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Christie’s ‘A’

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Dave was having a hard time staying focused. The exams were complete, the term papers graded and the students were gone. A few more forms to complete and this school year was over! In just a few days, he’d be in the Keys – fishing with his college buddies.

“Mr. Becket?”

He didn’t even have to look up from his paperwork. He knew the voice all too well.

“Ms. Miller,” he said in an only-slightly annoyed tone — not even bothering to lift his eyes from his work. “To what do I owe this honor?”

“I came by to check my grade, but they weren’t posted.”

Although he certainly was in no mood for delays, Dave knew he had to look up. In his office was Christie Miller. In his 17 years of teaching, she was, hands down, the hottest student ever to grace his classroom. He wasn’t going to miss the chance to see a flash of cleavage or a bit of thigh. He didn’t make a habit of lusting after his students, but in her case, it was hard not to.

“No, they are not. I am just now finishing up the paperwork to submit them to the front office,” he said as he looked up from his work. “They’ll be posted later this afternoon.”

He couldn’t help but smile when he saw her. Even in her simple white blouse and denim mid-thigh skit, she was stunning. Her frame was tall and lean and wrapped in flawless alabaster skin. The skirt clung neatly to her hips and tightened at the top to accent her narrow waist and flat stomach. Dave never would have called her breasts small, but they looked much bigger than he recalled tucked in that white blouse, which was probably a size smaller than it should have been. She had pulled her bright red hair back, which was OK, because it only served to better feature the emerald-green brilliance of her eyes.

“Is there any way I could find out mine now?” she asked. “We’re driving up to Ann Arbor tonight for a party.”

The tone was typical for her. She was a nice kid, but she knew her place. She’d been pampered and catered to her whole life by those who just wanted to be around her. Students, male and female, were at her beckoned call. Most of the teachers, especially the men, were the same.

“Ann Arbor?” Dave said. “You better be careful around those college guys.”

“My mom said that too. But, I’m 18, I can do what I want.”

He couldn’t help but roll his eyes slightly as he audibly exhaled.

“OK, Ms. Miller, let’s see? You made a 91 on the final and your term paper was a ‘C’. So, your final grade is a ‘B’.”

Her jaw dropped as she crossed her arms. “A ‘B’. I can’t make a ‘B’. I won’t be the valedictorian.” She was upset, but she was also pissed off. Who did he think he was, anyway.

“There must be some mistake. I don’t make B’s.”

“There’s no mistake, Christie. Your final average was 86 . . . a ‘B.’ If you would have put a little effort into that paper you would have made it. It was not typical of your writing. You clearly either missed (or likely ignored, he thought) the point of the assignment.”

Dave was finished with this conversation. “Now, if you will excuse me, I have to prepare the rest of these forms.” With that, he lowered his head and returned to his work.

Christie wasn’t really sure which card to play. She had tried the pushy bitch tactic with Becket a few other times with no success. But, she wasn’t walking out of that office without her “A”.

In just a few moments, the silence was broken. “Mr. Becket?”

The tone of her voice was distinctly different than before. Far softer, almost like a slight whine.

Dave looked up again to see that her body language had softened as well. As she approached the desk, he noticed that another button at the top of the blouse was undone. It was not before. He never missed such a delightful detail. The tight material of the blouse had opened with the released tension, leaving the cleft of her breasts clearly exposed. Turning, she sat on his desk with just one of her ass cheeks, forcing the skirt well up her thigh. She made no effort to cover it.

“Yes, Ms. Miller?” Dave said. She had certainly piqued his interest.

“Mr. Becket, there has to be something I can do to better my grade. I really want to be valedictorian . . . Something?” As she spoke, she reached out and placed her hand on the top of his.

Dave Becket was no fool. Nor, was he a pushover. It was going to take more than a little flirting for him to cave. Plus, he walked the halls. He’d heard plenty about Christie Miller. If she was half the slut the other girls made her out to be, this could be a hell of a way to start the summer.

“Christie, if I allow you extra credit, it will be unfair to the other students.”

“Something . . .?” she repeated and then slowly moistened her top lip with the tip of her tongue.

Dave slowly rose from his chair and walked from behind his desk, moving past Christie to the open door of his office. Extending his neck through the open doorway, he checked both ways before pulling the door shut and and twisting the bolt. He then paused as he considered the consequences of getting caught. It only took a moment to decide. He HAD to find out how far this would go. It wasn’t that Dave convinced himself that he wouldn’t get caught. It was that he decided he didn’t give a fuck. It’s worth it.

As he turned to Christie, he now saw a third distinctive character. This time, she was nervous. She had dropped both feet back to the floor and was leaning on his desk. Her head slightly bowed and looking at her feet. He slowly approached her.

“Ms. Miller. I have decided that I am going to give you opportunity to improve your grade.” She looked up and smiled, quickly disguising the “it’s about time” smirk on her face.

Stopping only a foot or so from her, his broad shoulders had her trapped. Dave reached out and began to unbutton the remaining buttons on her blouse. She stood motionless. Once done, he pulled the tails from the waistband of the skirt, revealing the thin lace of her bra.

“How convenient,” he thought as he eyed the clasp between the cups of garment. The next instant, his first prize of the day was revealed. Once released, her tits really didn’t go anywhere. Despite the generous size, they stood tall. Her pale pink nipples began to stiffen.

Christie flinched but said nothing when he cupped her boobs in his hand. “How bad could this be?” she thought. “He feels me up a bit, and I am on my way — with my ‘A’.”

She really kinda dug Mr. Becket. In some weird way, she kind of respected that he didn’t bend to her as so many did. He was tall and lean, with a rugged but handsome face. His smile was sweet, and he always smelled really nice. She began to relax a bit.

