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Zorro (1)

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‘Ok Nate, my fancy dress party is on tonight, what time are you coming home because I don’t want a repeat of last time? Last time you came home early, you were rotten drunk and I was humiliated by your behaviour. You were abusive and your behaviour to some of my female friends was simply disgusting. I don’t ever want to see that again, do you understand?’ Monica Roberts’ body language added to her words as she lay down the law to her son. They had angry words after her last party and she was adamant that nothing like that would happen again.

‘Yeah, ok mom, don’t go on about it. I’m going out with Erica so I won’t be home till well after your party has finished. You won’t see or hear from me until tomorrow morning; relax,’ he said. Nate was just 18, at a time where he resented being told anything by his parents, but needed their financial support. Besides, he had plans for tonight, and they included screwing the ass off his girlfriend Erica. So fuck mom’s party.

‘I’ll take you at your word. I don’t want to see or hear from you tonight so don’t you dare let me down again. I’ll never forgive you if you embarrass me again like that.’

‘Yeah ok, ok,’ Nate muttered to himself.

Erica Simpson was Nate’s girlfriend. Erica was an attractive girl; small, petite, short funky hair with – at that stage – a purple colour through it, a body with curves in the right places and boobs that Nate constantly referred to as a perfect handful, she had no shortage of admirers. They had been together for almost a year and, whilst it had taken six months before he cracked her open, sex was now a shared delight. And tonight her parents were partying so they had the house to themselves. Nate planned to spice up their lovemaking and introduce Erica to some adult toys; this was going to be a good night. By the time he arrived at her house he was tingling with arousal. When she opened the door his mood dropped, she was in her nurse’s uniform.

‘I’m sorry babe,’ she said in a resigned voice. ‘Emergency is down, I have to go in. I was looking forward to tonight as much as you but it can’t be helped baby. You going to take me to work and pick me up babe, please?’ she asked wrapping her arms around his neck and snuggling into his body. He almost cried tears of frustration as he held the soft, warm body against his, her breasts crushing invitingly against his chest.

‘Of course honey,’ he said, the disappointment obvious in his voice. After he dropped Erica off, with nowhere else to go Nate went to a bar, met up with a few friends and they joked and drank. Around midnight he found himself alone, frustrated and bored. Erica was on until 7.00am so he had time to kill.

‘Fuck this,’ he thought. ‘I’m a bit pissed. I’ll just go home and sneak up to my room and sleep it off. Nobody will notice. Just need to make sure mom doesn’t see me sneak in.’ he thought.

He was surprised when he got home to find the party still in full swing. He parked his car and sat for a minute considering his options before convincing himself that it was actually better that people were still about; he would be less noticeable.

Nate carefully unlocked the door and peered inside. The front of the house was clear but that was not unexpected as it was essentially the parent’s retreat/bedroom and their sitting room.

‘All clear, piece of piss,’ he thought feeling chirpy. Then as he shut the door he heard voices coming his way.

‘Fuck,’ he thought and quickly jumped into his mother’s bedroom, pressing himself against the wall. The voices stopped and moved away. And that’s when he noticed his father’s Zorro outfit hanging on the back of the door.

Nate smiled at himself as his sense of adventure cut in.

‘Jesus, I can get into the Zorro outfit, grab a few beers and take them to my room without anyone being the wiser,’ he thought. ‘Opportunity, I’m a fucking genius,’ he thought to himself. Excited by his plan he quickly stripped off and donned the Zorro outfit. He looked at himself in the mirror. Like his father he cut a fine figure. Six foot two inches, wide shoulders, slim hips and long legs. It almost fit perfectly, albeit the tights were exactly that; and no matter how he tried to cover it, quite revealing. His penis bigger than his fathers and at that moment, the outline large and prominent. He pulled the cape over the front of his body.

Boyed by the effects of alcohol he ventured out, hid his clothes under the stairs intending to pick them up in a few moments and walked into the main room.


Nate’s father Johnny Roberts had been called away for work for the afternoon, which had now become the evening and his wife, Monica was angry and drowning her sorrows. Drowning being an apt description; she was pissed. She knew she had gone well past her limit but really didn’t care. The more she thought about it, the more she drank. Without Johnny, the sooner the party ended the better but no one seemed to want to leave. As they were want to do, Monica’s friends were talking about sex and getting into some ribald jokes. ‘Shit, I’m fucking drunk, fucking raging horny, fucking frustrated and fucking depressed,’ she thought as her best friend Abby took centre stage.

