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You’re Getting Very Sleepy Ch. 06

Category: Incest
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There are no characters under that age of 18-years-old in this story. All characters portrayed are over the age of 18-years-old.


Albert hypnotizes his sexy sister and his MILF of a mother when she walks in unexpectedly.

“After I suck your cock Albert, after you lick my pussy and make me cum, and after you make brotherly love to me, will you give me my sexual fantasy? Please?”

Smiling while giving him a sexy look, Emma looked up at him with her big, brown eyes. Being that she was a virgin not that long ago, yesterday actually, he never figured her for having a sexual fantasy. Batting her long eyelashes at him while continuing to smile up at him, he’d give her anything she asked, especially her sexual fantasy, whatever it is.

“Yes, of course, whatever your sexual fantasy is, I will gladly give that to you,” he said gently touching the top of her head as if he was a priest and she was one of his parishioners kneeling in front of him. “Tell me. What’s your sexual fantasy?”

He imagined her sexual fantasy being something mildly forbidden by a 19-year-old woman who was a virgin as of yesterday. Perhaps her sexual fantasy was him holding her in bed naked while spooning and cuddling her. Definitely, when making love to her before fucking her, he’d be doing much more than that to her. Maybe after they’ve had sexual intercourse, he’d satisfy her sexual fantasy of being spooned and cuddled by holding her during their afterglow of having sex.

Maybe her sexual fantasy was much more innocent than that. Maybe she wanted him to talk dirty to her. He’d like that. He loved talking dirty while in bed naked. Pillow talk is always fun. Especially when having pillow talk with his sexy sister. Being that they were both already naked, he couldn’t imagine what more of a sexual fantasy she’d have.

“I want you to give me a cum bath,” she said looking up at him as if she was asking for perfume her birthday or a pretty blouse for Christmas.

So matter of fact, she wanted him to cum all over her. As if she threw a glass of water in his face, he couldn’t believe his almost a virgin, 19-year-old sister even knew what a cum bath was never mind wanted one as the fulfillment of her sexual fantasy. He couldn’t believe his ears. When all he yearned was to see his sister naked before having incestuous sex with her, she was one step ahead of him in her sexual fantasy.

She wanted a cum bath. She wanted him, her brother, to give her, his sister, a cum bath. Wow! Unless he was having sex with her and with her mother, incestuous sex doesn’t get any better than him giving Emma a cum bath.

“Seriously? A cum bath? You want me to give you a cum bath? That’s your sexual fantasy?”

If that wasn’t enough of a shocking request, to hear her elaborate on him giving her a cum bath made him realize that him giving her a cum bath was more than just a sexual fantasy for her. Him giving her a cum bath was something she was lusting to have in the way that he was lusting to see her naked before having his wicked, sexual way with her. Obviously, him giving her a cum bath was something that she’s been thinking about long and hard. Perhaps in the way that he’s been thinking long and hard about seeing her naked and having sex with his sexy sister, she’s been thinking about her brother cumming all over her naked body.

“Yes, you giving me a cum bath is my sexual fantasy. Bathing in your cum and dripping with your cum, I want to be covered with your cum. I want to be awashed with your cum,” she said putting her hands beneath her chin, blinking her eyelids really fast, and swooning by the obvious thoughts of him cumming all over her pretty face.

“Okay, I can do that,” he said.

“I want you to make me your submissive bitch,” she said nodding her head. I want to be your sexual slave,” she said nodding her head again and this time with more purpose as if she was answering yes to her own question.

“Okay, I can do that too,” he said getting a little bit nervous by her sexual aggressiveness.

My God, what has he done? Who has he created? In a mere 24 hours, she’s gone from being his sexy sister who he’s lusted over and who couldn’t be hypnotize, to being his sister kneeing in front of him naked after he hypnotized her. She’s gone from an innocent virgin to a whore who not only willingly, albeit hypnotically, wants to have sex with him but also wants him to give her a cum bath.

