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Hunny was bored. She was on vacation, and had more time than she knew what to do with. She was a workaholic who spent hours at her office, and wasn’t used to all this free time. Her boss had insisted that take a break, after the conclusion of a particularly successful project. Her boss had hinted that upon her return, she would be made partner at the firm, but that they wanted her well-rested before she assumed her new post.

Hunny would be the first Asian woman to make partner, and she wanted to show her supervisors that could be a team player, so she went along with the suggestion that she go on vacation and relax.

Hunny had just turned 40, but like many Asian women, she looked almost a decade younger than her actual age. Her fine dark hair framed her face and swung smoothly when she walked. Her eyes were exotically slanted, and were a rich chocolate brown. She kept her make-up to a minimum, but always used lipstick, usually in a light pink shade that made her full lips gleam. She tried to keep in shape, but worked so hard, she rarely had time to exercise. She had promised herself that upon making partner, she would make time for an exercise regimen, to keep herself toned.

After a few days of doing absolutely nothing, she had, in desperation, signed up for a tour of stately manors (musty old houses, in her opinion). After the first three houses, she was heartily sick of looking at faded wallpaper, and old-fashioned furniture. She was planning on escaping the last tour of the day, but when she saw the photos of the library in the brochure, she decided to stay.

Hunny loved books, she would happily curl up on her couch with the latest thriller, or her secret vice, a well-written bodice-ripper. When the tour group entered the library, she sighed with pleasure. It was a lovely room, shelves lined with books from floor to ceiling. There were even comfortable nooks where one could sit and read. She noticed that a portion of the library had been cordoned off, and it contained a lovely glass bookcase, with interesting figures. That area also contained an extremely well-stuffed armchair, with a lamp behind, perfect for relaxing with a book. She asked the tour guide why that part was off limits, and the tour guide snippily said that as he had already explained, this house was still lived in by its owner. Portions of the property were open to the public, but the owner wanted his privacy respected, and refused to show everything. Another tourist asked whether the owner was currently in residence, and Hunny listened with interest as the tour guide said he believed the owner was currently out of the country. Hunny was dying to see what was in the bookcase, and her quick and mischievous mind came up with a spontaneous plan. One of the tourists had brought a toddler with her, much to the tour guide’s displeasure. The toddler had already been griping, and Hunny took advantage of the child’s restlessness. She began to make faces at the child and tease him, and finally resorted to sneakily pinching the child so that he cried. She quickly moved away, and in the resulting hullabaloo, she was able to hide and let the tour group move out of the room.

When she was alone, she unhooked the rope cordoning off the book case, and moved toward it. The little figures were unusual, and some of the books looked quite old. At first glance, the book case appeared to be locked. She tentatively tried the door, and smiled when it swung open. She picked up one of the figures very carefully, and studied it. She flushed hotly, face glowing, when she realized it was a small erotic carving of Japanese origin. She put the figure back onto the shelf, and instead took out a book. She chose one of the newer looking ones and opened it to a random page.

Hunny blushed again, her eyes widening in shock. The book was illustrated, and as she flipped through the pages she realized the most of the drawings depicted women in various stages of undress and in some form of restraint. The women were all servicing men, in a myriad of ways that Hunny had never thought possible. Hunny wasn’t a virgin, but her experience with men was limited. She found that men she met always seemed to be somewhat weak and wimpy, and rarely saw the same man more than once or twice.

Hunny kept flipping through the pages. Despite her initial shock, she was intrigued. The illustrations were cleverly drawn, and the expressions on the women’s faces were puzzling. They looked as if they were experiencing pleasure, but also seemed slightly ashamed. She saw that there was a bit of text before each illustration and decided to read. Though she didn’t want to admit it to herself, she was more than intrigued; she could feel a slight tingling in her groin. Refusing to acknowledge her arousal, she sat in the comfy armchair she had eyed earlier, and began going through the book. She found that there were stories placed in the beginning of each chapter, and she read each one. They were all about Domination, about submissive women being taken hard by strong men, and enjoying the experience.

