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A Fond Farewell

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My day was winding down from work when Denise screamed out at me, “Hey, Pete, where you going? Aren’t you coming out with us to say goodbye to Jenny?”

I had completely forgot that the cute, shy receptionist was leaving and that some of the folks were going out to wish her off. After a long day dealing with pain-in-the-ass customers and fellow employees, I was not sure if I had it in me.

Although Jenny was cute she never really seemed to be too interested in spending time with the gang and pretty much spent time to herself. Having been out with most of the folks enough times already I knew how things usually ended up: a couple people getting shitfaced and laughed about for the following weeks, Denise and her loud, trucker mouth getting somebody riled up at the bar, and me picking up most of the tab. Nah, it didn’t seem worth it tonite.

“Pete…Ann said she would be there.” Denise teasingly quipped. Denise knew that Ann’s smoking bod and flirtatious demeanor could get me out from the doldrums. And even now I was thinking twice. You see, Ann was a recent divorcee with two kids. She was always talking about them and how much time they took out of her life and how it left her SO HORNY! She is in her early thirties, brunette, about 5’4″, tanned, and with a body that might leave you in tatters if she used it right. Her legs were tanned and smooth, and her chest was well proportioned – I’d estimate about a 34C. And she knew how to dress to show off her assets. Being in sales, she understood how a nicely slit skirt or an undone button would do wonders for her sales figures – and she always was one of the top reps.

Still, I was beat and did not look forward to forward to forking our $100-$200 for other people’s fun. I kept walking and just waved Denise off and mumbled I would see her next week. As I got into my car and started the engine, Denise appeared at my door and tapped on it.

“Hey, dickhead. I tell you what, I will take care of your drinks tonite if you drive me home. My car went in the shop today and I don’t trust the rest of these idiots to get me home safe! What do ya say?”

With an offer like this who could refuse? I grudgingly told her to get in and told her I was tired and might still want to leave early. She agreed that she would leave early, too, if I did not get more enthusiastic and my head out of my ass. Denise always had a way with words. As we headed down to our local dive I couldn’t help but notice how she was looking these days. She was not particularly attractive and her mouth tended to leave a bad impression with most people, but she tended to grow on you once you got see past her gruff exterior. She was in her mid-thirties, about 5’8″, short, butchy brown hair, was a little thick around the legs and middle (though not fat), and had a rack befitting a queen-size ransom. She had lost a bit of weight in the past six months but none seem to come off her sizable chest – I am guessing she was a good 36 or 38D at least.

Well, we arrived at the bar and I was a bit surprise that less than the usual crowd was there – only about 8 people showed up. Apparently some folks had gone off on a planned weekend and said their goodbyes earlier and this left Denise, Ann, Jenny, myself and couple of people – Brad, a short, comical guy who could never hold his liquor, Tammy, the office bitch who surprised us all by showing up, Bill, the old codger who had been in the office so long that no one knew what to do with him, and Liselle, a gal from accounting who would go out to lunch at times with Jenny.

After about an hour I was starting to fade. Bill, Tammy, and Liselle decided it was time for them to go and I motioned for Denise for us to leave as well. When I did this she turned to the remaining group and said “Let’s take this party to my place! Now that the losers are gone I got some good tequila at my house – let’s send Jenny off in style.” I looked at her with confusion since I wanted to go home but the Brad and Ann got up quickly and said ‘Let’s go’ and Jenny sheepishly smiled and said she was grateful for us all sending her off and all. As Brad got up he nearly fell over from his heavy drinking and he clung to Ann and groped her as he tried to straighten himself up. I thought I heard Ann say something about him having to pay her if he wanted to keep copping feels and he mumbled something about gladly using his ATM card if he need to do that.

We arrived at Denise’s house and all piled in. As we drove over I could tell how drunk Brad was and it seemed that Ann and Denise weren’t too far behind. Jenny, on the other hand kept to her usual quiet demeanor and said little though she would laugh on occasion. At the house we all sat around the living room laughing and drinking a bit more – even I was now starting to get a bit drunk and, to be quite frank, quite horny with Ann’s top showing a bit of cleavage, Denise’s big boobies bouncing every time she laughed, and the usually shy Jenny starting to loosen up a bit and laughing and smiling more. That is when things started to turn for the best…

Brad got up to get us another round and he fell FLAT on his face. As we went to help him up, laughing all the way of course, we noticed he was out cold. Seeing this, Denise started to laugh uncontrollably and the rest of us joined in with her. When she calmed down she looked at me and said, “Pete, when is the last time you were with three hot babes and you passed out cold?!?” The girls looked at me and Brad and started laughing.

“Never. Anytime I get a chance to have hot babes around me I ALWAYS stay UP, if you know what I mean?”

