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We Love One Another

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How did I know they were one person? Or two people? The distinction is still unclear to me. Really, they were both at the same time.

I met Lily first. She was striking in her beauty. She was in my anthropology course, I saw her sitting in the middle of the lecture hall. She wasn’t tall, just 5’3″, but her body was perfectly proportioned to her.

She had flaring, womanly hips and a pair of perfect, full breasts. Her hair was reddish brown and barely shoulder length, done up in a ponytail with a few stray hairs falling across her face. She had a heart shaped face with classical lines, the kind of face you’d expect to see painted on a renaissance angel. She was wearing a pair of red corduroy overalls, and a stripy sweater. It wasn’t really typical coed attire, but it worked well for her. She wore glasses while she took notes, and occasionally she would stop and seem to gaze into the distance for a moment before returning to her work. It wasn’t like she was thinking about what she was writing, it was more like she was hearing something that was out of the reach of my ears.

I was smitten instantly. The question was now whether or not she had an interesting personality as well good looks. I needn’t have worried.

She was amazing in class. She was smart, answering questions quickly, and without that annoying questioning sound that girls can sometimes put at the end of a sentence, as if seeking approval. It’s not that her speech was confident or arrogant, it was simply clear that she knew she was right.

In the middle of the class we were broken into study groups, which is another way of saying the professor wanted us to teach ourselves, and he wanted to get paid for it too. I quickly made my way through the shifting mass of students to join Lily’s small group. We gathered around and made conversation in-between bouts of productive reading. Lily and I were both leaps and bounds ahead of the others in our group; clearly a bunch of pampered kids who were going to college because it was expected of them and because their parents were paying for it and for not much else besides sex and parties. Lily and I had soon shut the others out entirely and talked earnestly about anthropology, sometimes laughing at each other because it was funny how geeky we were for liking it so much.

When the bell rang it was like my heart broke, but I consoled myself with the knowledge that I’d see her again tomorrow. I gathered my books and bag and struggled through the halls and into the brisk fall air outside. I caught a brief glimpse of Lily’s hair catching the sun as she headed north, away from me. My next class was in painting, and the arts buildings were kitty-corner across campus from my anthropology course. If I was quick, I could duck into my dorm room and grab a snack.

Each dorm floor was built in two wings, one for boys and one for girls. In the middle were shared kitchen and laundry facilities. I grabbed a cup and filled it with water and chocolate crystals, seeking something to take the chill out of my bones. It had been deceptively sunny that day, but the Midwestern autumn cold had proven too much for me to be traveling between classes across an open campus with only a hoodie. I popped the mug into a microwave and turned it on high, waiting. It was oddly quiet in the kitchen. There had been a few people in the lounge area, but for a moment I was alone.

The door opened rather suddenly, and Lily walked in. At least, it looked like Lily. Don’t ask me how, but I knew it wasn’t her. She was dressed exactly the same, but I knew it was a different girl. Maybe with my natural eye for detail I noticed some little thing; a slight variation in hairline or a tiny stain on the overalls. But there was something deeper to it than that. I just knew.

For a brief moment it was silent. “Who are you?” I finally said.

She looked at me with a quizzical tilt to her head. I guess the question must have sounded oddly direct. “Molly.”

“Do you have a sister named Lily?”

“Yes,” she said slowly. There was an odd tension coming from her. The timer on the microwave dinged and she started from the sound a little. “Did she tell you about me?” she asked.

“No, I didn’t know she had a sister but… you’re just not her. You look exactly the same, but you’re not.”

Molly’s eyes were wide. She licked her lips. “I have to go…” she said. “But… meet me here tonight at six. Lily will be here too.” With that she turned and walked quickly from the room and headed down the corridor to the girls dorms. I was left in confusion, holding my hot chocolate.


I spent the rest of the day in a daze. I thought about these two identical girls. I’d spoken with Lily for a time, and felt that I almost knew her, while my introduction to Molly had been so brief that the lingering mystery was very enticing. I paced back and forth in my room, too distracted to study and too focused to watch tv.

