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A Haunted House To Remember

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Halloween was always fun for me. I liked getting dressed up and seeing what kind of interesting costumes other people had. I can remember some interesting ones, including one particular mummy when I was a kid. I went on a date with her and she had a little trouble with the rain on the way home. That probably shaped my appreciation for costumes a lot. Now I celebrate by assisting as Dracula in a haunted house. It’s a lot of work, but it’s also a lot of fun. This year it was more fun than usual.

The haunted house is inside a large warehouse building. There are hidden corridors for the workers to get around and to allow emergency access to all parts. The section I am in follows a tight maze with all kinds of rubber hands sticking out and strings for spider webs. The last thing before they come out is a small “star room” which has the ceiling of the two foot wide walled path illuminated as if you were outside. While mundane, it was an addition I had put in a few years back. It successfully ruins the night vision that the guests have built up as they worked through the dark maze. Now when they come out of the maze into my area, they are greeted with a large dark room. The only thing they can see is several sets of muted Christmas lights that are “traveling” toward the entry to the next section, the tunnel.

The tunnel is just over two feet on a side and about ten feet long. The floor slopes up and the ceiling and walls down to the entry so that you end up walking crouched at first and then finally on hands and knees to enter the tunnel. Half way through the tunnel you are shocked into reality by a live monster trying to grab you from within his grave. Of course you are crawling across a clear Plexiglas window, but that doesn’t stop many from bouncing off the padded roof.

While the guests are stacked up waiting to get into the tunnel I am free to select my victim and strike. I have learned that the more frightened ones hang to the back of the groups, which pass through every four or five minutes. I hear the lightning of at the midpoint of the maze, letting me know the next group is coming. I slip back onto my waiting room, a pleasant chamber with a red light and a chair, so I can rest without losing my night vision. I take a sip of water and listen for my victims. Thumping and bumping and giggling tells me they are coming out. I wait for them to come by and then step out behind them. The last in line is a slim girl with a waist length brown ponytail, gripping a guy’s arm like a vice. She would be a good target, but I can tell the way the guy is trying to look around he is as scared as she is, waiting for the next fright to hit them. She had on a short denim skirt and a white turtleneck, which made them easy to see, even in the darkness. I spread my cape and stepped close behind, breathing hotly on their necks. I let my cape touch their shoulders before I utter my favorite line.

“Ahhhh fresh young necks to suck!” I hiss.

This is usually when things come unglued. I have had women literally wet themselves, and in one case, the mom took off, bulling her way into the tunnel, leaving her two kids screaming behind her. Today I scared the guy so bad that he nearly jumped off the ground a foot before throwing his arms out and tossing his girl aside as if she were a rag doll. She bounced off one wall and rebounded into me. I did my best to catch her and the two of us ended up in a pile on the concrete floor while the brave guy took off, forcing himself past the rest of his group and into the tunnel. I could hear him come out the other end and from the sound of it, try to sprint down the hall on the other side.

Following like lemurs, the rest of the group took off as fast as it could after him, not wanting to be caught by whatever scared the hell out of him. I was left holding a woozy young lady sprawled on top of me. I did my best to get up and help her up as well.

“Are you ok?” I asked her when she put her face up.

“I think so.” She answered as she tried to stand up, feeling around her in the darkness. “What happened?”

“Your friend decided to hit the eject button.” I replied as I tried to steady her.

“That asshole!” she snapped.

“Come on. Let me help you over to a chair.” I said as I picked her up and carried her back to my cubbyhole. She didn’t feel like she weighed more than a hundred pounds or so, which was no problem for me, having trained as a volunteer firefighter to carry well over two hundred pounds.

“Oh a knight in shining armor!” She giggled as I set her in the chair.

“Not exactly.” I replied.

“How come you can see and I can’t?” she asked quizzically

“Um. I spend all night in here and get used to it. I was the cause of your friends’ flight.”

“OH! You’re Dracula?”

“Yes maam.” I replied as I knelt next to the chair fumbled under it for the penlight I kept handy in case of an emergency. “This is going to be bright.” I said as I cupped my fingers over the lens to let just a sliver of light out. I swept it over her eyes to check and make sure both sides were responding. “Do you have a headache or hurt anyplace?”