Ann looked at me with a wild grin – “Peter…I always loved that name, along with Dick! Are you sure you could really stay UP if you had to be with two or three hot babes?” As she teased me she looked at Jenny who sheepishly turned a bit red and Denise who smiled and winked back at her. “I bet if we played some strip poker or truth or dare you couldn’t even finish the game…” With that Denise got up and went to the other room.

I looked at Ann, “You’re on! And I bet one of you girls will stop waaayyy before I do.” As I said this I peered over at Jenny who looked a bit nervous. Jenny, our little twenty-something receptionist, long black hair, slim, slightly built, with piercing green eyes and a girlish laugh, just sat there trying not to look me in the eyes as I figured she would be the first to back out of anything. I would have bet she was still a virgin based on the way she acted and spoke around everyone. And maybe tonite I would find out. Denise came back with a deck of cards and some paper and pens. She asked what we wanted to do – poker or truth or dare. Ann grabbed the cards and started to deal before anyone could answer.

“Wait a second,” I said realizing out was outnumbered, “you all probably have more clothes on and there are more of you. That hardly seems fair. If we do this we need to have some rules.”

“Like what?” they said in unison.

I hadn’t really thought about it up to this point but was merely trying to buy a bit of time to stop my cock from becoming a raging rocket ready to explode. “Seeing that Jenny looks a bit nervous, how about if you lose you can choose to take a dare from the winner instead of taking off a piece of clothing? Or maybe we could…”

“Come on, let’s not start spewing out a bunch a rules. The dare thing sounds fine but otherwise shut up and let’s play.” spouted Denise in her ever diplomatic tone.

The cards were dealt and we began to play. As you might think the beginning was slow with people losing shoes and clothing no one cares about. But as we worked our way through these clothes I noticed two things: Jenny was nervous but getting ever increasingly interested with each hand and Denise and Ann got more enthusiastic and more vocal. When Ann had to choose between her skirt or top, Denise was all over her, “All right, now we’re getting somewhere! Come on Ann, show us some skin!”

Ever the flirt, Ann looked around the room and slowly got up. She reached for the buttons of her top then to the zipper of her skirt… Finally, with a sexy grin she slowly began unbuttoning her top. As she did this I noticed she also had on a camisole and she laughed as she saw my disappointment. “Ha, had you going, huh, Peter?” She was right, I was hoping to see some cleavage but I had to settle for seeing her hard nipples pointing through the thin white fabric and through what must have been a sheer bra.

I was next to decide what I would expose and I decided to take off my pants since my shirt could hang down and cover my quickly hardening member. Ann and Denise cried foul when they did not get a good peek but I said Ann had just done that with her little show. They laughed it off and I noticed that Jenny’s interest seemed to be heightening with each turn and even she was starting to get into as she had booed along with the others.

Jenny then lost two in a row and had to lose both her top and her pants. She reluctantly decided to lose her top first and immediately turned red when Denise made a comment about her cute little cotton bra and the tits they were holding.

“Ah, did mom help you pick out that bra?” Denise joked, “I haven’t seem one like that since I was 16. I bet you have matching panties! And look at those perky little boobies – I bet the boys just love those.”

She was right. Jenny tits were probably a 32A or B but they certainly had this boy going. Her timidness and nervousness match with the erotic scene got my dick fully hard. When she then had to choose between a dare and taking off her pants she struggled with her decision. You see, Denise and won the hand and when Jenny said she was thinking of a dare Denise told her she had been waiting all nite for this opportunity and grinned mightily. Still nervous and unsure, Jenny decided to peel off her black pants. She did not put on a show like Ann did but as they came off the whole room erupted when Denise notice her little white cotton panties. “I TOLD YOU!” she shouted and we all laughed with the exception of Jenny. Noticing her discomfort I told her she looked great and that Denise was old horny bitch who liked to raz everyone. Denise agreed that she was a horny bitch and we all had another drink and played on.

Finally Denise on the next hand and had to bare some skin. With no fanfare or hesitation she opened up her top and revealed an her enormous jugs encased in a silky blue bra. As I tried not to look too interested I heard Ann comment about how Denise’s tits put hers to shame and that she didn’t want to flash her with Denise next to her. Jenny was also equally amazed and simply said, “Yeah, me too.”

“Come on, you all are gorgeous! And I know I can’t wait to see all your tits – so start dealing.” I blasted.

Ann lost this time and decided on another sexy striptease, this time with her skirt. She danced around a bit, pulled the zipper on the side up and down several time, then finally zipped it all the way down her hip. Then Ann turned around and slowly slid the skirt over her hips and down her legs, all the while bending over and peering over her shoulder at us. As the skirt slid down her well-toned and tanned legs I couldn’t help but notice a grin on Denise’s face and glint in her eyes. It got me wondering…then the skirt hit the floor, Ann turned around and kicked at the coffee table and we all toasted to another fine show. As she sat down I could see a hint of the see sheer black panties she wore. I pulled out a $5 bill from my pocket and handed it to Ann for the fine performance and she howled with laughter saying it had been a while since she had been tipped.

