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Nurses Become Birthday Present

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“Here. Put these on.” Beth ordered.

Looking a bit uncertain, Amy took the white, meshy costume Beth proffered.

“A bet’s a bet, Amy.” I informed the confused looking little blonde as I reached out to take my own black costume from Beth’s arms.

USC’s loss to Texas had put Amy and me into this predicament.

So certain were we that The Trojans would kick the Longhorn’s asses, we’d bet Beth out of our infamous “anything” bets. After several days of in-decision, Beth had finally decided that we’d pay off by helping her entertain her new boyfriend for his birthday.

The costumes she handed us were large-gauge mesh body suits complete with tails and little headpieces in the shape of cat ears. After we had donned the very revealing outfits, Beth pulled out a make-up kit and drew whiskers and noses on my and Amy’s faces. She also added colorfast splotches to simulate cat marking on our cheeks and foreheads.

“There!” She proclaimed when she was finished. “All done! Go look in the mirror and tell me what you think.”

Peering into the mirror, I was impressed with the quality of the job Beth had done on us. We both looked like very sexy felines, and I knew that Thomas, Beth’s rather jerky boyfriend, would definitely enjoy his birthday surprise

As Amy and I preened in front of the mirror, scratching the air with pretend claws, Beth changed into a very revealing pink and black bustier with a matching pink thong. The bustier pushed her grapefruit sized tits into a generous display of cleavage that would have made a gay man want to titty-fuck the top-heavy brunette’s firm, alabaster tit-mounds. Opening the door to her bedroom, she called out to Thomas. “Ready or not, here we come!”

In a whisper, she told us to start meowing.

“Meowwww…meoowwww…mewwwwwllll” Amy and I mewled, laughingly, as Beth led us to the sofa where Thomas sat. We must have been quite a sight: two 5’1, long-haired blondes, our shaved pussies and bare tits plainly obvious through the large mesh holes, crawling after the busty, 5’10 brunette.

“Do you like my cute little kitty cats?” Beth asked Thomas with a teasing lilt. “What do you think of my two pretty pussies? Aren’t they adorable? You can pet them if you want.”

For once, Thomas the Jerk was speechless. The perpetual sneer that we wore was absent and his mouth hung open in amazement. The mesh cat costumes showed a helluva lot of bare skin and Thomas’ roving eyes took it all in. Amy and I remained on all fours in front of him as he carefully inspected every inch of our slender, mesh-covered bodies.

“Be back in a jiffy,” Beth announced brightly as she quickly headed towards her kitchen. “Be nice to my little kitties!”

I didn’t know about Amy, but in spite of my dislike for Thomas, I found myself almost shaking with lust. My barely covered, shaved pussy began to ooze musky cunt cream and I had no doubts that within seconds Thomas would be able to smell my arousal.

Breaking into a broad grin broadly, Thomas reached out his hands to stoke Amy and me on the tops of our blonde heads. “I hope you two are nasty little kittens, as well as pretty ones!”

Beth rushed back into the living room carrying a small bowl in her hands. As she placed it on the floor between Amy and me, I could see it was half filled with milk. Seating herself carefully on Thomas’s lap, she directed. “Drink it little kitties. Drink your little treat from mama.”

Obediently, Amy and I did as commanded and began to lick up the cold milk from the bowl. A low moan escaped Amy’s parted lips, and I knew my hot little friend was just as turned on by this role-playing as I was.

“I know you’re kitties and not puppies, but wag your little asses anyway as you lick,” Beth directed. “Show me how happy you are.”

I’m sure my tight ass was already swaying slowly back and forth as my head bumped against Amy’s over the bowl of milk, but I exaggerated the wagging motion in response to Beth’s command.

Above us, Thomas let out a low groan as we dipped our tongues into the milk, lapping up the white liquid in differing cadences: mine was slow and deliberate; Amy’s fast and determined.

“Happy Birthday, Baby!” I heard Beth squeal in delight to her asshole boyfriend. “Do you like your present?”

“Fuck, yeah!” Thomas replied with unabashed enthusiasm. “Um…how much…I mean…um…how far are you gonna let things go here?”

“Curious aren’t you?” Beth giggled in response, before adding in her low husky voice. “You can do anything you want with them; anything! Kiss them. Lick them. Fuck them. Fuck their faces, their pussies, their tight little asses. Treat the like little fuck-bitches! You can fuck them on the floor, on the bed, or on the table. You can fuck them outside by the pool and invite the whole complex to watch. You can do anything you want to them. And me too, we’re your little play toys all night. Anything you want us to do, we will! I promise, Baby.”

I’d heard those words before! I’d once used them myself when I’d let my husband fuck Beth for the first time. Oh, well, paybacks are hell.

Receiving the green light, Thomas leaned forward and wrapped a handful of my and Amy’s hair around each of his hands. Pulling Amy’s head out of the way, he pushed my face into the bowl of milk for a few brief seconds. Using my hair as a handle, he pulled my head back up and hissed at Amy. “Lick her face. Lick her face clean.”

With a happy sigh, Amy began to lick all over my milk-covered face.

“Mmmm,” She moaned softly as she held my face between her hands and cleaned off all traces of the creamy liquid from my flushed face. My petite body shuddered with lust as I felt Amy’s flexible tongue glide all around my nose, lips, and cheeks.

His own body trembling with desire, Thomas pulled my head away from Amy and pushed her face into the bowl of milk. Pulling her up after just a few second, he ordered me to lick her face in return.

“That’s it, Honey!” Beth encouraged him. “Play nice with your little kitties. Tell them what to do!”

“Meow when you lick her face.” Thomas demanded. “I wanna hear you make little kitty sounds.”

“Meeoow…meooowww.” I softly uttered as I licked loving all around Amy’s cute, sweet face, this role-playing strangely exciting me. The whiskers Beth had drawn on Amy’s face stayed crisp and bold, and even the black nose didn’t smudge a bit as I swiped my tongue across it.

“You too,” Tom groaned to Amy. “Meow back at her!”

Soon, Amy and I were softly mewling to each other as we kissed and licked each other’s made up faces. It seemed as if we’d forgotten that Beth and Thomas were present, as our kisses grew longer and hotter.

“Make Amy lick my pussy!” Beth suddenly declared, hopping nimbly off of Thomas’ lap. “You’ve been saying you want to see me with another girl, so let’s do it now. Kathy’s gonna suck your cock while you watch!”

“God, yeah!” Thomas growled in happy agreement. “I wanna watch her eat your pussy, Baby. That’s gotta be so fucking hot!”

Grasping Amy by the arm, Beth pulled her over a few feet further away from the couch. Quickly shedding her pink thong, Beth spread her firm thighs wide, exposing her freshly-shaved cunt. Wiggling her hips slightly, she urged the little blonde to feast on her already wet pussy-flesh. “Eat me, Amy! Eat my pussy for me! Make me cum all over your face!”

As Amy lowered her face to Beth’s creamy pussy, Thomas, without taking his eyes off the hot girl-girl action about to transpire, tugged hard on my hair and pulled my head up towards his. Whispering softly so that Beth would not overhear, he menacingly hissed. “I’ve been dreaming about this day for a long time, you stuck up little bitch. I’ve got some plans for your little ass.”

