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The directions stated to arrive at the deserted warehouse at 8:30, and I made sure to get there early so I wouldn’t be late. The warehouse one of a long row of vacant, or nearly vacant, buildings located near the waterfront. Parking my car next to two others in front of the building, I wait inside it until the allotted time. In that interval, several cars slowly passed by with the occupants looking my way before continuing on.

At 8:25, I locked my car and went inside; the front door open and creaking loudly as I pushed it open enough to enter. Going up the stairs to the third floor, I find the note you left for me.

I may be late but I’ve arranged some company for you to entertain. Don’t disappoint me.

A dim light from the end of the hall beckons and I walk towards it. My steps the only sounds and I wonder if the light was always left on or if it was coming from the outside. Another doorway opens to my left and reveals the source of the light; a single, bare bulb hanging from the ceiling above a mattress in the middle of the floor. The bulb is insufficient for the room and only provides enough light to clearly see the middle of the room, the rest hidden in shadows and darkness.

Standing in the doorway, a movement to the side catches my eye and I know now to enter. As I pass through the doorway, another presence at my rear moves quickly behind me and, before I can look, a silk scarf covers my eyes, blindfolding me. No words are spoken, I know better to speak, and once the scarf is fastened tightly, my hand is taken and I’m led to the middle of the room. Hands upon me, this time to remove my clothing and I’m stripped down to my panties. Why they were left, I don’t know, but I neither question nor protest.

Hands on my shoulders and I go to my knees as directed, the floor hard here short of the mattress. Fingers touch my face, then my lips, my mouth barely open in response when the fingers are joined by the head of a cock; a cock that is pushed in even as I start to use my tongue to welcome it.

My head held as my face is fucked, the cock working in and out as I suck and lick at it. Then just as suddenly as it began, the cock is gone and I’m left with my mouth open and tongue extended from chasing it. I wait, taking the opportunity to swallow once or twice, anticipating another cock, but my hair is grasped and my head jerked backwards instead. My head tilted up towards the ceiling, my face is covered, sat upon.

I feel his balls on my chin and I open and push out my tongue, finding his asshole with it. Licking at the puckered flesh with the flat on my tongue before I try to use the tip to probe at it. His hips move in a small circular fashion until I’m where I need to be, then I lick and eat his ass while he pushes down on my mouth. I’m working my tongue in deep as I reach around and stroke his cock, pumping it as I wiggle my tongue at his dark star.

He lifts and shifts, his balls in my open mouth and I suck carefully at them, grateful he was shaved without hair. Suddenly again left with my mouth open and empty, my head pushed back for a second before my mouth is refilled with his cock. I suck hard on him, sensing his need, with a hand moving over his ass seeking his now wet hole, intent upon helping him reach climax.

But before I can reach it, he pulls away. Leaving me again panting with open mouth as I try to guess what may be next.

My head pulled again, another cock at my lips. I take it, sucking until it pushes deeper, wanting my throat. I open and try to relax, doing as I’ve been instructed and trained to do, until the fat head moves past my tonsils and fills my throat. Pulled back, then back in, opening my throat more each time. I breathe through my nose, fighting the gag reflex while he moves faster. Then a hard thrust, and his balls are at my chin and held there.

My eyes wide under the blindfold, tears starting, yet still he remains there. I can hear him breathing, fighting the urge, his hands gripping my head tighter as if readying to pull out. Instead, his cock jerks and he shoots his cum down my throat; taking several spurts to release most of it before slowly beginning to withdraw. As soon as he’s free of my throat I swallow, and let my jaw close, the head of his cock just inside my lips now. I feel movement and realize he’s using his hand to force the last of his cum out of his cock, depositing in on my tongue as my lips hold the head.

That done, his cock is gone.

Once again, my head is jerked back, and I’m presented with another ass to eat. As with the first, I work my tongue over and around his hole before probing it, entering it. My head pushed back, his balls then his cock move over my mouth, and instinctively I lick at them before his cock is pushed, upside down, into my mouth. Face-fucked again.

I feel like I’m going to pass out, the position I’m in is cutting off my air and his cock allows no relief as he fucks my mouth. But I dare not stop or try to pull away, and its only my going limp that seems to signal the distress he has me in. Sweet air fills my lungs and I’m laid down upon the mattress.

