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Zack and Zoey

Category: Incest
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Drought is an awful thing. But, Zack had faced this monster before and figured his plant and landscape business would survive even though his shrubs looked very sad at the moment. The drought in the weather, though, couldn’t compare with the drought in his sex life. Watering the plants could help them but there was not much in his sexual future.

It seemed as though every lady he found interesting was already taken. One or two would have given him a quick roll in the hay as at 5’11” and 180 pounds with a sculptured body they found him attractive. But, he hadn’t grown quite that desperate yet. If nothing happened in about two more weeks he would surely look up one of these lusty ladies.

Zack’s twin sister, Zoey, owned the interior design store next to Zack’s nursery. They had built their businesses on a parcel of land their parents had given them. Both businesses were flourishing and they often referred customers to each other. Also on the same piece of land were their houses which were located behind each of their businesses facing the street on the next block over.

Little did Zack know that while Zoey’s business was booming she was also having a drought in her love life. Late one summer afternoon recently they were out in the parking lot adjoining their businesses chatting when Zoey decided that rather than sitting home alone Friday evening watching some TV show she would invite her brother over for dinner. She had no doubt they could have some fun together.

Her brother was shocked at the invite as he thought his sister had men waiting in line. She complained that she was having the same problem he was, but worse. A lot of jerks were hitting on her who were either total assholes or already married. Zack sure understood their attraction, though; after all, Zoey was 5’7″ 145 pounds with long brown hair and deep blue eyes with large D cup breasts and a 40 inch butt.

Friday afternoon Zoey stopped by the nursery and picked up Zack’s receipts and invoices to take to their father who was their accountant and reminded him to be there at 6:30. He offered to bring over a couple of nice bottles of wine that he had been saving. After she nodded affirmatively with a big smile he told her, “I am really looking forward to it, we haven’t sat around and bullshitted in a long time.”

To his surprise he was getting turned on by the sexy sway of her ass as she walked away toward her car. He ran home quickly and put the wine bottles on ice so they would be cold later and scurried right back to work. He was almost as excited as if he were going out on a real date; the fact was, he was just excited to go out at all.

As he rang her doorbell he didn’t care that it was only his sister. She opened the door and looked dazzling as she accepted the bottles. Placing the wine on the coffee table beside a pair of glasses she already had out she told him dinner would be ready in a minute. She had gone all out as there was already green salad at there places and he could smell the aroma of their family’s famous made from scratch Lasagna. His twin called from the kitchen, “Hey Zack, how about pouring us each a glass of that wine and join me in here; dinner is ready.”

“I would be delighted little sister,” he said half joking. After all she was born seven minutes later than them. Dinner was a blur. By the time the salad was finished Zach had to go to the living room and retrieve the bottle of wine to refill their glasses. Zack had started pouring from the second bottle when she met him in the living room with strawberry shortcake.

Zoey kind of frowned at the combination of red wine and strawberry shortcake. But, she joined her brother on the couch and devoured the cake and seemed to have no problem washing it down with the wine. In fact, the siblings drank the second bottle like it was water and it was gone in no time at all.

Her bladder now full Zoey excused herself and told Zack where to find the bottle she bought for the evening before she knew he was bringing wine. Zack had his shoes kicked off and the next glass poured before his sister got back. As she bounded back into the room he asked, “So, this is your gig what do you want to do?”

“I hadn’t really thought beyond dinner. I guess we could play a game.”

“Ok, I could kick your fat ass in backgammon.” he laughingly challenged.

“Like hell you will,” came her sassy retort. They settled in to the game and were having a good time. After they each won a game a piece they looked at one another as if asking whether they should play another game.

“You know this would be more fun if we bet on the games,” Zack asserted.

“Maybe so, but Zack betting money is so lame. We should bet something that is a higher risk and means something to us; you know a real bet,” answered Zoey.

Like what? All I can think of is our clothes, said Zack almost embarrassed.

“Why not, that could be fun unless you are chicken.” The words came out of her mouth before she realized what she had said. Her face turned a little red but then she got to thinking about it. So what, they had seen each other nude before. They were 25 years old and should be able to control their libidos.

“No, I ain’t chicken, but I bet you back out after one or two games. You don’t have the guts to go until at least one of us is naked; which will be you by the way.” The only thought going through his mind was kicking his sister’s ass at backgammon. He hadn’t given a thought to the fact that if he won enough games a very sexy lady would be sitting nude in front of him. But, he had pushed just the right button to get her going.

“Like hell, I’ll show you a thing or two let’s get that fucking board set up,” she shot back almost angrily. After setting up the board Zoey thought they had better check to see if they had the same number of things on. With this settled they rolled to see who would go first. Zack won the roll and the game went on.

Suddenly, their casual attitude had been replaced by a very serious cut throat attitude. After four rounds Zoey had lost her blouse and stockings and Zack had lost his shoes and socks. They each had only three items left on but the wine was empty. Deciding to take a break to get yet another bottle of wine and use the bathroom Zoey noticed it was almost 11:00 and figured she would have her brother naked in about an hour and she could send him back home defeated. It was when they sat back down that Zack really looked at his sister.

Seeing her there in that sexy lacy black bra with her tits pointing straight ahead stirred something in him. He couldn’t help himself as his prick got hard. He thought about giving up before he had more such thoughts but he just had to win this tournament. Like a gentleman he poured another glass of wine for them.

