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Karen Lindly sighed as she leaned back in her chair. She crossed her leg to rest her right ankle on her left knee, slipped the heeled shoe from her foot and began to rub it as she closed her eyes. She’d been working inhuman hours doing legal research for an upcoming case, and at 28 years old, was unable to pull the long hours with little or no sleep like she used to.

Karen exhaled deeply, lowering her foot back to the floor and smoothing her skirt out over her thighs. She looked around the brightly-lit floor. The law offices and cubicles of Ridley, Scott, and Brewster empty save for her. She began to gather her things, packing her expandable briefcase with papers, briefs and court documents. She glanced at her gold wristwatch and frowned when she noticed that time had once again slipped away from her. There was no way that she was going to the gym this late at night. Eleven thirty was too late to be running and doing even light sets of weights.

Karen shook her head as she hoisted the long briefcase strap over her shoulder. She had only started helping with the research in order to impress the junior and senior partners, show them what a valuable team player she could be. Somehow she had gotten stuck with doing the majority of the grunt work.

Karen stretched her back as she double-checked her desk and made sure she was not forgetting anything. Karen ran her hands down over her jacket, smiling as the fabric was pressed smooth against her body. At least missing her workouts hadn’t begun to effect her yet. Her stomach was still flat, contrasting deliciously with the swelling of her breasts and the curves of her hips. Walking and running thirty minutes a day saw to it that her legs were still well toned as well.

All in all, she thought as she strode towards the door, she was pleased with her body still. She reached up with her left hand, flicking the light switch down to kill the lights. She smiled as her wedding band and diamond glinted in the light and then disappeared along with her reflection in the window. For a second she didn’t recognize herself. She found herself admiring the image of the woman in the window. Light brown curly hair that seemed to flow down to her shoulder blades. Her suit jacket accentuating her natural curves, showing the generous swelling of her breasts underneath as it flared down to her hips. Her skirt hugging her hips tightly, showing the outline of her ass, the curve of her thighs as it extending down to just above her knees. The beige pantyhose underneath doing their best to massage her legs with energy, she was able to feel her thighs as the muscles tensed underneath the thin fabric, her calves as she moved her feet.

She knew her husband was still pleased with her body. He proved it every chance he could get, and he had lately been dropping hints about having a child. Karen really wanted to make junior partner first, before the added responsibility of children was added to her load. Hopefully after this case, about six more months.

Karen shifted her feet as she waited for the elevator. She got on and pressed the button to take her to the top level of the parking garage. Since I’m not working out today, she thought, at least I can walk down the two flights of stairs to my level. Her hand unconsciously went to the top of her briefcase, to the zipper pocket that contained her cell phone and the can of mace. Her fingers rested lightly on the can of mace as the elevator doors opened. Karen glanced out, then walking to the enclosed staircase. Though she wasn’t really worried, she had heard enough stories that she preferred to be cautious.

She approached the staircase door, the small wire mesh window in the center of the door was dark, but Karen didn’t notice that as she glanced at a nearby shadowed alcove. Walking quickly, she opened the door and stepped through, her right heel clicking on the concrete.

Karen gasped lightly as she felt a hand close tightly over her right wrist, pulling it away from her briefcase and her further through the door and onto the landing at the top of the stairwell. The hand kept a grip of her wrist, turning her around, twisting her right arm behind her back. She opened her mouth to yell, to shout for help, when she felt a rough hand clamp over her mouth. She was pulled back against an obviously male body, her arm across his stomach and her back against his chest, as it registered to her that this level of the stairwell was pitch black.

The man behind her shifted his weight, his foot moving to push the stairwell door closed, extinguishing the last beam of light into the stairwell.

Karen felt the man behind her, pushing her forward, walking her forward with his body against hers, until she felt the iron bars of the protective railing pressing against her, the uppermost one against her stomach.

Karen’s mind was in a haze of urgency and panic. Who was this! Omigod, what were they doing!

As she felt the cool bars of the railing pressed against her stomach, waist and thighs, her instincts began to respond. She wanted to rake his shin with her foot, spear the top of his foot with her heel…but her ankle was pinned by his foot and one of the vertical bars of the railing. Bite! she thought.

Karen opened her mouth, prepared to feel his fingers – and hopefully blood – between her teeth, when she suddenly felt his breath in her ear, and heard him whispering softly to her.

