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I Stop For Hot cops

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Wow, she thought, he was pretty well hidden. The car had appeared out of nowhere, lights already flashing, the siren going, catching up to her at rapid speed. She was not actually going all that fast, just over seventy, but then again, it was a forty-five (for no good reason, by the way), and that meant she was flirting with thirty miles per hour of speeding, and that was never a good thing.

Pulling over to the side of the road, she turned the radio down and tilted the power mirror a bit so she could watch the cop car. He seemed to just sit there for a while, but she knew that he was actually working on the MDT, or Mobile Data Terminal, running her license plate, and seeing if there were any warrants for the owner of the car, or if the plate itself was stolen.

She hoped all that came back negative, regarding getting pulled over as a sort of free background check, which sometimes defused the tension of the moment. Finally the door of the unmarked cruiser opened, and she watched the uniformed officer slowly approach her.

To her, the Ford Interceptors were a model of ugly American car design, which was why she was in a BMW. It’s gray color made it pretty clear that despite the fact that it lacked all the paint and lights on the outside, this was something used by the government in pursuit of those that break the law, function over form, as her teachers would have said in college. Totally not true of the man it held.

She could see in the mirror as he came closer that he was tall next to the car, over six feet she figured. His shaved head glistened in the sun, the dark skin seemingly flawless. His black uniform sat on a well-muscled frame, the bulky bulletproof vest sticking out of the shirt, which had short sleeves sleeves. She liked short sleeves, and again it was demonstrated why. The man had bulging biceps and massive forearms, the kind that made her mouth water as he approached and leaned down, his mirrored sunglasses throwing back a reflection of self.

“Good afternoon, ma’am. Do you know why I pulled you over today?”

“Not really.” She grinned, not known as a smart ass for nothing.

“You were speeding 30 miles per hour over in a forty five. Can I please ask you to step out of the car?”


“Step out of the car, ma’am.” He stepped back, pulling open the door for her. She gave him another look, and then killed the car, dumping her keys in her purse, and grabbing it as she climbed out.

She made a show of it, rotating in her seat so that he could see the short skirt slide up, slowly placing her legs on the ground, letting the gravel crunch under her high heels, then propelling herself upwards out of the convertible, her green eyes flashing at him as her auburn hair came lose in the wind.

He pointed to his car, pushing the door shut as he followed, and she could hear him saying something into his radio, not really sure what it was. She got to the door of his car, but he pointed to the trunk, and so she walked around, dropping her purse down onto the ugly gray paint. Wow, that paint was hideous.

“License, registration, and proof of insurance please.” He stayed at least one arms distance from her at all times, his hands loosely by his sides, never far from the baton, the OC spray, or his gun. She gave him another smile, and then started digging in her purse, finding her license and placing it on the metal. Her registration proved more difficult.

Finally she came up with, and looked at him, as if expecting some resolution. He looked right back, and finally mouthed the word painfully slow. “Innnssssuuuurrraaannnncccceeeee.”

Her look was pure venom, as she commenced to digging again, finally dropping the mangled piece of paper on the trunk next to the other two. He picked them up, walked back to the driver seat of his car, and typed something in as he watched her through the glass. Two or three minutes later he was back, but without her license.

“Ma’am, if I could please get you to place your hands on the trunk, and spread your ankles.”


“Ma’am, please put your hands on the trunk.” His hand was on the baton now, and he took a half step back, as if he was preparing to beat her into submission.

“What for…”

“Don’t get an attitude! Do it now.” His hand closed around the weapon, her eyes fixating on it, suddenly realizing that her mouth was dry as she palmed the hot metal, watching him disappear from sight as he moved around behind her.

Then he was against her, his body pinning her to the car as he grabbed her hands, pulling them off the trunk and cuffing them behind her back. She struggled back against him as she felt his hardness in his trousers against his ass, but he was too strong, and his grip on her to tight. “Stop struggling, won’t do you any good now, anyways!”

She heard the cuffs lock, and her struggles grew more fierce, then she felt herself pushed down, being bent over the trunk of the car, her face mashed into the metal, her breasts compressed into her chest. She could see his arm now, those beautiful arms, watching it snake down and pull up her skirt.

“I’m going to search you. Do you have any weapons or drugs on you?”


“Not the right answer, so I’ll take that as a no.”

