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The Hawk’s Nest

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Breathing hard from the steep climb, Bob said, “I think it’s just a little farther. Probably just past that next crest.”

Ellen stopped for a second. “Or the next or the next or the next. This place had better be good.”

“Don’t worry,” he replied. “I’m sure you’ll find it worth the climb.”

Bob and Ellen were both grad students at a college over in Virginia, a couple of hundred miles distant. They were both twenty-three and had been going together since the middle of the semester last fall.

Now it was late May, school was out, and they were climbing a steep trail in the West Virginia mountains on some land that Bob said was owned by his cousin’s family. Or was it a second cousin? Ellen didn’t remember and really didn’t care. Bob had said there was something special up here but she was just happy to be done with school for a little while and to be out in the fresh air for an overnight hike.

They had driven for nearly two hours after leaving the interstate, first on a state highway, then a small asphalt road, and for the last half hour or so on a gravel road scarcely more than one lane wide. They had turned off this into a long driveway which had ended at a closed house that appeared to have been empty for quite a spell. Bob had said his cousin’s (second cousin’s?) Family had lived there until about six years ago when the grandfather had died and the father had moved closer to civilization – and a paying job. But they had kept the land, several hundred acres of it, even if most was nearly straight up and down. Since they had first talked about a hiking trip Bob had been mysterious about what was at the end of this climb, but assured her it would be something special.

The trail had zigzagged through forest constantly climbing higher. Ellen shrugged her shoulders to ease the pressure of the small pack and the breeze touching her sweat soaked shirt sent a shiver down her spine even though the air temperature was well into the eighties. At least her pack was light. Bob carried most of the load and had insisted they wouldn’t need a tent. He had said there would be a good place to sleep but Ellen still wasn’t too sure about just spreading their sleeping bags on the ground. Then she smiled to herself. At least the new sleeping bags they carried were zip together models. She and Bob had been lovers for half a year and she looked forward to spending the night with him in a sexy cocoon. “The sleeping bag won’t be the only thing spread on the ground tonight,” she thought and then had to stifle a laugh to avoid having to explain to Bob.

She was looking about five yards ahead of her at Bob’s broad back – or more honestly, at the tight twisting muscles of his ass encased in the tight denim cutoffs when he stopped and turned back to face her. “I can see it up there.” He waited until she caught up and then together they moved around a turn in the trail. Ellen stopped and stared. The woods ended and a vista suddenly opened before them. They were about sixty feet from the edge of a cliff which dropped away for several hundred feet, revealing receding ranges of forested hills with tiny valleys between them. The May sun was still high enough to send shafts of bright light into the depths, exposing meadows, trees, and streams, but almost no sign of civilization. Ellen could see one road in the distance, but no traffic at all.

But what had her staring was not nature, but a stone tower, nearly twenty-five feet tall, standing about ten yards back from the cliff edge. The tower was square, about fourteen feet on a side, and built of mortared fieldstone. A single door broke the line near the center of the near side, but no windows showed less than fifteen feet off the ground. The stone had the look of age as though the tower had stood here for centuries.

“How? What? Where did this come from?” Ellen asked in confusion.

Bob laughed at her puzzlement. “Welcome to the Hawk’s Nest. I told you it would be worth it. Wait until you see the view from the top.”

“Alright. I’m impressed. But where did it come from?”

Bob relented. “Originally one of my ancestors built it. About 1760 I think. He was a Scot highlander who escaped to the mainland after the rising of 1745 – Bonnie Prince Charlie and all that. In a couple of years he made his way to North America and settled back here in the mountains. We’re not sure if he built the tower for defense against Indians or the King’s men, but for whatever reason he created a fortress here. The wooden parts eventually rotted, but the stone stood. About thirty years ago my cousin’s family rebuilt it. When we were kids we used to come up here and camp and pretend all sorts of things – Scots warlords, pirates, knights, and so on. Later we just used it as a great place to spend the night. Let’s put the packs inside and I’ll show you the view.”

Still slightly dazed Ellen followed Bob through the heavy wood door into a single large room with timber beams in the ceiling. The room contained two beds with vinyl covered pads, a small table and three chairs. Everything but the pads was made from rustic logs and poles. Against one wall a steep flight of stone steps led upwards. They climbed the stairs which opened into a second room. This one had a narrow window on each side and two more of the beds and pads. They continued following the stairs up through this room and it finally opened through another door onto the roof. The roof was flat flagstones and surrounded by a four foot high stone wall with small holes at the base to allow rain to drain off. As Ellen followed Bob around the edge she saw that he hadn’t been kidding about view. She could see for miles and nearly everything looked much as it probably had two hundred fifty years ago when the tower was first built.

