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Not Part of the Plan

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She sat on the edge of the bed and gazed at his cock. Still wet with her juices, it seemed to glisten in the light streaming in from the outside street lamp. It was a beautiful thing; still fairly ridged despite the last hour’s activities. She gently traced the thick vein underneath with her fingernail, causing him to squirm slightly, stopping at the smooth head of his penis. She smiled as she stood; she was more satisfied than she could remember. She felt sexy, confident… and vindicated.

Chrissy stood and pulled on her robe. She turned to glance once more at his body, at his thick dick, before slowly sneaking towards the door. She stopped in the doorway, suddenly aware of a sticky trickle down her thigh. She flicked her leg with a finger, wiping away his cum. She considered licking her finger clean, but instead tiptoed to the edge of the bed and wiped it on the sheets. It gave her another excuse to glance at her handiwork. She walked into the hallway with a smile, pausing to glance in the hall mirror to examine her face. It was red, and a bit puffy, but it would be better by morning. She doubted anyone would notice. Of course, this evening was a long time in the making, and she wouldn’t have cared if anyone did notice.

Chrissy kept her smile as she thought back to the last few years. She slowly walked down the dark staircase. If her bastard of a husband could see her now. I should have known, she thought savagely.

She’d met Robert at work. She was a doctor’s receptionist, and had fit the typical stereotype perfectly. Her fiery red hair was naturally curly, and hung down to her upper back. Her ample chest was firm and perky; it was her greatest asset in her mind. Most of her shirts were cut low; she knew it was the first thing anyone noticed, due mainly to the cute freckles that were scattered across her breasts, patterned up her neck, drawing attention to her bright green eyes. They shown like emeralds against her unusually pale face; her freckles stopped just below the top of her neck. Her waist was a perfect hourglass, and her tight ass was like a cherry on top of a sundae. The doctor sure knew how to pick them. Who gives a damn about a long wait when you’ve got this to look at, she thought to herself. Robert was a drug rep, and made frequent visits to the clinic before she came. After she was hired, the visits became daily as he tried his best to seduce her. Strangely enough, he knew all the right things to say. She’d fallen for him fairly easily. And what he would say was nothing compared to what he could do in the sack.

His dick was nothing special; in fact, she had been kind of disappointed the first time she saw it. It was the other things he could do. Simply, he knew how she wanted sex. She’d never told him, but it had always been just how she liked it. It was like he’d studied a manual on her before he’d even begun pursuing her. It wasn’t that she was submissive; she just enjoyed the feeling of being treated like an object. He would begin by talking dirty to her, demeaning her and calling her names. A light slap or two, or maybe pinching her nipples through her nightshirt. Robert could get her pussy wet and turn her on so well that she could do most of the rest of it herself. It was this mysterious way with her that convinced her to marry him, even though he came with some baggage. Namely, his son Jesse.

Jesse’s mother had abandoned Richard and her son when he was about fourteen, and Richard had begun dating Chrissy shortly after. His ex also gave up her parental rights, and a few years into their new marriage, Chrissy had done something unusual for a woman and pressured Richard to allow her to become his legal mother. Not quite an adoption, but with the same legal effect. This event did not have the result she planned; instead of bring them closer, it was a catalyst for Richard to have a second childhood. Now, five years into her marriage to him, he’d abandoned the both of them for a younger woman, leaving Jesse with a woman he’d only known five years.

Jesse had coped as well as any child could, and was a healthy kid of nineteen now. He was artistic, as most introverts are, with long sandy hair to his jawline. He wasn’t exactly skinny, but he was toned with a well proportioned frame. But he was shy and withdrawn, kind of afraid to get close to anyone. He didn’t talk much, he didn’t date, and though he loved Chrissy, he was distant from her too. Their arrangement now was almost like roommates sharing a house, though they were mother and son.

Chrissy took the divorce hard. She didn’t feel sexy for a long time, though she kept herself healthy and fit mostly out of habit. She did date, but no one had been able to read her like Richard. The few men she had fucked were in poor comparison. And with each sexual frustration, she blamed her ex-husband and wished furtively to get back at him. She’d decided upon the very instrument to attack her ex about two weeks prior to tonight. He was upstairs, sleeping soundly…he was Richard’s son.