Six couldn’t come fast enough. I almost feared I’d wear a path into the carpet, but finally It was 5:00, and then 5:30, and finally, at 5:57, I headed down the hall to the kitchen.

They were waiting outside the kitchen door. We found a table in one corner of the lounge and sat down. They sat on one side, I sat on the other. They both leaned forward in unison, lacing their fingers and propping themselves up on their elbows, they were the perfect mirror image as they studied me carefully.

“How did you know?” Molly asked.

“I don’t know. Is it really so odd?”

Lily leaned forward. There was an intensity to her gaze that I found it hard to look away from. Her green eyes were piercing. When I looked to Molly, she had me caught in the same look.

Lily spoke, “Yes. No one has ever known before. I mean, know one who’s ever met us separately has known we were different people immediately.”

“Well,” I said, “I can see why. You’re identical. And wearing the same outfits kind of helps.”

“That’s not the issue,” Molly said. It was almost like they’d rehearsed the conversation. They switched back and forth on sentences without any disagreement.

Lily picked up the thread. “You’re the first single person to figure it out. That’s impressive.”

“How did you know?”

I exhaled through pursed lips, collecting my thoughts. “Honestly, I don’t know. I mean, you look the same, but you’re not. I just knew that.” We were all silent for a time, mulling over our individual thoughts, though I got the impression maybe they were mulling each other’s thoughts too. “I’m the first to realize?” I said when the pause became too long for me. I don’t really like being alone, and too much quiet in the company of others felt too similar.

“Well, the first single person to realize,” Molly said.

“We knew some twins in grade school who figured it out. There’s sort of a bond all twins have.”

“Maybe that’s it,” I said. “I’m a twin.”

“Really? Does your twin go here?”

“No,” I said. I looked at my hands, which were clamped together but fidgeting a bit. This was an uncomfortable topic for me. “He… died in the womb. He was stillborn.”

“Oh my god,” Lily murmured. Molly reached across the table and took my hands comfortingly.

I pulled away from her. “Don’t worry about it,” I said. Their reaction bothered me. “I never knew him, it’s… it’s no big deal.”

Molly looked a little hurt. “Sorry, we’re just…”

“…We don’t know what it’d be like. It’s a little scary to us,” Lily finished.

I felt like a jerk. “Sorry, I’m a jerk.” Sometimes honesty is the best policy. “I don’t talk about it much. I can never deal with people’s sympathy, and I react badly to it. Sorry.”

Lily and Molly reached across the table again, each taking a hand. I didn’t pull away this time.


We began dating after that. I didn’t really know who I was dating. I kind of thought maybe Molly was chaperoning me and Lily, but since nothing ever really happened, it was more like we were all just hanging out. We saw movies, went to concerts. We hung out almost constantly. It was great. I guess not having that twin had always kind of eaten at me. It’s probably why I liked to be around other people so much and hated being by myself. The girls probably had that same fear, and were glad to help me.

After a few months of this I began to ponder getting physical. Unfortunately, I loved both of them. They were exactly the same, so it was impossible to pick one. But they weren’t interchangeable either. It was confusing. Their theoretical psychic bond gave them an edge. Sometimes it was like I was talking to one person, just through two mouths. I could say something to Molly, and then Lily would come into the room and know what I’d said. It was just so complicated.

One night we were in the girls room. They told me the college’d tried to split them into separate rooms when they enrolled, saying it would be good for their social development, but the girls raised hell and the D.S.A. backed down.

We were sitting on one of the beds, propped up on a myriad of pillows in a makeshift couch, watching the television. It was late, or early. We’d exhausted all that late night tv had to offer, and since they didn’t have cable, we were now into deep infomercial territory. Lily had the controls, and she turned off the tv. The room plunged into darkness, and we sat silently, waiting for our eyes to adjust. In the blackness, I became more aware of my surroundings. Lily was to my right, and her legs were crossed, half resting against my outstretched thigh. Molly was on my right. She was curled up and resting her head on my shoulder. As my eyes grew accustomed to the darkened room, I realized that Lily had turned to face me. I hadn’t noticed how close we were before, but now, as I turned to look back at her, our noses were inches apart.