She was about to say what a splendid view it was when Bob suddenly put on a stern face and demanded in a voice which promised that it would accept no compromise, “My Lady Ellen, what are you doing on my lands?”

Most girls would have been at a total loss with this sudden change. From one second to the next Bob had completely changed personalities, becoming suddenly critical and demanding. However, Ellen was not taken aback in the least and instantly replied, “It is not your land, Lord Robert. These are my family’s lands, Sir. Pray tell, what are you doing here?”

The games had first started last January. Bob and Ellen had been lovers for nearly two months and spent more and more of their time together even though each still had his own apartment. Late one afternoon Bob was driving home when he saw Ellen standing on the sidewalk waiting for a bus. He pulled to the curb and tapped the horn. Ellen looked around and as he rolled down the window teasingly said, “Hey, sailor. Want a good time?”

Playing along Bob answered, “What did you have in mind, Beautiful?”

Grinning, Ellen answered right back, “How about you buy me dinner and then we can go back to my place.”

“And just how much will this dinner cost me?” Bob asked.

“Oh, we can just pick up a pizza and take it back with us. It shouldn’t run more than about sixty bucks.”

Bob didn’t hesitate and said, “Sounds like a bargain. Hop in, Honey.” Laughing Ellen climbed in but as Bob started to drive off she said, “Hey. Aren’t you forgetting the sixty?”

Bob had just cashed a paycheck and – unusual for a grad student – had nearly a hundred in cash on him. He peeled off three twenties and handed them to Ellen who made a show of stuffing them inside her blouse. Then shaking his head Bob drove off.

They did stop to get a pizza and when they arrived at Ellen’s apartment, kept up the act. After they finished eating they were so flushed with excitement from the play acting that they ended up on the living room floor, Bob pounding into Ellen and she urging him on. In fact the excitement continued the rest of the evening as they made love twice more with Ellen demanding another ten dollars to give Bob a blow job.

The next morning they discussed the episode and agreed that it had been a real turn on. Ellen thought the playing had excited her a lot more than she would have expected, even though she had to give Bob back the seventy dollars.

A couple of weeks later Bob had initiated an episode. Coming up to Ellen at the food counter of a campus drug store he became a film producer who suddenly “discovered” her. A “casting couch” session lea to another night of hot sex.

Since then every two or three weeks one or the other of them would suddenly start some scene. One night Bob called Ellen into the room where he was sitting at his computer and threatened to fire his secretary for poor work performance. Ellen begged him and said she would do anything to keep the job. She did a lot of anythings that night, to the enjoyment of both.

And about three weeks ago Ellen, dressed in a plain skirt and blouse, her blonde hair hanging down below her shoulders making her look more like a freshman than a graduate student, had walked up to where Bob was doing homework and said, “Professor, I’m sorry I cut class and didn’t get the report in on time. Is there anything I can do to still get a good grade?”

Catching on immediately, Bob turned and said, “I don’t know. You shouldn’t have done that. I think maybe I need to talk to your parents.”

“Please don’t do that. Isn’t there anything I can do to make it up?”

“I can’t think of anything, can you?”

Ellen looked down to the floor and in a tiny voice said, “Maybe you could punish me some way?”

Bob hadn’t expected that, but without breaking stride answered, “Maybe I can. Alright. Across my lap young woman.” Looking very timid Ellen bent across his knees. Bob let his hand wander over her tight rear then brought it down with a hard slap. Ellen sucked in her breath and wiggled against him.

Bob gave her another half dozen hard swats. Then he suddenly pulled up her skirt onto her back and was surprised to see she wore no panties. The sight of her bare ass, already slightly pink from the spanking, caused his cock to instantly harden. He stroked her warm flesh a few times and then gave her rear a really hard swat. Ellen cried out but didn’t try to escape. Encouraged, Bob continued to rain blows on her defenseless bottom which soon had turned from pink to red.

When he stopped Ellen had tears streaming down her face but she was squirming against him and nearly went wild as she pulled his clothes loose. Bob was equally turned on and they practically raped each other right there on the floor. Bob took her twice more that night. The second time he bent her over the back of a stuffed chair and shoved his hard member into the now naked young woman. Ellen was more turned on than he could remember her ever being when he suddenly withdrew from her sopping pussy. Smearing her juices higher he placed his slick cock against her smaller rear opening and started to press against her.

