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A Getaway to Remember

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Gwen sat down on the hotel bed in frustration. She and her girlfriend Julie had come to Atlantic City for a “girls’ weekend”, just to get away from the daily grind of kids and housework. Instead of just hanging out and having fun, though, Julie had headed straight to the casino bar and made herself the center of attention. Now just a few hours into their trip, Julie had disappeared and Gwen found herself alone, slightly buzzed and very horny.

Here she was alone in the suite they had booked, while Julie was off with God knows who doing God knows what. It just wasn’t fair!

Although she was frustrated with Julie’s behavior, Gwen had to admit to herself that she was also a bit jealous. Julie had never had a problem making herself the life of the party — she just exuded a natural sexuality and enthusiasm that always made her popular in any social setting. She also had the looks to go with it — her long legs and long black hair always got men’s attention. Her breasts were small but pert and they completed a pretty good looking 40-yr old package.

Gwen made her way into the large walk-in closet and stood in front of the mirror, examining her own image. Although the same age as Julie, she was built quite differently. Gwen had the classic curves that came from full hips and larger, fuller breasts. Over the years, four kids had added to her curves but looking at herself in her cocktail dress, she had to admit that she was pretty pleased with what she saw.

Standing alone in the closet, Gwen unzipped the dress and slid it down from her shoulders. The black push-up bra was doing its job, and she couldn’t help but be turned on by the sight of her own tits. She could see her thick nipples trying to push their way through the silky material. They seemed to be aching for a little attention. She brushed her finger against the straining bullets before continuing to slide the dress down her body. As it fell to the floor, Gwen looked at the lacy thong that barely covered her pussy. She was proud of her shaved mound and she loved the way her pussy lips always seemed to pout and beg for attention. Once again, she felt herself aroused, and allowed her fingers to slide into her panties, feeling the dampness that had started as she watched Julie flirt and tease all the business men down in the bar.

Suddenly her day dreaming was interrupted by the sound of the suite door opening. She could her giggling and whispered tones as someone came into the room. Gwen quickly turned out the light in the closet, and peeked through the slightly opened door to see what was going on.

Well, at least she knew what Julie had been up to now! There was her best friend with not one, but two, men in tow! Both seemed to be tall, well-built men in their late twenties. The collared shirts and cuffed pants told Gwen that they must be part of the insurance convention being hosted in the hotel. They certainly seemed interested in providing Julie with plenty of coverage as she led them both over to the bed. Gwen didn’t know what to do — she didn’t want to spoil Julie’s fun, but she certainly didn’t want to spend the night in a hotel closet! She decided to wait until she could find a moment to slip past the trio and head back downstairs.

Meanwhile, Gwen watched Julie take turns kissing the two men. They made a sandwich out of her, one hulking stud standing on either side of her. She alternated kissing one then the other, as they took turns pressing against her squirming ass. It wasn’t long before the taller of the two, a striking blonde with movie star looks, grabbed Julie’s shoulders from behind and unzipped her dress. Julie didn’t protest as he slid the dress from her shoulders. Unlike Gwen, Julie didn’t wear anything under her dress. From her vantage point in the closet, Gwen could see Julie’s small breasts standing proudly in the moonlight coming through the open curtains. The other stud, a darker boy who looked like he belonged somewhere along the Mediterranean coast, leaned down and took one of her nipples in his mouth as his other hand cupped her other breast and squeezed it roughly. Gwen could hear Julie’s moans of satisfaction as her body got worked over.

The blonde now knelt behind Julie, his hands on her hips and his lips on her ass cheeks. He kissed and nibbled her tight ass while his hands rubbed up and down the sides of her body. Gwen watched as he reached around to Julie’s pussy. She kept her mound neatly trimmed, with a perfect triangular patch of fur right about her mound. He played with the hair, then his meaty finger dug between her lips, obviously seeking the entrance to her pussy. Gwen could tell that he found it by the sudden squeal Julie gave out. That was just the encouragement he needed, and he began to dig into her pussy with a passion.

As she watched her girlfriend being ravaged by these two young studs, Gwen couldn’t help but get turned on. She realized that her own fingers had been anxiously massaging her clit, and were now covered in the salty juices from her pussy. Once again, she was jealous of Julie and the attention she was getting. Why couldn’t she share one of those cocks with me?, Gwen thought. Then Gwen caught herself: what was she saying? She had a husband and four children at home — she shouldn’t be wishing to be getting the attention of some stranger’s cock! But no matter how hard she tried to convince herself otherwise, Gwen found herself dripping with the thought of another man’s dick buried deep inside her.

Suddenly Gwen realized that the action in the bedroom had stopped. She looked out to see all three of the players staring in the direction of the closet. Apparently, Gwen’s passion had been a little louder than she realized. The sound she heard next made her heart stop.

“Gwen, is that you?” Julie asked. “Are you in there watching us, you naughty girl? Come on out — it’s alright.”