“Just my pride!” she said with a laugh

“Doesn’t look like anything serious. Do you want me to get the medics anyway?”

“No… Just let me sit here a minute and I think I’ll be ok.”

“Ok. You just sit tight while I call things in.”

“Oh no, please… I’ll be fine and I don’t want that dick to know what happened to me just yet.”

“You’re sure?”

“Yes. I’ll be ok in a minute.” She said looking a bit better already in the dim red light I have set up in my ready room.

We could both hear the next group coming through the maze.

“Aren’t you supposed to scare someone?” she asked

“Yes, but I’ll stay here till you feel a bit better.”

“No. I insist. Go ahead. I want to hear them scream!”

“Ok” I said as I pushed back to put my flashlight down and stand up. I leaned down and froze. In my motion to put the flashlight down, my head ended up between her spread knees, and my line of sight was looking straight up her short denim skirt. I wasn’t sure if she could see me yet in the darkness, but I could clearly see all the way up to her white panties, which were reflecting the periodic flashes of the Christmas lights shining through the open curtain. I didn’t linger long, but it was long enough to clearly make out the shape of the pussy that they were covering. I put down the flashlight and stood up, looking to see if she noticed me looking up her skirt. She didn’t seem to, so I turned and headed out to do my job. After creating an appropriate amount of screaming I returned to my ready room to check on my charge.

“Well you sure gave them a good scare from the sound of it.” She said looking at me.

“Looks like you’re getting some night vision.”

“Enough to see how hideous you look. Damn!”

“Thanks. I appreciate the compliment.”

“so how often do you do this?”

“Oh, about every five minutes… How are you feeling?”

“A lot better. Thanks.”

“So how about a name?” I asked her.

“Oh sorry. I’m Debbie, but you can call me Deb. What do I call you besides Count?”


“Hi Mike. Thanks for catching me.”

“Your welcome. Would you like me to lead you back out, or would you like to follow the next group?”

“Would you mind if I just sit here a bit longer?”

“Don’t you think your boyfriend will miss you?”

“That dick deserves to worry a while. Especially after what he did to me.” She said angrily.

“Well, you’re welcome to stay longer if you’d like.”

“Thanks!” she said standing up and giving me a hug.

“You’re welcome.” I answered as I put my arms around her to hold her.

She slid back down into the chair as the sound of thunder rattled. The next group was on its way, I turned and walked to the curtained entrance to peek through and pick my next victim.

I walked back in after giving the group its expected scare, and froze in my tracks.

“So does Dracula suck other things besides necks?” she asked as she sat with her legs spread slightly, her short denim skirt hiked up to her hips and her panties swinging from her finger.

“um… yes.” I said hesitantly.

“Good!” she said as she tossed the panties toward me and bounced them off my chest. “You can have your choice.” She continued as she pulled the bottom of her white top up over her tits, exposing them to me while she stood up. She stood in front of the chair and put her hands behind her back. A few seconds later the denim skirt slid down her sleek legs, leaving her naked from the ankles to her neck. “Or you can choose to have all of it.” She stepped out of her skirt and stepped over to me. She was on her knees in front of me almost before I knew what to say, her hands busy with my pants. I watched as her warm mouth enveloped my hardening dick.

“Oh lord.” I groaned as she sucked my already quickly growing dick to full mast. I could see her fingers busy in her pussy as she worked my slick dick. I have no idea how long I stood there before she pulled away and stood up. She stepped back to the chair and pulled me toward her. I knew what she wanted. I knelt between her legs and began to lick and suck her sweet pussy in return. It wasn’t too long before that wasn’t enough. She pulled my head from between her legs and wrapped her feet around my ass, pulling me toward her. She aimed my dick for her pussy and pulled me into her until I was sliding my dick into her slick pussy. My body took over and did what was natural, and I began to pump in and out of her pussy with abandon, our bodies slapping together while she moaned loudly. I was nearing the point of no return as she tensed, her pussy clamping around my dick. It was enough to send me over the top, causing me to slam deep into her and begin pumping a huge load of juice deep into her pussy. She cried out in pleasure as I squeezed her tits and nipples in time with my spurting dick. I don’t know how long went by before we caught our breath and put ourselves back together.