Bob and Ellen had never had anal sex before but now both were so excited that Ellen tried her best to relax and Bob pushed harder until the head of his cock popped inside. Ellen gave a small cry but when Bob started to withdraw stopped him. “No, go ahead. Just take it a little easy,” she encouraged. Bob did just that and before too long both were pushing harder and faster. When Ellen came she had to bite down on the chair to keep from screaming. And a half minute later when Bob began to shoot the first of several spurts into her stretched rear he had to stifle his own cries. Later they both agreed that anal sex would now be a part of their play.

That episode and a second spanking session a week later had given Bob ideas and this time when he started their game it was not spontaneous, but planned in advanced. He had chosen this location with a particular scenario in mind, and now when Ellen had said, “It is not your land. These are my family’s lands, Sir,” he was ready to begin.

“These are not your father’s lands, Lady. This time you have come too far afield. You have crossed to my lands and now you will pay for the teasing you have done safe on your side of the border.” With this he pulled a piece of rope from his pocket and, catching Ellen’s wrists, held her fast against her struggles while he bound her hands behind her.

Once she was bound Bob broke character for a few seconds to look a question at Ellen. What he saw in her eyes looked like pure lust and the reply he received was a slight nod to proceed with the game. “OK. Remember ‘Red flag’ if you need it.” Before the second spanking session the couple had talked about safe words and agreed on “Red Flag” as a code meaning stop. Otherwise, their acting could continue with any begging, pleading, or demanding being totally ignored.

Bob pulled her tightly against himself and covered her mouth with his own. Continuing her role Ellen held her lips closed until Bob’s persistence forced her mouth open and his tongue began to tangle with hers. When they broke the kiss, both a little breathless, his hand went to her breasts, clasping her left globe in his hand. Ellen moaned slightly and Bob said, “Not so stand- offish now, are you, My Lady?”

He continued to squeeze her breast and used his other hand to begin unbuttoning her shirt. He loosed the last button, pulled the tails from her cutoffs, and slid the shirt over her shoulders until it was stopped by her bound wrists. Ellen had a slender build and while her 34B breasts were not huge, they formed two firm hemispheres standing out from her chest unencumbered by a bra. Her nipples hardened even more at Bob’s relentless touch. Once more he pulled her hard against him for a deep kiss, one hand sliding down her bare back and then tightly clasping her firm buttocks through the tight cloth of her shorts. Ellen could feel his arousal through their clothes as her tongue mixed with his.

Bob pulled back and as Ellen regained her breath she continued her act. “My father’s men will soon be here to bring me back. You do not dare to violate me.”

Bob laughed. “Your father’s men will be met by mine at the borders of my land. They will ask if you have come this way and my captain will reply, ‘Can you imagine the Lady Ellen coming onto Lord Robert’s lands?’ Both troops will laugh at the idea and your father’s men will go elsewhere to search for you. You are mine for as long as I want and to do with as I please. I think perhaps the first thing should be to break you of that haughty attitude.”

He held up a short, leather encased riding crop about eighteen inches long. Ellen’s eyes opened wide and her breath caught in her throat. She hadn’t seen the crop and assumed that Bob had had it in his pack and must have held it concealed under his arm or something while they were climbing the stairs. She stared at the flexible shaft with its small leather loop at the end like the proverbial small animal confronted by a snake, but her breathing quickened. Bob slowly moved the end of the crop with its soft loop across her bare breasts causing her to shudder. He moved it back and forth across her nipples and over her shoulder. Then suddenly he brought it down in a sharp stroke across the tight fabric of her shorts. Ellen cried out from the surprise even as she felt a flood of moisture between her legs.

Bob gave another sharp blow to her bottom and then two soft taps to the ends of her hardened nipples. “I think I should take you below to my dungeon where I can teach you a proper lesson in respect.” Moving the crop slowly to his left hand, he placed his right arm around her bare waist and helped her to safely descend the steps.

They went down to the ground floor room. Bob removed three candles from his pack and set them on protruding stones in the walls. After he had lighted these he closed the door, shutting out nearly all the light. With no windows at this level and the door to the second level closed, it was nearly as dark as night without the light of the tapers. Looking directly at Ellen Bob picked up a heavy wood beam which he fit into heavy iron brackets on the doorway, baring the door to all but a determined try with a large battering ram. He turned back to Ellen and said, “Now, My Lady Ellen, no one can disturb us. I think to repay you for the years of teasing. Tonight I will punish you for that and then I will take all of your virginities.”

