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Dominated in Detention

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Sarah sat and looked out the wide, fourth floor window of her Geography classroom and frowned at the gathering gloom. It really was getting dark now that it was mid way through October and she gave a little shiver as she turned back to her class. What a strange day it had been. The Headmaster was away on holiday, the deputy head had been forced to go home early with severe stomach cramps and the janitor was on his annual leave, so here she was with the keys to the school and when this after school detention period was over she would check the building out and lock it up for the night.

She had done it before a couple of times and it hadn’t bothered her previously but something today was nagging at her and she had a vague feeling of apprehension. She was forced from her thoughts by a loud bang and a cackle of laughter from the kids before her and she fixed her dark eyes upon them trying to exert some authority.

Actually, they were a rotten bunch she was stuck with and she viewed them contemptuously. There were seven of them tonight, three girls and four lads – the usual suspects. Sarah wondered why they even bothered coming to school, they were all over eighteen and of an age where they could leave but they still came, caused trouble, picked fights, smoked, were unruly and just made everybody’s life that bit more miserable. This detention was week long and as it was Monday she would be stuck with them for the rest of the week, not a task she relished. Their crime this week had been particularly horrid, the systematic bullying of some second year kids and extorting their dinner money with menaces.

“Keep it down!” snapped the pretty teacher.

“I’d keep it up for you Miss Price!”

This last remark, smartly made by the undoubted ringleader Lee Tunstall, a detestable thug with spiked hair, wearing a tracksuit, trainers and sickening grin. His cocky eyes stared at Sarah, drinking in her long dark hair (newly styled that lunchtime), her perfect clear complexion, her dark brown eyes, her smart white blouse and knee length tan suede skirt and black boots ensemble that made her look so feminine. At 26 she was easily the best looking teacher in the school and most of her male pupils had a crush on her. Which Sarah found touching and amusing in equal measures (and though she’d never admit it openly, thrilling for some of the older ones). But not Lee Tunstall, he was a cocky little thug in her eyes and him making a comment like that to her almost made her sick. And she wasn’t about to let him away with it, not when all his pathetic cronies were smirking and giggling about it. So she very deliberately pushed her chair back with a loud scrapping noise that silenced the giggles and stood at her full height (boosted by 4″ heels) and marched down the aisle to stand by Lee’s desk. As she made her way down she was struck by the silence throughout the school and the possible ways this could backfire but she had always been of the opinion that she should face down any unruly pupil and try to show them up.

“Stand up Lee.”

Hands in pockets, his permanent smirk irritating Sarah beyond belief. God he was a cocky little shit. She decided she’d really enjoy taking him down a cog or two.

“What did you say Lee? Come on, stand up and tell everybody, don’t keep it to yourself.”

If she had thought he was going to be in any way shamed by her request then she was swiftly proved wrong. The arrogant little prick fired back.

“I said Miss, that I thought a hot babe like you would keep me up.”

At that comment Sarah really lost her composure and was desperate to put this little shit in his place. The fact was Sarah was a hot babe, she was proud of the fact and liked nothing more than randy young men fancying her and unbeknownst to anyone at the school (colleagues, parents or pupils) most of her weekends and week nights were spent cruising bars and clubs and even the internet to meet guys for no strings sex. It was her addiction, her rapture, but at school she was straight laced Miss Price and intended to stay that way.

“I can only imagine that a little boy like you could never satisfy anyone and that is why you make such pathetic claims. You obviously don’t measure up (at this she made a gesture with her thumb and index finger between about an inch apart) and need to mouth off to hide your inadequacies. Now sit down and keep quiet or you’ll be in real trouble.”

Sarah turned on her heel swiftly and marched back towards her large oak desk. She knew she should never have made personal comments in her put down but hadn’t been able to stop herself and indeed having said them and momentarily wiping the smug grin from Lee’s face she didn’t really regret them. Really she had no desire to report him further to the Headmaster as that would just become a “he said, she said” argument that no doubt his friends would back him up in.