He looked down upon her kneeing in front of him naked. Smiling up at him without having a shred of modesty, it sexually excited him to look at her in this vulnerable position. He couldn’t help from staring at her naked breasts. She had beautiful tits. A sight he’s been longing to see, here she was in all of her splendid glory. Naked, naked, naked, his sister was finally naked.

As if he was dreaming or having a sexual fantasy while masturbating, he was unable to wrap his brain around her having such a sexual transformation in such a short period of time. He couldn’t believe that sweet, innocent Emma not only willingly wanted to suck his cock and would allow him to cum in her mouth but she also wanted him to give her a cum bath too? With him giving her a cum bath his sexual fantasy, he was surprised that him giving her a cum bath was his sister’s sexual fantasy too.

He couldn’t believe it. How could he disappoint his sister by not giving her what she wanted when what she wanted was what he wanted too? After they’ve had sex and after he’s gotten all that he wants from her sexually, he’d be happy to give her a cum bath.

If she wants to be covered in his cum, he’d be happy to accommodate her. She wanted him to make her his submissive bitch. She wanted him to make her his sexual slave. Nothing could possibly top this sexual fantasy request, he’d be happy to use and abuse her sexually. He’d be happy to make her his sexual slave. Being the good brother that he is, he’d be happy to comply with his sister’s sexual fantasy and give her a cum bath too. He’d love nothing more than to make her happy by making her his submissive bitch and his sexual slave after covering her with his cum. Being that she’s family, it’s the least that he could do for her.

* * * * *

As he has imagined her doing in his most erotic dreams and in his hottest sexual fantasies of her while masturbating over her having sex with him, he watched his sexy sister staring up at him while she was poised before him on her knees. An image he’ll never forget as long as he lives and will masturbate over for the rest of his life, he couldn’t count how many times he’s had this very sexual fantasy of his sexy sister poised there in that way. With his sister on her knees and naked and about to take him in her mouth to suck him, as if he was dreaming her blowing him, he couldn’t believe this was really happening.

Surprised by her arousing dexterity, as if she was skilled at giving hand jobs, he watched her expertly fondle his penis with her long, slender, manicured fingers. Without doubt, he knew that his and Brad’s cock weren’t the first cocks she’s held in her soft, little hand. Now he wondered if that’s how she saved her virginity by giving hand jobs and maybe even blowjobs to men rather than having their fuck her in the backseat of their cars in the way all of her friends lost their virginity as soon as they turned 18-years-old.

Interesting enough and fun to speculate about, maybe Brad’s cock wasn’t the first cock that Emma has sucked. Maybe having sucked a multitude of young men once she became legal at 18-years-old, having been sucking cock for more than a year now, maybe his sexy sister is a skilled cocksucker. Maybe him giving her a cum bath wasn’t the first cum bath she’s had.

Kissing his cock and licking his stiff prick while slowly stroking his dick, she stared up at him while teasing his penis with her tongue. Definitely, she wasn’t acting like any virgin that he ever knew giving only her second blowjob. With her yet to suck his cock, with all of the foreplay leading up to her blowing him, she was giving him the best blowjob he’s ever had, right up there with the blowjob his mother gave him yesterday.

Definitely in the way that she’s handling his prick, she’s sucked lots of cocks before. No matter if she was a virgin, a slut, or a whore, she was so beautiful. She was so sexy. She was his sister and he loved her like no brother should ever love his sister.

“You have a beautiful cock Albert,” she said staring at his prick while continuing to stroke his cock, kiss his cock, and lick his cock as she stared up at him.

“Thank you Emma. And you have a beautiful mouth,” he said while reaching down to trace her lips with his finger.

She took his finger in her mouth and sucked it as if she was sucking his engorged prick. In the way that she so exuberantly sucked his finger was so sexually arousing. Then, releasing his finger, she moved his cock to her lips while still staring up at him. As if daring him to watch her suck him, she never removed her eyes from his. As if she was as aroused looking up at him as he was aroused looking down at her, he couldn’t wait to know what it was like to receive a blowjob from his sister. He couldn’t wait to feel that warm, wet sensation of his prick buried in his sister’s mouth.

