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You, Me, & All Our Children Ch. 01

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We left the motel just before we would have had to pay for another day. I invited the entire crowd to my old house, the house that my dead wife and I had bought and that I was now seriously considering selling. Jane and Hank looked at us sort of funny as they were getting into their car, but you smiled and winked at Jane and obviously whatever message you had passed on with the wink had been received. Jane was smiling and winked back at you with a very slight nod as she got into the car with her husband.

We hadn’t really talked about where we were going to live, but since neither house was full of sentimental value for either us or the children, I was considering asking you how you felt about building a new house with everything in it that we wanted to have.

So we sort of caravanned back home and I unlocked and opened the door on a very empty house. It was getting on towards suppertime and I suggested that since we had been so late getting home that we might all want to go out for supper, the alternative being my favorite–Chinese take-out. We settled for Chinese so Jane and I went to fetch it from the local restaurant.

“Daddy, can I ask you a question?”

“Sure, Pumpkin. What is it?”

“Do you think I’m pretty?”

“What kind of question is that? Of course I think you’re pretty.”

“Pretty enough to fuck?”

“Fiona’s been talking to you, huh?”

“Yeah, she told me about what was going to happen last night. Did it?”

“Did it what?”

“Did you fuck her girls?”

“I fucked Donna. Kathleen gave me a blow job this morning.”

“I want you to fuck me tonight.”

“Are you sure? You don’t have to do this you know.”

“I know I don’t have to do anything, but I’ve always wanted to feel your cock deep inside me. Fuck me tonight.”

“Hank is OK with this?”

“He’s going to get Fiona and fuck the shit out of her ass.”

“Literally I hope. Fiona loves to have her shitter fucked.”

“Yep. Fiona won’t know what hit her rectum when Hank gets done with her!”

“And you, dear girl, how are you going to feel when I spray your insides with the same sperm that made you?”

“We’ll find out won’t we?”

We got the food and Jane played with my cock all the way back to the house, only stuffing it back under my kilt to let me get out of the car and in the door.

“Fiona! We’re going to have a party!”

“I take it Jane asked you and you agreed.”

“I did indeed agree.”

We all sat down to eat supper, but I noticed that bits and pieces of clothing started coming off until we were all sitting around the table stark naked. The view of four lovely sets of tits had my cock and all the other male appendages standing stiffly at attention and Jane licked her lips in anticipation as she smiled in my direction.

“Jane, come with me.” I stood up from the table and led Jane into the master bedroom. Hank winked at me as we passed and Jane blew him an exaggerated kiss. She giggled as I pinched her ass and ran my other hand across her sensitive nipples as we went through the door. I closed it behind us and got down to the serious business of tickling my daughter’s exposed body.

“Daddy, stop it! You’re tickling me!” I put my arm around her to prevent her from escaping and bent my head towards hers. Our lips met in a tentative kiss and progressed into a much deeper, more passionate one as we entered the bedroom. Jane reached back and grabbed my cock as we landed on the bed side by side.

She gave my cock a few tugs causing the blood to flow in and engorge the head turning it a nice purple color. Then she bent down and took the head into her mouth, teasing the slit with the tip of her very active tongue. Her 38C tits swayed as she bobbed her head up and down.

“God, baby! I’m going to cum. It’s building up now. I’m not going to be able to hold it much longer.” Jane’s only action was to increase the speed of her bobbing head. As she increased the suction on my cock head, I grabbed her head and held her in place.

“Oh, fuck! Here it comes. Eat it all baby girl. Eat your daddy’s cum. Suck his cock dry of all that sperm. That’s the sperm that made you Pumpkin. Ooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh fffffuuuuuccckkkk!” The cum came in thick, hot spurts of white. Jane swallowed as quickly as she could until my cock started going soft. Then she climbed up on the bed and gave me a deep, passionate kiss letting me taste my cum on her tongue.

“Hmmmmm. That was good Daddy. I hope there’s more in there for my pussy.”

“Just give me a few minutes and I’ll be ready to fuck your pussy raw. Did you really used to dream about this?”

“Yep, and it was always as good as it was just a few minutes ago. Well, maybe not quite that good, but good. I’m glad you and Fiona got married. You needed a steady piece of ass to keep you happy and now you have four of us cunts to fuck you. Daddy, Hank wants to fuck your ass. Is that all right? If it isn’t, it won’t be a problem, but when we talked about it last night, Hank said he’d never fucked a man before and wanted to find out how it felt.”

“Well, he can fuck my ass as long as I get to fuck his in return.”

“I think he’ll agree. We can ask him when he finishes fucking your new wife.”