For a brief moment, I though about getting up and saying there was no way I was going to continue being part of Beth’s little present, but two things held me back: it was important to Beth for me not renege on our deal, and I knew that I could make it so that after this night, Thomas would know he’d never have anything so good again. It would be worth it knowing he’d long and long for another chance with me, but it’d never be forthcoming. At that moment I decided to pull out all the stops and give Thomas a taste of something he’d never forget and always desire.

Hiding the disdain I felt for him, I looked up at Thomas with fake lust, “I’ll do anything you want, Baby. I’m your little trampy kitty-cat.”

Thomas’ sharp intake of breath told me he could barely believe what he had just heard, but he did his best to cover up his surprise. “Fuck yeah…get my cock out and suck it. I’m gonna fuck your face with my big fucking cock.”

My back was to Amy and Beth, but I could hear Beth’s sighs and moans as Amy licked and sucked on the busty brunette’s creamy, bald pussy. My own pussy clenched and pulsed as I thought about how good Amy’s lips and tongue had to feel on Beth’s slick cunt. Slowly, methodically removing Thomas’s jeans, I pulled his shorts down and grabbed hold of his hard cock.

“That’s it!” He announced in approval. Suck on that big cock, suck on it!”

I thought to myself. “That figures; only a jerk like Thomas would call his own cock big; especially since it wasn’t big by any stretch of the imagination.” Thomas’s “big cock” was under six inches long and not very thick; even Amy would have no problems deep-throating the tool Thomas was so proud of.

Nonetheless, I played it up like a cock-loving whore. “I’m gonna suck your big cock so deep. Make me gag on it. Shove it all the way down my throat and make me gag. Face-fuck your little pussy!”

Pushing my head down, I lapped at the tip of Thomas’s hard cock, licking off the drops of pre-cum that had already formed.

“Mmmmm, Baby!” I gurgled happily, my love of cock overcoming my dislike of the cock’s owner. “Tastes so good. Your stuff tastes so good. Feed Kitty some cream. Feed Kitty lots of tasty cream.”

Groaning softly, Thomas squirmed in exquisite torture as I slowly, carefully licked and slurped all over his wet cock-head. I laved my wet tongue around and around his purple, swollen prick-tip, looking up at him as I did so. Thomas was having a hard time concentrating. His eyes would meet mine for a few seconds, watching me lap his cock, and then he’d tear his gaze away to watch Amy eating out his moaning, squirming girlfriend a few feet behind me.

“Look at me, Thomas. Don’t watch them.” I murmured teasingly to the conflicted man. “Look at me sucking your dick. Watch Kathy’s lips slide down your hard shaft. Watch me swallow your fucking cock and eat your cum.”

As Thomas wrenched his eyes off the cunt-licking behind me, I slowly lowered my mouth over his prick-head. Rolling my eyes up, I kept my stare fixed on the quivering man’s eyes as I shoved my mouth down on his swollen prick-shaft. Gagging and drooling, I made a spectacle of forcing his cock down my throat.

“Ngghhh…nggghh….mpphhhhh…smmmpppppcccckkk!” I sputtered and coughed as Thomas’s cock-head slid down my velvety soft throat all the way past my tonsils. Long, thick strings of saliva drooled from my widely open mouth as I stopped with just an inch of throbbing cock to go. Gasping and gagging loudly, I pretended his inflated cock was too big to fit down my slender throat. “Gawwkkk…gnhhhuufff….gnhhhuuhh…gannnwwwwckkkkk!”

My eyes rolled back in my head as I resisted the urge to stuff the last bit of Thomas’s cock down my cock-starved throat.

“Unnhhhhhh! Unhhhhh!” Thomas moaned loudly as he stared at my heavily made-up cock-sucking face. “All the way! Please! All the way!”

Tentatively, he pushed down on my blonde head, but the final inch of his wet cock remained stubbornly outside my mouth. As hot drool dripped down his swollen shaft onto his bloated balls, he pushed a little harder, trying to force my head all the way down on his cock. I gagged loudly, my hands flying into the air in protest, as I resisted.

Harder and harder, Thomas pushed on my head, grunting as he tried to hump up of the couch and push his cock down my throat. Finally with a grunt of final surrender, I let Thomas force my blonde head all the way down, and my soft throat collapsed completely around his pulsing fuck-stick. With my swollen lips pressed tight against his cum-clogged balls, I snuffled and coughed softly on his spit-drenched cock-meat.

“Ohhhhhh!” Thomas grunted contentedly as he held my blonde head firmly in place. “So good! Oh fuck, yes!”

Driving his throbbing cock back in forth in my clenching throat, he wheezed and whined as I sputtered and gagged helplessly. My face was awash in spit and drool; I was sure my made-up cat face would smear and fade under the mask of sticky slobber. Thomas didn’t care about my cute cat face though; he just wanted to ream my hot, tight throat with his pulsating cock. He had no idea how easy it was for me to deep-throat his slender cock and my actions certainly led him to believe he was stretching my throat unbearably. I “endured” his assault on my throat for several minutes, gasping and wailing helplessly, my slender arms flailing the air, as he throat-fucked me mercilessly. Finally, with considerable effort and feigned alarm, I pushed against his chest with my hands and wrenched my mouth up of his cock.

My eyes tearing slightly from his cock having been wedged completely down my throat, I looked at Thomas with pretend reproach and alarm. “Don’t do that again!” I whimpered childishly, my pouting face covered with drool and pre-cum, “Your cock’s too big for me to take it all like that. Don’t jam it all the down my throat!”

As I lowered my head to once again suck on Thomas’s throbbing cock, I added in a helpless, girlish whisper. “Be gentle with me. I’m just a little pussy.”

Wanting to exact revenge for my past treatment of him, Thomas once again forced my head all the way down on his rigid cock-shaft. Up and down he guided my spit-soaked face, using my hair as a handle, aggressively driving his cock as far down my throat as possible.

Over the loud squelching sound of hard cock spearing into tight throat, I could hear Beth’s happy wails as Amy continued to munch on her sticky pussy. Although I could not see Thomas’s face any longer, I knew, from his filthy comments, he was watching the hot pussy eating over my shoulder.

“Ohhh! Eat her cunt! Eat that pussy! Oh fuck! Eat that fucking cunt!”

Beth was bleating and grunting loudly. From her telltale sounds, I knew she was on the urge of a huge orgasm. Thomas must have known it too, and it was obvious that my cock sucking and Beth’s wails were getting to him. Without warning he, pulled my bobbing blonde head abruptly off his steaming cock.

“Stop! Stop!” He wheezed. “I gotta slow down. I don’t wanna cum yet! Not yet! Fuck! Not yet.”

“Fine with me,” I thought to myself. “I wanna watch anyway.”

Turning my head to look over my shoulder, I saw Beth clutching one of her fat titties tightly in each hand as she squirmed her hot, tight ass all over the carpet. Amy was rapidly punching four slender fingers in and out of Beth’s sopping wet pussy as she sucked hard on the brunette’s swollen clit. For a moment, I was sure Amy was preparing to fist Beth’s hot pussy-hole, but Beth’s impending orgasm was too close.