The fact that she was on her knees and staring up at him with his hard, hairy cock touching her lips and tongue was totally sexually arousing. He couldn’t wait for her to take him in her mouth. He couldn’t wait to see his cock buried in her mouth while she stared up at him. He couldn’t wait to put a gentle hand to the back of her head while humping her mouth and fucking her face.

“I’m glad you like my mouth,” she said with a laugh. “I know why you like my mouth,” she said continuing to kiss and lick his cock.

“You are so very beautiful Emma,” he said stroking the side of her head from her hair down to her chin before reaching down to cup her firm breast in his hand while slowly sliding his finger across her nipple.

Then, as if he willed it to happen while imagining it happening, he held his breath when she opened her mouth and took his erect cock past her lips. As if it was all happening in slow motion, he watched her bring his prick close to her lips before the head of his cock disappeared inside of her mouth. His sexy, sexual, incestuous fantasy come true, his cock was in his sister’s mouth.

Wasting no time while staring up at her brother with her big, brown, beautiful eyes, he couldn’t believe that his sister had his cock in her mouth. She wrapped her hand around his cock and took him inside of her mouth. As if it was all a dream, even with him looking down at her and her looking up at him, he couldn’t believe that his cock was in her mouth. Always just a sexual fantasy before, never did he ever think this would happen. If it wasn’t for that fateful day when he saw that infomercial for hypnotism, he wouldn’t be standing here naked now with his naked sister and with his cock in her mouth and with her sucking him.

Her mouth was so warm and so wet. He could feel her tongue twirling around his prick before licking the head of his cock. Then, as if she’s done this many times before, she started sucking him while stroking him. She was stroking him faster while sucking him deeper. She was sucking him. She was really sucking his cock while stroking him harder and faster.

It was obvious to him that she wanted him to cum in her mouth as much as he wanted to cum in her mouth. In all the dreams and sexual fantasies he’s had of his sister giving him oral sex, he never imagined that her sucking him could feel this good. Unable to wrap his brain around what he was seeing and what she was expertly doing, he couldn’t believe that Emma was finally blowing him.

“After you cum in my mouth Albert,” she removed his cock from her mouth to speak. “Don’t forget to save some cum for you to give me a cum bath. I’d love for you to cum all over my face,” she said reinserting his cock in her sexy mouth to suck him again.

She stared up at him with his cock buried in her mouth and smiled. She looked to be having as good of a time sucking his cock as he was having a good time with her sucking his cock. Making all of those slurping, cock sucking sounds that all men love to hear to know that the woman is enjoying sucking their cock as much as he’s enjoying having her suck his cock, she was a real cock sucking professional.

How did she get so good at sucking cock when she’s only 19-years-old? Going down the long list of young men she’s dated, he wondered how many cocks she’s sucked. Maybe that’s something they can discuss when they’re having pillow talk.

“Don’t worry. I won’t forget. I’m looking forward to giving you a cum bath Emma,” he said with a dirty laugh.

Hoping that she didn’t awaken from her hypnotic trance, once she took his cock in her mouth again after reminding him to give her a cum bath, he hoped that she’d remain under his spell long enough for her to suck him to completion. So wanting to cum in her mouth, he wanted nothing better than to give her what she so wanted, her erotic, sexual fantasy of him giving her a cum bath. Once he ejaculated in her mouth, he’ll pull out his cock and ejaculate the rest of his cum all over his sister’s pretty face and beautiful breasts. A special sexual fantasy that he never thought would ever happen, he couldn’t wait to see Emma kneeling there with his cum dripping from her face. He imagined his cum in her black, lush hair, covering her big, brown eyes, and dripping from her cute, little nose before running down her chin and collecting on her naked breasts.

Putting a gentle hand to the back of her pretty head, he reached his other hand down to fondle her breasts and finger her nipples. Just like their mother, she had amazing tits. The more he fondled her breasts and fingered her nipples, the more sexually excited they became. Slowly and gently humping her mouth, he fucked her face while thinking about Brad doing the same to her in his car. With her stroking him harder and faster and with her sucking him longer and deeper, she was really getting into sucking him now.