At the thought of still having a virginity for Bob to take Ellen had to stifle a laugh to remain in her role. “You would not dare, My Lord. You might punish me but you would not dare to ravish me. I am, after all, a high born lady.”

Bob retrieved something from his pack and turned towards Ellen. She saw that he held a pair of leather cuffs. Bob had been busy, planning this, she guessed. He moved directly towards her and when he arrived he took her arm in a firm grip. Quickly he untied her wrists and, letting the shirt slide to the floor, buckled the sturdy cuffs around her wrists. Ellen found them soft and actually quite comfortable but decided they looked very strong. Bob clipped the two attached steel D-rings together in front of her. He then took a piece of rope and tossed the end over one of the ceiling beams. He tied a free end to her cuffs and then pulled the other end, stretching Ellen onto her toes.

As Bob tied off the free end of the rope, Ellen was surprised at how excited this stretching was making her. She had never been tied during sex and, in fact, could only remember once – that for a club initiation – having her hands tied at all since she was a little kid playing cowboys or some such. Now she was stretched on her toes, naked to the waist, her nipples rock hard and sticking out and her pussy flooded. She found she was actually looking forward to the sting of the crop more than she had almost anything.

Bob slowly began to walk around her, swishing the crop from side to side. Occasionally he would reach out with the crop to slide the smooth leather tip across some sensitive part of her skin or to give a small snap against her back, side, or bottom. As she jerked to each touch her breathing increased and she began to squirm at the increasing heat concentrating between her legs. Stopping along side her, Bob raised the crop and suddenly brought it down in a fast arc, the thin, flexible shaft landing across the fabric covering her taut bottom.

Ellen screamed. Bob hesitated long enough to assure himself that the scream was one of release rather than pain. When he saw that Ellen looked eager for another stroke, he delivered it. And another four. Then he stopped and reached for the zipper on the side of her shorts. He released the button at the waist band and slowly pulled the zipper down. He lowered the cutoffs to her ankles. He stopped there long enough to remove her hiking boots and then the shorts. Ellen was left with her slender five foot six frame stretched even more tightly and covered only by a skimpy pair of high cut light blue panties. Bob moved up to her again and let his hand caress her ass and then across her straining nipples and was rewarded with a moan. He hooked both thumbs into the waistband of her panties and slowly lowered them, placing them aside with her other clothing.

Bob stood back and looked at the lovely girl. Ellen had well toned muscles and no excess fat at all, but she wasn’t all bones and sharp corners like some girls. Her curves were well defined and nicely proportioned from the firm, rounded hemispheres of her breasts, to her narrow waist, and back to the slightly rounded shape of her hips before they narrowed into long, slender legs. Her bright blue eyes shone with lust and her shoulder length hair, honey blonde slightly streaked with lighter sun bleached strands, hung down to below her shoulders. Bob could see her excitement, her squirming against her bonds, her hard and extended nipples, and the trail of moisture seeping down her legs. Across her ass were six light pink streaks from the earlier strokes of the crop.

Bob raised the crop in front of her face. Ellen stared at it and then gave a slight nod, indicating she wanted to continue their game. Bob suddenly brought the crop across her rear, this time leaving a red line crossing both cheeks. Ellen cried out but immediately arched her ass back out for another stroke. Bob delivered this one slightly below the first with a similar result. Twice more he added horizontal stripes and then a hard diagonal from the top of her left buttock to the bottom of the right, just above the crease where her thigh began. This one must have really stung because Ellen screamed at the stroke. Bob waited a couple of seconds, but there was no safeword so he raised the crop and this time brought it down in a horizontal line across the tops of both of her breasts. Ellen screamed again and jerked and strained against her bound wrists. A second stroke added a line to the bottom of both globes. Finally Bob added a third, letting the soft leather loop at the end of the crop snap directly against her right nipple while the flexible, leather encased shaft stung her left.

When Ellen’s cry died he asked, “Well, Lady Ellen, have you learned humility? Are you ready to accede to my wishes and call me Lord?”

Ellen tried to control her breathing. “Never! I am a high born lady. You may be able to beat me, but you can not make me want you.” She almost added “you Cad,” but decided she couldn’t do that with a straight face.

