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Kathy Seduces the Boys

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I was sunbathing in my back yard, watching the boys doing yard work. Charley was my neighbor, an 18 year old who helped me out sometimes. He was sweet, and always was nice to me since my husband had run out on me. Ex-husband, excuse me.

It felt weird to be divorced at my age. 27 years old. It wasn’t like I deserved it. Of course not. It wasn’t my fault.

Well, truthfully, I couldn’t see how it was my fault. He just decided that he didn’t like being married. I suppose he wasn’t grown up yet, not ready for responsibility. So at age 26, after 4 years of marriage, I became divorced. And in more than a year since then, I had been deprived of sex. A couple of quickies and a lot of self gratification.

That was difficult. During our marriage, and before, we had had a vigorous sex life. He didn’t leave me because of sex, unless it was more than he could handle. I love sex. We had a varied sex life as well, which I enjoyed. Nothing very kinky, but certainly not boring. And now – nothing.

Which brings me back to Charley. He was a good looking kid, now working in my yard shirtless. He brought two friends along, too. Matt was very much like Charley, thin, fairly muscular, sexually attractive. The third boy was Tom, who was a little older, maybe 19. He was a little taller than the others and very muscular. He must spend a good deal of time working out.

When these boys began working I decided that I had to watch them, up close and personal. I did not have a large yard, but I did have a lot of landscaping – bushes, shrubs, trees, flowers. A lot of trimming was needed, and a lot of mulched areas. Charley volunteered to do this once-a-year job for me, and with a couple of helpers it was much easier for them than for me.

These muscular, shirtless young hunks brought me out of my house wearing a bikini.

“Would you guys mind if I caught some rays? It’s such a beautiful day,” I said, trying to look and sound as flirty as I could. After all, I was only 8 or 9 years older than these kids, though sometimes I felt a lot older.

The boys looked at each other with wide eyes and smiled.

“No,” they mumbled. “We don’t mind at all, Mrs. Carson,” Charley said, trying not to stare at my body.

“Kathy, Charley. I keep telling you to call me Kathy.”

Though I was happy he was staring at my body. I seldom minded when men – or boys – were distracted by my breasts. I was proud of my body. 5 feet 6 inches, firm C cup breasts, very small waist flaring to sexy hips, and a nice round ass. Plus I am always told that I am very cute. I don’t want to sound conceited, but I am trying to be honest for you, the reader. I can find several things that I don’t like about my looks, but that description is how most people seem to see me. And by the looks on the boys’ faces, they liked what they saw a lot.

My bikini probably helped. It was not exactly risque, but I wouldn’t wear it to a family outing. It was revealing, and that is the way I wanted it. I thought it would be fun to tease these boys a bit. Maybe I needed it – to see some males drool over my body, to make me feel desired by young men. Sometimes a woman just needs that.

So I plopped myself down in the middle of the yard while they worked, hoping that I was enough of a distraction to them to boost my ego. It seemed to work, as at least one of them always seemed to be looking in my direction, often “needing” to walk over a little closer to me for some reason. I was feeling so good about me that I decided to take it up a notch. I rolled over onto my stomach (and thought I heard a disappointed murmur from the guys) and then reached around to unfasten my top. (Another murmur, this time more upbeat!) I pulled it away from my body except where I was laying on it, and even then I tried to flatten it out so that the sides of my breasts showed as much as possible. Lifting myself up occasionally would also display my breasts – almost. I was feeling like the center of attention.

All the while I was trying to watch the boys, just as they were watching me. Three half dressed hunks with me in my yard got my juices flowing. I knew that after this was over I was in for a very long masturbation session. Perhaps I might even get dressed up and go looking for a hunk of my own to hook up with tonight. I didn’t like to do that, but the mood sometimes happened. I actually fell asleep dreaming about that scenario. I wasn’t asleep long, but when I awoke I was embarrassed to find that my legs had become spread out too much for the present company, giving the boys a good view of my crotch. I was just glad that I hadn’t rolled over and flashed my bare boobs at them!

After watching my “boy show” for a while longer, I volunteered to get some lunch for them. It was because I was nice, really – not just so I could watch three shirtless, sweaty hunks sitting only a couple feet away from me, muscles rippling in the sunlight… Oh, where was I? That’s right. I was being nice to them. I fastened my top and got up, slowly and sexily walking to the house.

I went into the kitchen to prepare some sandwiches for the boys, feeling quite pleased with myself. I had noticed all three of them looking at me when they thought I wasn’t watching, and they seemed interested. It gave me a big boost of confidence.

“Maybe I wasn’t over the hill,” I thought to myself, and began thinking of places I could go to try to meet some new men my own age.

The three boys came in a few minutes after I did, still shirtless and a little sweaty. Oh, yes, I noticed the sweat gleaming on their taut young bodies, and I felt naughty again. And a little damp between the legs.

