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Your Grandfather Might Stop By

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The education of a young woman….

“No, I’ve got to finish up my term paper,” Christie said in response to her mother asking her about her plans for the night.

“Well, in case you do go out, make sure you lock the place up because your father and I won’t be back until late,” Toni Platte said before leaving her daughter’s room.


“Oh, and your grandfather might stop by.”


Her mother’s words made Christie’s head jerk up from the computer keyboard she had been focused on, and as she stared at the screen her mother continued.

“Your grandfather – remember him? My father? Richard Thomas? The guy that gave you that very generous gift last week at your birthday party?” Toni Platte said sarcastically. “He left his watch here last weekend and said he might drop by to get it.”

“He’s been here an awful lot lately,” Christie suggested.

“He’s lonely, honey. Ever since Grandma passed he doesn’t know what to do with himself, so be nice to him,” Toni said, remarking how she always thought her Dad was Christie’s favorite relative.

“I guess,” Christie said softly.

“Don’t worry, he has a key,” her mother added before heading out with her husband for the evening. “So it isn’t like you’re stuck waiting for him if you decide to go out.”

As her parents left the house, Christie looked down at her hands on the keyboard, although she didn’t need visual confirmation to know that they were trembling.

“Grandpa is coming,” Christie whispered to no one.

Grandpa was coming and this time she would be all alone. Last weekend there was a house full of relatives and friends, wishing her a happy 18th birthday, but tonight there would be no one.

Just Grandpa and her.


It had been a full day last Saturday. Christie Platte had a nice party, with all of her relatives there along with many of Christie’s friends, who were mostly like her – the nerdy and brainy kids from school. The chess club kids and the Honor Society types were the ones who Christie felt comfortable with, and so what if they weren’t cool?

Anyway, the party went through the evening, and then finally everybody had left except Grandpa. Mom had insisted that he spend the night because it was late and he had a couple of drinks, which was fine by Christie, because she loved Grandpa, who had always been so nice to her.

But not like that night, Christie recalled as she looked out the window at her parents’ car pulling out of the driveway. Grandpa had never been like he had been last Saturday night.


“Hello? Is somebody in here?”

In the near darkness Christie struggled to make out the shape over by the doorway, and she was about to scream when she heard the reassuring voice she knew so well.

“It’s just me Christie. Grandpa.”

“Oh,” Christie replied, trying to figure out whether Grandpa was going senile and couldn’t find the guest room or was drunk.

Since he seemed sharp as a tack for a man of 66, Christie figured he might have had a little too much to drink and had gotten disoriented.

“Mind if I scoot in here next to you?” Grandpa was asking, and before she had a chance to respond her grandfather was in bed next to her, so close that she could feel the hairs on his legs against her skin.

“There. Isn’t this cozy? Just like old times.”

While her grandfather was the same 6’1″ and 177 pounds he always had been, Christie was no longer a little kid, and along with her 5’3″ and 135 pounds the two of them filled the small bed that Christie had grown up in.

And the old times didn’t include her grandfather’s hand, which he had placed on her tummy on the bare skin exposed by her t-shirt riding up a bit.

“Got your belly button,” Grandpa said as he put his finger inside her navel and wigged it around, making her little belly jiggled as he did, and despite her nervousness Christie started giggling.

“Ssh,” Grandpa whispered. “Don’t want to wake anybody. Now, which of those fellows that were here today was your boyfriend?”

“Mine? None of them.”

“Really?” Grandpa asked. “You don’t have a boyfriend?”

“No – um – not right now,” Christie said as her grandfather’s finger came out of her belly button, and the hand then went back onto her tummy.

“You do like boys though, right? Or do you prefer girls?”

“Me? No, I like boys,” Christie said, not adding that not many of them liked her, and whether that was because she was too smart or not very pretty she wasn’t sure.

