, and kissed him tenderly. Neither moved nor made a sound for several minutes, until David gently rolled off of her. Lying on his side next to her, he looked into her eyes and smiled when he saw how they sparkled.

“Good morning, baby,” he said.

“Good morning, darling,” she replied, and kissed him once more.

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