“Amyyyy! Ammmmyyyyyyyy!” Beth howled loudly as she came all over the sexy little blonde’s soaking wet face. “Oh Baby! Yessss! Yesss! God! Yessss!”

Beth quivered and shook as her body erupted in orgasm. Her howls turned to sharp, high pitched squeals as Amy kept her talented lips locked on to Beth’s throbbing clit. I was still grasping Thomas’s slender cock in my hand as we watched Beth climax, and I felt his cock shudder in response to his girlfriend’s noisy finish.

Turning back to look at Thomas, I tauntingly remarked. “Bet she doesn’t cum like that for you. Bet you never heard that slut squeal like that before. Her last boyfriend used to have to fuck her up the ass to make her scream that loud.”

Thomas glared at me, the hate clearly recognizable in his eyes, before loudly asking. “Beth, you meant it when you said I could do anything I wanted, right Baby?”

Beth, still panting loudly in post-orgasmic bliss, turned to face us, and smiled brightly at her boyfriend. “Yes, Honey, I meant it…anything.”

“Great,” I thought to myself. “Prepare to get your ass fucked by this buffoon.”

I was in for a surprise, however. Roughly, Thomas pulled my face back onto his cock and sighed heavily as I resumed slurping on his still-damp prick-meat. Casually, he picked up his cell phone from the side table and dialed.

A few moments later he spoke. “Chris? You’re not gonna believe this buddy. Guess who’s sucking my cock right this very minute. No…Lt Z. Yep; I got my big ole hog in her cock-sucking little mouth right this second. All dressed and made up like a cute little pussycat. Dude…no really…Dude…I swear. Yeah; she’s really sucking on my fucking cock. Listen.”

With that, he put the phone down by my face and ordered brusquely, “Let him hear ya. Let him hear you sucking my cock.”

Finally! Thomas was showing some balls! Sucking and slurping nosily, I let Thomas’s buddy hear the ball-tightening sounds of a well-practiced, eager cocksucker at work.

“Mppphhhhh! Mppphhhh!” I moaned and slobbered nosily around a mouthful of stiff cock-meat. Lemmme…pmmmgg…suck your…uhngng…cock…pmmhhggg! Gib mmmme spuuuuucccllgh…your hard…mppmhhh cock!”

“Ohhh! Fuck!” Thomas grunted, again talking into the telephone. “You need to come over and get some of this, Man! Sure! Now! You know where Beth lives, right? Fountain Apartments…right…Bandera…. about 2 miles from you…# 165. See you in ten, Bro.”

That was Thomas’s first big mistake of the night.

Hanging up the phone, Thomas grabbed hold of my hair and forced my face rapidly up and down on his cock. “Suck it, Kathy. I wanna feed you. I’m gonna give you the first one in your mouth. Suck it off! Make it cum!”

As Beth and Amy watched, I relaxed my throat and hungrily swallowed Thomas’s cock to the balls. Moaning softly, I let the vibrations from my throat resonate through Thomas’s hard cock shaft causing him to groan in delight. Using one small hand, I softly rubbed and caressed his bloated, slobber-covered balls while he prepared to unload in my mouth.

Raising my head off his cock, I looked deep into his eyes and urged in my little-girl voice, “Cum in my mouth! Feed your little Kitty some cream. Feed the Pussy your cream!”

Thomas had no chance and I knew it. Quickly, I popped the leaking head of his dick back in my mouth and sucked hard. Immediately, a squirt of hot cum smacked against the back of my throat, and Thomas groaned in release. Rolling my eyes up at the ejaculating airman, I pushed forward until his cock was wedged all the way down my slick throat. Rolling his jumping balls between my fingers, I relentlessly coaxed every bit of sticky cock-sap from his swollen nuts.

“Agggghh! Agggghhh! Y-y-y-yesssss! Agghhhhhh!” Thomas grunted inarticulately. “Swallow it! Down your throat! Down your throat! Eat it! Eat it!”

Spurt after spurt of thick spunk jetted from Thomas’s cock. I could feel his cock pulse and beat angrily against the sides of my clenching throat as it eagerly disgorged its creamy, sticky load. The hot cum slithered down into my belly warming my insides and sending a tingle all the way down to my drooling pussy-hole.

Lifting my head from Thomas’s cock, I lightly grasped the satiated man’s gooey pussy-splitter in my hand and rubbed it all over my face as I teased him with naughty “kitty-talk.” “Meoowwwww… mmmmm…good boy…give kitty hot cream to drink….mmmmmm….now kitty needs a fucking…kitty needs the big man to fuck kitty’s naughty little pussy.”

I felt a surge of triumph as Thomas shivered and gasped at my play-acting. He had no idea how uninhibited I could be when the mood struck me; he was sure gonna find out tonight, though.

Giggling at my baby talk, Beth shouldered me out of the way. Kissing her boyfriend, she whispered, “Happy Birthday, Baby; Amy and I are gonna suck you hard again. We’re gonna keeping sucking you hard all night so you can fuck us and fuck us and fuck us all you want!”

With that, Beth dropped her head down and hungrily took Thomas’s semi-flaccid, sticky cock in her wide open mouth. She softly nursed on it for a few minutes before passing the glistening, wet cock-tube to Amy who licked and lapped at it gently, keeping to her role as Thomas’s pet kitten.

It wasn’t long before Thomas’s fuck-stick grew hard again. His gnarly veins stood out in relief as the moaning, licking girls’ spit covered his cock and made it gleam in the overhead light.

My pussy was an oily, leaking mess. Sucking Thomas’s cock and swallowing his tart cum had made me eager to fuck, but the only available cock was currently being sucked and licked by two other cock-hungry cum-sluts. Watching the cock-sucking take place before me, I slid one slender finger into my gooey cunt-hole and rammed it vigorously back and forth. I was just getting into a pretty good rhythm, when a knock sounded at the front door.

Even though we’d all heard Thomas invite his friend over to Beth’s, I don’t think any of us actually believed he’d show up. We were wrong.

“That’s Chris.” Thomas announced. “Let him in.”

I looked questioningly over at Beth, fully prepared to tell Thomas to stick it up his ass.

“You heard my man, Kath. Get the door.” Beth directed as she sank her hot, wet mouth back down on Thomas’s now fully erect cock-tube.

I walked over to the door, my petite body barely covered by the sexy, mesh cat costume; my face made up with whiskers and a black, button nose, and thought how silly I must look. Peering through the peephole I did a double-take. It was indeed Thomas’s friend Chris; Chris Farmer to be exact, another man I knew from the hospital.

I had met Chris about three months before. He worked down in X-Ray and while he was very good looking with a fantastic, muscular body, I did not care for him at all. Enlisted medical technicians are supposed to at least pretend to defer to nurses, who are commissioned officers. Chris did not do that. Instead, he treated us all like shit, like he had some chip on his shoulder. He talked down to us and was downright rude when we escorted patients in for X-rays. Yeah, he was a smart guy, but he seemed to go out of his way to condescend to me; as if he knew more about my job than I did. He was surly when ordered to do anything, and it always seemed he was right on the edge of being insubordinate.