Our eyes met and held. In silence I studied her face, searching for clues. Knowing when to kiss a girl can be difficult, and if she’s not ready, the damage can be irreparable. Our heads tilted in opposite directions at exactly the same moment. She leaned forward and our lips joined. Her mouth was open in an instant. Her tongue probed my teeth furtively, and then retreated as mine slipped into her mouth.

We broke the kiss when I felt Molly stir on my other side. I turned, not really knowing what to say. What do you say to a twin when you’ve just made out with her sister while sitting on the same couch? To my surprise, Molly kissed me as well. She was slower with her kiss. Her lips were soft, and I took my time, enjoying the pace. When the kiss ended I leaned my head back against the wall and stared into space.

“What’s going on?” I said. Both girls were now curled up, resting against me. I could feel their bodies pressing against mine, and the double kiss had left me with a growing erection.

They giggled simultaneously. “We like you,” Lily said.

“Both of you like me?”

Molly’s identical voice sounded from the right. “We’ve shared everything since we were born. I think we can figure out how to share a boy.”

“What if I don’t want to be shared?” I wasn’t really being serious, but the thought that they’d already decided my fate was a little alarming.

Lily snorted. “Don’t be stupid. You’re the luckiest man alive.” She slid over and straddled me, leaning forward and kissing me hungrily. Molly’s tongue was suddenly probing my ear, and the sensory overload from two tongues at once warned me that this would probably be the best sexual experience of my life. Kissing just one girl would probably never be enough again. As Lily’s tongue invaded me, Molly leaned over, and we entered into an open, three-way kiss.

At some point I stopped being involved, and I found myself watching the identical twins kissing each other passionately.

“You’re, uh…” I trailed off. I’d kind of expected one of them to leave at some point, or at least sit to the side and watch. I didn’t really expect them to do… each other.

The girls arms were wrapped around each other. Molly’s sweat pants were already riding low on her hips, giving a tantalizing view of bare skin. As Molly spoke, her sister toyed with her black tank top, slowly lifting the bottom. “We’ve been practicing kissing since before we hit puberty.”

Lily laughed. “And we’ve been practicing a lot more since then.” She lifted Molly’s top off entirely, taking her bra with it. My view of her breasts was unobstructed in the moonlight streaming in from the window. They were full and round. I’d never been able to figure out how bra cup size measurements really worked, but whatever size Molly’s were, they were perfect. Just a little more than a handful, they hung in that natural way that only young breasts can. Her nipples were big but not overly large, and a light cream-and-coffee color.

I wasn’t able to keep myself from wrapping one arm around her waist and sucking her left nipple into my mouth. Usually I like to take my time, but I’d never been so aroused in my whole life. I licked and sucked with gusto, biting gently. Next to me, Lily leaned in and began doing the same to Molly’s right nipple. I felt a hand at the back of my head, pulling me in, and I complied with her silent request, sucking harder. With my teeth clamped around the edge of her aureole, I tweaked the firm center of her nipple. Molly made little gasping sounds as Lily and I worked.

We both broke off at the same time, and Lily and I began to kiss again. Molly slipped off the bed long enough to strip down to a pair of orange panties, and then went to work on my shirt, undoing the buttons with care as I kissed her sister. Lily’s hands were busy too. She undid my jeans and pulled them down to mid thigh. The cotton of my boxer-briefs was now tented and clear for all to see. Lily and Molly switched places, with enough time in-between to get my shirt off of me. As I kissed Molly, Lily pulled my pants off, followed by her own. I took a moment from making out to look at the both of them. Reddish-brown hair, green and smiling eyes. Molly was down to her panties and socks, Lily had stripped out of everything but tight white baby doll tee, which I could tell concealed no bra. Lily’s pubic hair looked mostly untamed but for a little light trimming around the sides. The hair was a slightly lighter shade than her hair, and I wanted badly to taste it.