Abby said ‘Little Johnny took his cat to school. When the teacher asked him why he took the cat to school he said ‘when I was leaving for school I heard my dad say to my mom, when Johnny goes to school I’m going to eat that pussy’

The ladies all laughed and Janet responded, ‘Ok, Little Johnny was late to school again. The teacher reluctantly asked him why. ‘It’s breeding time miss. I had to put the bull to the cow before I came to school. The teacher blushed at the sexual reference. ‘Couldn’t your dad do that?’ She inquired. ‘No miss,’ he said with a smirk. ‘Dad said it had to be the bull.’

Everyone burst out laughing again before Dianne took a turn. ‘Ok, the class were doing a quiz and it was little Johnny’s turn. The teacher was nervous about asking him questions but thought she had something neutral. ‘If you had three ducks sitting on a fence and you shot one of them how many ducks are still on the fence?’

None,’ he replied.

‘How did you get none?’ she asked.

‘I shot one and the other two flew off in fright,’ he responded.

‘The answer I was looking for was two, but I like the way you are thinking,’ she said, relieved that she had got through the question without embarrassment.

Then Johnny asked her a question.

‘If you have three women eating an ice cream; one is licking the ice cream, one is sucking the ice cream and one is biting the cream which is the married woman?’

‘I’m not sure,’ she said uncertainly. After a pause she responded. ‘I think the one sucking the ice cream,’ she said nervously.

‘Well it was actually the one with the wedding ring, but I like the way you are thinking,’ he said with a smirk.’

The girls laughed but Monica quietly thought to herself ‘Jesus Christ, that’s all I need. Well I know who won’t have her pussy eaten, get mounted or suck any cock tonight. God I need some cock,’ she sighed to herself.

‘I’m just going to get a drink,’ she said to her friends and headed for the fridge; at the same time as Nate came into the room.

‘Oh my god,’ said Monica, ‘it’s Johnny, he’s made it.’

Nate stared in horror as he straightened up and saw his mother coming towards him. ‘Shit,’ he muttered to himself. Then ‘shit’ he said again, this time in appreciation as his eyes opened in appraisal as he took in the sight.

Monica was dressed as little red riding hood, only it was an XXX rated little red riding hood costume: off the shoulder blouse scalloped down the front, her breasts pushed invitingly up by a laced corset. The hem of her skirt was barely an inch below her sex. She wore white mid-thigh length stockings, with a garter and bow on each. The skin showing between her skirt and stockings almost obscenely erotic showing off her long and shapely legs. Monica’s pretty face was framed by her long dark hair. She moved with a sensual grace as she came towards him. He sucked in a breath of air as he acknowledged that she was one very attractive woman. ‘WOW,’ the thought went through his mind as he ogled her.

Monica’s face broke out with a smile as she went to Nate, joyously skipping the last few steps, she threw her arms around his neck. ‘Oh Johnny, you made it,” she said, her voice slurred but her joy obvious as she kissed him, a deep, passionate, kiss.

Nathan froze in surprise. He had hoped to get a beer and slip quietly to his room. His mother was clearly intoxicated and she obviously thought it was his father in the outfit. With people around this was not the time to tell her anything different. She would go ballistic and be so embarrassed. He quickly rationalised that if he went along with the charade for a while, at some point she would drift off and he could sneak away. ‘Easier to explain the following day than embarrass her now,’ he thought. So he put an arm around her and responded to her kiss.

‘Oh baby, I’m so pleased that you’re here,’ she crooned into his ear rubbing herself against him.

Unable to hide her joy at his presence Monica took his hand and led him back to their group.

‘Aha it’s the count of Monte Christo’ said one of the girls.

‘GAWD Mel, he’s Zorro,’ chipped in Dianne.

‘Yeah, he’s our saviour, here to protect our virtue. Isn’t that so Zorro,’ challenged Abby.

‘Like you have any virtue to protect?’ chortled Janet as the girls laughed in unison.

Nate had always like Abby. She was a petite and very attractive woman more attractive now that her husband had run off with his secretary. But she was a flirt and Nate, as himself, was always having a verbal joust with her.

‘Ah, my dear, you are so right. My trusty rapier is at your service,’ he said in a terrible Spanish accent while bowing to her.

‘Oooh, your … rapier … it sounds so … exotic.’