I’m kind of partial to arrogant, confident men, but Chris crossed the line—he was an ass. Sure, he eyed me like most men, but he always seemed so fucking smug about it; like I wasn’t good enough for him. I was not used to that at all. Now, he stood on one side of Beth’s door with three half-naked, woman officers on the other.

Taking a deep breath I opened the door just enough for Chris to slip inside. I expected him to burst out laughing at my outfit and appearance, but his eyes widened in surprise and delight instead.

“Well what do we have here? If it isn’t “Miss I’m Too Good for Enlisted Scum” all dressed up like a slutty little kitten.”

Taken aback, I cleverly retorted, “Fuck you, jerk. I never act like that. You’re the one who acts all high and mighty all the time.”

“Yeah, right.” Chris chuckled as he removed his jacket and walked over towards the center of the room.

“Holy shit, man!” He grinned over at Thomas. “You were not kidding. This is some fucking wild shit.”

“All mine too, Dude!” Thomas responded gleefully. “My birthday present from Beth. Kathy there and Amy here have to do whatever I tell them. So now I’m telling them that they have to do whatever you tell them to do as well.”

Immediately I glared over a Beth who silently pleaded with me to go along. I was hoping that Amy would side with me, but her eyes were tightly shut as she quietly moaned around a mouthful of Roger’s hard cock, her little, pert ass churning small circles in the air as she sucked for sperm.

“Hell, yeah!” Chris excitedly proclaimed. I’ll just make myself friendly with the black white kitty over here seeing as you’re all busy with the white one.”

Sitting on the facing couch, Chris patted the cushion next to him. “Right here, Lieutenant. Let’s see if you can finally be nice to me.”

Warily, I sat next to the arrogant sergeant. “Damn!” I thought to myself, “What a hot looking guy. If only he were just a little bit nicer.”

“Never thought I’d get see you like this,” he opened earnestly, his eyes on Beth and Amy as they resumed sharing Thomas’s cock. “You seem to ignore us poor enlisted guys. I always thought you were some stuck-up officer who thought she was too good for the working man.”

“That’s not true!” I protested. “I don’t have anything against enlisted guys.”

It was true; I had fucked enough of them over the past three years to prove that I was an equally opportunity kind of girl when it came to hard cock.

Chris wasn’t buying it. “Sure, Lt. Sure. Well, let’s see how nice you can be to me tonight!”

With that, the horny Sergeant pulled me close and began to kiss me ardently. Resisting his embrace just a little, I returned his kisses somewhat dispassionately at first. He was a big man, 6’2, about 210 pounds and I felt small and vulnerable in his arms—just like a real kitten!

Soon, I melted against him and my kisses turned eager, lustful. He slid his hands up my body and began to caress my full, firm tits through the large holes in mesh top of my cat costume. Soon he had me moaning in cock-hungry lust as he mauled my plump tit-mounds.

“Nice tits for such a little girl,” Chris teased as he broke our kiss. “That’s one of the first things I noticed about you; those big tits, and that tight little fucking ass of yours. You’ve definitely got one of those black girl asses. I’ve always wondered if that ass was just for show, or if you let guys stick their cocks in it.”

For some reason I felt a little giddy at the revelation Chris had previously noticed my ass and tits. I still thought he was an arrogant jerk, but maybe he wasn’t so bad if he had an appreciation for my body.

He went on, whispering softly to me as he cupped and fondled my swollen titties. “We could have been doing this a long time ago, Kathy. I can call you Kathy now, right? If you’d been a little nicer to me, I’d have let you kiss me a long time ago.”

Pulling away slightly, I looked into Chris’s smug face. “What makes you think I’d have wanted you to kiss me? You’re just another guy at the hospital as far as I’m concerned. You’re just lucky Amy and I lost this silly bet to Beth.”

“Is that right?” Chris responded with a smirk as he squeezed my tits a bit more firmly. “I think you want me to fuck you. I think you’re just looking for an excuse to spread those pretty legs for me. I may be just another guy, but you still wanna find out what I got, don’t ya?

Yep. Chris was an arrogant prick, all right. Unfortunately, he’d read me like a book. His muscular body was a huge turn-on and I could not help myself as I moved forward and mashed my lips against his.

Grabbing one of my hands, Chris guided it towards his crotch. “Undo me, Lt. I like it when officers take my cock out for me.”

Before I could stop myself, I enviously asked, “You fuck a lot of officers? Which ones have you fucked?”

“Never mind,” Chris answered with a laugh. “I’m sure you know a few of them. You know how you nurses get when your husbands are out of town. Yours is in CENTCOM right now, isn’t he? Think he has any idea his sexy little wife is about to get fucked?”

True, my husband was deployed to Kuwait, but I decided not to answer Chris’s questions as I worked with both hands to unfasten his belt.

“Nice ring there, by the way,” Chris went on whispering mockingly. “What is it? Two carats? You leave that on when you’re riding some other guy’s cock? You like to let him see it sparkling when you’re jerking his cock in your left hand?”

Chris’s words had me panting and moaning softly as I worked at his stubborn belt-buckle. Unlike Thomas’s, Chris’s arrogance was well deserved. He knew what I was, and he knew how to treat me.

“You better watch what you’re saying, or I’ll get up and leave right now.” I said rather unconvincingly. “You can’t talk to me like that.”

“Yes, I can.” Chris replied soothingly. “You like being a little married whore; it makes you feel hot. Its okay, I like married women better; you don’t get all attached and shit. After you get want you want, you go home. And I know what you want, Lt. You want me to fuck the shit outta you.”

My head was spinning. Chris definitely had me pegged; and he certainly knew how to talk to a fuck-crazed slut. Finally, I succeeded in unbuckling his belt, unbuttoning his pants and sliding down his zipper. Eager with anticipation, I dipped my hand into his boxer briefs to pull out his cock. As my hand closed around his rock-hard shaft, I gave a small whimper of surprised delight; Chris’s cock was big! It was at least three3 inches longer than Thomas’s, and almost twice as thick; I could not wrap my little hand all the way around its girth.

I looked up at Chris with cock-hungry yearning. “Ohhh!” I murmured in awed reverence “Wow! It’s…it’s…”

“Like it?” Chris asked unnecessarily.

“I love it!” I cooed softly, unable to lie. I jerked slowly on the steel-hard shaft before continuing, “It’s so fucking big!”

Chris was obviously proud of his big, thick cock and they way I was looking at him with worshipful eyes. “A lot bigger than your husband’s, isn’t it?” He asked in a boasting tone. “Tell me it’s bigger. You like telling guys that, don’t you? It makes you wet, doesn’t it?”

I shivered. It was as if he was reading my mind. Helplessly, I whined submissively in response as Chris looked down at me. “It’s a lot bigger. It’s longer; thicker…”

I broke off in mid sentence. No longer able to contain my yearning for the huge fuck-stick throbbing in my left hand, I dove down on it. Opening my mouth as wide as possible, I immediately sucked in four inches of hot, hard cock. Chris gasped loudly as my wet mouth engulfed almost half of his broad cock-tube.

