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Zoe Takes Control

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This story was written a bit differently. I wanted to tell the story from all three perspectives, and do it in a unique way. Each break represents a change in perspective from one character to another, which will last through all but the last section of the story. This may seem weird at first, but read and you might begin to notice why I did it.

Tori struggled against the restraints. She had just woken up, last remembering walking into her bedroom at the apartment she shared with her sister Jill and their friend Zoe. She couldn’t see anything at the moment, but could tell that she wasn’t alone. She could hear somebody breathing in the room with her. As she gained awareness of her surroundings, she realized that her legs were spread eagle, tied to the bedposts with what felt like pantyhose. Her arms were also spread out and tied just the same. A blindfold was wrapped around her head, which also felt like nylons, and was a bit tight. Her mouth was forced open with what felt like a rubber ball. As she concentrated, she could feel the straps holding it in. She moved her lips a bit, and realized that the tightness around her face was in fact a stocking pulled down over her head. She struggled once more, and was relieved to find that she was wearing clothes. She wasn’t sure how long she had been out.

Suddenly, a muffled noise came from the direction of the breathing. What was going on?


Jill woke up to find herself in a position she wasn’t unfamiliar with. With her legs and arms spread out and tied to bedposts, she began to think she fell asleep by accident and her boyfriend Andy would let her go when they finished with their master and slave games. Then she remembered. Andy was out of town on business. So how did she get this way. As she moved about, she began to realize a few more things. They usually used leather straps, not nylon to tie themselves up. They also didn’t use ball gags, and they never used stockings to mask themselves. The blindfold was the only thing that was similar, as stockings were a bit more comfortable around the eyes. Suddenly, Jill was worried. What had happened? She let out a scream, but it was muffled by the gag.


Zoe straightened up. It seemed that her roommates were finally waking up. Overjoyed, she pulled the vibrator out of her vagina and turned it off. Standing up, she walked over to the mirror in hall and looked herself over. She was wearing her favorite outfit, a black opaque bodystocking that came all the way up to her neck. Underneath the sleeves she had put on some black stockings to glove her hands. It was crotchless for easy access, and besides that, only her head was exposed. Noticing that, she ran back to where she had been sitting and grabbed the black stocking on the floor. Pulling it over her head, she pulled the edge down and tucked it under the collar of the bodystocking. She grabbed the metallic vibrator she had been playing with, then walked to the table and grabbed a few other things, including the hard whip she had found among Jill’s stuff. Zoe then walked towards the room that Jill and Tori were in. She opened the door, turned on the light and walked inside.

Zoe watched as both girls reacted to the light with muffled noises and squirming. Jill was obviously more relaxed, being a bit more used to this from her games with Andy. Zoe walked over and whipped the bed between Tori’s legs, causing her to settle down. Jill quieted down too, having heard the whip. Zoe looked at Tori. Tori was still dressed in the blazer, blouse, skirt, and pantyhose she wore to work that day. Reaching forward, she grabbed hold of Tori’s left ankle and slid her hands along the nylon covered leg. She loved the feel of nylons, and leaned down to rub her face along Tori’s leg. She heard Tori whimper as she did this. Standing up, she put a hand on each of Tori’s legs and glided them up towards her waist, leaning forward until she was kneeling on the edge of the bed. Feeling around Tori’s skirt, she found the zipper and unzipped it. Pulling the skirt out from under Tori’s rear end, Zoe tossed it to the side.


Tori could only whimper as she felt her skirt being removed from her body. She didn’t know who this person was, but she had a sure feeling that tonight was going to be rough. Suddenly, she felt the person get off the bed. Were the rest of her clothes to be removed next? How else would this person violate her? Was it Zoe or Jill that provided the muffled scream earlier? Tori began to cry.


Jill could hear the whimpering coming from nearby. Could there be another person tied up here? She had heard the whip but didn’t feel anything. Was it Zoe or Tori that had been captured? At the moment, the captor seemed interested in the other person. She could hear the springs in the other bed, determining that the person had dragged another bed into whatever room she was in. Jill decided she wouldn’t cry. She couldn’t cry. Secretly, she had a fantasy that just something like this, without a second person tied up. She decided to play along. She began to struggle, bouncing her body in an attempt to gain attention to herself.