But before she had made it back to her desk she heard the sound of a chair scraping backwards and feet thundering behind her. A hand grabbed her neck from behind and tightened on it and as she made to voice her complaint it forced her head down and onto the surface of her desk. The hand gripped the nape of her thin neck so tightly that for one panicked moment she thought it would break, but as it held her face down on the surface of the desk she realised that wasn’t going to happen. Sarah tried to move her head to the side and look behind her to speak desperately to her attacker – it had to be Lee. That was confirmed when almost otherworldly voice hissed evilly at her ear.

“I’ll show you Teach! I’ll show you exactly how I measure up!”

Despite his hand holding her down she managed to turn her face to the side and make a plea to the others on detention.

“Get off! Help me. You’re in so much trouble. Get off me you little shit!”

But the other pupils just sat there, their faces registering varying degrees of surprise and shock or even, she realised with horror, enjoyment at what they were seeing. She reached back with her hands and tried to grab onto Lee or do something to get him off her, but it was futile. He was too strong, despite his relatively small stature and he used his other hand to swat her hand away and tighten his grip at her neck.

“No you fucking don’t! You’re going to get it Bitch, you’ll see whether I ‘measure’ up or not!”

Sarah’s blood ran cold as she felt his rough hand haul up the hem of her skirt and she felt her ass flesh turn to gooseflesh. Worse, she heard hoots of encouragement from the other pupils, including the girls! But Lee didn’t need any guidance and the sight of her beautiful ass cheeks was turning him on even more than the power he had over her. His teenage finger crept between the tight cleft of her ass cheeks and latched onto the thin line of fabric that was the black thong she had worn under her skirt. At first she thought he was trying to pull it aside her underwear but as his fingers fastened around it she realised that he was ripping it off and with a terrible wrench he did just that. She gave a little sob and blinked back tears as he smashed his hand onto the desk top beside her and she stared at the tattered remains of her thong.

This couldn’t be happening! Not to her, she had always been in control of sex. Confident and demanding and men did as she told them when and how she told them She was the instigator. Always!

But that had all gone now as she lay there, powerless and weak under the boy, cringing as his fingers probed her pussy and ass roughly. Maybe she could fight back, thrash out, lash out, fight her way out of this but her confidence was gone, she could sense the boys power, over her and the others and he could sense her weakness. She just lay there, bent over the desk waiting. And in an instant that seemed to stay silent for an eternity she heard the blood curdling noise of a zipper being yanked down behind her. And the grim realisation that her own body was in some way excited.

That noise suddenly seemed to galvanise her and she assessed the situation she found herself in and began to scream for help at the top of her voice. She didn’t want this. It didn’t last long though, Lee’s hand tightened around her long hair and pushed her face harder into the wood and barked at his classmates.

“Hey one of you guys get up her on the far side of the desk and stick something in this Bitch’s mouth. Yeah Danny, you’ll do, gag the slut!”

She had known the scream for help was useless, there was no-one around who would hear it, but had had to do it anyway but as she watched the dark haired kid strut in front of her and lower his own zip she dropped her eyes and accepted defeat If the others were willing to let this happen she was screwed, her taut arms relaxed and she accepted her fate.

The boy in front of her was Danny Williamson, Sarah had actually thought he was the best of the bad bunch at the detention but when she squirmed her head to look up into his eyes and make a silent plea to him with them she only saw lust painted on his face and didn’t waste her time speaking to him as he hooked his fingers into her mouth and prised her jaw open.

“You bite and I’ll smash every single tooth out, I promise” , he warned, but he needn’t have spoken, she was going to do what they demanded.

Submissively, she opened her mouth herself when his fingertips left her and he smiled and took his sizeable cock in his hand and waggled it at her from mere inches away. She shut her eyes to hide from what she was doing but seconds later they flew wide open as she felt a cock push into her from behind.

“Damn you’re tight bitch, you ever dome it before?” shouted Lee to a chorus of laughs and catcalls from the others. And then the cock in front of her was shoved forwards and it slid deep into her mouth.

For a moment Sarah lost it and closed her eyes not believing this was happening to her, how could these teenage thugs hope to ever get away with this? It was madness. But she quickly realised that thinking like that was not going to do her any good and she felt her body slowly slide across the desk as Lee entered her pussy from behind and drive his cock home. He was well endowed and Sarah felt his cock fill her like no cock before in her life and she immediately reflected that her comments about his manhood had not only been a huge mistake but clearly incorrect. But the penis in her mouth was hardly small either and Danny seemed intent on seeing how much of his member that he could fit in her small mouth. He just kept grunting and shoving his cock forward, which was uncomfortable with his friend ramming into her from behind.