Sucking frantically, I made love to the massive hunk of cock-hose filling my mouth. Chris groaned loudly as I slurped and sucked on his hot boner like a starving waif. Gently, he pushed my head down, urging me to take more of his throbbing prick-meat into my mouth.

From the sofa, Beth’s idiot boyfriend spoke up in his annoying voice. “Get you some of that! Get you some of that mouth, Bro! Nothing like pushing another guy’s woman’s head down onto your cock, is there?”

Too busy getting his cock sucked, Chris just mumbled and pushed down a little harder on my head. Glancing over at the other sofa, I saw that both Amy and Beth were still swapping and sharing Thomas’s slender cock between their licking, sucking mouths as they fingered each other’s hot, wet pussies. Thomas’s eyes though were on us, watching me suck his friend’s much bigger dick.

Wickedly, I opened my mouth still wider and relaxed my throat. Instantly, another four inches of cock slid down my gullet.

“Yes, Baby! Yes!” Chris praised as my lips crawled down the last bit of cock-meat remaining outside my mouth. “Fuck!”

Out of the corner of my tear-filled eyes, I could see Thomas watching in puzzled amazement. I didn’t think he was smart enough to figure out I had been mocking him when I had pretended to have difficulty swallowing his smaller cock. Maybe he figured his cock had loosened up my throat enough to take Chris’s cock down to the balls. Nonetheless, I was now showing him I was capable of much more than he had ever dreamed.

Moaning softly, I held Chris’s cock deep in my craw and swallowed, causing my throat muscles to ripple back and forth along his meaty prick-shaft.

“Oh fuck! That’s so good! You didn’t even gag, Baby! That’s amazing!” Chris huffed as I began to move my little, golden blonde head slowly up and own on his now thoroughly drenched erection.

“Cuuughghgh….Cuuuuuuughgh… Cuuughghgh!” I choked as my lips mashed against his heavy, cum-laden balls on each down stroke.

“Yeah! Yeah!” Chris grunted in delight as I swiftly bobbed up and down on his meaty cock-spear. “All of it! All of it!”

“Mhhhhhhuuuwaaa” I grunted as I eventually lifted my head up off his fat, swollen prick and pouted up at Chris. “It’s so big!” I cooed reverentially. “I normally don’t have a problem getting it all down, but I’ve really got to work at it with yours!”

With those words, I smirked sweetly over at Thomas. Even Amy and Beth had paused for a few moments to watch the reverence and awe I devoted to Chris’s splendid cock. Thomas’s face was a blank mask; he wasn’t giving away anything. Amy quickly resumed sucking on his cock, but, obviously aroused from seeing me throating Chris’s big dick, Beth had other ideas.

Standing up quickly, she put one foot on the arm of the couch and pushed her shaved pussy close to Thomas’s face. “Lick me, Honey! Lick my hot pussy for me!”

That’s when Thomas made his second mistake of the night.

Chuckling loudly, he brushed Beth off. “Hey, I’ve got slaves tonight. I don’t have to lick pussy to get my cock sucked.”

Quickly, Chris spoke up, “Come over here Beth, I’ll lick your pussy for you.”

Glaring at her boyfriend as she put her leg down, Beth walked over to the loveseat to join Chris and me. Again putting her foot up on the sofa’s arm, she presented her moist pussy to Chris. Instantly, Chris cupped her rounded ass in both hands and pulled her shaved, pussy tight against his face. Beth’s immediate moans signaled to all that Chris’s lips and tongue had swiftly locked on to their target.

Thomas glared angrily at his friend, but with his own cock buried in Amy’s little sucking mouth, there was really nothing he could say.

The tension quickly passed, and soon Beth’s moans and sighs mingled with Chris’s and Thomas’s as all three got heated oral attention.

“Lick it! Lick it!” Beth whimpered softly a few minutes later as Chris eagerly devoured her hot cunt. “I’m so fucking close!”

Evidently, Amy had been fingering Beth’s cunt pretty damn well as they shared Thomas’s cock, because after only a few minutes of cunt-licking she was almost ready to come. Either that, or Chris was a cunt-licker extraordinaire. Now, licking just the head of Thomas’s swollen cock, I watched in excitement as he licked and sucked on Beth’s ready-to-burst clit.

“Yessss! Oh yessss!” Beth whimpered deliriously as Chris moaned into her hot cunt. “Right there! Right there! Don’t stop! Please, don’t stop!”

Beth’s legs began to tremble uncontrollably as Chris brought her to the edge. Suddenly, with a loud, sharp squeal Beth signaled her climax.

“Yiiiiii!” Ohhhhhhh! Ohhhhhh!” Leaning forward into Chris, Beth came hard all over his face. Chris swiped his tongue up and down; licking frenetically all over Beth’s slick, bald cunt-mound as the top-heavy brunette’s pussy-cream drenched his handsome face.

For a few seconds, Beth held on, gasping and panting loudly. Then, without a word, she dropped to her knees and joined me on Chris’s throbbing cock.

“Hey!” Thomas barked from the sofa where Amy was now preparing to sit on his cock. “C’mon, now!”

Beth paid him no heed. After all, he was about to sink his cock into Amy’s hot little pussy; there were going to be no double-standards as far as Beth was concerned.

“Damn!” Beth moaned in appreciation at the size of Chris’s cock as she prepared to suck on the head. “It’s fucking thick!”

Opening her mouth as wide as possible, she sucked on the plum-sized head of Chris’s leaking throbber as I kneaded his cum-clogged balls with both hands.

“Fuck her face!” I encouraged the groaning man. “Fuck that cunt’s face! Choke that bitch on your dick!”

Chris looked at me in unabashed astonishment.

“It’s the way I talk,” I explained unapologetically. “I like filthy talk. And I like to be called names. It makes it dirtier. It’s a lot more fun when it’s nasty and dirty, don’t ya think?”

Now grinning knowingly, Chris pushed down on Beth’s head, forcing her to take in another few inches of his hot, throbbing cock.

“Hey Thomas,” he announced mockingly, “You’re right. There really is nothing like pushing another guy’s woman’s head down onto your cock!”

Thomas swallowed timidly, as if he wanted to say something in return, but Amy was now bouncing her hot little ass up and down swiftly as she rode his cock with abandon, making moot any point Thomas wished to raise. Her back was to us and her arms were tight around Thomas’s neck as she clung to him snugly, her firm tits pressed tight against his upper chest.

“Unnghhhhh! Unghhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhh! Unghhhhhh!” The tiny blonde whimpered as she circled her lithe hips around an around as if stirring her pussy-hole with Thomas’s throbbing cock. “Fuck it, Tommy! Fuck it!”

Thomas cupped Amy’s tight little butt in both hands and kissed her hotly as she posted up and down. She bucked wildly, her long blonde hair streaming behind her, as the sounds of their hot fucking filled the room. Thomas was groaning loudly, his fingers digging tight into Amy’s squirming ass-cheeks.

“That’s a boy, Tommy,” I thought to myself. “You’re this close to losing Beth, you might as well fuck her friends while you’ve got the chance!”