Suddenly she felt a hand on her leg and she stopped bouncing. A nylon covered hand she noticed, as the hand slid up her leg. She felt her shorts being unbuttoned and unzipped, though she wondered how they were going to be taken off. She didn’t wonder much longer as she felt them being pulled down a bit, allowing her captor room to reach in and feel around. She pulled her body down in a vain attempt to make her captor think she was fighting back. The hand pulled out from her shorts and began to travel to her belly. Two hands then began to pull her shirt up above her breasts, which coincidently, weren’t enclosed in a bra. She had taken it off earlier when she had done her laundry, along with her panties, and hadn’t put either back on. She didn’t mind. Her breasts, which the captor was beginning to massage, have drove men nuts since high school. It was her favorite feature on her body, and she enjoyed being a bit voyeuristic about them. Then, she felt her captor lean towards her. Suddenly, she heard a whisper.

“Your breasts are as wonderful as I imagined.”

With that, her nipples were pinched.


Zoe was impressed. She had seen both sisters in underwear before, but never less than that. Jill’s breasts had natural lift. They seemed perfect in every way. She wished her own slightly sagging breasts could achieve that.

Since realizing her interest wasn’t just in boys, she had left her controlling, and oftentimes jealous boyfriend. Her psychiatrist had suggested that she think about her relationship to her roommates after hearing Zoe talk about her increasing feelings towards BOTH of them. She doubted that her psychiatrist was expecting her to come back hearing about today. It wasn’t as if being bisexual appalled her, but she felt it was straining her relationships, and wanted help. After two days of thinking, she dreamed up what was going on right now. As she cupped Jill’s breasts in her hand, she wondered what both of them were thinking right now. Tori had to be scared, while Jill was probably wondering what was going on.


The whisper was too faint to try and match it to anyone she knew. That bugged Jill a bit, as she might enjoy this better if she knew who her captor was. Her only goal was to try and direct attention to herself. The more attention on her, the better for the other victim. While she enjoyed these kinds of games, the other person may be quite scared. Better that she keep the attention on herself. It wasn’t as if she wasn’t used to the attention. As her breasts were cupped, she gave a little moan of interest. She felt the hands rubbing around her breasts and playing with her nipples. In all honesty, the nylon felt good against her breasts. She made a mental note about that for when Andy got back. She usually thought of nylon as a more formal piece of clothing, and never really bothered with it unless at formal events. She continued with little whimpers and moans as her captor played with her breasts. Then the hands disappeared.


Hearing the moaning coming from nearby made Tori wonder if the other victim was Jill. It would make sense, as Jill enjoyed these kinds of sex games with Andy. Tori never cared for them, preferring normal sex with Lyle. That made her think. This couldn’t be Lyle for he was at work tonight, unless it was later than she thought. NO! It couldn’t be Lyle. She just couldn’t imagine him doing something like this. Maybe Andy, though he was away on a business trip. Of course, that could have been a lie. Both Andy and Jill played these games with each other. Who else could it be? She began to run through every guy she knew, and while a few of them have expressed interest in her, she couldn’t think of anybody who would even attempt this. She just hoped that one of her roommates would come home and discover what’s going on. Then maybe the cops could be called.

Suddenly, a hand touched her knee. She tried to kick before realizing her leg was still tied up. She began to struggle against the restraints. This wasn’t fun. Whoever this person was, he had a sick sense of humor. She now felt both hands sliding along her hips. She felt her blazer being opened before the hands began to unbutton her blouse. She began to cry again as the hands pulled apart her blouse and began to touch her breasts. A finger traced its way around her breasts, sliding under the hook on the front of her bra and unhooking it. Her breasts became exposed. She cried some more as the nylon covered hands played with her breasts. The stocking that was blindfolding her was becoming soaked as it absorbed her tears.

Suddenly the touching stopped. She began to settle down before feeling cold metal touch her waist. She felt a hand reach under her pantyhose and grip her thong, pulling it a bit tight. The metal slid under her pantyhose before her thong suddenly loosened. The metal pulled out, then slid under at a different point. Suddenly the grip her thong had on her was completely gone. The metal disappeared. Then she felt her thong moving. It took her a few seconds before she realized that her captor had cut the straps on her thong and was pulling it out. The thong slid by her butt before being completely removed. What was going on?


