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My Son’s Revelation

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My name is Jack. A few days ago, I had sex with my son’s friend, Gary. The fact is, I sucked his cock and then he fucked me with his huge member. Gary also told me that he and my son Bobby were also having sex together.

I knew I should address this subject with Bobby but I didn’t know how. I was frankly embarrassed. Gary basically forced me into sucking and fucking him.

Granted, I didn’t put up much of a fight, but now I was confused. Bobby eventually broke the ice for me.

“Dad, Gary told me what happened between you two,” Bobby said to me.

My face must have gotten red, I didn’t know what to say.

“Don’t worry, he did the exact same thing to me,” Bobby explained to me.

“What do you mean?” I asked Bobby.

“Gary forced me into sex with him, but I sort of like it now.” Bobby said sheepishly.

“You like it now?” I asked.

“Yeah, his cock feels good in my ass now, I can finally take it all,” Bobby said, matter of factly.

I didn’t really know what to say to my son. I had wondered what was going on between his friend Gary and Bobby. I guess I knew now.

“Bobby also said to me, “Gary said you had a pretty big cock as well.”

I was normal size, as far as I was concerned, Gary was hung like a horse.

“Can I see yours, Dad?” Bobby asked me.

I just stood there for a minute. Bobby helped to make up my mind. He began to undress himself. Bobby was thin as a rail, but when his underwear came off, I was surprised. Bobby’s cock was hanging down. His cock was thin but it was long.

I didn’t know what else to do but to strip. My clothes came off as well, and there we stood, father and son naked. Bobby approached me and took my cock in his hand. He started to stroke it up and down. I wanted him to stop but it felt so damn good. He kept pulling on my shaft and it wasn’t long before I was hard.

Bobby then fell to his knees and took me in his mouth. He wasn’t able to suck me down the whole way, but he had the head of my cock bigger than it had ever been. The veins were popping off my shaft as he worked his lips all over me. I knew I would cum soon if we didn’t stop now.

I lifted him to his feet, and we kissed each others mouth. I wanted him now, craved to take him with my cock. Bobby saved me from asking.

“Dad, use you cock on me please, I need it kind of bad,” Bobby told me.

My son was pleading with me to stick my cock into him. He pulled me over to the bed. He got on and spread his thin legs for me. He also brought his legs up near his head.

Bobby’s hole was now exposed to me. God help me, I wanted him. I climbed between his thighs, and rubbed my mushroom head all over his asshole. I pushed just the head in, but Bobby wanted it all. he brought his legs down, and around my waist. He pulled me tight to him as my cock sunk in deeper.

There we were, father and son fucking in unison. No words needed to be spoken, my cock slid easily into his ass. Bobby was taking me and using his muscles to grip me tight. I must have been hitting his prostate pretty good, because my son’s cock sprung straight up.

Another few strokes by me and Bobby’s shot a geyser of cum all over my chest. I kept up my deep fucking of my son’s ass. I can tell you now, I never wanted anyone so much as I did Bobby at this moment. I drove my pecker into him with everything I had now. My cum filled sacs were dancing off of his ass.

“Cum in me Dad, fuck me!” Bobby was screaming at me.

I let it all go then, my hot spray filling my son’s bowels up. Over and over, I dumped my load into him, until he had taken every drop I had.

We collapsed there, my cock still in my son’s ass. Bobby told me how good it had felt, and he wanted me to do it again with him. I was fucked out however, my nuts were completely empty.

We made plans to do it again very soon. Maybe this time my son will have a few tricks for me to learn!

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