She’d come upon the idea one night after an extremely stressful day at work. The flu was making it’s rounds, and the doctor’s office was a madhouse. She’d been sworn at and yelled over until she was aching with it. All she wanted was to get home and take her tight skirt off, remove her bra and let her breasts free. She rarely wore a bra at home, and tonight was going to be no different. Jesse was out with a couple of friends, or so his note said, and she was barely in the kitchen door when she’d stripped down to her panties. She began to run her hands over her shoulders and under her breasts, lifting them up then pressing them together before letting them drop again. It felt so good to be naked and alone, relaxing after her hard day. She sighed with pleasure as her muscles relaxed, and she gave her nipple a squeeze and gasped slightly. Her pussy began to swell as she could feel herself getting moist…

“Christ, mom! Wha..” blurted Jesse, stumbling from the kitchen door. Chrissy covered herself with her hands and turned away.

“Jesse! I thought you were gone!” she panted, trying calm herself.

“Gone?” he said, having turned his head. “No, I was going to leave,, that note! I forgot all about it!” Chrissy turned to see if he was looking away so she could cover herself. Then, for reasons she couldn’t later explain, her eyes gave his crotch a flitful glance.

Jesse was hard. His jogging pants were bulging outward, the loose material failing to conceal his cock. Chrissy excused herself to put on a shirt. She couldn’t believe it at first; how long had her son been staring at her, watching her tease herself? As she thought about, she decided it wasn’t that silly an idea. He wasn’t her real child, after all, and he might be shy but he wasn’t dead. Still…as harmless as it might be, she found herself immensely turned on at the idea of being watched. She ran her fingers over her pussy, gently pressing her fingertips against her clit. She had to go talk to Jesse, but at the moment she wanted something else. Jesse would be alright for a minute, she thought as she pleasured herself. She worked her clit quickly; she was horny at being caught and came soon. Her knees buckled as she pinched her nipple with her free hand. Ohhhh…….

The idea came to her in a flash. The next two weeks were one long tease. She became increasingly flirty with him, wearing next to nothing around the house. She began asking him to massage her shoulders in the evenings. At first she would wear t-shirts, then looser fitting shirts that showed more of her cleavage. She would sit on the floor and he would sit above her on the couch, and she would lean her head back, giving him an unobstructed view of her full, puffy nipples. She knew tomorrow would be the night to seduce him; this night he’d excused himself directly after the massage was over. She’d snuck upstairs to find him masturbating in his room. His moans and grunts sent her fingers plunging into her panties, and she had to walk down the hall to her room to avoid moaning herself.

The next night she sat on the floor at his feet. She’d chosen a very tight shirt on purpose, and a few minutes into the massage she stopped him.

“This shirt is smaller than I thought; must’ve shrunk in the wash. Jesse, we’ve gotten closer over the last little while, I think. Don’t you?” He nodded, but didn’t say much. Chrissy traced his eyes to her nipples, which were stiff and plainly visible under her shirt.

“Would it bother you if I took it off?” she asked, with a coy smile.

Jesse began to stammer. “Well, I…I mean, you could…” he muttered. She didn’t give him a chance to finish. She pulled the shirt over her head, her tits lifting and falling from underneath. They gave a perky bounce before settling, and in the split second the shirt was coming off she noticed his eyes fixed to her chest. She rubbed them for a second. He snapped his head the other direction and let out a long, nervous breath.

“Ohhhh..that’s so much better,” she rasped, pinching a nipple quickly. She sat back at his feet. “Get to work, kiddo.”

Jesse took her shoulders and began rubbing. As usual, Chrissy lent her head back and sighed, but this time she laid the back of her head against his dick. It was rock hard, and felt even bigger than it looked.

“Uh, Mom, I gotta go to the bathroom,” he stuttered, beginning to stand. Chrissy threw an arm around his leg.

“Sit down, honey. There’s no reason to go upstairs for something you can handle right here…with me.” She placed her palm on his cock and pushed him back, slowly moving her hand down his shaft. He sank back to the couch, gasping a little. Chrissy unbuttoned his pants and began to unzip his fly when he tried to stand again. This time she climbed into his lap, putting her tits mere inches from his face. She cupped his face with her hands and pushed her tongue into his mouth. After a second of surprise, his tongue pushed back against hers, and his hands inched to her chest. He gave her tits a squeeze, and she pulled back.