Bob gave her his best arrogant smile. “We will see, My Lady. We will see.” He placed the crop on the table. Then he removed his own shirt and boots and moved up in front of her. His hands glided over her taut breasts, fanning across her straining nipples, and brought another moan. Pulling her tightly against his chest he kissed her deeply again and then stepped back leaving her twisting in frustration.

He went back over to his pack and dug out some other items. When he turned back towards Ellen and she could see what he had in his hand, she froze, staring intently. Bob was carrying a cat of nine tails. At least that’s what Ellen thought it looked like. It had a smooth and polished wood handle, about a foot long and a number of leather lashes – she guessed it would be nine – each about thirty inches in length. The lashes came together and were attached firmly to the end of the handle. Bob approached and pulled the whip so the leather tails trailed across her sensitive nipples and the smooth skin of her breasts. He continued to move it, dragging the lashes over her bare shoulders, across her back, and then down across her taut ass. The leather felt soft, but heavy enough Ellen expected it would really sting.

Her breathing had speeded up and become shallow once again when she noticed the other items Bob held in his other hand: two spring clothes pins. She guessed their purpose just as Bob let the first one close on her left nipple. The sudden pain seemed to go directly to her crotch and as he placed the mate on her right nipple the new pain only increased her excitement. Then Bob stood back and a second later the lashes of the cat landed in a series of hot lines across her bare ass.

Bob continued to whip her. He increased the strength of the strokes until Ellen was crying out loudly at each, but still arching her rear for the next. Then he began to move the target. The lashes fell on her thighs, her exposed flanks, her stomach. He let some slightly lighter strokes strike her pinned tits and even placed a few directly onto her pussy. Ellen had shaved pubes, so no hair cushioned the blows and the stinging strikes produced incredible effects. One lash bisected her pussy and snapped directly against her clit. Ellen screamed and began to contort in orgasm as Bob switched targets again and continued to severely beat her already red ass.

As Ellen began to come down slightly Bob said, “Now, Lady Ellen, Now I’ll have you.”

“Yes! Yes, Lord Robert. Fuck me, My Lord. Fuck me hard.”

Bob released the rope holding the young woman’s arms over her head. He removed the pins from her nipples, bringing gasps as the blood returned, and then pulled her into a tight embrace. Then he picked her up and carried her over to one of the beds. Laying her down on her back he moved her still bound hands above her head. Using a short piece of rope he bound them to the bedframe. Then he stood and released the waist of his own shorts. As he pulled them off Ellen saw that his cock was sticking straight out as long and hard as she had ever seen it. She licked her lips and her hips gave an involuntary twitch in anticipation. Bob moved onto the bed.

Kneeling between her legs, he bent forward and sucked hard on her left nipple. Ellen arched her back and gave a small cry. He repeated with her right nipple with similar results. For another minute he licked and sucked at her swollen nipples and then moved his tongue downwards. He licked across her taut stomach and swirled it around her belly button and then trailed it down to her hot and wet slit. Ellen strained against the rope and arched her hips trying to get his tongue in deeper as Bob flicked it across her hard nub and in and out of her dripping slit. Finally he moved above her and brought his cock to her damp entrance. He pushed against her and she was so wet he slid right inside.

For several minutes Bob fucked her in hard, fast strokes as Ellen came twice more. Finally he could hold back no more and exploded, sending spurt after spurt into her convulsing body.

They lay tangled together, their breathing slowly returning to normal. At last Ellen said, “Well, My Lord, do you feel that I am now sufficiently chastised?”

“I have hardly started Lady Ellen. By tomorrow you may be sufficiently punished for your behavior, but not yet by any means. And remember I told you I would have all of your virginities.”

Ellen shivered in delightful anticipation. Then she lowered her eyes and in a small voice said, “As you will, My Lord. But does my punishment including starving?”

“Oh, I intend to find something for you to eat, My Lady. But I assume you are speaking of food.” Then Bob broke the role and said, “I guess it is getting to be time for dinner.” He kissed Ellen again and then unfastened her wrists and removed the cuffs.

They stood and she put her arms around his neck. She gave him a long kiss, moved her tongue up towards his ear, and whispered, “That was really hot. I’m looking forward to the rest of it.”