Without realizing it, she began shifting in the chair, her breath coming faster. One hand dipped down, and began caressing her thigh. She was so engrossed in the book that she didn’t realize how much time had passed. The house had been closed to visitors. She also didn’t know that the tour guide had been wrong about the presence of the owner. He was not abroad, he was, in fact, in the house, and had been up in the private floor while the tour was being conducted.

Nick was the sole heir to the property. While he had a good job in the city, the taxes on the property had just been too much for him, and he had been forced to open the house to viewers. He hated having to do so, and resented each tourist, whom he viewed as a trespasser. It was Nick’s custom at the end of each day to go through the house, reclaiming it as his own.

He quietly walked into the library, the thickly carpeted floor muffling the sound of his footsteps. He was furious when he found someone present, especially when he saw that his special collection of erotica had been disturbed. The door of the bookcase was wide open and one book clearly missing.

He was about to shout at the intruder, when a soft sound stopped him dead in his tracks. It was a soft female moan of pure lustful pleasure. He silently stepped closer, partially hidden by the other bookshelves, and was confronted by the sight of an Asian woman, one hand holding up one of his books and the other buried between her legs. Her legs were hanging over the arms of the chair, spread so widely that he could see her fingers working. As he stepped closer, he could even hear the soft liquid sounds of her sex. H narrowed his eyes, his heart beating faster when he made out the title of the book she was reading. It just happened to be one of his favourites. Nick’s not-so-secret vice was his pleasure in dominating women. He enjoyed the challenge in gaining a woman’s submission.

He watched as the woman’s hips squirmed; he heard her moans increase and realized she was soon going to cum. He smiled predatorily, and boldly strode forward. Snatching the book out of her hand he said menacingly: “Well, what do we have here? A book thief, and obviously a slut!”

Hunny squealed, all arousal forgotten. She quickly tugged her fingers out of her sticky hole, blushing at the sucking sound it made. Her body was aching, she had been so close to cumming, but now…

She looked up at him, registering his words. She tried to stammer out an apology, but her words came to a halt as she saw the huge bulge in Nick’s trousers. The chair put her at the perfect height to see it, she involuntarily licked her lips.

Nick sneered at her. “You are a little slut, aren’t you? You get caught in the act of being a dirty little thing, and now you’re shamelessly staring at my cock.” He grinned as she blushed again. He saw the mingled shame and arousal in her eyes.

He said casually, “Quite the taste in books you have though. This is my favourite book. I see that it affected you like it did me.”

She stammered, “N-no…I…I just..”

“No?” he said. “I come in here, and you’ve got your fingers diddling your cunt , and you say you’re not wanting it?”

She hung her head in shame, but jerked it back up again when he thundered, “Look at me when I’m talking to you, slut!” He looked her over, her flushed skin, hard nipples pressing against her tee-shirt. She’d tried to pull down her short skirt, but it had just ridden up again. He could see her panties, still pulled to the side and he caught her scent, hot and musky.

“I think you need to be taught a lesson.”

She looked up at him, eyes wide and pleaded, “No, please. I’m so very sorry…”

He shook his head. “Too late for that. This is a valuable book, and you’ve damaged it with your carelessness. You’ve gotten your cunt juice all over it.”

She blushed again, and tried to find the right words to convince him to let her go. He suddenly reached out and grabbed a handful of her hair, closing his fist around it. She whimpered and he thrust his groin forward, rubbing his erection against her face. He held her there with his fist, while he ground against her.

She kept whimpering, begging him to let her go. He could still smell her arousal; it even seemed as if her scent was even stronger than before. He taunted her. “You know what you have to do, you know what you want.” Then he suddenly released her, so she fell back against the chair.

She glanced up at him, surprised. He caught the slight disappointment she tried to hide.

“Take my cock out of my trousers,” he ordered.

She hesitated, and he raised his voice. “Do it NOW.”

Hunny scarcely realized what she was doing; all she knew was that she was terrified, but exhilarated at the same time, and that her pussy was pulsing with need. With trembling fingers she undid the top button of his trousers, then unzipped them. She moaned when she saw the size of his erection.