Molly began to kiss me again, and my heart nearly exploded when I felt Lily’s hands pulling my undies off. She wasted no time. I felt her lips slide around my head. She didn’t suck hard, she just made little up and down movements, letting the heat, moisture and closeness of her mouth do all the work. I grabbed Molly and held her tight as I kissed her, her breasts pressed against my chest as Lily slowly worked her way down my shaft. Eventually, Molly slid off to the side and sat next to me, watching her sister suck me off.

Lily had me about halfway in by this point, and was taking her time at getting in more. Molly leaned forward and brushed a few errant hairs out of her sisters way. “Not bad for an amateur, eh?” she said.

I looked at her in amazement, barely able to concentrate on anything but the exceptional blow job. “She’s never–”

“No,” Molly said. “Neither of us have.”

“You’re virgins?” I could hardly believe it from the enthusiasm they’d shown.

“Only with each other. And not even all the way, exactly. Lily has, but… well, I’m still intact.”

Lily stopped sucking, but stroked me, using her spit and my my pre cum as a lubricant. “I did it with a bottle, but it hurt so much the first time that Molly was scared to try.”

Molly punched her sister affectionately in the shoulder. “Don’t tell him that, he’ll think I’m a wuss.”

“You’ll just have to prove him wrong,” Lily said. She smiled and nodded at my throbbing cock.

Molly smiled back at her. “Okay.” She leaned down and put her mouth over me and began to mimic her sisters movements. It was clear that Lily was the more sexually adventurous of the two. While her sister struggled to get as deep as she had, Lily rested her hand on the back of Molly’s head.

“Come on,” she said. “You can do better than that.” She began to push gently, urging her sister to deep throat. Molly’s eyes flashed at her, then closed. It seemed that by sheer force of will she put away her discomfort and went down. Suddenly her lips were wrapped around the base of my cock. I moaned and involuntarily thrust my hips. Molly pulled off and smiled at her sister.

“Top that,” she said.

With one motion Lily was all the way on me, the tightness of her throat surrounding me. But where her sister had only stayed a few seconds, Lily was going the distance. She sucked hard on me, and I could feel the muscles in her neck tighten as she swallowed. I moaned again.

“Your sibling rivalry is very good to me,” I said. Molly grinned and kissed me.

Lily established a steady rhythm. She would pull all the way out and then deep throat me again without any visible effort. Molly and I kissed and occasionally stopped to watch.

“That is really impressive,” Molly said. “She deserves a reward.” Lily’s ass was up in the air as she went hands and knees on the bed to pleasure me. Molly stood behind her and began to rub her sisters exposed pussy. I could feel Lily vocalize as she moaned into my cock. We awkwardly swiveled around so that we were lengthwise on the bed, and Molly lay down under her sister. She put her hands on Lily’s hips and pulled her down, proceeding to eat her out with intensity. Lily’s ass shook and jiggled as she bucked her hips, grinding her pelvis against Molly’s mouth. I propped myself up with several pillows and slipped my hands down the neck of Lily’s top and began to tweak her nipples. Her breasts were warm and full in my hands.

When Lily came I could feel her teeth tightening around me, but she was careful, and it ended up as a pleasant spike that set off my orgasm. I don’t know if my cock had ever seemed so full. I came in a continuing series of spurts that filled Lily’s moaning mouth. When I came down off my natural high, Lily and Molly were kissing. Molly was greedily tasting my cum, and licking the few stray shots off her cheek and chin. When they were finished I kissed them both in turn. The tastes were all cum and Lily’s juices and spit, and it was wonderful.

After that we rested. We lay on the bed in various states of undress. I could feel sweat and cum sticking to my skin. Molly was still anxiously kissing both of us, and I realized she hadn’t come yet.

