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My Niece’s Lover

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My sister had become very concerned that her eighteen year old daughter, Jasmin, had become sexually active. The family was strict and controlled the girl rigorously. My sister had confided in me, telling me how she had discovered soiled underwear and stains on her clothing that could only be semen. I tried hard to reassure her, but knew that there was serious trouble brewing. Especially if the child was not using protection, as a pregnancy would be a major scandal for the family.

With this in mind, when I saw Jasmin walking through the shopping mall, hand in hand with an older, well built young man, I felt compelled to adopt the distasteful roll of a spy. I was rather perturbed when they walked to the far end of the mall, a quiet area, and made straight for the public restrooms. They seemed very familiar with the way, as if this was something they did regularly. I was dismayed, but not surprised when they both entered the door marked “Women”.

I gave them a couple of minuets then slipped quietly into the restroom. Where.. ah! The disabled stall was the only one showing as occupied, and I could hear a mummer emanating from it. I tip toed across and pressed my ear to the door. I could not make out any words, but did hear the distinctive sound of a zipper! I crept into the adjoining stall, and gingerly lowered the seat. I stepped up, onto it, and taking a deep breath reached up and peered over the partition.

She was sitting on the bowl, while he stood upright between her spread thighs. His flies and jeans had been opened. His erection was a breathtaking sight, long and thick and plugged deeply into my niece’s wide stretched mouth. She had one, small brown hand wrapped around the thick shaft, pumping him furiously. The top few inches shiny wet with her saliva and her mouth worked back and forth over the bulging head. Her free hand was holding the long dark mass of her hair aside. He was fucking her tiny mouth with the short shallow thrusts that possessed certain urgency. His harsh whisper confirmed it. “Oh.. that’s it… that’s it. Swallow baby…. Then I’ll fuck you for hours… “ He then grunted noisily, and I saw her eyes widen. The thrusts stopped, he seemed to shudder uncontrollably, his cock jerking in her tiny, wide stretched mouth. I saw her throat convulse as she swallowed furiously, but there was too much of it, of him, for her to cope with. The pale, creamy fluid seeped from the corners of her mouth as he overflowed inside her.

I gasped loudly at the sight him filling my niece with his jism. Loud enough for them to hear, despite their preoccupation with the blowjob in progress. They both looked up at me in frozen shock. Her eyes were wide open, resembling an antelope caught in headlights. I screeched, as shocked as them, “Stop that! Stop that now!” and clambered down off the loo seat. I banged on the disabled stall door, “Open this door! Open this door!” I heard the latch open and pushed angrily into the cubical. I pushed past him, hardly noticing and went straight to my niece. I grabbed her shoulders and shook her roughly. “You stupid girl. You wicked girl. What is your father going to say!” There was no answer, only the look of numb fear in her eyes. I found it hard not to stare at he semen smears on her chin. The snick of the door lock broke through my mindless tirade. What…

“Her father will say nothing if you don’t tell him.” His voice was not that of a child. It was deep and strong, and to my ears held a certain air of menace. I started to turn, to confront him, but his arms were suddenly wrapped around me. One hard, calloused hand covered my mouth, the other wrapped around my waist pining my arm to my body. God, he was strong… and I forgot about Jasmin, suddenly very afraid of this young man.

“Don’t scream… I doubt anybody would hear you, and even if they did, I doubt very much they would come running to your aid. It would also annoy me.” His voice was quiet, measured and reasonable. But I believed him. His hand moved off my mouth, but hovered close, just in case.

“Jasmin is a good girl. She is my good friend, we are careful and enjoy each other’s company. There is no need to involve her parents. It would be cruel and unfair.”

“She is too young! It’s statutory rape – you can go the jail for this! It’s not right!”

He was silent a moment, then his hand was clutching at my breast.

“We can always muddy the waters. Could I convince a court that I’m your lover, and spurned, you are trying to get me in trouble? Maybe… maybe not. But if you really want to charge me with rape, maybe I should at least do the rape?”

An icy fear gripped my heart. His voice, still level and reasonable had the air of menace that weakened my knees. Through my jacket, blouse and bra, his hand squeezed my breast meaningfully. Jasmin suddenly chimed in. “And I’ll support him – I’ll say he is your lover, and that you tried to get me to join in! – and that he refused!”

My mind reeled and I glared at my niece. She was no longer looking frightened, rather more excited. She had used her fingers to scoop and smear the semen from her face, and then thoughtfully studied the cum smeared digit. “You should shag her Paul! Right here. Fill her up and lets see how well her story compares to ours!” She looked up, meeting my shocked gaze, then licked the soiled finger tip with obscene relish. “Hmm… too good to keep to myself. I was always taught to share.”