“Now Jesse,” she cooed, pulling his lips to her nipples. “You’ve been staring at them for a week and a half. You know you want them.” She bent down to his ear as his tongue flicked her nipples. “You know you want…this.” She began to slowly grind against his cock, and as she licked his ear he released a low, guttural moan. She sat up and slinked down to the floor again.

“But,” she said, finishing unzipping his pants. “If you want this, you’re going to have to get it my way.” She pulled his cock out and had to stifle a gasp. It was huge; as thick as three of her fingers and a full eight inches. She licked her lips and bent, gently running her tongue from his balls to the tip of his shaft. She took one of his hands, which had been hanging limply at his side, and placed it behind her head. Then she parted her lips and did her best to swallow his cock. He gasped and suddenly squirmed.

“Mom…I…” he panted. As if a switch had been flipped, Chrissy pulled his dick from her mouth. Her voice became sharp and business like.

“My name is Chrissy And tonight, I’m not your mother. Got it?” She gave his balls a squeeze, one that hurt.

“Ahh!” he gasped.

“Got it?” she repeated. He nodded. “Good,” she cooed, her voice now silky again. “Now keep your hand back there, Jesse.” She enveloped his cock again, gently sucking and bobbing, allowing it to hit the back of her throat before slowly pulling upwards again. Jesse was panting, his hand guiding her head as she worked. She decided to instruct him further. With careful pressure, she raked her teeth across the head of his cock. They felt like razors against his sensitive cock, and he tensed.

“Hey!” He said between breaths. Chrissy smiled and licked the spot slowly with her tongue, and went down on him again, taking his cock deeply before coming back to his tip. She raked his head again, squeezing his balls as she did so. This was too much for him.

“Dammit, that hurts!” he spat, grabbing her hair and pulling her back. Almost immediately, her panties became soaked.

“Ahhh…about time, Jess.” she said, biting her lips. His grip relaxed, a slow understanding spread over his face. She returned to his cock, sucking more busily now as he tightened his grip, entangling her hair with his fingers. Chrissy buried her fingertips in her cunt, pressing the nails hard against her clit. She was whimpering too, her legs twitching with pleasure, her juices running down her palms as her fingers worked feverishly against her swollen pussy. Jesse was groaning too; his grip was relaxing, and he could feel his balls tightening, preparing to cum.

“I’m…I’m close…” he whispered. Chrissy willed herself from the floor, pulling his cock from her mouth. She quickly grabbed the base of his cock, stalling his climax.

“Oh no you’re not,” she said, forcefully. His eyes closed tightly as she denied him. When they opened, his gaze locked on her dripping cunt. “You’ll cum when I’M ready, and not before.”

Now an hour later, Chrissy sat on the couch in the very same spot, staring into the dying fire, remembering his cock in her mouth. The carpet was still damp under her feet. It was an intense orgasm, she though. But hardly the best to come. She stood and continued through the darkened house to the den. She had to check on something while Jesse slept upstairs. He needed his rest; tomorrow was going to be a long day for him. For him and others as well. She smiled at the thought.

She’d led him upstairs by his dick, keeping the pressure on the base of his shaft, calming him down, denying him release. At the head of the steps, she’d kissed him again, long and passionately, as they removed what little clothing they had on left. He grabbed another fistful of hair and sucked her neck, while she placed his hard dick against her damp, swollen clit. They’d stood at the head of the stairs for what seemed like a long time, kissing each other as she pleasured herself with his cock. It was unbelievable, she thought to herself, as her juices began to flow again. His father’s dick is nothing like this!

She led him to his room and sat him on the bed. She straddled him, moving her pussy up and down against his cock. He grabbed her ass and moved her up and down, enjoying the warm moist feeling. As he tried to glide inside her, she stood and grabbed his sensitive head, pinching it forcefully. He slapped her hand away.

“Don’t start that shit again.” He said.

“Or you’ll what?” She laughed, playfully slapping his face. He chuckled back at her, ruefully.

“Just stop it, ok?” It was going exactly where she wanted it to, and she slapped him again, harder. “Or what?!”

Jesse stood from the bed. “Look, You’d better…”

He didn’t finish, because Chrissy grabbed his balls and gave them another squeeze, causing his words to catch in his throat. She looked up into his eyes, now tightened with anger and pain.

“You’ll what…?” She whispered, tightening her grip. It was too much for Jesse, and he instinctively slapped her across the face. It was exactly what she wanted him to do. She smiled, tasting the metallic flavor of blood.