I was brought out of my nasty thoughts when Charley spoke.

“Mrs. – I mean, Kathy, we noticed you getting a tan out there. I mean, topless.”

He seemed nervous saying it, but not as nervous as I felt hearing it.

“I wasn’t topless,” I said defensively. “I had my top… well, it was covering up my… top.” Yes, I sounded much older and more sophisticated than these boys. Hell, I suddenly felt like I was back in high school.

It didn’t help when Tom, who was getting some water, accidentally brushed his hand against my ass. I turned towards him as he said “Oops,” and smiled. I knew he didn’t mean it and I didn’t want him to feel badly about it. If he only knew the spark that little touch had sent all through my body, with all the other thoughts running through my head. It wasn’t until later that I realized it had not been an accident, and that my smile had probably given him the idea that I was encouraging him.

“You didn’t leave much to the imagination,” Charley continued. “You’re a very beautiful woman.”

“And sexy,” Tom said, standing very close behind me.

“Boys, thank you for the compliments, but I’m afraid that I’m much too old for you to be interested in.” I was getting nervous, suddenly recognizing the danger signs that these boys might be taking this too far. Further than I wanted. Alone in my house with three strong boys – men, actually – could be a dangerous situation. Or was this exactly what I had been hoping for all along? My mind was starting to get foggy.

“Kathy,” Tom said, softly and very near to my ear, “We’re not really boys, you know.” He placed his hand lightly on my side, just above my waist, and I didn’t object.

Now it was Matt’s turn, in what may have been rehearsed before they came in the house.

“And you are not really that much older than we are. Especially for someone in such good shape,” he said, sounding nervous.

“Guys, thanks again, but I didn’t mean to give you the wrong idea…” I put my hand on top of Tom’s hand to push it off my side, but I never actually pushed it off. Both hands stayed in place for a moment.

Tom looked down at me from behind. “I don’t think you were giving us the wrong idea, Kathy.”

He liked to use my first name, and his deep, soft voice speaking quietly into my ear sent chills up my spine. I suddenly realized that I did have a nasty little fantasy going on in my mind, one that I hadn’t really admitted to myself, but one which I had brought on as if I had planned it. Subconciously, maybe I had planned it. At any rate, I was thinking that I might like where this was going.

“Maybe we should get out of the kitchen,” Matt suggested.

Tom’s hand, with my own still resting on top of it, pressed into me and led me to move, walking out of the kitchen and into the connecting family room. The boys followed as I went over to the couch. Not until I sat down did I realize that noone had told me to do it. Tom had gotten me to move, and I had led the way from then on. And I had sat in the middle of the couch, leaving room on both sides of me. I felt like a lamb led to slaughter – but I was leading myself!

Tom stood in front of me, looking down, The other two boys sat on either side of me, close, facing me. Charley placed a hand on my cheek to stroke it, and Matt placed his hand on my shoulder, under my strap and slowly pulled it off.

“Are you sure you all want to do this?” I asked. I wasn’t sure what I meant by ‘this’. Well, yes, I really did. My mind was just a little slower than my body was to realize it.

The boys all responded to my question with surprise, as if there could be another answer.

“We’re sure,” Tom said. “Unless you want us to stop.”

I didn’t even think of answering. I felt my strap fall and Matt’s fingers traced down the front of my shoulder onto my chest, brushing lightly over the top of my breast. I moaned at the feeling, which probably gave them all the answer they needed.

Tom knelt down in front of me, hands on my knees, while Charley pulled my other strap over my shoulder. Matt’s fingers explored the top of my breast, exposing it by pulling the cup of my top down and finding its way to my nipple. We both moaned out loud as he found my now-hard nipple and pinched it between his fingers.

I lifted my arms to pull them free of the straps, and Tom reached up to my waist. He pulled on the waist band of my bottoms, and I automatically lifted myself off the couch just a bit so that he could pull them smoothly off me. A moment of panic surged through me as I was becoming naked here with these guys, but I realized that, no matter how much this went against my normal character, I wanted this. I sat back down and lifted my feet out of the bottoms, now naked and fully exposed to the three boys except for my bikini top hanging around my stomach.

Tom’s hands were back on my knees, now pushing them apart. I allowed it, and my legs spread to reveal my trimmed pussy to everyone. Charley and Matt each held one of my breasts in their hand, but they froze to gaze at my most intimate body part. I wondered if it was the first they seen. I doubted it, but it might have been. Tom, however, seemed to be more sure of himself as he gazed directly into my snatch, smiling. I wondered if he could tell how wet I was.

Matt and Charley began squeezing the breast in their hand while continuing to stare, alternating between my pussy and my breasts. Tom looked as well, but spent more time looking directly into my eyes. We held that stare even as he stood, and began unfastening his pants, letting them drop to the floor.