We both looked over to where you and Hank were writhing on the floor. Sometime during our oral episode the two of you had come into the room and had chosen the floor as your bed. His cock was buried to the hilt in your thrashing pussy and you had cum so many times that the carpet had a large wet spot in the middle of it. The others had paired off with each other’s spouses and were fucking like rabbits all over the house. I watched as the pairings changed and then changed again. Every orifice was taken and re-taken over the course of the next hour or so. Watching all this fucking had the natural affect on my cock. Simply put, it erected to its full length and width.

Jane saw my erected state and sat on my lap impaling herself on my fleshy spear. It only penetrated her cunt about halfway on her first down thrust, but went balls deep on the second one.

“Give me your baby, Daddy. Fill me with all your hot sperm and make me preggo.”

“Why do you want that?”

“Because I want you as my lover and the father of my next child. I want a part of you to remember forever. I want your baby.” With that she started grinding in small circles rubbing her pubic bone against mine, striving to keep contact between my dick and her own clit. I gently chewed and suckled her breasts. Having already filled her mouth, I was in no hurry to end our incestuous coupling. My mind kept replaying what she had said about wanting my child and I swear my cock grew harder and longer the more I thought about it. Soon it felt as if I had passed beyond her cervix and directly into her receptive womb. Her moans became louder until they covered all the other moans coming from the house. Jane’s movements became more hurried and spastic and I could tell she was fast approaching her orgasm, and from the sounds of it, it was going to be one monster of an orgasm.

You moved next to me and reached down caressing my balls and rolling them gently in your hands. I smiled at you and saw the shit eating grin on your face as you felt my balls tighten. You knew I was close and stuck your finger up my ass massaging my prostate and putting me over the edge. Just as my cum shot from the piss slit at the end of my dick, Jane screamed her orgasm in my ear.

“God damn it, Daddy! Give me a baby! NOW! Arrrrrrrgghhhh!”

I was beginning to wonder why everybody wanted me to make them pregnant. I’m not that great in the looks department and my sexual measurements, while not small, still leave much to be desired. Maybe with you and Jane I could understand, but fucking for making babies is definitely different than fucking for recreation and pleasure. I was much more interested in the latter, having fathered children during my previous marriage.

We all drifted off to sleep and when I awoke, you and I were alone, naked in each other’s arms. We had slept like babies because of all the lovemaking last night. Your warm and tender breast was pressing against my arm as you slowly stirred in your sleep. The nipple hardened, or was it just my imagination?

I gently touched your right breast and bent my lips to the nipple, nibbling on it with just my lips. Softly, gently, not wanting to wake you, I paid homage to your breasts taking my time and causing your skin to flutter from the stimulation. Your nipple hardened even more and elongated as my tongue slowly and gently woke it from its sleep. Your breathing deepened and I looked up to make sure I hadn’t woken you. You slept on with a smile on your face.

I slowly inched myself away from your body and started slowly kissing my way down between your breasts, your morning doves. I licked the valley between your two breasts with feathery touches and worked my way to your navel watching the fluttering skin as a slowly traced my way down your torso. I worked my tongue around your navel and, as you awakened, you moaned softly and then you gently pushed my face lower, urging me onward to greater efforts. I knew what you wanted, but I resisted your pushing, maintaining contact with your supersensitive navel, driving you wild with desire for me to get down to your pussy and lap the juices you have stored there just for my ravishing tongue. You started squirming as your passion grew. You pushed my face towards your pussy with even more force than before.

Giving in to your pressure, I traced the line of fine hairs downward from your navel towards the essence of your womanhood. My tongue encountered the first wispy hairs on your pubes and stopped there savoring the smell and taste of last night’s lovemaking. My nose encouraged my cock to harden even more, my tongue gave my cock still yet more steel for our near future lovemaking. Slowly, tasting you as I went, I licked further downward deliberately avoiding your pussy lips and your clit. I licked up the insides of both legs. I paid homage to the sensitive areas just below your labia. I slowly and gently licked and nipped your legs as I began to move back upward towards your heavenly pussy, already gleaming with your pussy juices which were leaking and drawing my tongue closer and closer with their musky smell.

You reached down and found my cock hardened with desire and gently tugged it towards you urging me to swing my legs around so you could pleasure me as I was pleasuring you. But I faked resistance knowing that resistance was futile and that you would have you way with me as I was with you. As I continued to lick all around your pussy making you squirm trying to put my lips on your labia, you started to tease the head of my cock, sticking your tongue in the slit in the end, tasting the remnants of last night’s fantastic orgasms and of my sperm. I finally licked your lower lips and tasted both of us on them. The smell and the taste only acted to spur me on and I attacked your clit with a fervor that even now I find impossible to describe. You mouth covered the head of my cock and you applied a suction in hopes of eventually drawing my sperm from my balls. I moaned aloud as your lips touched the base of my dick and your tongue gently washed my two sperm laden balls.