It wouldn’t be very long before he’d be exploding a huge volume of cum in her mouth and ejaculating a second load all over her face. What a blowjob, such an incredible suck job, no woman has ever given him such sexual, oral pleasure in the way that his sexy sister was giving him now. He couldn’t wait to give Emma the sexual fantasy that she so wanted.

“Emma! Albert! What are you to doing? Oh my God. You’re both naked. What’s going on here? You were having sex weren’t you? How dare you suck your brother? Get up off your knees this instant,” said Linda to her daughter while staring down at Albert’s erect prick. “How dare you take sexual advantage of your sister? How dare you have incestuous sex with one another? Catching you two in the act, it’s a good thing that I forgot my phone and had to return home for it.”

* * * * *

Not reacting to and/or obeying her mother’s words, she only responded to Albert. Yet, as if his mother had pulled a battery pack from out of her daughter, Emma remained motionless on her knees with her head down. Thinking fast, Albert pulled out the shiny, magic eye, metal medallion on a shiny, silver chain from his pocket. Swaying it back and forth in front of his mother’s face, he hypnotized her again. With her having already been hypnotized, it didn’t take him very long to hypnotize her again.

“You’re getting very sleepy Linda. You’re so sleepy that you can no longer keep your eyes open. Sleep Linda, sleep,” said Albert watching his mother’s chin fall to her chest.

Then, making sure that Emma was hypnotized too, he reached beneath her chin to raise it and swayed his shiny, magic eye, metal medallion on a shiny, silver chain in front of her eyes too.

“You’re getting very sleepy Emma. You’re so sleepy that you can no longer keep your eyes open. Sleep Emma, sleep,” said Albert watching his mother’s chin fall to her chest.

He left his sleeping sister for a moment to focus on his sleeping mother.

“When I snap my fingers Linda, you will awaken refreshed and relaxed. Then, when I say the word, Beetlejuice, you will strip yourself naked. Once naked, you will take me in your bedroom with your daughter and the three of us will have sex. You will be just as sexually excited to have sex with me as you will be to have sex with your daughter,” he said whispering the last part in her ear.

Excited about seeing his MILF of a mother naked again, he momentarily left his sleeping mother to focus on his sleeping sister.

“When I snap my fingers Emma, you will awaken refreshed and relaxed. Then, when I say the word, Beetlejuice, you will watch mother strip herself naked. Once she’s naked, you will follow her to her bedroom where the three of us will have sex. You will be just as sexually excited to have sex with me as you will be to have sex with your mother,” he said whispering the last part in her ear.

Albert snapped his fingers in his mother’s ear before turning to his sister to snap his finger in her ear. As if they were awakened from a long sleep in space, they looked refreshed and relaxed.

“Beetlejuice,” said Albert to his mother. “Beetlejuice,” said Albert to his sister.

As if she was undressing alone in her bedroom, he watched his mother unbutton her blouse. Emma looked at their mother with as much sexual anticipation as he had. With Emma still on her knees, he watched his sister fingering her nipples while watching their mother undress. Taking advantage of the moment, he pulled his sister up to him and put her hand on his cock while he fondled her breasts and fingered her nipples as they watched their mother stripping herself naked.

They watched their mother remove her blouse, fold it, and lay it upon his bed. Then, unbuttoning and unzipping her skirt, she stepped out of it. Dressed only in her panties and bra, wasting no time undressing, she reached around behind her to unhook her bra. As if she was a stripper on stage, she lowered her bra straps and removed her bra cups to show her big, beautiful breasts to her son and daughter. Emma stared at her mother’s tits in the same way that Albert was staring at them. Then, with a thumb tucked in her panty, she slid it down and off to expose her black, bushy bush to her children. Naked, naked, naked, Linda stood before her children naked.

“Let’s go to my room,” said Linda. “Shall we?”


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