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How to Treat Me…

Category: Fetish
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Intrigue me. Attraction is far more multifaceted than just your physical aesthetics. Engage my mind, set me alert on a deeper level, instill passion in my gut. Keep me on my toes, so I’m not quite sure where it’s going, but enjoying it all the same.

Tantalise me with your words, enchant me with your looks. Revel in me, my mind, and my body, and make me feel your attraction.

Touch me. Unexpectedly, fleetingly at first, then with more confidence and audacity. Make me feel precious with tough caresses, sweeps of my hair, cheeky squeezes of my ass and naughty explorations. Wrap me up securely in your strong arms, full of promise of what they’ll be doing to me later. Allow me some cheekiness, to wind my ass against you teasingly, feeling how turned on you are.

Kiss me. Take me in your hands, tilt my head to yours. Thread your hands into my hair and capture me. Bite my lips, leave me gasping for air. Sing me your passion through your kiss. Spread your kisses all over my body, my ears, my neck, the rise of my breasts. Kiss the secret places, where my legs meet my butt, down the side of my waist.

Tease me. Pin me in place, and touch me all over till I’m writhing in sweet agony at the sensations coursing through my skin. Play with me. Keep me on edge, switching from soft to hard, and back again quick as a flash. Make me lose myself till the only thing I’m connected to is where I’m earthed to your touch.

Ignore me. Don’t go near my nipples, or my clit, until I’m begging you for it in tears, bargaining with you, offering up the stars and the moon just for the feel of your tongue on my clit. When I start to free-fall into pleasure, stop, change it up. Bend me to your will and specifically to your pleasure. Knowing you take your pleasure in me sets me on fire, riles me up.

Talk to me. Tell me nice things, tell me naughty things, tell me nasty things. Drop in endearments that sweeten your warning. Order me to count as you inflict pain on my peachy ass. Gag me – with your fingers, your cock, my knickers, whatever you find to hand. Love that you’re making me scream in pain and pleasure, and sometimes with both.

Roughen me. Sneak slaps, spanks, pinches, and bites up on me. Watch me flinch, hear me gasp, feel me tense in anticipation. Catch the fire in my eyes as I rally against the pain you’re inflicting on me. Pull my hair – there’s a time to be tender, but not right now- and force me where you want me. Bring me back to reality and to you when you suspect I’m drifting.

Pin me. Up against the wall, face down on the bed, on my knees with my ass in the air. Pin my hands spread eagle while you fuck me. Hold my hips in place so that you can take exactly what you want. Exert your power over me. I’ll struggle against you, maybe even run away. Catch me and force me into submission.

Choke me. Force your cock deep down my throat and allow me to worship it. Cause me to gag, and revel in it. Catch my eyes widen and tears trickle over my smile. Let me work my magic over your cock and send electricity jolting through you. I adore your cock and the pleasure I can exact from it.

Push me. Take me out of my comfort zone and show me how much I enjoy it. Encourage me to go there for you, and with you. Scare me, a little. Overload me. Fill me with sensation, mental imagery, stimulation, power, and cock ’till I’m lost. Make me cry and strip me of all emotional protection.

Use me. Take your pleasure from me. If you want my mouth, take my mouth. Wake me up in the middle of the night to fuck my tits and cum all over me. Invade my pussy whenever you wish, with fingers, tongue, or cock, it is yours to use and abuse.

Punish me. Even when I’ve broken the rules to do something that I know you love, pull me back into line and replace the boundaries. Reward me. Allow me the kisses you can see I visibly crave. Let me lavish your cock. And fuck me hard.

Tie me up. Blindfold me and take away my senses. String me up by my wrists so I’m dangling there, completely vulnerable, on edge, unaware of your next move. Run your hands all over my body, tickle me while I can’t escape. Whip my ass. Hold my chin still and bite my lips till I scream. Fuck my pussy with your fingers till I’m shuddering against you, unable to hold myself up.

Pay attention to me. Watch my reactions; see what I enjoy, what I struggle with. Gauge when it’s just a little bit too much for me. You’re good at that. Getting that right works for me and sends me deeper.

Fuck me. Use your fingers to delve into my pussy and set my skin on fire. Play with the sides of my clit and tweak my nipples. Go down on me, lapping expertly with your tongue. Flick, tease, suckle on my clit, and inch your fingers inside me while you do so. Enter me with excruciating languidity when you finally fuck me with your cock, while I whimper incoherently as I wait for you to fuck me and fill me. Throw me around, changing position and angle, touching me everywhere, watching my face screw up in pleasure. Flick my clit as you fuck me and hear me scream.

Cum for me. Cum on me, cum in me, cum down my throat…Shudder against me in complete and utter pleasure, allow me to revel that I’ve done that for you.

Catch me when you make me fall. Reassure me that however far you push me, you’ll bring me back as well. Words like “I’ve got you” allow me to take the extra step I think I can’t.

Hold me. Put me back together and treat me like a princess. Sooth me, stroke my skin, play with my hair. Treat me to tender kisses and sweet words. Wrap me up in your arms, and keep me there.

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