Not a word had been said by either of us. We were together in knowing what we wanted and how to get it. We had no need for spoken words. Our only signs of passion were our moans and the sounds of our tongues working on each other.

Abandoning your clit and your pussy, I dropped my head lower and licked your ass rimming it over and over again until your body lifted itself off the bed trying to force my tongue ever deeper into this forbidden hole. By now, the smell and taste of your body had my cock harder than it has ever been before and the head was turning purple as you sucked the blood to the end. I felt the urge to cum in your mouth and started thinking about anything but that feeling, not wanting to end our lovemaking this soon. I had plans for that sperm. It was going to go deep into your womb. Gently I pulled my cock from your mouth and turned you over onto your stomach. I lifted your ass off the bed and positioned my erection at the entrance to your pussy, feeling the hairs tickle the head of my cock, feeling the moisture flowing from between your legs as your body told me that it was ready to be fucked to orgasm after orgasm. Slowing I pushed my purple headed cock deep into your cunt. As I felt you pushing back against me, I pulled back. When you realized that the only way you were going to get my cock balls deep inside your pussy was to let me do the work, you relaxed and let me enter you slowly and gently. My hands held your hips as I gently pushed deeper and deeper into your love canal. I lifted your legs up to your breasts and bottomed out deeper and deeper with each slow stroke. I pushed in until I could not go any further and then slowly withdrew until just the round head of my cock remained inside your cunt lips. Then I slowly entered again.

Soon, all of my cock was buried so deep in your pussy that I could feel your cervix with my cock head and my balls were resting against your very hard, elongated clit. Then I started a slow pumping in and out, pulling out until just the cock head remained between your pussy lips. Then relentlessly pushing deep inside once again pounding you into the mattress and forcing the breath out of you with each penetration . Your pussy felt so hot and wet and yet so tight around my cock that the feelings were unbelievable. Your moans told me that I was hitting all the right spots in all the right ways. I dipped a finger into the juices flowing from your pussy and probed your ass with it adding still more stimulation to this horizontal dance of love.

I picked up the pace. A second finger found its way into your ass hole. Your moans were deeper and lasted longer as I began to pound deeply into your pussy matching my tempo with my fingers. Then, I stopped. You looked at me over your shoulder. As you do, I pushed as hard as I can into your pussy while adding a third finger to your ass hole. You screamed as your orgasm hit you like a ton of bricks. I started pumping once again as fast and as deep as I could go. Your moans turned to screams for a second time before I gave a loud bellow and with one last lunge into the deepest part of your pussy I sprayed my seed deep within you. You wiggled trying to keep my cock hard, knowing that it wouldn’t stay the way you wanted it, but you tried. You gently massaged my balls drawing every last precious drop or sperm from the tip of my cock.

Eventually, my cock came out with a soft plop and you quickly covered it with your mouth slurping up both of our juices and trying to put new steel in it. I swung around and tasted my cum oozing from your pussy. I licked like a man possessed gulping down our combined juices as you cleaned my cock. Then I swung around and planted a long, lingering kiss on your mouth. We were both spent from our exertions and laid in the bed in the wonderful afterglow of mutual orgasms.

“Good morning, sweetheart. Did you sleep well?”

“I only dreamed all night about your cock, but it was a nice dream and you fucked me eight days to Sunday–just like you did a few minutes ago.”

“Well, my dreams were of your succulent pussy clamped around my tongue and cock. The taste and smell of you drove me wild all night. I knew I had to wake up with a hard-on for you and I knew just what to do with that hard-on, didn’t I?”

“Yes, and between your cock and your tongue, you have made me very happy to wake up this morning. Hungry?”

“Only for you.”

“We need to eat something. If we don’t eat, we can’t fuck each other silly.” Naked we both walked into the kitchen. You started fixing bacon, hash brown potatoes and eggs while I ground the coffee and put the pot on.

“How many slices of toast? And, what time did the kids leave last night?”

“Only one piece for me please. They all left just after you fucked your daughter and left that huge load of cum inside her pussy. Ian, I don’t think I’ve ever seen as much cum as you left in your little girl.”

“It felt like I was losing a gallon when I came.”

“How does it feel to have fucked your kids?”