Zoe tossed the now useless thong to the side before laying down between Tori’s legs. She traced her finger along Tori’s thighs, before running it over her pantyhose encased pussy. She loved the feel of pussy, having spent many nights alone with herself. She could feel Tori quiver from the touch. Running her forefinger back and forth across the skin covering the clitoris, she began to rhythmically massage it. She wasn’t getting much more then a feeling of fear from Tori, who seemed to be trying her hardest to ignore the feeling. Moving her finger faster, Zoe leaned forward and began to lick Tori’s left thigh, moistening the pantyhose that were gripping them so seductively. Spending a short time there, she moved her tongue to the right thigh, while continuing her clitoral massage. It took ten minutes of licking and kissing Tori at various spots between her legs before the reactions of fear became reactions of pleasure. She began to smell the scent of Tori’s pleasurable release. She took a quick lick of Tori’s crotch and tasted a salty but sweet wetness. Suddenly, as quick as she had started…she stopped.


Tori was both relieved, and annoyed. She was happy that the torture on her was ending, and annoyed that whomever this was had not at least finished. It actually felt good. Yet, she also felt worried. Worried about the fact that she was starting to enjoy the treatment. Worried that if her captor was willing to do this, what else might he try to do?


Jill was beginning to wonder what was going on. It felt like an hour had gone by since she had felt anything. What was going on? Where was the captor? Then, out of nowhere, she felt the hands again. She felt more than hands as she felt a nose press against her belly. She felt wet nylon licking her stomach. She felt nylon hands teasing her stomach. She felt her shirt being pulled up to her neck. As she felt wet nylon licking her breasts, she felt something else too. Nylon breasts against her waist. Her captor was female!! Suddenly, her list of possible captors changed. It wasn’t Andy, at least this person wasn’t. It didn’t seem like there was more than one at the moment. She began to run through every girl that had expressed an interest in her recently, yet few of them knew where she lived. She could only thing of three girls, Angel, Jo, and Dominque. As her own breasts were being played with, she tried to imagine the breasts pressing against her body. The pleasure was overriding her senses. She was enjoying this, even though she hadn’t been that interested in girls. She moaned. She began grinding her hips with what movement she had. She was getting seriously turned on. Suddenly, it all stopped.


Zoe stood by the beds for a second. She wasn’t quite expecting such a quick turn of events, even from Jill, who seemed to be enjoying it all. Should she remove Jill’s gag? She began to bend over to do so when she stopped herself. She had to make sure it wasn’t a trick. She grabbed the vibrator from the dresser near the door. She wasn’t sure who to start with. Tori had been given some time to cool down, so Zoe walked over to her.


Tori felt something small touch her pussy. It was there for a second before she felt the buzzing. It took her brain a few seconds to attach the feeling to a vibrator. She began to worry. How far was this going to go? Then she jerked. It was being pushed against her clit. The pleasure was mixing with the fear and creating an extreme sense of euphoria. She mind said stop while her body craved more of this. Without thinking, her body pushed back. This was a new feeling. The pleasure was making Lyle seem like an amateur. A hand went down under her pantyhose. It pulled away the skin covering her clit. Suddenly the rapidly pulsing touch of the vibrator sent her body into waves of pleasure. She began to buck. Inside her pussy, she felt like she was loosing control. This wasn’t familiar to her. Her body began to tighten up. Then it all stopped. The vibrator was pulled away as the hand removed itself from her pantyhose. Her body was yelling for more, but the gag prevented her from yelling it. She whimpered and moaned, hoping her captor would finish. She felt the captor getting off her bed. She began to cry.


Zoe knew that Tori was under her control. Tori had probably never had a feeling like that before. Zoe knew Lyle. He just wasn’t the type of person who could give Tori what she needed. Zoe stood next to the bed and looked through her nylon veil, then turned and walked over to Jill. This wouldn’t take as long, but if it could work on Tori, then it would work on Jill. Zoe leaned over the side of the bed.


Jill knew what was coming. She could hear it all from where she was bound. She was expecting it when the vibrator pushed against her clit. She was expecting it when it slid inside. She wasn’t expecting to orgasm so quickly though. It took only a few minutes before she let her body release the buildup of pleasure. It was like the vibrator was on fire, burning the inner walls of her pussy. It was hitting all the right spots. With only a few strokes, she felt the tension leave her body, making her want to know who this person was, and how she could repay the favor. Her body went through several more bucks as the vibrator just sat inside her pussy, massaging her with its constant and unending motions. She wanted to just ram it into the deepest part of her body and let it stay there as long as possible. But her hands were tied. She felt her captor lean forward and kiss her pussy. She wanted to know who this girl was.


