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You’ve Got An Hour

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Julie lay back into the car’s seat, closing her eyes and relaxing into the ride home. The night out had been just what she needed after a long week; Jay had done well distracting her from thoughts of work. Their favorite restaurant had again come through with a great meal. They’d had just enough wine, lovely dessert, and stimulating conversation. But though the pleasant hours had repressed her ill mood, she now wanted a good night’s sleep to escape the frustrations the work week had wrought. Climbing into bed, passing out and waking up to a lazy Saturday… That’s what she needed.

So when the car stopped and she opened her eyes to see Jay’s house and not her own, she was peeved. “I thought you were taking me home,” she said, not hiding her annoyance.

Jay shut off the engine and turned a bit to face her, reaching out to take her hand. “My dear, when I talked to you this afternoon, I told you I wanted to take you out and make you forget about the horrible week, right?”

“Right,” Julie replied, not seeing where he was going with this.

“And I can tell that I haven’t fully succeeded in that,” Jay continued. “You’re still dwelling on things that I know you don’t really want to be dwelling on.”

She shrugged, then nodded. “Yeah, I guess.”

“So I am going to take you in through that door for one more hour, and during that hour you won’t think about any of that.”

Julie’s eyes thinned a bit in suspicion. “Are you just trying to get me into your bed?”

“No,” he answered with a slight smile, “I’m not trying to get you into my bed. I’m telling you to come into my home and experience each moment, individually, for itself.”

An interesting phrase, Julie thought. She considered. “An hour, you say.”

Jay nodded, continuing to look at her with that intriguing half-smile. “Yes. But for that hour, you’ll do as I say without question,” he said, his tone becoming more firm.

“Oh really,” she scoffed. “Now I know you’re trying to get me into bed.”

“No bed is involved,” he replied steadily, the grin fading. “Come inside and you’ll see.” His voice grew steadily more commanding.

Now she was curious. Slowly a smile formed on her lips. “Alright,” she said softly.

They exited the car and hand in hand walked up the steps. Unlocking the door, he led her into the house. Taking her hand again, their footsteps echoing on the hardwood floor, Jay led her into the living room, where he stopped and stood in front of her.

Pointedly she looked at her watch. “Alright mister, you’ve got an hour,” she grinned.

“Fine,” he replied, his voice low and firm. “Close your eyes and stand still.”

She almost laughed. “Okay,” she said in mock-subservience, and did as he told.

She heard him step away and open a drawer; then he moved behind her and something pressed against her face — he was blindfolding her. “Hey –”

“Quiet!” His voice close behind her, as firm as granite. “You will speak only when I ask you a question.” She felt the strings of the blindfold grow tight against her head. “And your answer will always be ‘Yes, sir.'”

“But you said –”

“Shhhhhhh,” he interrupted, his voice softer and much closer, directly in her right ear. “I know what I said. I told you the truth. I will never lie to you, Julie.” He finished tying the blindfold.

“Now,” his body very close to her back but not quite touching, “you’ve given me an hour. You can rescind this whenever you wish by stating your cat’s name.” His breath was hot against her skin; the closeness of his body began a slow tingle deep within her.

“But. If you do, you will end the moment you are experiencing right now.” She could almost taste the nearness of him, and she nearly leaned back into his body. Yet something — perhaps the hypnotic timbre of his words, the feel of his breathing on her skin, or the uncertainty of being unable to see — held her fast in place.

“You and I may have many, many other moments,” he continued, and she felt his breath moving along her neck to her other ear, her flesh prickling at the sensation. “They will not be like this moment. This moment is all that there is for you and I. Right now.” His lips gently brushed her left ear, and she startled at the sudden touch. “Surrender to it. This moment is for you. It will not bring you harm or shame. This moment is yours and mine, and there is no other like it, nor will there be.” She thought she could feel his hands moving centimeters away from her arms, and she shivered.

Then he stepped away. “Tell me, then. Do you wish me to continue?”