Sarah got a good smell of the sweaty balls that were at that moment slapping hard on her chin and screwed her eyes shut at the sour smell, she only wished she could close her nostrils too. Then when she couldn’t believe things could get any worse Cynthia Coldthorpe sidled up to the desk and stood beside Danny and squatted to her knees and stared right into Sarah’s face and slapped her cheek and demanded she open her eyes. Reluctantly , Sarah did as told and was horrified to see the slutty blonde, with spiky hair holding a sharp pair of scissors in her hands and closing them inches from her teachers face.

Sarah had had a couple of run-ins previously with Cynthia. Once in her Geography class when she had started swearing at Sarah and Sarah had reported her to the Headmaster and once previously when Sarah had broken up a fight between Cynthia and another girl in which Cynthia was dishing out a brutal beating. It was little secret that neither liked each other and both couldn’t wait until Cynthia left school. All this flashed through Sarah’s head as the girl maniacally snapped the scissor blades getting closer and closer to Sarah’s face while the pretty teacher was spit roasted on two of her pupils fat cocks.

“That’s it guys pump the bitch with your dicks, I bet it’s the only cock the frigid bitch gets (not true at all as Sarah had more than her fair share away from school!).”

Then Cynthia snapped the scissors closed dramatically right above Sarah’s eyes and she watched in dismay as a tuft of her so carefully maintained fringe was cut and drifted down to rest on Danny’s crotch as it continued to pulse into her mouth. Cynthia laughed like a mad person and called for the other girl, Julie Short, to help her cut Sarah’s clothes from her body. Julie was short and fat and had black hair and joined in with glee as Cynthia got onto the desk and began hacking the blades into the expensive material of Sarah’s blouse.

Strangely, this newest act was the one that really fired Sarah to try and fight back, to thrash her arms and legs to try and escape the two boys bodies that pinned her from both ends. Maybe it was because it was Cynthia, who in reality she loathed, that was having her way her and stripping her of her clothes and dignity. But in effect her efforts were futile, more so when two of the other guys stepped up and grabbed her arms and held onto them, allowing their fellow detention classmates to continue their fucking. The others were waiting for Lee and Danny to finish off so they could get their chance, the whole room buzzed with an uncontrollable atmosphere of danger and sex and there was nothing for Sarah to do but lie there and take what was given to her.

Cynthia cackled incessantly as she cut Sarah’s clothes from her body and the boys enjoyed each sight of Sarah’s beautiful pale flesh as it was slowly exposed until finally her blouse, bra, skirt and stockings had been shorn from her body. By this point both boys fucking her were on the verge of cumming and Cynthia dropped off the desk to take a position right behind Lee fucking Sarah doggy style and added her body weight to his thrusts by leaning hard on his back as he pumped into her. Then she laughed and reached down to grab his testicles and fondle them which was too much for him and he exclaimed loudly as he fired a load of hot, sticky cum deep inside his teachers cunt. That acted as a trigger to Danny and he pulled his erect, sloppy cock from Sarah’s gasping mouth and held it as he fired three long streams of his cum in vertical lines on Sarah’s face. Sarah felt the thick sperm in her hair, on her nose, in her mouth and over her eyes. Things couldn’t get worse than this, she thought. Then she heard Cynthia announce.

“Lee push her right up over the desk, I’m gonna spank that ass!”

The boys hauled her higher onto the desk, she tried to struggle against it but that was useless as her arms were held tight into her sides. She was determined to show no signs of weakness to them, eager not to give them that satisfaction, at least. But as the thick cum splattered over much of her face slowly slid down her face she found it tough not to show her distress. She stifled a sob and made a further plea to the rest.

“Please stop this, I won’t report it.”

It fell on stone ears and they gathered round to watch as Cynthia took centre stage. She was like the cat that got the cream as she posed over Sarah’s creamy backside, her hand poised to strike and her voice dripping with mockery.

“Miss, you’ve been such a bad girl! Really, I think you need to be disciplined.”