‘Ha, ha, by the look on your face I’m sure your mean erotic,’ said Julie laughing.

‘Whatever tickles your fancy ladies. Now why don’t you tell me about your big rapier?’ said Abby in a suggestive tone.

‘By all means. The shaft is … round … long … and hard; the tip pointed, glistening at the end. It’s a thrusting tool; thrust, withdraw, thrust until the point strikes flesh.’

‘Oh I would like to see that in action. God I think I’m having a hot flush,’ Abby said fanning her face.

‘For you that’s called an orgasm dear,’ said Monica as they all laughed.

Monica moved in close, draping herself over Nate; her body warm, inviting as she kissed him again.

As time went by the ladies in the group drifted away and Abby, Monica and Nate were alone.

‘Ah, where is Nate when you want him,’ sighed Abby.

‘Huh, Nate? What do we need Nate for?’ Monica queried uncertainly.

‘Oh, whoops, I probably shouldn’t have said that. I think I’ve had too much to drink,’ said Abby with an embarrassed smile.

‘Too much to drink, and since my asshole ex left, too little sex,’ she commented looking at Monica. ‘Ah dear, look Nate and I flirt all the time, you know how it is. He’s a really nice kid. Same as Johnny and I were flirting over his rapier tonight,’ she said. Then after a pause, ‘It’s supposed to be all fun and innocence, but then you realise it’s not innocent, and it’s not just flirting. Look, don’t get me wrong, it was sort of a throw-away line but not if you know what I mean, nothing has happened and nothing will happen. Let’s face it, to an 18 year old boy, a 28 year old woman is ancient. I’m not a freaking cougar but if I could have any guy in my bed tonight it would be him. Monica, don’t get upset but I fantasise about Nate. I will never proposition him, I promise you that, but if he ever made a move on me I wouldn’t do anything to stop him. I would welcome him with open arms … well open legs to be more precise. Honey, as clear as I can be, I won’t do anything to encourage him but if he makes the first move I will simply lay back, open my legs and let him fuck me any time he wants. Sigh, but tonight’s not going to be the first.’

Nate stood dumfounded, he could feel his heart thumping in his chest as he listened incredulously to Abby. He could only stare as he felt the blood flowing to his cock. He was thankful that Monica was looking at Abby while the exchange was taking place.

‘Hmmm, probably shouldn’t have said that to you two, sorry,’ Abby said with a shrug. ‘I think I had better go home before I get myself into real trouble,’ she said with a wry smile, staggering off and leaving Nate and Monica staring at her back.

‘My god Johnny, did that just happen?’ Monica said. ‘What do we do?’

Nate was struggling to keep his erection under control as he muttered an answer. His senses were being bombarded by sexuality as he looked at the seductive sway of Abby’s ass as she walked away.

All Nate had was visions of Abby in his mind. ‘Nothing, we leave them to work it out. I think that was really just the booze talking,’ he said trying to leave every door open for himself.

Monica turned to him. ‘Oh,’ she said smiling as she noticed his erection. Pulling him to her she kissed him long and passionately. ‘All this talk of sex looks like it’s made you horny too babe,’ she said and he jerked as she stroked his cock in his tights. ‘Now you just think of this until everyone leaves. Abby might have the hots for Nate but I’ve got the hots for you. She’s going home alone and you’re here with me and I’m going to fuck your brains out.’

Nate was hot, bothered, aroused, the blood had gone from his brain to his cock. He couldn’t help but look at Monica as a woman. A hot, sexy woman who was throwing herself at him.

Nate knew he was treading on dangerous ground and the night was almost certain to explode in his face. But somehow he always seemed to be on the edge; found it challenging.

‘God, I’m so horny honey,’ she whispered in his ear. His head was on fire and he knew he should find a way out. But that was before she melded her body to him placed her soft lips on his and his hands on her breasts. As her tongue invaded his mouth he shed any pretence of morality groping her breasts with increasing passion. He responded to her kiss and when they parted she was breathless. ‘Yeah baby, the party starts when everyone else has gone.’

It didn’t take long before Monica and Nate were saying goodbye to the last of their friends. Over the last 15 minutes they had been groping each other relentlessly as they saw the guests off. As they waved goodbye Nate cupped Monica’s ass cheek. She took his hand and dragged him to the bedroom.

‘No, leave the light off,’ he said holding his Spanish accent. No one must see Zorro’s face or they die’ he said with humour.