My gaze then went to his crotch. A large bulge had formed in his boxers, and I knew that this boy was indeed a man. The other two then began fumbling with their pants, not wanting to release my breast but unable to figure out how to get out of their pants without it. They finally managed, both sporting erections, only Charley wearing jockey shorts. This made his erection more noticeable, and I stared at it.

“You’d better get those off before you hurt yourself,” I said, shocking myself. Did I really say that? And was my voice actually an octave lower than a moment ago? I knew that I was fully wanting this to happen.

Charley stood and pulled his jockeys off. His erection sprang out and bounced in front of him as he stood still. I reached up and wrapped my fingers around it, causing him to almost whimper. So sweet.

I pulled on his dick and shifted my legs slightly towards him, inviting him to step in between. He did, and I pulled him down, now kneeling before me in place of Tom. He stared at this up close look at my pussy before he reached out to touch it. His touch was gentle, too gentle, as he felt around as if it was his first time. I reached down to my own crotch and placed my hand over his, forcing it to push harder onto me. One finger pushed slightly into my entrance and I moaned in lust. He caught on, exploring my slit with a firmer hand, causing me to moan some more. I was on fire, and feeling like a slut.

“Fuck her,” I heard Tom say from behind him.

Charley froze. He looked at my face, to see if Tom had broken the spell, insulted me, ruined everything. I saw it in his eyes.

“Fuck me,” I said softly, looking directly into his eyes, which suddenly opened wide in surprise. It took him a few seconds to process my words, then he quickly went into action. Rising up, he took hold of his hard cock and placed it in my slit as I spread my legs as wide as I could. Finding my hole, he placed his rod at the entrance and his hands on either side of me as he leaned in and pushed with his hips, slipping his cock into me. His breath rushed out of him, as well as a moan. I moaned as well as I felt his hard shaft push me open.

Charley’s dick was a nice size. About average in length and width, and certainly as hard as any I have had. He didn’t seem very experienced as he pushed in and out of me in a ragged fashion, seeming not to know what to do other than the basics. I wrapped my legs around him, helping to pull him into me with a smoother rhythm. He did feel very good. It seemed to me like I was his first ever. It certainly was the first for me in a very long time, and my body was grateful for the long awaited relief.

Charley lasted for only a few minutes before I could feel him swell inside me. I knew he was going to cum before he did. I pulled him tightly to me with my legs, holding him inside me, and he began to shoot his semen deep inside my pussy. After the first two spurts I relaxed my grip on him as he pumped in and out with each new squirt until I also felt an orgasm coming on.

Again my legs pulled him deep inside me and held him there. He was pretty much done by this time, but I exploded, loudly, with my pussy squeezing around his cock. I’m sure he enjoyed this as well as I drained him while enjoying my own orgasm. It had been a long time since I had had a release like that.

He pulled out, slowly, when my legs eased up on him. But I was not finished. Or, rather, they were not finished with me. The other two guys needed release as well, especially after seeing Charley and I.

Matt had been stroking himself while watching us fuck, and could hardly wait to get in between my legs. His dick was longer than Charley’s, and though it was thinner, I was looking forward to feeling it in me. We both gladly began fucking, and he did reach further inside me than Charley did. Unfortunately it didn’t last very long. Evidently Matt had been stroking himself too vigorously, because less than a minute into it he began shooting his load. I again held him tight, deep inside. I enjoyed feeling his cock so deep in me, but it did nothing to get me closer to another orgasm. When he was finished he rolled off me quickly. I wondered if he was embarrassed at his quickness but I did not have a chance to look, as my attention was taken by Tom.

Tom seemed to be towering over me suddenly. I looked up as he stepped between my legs. He seemed to be twice as tall as he actually was. He was the oldest of the three, and the biggest, and looking up at him made him seem even bigger. And to see his large erection pointing upward right in front of me made me melt. As hot as I was, seeing his dick made my juices actually flow. My mouth literally began to water. He looked to be a bit longer than Matt, but where Matt had been rather thin, Tom was thick. Thick. As thick as any I had ever seen. As well as that length. Damn, I wanted that thing inside me now!

Tom had to have been hot as well. Not only was I spread out naked and on display, but he had just witnessed two guys fuck me. He did seem to hurry to get between my legs and line up his large cock, but then slowed down a bit.

Holding his cock by the base, he rubbed the head of it along my slit. It felt good, but it wasn’t necessary – I was soaked from both boys’ cum in me and a huge amount of my own juices. Perhaps Tom was used to taking precautions, as the size of his dick would cause problems with some women. But I didn’t need it – or want it.

“Fuck me!” I demanded, though in a soft, deep, desperate voice. “Fuck me now!”