Then with a giggle she smacked her hand down on Sarah’s exposed ass. Sarah bit her lip ignoring the trails of cum that ran over it, the spanks were hardly sore, more embarrassing really, that this young girl, a pupil she should be able to control was doing this to her. But the really strange thing was that as each blow connected and she felt her ass warm up she was feeling her body be more and more turned on by the treatment, the humiliation. And as she lay there, helpless, on her desk she was faced with an unspeakable truth that she was starting to enjoy this. Physically at least her body was reacting strangely to this treatment. Her mind may have been initially repulsed but something deep inside her was not and an illicit lust was being awoken. Maybe it was the same excitement that she had felt when she had been spanked as a child when she was naughty. She remembered how she had actually looked forward to those spankings, the way she had felt when she no longer had any control and was at the mercy of her step-father. Plus as nasty as it had been to be forcibly taken by Lee she had to actually admit he could use his dick well, those childish remarks she had made seemed even more foolish now. This onslaught of thoughts in her confused mind came to a sudden halt when Cynthia stopped striking Sarah’s bared ass and announced with incredulity and glee.

“Look at this boys, the bitch is loving it, she getting turned on!”

She tried to deny it, hoping that speaking the words out loud would convince herself of the fact that part of her wanted to be true and part of her knew was not.

“No! No. Get off me! Get out of here. Leave me alone.”

Cynthia took great pleasure in answering for the group.

“I don’t think so bitch, look at this (dipping her fingers in Sarah’s parted pussy lips), she’s dripping wet! And it’s not just your cum either Lee! And feel these nipple! Their hard like bullets! Damn straight she’s turned on. Aren’t you teach?”

Sarah opened her mouth to protest again but was cut off when Cynthia’s fingers pressed on and into her pussy and began to explore her slimy interior, her fingers stretching against Sarah’s pussy walls and slowly filling her up with more fingers until eventually they were all inside and slowly Cynthia balled them into a fist and pushed it inside the teacher. There was no mistaking that the groan that Sarah gave off was one of pleasure and exhilaration and as her hated pupil fisted her she began mocking her and goading her.

“You like that Miss Price? Of course you do you crosskicking slut. Come on tell everyone how you like what I’m doing to you. Tell them!”

It was too much for Sarah and she squealed and admitted.

“Yes! Yes! I love it, please give me more, please.”

Cynthia grinned like a Cheshire cat and pumped her hand deeper and harder.

“Good, now tell them you’re my bitch, tell them.”

Sarah was a mess of confusion but her body rather than her mind was winning and ignoring the problems she was opening up she cried out.

“Yes.. I’m… your… Bitch.. Cynthia”

That look on Cynthia’s face? Victory.

“And tell the boys you need more cock, in any hole.”


The sounds of more zippers being lowered seemed to indicate Sarah would get exactly what she wanted.

Cynthia fisted her for a a little time longer, giving the boys plenty more to get hard about. Then, with an audible ‘pop’ she pulled her hand from Sarah’s stretched pussy and held it up to the teachers face.

“Lick it clean, Bitch! Taste you and Lee’s juices! Yeah, that’s it slut, if you want more teenage cock, get licking!”

Sarah felt so dirty and nasty as she willingly extended her tongue and lapped at the proffered limb, her submission to this strong young woman now complete and clearly evident to the others.

Both Lee and Cynthia took a firm grip on either side of Sarah’s lustrous hair and jerked her forward and off the desk. Sarah hadn’t expected it and barely managed to prevent herself crashing hard on the wooden floor, just managing to soften the blow by getting her hands out to cushion some of it. Her dark eyes were shocked and looked up for a moment before having her attention taken by the three bobbing teenage cocks before her and those self same eyes widened in anticipation. If she had been a puppy herself her tail would have been wagging overtime!

Lee was more than conscious that she wanted it now but seemed to need the reassurance that he was in charge of proceedings and forcing the issue so he kept hold of her hair (while Cynthia released it) and pulled her head towards the waiting triumvirate of penises. Where to start? She didn’t contemplate for long as even without Lee’s guidance forward she swallowed down the pink shaft directly in front of her. Lee held her head in there and instigated her mouth moving from one to the next, aiming to orally satisfy all three at once as she took quick, gasping sucks at their cock then rapidly moved onto the next. Her dark gleaming eyes looked up into the guys own as she took them in her mouth one by one and she even failed to realise when Lee released his grip on her head until she heard him announce.