His sudden absence was a tangible loss; in the still darkness of the blindfold she knew he was offering her an escape if she so chose.

But, she realized, she didn’t want it.

“Yes. Sir.” The nervous shaking in her voice surprised her.

“Good.” She could tell from his voice that he was smiling; she shivered again, but this time in anticipation, sensing movement behind her. As he moved she realized he must have taken off his shoes, as she couldn’t hear the footsteps as she had before, and wasn’t at all sure where he was.

His fingers took hold of the unbuttoned sweater she wore over her dress and gently eased it off. The feel of it against her arms, slow and soft, was intense.

She stood unmoving, awaiting the next step. She thought he was moving around her, but couldn’t tell exactly. Long moments passed as she stood there, trying to keep still. Then she felt him remove her watch, and step away again for another long time.

The touch on her leg surprised her and she nearly fell, but then his hand was at the small of her back, steadying her, as his other hand unlatched her shoe. Holding her body steady he lifted her foot out of the heel and placed it on the floor, before doing the same to the other foot, then moving away from her once more. The cool floor felt good on her bare feet, and again it seemed quite some time that she stood, anticipating his next touch.

Then his hand was at the zipper on her dress, unhurriedly lowering it. The cool air on her back felt good, as she stood for many long seconds waiting for him to proceed. Finally he told her to raise her arms, and she felt him lifting her dress up and over her body, leaving her in bra and panties. She bit her lip and squirmed nervously in the blackness.

“So lovely,” he whispered from somewhere to her left. He was staring at her body, she realized, conscious of her stance yet unsure if she should pose. He was moving again, circling her like a predator; she fidgeted again, knowing he was looking her body up and down. Despite his assurance that she wouldn’t be hurt, she was incredibly nervous. What was he doing?

His hands at her waist surprised her and a sharp “Oh!” escaped her lips. His touch was soft but possessive, and he moved close behind her once more.

“You’re wondering what I’m going to do, aren’t you?” he asked softly, his fingers pulsing just slightly against her skin making her tremble.

She remembered his earlier instruction. And since it was true, she answered, “Yes, sir.”

“Wondering what I will do, will not make it happen any quicker,” he chided softly, stepping a bit closer. His clothes touched her skin and she was grateful for it, to feel something other than his gaze. “As I said before: I will not hurt you…” His touch lightened, and his fingers began to trace light patterns on her sides and belly. “Or take pictures of you,” he laughed gently, and she smiled, his fingers continuing their light strokes. “Or make you regret your decision to stay.” His hands slowly drew up over her bra, causing her to gasp as his palms reached her nipples, which she could now feel were quite erect. But the touch was fleeting: he stepped back away from her and said, “Do you want me to continue, Julie?”

“Yes, sir,” she replied, her decision more sure now, her apprehensiveness fading slightly, turning into a soft glow of desire.

This time she didn’t have to wait: he deftly unhooked her bra, then slid it off her body with care. Standing straight and tall she thrust her chest out a bit; he’d frequently told her how much he loved her full, perfectly proportioned tits, and she guessed he was looking at them now.

Being unable to see was making the time pass so slowly, and increasing the awareness of her arousal and its effect on her body. She could almost feel her pussy growing warmer; her nipples were like heavy coins at the tips of her breasts. She wanted to touch herself at both places; she wanted to obey his command to remain still. Her thighs wanted to clench together, provide some stimulus to her moistening pussy; instead she bit her lip and waited.

He delayed almost a full two minutes before she felt him behind her again. As she suspected and hoped he might, he grasped her panties at her hips and languorously slid them down her long legs, dropping them around her feet.

And then, nothing.

She imagined him grinning at her predicament; she thought she could feel his hands less than an inch away from the cheeks of her full curvy ass, massaging and pinching the air in just the way she wished he’d really do to her. Shifting her weight from one foot to another she fairly screamed out with her mind, Hey! Naked horny woman here! Do me already! I know what I said in the car, now fuck me! But she’d be damned if she lost this little game they were playing. Gritting her teeth she stopped her squirming and tried to stand like a statue, if a naked and horny one.