I stood up and stretched, my boner still sticking straight out. “Get comfortable,” I said. As the girls finished undressing each other, I pulled the second bed from the next wall over and pushed it against the other, forming a pretty good sized surface for us to play on.

The girls were making out pretty heavily when I finished tossing all of the stray pillows onto the bed, and I decided that the first order of business had to be giving Molly an orgasm. She was pinned under her sister, so I just slid Lily over to the side a bit and hunkered down between her thighs. No surprise that the girls even maintained their muffs the same way. I dove into the tangle of sweat soaked hairs. The smell of arousal was sharp and intoxicating. I licked hungrily, letting my tongue flatten against her thatch. Eventually I traveled to the underside of her mons, finding her warm and waiting slit. Her lips were already parted and ready. She was sticky with her own juices, and she glistened pinkly in the dim light.

I licked my fingers and probed her a bit, coating myself with her come. Lubrication is the most important thing when exploring a girl’s pussy. I gently pulled back the hood covering her clitoris, and spying that tender bud, I dived in. I licked it tenderly at first, but then my lust got the better of me. I sucked it between my lips and moved my lips against her flesh. I could hear her moaning, and looked up to see her sister kissing her neck and shoulders. I carefully explored her with my fingertips, stopping when I found her hymen. In truth, it was the first one I’d ever encountered. All of the girls I’d ever known had managed to break theirs on their own. I gently pushed at her, and I could feel her body giving a little, but not much. I sucked her clit fiercely, and watched as Lily kissed everywhere from her head to bellybutton. Working together, we brought out an orgasm. Molly’s whole body shook quickly, and tiny beads of sweat seemed to simultaneously materialize like a coating of dew all over her body.

She went limp when we finished. Wordlessly, Lily pulled me down, laying me out next to her sister. She straddled me and grabbed the head of my cock. Molly’s fingers laced with mine and we both watched as Lily prepared to lose her virginity. She rubbed the tip of my cock around her open labia, coating me and rubbing her clit a bit with my swollen glans. She leaned forward and kissed both of us in turn. “I love you,” she said to both of us.

My free hand found hers and I squeezed it reassuringly. Lily positioned herself and my cock carefully, then let her weight shift to her hips. Her thighs slid out and into the bed, and she was suddenly all around me, tight and hot. She exhaled out of her mouth as she lowered, and when it was done she was settled on her her pelvis, her clit poking out a little, and I was completely buried inside of her. The sensation was intense. I arched my back and then lay flat again. Molly sat up. She and her sister looked at each for a long time, and I was content to lie there inside of her. Molly and Lily kissed after that. And then Molly sat back and watched as her sister began to grind against me. It was odd, and unlike any sex I’d ever had. Not just that there were two girls there, but emotionally. It was very quiet at first. Lily’s eyes were closed most of the time, and when she opened them, she’d look at Molly or I with such intense love. Molly watched over her sister like a guardian angel.

When Lily got her rhythm going, she began to get noisy. She moaned and groaned, and Molly, satisfied that her sister was all right, lay down next to me. She turned into me and I wrapped my arm around her, holding her tight. She put her lips close to my ear. “Do me next?” I turned and kissed her in response.

I was quiet as Lily rode me. I was putting off my orgasm, knowing that I had to satisfy both of them tonight. I’d already come once, and well, this threesome thing was tiring work. I didn’t want to risk losing my stamina. Lily came intensely. At the end she put her feet down next to my hips, squatting over me and rubbing back and forth quickly. I put my hand down and gave her something to rub her clit against. Molly watched, moaning a little with her sister when the orgasm came.

Lily collapsed onto me. I wrapped my arms around both girls and held them tight. Lily was clearly tired, but Molly wanted action, and we all knew it.

Lily stretched like a cat or a skilled yogi, then wandered into the bathroom. While she was gone, I began to kiss Molly. I returned to her pussy and ate her out a bit more. I was going to do this right, so I made sure she was plenty ready.