“And I’ll bet they like you too,” Grandpa said as his hand rubbed her soft skin and slid a little bit up. “I’ve really enjoyed watching my favorite granddaughter grow up, and I couldn’t wait until you finally turned 18.”

“And you certainly have grown up, Pumpkin.”


“Ssh,” Grandpa hissed as his hand slid upwards until it rested on Christie’s breasts, which were quite prominent even though she was on her back. “It’s okay.”

“I can’t believe how busty you’ve become,” her grandfather said as his long, bony fingers kneaded her doughy breasts through the t-shirt. “Big enough to fill those 36D bras, aren’t you?”

“What?” Christie panted as she looked at the hand on her breast and saw her nipples popping out hard against the cotton.

“Your bra size. 36D, aren’t you? Heaven knows the bra I saw in the hamper couldn’t be your Mom’s,” Grandpa was saying as his minty breath washed over Christie’s face as she lay there paralysed. “Your breasts are much bigger than hers.”

“When she was your age, Toni’s breasts would barely fill my hand,” her grandfather explained as his hand groped harder and his leg slid on top of Christie’s.

“Grandpa…” Christie protested as the conversation got more and more strange.

“Feels nice, doesn’t it? What I’m doing?” Grandpa was saying as his granddaughter’s massive breasts rose and fell rapidly, and then his hand slid down from Christie’s chest.

Down the bony fingers went, down the fabric of the t-shirt, and down over her bare tummy, and then sliding under the elastic of her panties.

“Ooh – you’ve got a lot of hair down here,” Grandpa was saying as her fingers slid through her pubic hair. “You sure aren’t one of those girls that shaves down there, are you? I’m glad about that. Your grandfather loves a nice hairy pussy.”

“No,” Christie squeaked. “Grandpa, please don’t.”

“You mean, Grandpa, please don’t stop, don’t you?” he wheezed as his fingers raked through the dense bush that surrounded his granddaughter’s sex until he found her opening.

“Oh!” they both groaned together as his index finger slid inside of his granddaughter’s pussy, and he stroked her clitoris even though Christie’s hand had clamped down upon his wrist in a belated effort to stop him.

Christie’s eyes were wide open, the whites of them quite visible to her grandfather as his vision adjusted to the murky darkness, a darkness that was broken only by the moonlight that came in through the blinds, and her eyes were pleading as she kept whimpering, “Stop… please stop Grandpa.”

“Oh honey, your pussy is so tight,” he hissed as he leaned over and nipped at the nipple that looked ready to burst through the cotton of the t-shirt.

“Please,” Christie begged, her voice sounding ragged as her thighs quivered.

“Here honey,” her grandfather was saying, and the clicking sound of his pajama bottoms getting unsnapped made Christie jump. “You’ve touched other boys. Here. Touch me.”

Christie’s grandfather took her right hand and brought it down to his crotch, and he chuckled when he heard his granddaughter’s reaction to what he had put her hand on.

“Mine is not like the boys you’ve touched before, is it honey?” he asked while keeping Christie’s hand clamped onto his manhood, all the while continuing to massage her clitoris with his probing finger. “Your Grandma used to say that it was like being married to John Holmes. You know who he was?”

“Can’t…” Christie whimpered as she felt her hand being moved on the hot, throbbing organ.

“Stroke it honey,” he said. “Feel how big it is? Feel how hard you make me? We’re both going to cum together.”

Christie’s grandfather took his hand off of hers, and he was pleased when she left her hand on his cock without being forced to. He used his free hand to roughly yank his granddaughter’s t-shirt up a bit, exposing her breasts.

“Look at those nipples,” he wheezed before leaning over and capturing one in his mouth.

He sucked greedily on the fat peg while thrusting

himself into the sweaty, pudgy hand that held his cock, and as Christie started whimpering and squirming around uncontrollably, he stopped chewing on her nipple and moved his head upward.