“Thank you, that was wonderful… but why?”

“I figure a knight in shining armor deserves a reward, even if he is wearing a black cape!”

“”I see…You probably have a bunch of makeup on your pussy now.”

“Good! Then the fuck will know what he missed.”

“I take it you don’t like him too much at the moment.”

“Given the way he treated me, and how good of a fuck you just gave me, no, I’m not too happy with him. Now, if you don’t mind, I’ll just follow the next group out.”

“If that’s what you want.”

“Actually…” she said as she stepped up to me and touched my lips with her fingers. “I’d rather stay her for another fuck, but I probably better go. Here, you keep these.” She said as she stuffed her panties into my hand. “Thank you for taking care of me… in more ways than one.” She whispered before disappearing out of my room.

The rest of the night went quietly, at least as quietly as it can be inside a haunted house.

The next evening things were going along just fine until about an hour and a half into the night. I returned after scaring a group to find Deb standing in my ready room, wearing a light colored wrap around dress.

“Hey drack… Thought you might be thirsty.” She said as she pulled the waist belt loose and let the dress slip from her shoulders. She was standing completely naked except for the pair of flip flops on her feet.

“Damn.” Was all I could say as she stepped toward me and pulled me into a deep embrace. I could feel the fingers of her one free hand undoing my pants, and then the buttons of my shirt. Her fingers began tracing up and down my bare chest, ending with running up and down the length of my quickly growing dick. She moaned into my mouth as she fingered my hardened dick.

“Ohhh yes.” She said as she pulled away from me. “That’s what I need. Ram that big dick deep into my wet pussy. I’ve been thinking about this all day!” She said as she pulled me toward the chair. She turned away from me and bent over, sticking her ass out at me while she bent over to hold the chair. I’m not so slow that I didn’t know what she wanted. I stepped up behind her and aimed my rigid pole at her exposed pussy, pushing into her as deep as I could go. Deb moaned loudly as I filled her pussy with my pistoning dick, my hands finding her swinging tits. Her moaning increased as I began squeezing her tits and nipples in time with my strokes, finally bringing her to a shuddering climax. I was nearly ready to blow my load when she pulled off my dick and quickly spun around to sit on the chair. Her hands found my balls and dick, aiming it at her open mouth. Her lips closed around my head as she began pumping me with her hands. I moaned loudly as I started spurting. She pulled me from her mouth and aimed my hose at her tits, covering them with stream after stream of my cum. When my dick had reduced to a trickle she sucked me back into her mouth, sucking the last drops from me. She leaned back, releasing me, and rubbing my cum into her tits like lotion. I stood there, trying to catch my breath as I watched her rub her body. Finally she leaned forward and pulled my pants up and helped me button up, all the time remaining totally naked. When she had me back together, she dug into a small bag that she had brought, pulling out a wet wipe. She cleaned my makeup from her face and then proceeded to use more makeup to fix mine. I played with her tits while she touched me up, neither of us saying a word. Finally done she pulled her dress on, gave me a quick peck on the lips, slipped a note into my hand, and disappeared without a word.

I was totally dumb founded. I had no idea why she came back the way she did. She didn’t tell me much, it was clear she was after a quick fuck. It was certainly nothing I had experienced before. I shook my head as I opened the note in the dim red light. Last thing I needed was someone spreading around what happened in my ready room.

‘Thanks for the fun, but it’s just beginning. It’s all legal so enjoy!’ was all the note said. I still didn’t understand Deb, and this did little to clear it up.

It was time for our mid evening break, so I headed down the service passage, meeting up with Rick, the monster under the tunnel.

“Man did you see that gal a couple hours ago?” he asked me.

“which one?”

“The one in the blue dress. I didn’t get much of a look, but I swear she spread her legs on purpose as she crossed over my position, and I’m telling you, she was bare and wet. Hell she looked like she was freshly fucked.”

“Lucky guy! Wish I got a look like that.” I said as we headed to the break room.

“I guess next year you’re going to be trying to get my spot.”

“Yeah, right… trapped in that little box? No way!”

“Well you’re missing some great pussy shots man.”

“I’ll stick with scaring the piss out of them.” I laughed.