His body remained atop hers as he ran his hands up and down her legs, and she cursed the decision to wear thigh highs instead of regular hose today, hoping that her husband would like them. His fingers ran across the fabric, up to her thong, then along her chest, groping her tits, pulling them apart and running between them, underneath, rolling her nipples, pulling on them, as one hand touched her face, sliding a finger into her tightly pursed lips.

She was not sure why, but she sucked on his finger, her teeth taking a hold of it, pulling it in deeper, her eyes screwed shut, showing him that there were no drugs deep down in her oral cavity.

“I think we have to do more checks…” Hauling her up, he dragged her around the passenger side of the car, pulled open the back door, and pushed her down onto the seat. She was breathing hard, and watched with detached horror as he unzipped his pants, pulling out a massive black cock.

She went to lean back and escape, but he grabbed her hair and pulled her forward, holding her nose shut, making her gasp for air, the opportunity he used to push it all the way into the back of her throat.

She gagged, and he seemed to enjoy that as she struggled for air, trying not to choke on him, and finally he released her nose, and she sucked oxygen through it as he eased his cock back, fucking her mouth with deep strokes. She closed her teeth down over him, dragging them up the big shaft, feeling the ridges, feeling it pulse in her mouth, the big head pushing into her throat and backing off.

He looked down at her, moaning softly, watching her face, the tightly closed eyes, her lips stretched around his cock, her breathing slow and controlled as he violated her. Pulling back he leaned down and kissed her, mashing his lips to hers, pressing his tongue into her mouth. She fought it, trying to close her lips, but he was too strong, too powerful, and despite herself she moaned into the kiss, getting lost in the moment.

She felt him push her down onto the seat, felt him undoing her blouse, and she struggled against her bonds, opening her mouth to protest. But he kissed her again, and again she moaned, feeling him cup her full breasts, then leaning down and sucking her nipple, biting it. She cried out, feeling him pull her panties away, and the breeze felt warm on her wet pussy. Oh my god, she suddenly realized, I’m dripping wet! He flipped her, her face mashed into the seat, the smell of sweat and stale bodies reaching into her nose, and then suddenly he was in her.

She screamed out, then his hand clamped down on her mouth, and he was fucking her. With deep, powerful strokes he pushed himself in and out, in and out, the fat head teasing her pussy and stretching her lips, the thick cock shaking in her as he pounded her pussy from behind. She was moaning and groaning, listening to him pant as he took her, enjoying her lovely young body and the spoils of his conquest.

She tried to grab at him with her hands cuffed behind her back, but the angle was all wrong, and the cuffs were cutting off her circulation. She tried to scream past his hand, but it was in vain, and there was nobody around to hear her scream anyways, and then he was biting her neck, leaning down, his body armor pressing into her from behind, the zipper on his pants dragging across her ass as he screwed her was a scintillating sensation, making her gasp for air and moan in pleasure, then suddenly he pulled out again.

The emptiness in her was sudden and surprising, and her eyes flew open as he flipped her over. She looked up at the smiling man, who leaned down and kissed her, sucking on her tongue, then filled her pussy again. He could suck her titties now, licking them, biting her nipples as he pushed deep into her, in and out, like a piston driving an engine onward.

She had closed her eyes again, trying to breathe as he kissed her, trying to focus on something else, but her body had betrayed her, and the sensation came on suddenly, not surprising her, but shocking her with its power. Her breath grew short and gaspy as she struggled for air, her pussy spasming as she orgasmed around his cock. He laughed out loud at her helplessness before his monster penis, and she flushed red with embarrassment at herself.

“You know you are a little slut, just give it up and give me what I want.” He bit her neck again as she turned her face away, not wanting to look at him. He leaned forward, changing his angle, and now he was stimulating her clit even more, giving her another shock of joy, making her shudder and squeal. “There you go…you’re a total whore, you know that?”

Wrapping her legs around him, she pulled him in deeper, surrendering to the assault, giving herself over to the large black man, letting him kiss and fondle on her, his hand under her ass, squeezing and smacking it, the big cock in her driving her mad. Suddenly he slowed down, trying to forestall the inevitable, but it was to late, and they shared in a powerful release as he exploded in her, causing her pussy to spasm again.

He lay atop his conquest, kissing her, telling her what a little bitch she was, and how he owned her, how he had taken her and made her his. She could not look at him, but he would not leave her alone, rubbing all over her, playing with her tits, his cock still shaking and moving back and forth in her.