“Oh. You’ll do that…” she whispered, smiling. Jesse finally understood, and released his inhibitions. He grabbed her by the throat and forced her to the bed. He sat in front of her face,and grabbed her hair with one hand, forcing his cock into her mouth. He began to move his dick in and out, slowly.

“Bite my dick, bitch…”he said, placing his other hand on her crotch, “and you’ll get a taste of your own medicine.” He pinched her puffy clit between thumb and forefinger, and held it firmly. Then he quicken his pace, slamming his dick against the back of her throat. She was in ecstasy as he fucked her face, and she reached up to pinch her own nipples hard.

After a moment, Jesse felt himself coming close again. This time he decided he wasn’t ready, and slowed his stroke. Chrissy took the point and began to take over, flicking his head with her tongue, slowly moving his cock in and out. Her wet pussy was dripping steadily, and Jesse began to pull her clit from side to side, rolling it between his fingers, pulling and teasing.

“Ohhhhh fuck!” she panted, unable to keep her mouth closed. Her teeth clenched as her body was wracked with orgasm. Jesse watched as she pinched her tits hard, arching her back as he played with her. As she finished, he roughly pulled her crotch to his, and he thrust inside her. Chrissy sat up in pain and pleasure, almost shrieking in delight. He was stretching every wall inside her; she could feel him fill her as he savagely pounded her cunt. He was in total control now, grabbing her under her knees and pushing her legs under her chin. With each thrush she thought she would tear, and she grabbed fist fulls of the sheets as Jesse pounded his dick deeper and deeper.

He showed no signs of slowing. He threw one leg over his shoulder and pressed his free thumb hard against her clit as he fucked her. It was too much; she came like never before, her pussy tightening as she convulsed. Jesse knew she was starting to cum, and he pulled out to watch as she squirt forcefully all over his dick. She’d never ejaculated before, and she screamed and moaned as her juices showered his dick, splashing everywhere. Jesse watched, amazed.

When she finally stopped, she fell back to the bed, stunned and exhausted.

“I’ve never…I mean, that was the best…” she gasped, her eyes rolling in her head. She looked at him and found him smiling. He glanced down at his dripping cock, the wet and stained sheets. He leaned over and kissed her gently, then softly rubbed her breast.

“That was amazing,” she panted in his ear as he nibbled her neck. “You don’t know how long…ahhh!” Jesse had suddenly pinched her nipple. He brought her gaze level with his.

“You nasty bitch,” he said, smiling. “I just cleaned these sheets.” She squealed as he drove his cock full into her cunt, thrusting harder than before. She grabbed the sheets, but his cock was too much a mix of pleasure and pain, and she had to bring her hands to her mouth to stop from screaming out loud.

“Now…I’m…ready…”Jesse panted, as he finally came inside her. She could feel his cum wash her insides, and she came with him, the both of them collapsing, panting and wheezing before falling wistfully asleep.

She’d woken only a few minutes after, and had come downstairs, replaying the events in her mind. She’d made her way to the den now, and her hands found what they were searching for: a TV remote. She pushed a button and found herself watching Jesse sleep, the room awash with the mystic green glow of the night vision lens she’d purchased. Her plan was a simple one; seduce Robert’s son, then mail him a copy of the taping she’d made. Did he think he was the only one who could fuck someone younger? Let’s see how he liked the feeling, she thought, as she held up the shining CD.

Still, as she’d walked through the house, triumphant at her victory, she’d began to feel something else. Jesse had fucked her better than anyone she could remember; she decided, in fact, that it was the best sex she’d ever had in her life. Jesse had transformed from the shy son she adopted to a sexy man who made love like an artist. And she’d squirted; that was an unexpected surprise, and he’d punished her for it. She realized she was growing wet from just thinking about it.

“Mom?” came a voice from upstairs. Chrissy could see on the screen that Jesse was no longer laying in bed. From the sound of it, he was at the head of the stairs. His voice was uncertain…nervous almost. She smiled.

“You were fucking amazing.” she called out.

Jesse smiled. “Glad you liked it,” he called back, his voice taking the sharp edge it had upstairs. “Now get your fine ass back here. No one told you to leave.”

Chrissy walked back into the living room and glanced into the fire. She reached out with the CD, about to destroy it, then stopped.

“Coming honey…” she called. “I have something to show you…”


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