Shocked, I struggled furiously in his encircling arms – he was a strong, well built young man, and quickly gave up the unequal battle. I was horrified to feel my body reacting to the firm embrace, and the memory of that hard, fat cock in my niece’s mouth… God no! But over the next few minuets, my will to resist evaporated. With his left hand playing over my throat, hovering around my mouth in case I screamed, his right hand was pressed between my thighs. My skirt and pants seemed transparent to his touch, the material seeming to magnify the pleasure his rubbing hand was causing. I could feel every inch of that magnificent erection pulsating against my lower back… I felt totally helpless, and even as my mind raged against the indignity of what was happening, my body heated in anticipation.

“Your enjoying this, aren’t you bitch?” he whispered in my ear. I could only whimper in return. His hand cupped my clothed sex, and the press of his hardness increased. “Your getting wet… you want my dick up you, don’t you.”

“No… god no. Please don’t…” but it was a half hearted whimper. Frantic, I found my eyes locked on Jasmin. She looked as hot as I was feeling, eyes moist and glittery. Her lips had parted and she was licking the lower one. She was touching herself! A hand was up under her short skirt… and as she caught the direction of my gaze she smiled at me, like a conspirator. Her free hand flipped the skirt up, letting me see how she had eased the front of her pants to one side, allowing her fingers the freedom to stroke her tight lipped little pussy. She looked so hot, so wet – and if I had interrupted them, no doubt she would be stretched around his manhood by now. I shuddered soundlessly as her boyfriend rubbed my clit, the sensations magnified unbearably by my knickers. Taking full advantage of my hot gaze, Jasmin parted her pussy with her first and third fingers, the slipped her middle finger deep into the pink depths. I tore my eyes away, looking up at the ceiling, fighting the urges of my body.

“Shall I get your tits out?” I heard her ask throatily.

I could only gurgle stupidly in response. She stood, and quickly reached between the open jacket, clumsily unbuttoning my blouse. I heaved against Paul’s encircling arms ineffectively as she exposed my bra. “Ah.. very handy!” she cooed, unsnapping the front opening clasp. Then her small hot hands were on my bare flesh, cupping my full, firm bosom, thumbs finding my nipple making me convulse at the electrifying touch.

“So hard… you’re really hot auntie.” She bent forward and covered a nipple with her hot wet mouth, forcing a loud moan from me. My nipples had always been a real weakness, almost as if there was a direct connection to my clitoris. “You have lovely tits, auntie. I hope I inherit at least that from you. Paul says he loves mine, but I think there’re too small.” She mumbled conversationally.

Paul! Oh yes, Paul was getting impatient. He was under the front of my skirt by now, his hand caressing and rubbing the front of my damp knickers. I was starting to crave his touch, wondering if he was ever going to touch me properly, when he yanked them to one side. I convulsed again, and would have collapsed without his firm hold on me. His hot palm covered my naked sex, his fingers pressing into the damp groove and then, oh so deliciously, he curled two hard fingers up into my honey pot. I heard myself grunt like some kind of animal, and then burned with shame when he whispered in my ear.

“You’re hot bitch. Your wet cunt wants my dick… Smooth, beautiful, hot wet cunt.” He wetly tongued my ear as his fingers opened inside me, I could feel my excitement on my inner thighs. The ball of his thumb ground into my aching clit. “See Jag, your aunty shaves. Look how beautiful she looks…” Mortified, I shuddered as my niece sat back on the loo seat, her pert little face inches from my bare, fingered sex.

“Move your hand then” she said petulantly, which he did, sliding it wetly around to my rear. I had my eyes screwed tight shut and shuddered as I felt her hot breath on my sex, then the delicate flutter of her hot tongue over my vulva, and unerring sought the throbbing nub of my clitoris. My hips jerked involuntarily, rubbing my overheated sex against her face. Waves of shame and lust coursed through my body, the like of which, I had never experienced before. I had never been so hot, so wanton or shameless in my life. I sobbed aloud in his grasp as I tried to force myself against my young niece’s face.

I could hear the mirrored lust in her throaty voice, he hot breath washing over me.

“Fuck her Paul, fuck her now.”

She had to scramble aside as he obeyed her command. He bent me roughly forward at the waist, forcing me to grip the edges of the loo seat. He pulled my skirt right up, over my waist and bared my behind. He didn’t bother with my knickers, just pulled them ever further to one side. Then the hard, hot baton of his maleness was between my slippery thighs. Without any prompting I dropped down onto my elbows, raising my ass for him. He rubbed his length along my exposed, dripping sex and coated himself in my fragrant honey, before finding my opening with practised ease. He paused, folding my pussy lips in, until the thick glans was holding the mouth of my sex open, my entire body quivering in expectation.

“Say it bitch.”

I didn’t give it a moment’s thought. Whatever the state of my mind, my wanton, lust filled body ruled my soul now.

