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What the…?

What the hell is going on over there?

There is a dick sticking through a hole in the wall!

Here I am in an adult video booth, my own dick in my hand, watching a blonde give a guy a very loving blowjob, and now this.

I could not help but stare at the dick for a minute. I had to admit it was a good-looking dick, not large but very well formed.

I tried to ignore it and returned my attention to the movie.

After a while the dick disappeared.

I surprised myself by sort of missing it.

It wasn’t long before curiosity began to overrun my mind.

I just had to take a look at the owner of the invading cock. As quietly as I could, I scooted over to where the opening was and looked in.

The guy was sitting at the bench slowly fisting his dick. He looked like a fairly ordinary guy, about my age. I watched him play with his prick longer than I intended, but eventually I returned to my bench.

Watching him got me was very excited. I had never stopped stroking my cock while watching him stroke his and had to slow myself down to keep from cumming.

I could not concentrate on my movie. The events of the last few minutes had me in a state of agitation.

Then it dawned on me. When he looked through the hole what he saw was me playing with my dick, exactly what I just saw.

Well, two can play this game I thought, lets see what he does when there is a dick on his side of the wall.

I stood up next to the wall and placed the head of my dick through the opening.

I soon started to lose my nerve; second thoughts about the safety of such a move began to press into my brain.

Then I felt a warm, wet touch on the end of my dick and all my thinking was transferred to that other head. The head of my dick was in the warmest envelope it had ever been.

The rest of my dick wanted some of that and followed the head through the hole.

I was engulfed; the guy was making love to my dick. I plastered my body against the wall and enjoyed the best blowjob of my life.

My wife would at times give me head but it was always as favor or in a sense of duty. She never made love to my dick like this guy was doing and she never finished me off.

That thought brought me back to the present because I was about to cum. I had to let this guy know. I grunted and started to partially withdraw. My benefactor would not allow it and renewed his efforts.

I started cumming from the base of my spine. Major spasms one right after the other. I saw stars. When I was spent my dick was still in his mouth, he had taken it all.

I slowly inched back from the wall. He did not release my dick until it was on my side of the hole.

I was shaking. I had to sit down.

What an experience!

After I caught my breath I pulled my pants up, preparing to leave.

I glanced at the hole and saw the head of my benefactor’s dick just through the opening.

I was in a quandary. He was asking for the return of the favor, but something in his body language told me he was not demanding it and in fact did not expect it. Yet, I am the kind of guy that repays his debts, so I thought the least I could do was to give him a hand job.

He was about to withdraw when I reached out and stroked his dick with as gentle a touch as I could. He let out a sigh and stuck his dick all the way through the opening.

Now I could grasp it and masturbate him.

To get better angle I crouched by the hole. The man had given me a lot of pleasure and I wanted to do a good job for him. I alternate squeezes with caresses and he let me know by his moans that I was doing well.

From my new position I could also take a close look at his dick. It really was nice. As I admired it I became aware of the smell. I put my nose right above it to get a better whiff, which brought my lips to the tip of his dick.

I gave it a short, tentative kiss. The guy moaned louder. I gave it a quick, tentative lick. The guy moaned again.

I was beginning to see the attraction of all this. The taste was OK, the smooth sensation in my mouth was very good, and the feeling of power was excellent. The man’s entire world of happiness depended on my lips.

I slid the head into my mouth and rolled my tongue around it. He grunted.

I slid my mouth down the entire shaft, back to the head and back down until my forehead was touching the wall. I held his dick there for a few seconds then repeated the process slowly. His dick began to jump in my mouth; I could feel him plastering himself to the opposite wall. I increased the tempo. He was not going to last long.

I was wondering if he would warn me before he came, when he did just that.

I had every intention if finishing him off by hand but I remembered how amazing it felt to still be in his mouth as I came and, as I said, I pay my debts.

I increased my pace by a fraction and that was all it took. He came in strong spurts that hit the back of my throat and forced me to swallow. I held on as spurt after spurt shot into my mouth.

Finally, they stopped. I still had his dick in my mouth.

Somehow, I felt proud.

Slowly he withdrew. I heard him plop onto the bench with a thud. My pride surged. I had wrung him out.

I sat back to take stock in what had happened.

I had been given the best blowjob of my life and I had given the first blowjob of my life.

I had swallowed cum.

The taste and feel of cum in my mouth was not all that pleasant but not bad enough to make me regret what I had done.

Finally I stirred myself into leaving. As I closed the door on the way out of the booth I sensed the door next to it being opened. My partner was leaving too, and followed me out of the store.

As I got to my car I glanced at him as he was heading to the car parked next to mine. I took a closer look and confirmed that he was about my size and age and like me had a wedding band. On an impulse I looked at him and said, “Thanks.”

He was temporarily stunned that I would talk to him, apparently not done in adult stores.

But then he smiled and said, “My pleasure.”

As he got into his car he said, “I am usually here on Thursdays.”

“That is good to know,” I said. “See you next week.”

I waved to him as he drove off.

As I drove home it sunk into my brain that I had just volunteered to give the guy another blowjob on Thursday.

I could hardly wait.

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Russ wrote

Great story, makes me want to find a glory hole and suck a stranger dry