“Cum baby – cum hard for Grandpa,” he said just before covering her mouth with his own, and that helped stifle the squealing sounds of Christie having an orgasm, an orgasm so violent that he had to practically climb on top of her to keep her from flying off of the bed as she convulsed.

Richard Thomas kept kissing his granddaughter, his tongue forcing its way into Christie’s mouth as he reveled in the way her plump body was still reacting to her orgasm. She was still holding his cock even after it was deflating, with his seed having been deposited all over her thigh and stomach when he came with her.

“That was so good, wasn’t it baby?” he asked after rising up and looking down at his flushed and disheveled granddaughter. “And that’s only the beginning too. We haven’t even scratched the surface yet.”

The senior citizen got up slowly from the bed, smiling at the ropes of his cum on Christie’s belly as the teen lay there and tried to catch her breath with those big tits heaving away.

“We’ll get together again soon, Christie. Real soon,” he assured his granddaughter, and after bending over and kissing her sweaty forehead, he headed for the door.

“Happy birthday pumpkin,” he said before closing the door behind him. “Grandpa loves you.”


Christie never really left her room the next day, telling her mother that she must have eaten too much cake or something. She was tired and confused, ashamed of what she had done and the things that her grandfather had done to her.

Christie went to school on Monday, because she had never missed a day since 8th grade, and after she got off the school bus she walked toward home with Jimmy Barnes, one of her neighbors.

“Gonna be weird to graduate next month,” Jimmy said as he pushed his glasses up his nose and shifted his books to his other hand. “College is gonna be so different.”

“I guess,” Christie said while looking down the quiet road.

“Your party was really neat,” Jimmy said. “Better than mine was. Remember when my folks had a magician at mine? That was corny. I told them, like I’m turning 18, not 8.”

“You in a hurry to get home?” Christie asked, and when he said no, she grabbed him by the arm.

“Where we going?” Jimmy asked as Christie led the chubby kid into the small patch of woods that were next to her house.

“Remember you tried to get me to come back here?”

“Yeah. You wouldn’t though.”

“Well, I’m here now,” Christie said as they set their books on an old stump.

“Too bad we don’t have a cigarette, or some beer,” Jimmy opined. “Remember when Dave Allison had that bottle of Jack Daniels?”

“I wasn’t back here that day.”

“So what you do want to do?”

“Take your dick out.”


“You heard me. Take your dick out.”


“I’ll jerk you off.”

“You will?” Jimmy asked. “Wanna give me head? Jackie Ravelli sucked it once.”

“I dunno. Maybe. Drop your pants.”

Jimmy fumbled with his belt before giving up and yanking his jeans down to his knees and doing the same with his underwear, and he was startled when Christie grabbed his limp stub right away.

“Damn!” Jimmy said. “Yeah!”

“Like this?” Christie asked as she started pulling on it, and her neighbor grunted as she felt it surge in her hand. “Will it get bigger than it is now?”

“A little,” Jimmy said as he looked down and saw his dick hidden in Christie’s pudgy hand.

“How’s this?” Christie asked.

“Oh yeah!” Jimmy said and Christie watched him start to make faces, and then he groaned, “Oh man!” while ejaculating onto the grass and into Christie’s hand.

“Easy Christie,” Jimmy complained after she kept pulling on his deflated stub even after it went limp. “I already popped my nut.”

“That’s it?” Christie asked as she let go of Jimmy’s dick and looked for some leaves to wipe her hand off with. “Can’t you do it again?”

“Man, you are getting freaky!” Jimmy said. “What’s come over you?”

“I don’t know,” Christie said as she looked at the little stub that had almost disappeared into the jungle of hair that surrounded it. “Didn’t you like it?”

“Yeah, I mean it was great.”


“Maybe if you suck on it I can get hard again,” Jimmy suggested.


Christie knelt on the mossy ground, staring at the dick that was at eye level. She held it with her thumb and index finger as Jimmy moved closer to her.