To his utter dismay and Zoey’s absolute delight he lost the next two games leaving him in just his briefs. His erection was obvious now to his sister and she was having her own taboo thoughts. Whether it was overconfidence or a fear of actually seeing her brother’s cock Zoey lost the next game as Zack crushed her.

Off came her skirt leaving her in matching bra and panties. Things were getting serious now the next piece of clothing would reveal something very private that siblings shouldn’t see of each other when they are in their twenties. Neither of them could think of a graceful way to back out so they played on.

Determined that she wasn’t going to be the one embarrassed Zoey did everything she could to win. But it was to no avail as Zack rolled doubles in three successive turns and came from behind and won. She thought about waving the surrender flag but instead slid the bra off of her massive tits.

“Oh my God,” Zack gasped barely audibly as he marveled at his twin’s wonderful jugs. Getting his composure back he took a gulp of the wine and set up his pieces. Hearing her brother’s reaction caused Zoey to get a tingle of excitement deep inside of her cunt. Nervously she set up her pieces for the deciding game.

The game went back and forth each of them taking turns knocking the other on to the bar. But, when all was said and done Zack had edged out a narrow victory over Zoey. They sat there in silence for a minute. Zack didn’t want to be too pushy about seeing his sexy sister naked and Zoey was frustrated that she lost.

Giving a deep sigh Zoey stood in front of him and pulled down her panties revealing a forest of thick brown pubic hair. As she turned to sit back down he caught a glimpse of her ass and wasn’t sure he could keep his hands off of her. But then he got the real shock as Zoey spurted out, “Now take your undies off and show me yours after all you get to see mine.”

“That is because I won the game and you have nothing left to bet.”

“Ok, then we will play one more game if I win you take off your briefs and if you should be lucky and win again you can feel my titties,” she said pouting and caressing her boobs.

“But, sis, that would be god damn incest.”

“Not really, it is not as if I am letting you fuck me or anything. All I will let you do is play with these titties of mine if you should win again,” she purred as she gave the jugs another squeeze. Somehow her rationalization made sense to Zack and he set up his part of the board as an eager Zoey joined him.

For the first time all night there was now true sexual tension in the air. This was feeling more and more like a date rather than a sibling get together. Neither of them had given any thought as to what would happen after the tournament was over they were having too much fun getting into trouble.

The game was a blow out. Zack absolutely demolished Zoey. Every move she made seemed to backfire on her. He thought about letting her off the hook but looked over at her and saw those beautiful breast and knew he had to at least give them a quick once over. He whispered sympathetically, “It is time to pay up Sis.”

“I guess so, but just for a couple of minutes,” she responded wanting to limit the time as she didn’t want things to get out of hand. She slid closer to her brother as he approached her. As soon as his fingers touched her chest she could feel the juices of her cunt freely flow. His touch was so soft and gentle that it shot a shiver up her spine.

Tension filled the air as he caressed all over her big orbs. He could feel her nipples hardening under his palms. Knowing that his time was likely nearly up he just had to give these marvelous jugs a couple of squeezes. It was a glorious feeling fondling her firm but somehow soft tits. He didn’t want to stop squeezing and playing with her melons and decided not to stop until she asked him too.

The only problem was that Zoey found herself getting more and more turned on and her breathing was growing more erratic. Juices were filling up her hot box and she started to open her mouth a couple of times but just couldn’t find the words. Without thinking Zoey laid her hand on Zack’s thigh and started running her fingertips up and down his leg. Zack tweaked her nipples between his fingers and she moaned loudly.

With his cock twitching in his underwear Zack couldn’t stop nature from taking it’s course and dove for her tits; covering one and then the other with his mouth. There was no fight left in Zoey between all of the wine and how turned on she was by her handsome brother. She just gave in and wrapped her arms around his back and ground her tits in his face. Soon her boobs were covered by her sibling’s saliva and she reached between them and wrapped her fingers around his manhood and gave it a mighty squeeze.

“Oh Christ Zack, get your underpants off and your cock inside of my cunt,” Zoey demanded. Zack stopped what he was doing and looked deeply into her eyes to see if she was sure about what she said. Her sexy smile was all the answer he needed and taking her chin in his hand he planted a long sensual kiss on her mouth.

Then lifting his hips off of her he shoved down his briefs and kicked them out of the way. As he laid back on top of her they kissed sensually again grinding their crotches together. She ran her hands up and down from his ass to his neck. He asked, “Are you sure you want me to fuck you dear Zoey?”

“Oh yes, more than anything in the world; I want you to fuck me right now with that handsome prick of yours,” she answered in a sultry voice Zack had never heard before. He lifted his hips away from her slightly and she took a hold of his rigid member and after flicking it against her hard clit a couple of times she pulled his cock into her tight twat. All thoughts of being brother and sister had left their heads as Zack began moving in and out of his sister’s pussy.

Her cunt muscles squeezed his pecker like no other girl had ever done to him before; it felt so good. Zoey couldn’t believe just how fantastic this cock felt inside of her as her pelvis met him thrust for thrust. Gliding in and out Zack’s breathing was getting heavier and heavier. The tension was building in his nut sack as he yelled, “I am going to cum!”

“Oh god me too; oh yes cum inside of me,” Zoey answered breathlessly. His strokes got harder and faster and then all at once he exploded deep inside of his sister’s pussys at the same time she came bathing his balls with a river of her cunt juice. The both had great fucks before but this had definitely been one of the best as the fell asleep in each other’s arms.

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