The laughter did not last long as Ann lost the next hand and decided to peel off her camisole. Instead of making a show this time she simply peeled it over her head to reveal a matching black bra that clearly showed she was enjoying the game. Her tits looked great through the sheer material and they looked to be a nice 34C or so with quarter sized aureoles and nipples that were poking out about 1/2 and inch. NOW the game was getting good! Of course Denise could not let Ann slide at this point and asked her if it was getting cold to which Ann lustily replied that it was definitely getting HOT. My wiener certainly agreed.

Much to my pleasure, Ann lost again and had a decision to make – would she be the first to bare some skin or should she take a dare. The winner of the hand was Jenny so Ann did not take long to let Jenny give her a dare. As expected, Jenny’s dare was fairly tame but nonetheless good for me – she dared Ann to kiss me for one minute. I eagerly waited as Ann sauntered over to me, bent forward and began to kiss me. At first it was slow and cautious but when I slipped my tongue gently into her mouth we both became more active. I pulled her closer and we started to get pretty hot and heavy when Denise yelled “Time”.

As we pulled apart I looked over at Jenny who seemed to be almost as breathless as me as she squirmed a little in her seat. Ann made a show of wiping her mouth with her hand and smiled as she sat back down. Denise had a big shit-eating grin on her face and she dealt again quickly saying something about not wanting to wait to see what would happen next. Well, what happened next was that she lost.

“What the fuck – I’ve been hot in these all nite,” she said as she quickly shed her pants. As they slid down her ample thighs, I noticed some dampness on her yellow panties and was going to make a remark but Ann got one out first.

“Speaking of it getting hot in here. Is that sweat between you legs or are you happy to see me?”

Denise replied, “you’re not the only one enjoying this. We know Pete’s been pitching a tent for a while and I bet even sweet Jenny is getting a little moist, aren’t you?” She gave Jenny a devilish grin, having noticed her breathlessness much as I had earlier. Jenny looked down shyly and then looked back up from her chest when she noticed what I did – even with her cotton bra we could tell her nipples were straining in the fabric as they tried to poke their way through. Jenny gave a sheepish grin and acknowledged she was having fun, too.

I lost next and suddenly realized I was not in good shape. Having already stripped my pants I only had my shirt and underwear. Mustering up some courage I looked at the ladies and jumped up to do a little dance. I figured if I was moving and dancing my dick would not be too noticeable as I stripped off my shirt. As I jumped up the girls all whooped and hollered, even Jenny, as I danced in front of each for a few seconds while taking off my shirt. When it was ready to come off I went back to my seat and turned my back to them, peeled it off my back and threw it over my shoulder to them. As I wheeled around to take my seat I noticed it landed on Jenny’s head. She smiled and Ann and Denise both yelled in unison that she could keep it if they got my skivvies. Jenny then surprised us all by saying she would wrestle Ann and Denise for them, too.

This definitely was becoming an evening I was glad I did not go home early. Jenny lost the next hand with Ann winning. Looking over at Ann, Jenny said she would take a dare and asked her to be nice. Ann said she would return the favor and told her to kiss but that she had to sit on my lap first. Jenny moved over quickly and was not sure how to navigate my lap with my noticeable hard-on. I had her straddle me slowly as I grabbed her waist and guided her on top of me. This allowed me to rub my dick in her crotch as we began to kiss. I wasted no time slipping my tongue in and working it around. She surprised me at how well she kissed and she began to moan as she started to gyrate on my member. I moved my hands down to her cute ass and used the leverage to keep her our crotches heatedly joined. Quickly her breathing became labored and she tilted her head back from me. When she did this I put my head between her perky tits and started to explore as Ann yelled “TIME”. Jenny did not seem to notice at first and kept riding my cock until Denise yelled as well and woke her from her ecstasy.

“Oh, my…” Jenny sighed, “I guess I got carried away. That was one of the hottest things I’ve ever done.”

“You mean you’ve never done anyone yet?” asked Ann.

“Well, yeah. I had a couple of boyfriends and we did it a couple of times but it never turned me on as much as that – and we didn’t even do it just now! Maybe with everyone here…” she trailed off as she sat down and tried to catch her breath. After a few seconds composing herself, she turned to Denise and said further, “Aren’t you going to deal the cards?”

Not sure if the drinks or the eroticism was getting to Jenny but I think it was working on us all. And I certainly was not complaining. The next hand was lost by Denise and she looked at me with a smile and said, “I know you’ve been waiting to see someones tits – I’ll make mine the first.” With this she unclasped the front hook of her bra and released the hounds, I mean mounds. And what great mounds they were! I was not the only one in awe. Ann and Jenny stared as well and Ann asked how big they were. Denise confirmed they were a size 36 but said they were DD – and I certainly believed her. Her aureoles were not that big, maybe quarter size, but they were tipped off with rock hard nipples that seemed to suit her perfectly. Ann commented again on how Denise’s tits made her feel inferior and I told her that she and Jenny should not feel bad about what they. I told them they were all beautiful and that I couldn’t wait to all six hooters at attention. Quickly I grabbed the cards and dealt again.