He laughed. “You are such a slut!”

She reached into his pants and almost reverently revealed his cock; staring at the thick, throbbing organ, with prominent veins running along its length.

“You know what to do, slut.”

With a soft cry, she rubbed her cheek against his cock, marveling at the soft skin and the steely hardness. Her tongue flicked over it, tasting him and his length from base to tip. She even licked his balls, sliding her tongue all over them. Without fully realizing what she was doing, she glanced up to see if she was pleasing him. He looked back at her, his expression unreadable. She worked her way from his balls to the thick tip of his cock, stretching her pink lips wide open. She swirled her tongue over his cock head before she took it into her mouth.

She moaned when she tasted him, her eyelashes fluttered and she pushed her head down, ever so slowly slipping down his shaft, enveloping it in warmth and wetness. She kept going, breathing through her nose, until she had over half of his length in. She had to pull back to breathe, but licked the licked along the underside of his shaft as she drew her head back. Taking a deep breath, she pushed her head down again, moaning around him. She felt his fist clutch at her hair again and felt him pull her down lower. She whimpered, afraid that she might choke, but too aroused to stop him.

He now controlled the pace, his hands holding her head where he wanted it. His hips slowly rocked back and forth, enjoying how her slutty mouth sucked on him, how her wicked tongue played with him.

He pushed his cock in deeper than she thought she could take it, and felt her throat close around him, squeezing him. The pressure was intoxicating. He groaned and began fucking her mouth harder, his hips bucking. He slid his cock halfway out, only to bury himself deep in her throat again.

She was moaning, her saliva dripping and coating her chin. His cock was dripping, too; pre-cum mixing with her saliva. She suckled and licked his cock, desperate to please him. Her pussy was throbbing hotly, needing to be filled. She looked up at him, her eyes pleading.

He watched her through narrowed eyes, he knew what she yearned for, but wanted her to please him first. He began thrusting faster, making her gag each time he pushed in. He felt her fingers caress his balls, gently rolling and squeezing them. He cursed, “fucking whore!” slamming his cock into her mouth now, seeing her lips stretched around his girth, her face messy with saliva and pre-cum.

He forced himself to slow down a little, and withdrew his cock almost all the way out of her mouth. He studied his wet flesh, glistening with her saliva, then slowly pushed his cock back in, watching it disappear into her mouth. He felt the warmth surround it until her nose was pressed to his belly. He kept her head there, and in a hoarse voice he ordered her to swallow. She did, her throat closing around his cock, making him groan. He pulled back again, feeling the suction of her mouth as she refused to release him. He picked up the pace, sliding faster and faster into her. Her cries were muffled by his girth, her breasts swayed each time he thrust in deep. She could feel her cunt juices dripping down her legs, she wanted him so much.

He fucked her mouth hard, just going for the pleasure, just wanting to cum. He used her mouth to pleasure himself, not caring if she felt any pleasure at all. He felt his balls tighten and he thrust in deep. Again holding her head to his belly, he yelled, “Swallow! Swallow it all!”

When she did, he released his cum, thick ribbons of it streaming down her throat.. She felt him pulse, tasted the thick salty cream, and she moaned. He pulled out at the last minute, and released a last jet of cum across her face, smiling when he saw the contrast of white cum against her brown skin and dark hair.

She licked her lips and begged, her voice rough and hoarse with need. “Please…please, I want to cum.” He laughed derisively. “Get up then slut and bend over the chair arms.”

She struggled to get up, her knees weak. She fumbled her way over to the chair. He pulled her skirt up and ripped her panties off, studying the round bubble of her ass, smiling upon seeing the wetness on her thighs . He growled, “Fucking slut, needy little whore” and without warning, he slapped her ass hard. She squealed, and heard order her to spread her legs wider., She complied, spreading her legs til her thighs ached, her upper body forced lower into the chair. He spanked her again, enjoying the ripple of flesh, the way her skin darkened. His hand slipped down between her legs and gathered wetness, which he then rubbed over her face.