“Fuck me” I grunted, then gasped breathless as he shoved the long hard length of himself hilt deep into me. Stretched, filled, fucked. No teasing, no messing around. He fucked me, hard and fast, going full length up me, balls slapping wetly against my quivering pussy, pulling out to the swell of his glans and making me tense in fear that I would lose him. He pounded me mercilessly, rocking me forward each time he slammed into me, the tip of him hitting my cervix, over and over again. It seemed to last for hours, no change in tempo, just the gut wrenching pounding. It could not last forever, and all too I wailed and grunted as I came in a stomach clenching explosion like no other. The hard thrusting cock paused, feeling my vagina clenching around him… I heard him gasping, disgusted at the obscene pleasure it gave me, knowing he was feeling me, squeezing him, milking him.

Dimly I could hear Jasmin, off to one side, sounding as if she was in the throes of her own orgasm. I twisted my head, and found her leaning against the sink, one hand cupping a bare, immature breast, the other deep in her knickers, finger banging herself furiously. Catching my look, she grinned breathlessly and then spoke to Paul, still motionless, buried deep in my convulsing pussy. “Do her in the ass. Cum in her ass.” My guts clenched in an icy spasm.

“Nooo” I wailed and tried to pull away. But trapped between the loo and his body, it was a waste of time. He pulled out of me with a dirty, wet slurp and I sobbed and begged him not to sodomise me. “Please, no… I can’t… oh God!”

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I knelt there for a lifetime or two, over a loo seat in public restroom and a strange young man’s erection wilting in my semen filled anus. My knees ached and my head reeled. When he slipped out of me, I could feel the flood of liquid down my inner thighs. Paul and Jasmin had to help me to stand up, and we made a half hearted attempt to clean up using the sink. We said very little, being strangely polite and considerate to each other.

I told them that we should shower, clean up properly, and that they should come back to my apartment. They followed quietly, hand in hand. We drove in silence, the pair of them opting for the back seat. My hand shook trying to get the door key into the lock.

I led them to the en?suite bathroom and the shower, and I stripped my soiled clothing off. It seemed silly to worry about nudity after what we had just been through. Jasmin squeezed in behind me, but there was really very little room. She soaped my body, and my knees trembled when she pressed one soapy finger up my sensitive anus. I stumbled out and rubbed naked bodies with Paul as he entered. His grinned a little sheepishly, his hands half covering his half mast, but still impressive manhood. I shook my head and wondered how on earth he could suddenly develop a shyness! I dried myself on a mental autopilot and stumbled into the bedroom. Jasmin and Paul followed, buck naked and once more hand in hand.

What happened next? You can probably guess. Paul lay on the best for most of the evening, recovering from the two impressive climaxes’ he had so recently had. A naked impish Jasmin squatted over his face and mouth, wriggling around on his tongue, while I lay between his legs, sucking life back into his manhood. We swapped around and I took my turn on top of that educated, flickering tongue, watching my niece’s small brown hand jacking the thick column, her mouth bobbing over the glistening plum of his glans. When his aching jaw and tongue not longer worked their magic upon us, Jasmin and I turned upon each other. Being the stronger and the heavier I got her onto her back, and pressed my cunt down over her face, then with my hand under firm little ass, I spread her wide and applied my tongue to her hot little oyster. She had sweet, fragrant little pussy only needed a bit of a trim to make perfect. I resolved to sort that out at a later day. This girl on girl pussy eating had the expected effect on the recovering Paul. The first I knew about it was when her grabbed a handful of my hair and yanked my mouth off her sex. The reason quickly apparent as his hard stomach pressed my forehead back, and his tumescent organ thrust deep into Jasmins’ pink wet opening. I tried using my tongue but could not reach – until he pulled wetly out of her and into my waiting mouth for a few strokes. The repeated the process a couple of times, and then moved around behind me. I groaned happily as he gave my pussy a swift pounding, pausing to dip into his girlfriends upturned mouth. The last, memorable act of the night was when I watched my teenage niece fuck her boyfriend. She sat astride his muscular frame, sliding her tight little pussy up and down on the fat shaft. I acted the total wanton fuck bitch, lying between his legs, licking at the furry balls and the slippery shaft each time her cunt exposed it. I saw the pulse of semen as he shot his third and final load up into her, watched it bubble out from the encircling mouth of her cunt. I licked the creamy, aromatic mixture from her well?fucked hole and then cleaned the length of his cock with my tongue.

The next day I visited my sister. I told her to stop worrying about her daughter. She was a sensible girl and that there was no need for concern. Just in case, I reassured her, I intended to spend much more time with dear little Jasmin. It would not be a problem I told her, but I really should keep a closer eye on her. Keep her in hand, so to speak. Which, dear reader, is exactly what I did, again and again and again.


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