I had a soda and snack, touched up my makeup and headed back to my ready room. I liked to be there a bit early since it took me a while to get my eyes adjusted to the dark. I sat in my chair while the rest of the people got back to their spots and settled into their positions. Finally I heard the lights out bell and waited for darkness. It didn’t take long for the first group to head into the maze. I sat and waited for the thunder before I got up to see what I had to work with.

The tail end of the group seemed to be a couple girls. I moved in behind them, pulling my cape around them, giving them my line. To my surprise, they both screamed and jumped, causing the group ahead to move faster toward the tunnel. The two girls though, turned and faced me while they waited. They clearly knew I could see them but just as clearly they couldn’t see much of me, only the light shining off my face and light colored shirt. One of them pulled up her shirt, and hooked it above her good sized tits while the other pulled up her skirt, showing me a very tiny thong. I think I was more surprised than they were. I stood there and stared at them while the one with bare tits played with them as they backed toward the tunnel. When they couldn’t stand up any more the dropped to their knees and headed toward the tunnel, one with her tits hanging out and one with her bare ass showing as her short skirt hung around her waist. Rick was about to get one hell of a show, but I was more confused than ever. I had occasionally seen a flash of panty and on rare occasion bare pussy as the girls headed into the tunnel, but this was unprecedented.

The next few groups went as normal, getting a good scare into the group. That changed once again. I stepped out behind the end of the group and scared the couple at the end, getting a satisfying scream. I made sure the group headed into the tunnel and then turned to walk back to my spot. Standing behind me was a cute blond wearing nothing but a pair of fishnet stockings, holding some bunched up material in one hand. She moved toward me and kissed me on the lips quickly, she pulled one hand to one of her tits and held it there while she pulled me toward my ready room. Once there she whispered to me. “Make me cum. We have four groups.”

“What?” I asked back.

“Deb sent me. Here!” she said holding a note out to me. The note simply said.

‘Make her cum, but don’t fuck her, your reward will be in 4 groups. Be naked under your cape when your reward comes. Deb’

Well that was clear. The girl in front of me pulled the note from my hand and pulled my head down to her tit. I sucked one nipple into my mouth and slipped a hand between her legs. Her pussy was sopping wet and my finger easily slipped between her lips and into her tunnel. She moaned and pulled me tighter to her as I worked her clit. She cried out loudly as her orgasm washed over her, but it just mingled with the rest of the screams and cries in the place. I let her relax and held her tight as the next group passed through. She let me go so she could sit down and catch her breath. When the group was all through the tunnel, she slipped out of the ready room and headed to the tunnel. I watched her go through, waiting for the window section and laying flat on it, giving Rick a full view of her tits before she moved to her knees and pushed her sopping pussy against the plastic. Finally she moved the rest of the way down the tunnel and disappeared.

I heard the next group coming and retreated to my room. I waited and moved out at the end of the group. Finding the last of the group and moving in to scare them A group of three girls were tightly clumped. I moved spread my cape, making the same moves that I always did. The three shrieked with two of them moving forward, and the third curling up below me. I had this happen many times. All I have to do is hold still and the curled up girl will get up and run with the rest. This one didn’t. She stayed curled on the floor. I felt her hand grab my hard dick through my pants, drawing my attention down to her. When she saw she had my attention, she rolled onto her hands and knees and began crawling toward the tunnel. She paused a few feet from me and pulled her knee length skirt up until it was laying on her back. Her whole bare ass was exposed to me as well as her pussy. She leaned down toward the floor and stuck her pussy out at me, waggling her ass. She looked back at me and continued to crawl toward the tunnel, making sure I had a good look at her pussy the whole way. I had no idea what was going on. I hadn’t had this much flash in all the years put together.

I retreated to my room and waited for the next group. Again I moved out to scare them, selecting the tailing couple. The wife or girlfriend or whatever, screamed and tried to run, dragging her guy with her. Satisfied I turned around and started back to my room to see a lone girl coming out of the maze. She had clearly waited back. When she was sure I saw her, she pulled her t-shirt up, exposing her cute little tits, and then walked up to me. She was wearing heels and hose, a skirt and t-shirt. She sashayed, more than walked, up to me holding her shirt up for me to see her tits. She stopped in front of me and took one of my hands, pulling it to her. She used my hand to lift her skirt and placed my fingers on her wet pussy. She moaned softly as I rubbed her wet pussy lips, stroking her already exposed clit.