Returning my attentions back to Chris’s cock, I gently sucked on his overstuffed balls while Beth nursed on his fat cock-head. He tossed his head from side to side, luxuriating in the sensation of two hot, slutty mouths on his cock and nuts. Using my tongue, I prodded his balls gently, chasing them around his nut-sack with determination. Looking up at him with twinkling eyes, I sucked one ball deep into my mouth and basted it with sizzling hot saliva. Grunting loudly, I spit out the soaked orb and then eagerly sucked in its twin. Back and forth I went, sucking first one hot ball, then the other, before letting the cum-swollen globes plop free from my greedy mouth.

With Beth sucking hard on his prick-tip, and me stuffing my mouth with his balls, Chris was getting close to exploding. I felt his balls draw up tighter and tighter and I knew it would not be long before his glorious prick erupted. Impatiently, I pulled his cock from Beth’s mouth and sank my own mouth down over it. Ignoring Beth’s whines of protest, I let my lips crawl all the way down his fat cock-shaft until the throbbing tube was almost completely embedded in my mouth and throat. Chris groaned loudly and his cock began to pulse and twitch erratically. When Beth sucked both his balls into her mouth, our lips almost met in some sort of obscene kiss as we moaned incessantly. I knew Chris could not see it, but the implied vision, coupled with all the hot suction proved too much for him. With a loud bellow, he pushed against the back of both our heads, ensuring we could not move away as he ejaculated.

Our mouths full, Beth and I nonetheless urged Chris to cum with cock- and ball-muffled moans of yearning, “Cummmmppppghhhh! Cuummppppphggghhhhh!”

Chris’s cock bucked violently and a huge stream of gooey sperm suddenly coated my cock-stuffed throat. Kicking and jerking, his fat jizz-stick spewed forth a frothy load of sizzling hot cock-cream. Some of the sticky, viscous liquid backed up in my throat, and oozed back out of my widely stretched mouth, dribbling onto his balls and Beth’s swollen lips. Like me, Beth moaned soulfully as she hungrily sucked the hot, sticky goo into her ravenous mouth.

Chris groaned loudly, urging us to eat and swallow his creamy load. “Eat it! Ohhhhhhhh! Eat it! Unggggggh! Eat that cum! Keep sucking! Keep sucking!”

After a few more seconds it was done. Chris’s balls were thoroughly drained of sticky cum and my little tummy was again full of hot ball-batter. Lifting my head of Chris’s still jerking fuck-stick, I kissed Beth deeply. She slid her moist tongue into my scummy mouth, eagerly seeking any remnants of Chris’s sticky cum-load.

“Share!” She murmured into my mouth, holding my head between her open hands. “Share it!”

Over on the couch, Thomas was seconds away from blowing his own load into Amy’s churning, squeezing cunt. Seeing Chris squirt my belly full of sperm, coupled with the tightness of Amy’s sticky pussy-hole was too much for him to take. I didn’t have a good view of his face, but I could well imagine the ecstasy etched upon it as he prepared to unload in Amy’s tight quim.

Amy had slowed her pumping almost to a standstill, and was hotly licking and sucking on Thomas’s ear, cooing in her little girl voice. Just the head and an inch or two of cock-shaft was encased in Amy’s tight twat, as the cute little teaser slowly circled her ass over Thomas’s lap. Finally with a grunt of release and a sudden upwards heave, Thomas impaled Amy fully with his spurting cock. Not moving her hips at all, Amy continued to tease and please his ear and neck as Thomas filled her hot hole with sizzling sperm After a few moments Amy slumped forward and laid her head on Thomas’s chest as he crested down from his orgasm.

After watching Thomas seed Amy’s cunt, my own pussy was on fire and desperate for attention. I was prepared to beg Beth to lick my pussy, but Chris delighted and surprised me. Pulling me up in front of him onto the love seat, he turned me on my side, my back to him as he positioned himself on his side. Holding his fat, heavy cock by the base, he slotted it at the entrance of my cunt-channel. I squirmed with need, trying to force the meaty fuck-tool up my dripping wet cunt-hole.

“You stayed hard!” I muttered in surprised pleasure. “I sucked you off, and that big fucking thing stayed hard!”

“Hard enough to fuck that cunt,” Chris murmured. “You make me so fucking hot with that little tight body and your nasty fucking mouth; I’d stay hard for you all the time.”

My head spun at Chris’s sweet words and I shivered in delight at the sentiment. That said, I had to at least pretend this fuck was just due to a lost bet. “Fuck me good, Baby. This is the only chance you’re going to get, so you better make it good.”

“Is that so?” Chris asked, seeing right through my nonchalant attitude. “I don’t believe you. I think you’re gonna be wanting this cock a lot in the future. Maybe if you ask nicely, I’ll let you fuck it from time to time. Whenever you man’s deployed, I’ll come over and keep you from getting lonely at nights.”

“I can’t believe he’s so fucking conceited,” I thought to myself. “You fucking…”

Before I could complete my though, Chris’s fat prick began to slide slowly up my tiny twat.

“Unnngggg!” I moaned loudly as my clenching pussy-chute grudgingly spread for Chris’s stout fuck-staff. “Fuck me! Ohhh! God! Yessssss!”

Panting softly in my ear, Chris took his sweet time working his plump pussy-pleaser all the way up my barely yielding slut-hole. After long moments, I felt him bottom out in me, my cunt stretched as wide as I could ever remember.

My voice catching, I could not restrain myself from telling Chris how good his cock felt, “It’s sooo good! Push it in deep. Give it all to me! Split that cunt open! God! I’m so tight around your big cock!”

Immediately, trying to establish superiority, Chris smugly whispered back, “Thick, isn’t it? This cock is going to own your pussy before tonight is over.”

Chris’s boastful words caused my pussy to flood his cock with hot, slippery cunt oil as I envisioned completely surrendering all my married fuck-holes to his wonderful cock.

Reaching one had around to stroke my swollen clit, Chris begin to slowly power his cock in and out of my sizzling cunt-chute. My clit throbbed with need as Chris expertly massaged and caressed the hard little nub. Whimpering and sighing softly, I clamped down hard on the fat throbbing cock, the searing friction burning deep inside me.

I was already close. Sucking cock and watching all the other hot action had me soaring. Now, with Chris’s meaty dick tightly packing my cunt and his finger stroking my clit, my body trembled with pleasure. My breathing grew shallow, little puffs of breathe escaping my wide open mouth as Chris rubbed harder and harder on my sensitive clit.

I mentally chided myself for letting Chris get me so hot, so fast. I’d always been a fast cummer, and after sucking off two cocks and watching Amy’s little cunt get filled with gobs of goo, I was desperate to pop. Still, I didn’t want Chris to think that his cock had anything to do with my impending orgasm, so I tried hard to hold off.

It was in vain; Chris definitely knew how to fuck a slut. He realized I was about to cum and knew what to say to guarantee I could not hold back. Rubbing hard on my throbbing clit, he punched his fat cock in and out of my drenched twat and hissed in my ear, “Cum all over it, you fucking slut. Little married whore cumming all over another man’s cock. Nothing hotter than creaming a new dick, is there, Kathy? Cum on it! Cum all over it, you little whore!”