Gwen didn’t know what to do — there was no where to hide. Slowly, like a scene in a dream, she pulled the closet door open and walked into the bedroom. She couldn’t help but notice the sharp intake of breath from both them men as her curvaceous body was lit up by the moon beams. That sound nearly made her cream!

“I wondered where you had gotten to,” said Julie, “I thought maybe you were outside calling home. I know how much you miss your husband when we’re on these trips. I’m glad to see I was wrong.”

Gwen wasn’t sure what to do or where to go. Here she was, nearly naked, standing in a bedroom with her best friend and two young men who clearly intended on rocking Julie’s world. She wracked her brain trying to figure out how to extract herself from the situation gracefully. Before she had a chance, though, both the lovers turned and began moving toward her.

Gwen felt very vulnerable, but curiously aroused, as the two men took up positions on either side of her. The blonde reached out and ran his finger down Gwen’s arm, allowing it to brush against the bulging fullness of her breast. Gwen shivered from the touch and she felt her panties soaking with the juice that felt like it was gushing from her.

“I’lll…I’ll…I’ll just get my things and get out of your way. I don’t want to spoil your fun,” Gwen stammered. Before she could say anything more, the Latin lover grabbed her shoulders and pulled her roughly to him. The scent of his body was strong as she felt his lips against hers. He probed her mouth gently with his tongue — not overwhelmingly like most men would do. She felt her knees get weak as he kissed her passionately.

“It looks like we hit pay dirt,” the blonde stud said behind her.

“You know it!” said the dark-haired agent, “One MILF was a score but this is a fantasy!”

It took Gwen a second to realize that she had just been called a MILF. She’d heard the term, but she never thought it would be applied to her. She was just a frumpy mother of four — not someone exotic and vivacious like Julie.

“That’s very sweet,” she managed to squeak out, “but you don’t have to try to make me feel good. Julie’s got the kind of body that every man wants — and I don’t think this is something that I should be part of.” As she said it, she tried to pull away but the dark haired men held her tight.

“Oh, your friend is hot — there’s no doubt about it,” answered the blonde boy, “but you have the kind of hips, tits and ass that I’ve always imagined. You’re a real woman — every curve is in the perfect place. I can’t wait to explore you from head to toe!”

Gwen couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Were these young studs really interested in her? But the hands and tongues she was feeling all over her body gave her the answer.

As she stood there, being kissed and touched, she noticed Julie moving around next to them. Suddenly she felt a new touch and she knew that her girlfriend was getting into the act.

“Oh, Gwen — this is something I’ve been waiting for. I never knew how to get you to open up like this but tonight seems like the perfect chance. I’ve wanted to share myself with you for so long — and tonight I’ll finally be able to do it!”

With that Julie stepped forward and took Gwen’s face between her hands. The feel of her lips was different than the men’s — it was softer, sweeter, gentler. She liked it, and she wanted more!

Gwen realized that she was being led toward the king sized bed in the middle of the bedroom. Somewhere along the way, her bra came off and her big breasts were hanging free. As she was laid back on the bed, Julie reached down and slid the thong down her hips and off her legs. She was now completely naked, with three hot bodies all positioning themselves to explore her and take advantage of her.

Gwen closed her eyes, trying to process all the stimuli. What will Michael say?, she thought — imagining how her husband would react. He refused to leave the lights on when they made love at home — something like this would give him an aneurism!

“Julie, I can’t do this. Michael would….” but Gwen didn’t get a chance to finish the thought. The sensation of Julie’s firm tongue poking into her dripping fuck hole took all the words from her head. She was squirming in ecstasy as her best friend licked her pussy. It felt so good — and so much better than what Michael did to her on the rare occasion when she could talk him into it!

As she thrust and moaned with pleasure, she became aware of another sensation: the feeling of a hard cock being pressed against her cheek. Gwen opened her eyes and found the young, blonde stud kneeling next to her. He had shed his clothes, revealing a sculpted body right out of a fitness magazine. But more impressive than his body was his throbbing cock. It was at least eight inches long and thick. The perfectly shaped head seemed to be staring at her as he gently stroked it and rubbed his nut sack. She couldn’t help but be amazed at the size of his balls — it was like he had grapefruits packed in there!

Gwen stared at the throbbing cock and opened her mouth longingly. Taking the cue, the young man leaned forward until the swollen, purple helmet was pressed against her lips. He caught his breath as her tongue flicked around the head, then she lifted her head and took him into her mouth. He leaned further forward, sliding as much of his thick shaft into her mouth as she could handle. He threw his head back as she started to slide her mouth up and down his big dick.

“Fuck, that’s good, baby! Suck it just like that! Holy shit, what a great feeling!”

The words were like a mini-orgasm, causing Gwen to go into overdrive. Between Julie’s tongue on her pussy and the cock in her mouth, the sensations were overwhelming her. She kept slurping away on his cock, listening to the grunts and groans.