“Next group.” She panted. “get me close!”

I wasn’t sure what was going on, but I stroked her clit, bringing her right to the edge. She suddenly pulled my hand away with a groan and practically ran to the tunnel. I watched as she crawled into the tunnel and stopped over the glass section. She raised herself up on her knees and I stood in amazement as she began to stroke her pussy, bringing herself to a climax right over Chris’s window.

I remembered what she said and quickly headed to my room. I didn’t know what to expect but I quickly kicked off my shoes and stripped down except for my cape and shoes. I was barely ready when the next group came through. I slipped out, not knowing what to expect. The end of the group moved toward the tunnel and disappeared. I turned around, still not sure what to expect, but was not disappointed. I found three girls standing behind me. One held a bag, but other than that, the three of them were naked except for heels and stockings. The three of them moved over toward me and pushed my cape back. My hard dick was already sticking out. The first of them turned around and leaned over. She clearly expected me to fuck her where she stood. One of her friends pulled my dick toward her friend and helped me stuff it in. Once I was fully in the girl in front of me the other two stood in front of us and went to work rubbing each other all over, kissing, sucking tits etc. Between the sensations on my dick and the view of the two ladies in front of me, I was spurting my cum into her pussy in practically record time. I heard the sound of thunder, knowing the next group was close to coming out. I pulled out of my friend and the three of us quickly retreated to the ready room. We spent the next twenty minutes making sure the three of them had a good climax before they dressed and headed out.

When I saw Rick at the end of the night, we had a good laugh about the girls that flashed us both and the one that fucked herself over his face. I didn’t tell him about the good fun I had.

One more night to go. I wondered, as I headed for my car, what Deb had in store for me.

Halloween night came and found me sitting in my dark ready room, waiting for darkness to fall inside the rest of the warehouse. I had seen a large crowd forming outside in a wide range of costumes, from the scary to the sexy, as I came in to do my makeup. I hadn’t seen or heard from Deb, but I expected her to show some time this evening.

The bell sounded and the lights went down. The fun for the night was about to start. It took several minutes for the first group to make their way to my area, giving my eyes plenty of time to finish adjusting. As my first group moved down toward the tunnel I snuck up on a princess and what looked like robin hood. Breathing heavily on the princesses neck I growled lowly, causing her to turn and see my gray face. She shrieked and tried to bolt forward, knocking down most of the people in line in front of her. She never let go of the guys arm as she drug him toward the tunnel entrance. I heard her shriek again as she reached Rick under the tunnel. It was a good scare.

The second and third groups were similar, but the costumes changed. The fourth group came through, and got their just scare. As I returned toward my room two more came out of the maze, apparently holding back. The pair of girls were wearing masks so I couldn’t see their faces, but their costumes were big brown bags made up to look like a pair of m&m bags, bare legs and arms sticking out. As they came toward me they each lifted the bottom of the bag, flashing me bare body from ankle to neck. Each one had a really cute body, one shaved smooth and the other a natural blond. After holding their costumes up for a short time, they dropped them and ran off toward the tunnel, leaving me standing there with a hard dick.

I was surprised but not shocked. I expected a certain amount of this given the last few days. I had long since come to the conclusion that I was part of an elaborate set of festivities, probably being perpetrated by one of the sororities in the town. I had heard of this kind of thing in the past. There was one in town that had been rumored to be the “least dressed” sorority on campus. I had noticed that most of the logo clothes that they wore were on the skimpy side, rather than the bulky sweat-shirts and such, although there were some of those. The last one of those that I had seen, however, was being worn by a girl with a fairly large chest, and given the way her tits were bouncing around I was pretty sure there wasn’t anything under it.