Finally he pulled out, pulling her back up, and pushed his cock in her mouth. She sucked it clean, feeling the big took go soft in her mouth, then watched him straighten his pants and zip them back up after he tucked it in.

Walking her back to her car, he bent her over the trunk of the Beemer, sliding a hand up her skirt, and rubbing her pussy, rolling her clit between his fingers. She moaned out, closing her eyes again, feeling his hot breath on her neck.

“I’m going to undo your cuffs now. When I do, put your hands on the trunk, don’t do anything funny, I don’t want to damage the goods.” She nodded, and then felt the metal braces click open, and the blood surge into her hands. They tingled as she pressed them to the hot metal, and she gasped when suddenly another orgasm raced through her. He pulled his fingers away, then turned her around, his body towering over her as he pressed against her, her blouse still open, tits mashing against his vest.

“Nice ring you got there…you married?” He watched her nod, a cruel smile on his face. “Well, you are my little ho’ now. I got your name and all that, so I’ll be calling you. Don’t be giving me no attitude either. You don’t want to find yourself before a magistrate because I found a kilo of coke in your car, do you?” He kissed her again, pulling her body against his, groping her ass. She moaned out, but she nodded, understanding what he was saying.

“Good. Drive carefully, and don’t be speeding. I’ll be putting the word out.” He grinned then threw her purse on the trunk, and walked back to his car. He watched from behind the mirrored glass as she straightened her blouse and skirt, then got in the Beemer and drove away. That was a really cool car.

Getting back out, he walked around to the trunk, and opened it with the remote. Reaching in, he pulled the tape out of the recorder, and replaced it with a blank one he had brought along just in case. It was a common practice for officers that felt threatened by the surveillance cameras mounted in police cars now, and despite the fact that he had his Sergeant and his Lt’s blessing for his “unconventional” lunch breaks, one could never be too careful.

Looking at his watch, he realized that he still had about five minutes of union negotiated chow time, so he closed the trunk and dropped back down into his seat, pulling out the sandwich his wife had made him that morning. What a useful woman that one was. He smiled at the thought of her, turning on the engine and firing up the AC and the radio. The greatest woman ever, he thought.

Julia sat on the couch, the blouse and skirt replaced by a plain white t-shirt and a set of her husbands boxers. You could buy the same type of boxers from Old Navy or Gap now for twenty bucks, or just steal one of the ones that come in the three packs your husband got at Wal-Mart for five. She went with the latter.

She had showered upon coming home, brushed her teeth, and rinsed thoroughly with mouthwash, trying to erase the after effects of the big cock in her mouth. She could still not believe how good it had felt, on the side of the road, in that car, the big man in his uniform, that big stick. The things he had said…

She heard the door open, and just by the steps on the hardwood floor, she knew that her husband of three years was home. It was odd that they were even married, being so different, from different backgrounds, doing such different things. She looked over her shoulder and smiled at him, not sure yet how this would affect their marriage.

James walked over to his wife, leaned down and kissed her on the lips, lingering to tease her tongue gently with his. She smelled of apple and lavender, fresh and clean, and he beamed at her, and then reached into his pocket, dropping her red thong onto the couch.

“You left this in my car earlier.”


“No biggie, I found it when I was cleaning up the mess. Thanks for the sandwich, you are the greatest.”

“I was hoping you would find it in my purse, I saw you forgot it earlier.”

“I am blessed with an awesome wife.” He kissed her again, standing and walking down the hall towards their bedroom. She watched him, her body shuddering as it did each time she had that realization…wow, her husband was hot!

Standing, she followed him, jumping on the bed and watching him strip down to his underwear, and she smiled at the Garfield motive. She had bought him those, a joke playing on his age. He was fifteen years her junior, something that her friends and family loved to harp on, saying there was no way they would be compatible. He was a cop, a veteran of the army, somebody who liked to hunt and party. She was an interior decorator, for god’s sake, recognized as one of the best in the south east, with two failed marriages and a grown kid to her name.

He slid his gun into the drawer on his side of the bed, and it locked with an audible click when he pushed it shut, turning towards her. “You look like you want something.”

“Oh my god, that was the greatest sex in the whole world earlier.”

“You want some more?”

“Please don’t make me beg, I’m so horny now I could burst.” She screamed when he lunged at her, knowing she was going to get it. She couldn’t wait!

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