“Oh baby!” Jimmy moaned as she leaned forward and took his dick in her mouth.

Christie winced as the funky aroma hit her when her face disappeared in his crinkly pubic hair, and the taste was even worse as she started sucking on the limp dick.

“Move your mouth,” Jimmy said after Christie stayed motionless while his cock began to show signs of life. “Didn’t you ever do this before? Move your lips up and down. Yeah – like that!”

Christie started moving her mouth forward and backward under the guidance of her neighbor’s hands on her head, and Jimmy moaned when his balls slapped against her chin as the rhythm increased.

“Watch your teeth. That’s it! Oh man, this is fucking great!” Jimmy muttered, and then his knees buckled a little bit as his orgasm roared through his loins.

“Cumming!” Jimmy cried out a second after he began ejaculating into Christie’s mouth.

The spurt hit the back of her throat, and while she gagged a little she kept his cock in her mouth, mostly because his hands kept her face pressed into his crotch. Finally Jimmy let go of her head and she struggled to her feet, wiping the semen off of her chin with the back of her hand.

“That was awesome Christie!” Jimmy exclaimed as he pulled his jeans back up. “You even swallowed. Jackie Ravelli spit my load out.”

Christie brushed her knees off, the bitter taste still in her mouth. His semen didn’t taste okay like her grandfather’s did, she recalled, having reached down and taken some of his seed on her finger and putting it in her mouth the other night.

“If you want, after supper we can come back here again,” Jimmy said, pulling out his wallet and taking something out to show her. “I’ll fuck you, if you want.”

“Gotta work on my term paper,” Christie said as she looked at the condom Jimmy had managed to pry out of his wallet.

“You never sucked dick before, did you?” Jimmy asked, and Christie shook her head no.

“Tim O’Neill said you sucked him off last year. Said he fucked you too,” Jimmy said, and after Christie made a face and kept shaking her head no, he nodded.

“He’s a bullshitter anyway. Anything you want me to do to you?”


Christie leaned back against the tree, with her slacks and panties down around her ankles and her legs spread while Jimmy’s hand burrowed between her legs.

“Man, your pussy is really hairy,” Jimmy mentioned. “Jackie – she hardly has any hair down there. I like yours better.”

“Oh! Easy!” Christie said as Jimmy pushed a couple of fingers inside of her while crushing her between himself and the tree.

“Oh man, I wanna fuck you so bad Christie,” Jimmy moaned while nuzzling into her neck and groping her breasts with his free hand. “Maybe if my folks go away some weekend we can do it in my bed. I’d love to see your tits. Gonna cum?”

Christie did have an orgasm eventually, but it was nothing special. It was just like the ones she gave herself, and was nothing like what she had experienced with Grandpa.

“I’ll call you,” Jimmy said as she walked out of the woods and to their respective houses, and he was true to his word, calling her everyday while Christie kept using her term paper as an excuse.

“You had sex with Jimmy Barnes?” Lila De John had asked her just before the last meeting of the Chess Club on Friday.

“Well, he’s telling everybody he did you in the woods and now you won’t leave him alone,” Lila explained after Christie denied it. “Didn’t sound like something you would do.”

No, it wasn’t, Christie agreed, although there was not much that she had done lately that fit that description either.


Christie’s mental recap of the last week of her life ended when she saw her grandfather’s car pull into the driveway. She got up from the computer and started to walk around the room like a chicken with the head cut off, and then she heard the front door being opened.

Lock the door. Climb out the window. Scream. All of those thoughts were racing though Christie’s mind but she did none of them. Instead she stood frozen in her tracks while the footsteps came down the hall, and the man who had been whistling while he walked called out, “Where’s my little pumpkin?”

“There you are,” her grandfather said with a smile, and while the smile was just as broad and warm as it had always been, the look the man was giving her was nothing of the kind.