This time Jenny lost and Denise won. Denise egged her on to take a dare but Jenny was definitely nervous to let Denise’s evil mind take over. She looked at me and then at the girls and said, “I can’t believe I’m doing this.” She got up turned around slowly and unclasped the back of her bra. She then turned around even slower and ever so gently let the straps fall off her shoulders. Cupping the bra at her boobs, Jenny then released it and let her bra come down and off. She looked so innocent with her head and eyes tilted down watching her boobs become exposed to us and peeking up coyly to see our reactions. When she was done I wanted to rip off her cotton panties and fuck her right there! As she sat down she tossed her bra over her head and said that that was the last time she would wear one like that and she took another drink. Boy this new Jenny was sure fun to watch.

I took another drink as the next hand was dealt and Denise lost as Jenny won. Denise laughed and said she would take a dare since she had yet to take one. Jenny shot back what was for her a wicked smile and said it was payback time. She told Denise to sit on my lap and kiss me for two minutes but that after the first minute I was then to suck her tits. I couldn’t wait for those big melons to come to me.

“If payback is a bitch then I am glad to be one!” Denise bellowed as she moved over to me.

My rock hard tool ached as she lowered herself onto my lap. Even though Denise was larger that than the other two ladies I was more than happy to take on the extra load – and hopefully not spill mine too early! As I mentioned earlier, Denise was not as petite as the Ann or Jenny but she certainly wasn’t fat, maybe you would call her ‘well rounded’. Her round as firmly fixed on my wood stick she bent forward and whispered to me that I was going to enjoy this. With that, Denise dove into my mouth with fervor and slowly started to rock back and forth on my dick. After a few seconds she seemed to get some rhythm going on my cock. The pressure she provided increased as she started to grind harder into me. She, like, Jenny was wet and was definitely using my tool to increase her own arousal. All too quickly (or maybe not soon enough) Jenny told me to stop kissing and to start licking. With that I leaned into Denise and told her it was now her turn to enjoy to which she said she already was. I licked my way down to her heavy mounds and proceeded to devour them. Denise leaned back and let out a loud moan and then she began to grind into me again. The sensation was definitely have an effect on me and I was worried I was going to blow my wad when Ann said time was up. Reluctantly, Denise and I separated and on weak knees she staggered back to her seat. When she sat down, Denise thanked Jenny and then grabbed the cards to deal again.

Ann lost next and said quickly shed her see-through bra. Even though the bra hid little, once she was fully bare I marveled at how spectacular Ann’s tits were. Now Denise had HUGE tits but Ann’s were PERFECT!! With dark brown aureoles, nipples firmly erect and sized to exquisitely, Ann’s tits had me in a tizzy and I just had to have them. Alas, sometimes you must wait for good things to happen. Jenny lost the next hand and Ann won. Jenny again asked Ann to be nice since she was not yet ready to be the first person fully naked.

“Of course, hon.” said Ann, “Haven’t I been nice to you all nite?” Jenny nodded yes. “Well now I think it is time to get naughty” she laughed. Jenny looked confused at this remark and soon became even more so when Ann said, “Jenny, it is time for you to get your tits sucked now. Not from Pete though — but from Denise!” All our eyes lit up and Denise smirked as Jenny looked at us for help.

“But, but…” Jenny stammered.

“You asked for a dare honey.” said Ann. “Or you could take off you cute little panties.”

Jenny was struggling with her choices now when Denise said to her, “It’s no big deal. It’s really no different than a guy sucking your tits, except women usually do it better.” She then leaned forward and began to kiss Jenny’s neck. Jenny pulled back at first but Denise pulled her back then worked her way down to Jenny’s pert titties. Once Denise had her mouth fully around Jenny’s left tit, Jenny seemed to melt. Gently Denise licked and sucked the tit until Jenny slumped forward and let out a soft moan. Next was the right tit which she worked on equally well. Denise slowed briefly and worked her way up to Jenny’s ear and whispered questionly if she like what she was doing. Jenny let out a guttural, “yeesss…” Denise then kissed Jenny who eagerly kissed back. It seemed the walls of concern were falling for Jenny and I was glad to be there to observe her transformation. After a few more seconds, Denise worked her way back to Jenny’s chest and then did something we were not expecting – she slid her right hand down to Jenny’s panties and started to rub her pussy from the outside. Caught up in the moment, Jenny spread her legs ever so slightly and Denise took this as a sign or approval. Rubbing harder she moved back to Jenny’s ear and told her to spread her legs further. Jenny now came to the realization of what was going on and hesitated as she look at Ann and I. I told her it was okay and for her to enjoy herself and Ann nodded as well. Slowly she spread her legs and then she shyly peaked down at the hand in her crotch as Denise continued to rub her firmly. Soon Jenny had her hips moving in tandem with the fingers diddling her. Her breathing started getting more and more ragged and soon she closed her eyes as the sensation overtook her. Noticing that the time was right, Denise then slipped the panties to the side and slid her finger into Jenny’s soaked pussy. Not caring that we could now see her pouty, sparsely haired love nest, Jenny moaned, “Oh God that feels good! Please don’t stop. Please DON”T STOP!”