Zoe had been expecting it to take longer, but knew that she could safely let Jill join the activities. She moved forward and whispered into Jill’s ear. “I’m going to remove the gag. Is there going to be a problem?” She watched as Jill twisted her head no. Pulling the nylon mask up, she reached under Jill’s left ear, undid the strap and slowly removed the gag. Tossing it to the side, she undid the blindfold before pulling the mask back down and gave Jill a kiss. She felt Jill’s tongue trying to push through the nylon into her own mouth. Jill belonged to her now. Finishing the kiss, the looked at Jill and said, “Now, do you think I can remove the straps?”


Tori perked up. That sounded almost like a woman’s voice talking. She was confused. Could a woman have pleasured her so well? It made her feel both dirty and wonderful at the same time. Lyle wasn’t able to do that. Not even close. She wanted this to end, but deep down, she wanted more, and she wanted to meet this person who pleasured her so well, man or woman. She felt a hand touch her moist pantyhose. It ran up towards her belly. Her captor’s nylon hand ran up her body towards her breasts. She felt both her nipples being pinched. Then she felt tongue. It ran itself across her nipples. It felt like nylon. As she absorbed these feelings, it dawned on her that her captor was wearing nylon over their head too. She then felt lips pressed against her breast. She suddenly felt like a mother nursing her child, and it felt great. Then she felt a pair of hands grip her hips. A face buried itself between her legs. They were teaming up on her. She couldn’t control the ripples of pleasure cascading their way through her body. Her nipples felt hard as a rock and her pussy felt like exploding. The hands moved under her ass and pulled her closer to the mouth of the person licking her pussy. She wanted to scream out but all the came was a moan. She couldn’t control it any longer. Her body went through the most wonderful feeling she had ever felt as her pussy went through the throes of pleasure, ruining the pantyhose covering it as she provided fluid to whomever was down there. As her body jerked its way through the orgasm, all she could think is that she wanted more.


As Tori’s body went limp, Jill looked to her captor questioningly and pointed at Tori’s gag. With a yes nod from the woman in charge and a quick motion signaling the mask, Jill walked back to her bed, grabbed the stocking and quickly had her head encased in nylon again. The vibrator still running within her pussy made the walk a bit awkward, and by the time she got back over to her sister, she was already dribbling out another orgasm. She gripped one of the bedposts to help steady herself as her body began to relax. She reached over and lifted Tori’s mask enough to remove the gag. Tori took a deep breath and relaxed. Jill pulled the mask back down. Before Tori could say anything, Jill leaned forward and kissed her sister through the mask. Never had she ever dreamed that she might be engaging in such activity with her own sister, yet it made the situation seem strangely erotic. Her sister seemed to be enjoying it, even though she didn’t seem to know who she was kissing. Their tongues played against each other through the nylon wrapped around their heads.

The nylon made the kiss even more sensual, with the silky smooth feeling stretching across her lips. The wetness it was absorbing from their tongues made it grip her mouth even tighter. Never again would she insist on removing all her clothing before sex. After seeing her captor completely encased in the material, she now wondered what that felt like. It had to be wonderful. As she finished kissing Tori, Jill began to reach for the stockings that were tied to Tori’s wrist.



As Jill grabbed her ass and looked up, Zoe waved her finger back and forth, letting Jill know that it wasn’t time for that yet. She pulled the vibrator out of Jill’s pussy, much to Jill’s dismay. Then, she helped Jill climb onto the bed. Zoe began removing the stocking encasing Tori’s head, setting it next to her head. Zoe then repositioned Jill, placing her hands on the bed frame and forcing Jill to sit right above Tori’s face.

Zoe wanted to watch Tori do something naughty before she unveiled her completely. She could tell that Jill was enjoying this, and Tori’s body definitely enjoyed it, but she seemed unsure of herself. She watched as Tori leaned her head to the side in an effort to avoid Jill’s pussy. Jill quickly fixed that. When Tori resisted again, Zoe grabbed the stocking she had set aside and moved back between Tori’s legs. She slid the vibrator into the stocking and reached for Tori’s pantyhose, pulling it down to expose her pussy. Zoe then began to slide the vibrator inside. It was currently set on low, but Zoe quickly increased the speed to just past medium. After pushing it in halfway, she let go and pulled the pantyhose back up. Zoe then stood back and watched to see if it would have the effect she planned.