Lily returned with a few towels, and folded on up on the bed. She and Molly lay down on it, and situated themselves so Lily was on her back, propped half sitting on several pillows, and Molly was between her legs, her butt resting on the towel. Lily wrapped her arms around her sister from behind and kissed her ear. “It’ll be okay, it’s not as bad as you’d think.”

I leaned forward and kissed Molly, she returned it immediately. We whispered quick ‘I love you’s. I realized at that moment that yes, it is possible to be in love with two people at the same time.

“Are you ready?” I asked. Molly nodded. I put the head of my cock at her entrance and pushed in gently. In no time at all I’d hit the block. I slowly moved forward. Molly put her hands on my hips. She looked me in the eye. “Quick,” she said. “Like ripping off a band-aid,” and then she pulled suddenly. She screamed loudly, and Lily’s arms tightened around her.

“Okay?” I asked.

“Yes…yes,” she breathed. “Keep going.”

She bit her lip as I slowly slid the rest of the way into her quim. When I was to the hilt she wrapped her legs around me, then pulled me into her arms. We kissed, and then I began to pull out. That was when the blood came. I could feel it’s heat and a bit of splatter on my thigh, but when I looked down, it wasn’t as bad as I’d feared. Just a few drops here and there, really. I moved slowly back into her, and Molly exhaled and rested her head between her sisters breasts.

“How is it?” Lily asked her.

“Hurts,” Molly replied.

“Should I stop?” I asked.

“No,” they both said.

Then Molly finished, “Don’t stop. Keep going. Just take it slow.”

I did as she asked, moving slowly in and out of her. After a few minutes I looked at Molly’s face to see her smiling. “Is it good now?” I asked.

Her eyes opened and she looked up at me. “It’s good. Speed up.” I complied and began to increase the pace, but carefully. Lily began to massage and tug her sisters breasts from behind. Molly put her left hand on my stomach to guide my thrusts, and her right behind her to caress her sister’s head.


“Is this fast enough?”


There was a long pause as I sped up and the smile on her face grew. She opened her eyes again and looked up at me. “As fast as you can, please.” Lily brought her legs around and used her ankles to spread her sister’s thighs apart. Her arms wrapped around her torso. Molly put her own arms to her sides and dug her fingers into the sheets, holding on as tight as she could.

I began to move quickly. I braced myself, leaning against the two of them, and went to work. Years of sit-ups and crunches went to good use as I moved quicker and quicker.

“Oh… oh, yeah,” Molly breathed. And then she wasn’t breathing it anymore, she was shouting it. Lily held onto her tight. They were twisted together, a perfect stable union for me to thrust against.

Her pussy clenched around me. Juices form both of us began to coat my thighs and the towel beneath us. I could feel my orgasm building, but Molly beat me to it. With a couple of cries, she came. Her hair was drenched with sweat and sticking to her forehead, so Lily brushed it back for her. Her orgasm became a series of rapid sobs. Molly threw her weight backwards into her sister, and Lily held her tighter, squeezing her breasts and spreading her thighs ever wider. I kept thrusting, and when my orgasm began I was shooting quickly, hidden reserves of semen filling her with each thrust as I came. Molly’s whole body tightened up, her cunny clenching around my rapidly moving cock. I moved like a piston, sustaining her orgasm through the power of my own.

I could feel the end coming. I made several more rapid thrusts, then pushed deep and hard. I put all my weight into it, grinding against her as hard as possible, pushing us over so that we were both on top of Lily. At the feeling of my skin pushing against her clit and my cock buried deep, deep inside of her, Molly let out a hoarse cry and then slowly relaxed.

After that we couldn’t stop. There was kissing, there was groping. There was a blur of hands and erogenous zones, and then a shower.

We changed the sheets on the beds and drifted off to sleep at about six in the morning. We spooned, Lily behind me, and Molly on front of me. I held Molly close as Lily snuggled into my back. I’d never felt so warm in my entire life.

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