Suddenly she sensed him tightening and his grunting became more urgent. She felt his hands on her head as he tried to thrust his cock deeper. She relaxed as much as she could and deep-throated his entire eight inches. His huge balls were bouncing off her chin and she could feel them tighten. As the moment of truth approached, Gwen took the head of his prick back into her mouth and prepared for his release. She wasn’t disappointed as she felt the hot, salty shots flood her mouth. The amount of cum was unbelievable and there was no way she could swallow it all. Huge gobs of seed ran out of her mouth and down her chin as he finished blowing his wad into her.

As his cock plopped from her mouth, Gwen opened her eyes and looked between her legs. She saw the top of Julie’s head as she continued to lap Gwen’s bare pussy. She also found that the dark haired boy had moved behind Julie and was busy pumping her pussy from behind. Gwen could feel the rhythm of his thrusts in the motion of Julie’s tongue. As she lay there, Gwen could feel her orgasm starting to build. Closing her eyes again, she imagined what her straight-laced husband would say if he could see her covered in cum, with a woman lapping her pussy! That thought was enough to trigger her orgasm, and she screamed out loud as her pussy began to spasm.

“Oh, shit!” cried Julie, “Look at all that fucking pussy juice! It’s gushing out like a fucking fountain down here!” The conversation was cut short, though, as Julie went back to work and tried to lap up as much of Gwen’s cum as she could.

Gwen was aware that her partner had moved off the bed and was now standing beside Julie and her lover. The two men exchanged a look, and before she knew what was happening, Gwen watch Julie get hoisted into the air and tossed on the bed next to her. She looked down between her own legs and saw the Latin lover moving between them. He grabbed her ankles and pulled her roughly to the end of the bed, exposing her pussy. The suddenness of his move didn’t frighten her, but one look at his cock did!

It was a monster — at least 12 inches long and impossibly thick! Gwen gasped as she thought about him impaling her with that tool. There’s no way that will ever fit in my pussy!, she thought.

Silently, her ass tilted in the air, the dark haired man pressed the head of his enormous cock against the tight, wet opening of her pussy. Much to her surprise, Gwen felt a pleasant sensation as he entered her — easing himself into her tight snatch. He had obviously done this before and knew how to work his way into a tight passage like Gwen’s. She gasped as she felt the fullness brought on by his big cock.

The feeling in her pussy was beyond belief! Every inch of her felt stuffed, as he fed his massive cock into her. He rubbed against parts of her that she had never felt before, and each thrust sent waves of pleasure throughout her body. Gwen realized that he had managed to lodge all 12 inches of his cock inside of her — and she was still in one piece! Slowly, he began to thrust back and forth, giving her poor snatch a chance to get adjusted to his thickness. Gwen was a fast learner, though, and it wasn’t long before she was squirming and moaning as he stretched her with his big girth.

“Oh my God — fuck me harder! It feels so good and my pussy feels so full. Please don’t stop — keep going. Oh my God, I feel like such a woman right now!” Gwen couldn’t believe the way that cock felt in her pussy. It was the sexual pleasure she had dreamed of all her life. She was so naughty and so wicked — but she knew this wouldn’t be the last time she strayed from the straight and narrow path!

Her stud began to speed things up as her pussy relaxed and accommodated him. She could feel his balls bouncing off her ass, providing just enough stimulus on her anus to make her really horny. The pace of his motion increased and she could feel the tip of his cock way up in her belly. She reached down, placing her hands on her belly, feeling him pressed inside her. The pressure of her hands set off her own orgasm, and she felt herself cumming as he fucked her silly. Her cunt spasmed around that massive cock, trying to milk it for the big load.

Her partner must have gotten the hint, because Gwen heard him catch his breath. The pressure in her pussy increased and she swore she could feel his cock in her throat! Suddenly her pussy was hot as he flooded her with blast after blast of searing seed. She’d never felt anything like it before, and the thought of his strange sperm filling her body set off another orgasm that was more powerful than anything she had ever experienced before! She was flopping on the bed and screaming in ecstasy as they came together in a flood of juices.

Julie and her blonde toy were keeping pace, and through her own orgasmic haze, Gwen could hear her cumming, too. For a few moments, all four of them lay together in a tangle of bodies. Gwen couldn’t remember ever being so fulfilled sexually, and she slowly drifted into a sex-induced sleep. “Okay, boys — thanks! I’ll take over from here,” Gwen heard Julie say. She opened her eyes and saw her friend, still naked, ushering the two insurance agents out of the room. They were still buckling their belts and putting on their shoes as she closed the door and locked. Gwen watched as Julie turned back to her. Even in the dim light in the room, it was impossible to miss the hunger in her eyes.

Julie walked back to the bed and lay down next to Gwen. She ran her fingers tips lightly across Gwen’s body — down her arm, her breasts and her belly. She leaned down and whispered, ever so softly, in Gwen’s ear, “You have such a beautiful body. It’s a real woman’s body. I’ve envied you for years. I’ve always wanted to explore it — to feel your womanhood against mine. And tonight I’ll finally get the chance. I hope you enjoyed the warm up — it’s time for the main event!”

As Julie climbed on top of her, Gwen couldn’t help wondering when they would be able to schedule their next get away together!

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