He was mentally undressing Christie, even though the pudgy teenager certainly wasn’t dressed provocatively at all. In fact, the baggy t-shirt and worn jeans seemed to be designed to to discourage anyone who looked at her, but it didn’t work on Christie’s grandfather.

“You look surprised to see me,” he said while standing in the bedroom doorway. “I told you I’d be seeing you again soon.”

“No – um – Mom – uh – she said she might – you might come here,” Christie stammered, her mouth going dry at seeing her grandfather for the first time since last week, in this very room. “She – they – went out.”

“I know.”

“She – Mom and Dad will be back soon,” Christie mumbled.

“No they won’t, not for quite a while,” her grandfather said with a smile, correcting Christie as he explained. “They went to listen to the Albany Symphony. Joshua Bell is playing with them tonight. Somebody bought them tickets, and after the concert they have dinner reservations at Prime. Somebody gave them the gift certificate as a early anniversary present. Care to guess who?”

“You?” Christie squeaked, and she watched her grandfather smile and nod.

“So we have all night to get to know each other,” Grandpa said. “Take up where we left off last week after your birthday party. You do remember that, don’t you?”

“I’m sure you do,” her grandfather said after Christie remained silent. “I’ll bet you have spent every walking hour thinking about it – reliving it all. I know I have.

“Got a – a term paper to do,” Christie mumbled, gesturing toward the computer.

“You don’t want to do the term paper. I know what you want. It’s all you’ve thought about this last week.”

“I don’t – I don’t know what you mean.”

“Yes you do Pumpkin,” Christie’s grandfather said. “Why don’t we get comfortable?”

“Please,” Christie said as her grandfather started to slowly unbutton his shirt.

“It was rather dark in here last time,” he said while pulling his shirt off of his shoulders and tossing it aside. “Tonight we get to see each other. Not bad for an old man, don’t you think Pumpkin?”

Christie looked at her grandfather calmly posing for her, his stomach still flat and his well defined arms and shoulders looking nothing like the average 66 year man, with the silver hair on his chest the only concession to age.

“Grandpa?” Christie whined while he undid his belt and then eased his trousers down while seeming to enjoy his granddaughter’s discomfort.

“Would you like to take these off for me?” he was asking as he gestured to his boxer shorts, and when Christie didn’t answer he unsnapped the top himself and let them fall to his ankles.

“Look at me, honey,” he told his granddaughter, who had her eyes fixed on a Twilight poster on the wall behind him. “I want you to look at me.”

Christie’s eyes went to her grandfather, who was smiling and acting like he wasn’t naked, and then her eyes went down, as they both knew they would. Her breathing was audible across the room, and he could see his granddaughter’s body shudder when her eyes went down.


Christie’s legs were getting wobbly as she tried and failed to not look at her grandfather’s private parts. She had held him last week – he had forced her hand on his penis – and now she saw what she had held. It was flaccid, and still it hung halfway down to his knees, gently swaying as Grandpa shifted his weight.

This wasn’t Jimmy Barnes, with a fat little stub pointing at her. This was a man, and the size of her grandfather’s cock was terrifying. The long uncircumcised hose, with a thick vein that meandered down from the base for about half the length of his organ, seemed inhuman to Christie, who had not seen very many of them.

“Well?” he said.

“Huh?” Christie muttered, the voice breaking her out of the trance she was in.

“Your turn, Pumpkin. Grandpa wants to see you,” Grandpa said. “All of you.”

Christie was gripping the bottom of her baggy t-shirt, almost appearing to be holding it down, and she shook her head no.

“Want me to help?” Grandpa said, and Christie shook her head no briskly when he started to move towards her.

“Okay, I’ll just sit over her and watch.”

With that Christie watched her grandfather walk across the room, his enormous penis swaying like a metronome as he went to the bed and sat on the edge.

“Take your shirt off for me,” he said gently. “It’s all sweaty anyway.”