As the vibrator massaged her inner pussy, Tori could think of nothing but the person sitting on her face. She knew what they were trying to do. She knew that she didn’t want to do it. But every second she sat there smelling the pussy in her face and feeling the vibrator inside her own pussy was making her think about what it would taste like. It took only a few minutes before she opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out. It slowly extended to feel the spongy lips of the person on her face. They felt wet. She ran her tongue across it. It had a slightly salty taste to it, but she wanted more. She began to lick more furiously. Lifting her head up, she pressed her nose into something a bit harder than what her tongue was playing with. It took about a few seconds of moving her nose around to realize that she was pushing it into a clitoris. She ran her tongue between the pussy lips, then around one side, back up between them again, then around the other side. She repeated this over and over, each time rubbing her nose back and forth across the her rider’s clitoris. She felt some fingers against her tongue as they helped spread the pussy lips open. She pushed her tongue in as far as she could, which wasn’t far. She began to go in and out, in and out, with occasional licks up and down. She went down a little far on one occasional and found another hole. The person sitting on her wiggled as she ran her tongue across it.

Suddenly, the vibrator in her own pussy became more forceful. Whoever was down there increased the speed. As it worked its own magic on her, she became more forceful with her tongue. At the moment, she wanted control of her hands so she could control what she was doing more. She moved up a bit and began licking the person’s clit. That got some attention. She continued with that a while as the person above let some moans out between heavy breathing. She closed her lips around her tongue and began to suck one of the lips. She pulled it down as she released and repeated. She felt bad for enjoying this so much, but all she could think about was how else she could explore this person. As her own pussy began the quick descent into another orgasm, she could feel the person sitting on her coming close to one too. The person began to grind their pussy into her face as her tongue tried to get as much action as possible. Suddenly, her mouth was swamped with a sweet tasting drink as the person sitting on her released their emotions. It triggered its own reaction in her as she lost control and orgasmed herself. All she could do was try and get as much as she could into her mouth. She didn’t care who this was anymore, she just wanted more.


Zoe watched as Tori ravaged Jill’s orgasming pussy. At this point, no matter what she did, she had control of both of them. As Tori worked on Jill, Zoe got up and walked over to them. She reached down and untied the blindfold wrapped around Tori’s head. She watched as Tori looked over to her, her eyelids blinking as they adjusted to what light was in the room. As Tori’s eyes adjusted, a confused look appeared on her face. Confused by Zoe’s completely pantyhose encased body.

Zoe pointed at Jill. Tori looked up and tried to guess who it was. Jill slid down from her post, sliding her wet pussy against Tori’s naked body until she was laying on top of her. She leaned forward and kissed her sister, who responded in kind. Jill then removed the stocking that so elegantly encased her own head. Tori’s response was a mixed reaction as Jill leaned forward to kiss her again. Tori’s eyes were wide with a mixture of amazement and horror, while her mouth enjoyed the kiss.

Zoe began to untie the stockings from the bedposts, giving Tori control of her hands. Instead of pushing Jill away, Tori wrapped her arms around her and pulled her closer. Zoe watched as both of them explored each others mouths, an act generally considered unnatural for sisters to do. It was making Zoe even wetter. When they stopped kissing, Tori began to speak


Jill couldn’t believe her ears. She looked up to her captor for approval, who waved her off the bed. Jill got up and off the bed, watching, running what Tori said through her head. It just seemed so off the wall, coming from Tori. Tori, her normally goody two-shoes sister. The sister who usually scoffed at the games Jill would play with Andy. The sister who just gave her a wonderful orgasm. The sister who pulled her closer after realizing who she really was. The sister who just offered herself to her in every way. Suddenly a snapping noise brought Jill to attention. She looked over and saw her captor had climbed onto the bed and was now laying on top of Tori. A pantyhosed hand pointed to the end of the bed. With a nod, Jill walked over there, watching Tori run her hands over the nylon encased body. As Tori explored, she was trying to passionately kiss her too, still completely unaware of who her captor was.

Watching this, Jill decided that she wanted to enjoy the fun. She leaned forward onto the bed between their legs. She gripped the vibrator through the moist pantyhose, pulling it a little ways out of Tori’s pussy. As she began to slide it in and out, she leaned forward and began to lick her captor’s pussy. She did the same thing Tori did to her as she slid her tongue over every inch. She did this for several minutes before feeling a moistened reaction from her captor. As the two of them continued to explore each others’ bodies and kiss, Jill worked her hardest to bring them to climax fast. Tori reached that point first, unable to withstand the constant barrage of vibrations from the vibrator sliding in and out of her pussy. It took a few minutes longer for the mystery woman, but when she came, it was worth it, gushing out more than Jill would have though possible. She spent time cleaning up the mess with both of them, mixing juices for a wonderful taste.