“Smell yourself, whore. You’re just a cunt, a cunt that wants to be used, aren’t you?”

She closed her eyes, and to her shame and surprise, she heard herself whisper, “yes…yes, Sir, I am.”

He growled in triumph. “What did you say, whore?”

“I’m…I’m a cunt, Sir. I’m a cunt that needs to be used.”

“And just WHOSE cunt are you?”

She lowered her head in defeat and answered him. “I’m yours, Sir, yours. Oh god please…please use me, Sir!”

His response was to slide three thick fingers into her cunt, feeling the slickness, the heat. She was burning with lust, her cunt gripping his fingers. He began finger-fucking her, driving deep into her wetness. They could both hear the squishy, juicy sounds her cunt made.

He watched as she rocked back on her toes, taking the finger-fucking, riding his fingers, and then he added a fourth digit. He felt her opening stretch, heard her cry out; but she didn’t miss a beat, she bucked and thrust harder, her breasts bouncing under the tight tee-shirt she wore.

He gathered more wetness with his thumb; there was so much oozing from her needy cunt he easily soaked it. He pressed his thumb against her tiny asshole and pushed in hard. She screamed in pained surprise, her body arching. She turned her head to look at him and he smiled. Her eyes were dark with lust and pain. Her face was a complete mess, covered in drying cum and saliva. Her lips were swollen from the face fucking he’d given her. She looked like the perfect fucktoy.

He plunged his thumb deeper into her ass while his fingers continued to plunder her cunt. With a low cry she surrendered, her body rocking. He felt her pussy walls tighten and realized she was going to cum. He rapidly tugged his hand away , laughing when she cried out: “nooooooooooooooooooo!” Her body arched, seeking his. He saw her hands slide down to her cunt and yelled sharply at her not to dare touch herself. She froze, her hands just above her moist folds. Her breasts were heaving, her whole body was flushed.

She whimpered when he walked away from her, watching him with puzzlement when he walked over to the bookcase. She watched him bend down, and he seemed to fiddle with something as a drawer popped open. He reached into the drawer and pulled out restraints.

He made her stand up, and removed the rest of her clothing. He cuffed her hands together, attached them to a chain which he then hung on to an unobtrusive hook in the ceiling. He peeled back the carpet to reveal rings on the floor to which he hooked cuffs on each of her ankles. She was now spread wide open. He controlled the length of chain, he could make her bend over, or keep her standing straight.

Her breasts rose and fell. Her eyes reflected her fear, yet the arousal hadn’t died at all. She swayed in the restraints while he walked around her, studying her swollen nipples and her equally swollen sex, the lips dark red and flushed, juices dripping from it and painting her thighs.

He went back to the secret drawer and pulled out a massive dildo. When she saw it, she cried out and began to twist in the restraints. She said, “No, please, it’s too big!” He laughed, watching her struggle ineffectively, noting how her breasts swayed and her hips bucked.

“You know,” he remarked casually, “when you do that, it looks like you’re just begging to be fucked!”

He traced the dildo over her breasts, passed it over her mouth, telling her that she needed to make it wet. She parted her lips, jaws aching as he pushed the fake cock into her mouth. He amused himself by making her cheeks bulge, loving how her lips stretched around the toy. He pulled it out and teasingly passed it over her pussy, then to her ass.

“Hmmm…maybe I should fuck you with it here…” he mused, gently prodding at the tight star.

She squealed loudly, begging him not to use it on her ass, anywhere else, but not her ass. He laughed again, “so now you want it in your pussy?” And before she could say anything, he suddenly shoved it up into her cunt, reveling in her scream. Luckily for her, she was so wet through that the toy entered more easily that even he thought it would

He pumped it in a few times, enjoying the sight of her pussy lips stretching around it, just the way her mouth had. With the dildo deep inside her, he flicked her clit, and was rewarded by lustful moans. “You like that, huh?”, he taunted, his fingers working on her clit, making her hips gyrate. He brought her to the edge again, her body now soaked in sweat. She was nearly mindless with lust, pleading with him to please let her cum. His cock was rock hard again. He loved tormenting her this way. He no longer resented his unwelcome intruder, she was turning out to be the best plaything he’d had in a while.