“Stop struggling, we can’t afford to make any noise. We’re not alone here….listen.” The man’s voice in her ear then fell silent.

His quiet words stopped her for several seconds. Enough time for Karen to realize that something was very wrong this evening.

The stairwell extended below her into the lowest level of the parking garage, eight flights down. Karen was slow to realize through her initial panic that most of the lights in the stairwell were out, except for the lights on what looked to be about the fourth floor. The light was bleeding up from that level as Karen’s eyes slowly began to adjust. She was blinded, though, to the levels below the fourth floor, as anyone below the fourth floor would be blinded to the levels above the fourth floor.

And there was someone down there.

Karen could hear it now, sounds that she couldn’t make out before due to the pounding of her heart in her ears. But the sounds….what?

The man kept her pressed against the railing for what seemed like an eternity, but was in reality less than a minute, as Karen slowly began to recognize the sounds. As she did, she thought of her cell phone and mace in her purse which was not trapped by her right arm.

The sounds that drifted up from below, from what seemed like the lower-most level, were haunting. She could hear the heavy breathing of exertion mixed with the deep voiced orders being given by different male voices. But the most haunting sounds were female.

It sounded like two different women. Two different voices whimpering, pleading with the males to be left alone. A shrill, panicked voice asking “Why, why?” And then the disturbing sounds of a body being pushed, the smack of an open hand landing on bare skin, a muffled shriek and groan as the pleading was cut off in mid sentence.

Karen then heard the voice whispering in her ear again.

“I noticed them earlier. I don’t know how many there are. Looked like gangbangers. I think this is their initiation. Be very, very quiet.”

Karen felt her heart lurch. Maybe she wasn’t being attacked, she was being saved! This man was keeping her from being raped by the gang below, from becoming part of their initiation ceremony. Hope began to grow, filling her. This man would let her call the police, they could get help for those poor women below.

The hope Karen felt began to crystallize into energy, the desire to do something to help. That desire intensified when she heard a plaintive wail from below… “Noooo.” Followed by the sound of clothes ripping and crude male laughter.

Karen then heard the man’s voice back in her ear…..”Lucky thing you came in at my level. I think you’ll like me much better than that gang of animals. If you cooperate with me, you’ll walk out of here, healthy and unhurt. If you fight me or make too much noise….” Karen’s hope shattered. It transformed suddenly into the weight of cold lead, threatening to bring her to tears as it sunk from her throat to the pit of her belly.

Her attention was brought back to the man behind her. She could feel his body pressed against the length of her, pressing her against the bars. My god….he was hard. This man was only rescuing her from the gang, so he could use her instead. Karen’s mind raced in desperation, unable to come up with a solution as the man pressed against her, his bulging erection against her ass.

The man let go of her right arm, keeping it pinned across her back with his body weight. He reached up and moved the strap of her purse down off her shoulder, leaning back and loosing the pressure on her arm as he pulled the purse swiftly down. Karen didn’t think it was possible, but her heart sank another notch. He had taken her purse – her last chance of safety – from her. The man lowered it to the floor and kicked it back behind him, sliding it across the floor out of her reach.

Karen tried not to groan as she felt the blood rush back to her arm. She gripped the top vertical rail with her hands, thinking frantically of a way out of this.

The man took his hand from her mouth….whispered “Ssshhh” in her ear as his hands moved down over the lapels of her jacket, finding the two buttons, popping them loose and letting her jacket hang open.

As if to make it clear to her that her choices were limited, sounds began to again drift up from below. The sound of flesh making contact with the concrete – a woman being forced to her knees hard – a sharp smack, like a gunshot in the darkness. Laughter from the men. Comments began to drift up as the activity downstairs picked up in pace.

“Yeah, spank that bitch’s ass, make her cry, turn that lily white ass all red.”

“I’ve always wanted to cum on a Spanish chick, I want that one first.”