After cleaning up the mess, or at least getting as much taste as she could, Jill pulled down the pantyhose enough to get the vibrator out. Standing up, she fixed the pantyhose before she began to undue Tori’s ankles. She didn’t get spanked this time. Tori’s left leg moved around a bit, stretching as Jill undid the other leg.


Tori wrapped her arms and legs around her captor and began to roll over. Now on top, she wanted to fully explore this newfound feeling. Her hands ran down her captor’s body, reaching her breasts. She felt around the encased mounds, pinching the abundantly aroused nipples before sliding her own body back a bit more. She felt the nylon as she rubbed her face across the breasts, her tongue now licking the area around the nipples. Her hands sliding up and down the sides of her captor’s body. She felt her pussy slide effortlessly against her captor’s thighs. The nylon against nylon feel was pleasurable to her pussy. Making sure her leg was positioned against her mystery master’s pussy, Tori began grinding against her body. Hearing a moan, she began to grind harder, leaning her head in to kiss this person again. Her tongue pressed against the nylon, feeling the pressure of a tongue pushing back. She felt her body building up for a third orgasm. Never had she felt this kind of pleasure. It was overwhelming her body’s own self control. As she continued to grind, she began kissing her benefactor’s face, feeling every part of it against her lips. She began to grind harder and faster. She just couldn’t stop.


Jill sat on the opposite bed, watching as her sister worked herself up to another orgasm with an unknown person. She sat there, sliding the stocking covered vibrator in and out of her own pussy. If she ever made love to Andy again, and at the moment that was a big maybe, she would insist on him wearing a stocking over his cock. Noticing Tori speeding her body up, Jill once again increased her own speed until the vibrator slid in and out in tune with Tori’s grinds.


As Zoe lay there, her leg being grinded on by Tori, she began to rethink whether she needed the mask on anymore. Her pussy was beginning to get moist again but she wouldn’t reach orgasm with the way Tori was moving. She could hear Jill off to the side playing with the vibrator as she once again felt Tori kissing her body. She did enjoy the way Tori kept playing with her breasts. Her nipples were as hard as steel from all the attention. As she felt Tori’s body tense up, she listened to another moan of pleasure. Sliding her hand down Tori’s body, she slipped it into Tori’s pantyhose and reached down to her pussy. She could feel the wetness as she began massaging her clitoris. Tori’s moaning became more sensual, mixed with long cries for more and faster. Zoe complied and soon, the rhythmic grinding began to slow down as Tori’s body proceeded to unload once more.

After massaging her through the orgasm, Zoe pulled her hand out. Using her other hand, she gripped Tori’s head by her jaw and pulled her face down towards her own. She then brought her soaked hand up and let the smell signal Tori’s senses into opening her mouth. Without further help, Tori quickly engulfed the tips of Zoe’s fingers in a violent display of tasting herself. She watched through the mask as Tori showed no evidence of her previously sexually stunted self, proving that no matter what happened now, both sisters were hers.


After her body relaxed, Tori climbed off of this mystery person and off the bed. She walked over to her sister Jill, who was cleaning off the vibrator with her mouth while gently fingering her pussy. She pulled the vibrator out of Jill’s mouth and leaned over, giving her sister a long kiss. As she finished, she climbed up onto the bed and sat down on her knees behind Jill. Reaching her arms around, she used one hand to help Jill masturbate while using the other hand to explore her breasts. As Jill leaned back against her, she rested her head on Jill’s shoulder, occasionally kissing it and Jill’s neck. She stopped kissing Jill and looked up as she heard the other person climb off of the other bed.


Zoe walked over to Jill, admiring how quickly Tori went over and began helping her sister play with herself. Getting down on her knees, she spread Jill’s legs apart. Sliding her hands up Jill’s legs, she stuck her tongue out against the nylon covering her face. Leaning forward, she began to lick Jill’s pussy. As she did this, she slid her hands under Jill’s legs, gripping the outer thighs, and pulling her legs tight against her head. She wanted Jill to fully feel her head as she motioned her tongue back and forth against her pussy.

Hearing some whispering, she looked up to see Tori standing up as Jill laid down on the bed. As she licked, she watched Tori climb onto Jill, squatting down over her face. As she watched Jill prepare to pleasure her sister, Tori leaned forward and stared her in the eyes.