When they broke the embrace Bob picked up his cutoffs but didn’t bother with shirt or underwear. He reached into the pack and pulled out a pair of light camp shoes. Ellen was pulling on her own cutoffs and camp shoes when Bob unbarred the door and opened once more. He stepped outside, but came right back and went to blow out the candles. “It’s still quite warm out there. I don’t think I want a shirt on now.”

A mischievous look came over Ellen’s face. “Maybe I’ll just skip one, too.”

Bob looked over at her and grinned. “I’d like that.” Then he added in a tone implying a dare, “That is, if you have the nerve.”

Ellen’s eyes flashed and she tossed the shirt she was holding over the back of a chair and followed him outside.

The couple had brought steaks and soon they had a small fire going between two rocks. When it had produced a bed of coals, Bob added a small backpacking grill between the rocks and Ellen placed the meat on the stainless bars. Since they were only coming overnight weight wasn’t a real problem and they had brought a bag of salad and some hard rolls to make a meal.

While the food was cooking Bob enjoyed the view – of the landscape, but more so of Ellen, still bare from the waist up. The air was warm but either it was cool enough or her thoughts were hot enough to keep her nipples hard and protruding. Bob took several opportunities to brush over them with his palms or to cup her breasts from behind. They spread a ground cloth and ate sitting side by side. When they had finished and burned any garbage Bob remarked, “Another advantage of the tower is that we don’t have to hang the food. If the Indians or King George’s men couldn’t get inside, neither could a black bear.”

By the time they had cleaned everything up, the sun was going down and they sat, Ellen on Bob’s lap, watching the evening shadows engulf the countryside. When at last they stood. Bob suggested that they make a trip to the “bathroom” and they headed over to the edge of the trees before returning to the tower.

Ellen lit the candles again as Bob once more barred the door. “Well, My Lady,” Bob said, returning to their game, “I think it is time that that pretty mouth of yours tasted dessert.”

Ellen put on a horror stricken look and pleaded, “No, My Lord, not that.”

“Yes, My Lady. I see you still have not learned sufficient respect for your lord.”

He reached for her wrists and soon had the leather cuffs back in place and joined together. He stuffed several things in a cloth bag and took out a small, wind proof candle lantern. He pulled her to her feet and said, “You are overdressed, Lady Ellen. I prefer your natural charms.” As she pretended to draw back he quickly “forced” the removal of her shorts and shoes, leaving her once more completely naked.

He kicked off his own shoes and the two of them felt the cool stone beneath their bare feet as he took her arm and moved her up the stairs to the roof. As they emerged onto the roof, Bob looked around. When they had been up here earlier he had seen a bench, made from a split and smoothed log and four short pole legs, which someone had dragged all the way to the roof, supposedly for sitting on and watching the view. Now he had a different use in mind.

He moved it to the center of the open roof and brought Ellen over to sit on one end, her legs astride the bench. She was facing the end and he helped her to lie back on the smoothed surface. Using some short pieces of soft rope from his bag he bound her ankles on either side of the bench, leaving her open and exposed. Then he released her hands from each other and refastened them to the other end of the bench on either side. Now, Ellen was lying on her back, legs open, her pussy fully exposed, and her bound wrists stretching her body taut. She was already aroused, her nipples sticking out in hardened points and her pussy soaking.

Bob stepped out of his shorts, his hard cock springing free, and approached the bound girl. It had grown dark but a nearly full moon now spread a silvery light over everything. It reflected from Ellen’s pale hair and light skin, making her almost seem to glow. In fact it was so light that Bob blew out the candle they had used to light their way up. Bob stood over her looking down. “Now, Lady Ellen, I will introduce you to oral pleasures.”

Ellen turned her head back and forth and strained against her bonds in mock fear. “No, No, My Lord. I don’t want that.”

“It’s time you learned it makes no difference what you want, Lady Ellen. What I want is what is important.” He knelt at the end of the bench between her knees and brought his mouth to her dripping pussy. Ellen sucked in her breath as his tongue slid, almost too lightly to feel, across her shaven mound. Bob continued his exploration, licking everywhere, sometimes plunging his tongue inside Ellen’s slit, sometime sucking and pulling at her clit with his lips. He let his finger reach upwards and roll her hard nipples, adding to her excitement.

For almost a half hour Bob continued to drive Ellen up the walls with his attentions. By the time she had come four times and seemed to be wearing down, Bob had become too aroused to continue anyway. He rose and moved around to Ellen’s head. “Now it is your turn, Lady,” he said.

Despite her real wishes Ellen tried to keep up their game. She twisted her head back and forth. “No. I will not.”