He spoke up again from behind her. “Shoulders back. Arms straight down behind your back.” She dutifully complied, and he was looping something soft and nice-feeling — velvet? — around both arms, pulling them together almost but not quite uncomfortably, forcing her chest to jut out further. “I’ll still release you if you say your cat’s name,” he said evenly, tying a knot at her elbows, “But for now you are mine and the hour isn’t up. Do you understand, Julie?”

She felt vulnerable, and horny, and almost woozy, tied and blindfolded and naked in her lover’s living room, but determined. “Yes, sir.” He gave a satisfied grunt at this and, completing the knot, stepped away to circle her again, moving around the room in a way her ears could not fathom.

At the same time she heard it, she felt the blast of air from the fan he turned on, and barely repressed a squeal of protest as the cool breeze sent shivers down the side from which the air came. Internally she shouted obscenities at him as she twitched at the chill, her nerves aware of every bit of skin exposed to the moving air. She wanted to turn her back to it but was afraid to move her feet too much lest she fall.

Then she could tell he was standing close to her between her body and the fan, and she tried once more to freeze in place. She was panting now; though it sounded as if it came from far away, she realized the the slight keening whine she heard was coming from her own mouth, but she couldn’t stop it.

When he softly tweaked her nipple she yelped and almost leaped through the ceiling, her balance shifting crazily. But he grabbed her shoulder and righted her, and the strong steadiness reassured her so much. It seemed to say I told you, no harm. Gulping, she spread her stance a bit and willed him to continue. The hand on her shoulder left her, and again she was alone in the dark of the blindfold with the breeze over her naked skin… which he began to softly poke, gentle presses of a single finger indenting the flesh for a moment before leaving to colonize another bit of her body. Again she imagined the words the touches were communicating: This is your belly, but really it is mine. This is your hip but now it is mine. This is my breast. This is my thigh. This is my shoulder. This is my mons… And then the finger was stroking a determined line over her wet slit, and it was as if all her nerves ended in wet desire. She had to lock her knees to keep them from buckling, grit her teeth to keep from moaning as the finger pushed back downward and then slightly into her. The moan escaped anyway, but the finger was unceremoniously removed. She was panting again, she realized.

“I’m going to put you on your knees now,” he said, and his hands were in her armpits holding her firmly as he drew her forward and down. She regained enough composure to bend her knees as he lowered her, felt him temporarily position his leg between hers so that she spread her knees a bit. They came to rest on a soft pillow mysteriously placed there, for which she was grateful. She went to settle back further, but he stopped her.

“You will move your body only as I tell you to,” he stated flatly, the voice moving around behind her now and becoming gentler as he continued. “You are so lovely, Julie… So fucking sexy… Your body excites me to no end. I could look at it like this all night, I think.” A long pause. “But you gave me an hour, and these moments are moving through us, past us, and beyond… You feel these moments, though, don’t you?”

“Yes, sir,” she said again shakily. The fan’s cool breeze was again blowing over her skin and causing her to tremble; she felt as if she’d never been quite so aware of her tits.

“Yes, I believe you might,” he murmured, moving closer behind her. She thought he might be kneeling just behind her, feeling his hands brush her calves. “But I’m not completely and totally sure of that, my lovely Julie, so I want to give you something. I want you to sit back now, slowly.” She felt his hands at her waist, steadying her descent as she slowly rocked backwards, until she felt it.

It was cool and hard and wet and it was at the entrance of her pussy, and she froze in sudden fear. But one hand moved to her shoulder and firmly pushed her slowly down on what her mind quickly grasped as a dildo, which she realized must be attached to the floor between her calves. It was slick with lubricant, and her body accepted the invader even as she squirmed in Jay’s grip. He was pushing her on it slowly and steadily until her pubis rested against a raised portion in front, making her suddenly aware of her clit and how good it felt to press it against something.