“Ms. Miller, it’s time for your oral presentation.” Dave’s hands slid up from her tits to the top of her shoulders. He gently but obviously began pressing down.

Christie was young, but she had been around the block a time or two. She knew exactly what Mr. Becket was suggesting. Letting him feel her up was one thing, but sucking his cock was another. What if one of her friends found out she blew some old man for a grade? She felt the pressure grow stronger, and she couldn’t help but slowly began to sink to her knees.

Dave’s instincts begged him to whip out his tool and shove it down her throat, but he had to break her. It was a test of wills between the two that he was determined to win. “Christie? Are you ready to present?” he asked.

Christie took a deep breath as she reached for his fly. Unzipping it, she reached inside and hauled out his cock. Even in its semi-erect state, it was sizable. She could taste the pre-cum already as she began to work her magic. Dave’s dick began to thicken, and she was actually a bit overwhelmed by the size. She’d messed around with enough football and basketball players to have seen some big ones, but she would never have expected this from Mr. Becket. He had to be at least eight or nine inches and THICK!

She worked deliberately at her task. Sucking and swirling her tongue around his bulbous cock head as she found a rhythm. His sweet pre-cum continued to ooze into her mouth filling it with the taste of sex. The musk poured into her nostrils as she was forced to breath through nose. She’d sucked a few dicks in her life. What’s one more? It was worth it for her ‘A’.

Watching Christie’s mouth stretch widely as she attempted to stuff in as much of his meat as possible, Dave found himself in a quandary. Sure, he was watching one of the most beautiful women he’d ever seen smoke his pole, and the idea of dumping a huge load of cum all over her face and tongue did have have a certain “porn-scene made reality” kind of appeal it. But, in truth, her cock-sucking skills left much to be desired. Sure, she had the enthusiasm, but she needed some experience. So, she looked up at him in surprise as gently pushed her head from his dick. She instinctively took his hand as he helped her to her feet.

Christie was startled as Dave pulled her to him and kissed her lips, his tongue forcing its way into a dance with her own. He kissed her deeply and passionately, seeming to enjoy the taste of sex from her mouth. She hadn’t even noticed that he had pulled her skirt to her waist, but she did know exactly what was happening when his thumbs slid beneath the waistband of her panties. They were going down. She was going to get fucked by Mr. Becket!

Dave easily lifted her to the desk and moved between her legs. As he rubbed his cock head at the entrance of her slit, he discovered she was already very wet. He knew he would thoroughly enjoy eating her pussy, but he just didn’t want to submit to her in that way. She was his for his enjoyment today. His thick shaft disappeared as he leaned into her. His member met no resistance. She was tight, but by no means a virgin. For some odd reason, he found comfort in that.

Christie was getting a fuck unlike any fuck she had ever experienced. First of all, it had already lasted more than two minutes, but moreover, there were no signs of it ending soon. As soon as her fingers found her clit, a massive orgasmic wave struck her. She wasn’t really sure if it was several consecutive smaller orgasms or just one big one, but it was certainly the most intense of her life. When she finally opened her eyes, she saw Mr. Becket beaded in sweat and continuing to pound his cock into her. Suddenly, a brief moment of reality struck her.

“Mr. Becket, don’t cum in me. I’m not on the pill.”

There was no response. Dave was totally zoned in on the moment. He was going to get his.

Mr. Becket! Please! I don’t want to get pregnant!”

Reality found Dave as well, and he pulled out of her pussy.

He stared at the glorious site. She was fully open now, and her juices were running freely. He could have easily fisted her at this point. A huge amount of her cunt lube had ran into the crack of her ass. Oh yea! He was going to get his!

As Dave extended his hand, Christie took it, having no idea of his intent. When she stood from the desk, he turned her and bent her over it, her back straight and her breasts pressed into the desktop. With one one hand on her shoulder and leaning into her, he had her completely in his control.

At first, she thought he has just missed his target when she felt his cock nudging her anus. But, his target was clear when she felt the massive shaft force open her sphincter. She tried to struggle away, but she was pinned. Christie cried out as the thick tool impaled her. Dave began to fuck his cock in and out of her asshole.

All of the wetness made for an easier entrance than Dave expected. In just a few minutes, every inch of his shaft was sliding in and out of her ass. She quieted to just a whimper each and every time his hips bottomed against her ass cheeks. His nut was building and building fast. Dave pumped faster and harder, trying to get in as many strokes as he could before the eruption hit.

Grasping Christie firmly at the hip bones, Dave buried his piston as deep as he could and pumped shot after shot of thick semen into her bowels. His head was spinning. He had lost all sense of where he was and what he was doing.

As his orgasm began to fade, he pulled out and found himself dizzy. He had to sit in the visitor’s chair facing his desk. Neither spoke for the next several minutes. Christie re-dressed and tried to make herself look unlike someone who just got fucked. Dave just sat in the chair — his shrinking cock glistening from the juices and his pants around his ankles.

Finally, he was able to stand. He fastened his pants and walked around to his desk, finding a pack of smokes in the drawer. Hit lit a smoke, and as he took a deep drag, he looked up at Christie, who was putting the finishing touches on her lipstick.

“I think you deserve an ‘A’, Ms. Miller.”

Christie didn’t speak. She just reached out and snatched the burning cigarette from his mouth and took a long drag of her own before turning to leave. Keeping the smoke, she walked out the door.

From the hallway, Dave herd a voice.

“Mr. Becket, do you still live over off of Baxter?”

“Yes.” Dave smiled.

“Maybe I’ll see you around.”

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