Bob desperately wanted to come, but brought himself under control. At last he moved to get something from the bag of toys and, returning to stand with his legs on either side of her head, said, “You will, My Lady. You will. It only remains to see how much you will hurt first.”

He held up the object he had retrieved for Ellen to see in the moonlight. Ellen stared wide eyed at the cat she had felt earlier and licked her lips. Bob raised it and brought the tails down on the inside of her right thigh with a slap. Ellen shuddered, but didn’t cry out. Bob began to whip her. He struck the insides of both thighs. He lashed her stomach and breasts, letting the tails bite her engorged nipples. He wrapped the strokes around her hips to sting the sides of her ass.

Ellen was reacting to the whipping, sometimes crying out and always becoming more excited. At last Bob targeted her open slit and brought the tails directly down on the exposed area, bringing a cry and starting Ellen into another orgasm. He moved so his cock was over her mouth and ordered, “Now, Lady. Take my manhood and enjoy it. And do not spill a drop.”

Ellen opened her mouth and her tongue shot out to begin licking his hard shaft, teasing the small hole with its tip. Soon she was sucking his member into her mouth, lathing the shaft and head with her tongue as Bob came nearer and near to climax. Several times he used the whip to urge her on and she responded with enthusiasm. When Bob finally exploded, shooting spurt after spurt down her throat, Ellen sucked and succeeded in getting it all.

When they calmed, Bob released her from the bench and she gave him a tight hug and a “full body kiss.” “That was wonderful, Lord Robert,” she said.

“It is, isn’t it, My Lady? Nectar of the gods and goddesses. Now I think you should rest some. There is still much night and I still have one of your defenses to breech.” He took her hand and led her back down the stairs to the second level room. “I think we will stay here tonight,” he said. Wait and I’ll be right back.”

Bob descended the steps and returned in a minute with the sleeping bags. Instead of zipping them together he spread one of them on one of the beds after wiping the dust off of the plastic covered pad. He checked that Ellen’s wrist cuffs were not too tight then had her lie face down on the bag. He used a couple of short pieces of rope to tie her cuffs to the corners of the bed, not too tightly, but enough to hold her arms spread. Then he used some soft rope to loosely fasten her ankles about two feet apart to the foot. He blew out the candle and climbed on the bed beside her, pulling the second bag over them both.

By now it was after eleven and both of the young people were tired from the hike and their strenuous sexual activities, so it wasn’t really surprising when both fell quickly asleep, Bob’s open hand resting on Ellen’s ass cheek.

Sometime later Bob awoke. It was still night and moonlight was now pouring almost directly through the western window. Bob awoke aroused and immediately noticed his cock was hard and erect. He let his hand slide over Ellen’s ass and the girl moaned softly before coming awake. Ellen evidently awoke aroused also. As she became aware of Bob’s hand grazing her sensitive skin she immediately began to squirm. For several minutes he continued to stroke her, letting his fingers trail up and down her slit, bringing dampness and increased squirming. Ellen was becoming more and more aroused. Finally she said, “Please, Lord Robert, take me.”

Bob was amazed how she could come awake from a sound sleep and go immediately back into their game. But he certainly didn’t object. “Just what do you mean, My Lady?” he asked.

Ellen was getting hot. “Fuck me. Fuck me, Lord Robert. Hard and deep.”

“Such language for a ‘high born lady’. But, yes, I will take you. You remember I still have one more virginity to remove.”

Despite her arousal Ellen played her role. “No! I will not have that. Leave me that, Lord Robert.”

“I will not. I said I would have them all and I will. And you will beg for it” With that he stood and pulled off the top sleeping bag. He rolled the bag and stuffed it under her hips and then busied himself in tightening her bonds until Ellen was stretched taut, spread eagled, her ass raised and inviting.

All the time she was taunting him. “Never! I will never beg you. There is no way you can make me, no matter what you do.”

Bob stood back and looked at the lovely young woman, tightly tied in the pale moonlight. He picked up the cat and slowly dragged the leather lashes from her shoulders, down her back, over her tight ass, and on down the insides of her legs. Several times he repeated this and soon Ellen was straining against her bonds and breathing in short gasps. He laid the cat aside and began to let his hand slide over the tight mounds of her bare ass. Suddenly his hand moved away, but came back a second later, cool and slippery with vaseline. He touched her anus and began to spread the slick substance around and around. His finger pressed against her tight opening and slipped inside, spreading the grease as it went. He twisted it around and around as he moved it in and out, lubricating her anus and raising her to new heights of excitement. Then Ellen suddenly felt something press against her swollen virginal lips as one of their small vibrators made its way into her wet tunnel. Bob touched the switch and the vibrations drove her nearly beyond reason.