Despite my best efforts to hold back, my pussy exploded all over Chris’s probing cock. I was determined, however, not to give him the satisfaction of hearing me howling my head off like I usually did when I came; instead, I whimpered and moaned pitifully as my cunt fluttered crazily on the thick chunk of meat buried in it. Desperate to regain some modicum of control, I clamped down as hard as I could on Chris’s throbbing cock. The brash bastard may have made me cum quickly, but I was going to milk his stiff prick off in my blistering hot cunt just as fast.

Much to my chagrin, Chris was on to me. Burying his fuck-stick to the balls up my climaxing pussy, he whispered boldly, “Squeeze as hard as you want, Kitten; you’re no where close to making me cum. Your cute little kitty pussy still has as a lot of work ahead of it.”

“Whuuuaaahhhh!” I bleated helplessly as my pussy convulsed even harder on Chris’s unyielding boner. I tried desperately not to cry out my pleasure as my body shuddered and shook uncontrollably. I didn’t want Chris to know how hard he’d made me cum; it’d only make him more unbearable, but my traitorous pussy gave me away.

“That’s it, Kathy, you little slut! Squeeze that cock! Squeeze that fucking cock! Make that little pussy cum on it!” Chris urged smugly.

Huge spasms wracked my elfin body as I came hard on Chris’s fat cock. As I lay on my side trembling from relief, Beth grabbed Chris’s cock by its thick base and yanked it from my frothy fuck-hole. Sliding it into her wide-open mouth, she greedily sucked the pussy-juice soaked hunk of cock-meat halfway down her throat. She couldn’t swallow nearly as much of the hard prick as I could, but she tried gamely.

“Unnghnnn! Unhghgg! Unhggghh!” Beth grunted as she stuffed her throat with Chris’s rigid cock-shaft, her brown eyes open wide as she looked to him for approval.

“Yessss!” Chris grunted appreciatively. “Suck me off, Baby! Suck my cock off for Tommy Boy. Put on a good show for him! Show Tommy what a good cocksucker you are.”

Chris’s words had me on fire! Damn, he was a fucking asshole; he knew just what I liked to hear! I could not help myself and joined in the filthy banter.

“Blow it down her throat, Chris. Shoot it down her fucking throat. Make her swallow it! Make her! Make her drink your cum!”

As I urged him on, I looked over at Thomas. He was squeezing one of Amy’s pert tits as she sat on his lap, but his full attention was on his girlfriend sucking off Chris’s monster cock. His face was flushed and his eyes wide; I could not tell if he was proud of Beth or pissed at her for wantonly sucking off another guy right in front of him.

Scrambling up from the couch, I kneeled next to my busty cock-sucking friend on the floor. Grinning wickedly, I suddenly changed my mind about seeing Chris cream Beth’s mouth. “Fuck her, Chris! Fuck that cunt’s pussy! She wants that big fucking cock in her, don’t you Bethy?”

Moaning around a slobbery mouthful of hard prick-meat, Beth nodded her head as best as she could. Quickly rising from her knees, she moved forward and straddled Chris’s muscular thighs. Grasping the towering fuck-stick in one hand, Beth sat down smoothly, impaling herself in one push on Chris’s wonderful cock.

“Unghgh!” she grunted loudly as Chris’s cock filled her hot hole.

“Tell him!” I hissed saucily in Crisis ear. “Tell Thomas how good it feels.”

Chris caught on quickly. “Hey man,” he announced to Thomas as Beth bounced slowly up and down on his throbbing prick, gradually acclimating herself to its impressive girth. “You were wrong. There is something better than pushing another guy’s girl’s head down on your cock–sticking your dick up his whore’s tight cunt!”

My head swum at Chris’s taunting–he was better than I’d hoped for!

“Fuck that cock, Beth!” He barked authoritatively. “Show Tom over there how much you love fucking my cock! Let him see what a cock-slut you are.”

Plucking my rock-hard little nipples harshly, I joined in the fun. Keening loudly, I cheered Chris on lustily, “Fuck her! Fuck her cunt! Split that slut open! Make her take it! Make her take all of that big cock. C’mon Baby; fuck that bitch!”

Beth whimpered incessantly as Chris powered his cock in and out of her gooey fuck-pit, relentlessly clobbering her creaming cunt. Chewing and sucking on Chris’s ear with heated passion I begged him with a quiet hiss, “Tear it up! Tear it up! Show him how to fuck a cunt, Chris. Show him how she needs it! Show him!”

Locking his arms around Beth’s back, Chris proceeded to just that. His thick cock was a blur as he unremittingly pounded Beth’s helpless pussy with long, hard fuck-strokes. Beth’s firm, fat tits bounced widely as the whining, sobbing brunette absorbed the full impact of Chris’s powerful fucking.

Over on the sofa, Thomas clenched and unclenched his fists reflexively as he watched Chris wreck his girlfriend’s pussy. Doing my best to contain my satisfaction, I crawled over to Thomas. Grabbing his semi hard cock in my hand, I placed it between my heaving breasts and wrapped my hot flesh around the sticky boner.

Pouting up at him, I urged, “Fuck my titties, Tommy. Fuck my titties and cum all over ’em. Cum all over my big, pretty titties for me!”

Despite his angst at seeing his girlfriend treated like Chris’s personal fuck-bitch, Thomas responded predictably. Pushing hard on the outside of my wobbling tits, he mashed the tanned orbs tightly around his cock as he hunched his hardening prick-shaft back in forth in my warm tit-flesh.

“That’s a boy!” I encouraged, smirking at the tormented man, “Fuck Kathy’s tits. Fuck ’em hard. Like Chris is doing to Beth…hard!”

I simply could not help myself from taunting and teasing as I shucked my tits back and froth along Thomas’s hard cock. “Listen to her, Tom. Listen to that cunt getting fucked. Is she that loud when you fuck her? She always whines really loud when she’s taking a big one. Listen to that bitch howl!”

Glancing back, I saw that Chris now had Beth on her hands and knees and was pummeling her bald cunt from behind. Beth was groaning and keening loudly as Chris grabbed a handful of her long brown hair and pulled hard. Looking over at Thomas and me, he grinned broadly and then slapped Beth’s churning ass with an open hand, “Smack!”

“Yeah!” I howled with lust. “Beat her ass! Spank that fucking bitch!”

Beth whimpered as Chris peppered her ass with sharp stinging slaps, the sound ringing throughout the room. “Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack!”

As Thomas plowed my pillowy tits, I hissed wickedly to him. “Tell him to slap her ass! Make him slap her big fat ass! Tell him to turn her slutty ass red!”

Despite his initial reticence at seeing his girlfriend used by his buddy, Thomas was growing more and more aroused. “Slap that slut’s ass!’ He snarled at Chris. “Slap it hard, make her little ass sting!”