Karen gasped. One reason was because the man behind her had cupped her breasts. His hands had moved underneath her jacket to find her breasts. He cupped them, squeezed them as he felt her nipples poking out hard from the fear and adrenaline she had been experiencing. The other reason – those voices! Karen knew those women downstairs. The sounds of their voices as they pled for mercy, as they cried out in shock. She recognized them. The ‘white’ woman was Stacy, a secretary at another law office on the fifth floor that Karen dealt with frequently. Karen’s heart broke for her. Stacy was 24, very pretty, married and four months pregnant. To hear her being used this way….tore her heart apart, and at the same time, made her experience a heaviness deep in her belly. A heaviness surrounded by heat, that seemed to spread and radiate deeper, lower into her body. The other woman she thought, was Mya. She didn’t know her as well, but had seen her working in an Investment brokerage on the seventh floor.

Karen’s face burned with shame as the man found her nipples and began rolling them between his fingers. Karen was forced to listen to the women’s violation, even as her body was violated.

The man moved his hands down from her breasts and over her flat stomach, much as hers had done earlier in the evening. Over her hips, down over her thighs, feeling her muscles clench in protest. A mewling sound rose almost inaudibly from her throat as she felt the man’s hands moving up, raising her skirt as he did so. The man didn’t stop until her skirt had been raised above her waist, bunched around the tails of her white dress shirt, the man’s knuckles moving over her slick pantyhose as he raised her skirt.

The man’s hands moved down over Karen’s waist, and over the curve of her hips. His hands moved around the outside of her thighs to the rear of her legs, his hands eventually moved to where he could feel the swelling of her buttocks.

Karen grasped the railing tighter, her knuckles turning white. She could feel the man’s fingers, pinching her as he attempted to grab hold of her pantyhose. He finally succeeded, tenting a bit of the fabric. The man paused, and then she could hear the tiny pop, her pantyhose parting as the man tore a small hole in them, his fingers moving through. She could feel his finger against her ass, another finger as he widened the hole. A soft whisper of a tear as he moved both hands under her pantyhose. Parting them in a wide rift, until there was a hole that extended from the waistband of her pantyhose, near the small of her back, down to her inner thighs.

Karen stifled a gasp as she felt an inrush of the cooler air in the stairwell against her skin. She cursed silently as the sensation of the air, the man’s fingers against her skin as he widened the opening for his purposes, and the sounds from below, began to work on her. The heavy, hot feeling in the pit of her stomach had spread. It felt like a thick puddle that had settled just below her breasts and which extended down, down past her navel….Karen refused to acknowledge it further.

Karen bit her lip as the man’s fingers curled underneath the fabric of her panties. His fingers sliding underneath the elastic, the back of his fingers grazing across her ass….and deeper, lower. Karen tensed the muscles of her thighs, her buttocks tightening as well, trying to deny the man any touch of what was between her legs.

She swallowed a whimper when she was unsuccessful. The man slid his fingers down underneath the crotch of her panties, his fingertips moved over the lips of her pussy as he pulled her panties away from her skin. The touch of his fingers caused that heavy, hot feeling to move a bit lower in her body. Karen tried to shut off her mind from the experience as the sensation settled just over her mons.

Karen’s attention was suddenly transferred from her own predicament, as she heard the unmistakable sound of a zipper being lowered. It took her a second to realize that the man’s hands were still on her body, and that the sound must have carried up from downstairs. The sound of laughter followed, and a soft, smacking sound that she did not recognize. It was made evident to her shortly by the crude comments that followed.

“Yuppie bitch, you’ve never been dick smacked before have you? Hold her head still as I slap her with my cock. Open up wide, bitch.”

A wail, “nooo” , cut off sharply and turned into a muffled groan, followed by a wet, gagging sound several seconds later.

“Not used to that much cock are you? Haven’t had the cock of a real man. Too bad you can’t have a real man’s baby, but maybe we can help your friend out with that.”

A frantic wail and the sounds of scrabbling, as if someone had tried to get away. The thud of a body being forced to the ground. The sharp sound of a slap. A hard grunt of pain and denial as the softer sound of a man’s body on top of a female’s, the softer slap of skin against skin.

Karen drew her attention back to herself. She realized in a start of fear that the man had worked her panties down inside her pantyhose. The hose ripped open down to her knees, her panties lowered to the middle of her thighs.

Karen looked around in a burst of fear and panic. Her phone and mace in her purse just feet away from her….but might as well have been a mile. The light from a few floors down beckoned with the empty promise of a safe haven.

Breath in her ear and a last whisper, “Remember, be very quiet.”