“Nope. That’s it for now.” cackled Denise as she took her hand away from Jenny’s crotch and covered her bush back with the panties. Jenny stared at her incredulously, looking almost hurt… “I was only supposed to suck you tits. Wasn’t that enough?” We laughed as she took her seat and licked her fingers. “Boy you sure taste sweet – just like I thought. Anyhow, you’re not the only one who wants to get off tonite!”

As Jenny slumped in her seat in disappointment I took another drink while Ann dealt again. This time Denise lost and Jenny won. It was payback time! Jenny started to say something but Denise stopped and said she would shed her panties. With little fanfare by Denise, she pulled them down to her ankles and stepped out of them. Ann, Jenny, and I all cheered and congratulated Denise on being the first one naked. Before she sat down again I notice she had a full tuft of brown hair that was definitely moist from the festivities. I asked her to give us a better look before she sat down but she said that her turn was over and I would have to wait.

We then reminded her that since she now had nothing to bargain with that she was set up for dares here on out. In her usual defiant way she said she didn’t care and this is why she wanted to play in the first place. Denise said she couldn’t wait for her turn to offer a dare and that we all should be ready for the worst (or best!). With this she quickly dealt the next hand.

Much my delight it was Ann’s turn to lose. And wouldn’t you know it – Denise WON! But my hopes of something truly spectacular were delayed when Ann said she would strip off her panties saying that we could practically see her bush anyhow and telling Denise she would have to wait to exact her revenge on someone. Ann then rose slowly and started to wiggle her hips like a dancer for us. She rubbed her body up and down and played with her nipples to get them even harder than they already were. When they were nice and hard Ann tilted her head to her right nipple and gave it a slow, sensual lick, then she look at us an turned around. With her back to us she bent slowly towards her seat and wiggled her ass at us. I had nearly forgotten what she was supposed to be doing as she looked over her shoulder sexily, brought her hands down to her hips, and then slowly began to inch her panties down her awesome ass! As I mentioned earlier, Ann has a rock hard body and her toned and tan legs along with her beautiful sitting run in front of me had my mind blown – and my load was ready to go now, too. Slightly spreading her legs as the panties dropped to the floor, Ann gave us the most awesome butt/pussy shot I had ever seen. She asked me if I liked what I saw and I was so mesmerized I couldn’t answer. I was brought to when I heard Denise spit out that Ann better not stay like that too long or I might burn a hole in her ass with my eyes. And she was right! I laughed and said it was absolute perfection to which she thanked me and gave me a quick kiss. When she moved away from me I could not help but notice Jenny following Ann with her eyes in what appeared to be a mix of curiosity and lust. Boy things were getting good!

I lost the next hand while Denise chuckled loudly with the win. Even though I knew Denise was evil I decided to take a dare in order to save some options. She smirked gleefully and looked around the room at me, Jenny and Ann, keeping us in suspense as to who be affected by the dare. She settled her gaze on Ann and pointed to her neatly trimmed bush.

“We can tell you are dying to dive in Peter,” she cooed. “I want you to eat out Ann until I tell you to stop – got it?”

No questions needed to be asked. I nodded my assent, slid off my seat and covered the remaining few feet between me and Ann’s pussy on my knees. I decided during that brief trek that I would tease Ann as much as I could and try to put on the best show possible for all the women. As I got to the promised land I gently lifted Ann’s right leg and kissed my way up to her inner thigh. Stopping there, I nibbled and licked until Ann began to squirm a bit then I worked my way over to her other leg. I began anew but this time I ended up just short of her moistened lips. Again I teased her as she let out a moan of exasperation. Looking up at her I could see the angst and the yearning in her eyes as they pleaded at me to finish the job. Oh, but not yet. Ann has teased me for years in her form-fitting outfits, short skirts, and cleavage exposing tops, and now it was time for her to know how it felt.

Now I worked my up just above her pubic line. Teasing her with licks and kissed I settled at her belly button and went to work as would on her love next. My tongue worked in and out, up and down, as her stomach became wet with my saliva. As she undulated her hips and gyrated her crotch, Ann grabbed my head and tried to push me into her. I pulled back and smiled.

“Quit teasing me…” Ann throatily mouth.

“Do you want it Ann?” I teased, “Are sure this is what you want?” I moved my mouth down to her pussy and breathed heavily onto her already hot hole.