Beth howled loudly as Chris did just that. Every few seconds, a sharp slap would peal out as Chris plowed Beth’s cunt from behind. Beth’s big tits swayed rapidly back and forth as Chris’s thighs collided with the firm fleshiness of her rounded ass-cheeks. Pulling tight on her hair, he yanked her head back and leaned forward to kiss her. From Beth’s very eager response I knew that Thomas had just lost a girlfriend.

“Fuck me!” Beth moaned loudly as she broke off their hot kiss. “Fuck me hard, Baby! Fuck my pussy hard! Give it to me good, Baby. I need it so bad! Just fuck it!”

Amy moved from her position next to Thomas on the sofa and was now kneeling next to Chris, kissing him and “helping” him to fuck Beth.

“Fuck her!” The hot little blonde moaned hotly. “Fuck her hard! Do it really hard and fast. She likes that! Make her cum so I can have my turn.”

Thomas’s hard cock throbbed between my soft, smooth tits as he watched Chris nail his squirming, whimpering girlfriend. My intent was to make sure Thomas would long for, and never receive, another night with me, so I knew had to make it memorable

“Wanna fuck my ass, Tommy boy? Wanna stick your big fat dick up Kathy’s little butt?”

A strained smile appeared on Thomas’s lips. He knew I didn’t like him, and I’d been taunting him all evening with Chris’s superior prowess and by encouraging Chris to fuck his girlfriend. Here was his golden opportunity to get even.

“C’mon Tommy, fuck my tight little ass.” I encouraged. “Make me scream and holler. Show me how you fuck a little slut’s ass. C’mon, Baby. Fuck my ass before Chris comes over here and has to do it for you. Pack my ass, Baby…if you can.”

Grabbing me by the hands, the angry, soon-to-be jilted boyfriend led me to the end of the couch. Bending me over the arm, he adjusted me so my head was down on the cushion with my pert little ass high in the air. Quickly, he got behind me and shoved his throbbing-hard cock up my soaking wet pussy-hole.

“Not there, you stupid mother-fucker!” I howled at him with pretend annoyance. “Fuck me up the ass. Stick it right up my fucking ass! Don’t you know what the fuck you’re doing? Bang my fucking ass now, you fucking stupid bastard!”

I’m sure both Chris and Thomas were shocked at my foul-mouthed outburst, but Beth and Amy knew what I was doing: the more annoyed the offended man, the better the grudge fuck!

Shaken, Chris wrenched his cock out of my now dripping pussy and tried to cram it straight up my writhing ass. He grunted in frustration as his first frenzied attempt missed and his cock slide harmlessly up my ass crease, between my tanned ass-mounds. Regrouping, he made another attempt to stab my asshole, but again, his aim was a bit off, and his cock-shaft skimmed between the tight folds of my butt-cheeks.

“C’mon fucker!” I bleated in what was now a cry of urgent need. “Stick it up my ass! Fuck me up the ass with that cock! Do it!”

Thomas got it right on the third try, and we both groaned in exquisite bliss as his cock-head bulled past my tight ass-ring.

“There it is. There it is, Bitch!” Thomas hissed victoriously into my ear as he drove his cock all the way up my barely yielding asshole. “I’m gonna fuck your little ass off! I’m gonna drill your fucking cock-teasing ass!”

His body draped on top of mine, Thomas roughly pushed my face into the couch cushion and commenced hammering his cock up my puckered ass-hole.

“Unhghg! Unghggh! Unmhfffg!” I grunted loudly, the sound muffled by the soft cushions as Thomas assaulted my squirming ass with his throbbing cock.

“Lemme hear you tease now, cunt!” Thomas grunted as he grabbed my by the hair and pulled my head back. “Not so fucking talkative now, are ya? Not with my cock up your fucking ass. Tease me now, you cock-sucking, bitch! Lemme hear it!”

Even though Thomas would never be on my list of my top 100 fucks, his newfound aggressiveness excited me greatly and I rubbed frantically at me clit as he tapped my tight ass. “Meow….meow…” I softly mewled. “Fuck my ass. Fuck your pretty kitty’s ass!”

A huge part of Thomas must have resented the fact that Chris had upstaged him on his big night. I guess he blamed me for that, because he was sure taking it out on my tight, helpless little ass!

“Shut up, Bitch!” He barked, his breath coming in huge pants. “Shut the fuck up!”

Again, he forcefully pushed my face deep into the sofa cushions and pounded my up-thrust ass. My nimble fingers stroked and petted my hard little clit rapidly—I was determined to cum before Thomas shot his sizzling load up my ass-guts. Over the sound of Thomas’s thighs smacking hard against my sweaty ass-cheeks, I heard Beth’s unmistakable grunts and moans of climax as she came all over Chris’s fat cock-stick. Thomas, too, recognized the familiar sounds, and he rammed his cock even faster into my itchy ass-chute as he heard Chris make his girlfriend cum.

My head was spinning from the lack of air, and from the prickly sensations blazing through my ass and clit. The knowledge that Thomas was listening to his girlfriend cum all over another man’s dick, while his dick was ramming my cock-starved ass, was more than I could take. Without warning, my clit detonated and my petite body shuddered and shook in a massive orgasm.

Wrenching my head out from under Thomas’s hand, I turned my head to the side and grunted loudly in release, “Ohhh fuck! Ohh God! Fuck! Fuck it you bastard! Fuck it! Fuck it Fuck it! Fuck it!”

My clenching, writhing ass, locked down hard on Thomas’s slender prick-tube and there was nothing he could do except hold on for the ride. As I bucked and jerked spasmodically, Thomas loudly grunted his own release, and I felt his spewing cock jerk and buck in my ass-chute as he flooded my hot butt-hole with molten jism.

Turning my head to look over my shoulder at the Beth’s soon-to-be ex-boyfriend, I urged him on. “Fill that hole, Fucker. Fill it up. Shoot that shit up me!”

It was over a few seconds later. My body still twitched and quivered when Thomas eased his semi-sift cock out of my well-fucked ass, and I debated sucking it hard again before rejected the idea as being far too kind to the jerk.

I’d long lost track of the activities on the love seat, but evidently Chris had basted Beth’s cunt with a healthy dose of cum-cream, because Amy was lying flat on her tummy licking out Beth’s wrecked, gooey hole while Beth and Chris exchanged soft kisses.

Ignoring Thomas, I made my way over to the other spent lovers and exchanged hot kisses with both Beth and Chris.

“Still think I’m stuck up?” I asked Chris running my moist, nimble tongue all around his ear.

“No. Not at all,” Chris responded with a grin. “Still think I’m an arrogant jerk.”

“As a matter of act, I do,” I replied earnestly. “But now I’m not so sure it’s a bad thing. It’s a shame though, that you weren’t nicer to me before; you and I could have had some fun together.

Chuckling, softly, confidently, Chris mumbled, “We’re still gonna have some fun together Lt. Just you wait and see.”

A few hours later, I lay in my bed at home, blissful thinking about how arrogant and conceited Chris had been and also how well he’d used my tight little pussy.

“Oh well,” I thought to myself, “With a cock that big and that much talent, he has every right to be. I really would like to have him fuck me again…”

Rolling onto my side, I gently shook him awake. “Chris? Let’s do it again, Baby? Come on fuck my ass again. Please….?”

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