Karen then felt the man’s body behind her, pressed against her, moving.


What? Yes, she could feel his body as it slid down over hers. He kept a hold of her hips, movement down the backs of her thighs as the man sunk to a crouching position behind her. His hands moved to cup her ass, and squeezed. His thumbs between her legs, he pulled her lips apart, spread her as he squeezed her ass.

Karen’s mind raced in confusion. What was he doing?

Her body jumped with tension as she felt warm breath, the same breath that had been near her ear, playing over her pussy, now spread open wide by the man’s hands.

The man reached up with one hand, moved it over the top of Karen’s as she gripped the railing. He loosened her fingers, and then drew her hand down to the middle bar of the railing, causing Karen to bend over the railing to grasp the bar. He then switched hands, moving his left back to spread her, and his right up to repeat the movement with her other hand. Karen could feel the cool metal of the top bar through her shirt as she was forced to bend over the railing. Her hands grasping the middle bar as she was forced to rise up onto her tiptoes. Her head hanging out over the railing, staring down into the mass of light and darkness beyond.

Karen immediately realized her vulnerability. Shamed to admit her helplessness, as well as a deeper shame building within her, one she would not admit yet.

Karen suddenly grasped the bar with enough force that her fingers cramped. Her entire body tensed, her muscles tightened as she felt a stab of pleasure, surprising her with its intensity. Her reaction caused by the soft, wet touch of the man’s tongue as it slid against her, slid over her pussy as she was bent over the railing. The man had her ass and pussy spread wide with his strong hands as her began to work his tongue over her pussy. He licked her, tasted her, as his tongue probed inside her, then began to move over her again in long strokes. She could feel the man’s head against her thighs as he turned, repositioned so as to sink a little lower. His tongue moving down, teasing, finally gliding over her clit.

Karen jerked as if electrified. Shame spread a blush across her face and chest. This is not, cannot, be happening she thought. She tried to force the sensations, her body’s reactions, away from her. She tried desperately to deny them existence by refusing to acknowledge them.

And then several things fell into place, all at the same time:

From below: the sounds of skin smacking against wet skin, the muffled crying and pleading of the two women as they were used by the men. “Oh gawd, I never knew a pregnant bitch would have a pussy so tight. I’m gonna give you twins baby.”

From the man: his hands spread her ass and pussy, his thumbs pulled her lips apart before slowly pushing into her. His tongue having served to start her juices flowing, his thumbs wet as they pushed their way in. The feel of the man’s tongue as he pushed more forcefully against her clit, licked around it in circles, then over it, flicked it with his tongue before he once again settled his tongue directly on it to stimulate her.

From Karen: that heavy, hot feeling had spread and was perfectly centered in her pussy. Her clit throbbed, her thighs grow warm with the heat and the realization. Gawd, I cannot be turned on by this she thought. Karen then realized that she had involuntarily lifted up on her toes and spread her legs even more wide, granting the man greater access to her pussy. Her hands white knuckled on the railing as she put more of her weight there, she transferred her weight from her feet to her hands and her body on the top bar.

A blush of shame and ….acceptance….swept over Karen. Her breathing had grown quicker, more shallow. There was a fine line of sweat on her upper lip and brow. Karen knew her pussy was wet, she could feel her juices slide slowly down her inner thigh. The heavy, hot feeling grew. It wasn’t spreading anymore, it just grew, concentrated near her pussy and clit as the man’s mouth and fingers worked over her.

Karen was enjoying this. Her reluctance, her denial and self-restraint snapped as she admitted it to herself and what had caused her arousal. The whole situation working in an impossible manner to excite her and bring her to a state of frenzied lust. What kind of woman am I? To be getting off on having a total stranger use me while listening to the rape of two other women….friends of mine? Oh gawd, it’s so goood, though. Karen’s thoughts ran rampant as her mind began to respond along with her body.

Her breath came in short pants as she leaned more into the bar, her toes almost left the floor altogether, her legs spread as wide as she could get them in order to grant the man the most access to her sopping wet pussy. Her hips moved up and down, trying to gain even more sensation, trying desperately to fuck the man’s face as he licked and ate her pussy. Karen arched her back as she felt the man moving a finger over her ass, pressing against her. She had to consciously try not to say anything or make any noise, she grit her teeth as his finger, wet from her pussy, pushed slowly into her ass.

