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The Pleasure

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The cold blast from the shower left me spluttering and I swear I could hear a soft chuckle from the bedroom. Grabbing a towel, I pad down the landing, leaving a trail of wet footprints in my wake. The towel pooling on the floor as I spy you, laying on the bed, arms folded across your chest and a devilish gleam in your eyes. Maybe I hadn’t run out of hot water after all.

I kneel on the bed at your side, watching that smile play around your lips. A sudden toss of my head and my wet hair flicks across your stomach. Before you can react my tongue is lapping at the moisture on your skin, swirling over your stomach, upwards, capturing your nipple between my lips. Sucking softly, tongue tip tracing every detail of your hard nub. Your hand cups my head, the tendrils of my damp hair curling around your fingers. Teeth grazing your sensitive flesh, the soothing of my tongue follows. Releasing your suckled skin, my lips leave a trail of kisses over your rib cage and neck, my teeth nipping. A pause, my lips hovering over yours, before plundering your mouth, tongue thrusting, feeding off the taste and scent of you. Tongues tangling, the thrust and parry of lust. My fingers stroking your shoulders, thumbs caressing the pulse beating in your throat, up the sides of your neck, thrusting into your hair. The soft mounds of my breasts crushed against your chest, hard nipples rasping over yours.

Soft moans mingling as the moist lips of my pussy part, the hot and dewy folds sliding along the underside of your hard cock. I feel the tip of you brush against the swollen pink bud of my clit and tilt my hips to maintain that delicious contact. The touch of your fingers caressing the side of my breast, curve of my waist and hip, inciting me to move against you. Soft lips around hard, throbbing flesh. A lingering kiss and I straighten up, rising to my knees, my fingers grasping your cock. The tip of my thumb stroking over the ridge and head, teasing your slit. My other hand caressing my slit, fingers dipping into the slickness of my pussy. Lifting my coated fingers to your lips.

‘Taste how much I want you.’

Your lips parting, sucking my fingers into the heat of your mouth. Holding your gaze as my fingers once more probe my slickness, then coat the tip of your cock, your groans filling the air at the touch of both my hands. Your cock head glistens, my essence and yours coating your skin.

Shifting my hips a little, my hand clasping your cock I press down. Holding my breath as the tight rosebud of my ass relaxes, the head of your cock breaching my velvety depths. Just holding you like that and it feels like you fill me. Rocking my hips to take more of you, each inch and I feel like I can’t take more. Your thickness stretching me, the pleasure so intense it’s edged with a little pain. Fingers stroking the base of your cock as I ease more of you inside me. A long moan spills from my lips and I have all of you. I lift my head, damp waves of dark hair around my face, cheeks flushed. I feel your cock throb, my ass tightening in response.

Leaning back on my hands, I am displayed to your gaze. My pussy lips parted, the dewy secrets within exposed, your cock buried in my ass. Moving my feet under me, I slowly raise my hips, until just the head of your cock distends my flesh. Feeling your hips thrust up, watching your face as you watch us, your thick cock seeming too big for my ass. Another thrust and you are buried to the hilt in me again. My body moving in rhythm with yours, my tits bouncing each time I’m impaled, the cheeks of my ass slapping against your thighs. The room flooded with the sounds of flesh on flesh, words lost in moans. Every throb of your cock, every time I thrust onto you and I couldn’t say where I end and you begin. The twitch of your cock head deep in my ass and I can’t hold back any longer. My thighs shake, my nipples so hard. Pussy lips swollen, I know you can see her throb, my ass spasming once, twice. Clenching, tightening it’s grip. A low groan and a thrust of your hips and I feel hot cum spurting into my ass. My head tipped back, body shuddering as the feel of your thick creamy spunk coating the walls of my ass sends me into freefall. Every spasm of my ass reverberating through my body, limbs trembling, unable to catch my breath. Collapsing forwards onto your chest, my body milking the last drops of cum from your cock, the sheen of sweat glistening on skin.

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