Monica giggled as she fell into his arms and groped his throbbing cock.

‘Oh god, it’s so hard baby. It feels like it did when we were teenagers; hard, big and ready. God I want that pounding away inside me, put it in, put your hard cock in my dripping cunt and fuck me baby,’ she said in a husky voice, laced with lust as she ripped her clothes off and threw herself back on the bed.

Nate was filled with lust, fear and excitement as he stripped and climbed on the bed, positioning himself between his mother’s willing thighs. His conscience was screaming at him but he was lost in a sexual frenzy as the head of his cock touched the soft lips of her cunt. She reached behind him placing her hands on his ass cheeks and pulled him to her, his cock sliding effortlessly into the heated tunnel of love. ‘Oooooohhh, yessssss, you’re so hard, you’re filling me baby, oh I can’t believe it, it’s so good, so big, oh god yesssss, more baby more,’ she cried urging him on.

Nate was determined to make this the best fuck she had. At times he pounded into her hard, others he reared above her and slowly serviced her with only his cock touching her, and then he settled into periods of slow, sexy rhythmic thrusting; all the time urged on by her moans of passion and encouragement. Then he felt a surge of excitement as she gave a long sigh.

‘Oh yes, more baby, more, I’m going to cum, oh god I haven’t done that for years, keep going baby, that’s fucking beautiful, oh yesss stick that fucking cock in me baby, fuck me hard, oh Christ I’m cumming, I’m fucking cuuummming, oh yessss, ohh yesssss, fuuuuucckkk,’ she screamed as he body thrashed with orgasmic convulsions. Nate couldn’t hold back any longer and she heard his grunts of pleasure as he filled her cunt with his seed.

As his lust died and he came back to reality he realised his predicament. He had to get away without Monica seeing him – and his luck held.

Monica curled up against him. ‘That was beautiful honey. Mmmm, the best sex we have ever had. I love you baby,’ she said and quickly slipped into a deep, peaceful sleep.

Nate quietly eased out of bed, hung the Zorro uniform up and left her room. He quickly retrieved his own clothes and rushed off to his room to change. He had to pick Erica up after her shift at 7.00am. He realised that if he went to bed he would fall asleep so he showered, without thinking he put some different cologne on, fresh clothes and sat at his computer playing games. As he sobered up he alternated between extremes of arousal and despair.

By the time he picked Erica up his cock was hard and aroused. He met her in the ward, pulled her to him and gave her a deep, passionate kiss. His hand roamed to her breast.

‘Ooh, now that’s a nice way to finish a shift,’ she said laughing. ‘And what’s that poking into me?’ she asked innocently.

‘That my dear, is what I had planned for you before you went to work.

On the drive home Erica stroked the inside of Nate’s thigh. His arousal, already high became extreme and she knew she was egging him on.

She was cautious as they entered the house. They could hear the sounds of Erica’s parents asleep.

‘Shit, mom and dad are home.’ She said with disappointment. But her words were cut off as Nate kissed her passionately. She could feel his desire as he all but dragged her through the house to her room.

‘Oh god, Nate, we can’t. Please, not here with mom and dad in the house, it’s too dangerous,’ she pleaded as Nate started unbuttoning her uniform. Then she giggled nervously as the uniform fell to the ground leaving her in her bra and briefs. ‘Nate… god if dad finds us…’ she said as he unclipped her bra. ‘Ooooooh.’ She moaned quietly into his chest as he cupped her naked breast and rolled her aroused nipple between his finger and thumb.

‘Nate, we shouldn’t.’ she said without conviction as he dropped his mouth to her breast, sucking and biting her little bud. Slowly he coaxed her onto her back on her bed. And it was only moments before her briefs hit the floor along with his clothes.

Nate was in heat, his mind filled with thoughts of having sex with his mother. Erica could feel his passion, his desire as he worked his cock into her moist cunt then his lust overwhelmed him and he started pounding into her. She had never known him to be so frenzied and she tried to match his thrusts. As his arousal grew he became more physical and noisier. He was oblivious to his whereabouts, oblivious to anything but his sexual desires as the sounds of their lust carried through the house until with a grunt and groan he pumped copious amounts of cum into her.

‘Jeez, I hope that was me you were fucking,’ she said as he calmed down. ‘Now, I think you need to get dressed and go unless you want dad to give you a practical demonstration of the term shotgun wedding. Hmmm, not that I mind…’ she said with a smile.


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