Then he suddenly stepped back and a second later the leather tails struck her rear with a force greater than any of the earlier whipping. Ellen screamed as the whip descended once again. By the time Bob had delivered six strokes she was starting to come and cried out, “Yes! Yes, Lord Robert. Fuck my ass. Please fuck my ass.”

Bob dropped the whip and a second later he was on the bed behind her, his slickened member pressing against her anus as she tried to push back to meet him. He kept up a steady pressure and quickly slid inside. Ellen was so excited, her ring of muscle so ready, that he was able to sink to his full depth in a single slow thrust. Bob held himself there for a few seconds as Ellen continued to shudder in the throws of orgasm and then started to move out and back in. The excited woman went from one climax almost directly into another and then another before Bob tensed and began to shoot his load into her bowels.

He remained inside her rear while he softened and their breathing returned more towards normal. Bob reached under her and switched off the vibrator before letting it slide out. When at last he pulled his softened cock from her rear Ellen let out a sign and said, “I am yours, Lord Robert, to use whenever and however you want.”

Bob began to loosen her bonds and removed the rolled sleeping bag. He left her loosely tethered to the bed and, pulling the bag up over them, snuggled next to her and replied, “And I am yours, Lady Ellen.” Within two minutes both had fallen back asleep.

When next they awoke it was full morning, the sun shining through the eastern window. Bob released Ellen from the cuffs and ties and the couple headed back down the stairs to the lower room. “I think I need to make a trip to the big green and brown bathroom,” Ellen said, indicating the line of trees outside.

“Me, too,” Bob answered, removing the bar and opening the door.

Their camp shoes were next to the door but Bob realized he had left both their shorts in the room above. He said as much and started towards the stairs when Ellen said, “Don’t bother.” Bob looked at her and she grinned at him. “Come on, Lover, what’s a little walk naked?” Bob grinned back and put his arm around her waist and the couple made their way over to the trees.

They came back and fixed breakfast without bothering to get dressed and a while later made love in the sunshine on the ground cloth. They spent most of the morning lying naked in the sun, sometimes necking, sometimes just casually feeling each other.

After lunch they began to get their things packed for the return trip. They had everything together when Ellen suddenly turned to Bob and said, “Lord Robert, I know I have learned my lesson but I fear I might forget. Before we leave this place I think I need another lesson from the cat.”

Bob turned towards her and smiled. “I expect you’re right, Lady Ellen. Give me your hands.” He put the cuffs back on her wrists and soon Ellen was once more stretched from a ceiling beam. This time he used two more pieces of rope to tie her legs spread open and three feet apart. For twenty minutes he used his hands and mouth to tease and excite her, finally putting the clothes pins back on her tits and pushing the vibrator deeply into her rectum. Then he began to flog the lovely girl.

Ellen was then fully aroused and reveled in the sharp pain of every stroke. Bob increased the force of his blows and soon each was leaving red lines on the increasingly red skin. He moved his strokes, striking her everywhere between shoulders and ankles, even including her pinched breasts. Ellen was loving all of it and when he brought the whip up between her spread legs from behind, the tails slapping her clit, she screamed and started to climax. Bob took this as his signal and dropped the whip to push his hard cock into her from behind, his hands reaching around to squeeze and torment her sensitive tits. He quickly came but held tightly to Ellen until the girl had come twice more herself.

Shortly later, now dressed and their packs in place, Bob firmly closed the door. Before they entered the woods they stopped and looked back to the stone tower. “Well, was it worth the climb?” Bob asked.

“Definitely,” Ellen answered “Bob I loved every second of it. I think I’ve learned some things about what I like – and I believe you have, too.” Bob nodded in agreement. “And I certainly think we should come back here some more. Maybe stay a little longer. I’m sure Lady Ellen could use it.”

Bob took her in his arms and kissed her long and deeply. “Yes, I believe Lord Robert would welcome that. I’m glad you liked it.”

They turned and started down the trail back to the car. Then from right behind him Bob heard Ellen say in a totally different voice, “And, Robert, I’ll expect you to report to the headmistress’s office very soon. We must do something about your grades.”

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