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Secrets are one of the things that I love about being married. Some of the best secrets that my wife and I share with each other are, of course sexual ones, and that makes them special. I guess we’re both pretty average looking and no one would ever guess that we are as intensely sexual about some things. And that includes some of our closest friends.

Sex is a very important aspect of our marriage and we both agree that as long as no one is being forced or hurt, as a couple, we will pretty much try anything at least once. I have to say that most of our sex experiences and secrets have been downright delicious!

I found this site and it prompted a discussion it with my wife. I asked her if it would be all right with her if I shared one of our biggest secrets with you. After thinking about it for a while she agreed saying with a laugh, “Ok, as long as no one found out who we really are!”

So this is how it happened.

The first few years of our marriage, which we have sometimes felt, is where a marriage, good or bad, is established. In ours, we both kept a secret from each other. The secrets were about something that had always turned us both on. It was the practice of golden showers. Neither of us knew how the other would react if they knew, and since we were still building the relationship, we never brought the subject up to each other. In our silence, we were unaware of each other’s feelings about it. So secretly, we thought we were the only one who found the practice of golden showers very erotic.

My wife told me how she first got started was when she was in college, she came to the realization that she got very turned-on watching and feeling herself peeing in the shower. She said she loved the feeling when her hot pee mixed with the shower water and ran down her legs. She also admitted that about that time she would occasionally sit on the toilet and look at her pussy in a hand mirror as she peed. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

As a teenager I wondered almost constantly what it would look like to actually see a woman pissing. Many times my imagination would run into wild fantasies as I tried to picture the golden stream as it came from some imaginary pussy. It was one of my favorite erotic thoughts that I held as I jacked-off in my room. I also came to learn that most people didn’t feel the same way as I did. Or at least they didn’t admit it. My erotic thoughts stayed and matured in me as I got older. When we first got married it seemed like my wife and I had sex almost every night and it was very good, however I still found myself occasionally fantasizing about golden showers and the fantasies were so strong that I would sometimes find time to be alone to jack-off.

I would think about my wife’s pussy and what it looked like close-up and I would imagine watching her soft pink pussy lips quivering as her golden stream emerged from her body. One time, soon after we were married, we were both getting ready for work and while I was in the bathroom my wife came in wearing nothing but her panties and sat down on the toilet to pee. Almost without thinking I asked her to spread her legs so I could watch and she did as she gave me a big smile. The view was so erotic it was almost more than I could stand yet I tried to act nonchalant, not wanting to let on one of my deepest secret desires. Years later she admitted that that particular incident really turned her on but she too didn’t know how to tell me.

One afternoon while my wife was away from the house I was feeling very horny and I decided it would be a good opportunity to masturbate the golden-way, which, by this time, I had been doing for a few years. I began my ritual by taking off my clothes and going into the bathroom and filling the bathtub with warm water. I would get into the tub and began to slowly fondle my cock into a nice hard on. For at least an hour before I got into the tub I needed to pee, but I held it back. As was my usual practice, when my cock was hard I would slowly stroke it until I was very close to cumming, then I would stop jacking-off and let my cock rest a little. This always produced a feeling in my cock that was hard to distinguish between whether I needed to cum or piss, either way; I always found the feeling very good and intense. When the intensity would subside I would start to jack-off again and repeat the process. After about the third or forth time doing this I usually can’t hold my piss any longer and I would let my golden stream go as I aimed it up my body. This feeling for me, in some ways, is very similar to an orgasm. Not to mention how erotic it was to see and feel my own piss spewing from my cock! Sometimes if I could prolong it for longer than usual, the force of my urine stream would reach as far up as my face and neck.

On this particular afternoon I had brought myself to the point where I couldn’t prolong it much longer and just before cumming I let go of my golden stream and bathed my chest and neck with my own hot piss. My eyes were fixated on the opening of my urethra as I watched the piss streaming out of my cock. When I was finished pissing I began to jack-off again, this time I knew that I would jack-off until I came. What I didn’t know was that my wife had come home early had been watching me through the crack in the bathroom door. As I got closer to cumming my wife suddenly entered the bathroom! She was completely nude, having taken her clothes off and leaving them outside the bathroom door. Needless to say I was shocked because I thought I was alone in the house. I was also embarrassed because she caught me in a very private moment. I started to stammer something about taking a bath because of yard work but she just put her finger to her lips to as she stepped into the bathtub with me. As she faced me she placed her feet on both side of my hips and squatted about halfway down. She held her position above me for a few brief moments and I watched as her abdomen tightened slightly and a golden stream of her delicious pee began to trickle from her cunt. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing! The first drops of her pee landed on my cock and I watched, trying to notice every detail, as it began to get stronger. It finally gained some force and turned to a stream that squirted from her cunt lips and splashed on my stomach and chest. I was so turned-on that my cock was harder and bigger than I had ever seen it before.

When she was finished she sunk down in the bathtub on her knees, which put her damp pussy directly on top of my wet cock. Leaning forward she gave me a deep kiss and said, “I didn’t mean to watch you but I’m glad I did. That was such a turn-on!”

I was still a little embarrassed about getting caught and at the same time surprised by what she had done. Mostly though, I was so intensely turned on by finally watching her lovely pussy as the golden stream flowed from it. I think I said something dumb like, “Yeah, me too!”