“Let me help,” Tori said as she spread Jill’s legs apart. Reaching her arm around, she began to massage Jill’s clit as Zoe licked her. The combined action caused a sudden shiver in Jill’s body as she reacted to the pleasure. As they continued their assault on Jill, Tori’s body occasionally squirmed in response to Jill’s action on the other end.

Zoe suddenly stopped and put her hand on Tori’s hand, moving in rhythm with her. She then signaled to Tori that she would be right back and stood up. Walking over to the dresser in the corner, she grabbed a strap-on that she had purchased earlier that day. Having tried it on earlier, she bent down and put her legs inside before pulling it up. She then reached down and repositioned the vibrator meant for the wearer, then turned it on. After she had it slid inside, she tightened the straps and looked up at the mirror above the dresser. Definitely an odd sight considering all she was wearing. With a grin, she turned around and walked back to the sisters, who were so engrossed in what they were doing to each other that neither had paid attention to her.

Once back between Jill’s legs, she reached down and grabbed Tori’s head and pulled it out from between Jill’s legs. With a look of disappointment, Tori looked up, only to squeal in delight when she saw what was coming. Tori quickly grabbed it and slid her mouth over the end, feeling it with her tongue as she lubed it up with spit. Pulling out of Tori’s mouth, Zoe inched closer and placed it against Jill’s mound. Moving slowly, Zoe began to push it in, meeting almost no resistance from Jill’s well lubricated pussy. Tori sat up and just watched as Zoe reached the halfway point. Jill responding with gasping as Zoe continued pushing it in.


Jill stopped breathing altogether as she felt the full length of the dildo finish sliding in. As the movement stopped, she took a big breath of air. “HOLY SHIT!” she screamed as she almost dug her fingernails into Tori’s thighs. Just as her body began to accept the tight feeling of that thing inside, she felt it pulling back out. Before it got all the way out she felt it going in again. After several back and forth motions, her body became familier with it. She could feel the tip pushing against the inner wall, which sent rings of pleasure through her body. It took every ounce of attention to bring her back to what she was doing, which was enjoying the aftertaste of her sister’s pussy. She got in a lick here and a lick there as she felt this person begin to increase their rhythm. Letting out moans as she licked, she felt arms reaching under her knees and lifting her legs up. The nylon slid effortlessly across her legs. Her sister’s body readjusted slightly, reminding her to keep licking her. It was becoming hard to keep up, and the only thing she could think to do was to pull her sister down against her face and keep her tongue out. The constant motions of her body as she was fucked kept her tongue, lips, and nose rubbing back and forth against her sister’s wet mound. “FASTER!” she screamed as she felt her body building to climax.


As she struggled to maintain control of her body’s desire, Tori continued to kiss her new master, her hands exploring the feel of nylon covering this person’s body. She had found a whole new reason to go buy some more pantyhose for herself. As she listened to her sister scream for more, she leaned forward and rested her head against this person’s shoulder. “Do me next,” she whispered into her ears. “Take my body however you want, just do me next.” She planted small kisses over her neck and shoulders. She felt like exploding inside and was waiting for her sister to give in. Jill had to be close. She could feel her nose pressing against her clit. She was doing more moaning and screaming than moving. So she wiggled her ass around a bit, hoping her sister could smell her desire.

Suddenly, as she felt her Jill’s nose slide between her pussy, her sister’s screaming changed. Reaching down between Jill’s legs, she could feel her clenching up. Feeling her sister ready to go, she relaxed her body and stopped trying to control it. As her sister began moaning approval, she felt her own body let loose. She wanted to climax with her sister. Her newfound love for her would be expressed with pure passion. As her body convulsed in a powerful orgasm, her body went limp against her new master. She could feel arms wrapped around her body, the nylon sensuously rubbing against her bare skin. She looked up and smiled.


“Wow, that does feel pretty comfy.” Jill looked down and slid her hands across her breasts. “Oh, that feels good,” she said as she played with her nipples. “I can’t believe I never tried this before.”

“It’s amazing once you do,” Zoe replied, “and it’s hard to not enjoy after that.”

“I still can’t believe we did that. You had me totally confused. I was almost certain it had to be Dominique.”

Zoe started laughing. “I wasn’t expecting you to enjoy it so quickly. Though I guess I’m not too surprised.”

Jill smacked Zoe’s ass, “And what is that supposed to me?” Jill walked over to the bathroom to look in the mirror. “Are you calling me a slut?”

“No, but I’ve heard you and Andy before. You both seem to enjoy sex so much. I’ve always wanted to see just what you do.” Zoe rubbed her ass as she walked over to Jill.