“Yes, oh yesss…”

“Or is this what you want?” I teased as I let my tongue gently touch her lips with a few quick swipes.

She shuddered and urgently moaned, “You know that’s what I want…”

“If it is…” I licked again. “what it is worth to you?” Hoping to continue the teasing I noticed her clit in her folds and gave it a couple of nice licks, too.

“What is you want?” she pleaded, “I’ll do anything, anything, just quit teasing me and tell…”

My tongue flicked her clit again and Ann let out another, louder groan. “And so you shall” I stated as I then dove in and began to give in to her desires. When I fully place my mouth on her sopping pussy she let out a long, protracted sigh of relief.

“Ohhh yeeessss…” Gently I went to work on Ann. Hoping to put on a great show for Denise and Jenny I slowly built up the pressure. I could hear Ann panting more and more as I licked her lips and explored her hole. A mix of her love juices and my saliva was dripping down my chin but on I went. Hearing Ann’s breathing getting more labored and her gyrations getting more pronounced I decided it was time to put her over the edge. Ann obviously needed this as well as she grabbed my head again and pushed me into her. I brought my tongue to her…

“STOP!” yelled Denise from next to us.

I hesitated and pulled back a bit but Ann tried to push me back to her steamy love box. Denise would have not of it. She reiterated that she told me to eat her pussy until I was told to stop. Again Ann pleaded for more action. Denise then asked as I had what she was willing to do to get off.

“You bitch!” she hissed, “I already told Pete I would do whatever he asked – what more do you want!”

Denise just smirked and said, “Do you want that much that you will do whatever I ask, too.”

“Yesss..” Ann begged, “please let Pete finish…I gotta get off NOW!”

Without waiting for Denise to replied Ann shove my head back down pussy so hard I and squeezed me with her thighs I thought I would either be sucked up into her uterus or my brains would pop out of my head. As I sloshed back in I immediately dove back on her clit and went to work like there was no tomorrow – and I had a feeling if Ann did not get off soon there would be no tomorrow! Quickly I sensed a building fervor in Ann and within seconds I could hear what I believe was a scream of “Oh God!”. Having Ann’s thighs tightly holding me in place I figured it was her. I eased up a bit as she seemed to come down from her orgasm. As she relaxed her grip on my head I pulled it back, smiled and dove back in. I went right back to her clit and then I shoved two fingers up her hole and worked them in and out feverishly. Her head snapped forward and she let out another gasp. In no time I heard her in the throes of a second, more intense climax. This time I did not let up and Ann screamed so loud this time I thought the neighbors might call 911. Mission accomplished. I knew that Ann was satisfied and I knew that Jenny and Denise should be impressed.

As I eased away from Ann I wiped my face of her love juices and she slumped back in satisfaction. I smiled broadly as I moved back to my seat. Looking over at Jenny and Denise I noticed Denise with a satisfied smirk on her face. Jenny, on the other hand, seemed to have a looked that was a mix of awe and curiosity. I knew right then I had done good. Denise quickly dealt the next hand and left Ann out of it since she still seemed to be recovering.

On a roll Denise won for a third time in a row with Jenny losing this time. Another mocking grin crossed Denise face. In a taunting voice she said to Jenny, “Has sweet little Jenny ever sucked an old boyfriend’s dick?”

“Well, uh, uh, only a couple of times. And the first time my boyfriend was so excited he came before I even put it in my mouth. Yeck! ”

We all laughed and she continued. “And I thought my parents were going to kill me because his, his, his you know, shot all over the back seat of my parents car and on my prom dress. I could have killed him…”

“Well, even though Peter is excited I be he won’t come so fast, will you Pete?”

“I’ll do my best.” I croaked.

Guiding Jenny over to me, Denise assured her that she wouldn’t get in trouble if I shot my load on any of her furniture. Jenny nervously came over with Denise and shyly bent in front of me. She looked up at me and then down to my hard dick encased in my skivvies. Looking unsure she said she was worried about doing a good job and Denise said that she still had the choice of taking off her little cotton panties. I had completely forgotten this option and was hoping everyone else had as well. Jenny now struggled with the options in front of her – my stiff cock or dropping her drawers. Looking again from my face to my crotch, see slowly start to rub my dick from outside my underwear. After a few strokes I could see her getting accustomed to holding it and she look at me and smiled. With that she pulled down my underwear.

She sized up my cock as she slipped out and then inched her head toward it. Denise instructed her to first lick the tip of my head. Jenny licked it and then lovingly began to swirl her tongue around it. Next, Denise told her to lick up and down the shaft. I was going crazy with this cute little thing exploring my cock. Here was a girl who seemed very naive when we started this evening, now she was sucking my cock under instruction after having what was probably her first lesbian experience with Denise. I was in heaven.