We then got out of the bathtub and moved to the rug on the bathroom floor where she got on her hands and knees. I slipped my cock into her vagina, which was drenched with a mixture of piss and her clear, pre-fuck lubrication. The copious amount let me know how intensely turned-on she was. I leaned forward and kissed her on her back as I gently squeezed her left tit and said to her, “I guess my secret is out!”

Turning her head she looked over her shoulder at me and said, “I think we both have the same secret!”

It took me a moment to fully understand what she meant then we both started to laugh.

We kept fucking and we both were very close to our first orgasm when she stopped and said, “Wait, I want to show you something. It’s something that is part of MY secret!”

I wasn’t sure what she meant but we got up from the bathroom floor and I followed her to the bedroom and into our large walk-in closet. She got down on her knees and reached back behind her shoes and brought out an old oversized leather purse that she hadn’t used in years. Opening it, she reached in and carefully pulled out a handful of photographs and handed them to me as I sat down on the thick carpet next to her. The photographs were of couples, 3-somes, 4-somes, and a few singles participating in golden showers. Most of the pictures were close-ups of couples fucking while receiving erotic streams of piss on their sex organs. One of the photos was of a woman taking a golden shower in her mouth. I studied at the picture for a few moments then glanced at my wife to see her reaction, but there was none that I could see, she just kept lustfully staring at the picture in my hand.

“This is my secret collection.” She said. “I never told you about them because I didn’t really know what you would say if you knew I had them. I’ve wanted to tell you…I guess I was just waiting for the right time. When I watched you in the bathtub at first I just thought you were just going to jack-off, but when you gave yourself a golden shower I got so horny I came while I was standing there. I was afraid you were going to cum before I could get naked and join you!”

“Where did you get these pictures?” I asked.

“Different places I guess. Most of them I got when I was in college.” She said.

I looked at the photographs very carefully. “My god, these are so erotic!” I said as I let my hand drop down and I started to stroke my cock. I was so turned-on at that point I could hardly stand it.

“I’m so relieved that you know my secret! I’ve wanted to tell you since before we were married!” She said as she put her arms around my neck and kissed me.

“It’s the same with me!” I said as I began to fondle her clit.

We sat on the floor of the closet and shared with each other our golden shower secrets. We talked about how many times we wanted to say something but didn’t. We talked about some of the erotic things we wanted to try with each other and we talked about how hard it was sometimes to keep our secret from other people. When we finally shared with each other our earliest adventures of discovery and experimentation with golden showers and masturbation. At that point we were both so turned-on we kissed passionately and I started to gently ease her back so that we could begin fucking again but she resisted me a little and said, “I have one more picture to show you, it’s my favorite!” She reached back into the purse and pulled out another photograph. Holding it against her nude chest she hesitated then looked into my eyes with a slightly mischievous look and said, “I love this one, I get so hot looking at it!” Then she gave me her little girl look as she shrugged her shoulders and gave me the photograph. The photo was of woman lying on her back, she had her legs spread and held up towards her chest. In her cunt and asshole were two small red funnels and a man’s large penis was obviously filling them both with his piss-spewing cock.

“That looks like so much fun!” She whispered breathlessly.

I dropped the photograph and kissed her deeply as I eased her back on the carpet. Moving up I hovered above her briefly before I parted her legs with my knees and slipped my cock inside her pussy. As we slowly began to fuck again I reached over and picked up the photo of the woman with the funnels in her two holes, and I put it in my wife’s hand. “Here, look at this while I fuck you darling…imagine that is my golden liquid filling your cunt and ass!”

She moaned so loudly that it almost sounded like a deep sobbing and she managed to utter between her moans, “I want to give me a golden douche…I want you to bathe my clitoris with your hot piss! I want to feel the funnels in me!”

We were both so turned-on our orgasms were building with incredible power. As we fucked I continued to tell her of the wonderful golden showers I was already planning to give her.

Her eyes eagerly searched the photographs as if she was seeing them for the first time. Periodically she would close her eyes from the intense pleasure she was feeling, then open them again and study the pictures once more. I saw the small beads of perspiration forming on her temples that meant that she was just a few strokes away from cumming, so I managed to say, “I can hardly wait until this evening when I can piss on your tits and cunt when we fuck!” With that her whole body tightened and she let out a loud, low moan of pleasure as we both came together. It was a strong, hard cum that lasted longer than any cum I could remember having had before. After the initial load of my cum exploded into her vagina my cock continued to pump smaller loads of cum inside her. Exhausted, for a long time we both lay on the floor together, almost unable to move. My cock had softened somewhat, yet, her tight cunt held it still inside her. Suddenly, I felt the muscles of her vagina loosen and my cock slipped out of her accompanied by a small, hot stream of her piss.

That was several years ago and since then we have had explored many wonderful aspects of our shared love of golden showers. We’ve experienced them at home, on vacations, beaches, on hikes, and eventually even with other couples. We pretty much had to feel our way along with some of the things we tried, and with patience we learned that we could do some things that at first we didn’t think was possible.

We have a nice collection of very private photographs and videos of our golden shower fun that we look at from time to time and they never fail to turn-us on. They represent some very intense and wonderful times we’ve had over the years.

We often had some discussions with a few friends who also share our secret passion and we suspect that there are a lot more people out there who find this activity very erotic, but will never be able to admit it to their spouses or partner, perhaps not even to themselves.

That’s OK, they just don’t know the erotic fun they are missing!

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