After returning to my haunt, I worked through several groups, scaring the pee out of one girl, literally. There was still a faint scent of it in the air after twenty minutes. I picked a couple of girls in the next group, one of them wearing a hockey outfit and the other appeared to be a construction worker. Both girls went to the floor screaming, so I backed off. The bulk of the group pressed on toward the tunnel, leaving the two huddled up on the floor. I backed off to let them get up and go with the group, but when they stood rather than turn and run to the tunnel, they both pulled up their jerseys, giving me a clear view of a nice pair of twenty year old tits. The hockey player dropped her shirt down and ran to the tunnel, never lifting her mask. The construction worker walked toward me, pressed her tits against my chest and stepped on her tippy toes, lifting her mask to give me a sensual kiss on the lips, her tongue trying to find a way into my mouth while her hand was trying to find a way into my pants. I returned the favor by using one hand to massage her bare tit and the other to slide inside her baggy work pants, held up by a pair of suspenders. I was not surprised to find no underwear and quickly stuck a finger between her already wet lips. She moaned into my mouth as she pulled my hardening dick from my pants and began stroking it. We both heard the thunder, indicating the next group was coming, so she let go of my dick, dropping her shirt and gave me one final huge suckface kiss and then took off for the tunnel, leaving me standing there with my hard dick out. I retreated to my lair to put myself back together.

I was still rock hard when the next group came through. My victim this time was a pussy cat. She had on a leotard, leopard spotted print micro skirt, a long tail and cute pair of ears. Instead of screaming, she pulled my cape all the way around her as she crouched down. She all but disappeared to anyone looking back due to the darkness. I felt her find my zipper and within seconds she was trying to work my still hard dick out. In frustration she undid my pants all together and pulled them down to my thighs, giving her full access to my hardon. I felt her wrap her warm mouth around my dick, her moan making it vibrate. She sucked on me until the last of the group had disappeared into the tunnel and I opened my cape. Now I could see her on her heels, legs spread wide, her fingers working feverishly inside her pussy, exposed through the crotchless leotard she was wearing. She pulled off my dick with a loud slurp and then stood up and turned around. She bent over, holding her ankles, giving me full access to her pussy. It was obvious what she wanted… and I obliged, shuffling over the two feet to her and ramming my saliva soaked dick into her wet pussy. We both groaned as I sunk to the hilt. I began to pound away into her pussy, getting little squeaks with each stroke. I was getting pretty close to unloading in her when her orgasm took over. Her whole body shuddered and she cried out once before pulling off my throbbing dick. To my surprise, she took off down the tunnel, leaving me hanging. Only the sound of thunder prevented me from stroking myself off the last little bit right there.

I retreated to my ready room and, disappointed, put my dick away. The next group had a ballerina, some kind of band rocker and what I could only describe as a hooker, huddled at the end of the line. I moved in and draped my cape across all three. I growled that I wanted to suck their blood, and instead of a scream one of them whispered if I would prefer a tit instead, after which the hooker stood up and unzipped her leather top, exposing both tits to me. The ballerina pressed her ass against my still hard dick in my pants and wiggled her ass back and forth. “I think he needs sucked on too.” She whispered. I could feel a set of fingers wrap around my dick as my pants were pulled down. Within seconds my dick was sliding into the ballerinas pussy, though I wasn’t sure exactly how, given the costume. The hooker pushed her shorts down and stepped out of them, leaving her standing in fishnet thigh high stockings, fuckme stiletto heels, her leather top having hit the ground already. She pulled my face to her tit as I was bent over the ballerina, and she guided one of my hands to her pussy. I slipped a finger in as I started stroking the pussy in front of me. There was no way I was going to last long with this. I came in gushes, triggering a quick orgasm in the ballerina, who had to have already been well on the way when she got here. I worked a finger in the hooker to bring her off while my dick was still pumping its load of cum into the ballerina. That only left the rock star unaccounted for. The ballerina pulled off my dick and headed to the tunnel as soon as she could breath again and the hooker followed as soon as her clothes were back on. I retreated to the ready room to put myself back together. The rock star was waiting for me in my chair, her pants around her ankles and her shirt pushed up over her perky tits. Her fingers were flying up and down her pussy. I knelt between her legs, my pants still around my knees, and replaced her fingers with my tongue. I had no problem bringing her to a quaking climax, after which we both spent the next several minutes and two groups trying to recover. She gave me a very hot kiss on the lips and then headed out to join the last of the group that was just going through.