He looked up at my face and saw that I was serious. He looked anxious as well. Looking back down at my slit, his fingers pushed the sides of my pussy apart, making a bigger hole for his thick cock. Placing the head of his cock at my entrance, right between his fingers, he pushed in, splitting me in two. It entered a couple of inches into me and paused, then without pulling out any he pushed a couple more inches in. I moaned at the warm, full feeling. Tom lifted my spread legs and placed them over his shoulders, my knees bent over them. That opened me up a little more, which was good. His was the thickest cock I had ever had, possibly the thickest anything that had been shoved into my vagina. It spread me, wide, and sent electric shocks from there throughout my body.

He pulled out a little, then pushed hard, thrusting his entire rod up into my center. I cried out, not in pain but in surprise and pleasure. He pulled out, then pushed in hard once again as I cried out once more.

“Yes!” I yelled. “Fuck me!”

He slammed into me a few more times as I tried to push my hips up to help him.

“Fuck!” I said again. “Harder! Harder!” My pussy was on fire, and I wanted more.

I pulled my legs up. hooking them behind his shoulders and pulling myself up to meet his thrusts. I felt so full. My eyes must have been bugging out. He was drilling me, reaching deep inside, reaming out my insides. My pussy felt more full than I ever could remember – I thought Tom’s cock must be even bigger than it had looked.

I couldn’t help but scream out as I reached a mind blowing orgasm.

“SHHHHIIIIIIITTT!!!!!” I yelled as my insides began a ripple that spread all through my body.

“Oh, Damn!” I was nearly limp as more shocks rippled through me, but Tom kept plowing into me and my body responded. I fucked back harder now, wanting more of that electric feeling. His arms wrapped around and under my legs and reached for my breasts. He squeezed them roughly, then grabbed my nipples, pinching them and pulling them up and away from my body. Each time he thrust into me his fingers went upward, pinching and pulling my nipples, stretching my breasts up, hurting them so much it felt wonderful. Electricity shot from my nipples down to my pussy and back again.

“FFFUUUCCCKK!!!” I yelled as another orgasm rocked my entire body.

“POUND MY CUNT! PLEEAAASSSE!!” I cried as my insides seemed to turn to mush. I was nearly out of my mind.

Without even knowing that it happened, somehow Tom moved me onto my side. I had one leg against the back of the couch and the other he held high into the air. Tom stood along side the couch, gunning his hips forward to drive his cock deep into me. This angle gave me a different feeling, different places in my pussy were being lit up. I felt like I was having small orgasms almost constantly as he drove into me, now nearly delirious. I had no idea where the other guys were, what they were doing, or how long Tom had been drilling me.

I felt him hammer me harder now, speeding up, groaning, finally yelling out as his cum began shooting into me, coating my already soaked pussy with his sperm. He kept driving into me as his spurts eased, and I squeezed my pussy hard around his shaft to keep him spurting and inside me as long as possible.

As he pulled out, I flopped over onto the couch face down, totally spent and unable to think, let alone move. I heard Tom say something, but not to me.

“Go ahead. Try again,” I thought I heard Tom say, and then someone was behind me. It was Matt, though I didn’t know it at the time. I didn’t care. Tom must have seen that Matt had an erection and thought he should have another chance. He moved my one leg, hanging it off the couch, gaining access to my pussy from behind, He lifted up my hips a little and slid his hard dick between my lips and into my pussy doggy style. My face was buried in a pillow. It was hard to breath, but I was too worn out to turn my head. I was limp. It must have been like fucking a dead person. I was no help at all.

That didn’t stop Matt as he pushed himself in while pulling back on my hips. I hardly noticed his long dick thrusting into me, but I heard the squishing as he pushed cum out of my filled up pussy. Fucking me from behind did provide a different angle, and he was rubbing my clit, which began sending pleasant sparks radiating outward. I was only vaguely aware of those sparks until suddenly another orgasm hit me, seemingly from nowhere. My pussy spasmed, squeezing Matt’s dick inside me and evidently setting off his second orgasm.

That was all. The boys seemed done in. Satisfied. Did they feel guilty? Remorseful? Probably not. I hope not. I heard mumbled voices, but had no idea what they were saying. I didn’t care. Both my mind and body felt like total mush. I hadn’t moved. All I remember is the guys saying goodbye to me, touching me, rubbing my back, then I was alone. Did I fall asleep? I don’t know how long I lay there, face down on the couch, ass in the air, arms curled up under me. When I finally tried to get up it was a difficult chore. It seemed that every joint in my body ached, too stiff to move properly. My pussy was too sore to touch. I found my way to the bathroom and settled into a nice warm bath. When I awoke the water was cold – I had no idea how long I had been asleep.

The next day I had to explain to several people that I had pulled a muscle in my leg to cover for the fact that my pussy was so sore I could not walk properly. It was a reminder of the most humiliating and degrading day of my life. And the most exciting.

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