“Well, Fiona, I haven’t gotten all of them yet.”

“Noooooooo. But I have. I’ve fucked and sucked all the guys and eaten all the girls–including Jane last night after you passed out–and been eaten by all of them.”

“Well, I don’t feel any different than I did before last night. I feel horny but I feel satisfied with what I have with me right now, especially after waking up like we did.”

“Good. Because, Ian, you and I both know that this cannot be an everyday affair with the kids. We will have more orgies and swapping with them, but it cannot be everyday. We all have some kind of daily routine we have to perform and fucking each other silly is not part of the daily routine. Before I went to California, my kids and I were fucking about once a week or so.”

“Good. I don’t think I could fuck that much everyday. Once a week sounds about right as long as it doesn’t get settled into one specific day of the week. What’s today?–It’s Friday.–Oh great we’re fucking the kids tonight! Besides, you’re almost too much for me on a daily basis. ”

“Really? I thought that after breakfast we might have a rematch of this morning. And the kids and I had no set day to fuck. I asked them to come over or they invited me over whenever we felt horny. Sometimes it was just three of us and sometimes when we really felt horny we were all there together. They kept me happy and I like to think that I added to their sex lives.”

“Hmmmmm. Maybe. It might be arranged. That is with the proper stimulation, it might be arranged. Well, I don’t think that even with constant stimulation I could fuck everybody at one time–at least not very often.”

“I know I couldn’t keep up with their young pussies and cocks at the same time every time we meet. But, I think I can provide that proper stimulation for you this morning. Want some titty with your eggs, big boy?”

“Yummy. How long before you start delivering fresh milk with your titties?”

“Ahhhhh. I don’t know. Ouch! That hurt. Be careful how hard you bite! Those boobs are getting sensitive already.”

“Sorry” I mumbled as I lifted my mouth from your left tit. “Here, let me lick it all better. Isn’t that better now?”

“Mmmmmmm, yes. The milk started fairly early with Donna, about the eighth month, but with Kathleen it didn’t start flowing almost until the day she was born. Well, breakfast is ready. Want to help bring it to the table?”

“I’m much more interested in your milk delivery system, but yes, I’ll give you a hand.” Breakfast was soon a thing of the past and we left the table and went back to bed. But we didn’t go to sleep.

The time passed quickly. You and Donna had started to get rather large and ungainly. Your milk started flowing early and copiously, so copiously that you needed my help to rid you of the overflow by sucking your tits three and sometimes four times a day. Your tits were now so sensitive to the touch that wearing a bra was painful. Donna was in much the same situation and her Harry was sucking her milk out as fast as she could produce it.

Only Jane and Kathleen remained not pregnant of the four very fuckable women in my life and of course Hank and Marvin got first dibs on their horny little pussies. Harry and I did get some action from time to time from the girls and we learned that male-to-male bonding via the mouth or rectum was not all that bad, once you got past the social stigma of homosexual sex. And, of course, you and Donna kept our cocks semi-flaccid by using your mouths. If anything you sucked cock better then than before you were pregnant with my child. Now you put a passion in your sucking instead of the pure lust for cum.

The first time Harry and I went to bed together, you and Donna had gone to stay for a couple of days with your sick elderly aunt in upstate New York. Harry and I were so horny but Jane and Kathleen and their husbands were also out of town so there was no prospect of relief there. We could have gone to a whorehouse, but I hadn’t paid for sex in almost 30 years and wasn’t about to do so again. Harry just didn’t want to screw around with somebody other than family and that left me.

I had been fucked by a man before, but this time there was something involved beyond just getting my cum to spurt. We were horny as hell, but we also knew each other fairly well. Harry and I were drinking Lochnagar scotch whiskey by the fireplace making small talk about you and the girls and our latest exploits in familial coitus when, after a couple of doubles, he got up from his chair and took my glass from me. He then sat down on my lap and started caressing my face through my beard. Then he leaned in and nibbled on my ear.

“Do you want this, Ian? I’ve never done this before so I don’t really know what to do.”

“I want to do it only if you do. Let nature take its course. A hardened dick doesn’t care what hole satisfies it, as long as it gets satisfied and the cum spurts out of the end of it. We can suck or fuck, whatever you want to do, but it’s sort of difficult with clothes on.”