Karen moved her hips, encouraged the man’s finger in deeper, trying to relieve the burning sensation and replace it with a sensation that didn’t threaten to make her yelp with pain, as she felt a pool of heat that began to build in her thighs. The heat built, it crawled up her thighs as the man’s tongue worked over her clit, his finger deep in her ass, the burning now replaced with a more full sensation, pressure against pressure. He pressed the finger in her ass down as he pressed up with his thumb in her pussy, pressing them together, rubbing them against each other through the separating wall of skin.

Karen could not contain the gasp at that point, the intake of breath and the moan that threatened to follow, as the heat now ran over her thighs and up to her pussy. The man’s hand dripped with juice from her pussy as Karen felt the swell of her orgasm. The heat spread from her thighs to her belly, it spiraled upwards and grew more intense until she could not hold it anymore. The mass of heat and tension threatened to explode inside her body. Her thigh muscles tensed and then began to twitch uncontrollably as she came. The man’s fingers inside of her and his tongue on her clit had moved her to a height she had not reached in a very long time. Her ass clamped on the man’s finger her pussy spasmed around his thumb as he continued to work his fingers together against each other. Her hands slick with sweat as she tried to keep her grip on the bar. Her body tensed, her muscles jumped, convulsed as her orgasm ripped through and shook her to her core.

The man waited there until her body began to relax, then rose to his feet. Karen lowered herself to take more weight onto her feet. The man wiped his mouth of the wet mess that Karen had made. He lowered a wet hand onto her left hand. Fingers wet with her cum stroked her diamond ring and wedding band, coated them in her own juice.

The sound of the zipper that she heard next was definitely from the man standing behind her.

To Karen, it sounded as loud and meaningful as the tolling of a church bell.

The hiss of the zipper brought Karen’s mind to perfect clarity. Had the men downstairs heard them? Were they racing up the stairs even now? Karen felt the edge of panic bite into her, then realized she was in no danger from the men below…. yet. Karen repositioned her feet, stepped out of her shoes for fear of her heels clicking on the concrete.

Laughter from the darkness. “Damn, I don’t think I’ve ever cum so hard inside a woman before.”

“Get that other slut over here to clean this one out. I’ve never fucked a pregnant pussy before, and I want this one clean.”

Karen ducked her head and the veins in her neck stood out, as she tried to swallow the moan that was threatening to escape. She felt the man’s hand under her left knee. She followed the pressure of his hand as he pressed up, she picked her left foot up until her foot rested on the middle bar of the railing. The man’s hands once again grabbed her, spread her as she felt him bend down a little lower. A gasp escaped her lips as she felt the hard head of his cock press against her. Karen bit her lip, trying to keep the anticipation, the pleasure, quietly inside her as she felt that hard cock head slide easily into her wet pussy.

The man’s hands gripped her waist, he grabbed her tightly as he held his cock just inside her pussy. Karen shifted her right foot and felt a puddle of wetness. Another blush of shame washed over her as she realized that it could only be from her pussy dripping as the man ate her to her orgasm. Had she really cum that hard?

Karen’s lip began to bleed she bit it so hard, but she was not able to stop the primal groan that rose from deep within her as the man slowly, easily slid the length of his cock inside her.

Luckily, the sounds of sex from the stairwell below drowned out her groan. The sound of the women being fucked, spanked, gagging as they were forced to give head and swallow cum, the laughter of the men as the women were degraded and used, all drowned out Karen’s acceptance of her place.

A woman from below groaned, Karen thought it sounded like Stacy. This groan, though, had more of a whimper to it, more of a longing. There was less pain to this moan and more of an impression of pleasure with more to come. Karen’s impression was confirmed when she heard a man….”Damn! This blonde bitch just pushed back against me, she’s starting to fuck me! Hey! This whore likes it!” Karen then heard the movement of bodies, presumably other men moving towards Stacy, to add to her pleasure as well as their own.

Karen stared blindly into the black void below her as she tried to imagine what caused the sounds she heard. A wet popping sound as the man with his cock in Stacy’s mouth pulled out. Wet smacks as he slapped her face with it, his hand in her hair as she grunted from his pulling her head back as she was fucked from behind. Karen could picture her pregnant belly and heavier breasts swinging pendulously with the movement. The thought made Karen arch her back as she allowed the man deeper inside of her, wanting it all now.