Laying there, I make out a conversation in the background. Spoken too softly for me to make out the words, I can only tell that you are here now, I would know your voice anywhere. Trying to listen, hands take hold of my panties and they’re pulled roughly from me. Fingers move over my bare mound before the hands lift my left leg up. My sex open and exposed, I can’t contain a whimper of relief as I feel a mouth on me; tongue and lips pleasuring my pussy.

But this doesn’t last near long enough and the mouth is replaced by a cock, his body heavy upon mine as he enters me and begins to fuck me. His cock, long and thick, fills me and I raise up my hips to assist him in the fucking, hoping that I am being watched and pleasing you in this.

Another muffled word, and he pulls out but, even before he is completely off me, I’m rolled to my side and another cock replaces his. Rolled so that I can be fucked while sucking the cock that was just in my pussy, the man moving directly from my cunt to my mouth. I clean him with my mouth, licking up and down his shaft, but then he adjusts and pushes his cock in deep; my throat again opened and filled.

As with the other man, he holds still, although this time I can’t as the cock below is pounding me towards him, and I fight the gagging until he empties his balls into me.

Once he pulls out, I’m turned again and the cock in my pussy presses at my ass. Presses and then enters, lubed only with my juice. He holds me with his arms wrapped around my torso, both of us on our sides as he reams my ass with his cock.

He goes deep and holds still. I think that he is about to orgasm but I’m wrong, he is still so another man can join in, guiding his cock into my pussy from the front as we lay still. Once his cock stuffs me, they move together fucking me front and back as one. Fucking me hard, taking me for their pleasure, and also yours as you watch.

When he’s ready to cum, the cock leaves my ass and goes to my lips, not quite making it there as the first rope of cum hits my face. I open for the rest and he fills my mouth with it. And as soon as he is finished, the cock that was in my pussy deposits more.

Two more men join with me, cocks hard and slick as one enters my pussy and the other slides between my butt cheeks. Only this time, he is not after my ass; instead he aims forward and I feel myself stretched open, the head of his cock moving along the shaft of the cock already in me. My mouth opens and I stifle a scream as he enters me, both cocks inside my pussy together.

They move together, then alternating; never leaving me as I’m fucked as I never have been before. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve cum at this point and I’m being tested as to my limits.

Another body on the mattress and I’m pulled again, my body twisting from between the two of them with neither cock leaving me. I open my mouth thinking another cock is coming but I’m rewarded with your pussy. Knowing it is you immediately, I moan out and lick hungrily and thankfully. Finding your hard clit, I take it in my lips and suck you as I know you enjoy.

You stretch out with us, realigning my body again between them; holding my head as you hump at my mouth. A chin bumps mine and I know the man on top of me and behind you is licking your ass, and I feel a tingle of regret that it’s not my tongue in your ass. You’re riding my face when your first orgasm hits and you flood me with your sweet juice.

Satisfied for the moment, you free yourself from the tangle of our bodies before taking one of the men with you. I’m being fucked from behind as you take his cock into your pussy; I can’t see it but you’re laying just before me with your pussy inches from my face and I can hear him fuck you. Proof positive comes a minute later when you pull my face in and I lick you and him as he fucks your pussy.

He pulls out of you when he cums, launching his cum into my face and hair. You roll over then, pushing your ass into my cum-covered face and I get to eat your ass as you await the other cock. He moves from behind me and I feel him enter you as I lick at your ass.

We remain like this until I hear you orgasm again. His cock is pulled out, I know he hasn’t cum but I can feel his throbbing as the head pulls forward to my lips. Your hand holds me and you instruct me not to stop eating your ass. The head of his cock presses forward and my mind spins as I wonder if you will let him take your ass as the head joins with my tongue at your opening.

I lick feverishly, at your star and his head, providing extra wetness to allow him entry. He wants you, and my tongue traces the tip of his cock opening your rosebud, but then he stops, or you stop him. His cock pulsates and cum squirts at your asshole; and I eat it from around his cock and within your crevice. When he pulls back, I lick and clean the tight opening of your ass.

Finally collapsing back, I lay on the mattress gasping for breath. Soaked in cum and sweat, still blind, waiting to fulfill your next need. I hear the men leave while you remain with me on the bed. Your hand touches my face and I kiss at your fingers, thanking you and asking if I did well.

I don’t receive an answer right away. But when I do it sets my mind and body aglow. The promise of a reward of a night in your bed, the double cocks in my pussy your way of preparing me for your use. Promises to remind me that I will always be yours and of past uses soon to be renewed.

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