“It doesn’t matter anymore. After all of that, Andy doesn’t matter anymore.” Jill smiled as she admired herself in the mirror. “Is Tori awake yet?”

Zoe walked over to the bedroom door and looked in. “She looks like she is still out. I guess that last one really knocked it out of her. I’m just glad I had grabbed onto her as she leaned against me.”

Laughing, Jill turned and looked at Zoe, “Well, from what I’ve heard, she’s a newbie in the pleasure department. Lyle wasn’t exactly known for bringing her out of her shell.”

“Oh really?” Zoe looked over at Tori again. “Well, you know what she said before you both let loose?” Zoe turned back as Jill approached her.

Wrapping her arms around Zoe’s waist, Jill smiled and asked, “What?”

“She leaned her head on my shoulders and whispered, ‘Do me next. Take my body however you want, just do me next.'” Zoe quickly gave Jill a kiss.

“Well, looking back I’d have to say I’m not surprised. You gave us both an evening to remember. Even with Andy, I don’t think I’ve even orgasmed THAT hard.” Reaching down between their legs, Jill grabbed hold of the dildo Zoe was still wearing. “This thing lit a fire inside,” Jill moved closer and forced the tip of the dildo against her pussy, “and frankly, I need you to do it again.”

Suddenly they both stopped as they heard moaning coming from the direction of Tori. They looked over, watching her body begin to move again.

“Take that off,” Zoe said, pointing at the pantyhose Jill had tried on, “hold your arms up.” Zoe began to pull the pantyhose up. The waistline caught on Jill’s left breast. Zoe quickly pulled it over and began pulling up. Despite Jill’s protest, Zoe pulled it over her head and then pulled Jill’s arms out. “Now, go stand next to your sister and greet her as she comes back to the world of the living.” Jill hesitated a second. Zoe spanked her, “I SAID GO!”

“Okay master.” Jill said, giggling. As Zoe stepped out of sight, Jill walked over to the bed and climbed on top. Laying down next to her sister, she reached over and began to lightly run her finger across Tori’s stomach. As she opened her eyes, Jill leaned over and gave her sister a kiss before she could say anything. A long kiss later, Jill lifted her head and let Tori speak.

“Mmmm, that was good. Would you mind doing that again?” Tori asked as she looked deep into her sister’s eyes.

“Whatever you want sis.” Jill leaned forward and kissed her again, this time parting her lips and using her tongue to open Tori’s lips. Again, after a long kiss, Jill lifted her head. “Glad to see you finally wake up. That last orgasm knocked you out.”

“Well, you did a good job down there. I was struggling to not cum before you.” Tori looked around. “Where’s our mystery master?”

“You’re not going to believe who it is.”

“I doubt she will.” Zoe said as she walked in the room. Tori’s eyes opened wide as Zoe walked over to the bed, still dressed exactly as she was when Tori passed out, minus the stocking over her head.

“YOU?” Tori managed to say. “You were the one who did all this?”

“Yes, she did,” Jill said, “but give her a chance to explain.”

“Yes, please forgive me on that, but I figured if I just came right out and told you both how I felt about you, I might suddenly find myself without a place to live. So I came up with all this. I thought that if I could drive you to absolute pleasure, you would be more open when you realized it was me. I hope you aren’t mad.”


Zoe took a step back, worried over what might happen next. Jill started to try and calm her down when Tori stopped her.


“And you better not forget that! Yell at me again and I may decide to let you suffer a bit longer as I play with Jill again.” Zoe walked over to the edge of the bed and grabbed Tori’s ankles. Pulling her towards the edge, Zoe reached under her legs and pulled her right up against the body. “Would you mind lubing that up Jill?” Jill turned around and leaned over to spit on her sister’s mound. Rubbing it in, she then spit into her hands and helped lube the dildo up. Without instruction, she then slid a finger into Tori’s pussy and pulled it back out.

Jill looked up at Zoe, “She’s definitely still wet.”

“Good.” Zoe grabbed the end of the dildo and placed it against Tori’s pussy. Looking directly at Tori, she stared her down. “Don’t yell at me again.” And with that, Zoe spanked Tori hard and slid all seven inches of the dildo in without stopping. Tori’s hands had gripped the bedsheets in response. “Happy?” Zoe watched Tori nod her head in agreement. “Good, because we’re just getting started,” Zoe said as she pulled the whole length out again.

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