“Look at her face, man, I think you’re right. You want to cum baby? You want to be fucked by some big cocks and cum like you never could for your husband? Ask me for it, then slut, beg for it.”

Karen’s heart almost stopped when she heard Stacy’s voice next, tears and lust both evident in her tone. “Oh gawd, yes, please….please fuck me. Fuck me hard I’m so….ungh… close, let me cum for you, let your whore cum for you.”

“Stacy! No, don’t let them….” Mya’s voice, full of shock and denial, rose in the darkness before she began gagging on another cock forced down her throat.

Karen swallowed the moan that rose up from deep inside her and arched her back, tiltedher hips so as to provide the man behind her with easier access to her now soaking wet pussy. Stacy’s words echoed in her mind as she tried not to repeat them herself. The feel of his cock inside her re-igniting the heat that he had built up with his mouth. Karen pressed herself down against the top bar, enjoying the feel of the cool metal against the undersides of her breasts as the man began to move. Her breasts swinging with the thrusting of the man, bumping into the bar as she pushed back with her hips to meet him. She was almost unable to believe how good he felt, filling her with each stroke.

Karen could feel the man leaning into her, the length of his body against her back as he hunched his hips, burying his cock in her, his face near the back of her head. The man’s voice, not as smooth as before, cracking now with breathlessness and passion. “The next time we meet, Mrs. Lindly, you’ll be begging for my cock just like Stacy was doing. I think you are both finding out what whores you really are, what sluts you want to be.” His voice still soft, was meant only for her ears.

Karen’s shock at the man’s words charged her with lust and eroticism. This man called her by her name?! This man knew her?! She grabbed the bar tighter, heard the tiny clink of her wedding ring against the metal as she tried to get better leverage so she could fuck back against the pseudo – stranger behind her.

Karen could feel the ball of heat building again in her belly. She knew she was going to cum again. This time being fucked from behind by a faceless man that knew her…someone at work? In a different office? She felt like such a slut, reacting like this to him, so ashamed – yet so excited.

Karen closed her eyes, she pushed back with her left foot against the bar, pushed back against the cock that filled her so wonderfully. The man breathed harder now, panted as he fucked her. She could feel his tempo speed up, his thrusts becoming harder. She knew he must be getting close, and she could feel her orgasm build within her as well.

Karen jumped, shocked, as the entire stairwell was flooded with light. Doors on the lower floor banged open. Voices shouting: “Let me see your hands! On the ground now!”

Karen looked down the stairwell, her orgasm built inside of her, unstoppable now, though she was unable to move or speak as she took in the scene below. Police had flooded the lowest level where the men and women were. Mya, the Hispanic lady, was bent over a railing much as Karen was, only she did not appear to be have enjoyed herself nearly as much. A grimace of pain was on her face, her ass and breasts were red from being slapped and her body was covered with still dripping cum.

Stacy, the white woman, was on her hands and knees. A man was behind her, face frozen in surprise as his cock was buried in her ass. Another man was in front of her fucking her face, pulling on her breasts as he did so. Stacy’s hair was dripping with cum and she appeared to have been used by more of the men than Mya was. The most shocking thing about Stacy, though, was the expression on her face. Pure animal lust and enjoyment, almost a hint of disappointment as it registered to her what was happening, that she was rescued and would not be fucked anymore tonight.

The police spread out across the perimeter of the room. All escape routes were blocked as they began to enter the room more deeply. The men forced to the ground and handcuffed. Mya sobbed as she ran to Stacy. Mya hugged her and pulled her to a nearby corner where they could crouch in safety. They held onto each other, unmindful of their nudity or the slick cum that covered each of them.

Karen’s felt an intense rush of pleaure. The orgasm blindly ripped through her body again. Unable to control it or stop it, she felt herself lose control and cum on the hard cock buried inside of her. On the wings of her orgasm rode a thread of fear. Fear that she would be found out, and that the women would hate her for having given in and enjoyed herself, for having orgasmed – not once, but twice now – as they were being used so badly.