The fake cock in her pussy felt fantastic; she imagined swirling ridges running down its length against her cunt walls, and she wanted to raise her body to fuck back down at it. But Jay’s hand was holding her shoulder down firmly, making her whimper and groan.

“If I let go of you… are you going to fuck your cunt on our new toy?” His voice seemed far away as her pussy was gradually getting warmer (He used the good lube, her mind yelled happily).

“Well, Julie? Answer me. Are you going to fuck yourself on it?”

“Yes sir,” she whispered.

She heard a soft click and then the toy was moving, twisting, churning inside her pussy. Her ass clenched involuntarily and some high screech was coming from her mouth that she wasn’t really conscious of — then the movement stopped and the dildo was still again, and her mouth was hanging open in a silent scream as the twitches ran through her body.

His hand left her shoulder. She lifted her body up and felt the dildo slide deliciously out of her. Prepared to push back down upon it, without warning he grasped her head firmly and she felt his firm cock bat against her face. “Would you like something in your mouth as you do that” he said, his tone mocking her now desperate need. It was clear this was not really a question, but she answered anyway.

“Oh yes sir,” she pleaded, holding her mouth lewdly open and ready for him. He quickly did as she asked and his cock was in her mouth, making her purr with undisguised delight. She swirled her tongue around the underside of his shaft as she tried to press her cunt back down on the toy, but the way he held her head she couldn’t get the proper leverage. With a growl he pulled her head forward and pushed his cock into her, and it pressed against he back of her mouth insistently, causing a bolt of fear to surge through her.

But then he released his grip on her head, and she was free to move it back and forth, greedily engulfing his shaft. Her pussy was not to be denied, however, and she leaned back, letting his cock slide out between her lips as the dildo filled her happy hungry hole. She began to rock her body back and forth, building an easy rhythm as toy and cock alternately slid in and out of her, fore and aft, mouth and cunt. He was grunting his approval, and she knew he was loving this as much as she was, watching her shamelessly fuck herself and suck his cock, her arms bound behind her naked form like a gift wrapped sex slave desperate for come.

He turned on the dildo’s movement again and she whined around his dick, feeling the loose spittle flow from her mouth down to her tits in a stream, her pussy convulsing in time to the twitches of the perverted toy she obscenely fucked her body on. What she knew to be a powerful orgasm was building in her core. Then this thought hit her as the time suddenly stretched out to a small thin line: He was right. Experience each moment, individually, for itself. I am experiencing this moment, fucking my body on this toy, sucking his cock, and it is unlike anything else I have done or will ever do. And her core seemed to unclench, releasing the orgasm to all her body’s muscles at once, its raw power surprising and shocking her as time compressed back to something resembling normality.

The high pitched scream around his dick set him off as well. With a shout, the first pulses of come hit the top of her mouth, but he withdrew and was holding her against collapse as his cock spurt out the remainder of his come at her face, her breasts, her hair, her belly. As the aftershocks and tremors slowly faded she felt his semen ooze out of her mouth to strike her chest, and she smiled, imagining what she must look like, and knowing Jay must be taking it all in and memorizing the details of her spent, used image.

But he surprised her again, by dropping to his knees and embracing her, mindless of the gooey mess he was spreading over their bodies. Reaching behind her he yanked at the knot securing her bonds, which almost instantly fell to the floor, and then at the one holding the blindfold in place. She was numb and her brain was still working its way back to her body as he began massaging her arms, pressing his torso to hers. He began kissing her forehead, her cheeks, her nose, and her eyelids, causing her to blink them open finally, almost unsure that the world she’d last closed them to was still there.

Half an hour later, showered clean and happy and her troubles forgotten, she fell asleep smiling in his arms just after he whispered, “I’m so sorry, baby, but I fibbed a little… I was kinda hoping you would wind up in my bed.”

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