Much of the evening followed the same theme. I was flashed by a variety of sexy bodies in a variety of costumes, sucked by a hobo with DD tits swinging free. She preferred to have it squirted all over her huge tits than get fucked, but I didn’t care. In general the girls kept me hard all night, with only the two acts of relief. The night was starting to draw to a close when Deb showed up. I knew it was her in a second. She was wearing a pair of silk pj’s fuzzy slippers and a nightcap. She also carried a pillow. I slipped up behind her and wrapped my cape around her and whispered in her ear… “Dracula wants to suck your tits and fuck your brains out!”

“Ohhhh drac… that sounds so naughty.” She replies in a whisper as she drew my cape around her. I felt her rustling around under my cape, so I stood still until she had finished whatever she was doing. I watched the pink silk fly out from under my cape with a kick from her and then she pressed against me, finding the snap on my pants and pushing them down. I felt a silky material press against my dick as she undid the buttons of my shirt. By this time the group was gone and we were alone. She dropped my cape and stepped back. Even in the dim light she was hot. She wore a red silk pushup bra, with her nipples exposed over the top. And a red silk thong, all covered with a shimmery red silk lace top held up by two tiny strings.

“You like?” she asked as she pirouetted for me.

“oh yes!”

“Good. Now I want you to fuck me. Right here!” she said laying down and putting the pillow under her head.

“Not much time”

“Won’t take much” she said as she pulled the red thong aside and began playing with her pussy, “and you’re wasting some of it.”

I knelt between her legs and let her guide me to her sopping pussy. I slid easily inside her and she cried out in pleasure when I hit bottom. I had barely been stroking into her when the thunder sounded, meaning the next group was on its way. We quickly got our stuff and ran to my ready room, at least as much as I could with my pants around my knees. Once inside she sat me on the chair and quickly sat on my lap, facing me, quickly going to work bouncing up and down on my dick. I pushed the shimmery red lace aside and did my best to suck on her tits with them moving, finally just pulling the strapless bra off to get better control. The added sensations seemed to really send her over the top, causing a huge orgasm as the thunder sounded for the next group, drowning out her single long scream.

Given the two cums I had already had, I wasn’t ready to fire yet, but that didn’t seem to matter. She kept on bouncing on me. I got startled when two Indian squaws showed up, worrying for a minute that we had been discovered. Both looked exactly the same, long dark hair, pulled back, by a headband, fairly good sized tits encased in an animal hide bra, a flap of cloth covering their pussies and asses and animal hide moccasins. In short they were hotter than hell, and appeared to be twins. My fear was short lived though as each one dropped their tops on the ground and pulled the strings on their loincloths. They were quickly naked, moving to each side of me.

Deb stopped her action and leaned in to kiss me. “This is your reward for being so good.”

“Reward for what? I don’t really understand.”

“You were a great sport, and you didn’t cause the girls any trouble. This was dare week, and the girls chose for a dare to expose themselves at least once in the haunted house. Sex was not required, but if they wanted to it was allowed. All of them had to be over eighteen to participate.”

“Oh I get it. I guess the rumors are true.”

“They are. Now for being a good sport, Jenny and Jill are your treat. They haven’t had a chance yet to play, and they really want to be fucked.” She finished as she pulled up off of me. One of the two, I don’t know if it was Jill or Jenny, quickly replaced her, sinking a very tight pussy onto my wet dick. I groaned as she slid down, but had it muffled when the other girl leaned in and pulled my head to her tit. I let a hand go to her pussy and began to finger fuck her in time with her sisters actions on my dick. After a few minutes they changed places, with the one on me now coming to a climax after two groups had gone by. They switched back and the one on my lap now pulled my head to her chest, and continued to ride me until I unloaded in her pussy. Only then did she allow herself to climax, her whole body shaking as she came. After all of us catching our breaths, they pulled on what little existed of their costumes, and slipped out, each of them giving me a hot wet kiss before leaving. Neither of them ever said a word.

The night ended and the lights came up. I used some wet wipes I had brought to take care of the makeup, and cover the fact that part of it was wiped off on certain girls tits. Rick was beside himself at the number of pussies and tits he had seen. All I could do was smile as he told me how he had such a better job because of all he saw. If he only knew…

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