Still whispering in Jenny’s ear, Denise told her it was now time to put the tip of my cock in her mouth. Without hesitation, Jenny lifted her head and placed her lips around my dick. As she got comfortable in this position I could feel her tongue playing with the tip as well and I leaned back and let out a soft groan. As I let the groan out I saw both Denise and Jenny smile at my reaction. Denise told Jenny she was doing well and asked her if she ready to take more in. Jenny then began to take in inch by inch of my swollen member. After she got about 5 inches of my 7 inch tool she began to gag. Slightly embarrassed she backed off a bit and Denise told her it was okay and to try again. After she regained her composure she tried again. Slowly she engulfed my wiener in her loving mouth but not quite back down to where she had before. But that was fine with me because she seemed to gain confidence and with each passing bob Jenny seemed to get into a rhythm. It didn’t take long before the sensation started to get to me.

Denise was the first to notice my build-up. Instead of stopping Jenny, though, Denise encouraged her to continue her pace. Jenny’s bobbing had me headed to the bursting point and Denise knew it. I wondered if she was just trying to help me out or if she had more sinister motives. My answer came soon enough.

“That’s it Jenny, keep it going. Peter is going to blow soon.” Denise whispered in her ear. Jenny looked up at me but continued her sucking. “Have you ever tasted a man?”

Jenny shook her head ever so slightly as she kept pumping me with her mouth. When Denise asked her if she was ready tonite, Jenny came up for air and eagerly said yes. She was then told to add some hand stroking to her sucking to get me off. She grabbed me fully with her right hand and pump slowly at first then picked up the pace to match my dick’s movements. It did not take but few more strokes to bring to the edge…

“Oh, man, that’s it! Here…I….Cooommmmmeeee…” Jenny took the first two spurts in her mouth but could not keep me from letting loose a third and fourth stream, too. The third one hit her in the chin and nose. When she reeled back from this spray my next load hit her neck and chest, dribbling down her beautiful torso. Denise turned to her and rubbed my come all over Jenny’s chest and tits and told her she did a great job. Looking sexy, sloppy, and bewildered, Jenny did not know how to react to this scene.

“How does it taste?” questioned Denise as she licked her fingers covered with my jiz. “God I love it. I can’t wait for my shot at Peter’s dick.”

“I kinda remember before I didn’t like the taste but…” she cooed as she wiped her chin, “boy, I could get used to Pete’s come.”

With that Denise got Jenny up to clean up a bit while she thought Ann and I could recuperate. I looked over at Ann and told her it was time to get Denise back. We grabbed the cards and stacked the deck. When Denise got back we dealt the cards and Denise lost. Ann won and she told her she had to play with herself until she got herself off. Saying she wished someone else would get her off instead of her own hands, Denise spread her legs for us and sunk her hands into her crotch. Unfolding her lips for us she began to massage her moist cunt. Soon her pussy was lubricated enough that she shoved one, then two fingers inside. Pumping herself into a frenzy she had us all transfixed on her self manipulation. Jenny again was mesmerized by the scene in front of her and she began to unconsciously began to rub her own crotch. The next thing I knew she put her hand down her panties as well.

Seeing Jenny now fingering herself got Denise really going. Her fingers now directed their interest to her clit which popped out for us all to see. Rubbing furiously on her love button, Denise quickly put herself in the throes of a massive orgasm. “FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! Oh GOOOODDDDDDD! FUUUUUUUCCCCCKKKKK!” she wailed. The intensity of her orgasm almost knocked us off our seats – even Jenny had to stop frigging herself due to the violence of Denise’s outburst. But Denise pounded herself further still as we watched, then finally, slowly came back to earth. We all applauded and Denise just laughed and said she needed that.

I suggested we play one last had and that the winner take all since we were all, with the exception of Jenny, totally naked and seemingly ready for anything. Everyone agreed and the cards were quickly dealt. The timing could not have been better for me. I finally won and Ann was the loser. Reminding Ann of her earlier agreement with us I asked again if she was up for anything. With a bit of reluctance she agreed. I pondered for a moment what I could do…

Finally I looked at Ann and said, “You know, you are the only one who received without giving tonite.” Boring a hole into her eyes as I stared at her intensely I continued, “Let’s even that out. I want you to finally shed Jenny’s cute panties and bring her off like she has been wanting.”

Ann looked at me and smiled her killer smile, “I’ve never touched a chick before but I think this could be fun.” She sauntered over to Jenny, knelt down, then kissed her. The kiss was received tentatively at first by Jenny but she quickly melted under Ann’s sensuality. Ann then kissed Jenny’s neck and ears, bringing a soft moan from her lips. She then licked her way down to the pert nipples in front of her, commenting on how she could still taste my some on Jenny. Down her stomach she went, stopping at her belly much like I had done to her. After a brief stint there Ann proceeded to finally strip off Jenny’s panties. When she had them off Jenny’s ankles she leaned back so we could see Jenny in all her cute, young, somewhat innocent glory. And what a sight to see! Two incredible women naked in front of me with the ever sexy Ann ready to indulge in the newly naughty Jenny.