“Let’s get these clothes off then.” We both stood and stripped to our natural beauty. Both cocks were already three-fourths of the way to full hardness and he dropped to his knees in front of my chair, taking my cock into his mouth and sucking on it for all he was worth. I immediately started getting to full length and width and slowly moved my hips in time with his sucking. Either Harry had done a lot of cock sucking in the past, which he had denied just a few minutes earlier, or he had learned his lessons from you and the girls just how it was supposed to be done and he had learned them fairly well. Whatever he lacked in talent, he made up for in enthusiasm. He soon had my pre-cum dribbling from my cock’s piss slit like a river. Then he stood up and turning his back to me sat down on my dick, allowing my cock to penetrate his ass hole in one slow stroke. Thus impaled, he placed his hands on his knees and raised and lowered his body. Soon the speed increased and the heat of his intestines made my cock jump with anticipation. Harry felt the little jump and increased his movements even more. I could feel my cock rubbing his prostate and I could tell that Harry was getting close himself.

“Oh, fuck me. Fuck me, Harry! God damn it–here it comes, son. Take all my cum up your ass, you cock sucking, mother fucking, son of a bitch.”

Harry groaned as the first spurt of my cum hit and coated the inside of his bowels. His movements grew slower as my cock finally delivered its full load and started to shrivel away to nothing. Harry stood up and walked to his chair, sitting down as his ass leaked cum. I remember thinking that I was very happy that these were leather chairs that could be wiped clean.

I got up rather shakily and went to get a couple of towels. When I returned I gave one to Harry. “Here, Harry. Put this under your ass. Fiona will kill me if that chair gets messed up your cum.”

He lifted himself slightly and got the towel under himself. “Your turn, Ian.”

Without a word, I knelt before him and took the tip of his already hard cock in my mouth. I licked the pre-cum from the head and swirled my tongue around the ridge just behind the helmet. This brought moans from Harry and I knew he was close, but I wanted an ass fucking of my own so I quickly stood up and turned around. I lowered my ass to his cock and sat or rather plopped heavily into Harry’s lap. Thanks to your dildo and my earlier exploits with Hank, there was no pain, just a fullness that I loved. After a moment of savoring this full feeling, I started moving my hips in a circular grinding motion. Harry moaned. I added a slow up and down movement and Harry moaned even louder. Then, while his cock was massaging my prostate, I started to pick up the pace. Suddenly, Harry was very vocal and a powerful jet of cum flew into my bowels. There was so much of it that it felt as if Harry was giving me a cum enema. The feeling was such that my cock let go its own miniature geyser of cum which landed on the hardwood floor in front of the chair.

When I felt Harry’s cock shrink and lose its rigidity, I stood up and put my towel between my legs to keep the cum from dripping all over the place. I turned and looked at Harry.

“Goddamn, Ian, but that was good. After that, I’m going to have more of your ass in the future.”

“Thanks, Harry. I enjoyed it, too. More Lochnagar?”

“Yeah. Make mine a triple.”

“You got it” I chuckled as I refilled both glasses almost to the brim and handed Harry his before sitting down in my chair. After finishing my drink, I passed out in the chair and slept until mid-morning when I woke to find Harry gone. Except that my clothes were still strewn around the floor and Harry’s crusty towel was on that leather chair, it could have all been a dream.

I got up on wobbly legs and stumbled into the bathroom to take a long, hot shower. I pissed in the shower as the water hit my chest. Then I just stood under the stream of hot water for about twenty minutes or so until I could make some sense out of what had happened. I had always thought and was led to believe that Harry was as straight a heterosexual male as anybody. Now, I had seen and felt him fuck and suck me and I had done the same for him. And, Harry had been the aggressor. Sure we had quite a bit to drink, but we both knew what we were doing.

Right after I got out of my shower, I heard the front door open and close. I was still drying my hair when Jane walked in and whistled in appreciation at my nakedness. She said that she had come by to see you, forgetting you and Donna were in New York. When I told her you weren’t at home, her mouth broke into a fantastic grin and she said “Great! I get to have my daddy all to myself for once!”

“Jane, oh daughter of mine, you can get my cock whenever you want to fuck or suck it and you know it. Even if you didn’t want to fuck me or suck me, you can still have me to talk to.”

“I know, but I very seldom get the chance to get you all to myself. Hank had to go in to work this afternoon and then called to say that he was going to have to go out of town. He came home, packed a bag and rushed off to catch a plane. Trouble is,” she added with a little pout, “he left me wanting some hard cock.”

“So why did you come to see Fiona?”

“Oh I didn’t really come to see her. I thought I remembered that she was going to New York, but I had to make sure. Daddy, I am all yours for the next three days or until either Hank or Fiona come back home, whichever is longer. And, as an added bonus, you get me all to yourself.” She looked like the cat who had swallowed the canary and was grinning from ear to ear.