“Oh my God, what a fucking nympho!”

She was too far gone to argue or turn back and indeed even turned the edges of her filled mouth up in a smile at the comment. He was right, of course, and she was giving into it today even though she knew she shouldn’t, not at school. As if to prove his claim she took each cock in a throat stretching deep throat, that had each guy, one after the other ready to blow their load that quickly. Cynthia watched with annoyance that she was getting into it like this, it was so much better when she was reluctant. She stepped up and held up Sarah’s face under the chin and challenged the guys.

“C’mon splash this bitch’s face with your seed, cover her face, get her eyes, c’mon.”

On her knees and in the centre of three pulsing, hard cocks there wasn’t much Sarah could do but stay still and accept the hot splashes that assaulted her pretty faces from all angles, she felt it spark on her eyelids, shoot up her nostrils and pour over her pouting lips.

Time seemed to stop for a moment as the three satisfied guys used Sarah’s increasingly messed up hair to wipe their messy dicks clean. It fell strangely silent (you could hear the clock high on her taupe coloured back wall ticking away) in the classroom as she knelt there and felt the thick slime fall, treacle slowly over her lovely features. It wasn’t too unpleasant a sensation. Behind her Cynthia and Lee were deep in conversation as to their next move, their laughs suggesting they had more mayhem and humiliation in mind for the pretty young teacher. The thought excited her more; whatever self control she had over her sex crazed body was long since departed.

Cynthia almost skipped to the front of the room and stood over the Geography teacher. There was still nothing but mischief and malice on her face.

“Turn around bitch!” , she barked but gave Sarah little opportunity to do so of her own volition before putting her hand on Sarah’s head and pushing it around. Down the aisle was Lee, standing grinning at her again, his massive dick erect again and in his hand pointing at her. Good lord it looked inviting! He massaged the length of it and stared hard at Sarah.

“You want that bitch? You want that big, thick, cock buried deep in you? Of course you do! What else would a cock slut want? And to think you tried belittling it. Well if you want it again you’re going to have to earn it. Here you go, here’s your chalk, we want to watch you do some lines on your black board. So if you want that dick you can write one hundred times “MISS PRICE IS A COCK SUCKING SLUT.”

“Come on get started!”

And with that Cynthia dragged Sarah to her feet and pushed her toward the large rolling blackboard. She felt a million different emotions, further humiliation, anger, desire, confusion but mostly all consuming lust, and as the kids sat down and laughed at her and talked openly about their recent sexual antics with her body and automatically began to write her lines on the board. They could have told her to write anything and she would have written it for that cock.

As she wrote the boys would come up and cop a feel of her soft ass and give it a spank and a squeeze, the girls meanwhile had disappeared together minutes earlier, Sarah had thought that they had had enough and headed home. ‘Good’ she had thought, ‘only like boys anyway!’ But Cynthia and her crew were not gone yet, not by a long shot. They came giggling back into the room as Sarah continued her faster scrawling of her lines and from the corner of her eye she saw they were each carrying long objects in their hands. Her heart sunk as she recognised them as being hockey sticks.

They were the old style wooden sticks with a little hook at the striking end and Sarah moaned as she felt the old wood faces touch her bare backside and slowly rub over it. The three faces massaged her ass and she tried to concentrate on keeping writing but that was becoming more and more erratic and it ended as she felt the hook of one push it’s way into her pussy from behind. A hand gripped her hair tightly and Cynthia’s mocking voice again appeared at her ear.

“Come on Miss, that’s only 59 lines so far, you need 100 to get that cock. What’s the matter? Something distracting you?”

As she said this he pushed her stick head higher into Sarah’s pussy and Sarah stretched onto tip toes and wrote another line, gritting her teeth. Cynthia laughed and pulled her stick free to slap it against Sarah’s ass cheeks and said to the other two girls.

“Go on girls, lets not make it easier for the whore to get a second helping of Lee!”