Jenny looked on in eager anticipation as Ann bent forward and began to feast on cunt cocktail. Even though Ann said she had never been with another woman she sure knew how to work on Jenny’s pussy. Spreading her lips with her fingers, Ann dove in and licked away with reckless abandon. She seemed in search of the Holy Grail and rather quickly she found it. Jenny began to buck as Ann must have found her clit. Gasping uncontrollably, Jenny grabbed Ann much like Ann had done to me and held her tight to her loins. Taking the hint, Ann doubled her efforts and brought Jenny to a resounding climax.

Watching the festivities in front of us, Denise chose not to be left out. As Ann was getting Jenny to a heightened state, Denise sidled up to Jenny and began whispering into her ear. When Jenny started climaxing Denise stuck one of her let tit into Jenny mouth and muffled the sounds of her orgasm. Now sucking on Denise’s tit, Jenny was being overwhelmed with sexual sensations. Noticing Denise now in the mix, Ann got up and moved around to Denise’s other tit. Denise was now the one being overwhelmed as the two women eased her to the carpet, each still licking and sucking on one of Denise’s enormous hooters.

Needless to say, this was having the desired effect on me. My dick was back at full attention while I decided how and when I would join the action. But I wanted to view the show a bit longer. Ever the boss, Denise took control of the situation. She guided Jenny down to her pussy and told her do as Ann had done to her. Jenny complied and quickly got into licking her cunt. After her pussy began to get its much needed attention, she pointed at me to come over to her. As I approached she grabbed my cock and guided to her mouth. Smiling and saying she had been waiting for this all night, she swallowed me whole! She sucked like a madwoman but quickly got tired from being in her awkward position. Needing more I motioned for Ann to sit on Denise’s face and suck my cock instead. She quickly re-positioned herself much to her (and my) delight.

Denise began to slurp away while Ann grabbed my dick and guided into her hot mouth. We quickly were moving in unison with me swaying back and forth into Ann’s face and her pussy grinding to and fro on Denise’s nose, mouth, and chin. Much to my dismay, Ann pulled back from me as she started to shudder from Denise’s handy work. She leaned back and started to quiver with delight. Not wanting to be left out I took the opportunity to fill a void. While Denise and Ann had their pussies worked on I decided I would slip into Jenny as she continued to work on Denise. Moving in behind her, I guided my stiff pole into her silky folds. It was slow work at first as Jenny’s pussy got used to my size. But after a moment or two it began to accommodate me and she settled in on a smooth rocking motion with me as she tried to maintain a focus on eating Denise. Soon, though, she gave up on Denise and gave me and my pole her undivided attention.

This was the definitely the highlight of the evening now. Jenny’s pussy engulfed my cock as she met each of my thrusts with vigor. The intensity of each and every stroke was heightened when she pushed herself into me and groaned loudly. Every time our crotches collided I knew she her inhibitions were forever drawing further and further away from her. Already she had her pussy played with, she sucked my cock, and she licked her first bush, and even though she may have fucked her boyfriend before I was sure he didn’t give it to as I was now. Pounding her into the next county I finally noticed that Denise and Ann sitting on either side of Jenny and watching the show. The two looked on as Jenny began to shudder with the rumblings of and intense orgasm. She dripped down her legs with her love juices and gripped my cock tightly with her vaginal muscles as she was overtaken with ecstasy. I kept pumping until she was put over the edge again and wailed like a banshee.

Afterward, Jenny slumped to the floor in a heap. Wanting to shoot my wad I grabbed Ann who was nearest me. I pulled her legs apart and plunged my cock to the hilt. At first she was stunned to be taken so quickly but it did not take long for her to match me thrust for thrust. Jumping right it, Denise began to suck on Ann’s tits and kiss her. I told Denise to stay right where she was because she was going to help me release my load. She turned back to me with a smile and she couldn’t wait. Fucking Ann was as incredible as it was with Jenny and now I was getting to the end of the line. Feeling the build up in my balls I told Denise I wanted to come on her tits and that I wanted Ann to suck her clean. Denise quickly re-positioned herself, I pulled out of Ann and I unleashed a torrent of jiz on Denise’s melons. She held them together as I spewed three large shots (more than I thought I had left after coming for Jenny earlier) at those lovely round mounds. Her nipples were rock hard and glistening with my man relish when Ann jumped up and started to lick them clean. Horny still, Denise grabbed my cock while Ann tended to her tits and she sucked me until I somehow found two final spurts in my shriveling testicles.

Totally spent, my knees quivering, I feel to the floor in exhaustion next to Jenny. At some point Ann and Denise did as well as we all passed out on the floor in a heap. As I slept I wondered if the night truly happened or if I was at home wishing I had taken Denise up of her offer to buy my drinks for the night. When I awoke hours later and surveyed the gorgeous flesh around me I realized I owed Denise more than a few drinks and looked forward to repaying her.

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