He made his way behind her and lowered the chain so that she was bent over. He pulled out the toy, and inserted his cock into her seething cunt. It was so hot, he could feel her walls twitch around his shaft. She moaned; he wasn’t much thinner than the toy, she could still feel him rubbing against her tender flesh. She hoped he would finally let her cum now. He slid in and out, slowly and easily, making her sigh with pleasure. She rocked her hips back, meeting his thrusts, wanting to cum.

But he had fooled her again; he had only used her to lubricate his cock. In a swift move, he pulled out and positioned himself at her asshole. Dazed with pleasure and need, she couldn’t understand what he was doing. He quickly enlightened her by thrusting his cock in hard. Her scream split the air, her body tensed with shock and pain. But it was too late, he’d managed to get his cock head inside her anal passage.

He groaned, she was so fucking tight and hot. He held her ass cheeks apart and looked down, watching as the rest of his length began to bury itself inside her. He saw her tight hole stretch, and he kept pushing relentlessly, over her protesting cries until he was balls deep inside of her.

Her initial screams died down to soft sobs. She was fully impaled on his shaft. She felt him throbbing inside her. She hurt, but her pussy was still tingling with need. She shuddered when he leaned over her and whispered, “You’re my cunt, and I can do whatever I want to you.”

He slowly pulled his cock back, making her squeal again, then re-buried himself in deep, sheathing his thickness inside her. He started out slowly, enjoying the friction, the give of her flesh, the narrowness squeezing his cock. Then began to move faster, pumping harder, as pleasure overtook him.

He realized that she wasn’t crying anymore. Instead, soft little grunts escaped her each time he bottomed out. To check his suspicions, he slid his hand over her pussy, and felt her juices drip onto his palm.

“Fucking slut…fucking ass whore…greedy little cunt…you like this!”

She couldn’t deny it, the pain had gone. And now all she wanted was pleasure. She needed to cum so desperately, after being denied for so long.

He started pumping harder, his hand rubbing at her fleshy mound, making her groan each time he flattened her clit. He pinched the swollen button and felt her buck against him. It was his turn to groan; he played with her clit so that she would ride his cock. He looked down, between them and saw her ass thrusting back to meet his cock. He began fucking her harder. Her breasts were bouncing again, her hips gyrating, her cries throaty with need and pure lust.

She started crying out, barely aware of what she was saying, “fuck your cunt…fuck my ass…fuck your whore…use me…oh god keep shoving your cock into my ass….FUCK MY ASS!”

He reached for the massive dildo, she was lost in the sensations, she didn’t notice. He placed it at the entrance to her cunt and shoved it in hard. At the same time, he shoved his cock deep into her bowels.

She screamed and suddenly orgasmed, her body bucking and thrashing, cunt and ass gripping the fake and real cocks. Her body writhed, and he started spanking her ass, yelling at her “Fucking slut…who said you could cum?”

She was overwhelmed by the sensations and began crying again, her body still arching and trembling, aftershocks of pleasure wracking her body.

He continued yelling at her, “cock-hungry whore…fucking bitch…just a toy for me to use and fuck aren’t you? All your holes are mine to fill…I can do what I want, and what will you do? You’ll just cum hard!”

He thrust harder, spanking her more wildly, keeping the dildo in her cunt to add to the tightness of her ass. He pumped faster as his own pleasure built, the aftershocks of her orgasm still milking his cock. With a loud shout, he ejaculated, filling her ass with his cum, before he pulled out and sprayed the rest of it on her body.

He walked over to her front, and let the of his cum spurt onto her face and hair. She sagged against the restraints, her body throbbing, the dildo still lodged in her body.

He cupped her chin and made her look at him. Her eyes were dark, he could see how exhausted and overwhelmed she was. He smiled, and let go. He pulled up his trousers, and adjusted his clothing. As he turned away, she said, quietly, “please…will you let me go now?”

Without looking back at her, he simply said, “Who says we’re done yet?”

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