“So what did you do with your kids, if Hank is out of town and you are planning on fucking me for the next three days? You didn’t leave them at home alone, did you?”

“No, I didn’t leave them home alone, though I could have. Debby’s and Vicki are both almost 18, next week as a matter of fact. They’re part of the reason I came over, but we can talk about that later. Anyway, I took them over to Louise’s. I figured Hank’s mother would like to see her grandchildren for a couple of uninterrupted days and I knew I wanted to see you for a couple of days, with or without Fiona.” Jane was wearing a simple light blue shift and when she lifted it over her head I found that she was wearing absolutely nothing underneath except the hairs atop of her pussy slit. My cock saluted her nakedness by coming to stiff attention.

I walked over to her and she literally jumped into my arms letting her hot, already dripping snatch cover my cock in one smooth move. My balls nestled against her cunt lips and she started rocking herself and using my dick as her pivot point moved her body from side to side. Her tongue invaded my mouth and fought with my own tongue in a battle we both knew we would win and lose at the same time. I could feel her ample tits mash against my chest. Her nipples were hard little nubs rubbing themselves against the hairs on my chest. My own nipples hardened as I carried her over to the bed.

We fell on the bed with my prong still stabbing away at her insides. She never missed a beat with her grinding and my dick kept up a steady pressure as it sought the promised land of her womb. Several times the head of my fuck stick hit the entrance to her womb and was repulsed by the closed opening of her cervix. It only made me fuck her harder and deeper.

We finally broke from our kiss and Jane gasped for breath with each of my thrusts eliciting a grunt from deep within her body.

“Oh, Daddy. Fuck your horny daughter. Fuck her cunt raw. I don’t ever want to go without this cock again! Fill my pussy with your hot man juice. Spray your sperm inside my aching pussy.”

“Pumpkin, you are my slut, do you hear that? You’re my little whore. You cum starved bitch, I’m going to make sure I spoil you for any cock other than my own.”

“Oh, Daddy! Yeeeeeesssss! Oh, oh, oh–I’m cummmmmmmmmmiiinnnnnng!”

I could feel her cunt spasm around my dick and knew that I wasn’t going to be able to hold out much longer. Her pussy juice make her cunt even slicker than it had been and my pole of flesh probed deeper and faster into her forbidden love canal. The end came suddenly, taking both of us by surprise. One second I was pumping Jane’s slit for all I was worth and the next I went rigid in the farthest reaches of her hot box. I grunted with each shot as I sent five or six creamy ropes of semen deep inside my daughter’s hot pussy.

We both lay there recovering from our round of lovemaking, or was it just a good hard lusty fuck? I didn’t know right then and my cock could have cared less.

“Well, dearest daughter, I think I could use some breakfast. How about you?” I headed, still naked, towards the kitchen with Jane right behind me stuffing a wash cloth between her legs to keep my jism from running down them.

“Oh, I ate hours ago. Did you just get up? It’s almost noon.”

“Yeah, just before my shower. Harry and I sucked and fucked each other until the wee hours of the morning.”

“‘Straight as an Arrow’ Harry? He sucked and fucked you?”

“Yep. Sure did.”

“I wonder if Donna knows he swings both ways?”

“I don’t think so. I think last night was his first time and….”

“And what?”

“Well, we were both about three sheets into the wind by the time he had worked up enough nerve to fuck me.”

“Didn’t you ask him?”

“Nope. And, before you ask, he wasn’t here this morning when I woke up in my chair either.”

“Let me get this straight. Harry and you sucked and fucked each other and then you passed out in your chair last night?”

“Yep. I haven’t been that drunk in a long, long time.”

“Well, at least you were at home.”

“I don’t stray on Fiona or any of you girls. I’ve got enough pussy between the four of you to take care of my sexual needs. I don’t need to find ‘outside’ pussy to keep me happy.”

“Well, I’m glad to hear that. Between the four of you guys, I stay pretty happy myself. But I’m worried about Debby.”


“Well, I think she and Vicki are beginning to put two and two together and instead of coming up with either three or five, they’re beginning to get eight for an answer.”

“You think they know?”

“Yeah, I do. Both she and Vicki have been talking to each other and I’m pretty sure that they both want in on the family fucking. I know they both want to fuck their granddaddy in the worst possible way.”

“Well, they aren’t eighteen yet. Whoa! They want to fuck me?”

“Yep. They both want to fuck you. I know they are not eighteen, but next week they are having their eighteenth birthday party and I was wondering if we could all get together and initiate them into the family sexcapades.”

“I don’t know, dear. They seem so young and innocent.”