Sarah was physically and emotionally a mess by this point. Her normally perfectly maintained dark hair was all over the place and her hair, face and breasts were splattered with rapidly drying cum. The pretty young teachers mind though was torn in all kinds of directions, she wanted to halt this to become the staid persona she had carefully created at the school and stop this assault on her. But she was shamed by her body, it craved more cock, more attention and it let her down again as she continued to try and finish her mock ‘lines’. The three hockey stick tips kept at her crotch, probing poking and making it so hard to write properly so that her writing was little more than a childish scribble on the blackboard, in stark comparison to her normal neat, bold writing. At last she finally wrote.


She leaned tired against the dusty blackboard as the teasing hockey sticks finally left her body to some peace for a moment. She was panting from her exertions, they may not have been too physical but in her state they had been enough.

“Hey look everyone! The Bitch is panting for Lee’s cock. She’s gasping for it!”

This comment from Cynthia (who else?) brought another round of laughter and demeaning comments about the teacher and when Sarah managed to turn her head she saw Lee standing at the back of the classroom his hard cock in his hand. Her eyes narrowed and focussed on it. As she stared at her future Cynthia came up close to her and in an instant had pulled off her own tie and looped it around Sarah’s neck. For a second, as the girl tightened it, she thought that the blonde would pull it too tight and choke her but no, she stopped at the last second and it hung neatly on her chest and separated her pert breasts with it’s red and blue stripes. It was a symbol that Sarah was no longer an authority figure to her or the others, just another weak person they could control as they saw fit.

“Well Bitch, if you’re panting for his cock, get down on your hands and knees and crawl over to it like the dog you are!”

Cynthia’s words matched by her actions of tugging her teacher unceremoniously to her knees and placing her foot on her head as Sarah sprawled forward. Sarah stared forward at Lee’s waiting cock and wondered if they weren’t right in some respects. She was an animal, why else would she be taking all this abuse and humiliation and still yearning and craving to feel his big cock in her on fire pussy. When she eventually made it to the cocky thug she looked up with wide, fluttering eyes and appealed to him.

“Can I…” as she lifted her mouth to his erection.

He nodded and she began to get it slick once again in preparation of taking it in her desperate pussy. She did not get long working her oral skills before her whirled her around and parted her legs from behind, pushing her head down with his hand. She was not happy to find that her face was being pressed hard into Cynthia’s hairy pussy as the girl had lain down behind her and she used her hands to keep Sarah’s head buried in her unkempt bush.

“Come on eat me out teach!”

That was not all that Sarah had not expected though as Lee did not guide his cock to Sarah’s expectant cunt, rather her peeled her ass cheeks apart and spat on them before sliding his big, cock to the entrance of her asshole and slowly sliding the full length inside his teachers ass. If her head had not been held and pressed into the girls, wet and frankly, foul pussy, Sarah would have moaned aloud . She had so needed that cock in her pussy and that was a denial she could not accept but she had tried anal sex with guys before and she did not really like it. And there she was taking a cock in her ass and licking pussy, two things she hated!

Cynthia made her extend her tongue and delve it deep into the girls private folds, the knowledge that she was giving head to the worst girl in the school a rotten feeling for her. At least the cock in her ass was starting to give her a little pleasure but how she wanted in in her pussy.

“Hey, let her up to breathe Cynthia! I’m gonna blow my load here!”

Suddenly the hands on Sarah’s head disappeared and she popped up her sense dimmed momentarily by the release of pressure and then she heard Lee grunt and exclaim behind her, shove forward and a warm fluid being spurted deep in her ass. He remained somewhat hard within her and continued to pump slowly into her ass before withdrawing his cock from her ass and demanding that she turn around and clean him off. She looked almost like a tired junkie as she swivelled around and without query took his cock into her mouth and sucked and licked it clean. As she did so the bell rang to mark the end of the detention period and all the kids but Lee and Cynthia exited, buzzing with what they had seen and done.

Lee pulled Sarah to her feet by the tie and looked deep into her eyes, his own blazing into her.

“Your our Bitch now, you’ll do as we say, when we say and how we say, or else…”

Sarah meekly nodded and dropped her eyes, unable to meet the strong minded boys gaze. He smiled and sat her down at one of the pupil’s desks and patted her cheek like a pet.

“And remember honey, this is just Monday, we’ve got detention all week…..”

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