Karen’s body shook as she reached back, her hand blindly grabbing the man’s hip and pulling him into her deeper. Her pleasure intensifying as she felt the hard cock inside her actually swell to a larger size. Her pussy clenching, spasming as the hard cock buried deep inside of her began to jerk and pulse. Jets of warm cum spurting inside of her, filling her. Karen’s orgasm rode another wave of pleasure as she felt the warm fluid almost splash against the inside of her pussy, the hard cock again moving as the man fucked her to his conclusion. The man grabbed Karen’s hip, pulling her back once as he pushed his cock deep inside her, holding it there as the last of his cum spurted into her. His chest heaved, a deep sigh as his orgasm left him. Karen jerked twice more, hit by aftershocks of pleasure, moving through her like electricity.

The man pulled back and away from her. She could feel his cum, mixed with her own juices, running down the insides of her thighs. The man reached around, took her left hand by the wrist, and moved it down to the inside of her thigh. Guiding her hand through the mixture of cum, moving her hand between her legs, his voice in her ear steadier now that he was not exerting himself fucking her…”I want one finger inside that sloppy cunt for each orgasm you had tonight.” His fingers pressed against the backs of hers. Karen closed her eyes, feeling the humiliation as she slid two fingers into her own pussy. Her middle finger and ring finger disappeared between her legs. Karen moaned with that mix of shame and excitement as her fingers slid inside her pussy, feeling the wet, slick cum inside of her. The man pulled on her wrist, guided her hand out and up to hold it before her face. Karen looked down at her hand, her slim fingers shaking, cum dripping off of her wedding ring and diamond. The man guided them closer to her face, pressed them against her mouth. A smile in his voice….”Kiss those rings and clean them up before you go home to your loving husband. The kiss is for me, by the way, a promise to your second ‘husband’.” Butterflies of shame assailed Karen as she kissed her rings, feeling the sloppy mess smear across her lips. Karen then parted her lips, taking the cum-soaked fingers and rings into her mouth, licking them clean and swallowing the whole mess.

Karen suddenly stumbled back away from the railing. The man’s support had disappeared. She turned in time to see the flash of an unfamiliar, smiling face as the man moved quickly out through the door and into the upper level of the parking garage. The image of him, half turned towards her as he went through the doorway, was frozen in her mind. A young man, early twenties, clean shaven and athletic looking. A smile on his face and – was that a wink? – his clothes disheveled, his hand holding his pants up at the front as left quickly.

Karen heard the policemen downstairs, moving up through the levels as they searched the rest of the stairwell.

Her hands shaking, a blush of shame covering her from head to toe, Karen gathered her things, her purse and the scraps of fabric that were on the floor. Stuffing them into her purse, she slipped out the stairwell door and into the parking garage.

She would have to take off her pantyhose before she got home. There was absolutely no way that she could explain any of this to her husband. Karen was not sure she could explain it to herself. Why had she reacted the way that she did? She felt like such a slut for enjoying herself, for cumming twice at the hands of a stranger, a man other than her husband. Karen was shamed to think that she had violated the vows taken with her husband. Deep down, Karen knew that the hardest thing she had to explain to herself, was how she could have been so excited by the sounds and images of what she had imagined happening to the women downstairs. She felt ashamed because she was excited and because she could not do anything to stop it – and that shame lead to even more excitement, causing her belly to tighten with that peculiar mix of arousal. But what could she have done differently? What would she do differently if it were to happen again?

Karen didn’t think she was going to be working so diligently or late any more. Gawd, how could she face Stacy again? Whenever she saw her now, she would picture her crouched down over Mya’s face, rocking her hips as Mya cleaned her out: being fucked doggie style while sucking another man, begging to be fucked and used.

Her body began to stiffen and she felt the soreness that would surely be there tomorrow, as she snuck to her car. She glanced around to make sure that the police did not see her and want to question her. At the moment, she was looking forward to nothing so much as a hot bath at home, and the safeness of her husband’s arms.

Karen hoped that her husband would never suspect how much of a slut she had been tonight. Karen never suspected that she could act like such a slut, how could her husband possibly deal with it? Karen hoped that nothing irrevocable had been changed within her tonight. What had that man meant by ‘a promise for her second husband’?

She hoped that her husband could still love her, and that she could learn to love herself again, even as thoughts of her ‘second husband’ battered around inside her mind and threatened to escape from the cage in which she had so hastily pushed them.

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