“Young and innocent enough to outline their plan to each other to get you alone and fuck the living shit out of you.”

“You can’t be serious?”

“Oh, I am. I overheard that little item and stashed it away to talk to you about today. Well, what do you say? Do we give them what they want?”

“Let me think about this. When’s the party?”

“Next Friday night. They turn eighteen on Friday and I want it to be a very memorable day for them.”

“I think we need to sit down and discuss this amongst the eight of us as to whether or not we want to become ten of us. Fiona and Donna should be back by then. I think I can guess how Harry and Marvin will go, but how about Hank? How will he feel about seeing his daughters get fucked? Will he fuck them himself?”

“Hank has had the hots for those two ever since they grew tits. He’d like nothing better than to fuck his daughters, but I made him promise to wait until they turned eighteen. But, Dad, the girls both want to lose their cherries to you. When I overheard them they were talking about how they didn’t just want to give their cherries to their father or to their uncles or to some of the boys at school. They named names and your name was the only name that came up. They want you and they want you badly, right now!”

“Oh, God! They’re hot enough to fuck right now,” I could picture the two very fine, slim bodies belonging to my granddaughters in my mind, “but I agree with the wait until they’re eighteen rule. And let’s wait until Fiona and Donna get back and we can have a family council to air all the issues with the group. I’ll go along if everybody else does. I’ve never had a cherry pussy before–not even yours. And now I might get two in the same night? Unbelievable!” I smiled as I put my breakfast on the table and drew a cup of coffee. “Coffee?”

“Yes, please. And that would be two very hot and horny cherries.”

“Cream? Sugar?”

“Just black for me.”

“Sensible girl. Did I ever tell you why I drink coffee black?”

“Many, many times, Dad. And I listened to you tell me how in the Army you never knew when you’d have sugar and cream for your coffee and that’s why I now drink my own coffee black. I only wish I had learned to fuck from you too. Hank is good, but we were both too inexperienced at first and have had to learn the hard way. You could have taught me a lot of things that might have made our sex lives even hotter than it is.”

“Maybe, but your mother would have killed me if I had fucked you.”

“I know. She was very old-fashioned in many ways especially about sex. But, I still wish that you had.”

I put my breakfast of ham, eggs, and toast on the table. “Sure you won’t have any? There’s plenty.”

“No thanks. Coffee’s enough for me. I can’t afford to get too full if I want to fuck you again this morning or early afternoon or whenever. Looks like your coffee has put some life back in my friend Peter. May I?” Jane ducked her head beneath the table and inhaled my rigid cock into the back of her mouth. I went stiff from head to foot when I felt the cock head hit the top of her throat and then relaxed as she licked and nibbled her way back to the top again. I moaned around a piece of ham coated in egg yolk as her tongue found the slit that let out all the good potent seed from my body. She was very good that morning, but I was hungry enough to gobble down my food before leading her back to the bedroom for round two.

I was in the middle of giving my daughter a serious fucking when I heard the front door open and close. Jane pulled me back tight to her after we heard nothing else, but for some reason I decided to take a look over my shoulder. What I saw made my dick even harder. You and Donna had come back much earlier than we had expected and when you found me with my naked daughter stuck on the end of my stiff cock, the two of you quickly ducked back from the doorway and stripped down. When you came back in, you reached for me and Donna went for Jane’s tits giving them a sucking that must have hurt but which only brought a loud moan from my daughter.

“God yes! Suck my boobs, Donna. Ooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, that feels so good. Daddy, why did you stop fucking me?”

I hadn’t realized that I had stopped my fucking motions when I saw you, but I sure picked them up again when I felt your hands caress my nut sack and one then two of your fingers of your other hand probe my ass.

“Don’t stop Ian. Make Jane a baby. Make your daughter swell with your incestuous child. Fuck your hot little daughter. Spray her cunt with your cock juice. That’s it. Pretend it’s my cunt you’re filling with your hot man juice.” I gasped as you gently squeezed my balls and Jane’s cunt spasmed tightly around my cock at the same time. I knew I was fast approaching my moment of climax and I tried, unsuccessfully, to think of anything except my body’s need to ejaculate semen deep within a taboo pussy. Without any more warning that a loud grunt and a stiffened back, with my cock jammed as far up Jane’s uterus as I could get it, my man juice poured inside my daughter’s well-fucked cunt causing her to scream in delight. When I pulled out of her sopping cunt, your mouth covered Jane’s pussy and sucked all the loose cum from her womb.

“Oh, Mom, that feels sooooooo good! Don’t stop. Eat it all. Daddy can give me more. Make me cum again. Aaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!”

You lifted your face from Jane’s dripping quim and smiled at me. “Did you hear what she called me? She called me ‘Mom’. Your daughter called me her Mom.”

“I think you must have made an impression on her, don’t you?”

“I’m glad we got home when we did.”

“I thought you were going to be gone for another couple of days.”

“Well, Aunt Nora didn’t need two pregnant women throwing up all over her house every morning so, at her request, we came on home. She was doing much better than she was so I guess she’ll be OK.”

“Well, I’m glad that she’ll be OK.” I rolled over and gently squeezed your right tit causing the nipple to grow rubbery.

“I tried to tell her that it was all your fault but she didn’t want to listen to my excuses.”

“My fault?”

“Yeah, for the morning sickness.”

“Damn! I’m in trouble if I don’t get you pregnant and I’m in trouble if I do get you pregnant. That just doesn’t seem fair to me.”

“Well, what about us women? We long to have a baby growing in our bellies and then have to throw up every morning for the first couple of months. That doesn’t seem too fair to us either.”

“OK. So life isn’t fair to either the male or female of the species.”

“You got that right. Now, unless you have enough starch left in your prick to satisfy me, you’d better quit playing with my tit.”

“I think I can come up with a bit of something hard for you.”

“And,” you laughed, “I bet I can make it go all soft again. Right girls?”

Donna and Jane both nodded their heads vigorously. “Mom, why don’t we triple team him?”

“Donna, that might be a good idea. Let him know how much Hell there can be in Heaven, right?”

“Right!” Jane exclaimed as she moved closer to her daddy’s hardening prick.

“Did this little thing just leave a load of cum in my belly, Daddy?”

“Yep. But he was a big boy when he did the job. His name was Richard and you do know that Richard is just a long Dick, don’t you?”

All three of you giggled and scooted around me. Jane sat on my face so I couldn’t see exactly whose mouth it was that engulfed my cock, but after a moment or so, I recognized your technique of cock sucking and figured Donna must be the one attacking my nipples with her tongue and teeth. I was in heaven with three of my four horny women giving me their sexual favors at the same time.

After a short while, we changed positions with my cock pistoning into your warm, receptive pussy. Donna and Jane let us have our own session and rolled to one side to get into a sixty-nine position with Donna on top.

I heard the door open and Donna looked up “Hi, guys. Why don’t you join the fun? There are still plenty of holes that need filling and eating.”

I kept fucking your cunt and stiffened only momentarily when I felt a cock flex up against my puckered rosebud. I looked over to see who it belonged to and found Hank smiling back at me. I nodded and he applied a bit more pressure sinking his cock in my backdoor. I let him set the pace that ended up with him driving me deep into your pussy each time he pushed into my hot bowels. I looked over as Marvin took Donna’s mouth and John poked his dick deep into Jane’s cunt. The sight was almost too much to bear. Hank’s prick kept massaging my prostate and I howled out my eruption into your love box.

You screamed your orgasm just as I felt Hank give a few more good fuck with his cock and explode in my balls, giving me a sperm enema. As Hank pulled out of my ass, you rolled me over. John tore himself away from Jane who scooted over and started gobbling up the sperm leaking from my ass and your pussy. John then stepped up behind you and entered your ass while my cock was still buried balls deep in your cunt.

Just the feeling of my son-in-law’s cock separated only by a thin membrane in your body put new life into my shrinking cock. We picked up a slow but steady rhythm to start with and increased the pace as we synchronized our thrusts into your body. Then John started picking up the pace and as he thrust in, I pulled out. Soon, all that was coming out of your mouth was gibberish as you gave in to the sensations our two cocks were providing you. When Hank shoved his cock into your mouth, your body went into spasms triggering John’s eruption deep into your bowels. I continued thrusting even after John had stiffened and brought you to another orgasm before washing your uterus with a sperm bath. Hank was the recipient of your suctioning mouth and bathed your tonsils with a load of hot semen until it dripped down onto your tits where Jane and Donna fought over the remains. Kathleen clamped her mouth over Marvin’s cock as it came out of Donna’s cunt licking it clean of all traces of body fluids.

To say that we were hedonistic would have been an understatement. To say that we loved to orgy would have been simplistic. We were after all sexual animals fulfilling basic bodily needs without regard as to whom in the family was the recipient of our lusts.

When I had married you, I had no idea that I would be marrying a family of nymphomaniacs who had married satyrs. I had no idea that I would end up fucking the mother of my two grandchildren, my own daughter. But I wouldn’t have changed any of it for a single second.

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