If Christie’s nervous twitches and panicked expressions weren’t a hint as to how she was feeling, the massive dark stains under the arms of the t-shirt were further proof of how nervous Christie was. She lifted the bottom of the shirt and stopped, biting the fabric while looking at her grandfather until the silence was broken.

“Let it ring.”

The phone in the kitchen had rung, making Christie jump in shock, but her grandfather told her that it was probably a telemarketer or something, and she should just keep going and take off the shirt.

“There. That wasn’t so tough, was it? Grandpa said after Christie had pulled off the shirt. “Set the shirt aside so Grandpa can get a good look at you. That’s it.”

“Maybe tomorrow I can take you shopping and get you some new brassieres, some that are more flattering. I’m afraid you’ve outgrown these 36D’s as well,” Grandpa noted, commenting on how the straps dug into Christie’s shoulders. “A girl as well developed as you are needs more support. Now why don’t we get those jeans off.”

Richard Thomas made sure his voice stayed calm, but inside he was just as jumpy as his granddaughter was. This wasn’t the first time he had been in this position, but for some reason Christie was different.

Christie was a virgin. She had to be, and that made it even more exciting for him. He hadn’t deflowered a girl in ages, and knowing he was going to be doing just that before the night was over made the hair on the back of his neck stand up.

With a pained expression Christie undid her jeans, struggling with the button on top because they were tight. She had a little belly on her, and the flesh jiggled as she pulled the jeans down. When she got them down she kicked them off and stood there with her hands covering as much of her as she could, but there was so much of Christie that doing that was impossible.

“Come here Pumpkin,” he cooed as he held his arms out, and his granddaughter took a couple of steps towards him that were so unsteady he was afraid she was going to faint.

“That’s my girl,” he said as she put on hands on her full hips and stared at the dark outline of her bush through the very modestly cut white panties.

Even the almost grandmotherly full-cut panties were unable to completely contain her pussy hair, as there were a few curls peeking out the sides, and the smell of her sex was so strong that it made his eyes water.

“You’re wet,” he noted when the back of his hand touched the front of her panties, and he wasn’t sure whether it was from excitement or she had an accident – maybe a combination of the two. “Now take your bra off for me honey.”

“Don’t cry,” Christie’s grandfather said when he saw the tears well up in her eyes. “This is a happy time, and this this going to be the most exciting night of your life.”

“Oh – the hooks are in the front. I’ll do it for you,” he offered when she didn’t move.

Richard Thomas brought his long, weathered fingers up to the front of Christie’s bra and deftly undid the hooks. With each of the hooks coming free, Christie gasped a little bit, and when the last one came free, her grandfather lost his grip on the fabric as the bra popped open with the force of Christie’s massive breasts being freed from the too-small harness.

“Ah!” Grandpa sighed as the pendulous breasts eased down to Christie’s stomach. “Look at you!”

Christie looked down at her grandfather’s hands as they cupped her breasts, and as he gently kneaded the soft flesh she felt her nipples blossom to the fullest, and when his palm rubbed against the taut stubs her entire body quivered.

“Sensitive, aren’t they?” he asked as he rolled the stubs between his fingers before tracing the pebbled aureoles that her nipples were centered on.

The dusky punk aureoles weren’t as large as he had expected, but maybe that was due to the fact that Christie was so well endowed that they just looked smaller on her massive breasts. None of the family – not his late wife, his two daughters, or the other 3 granddaughters he had broken in, were anywhere near as busty as Christie, and although Richard Thomas had never considered himself a breast man, the more he fondled Christie’s jugs the more he was liking them.

“This feels good to you, doesn’t it Pumpkin?” he asked. “It’s okay to admit it. You like what I’m doing, don’t you?”

“Yes,” Christie said, and the way the three letter word came out of her voice in multiple syllables gave away her feelings.

“Put you hands behind your head for me, honey.”

“Huh? Like this?”

“Just like that,” Grandpa sighed, and as his granddaughter linked her hands behind her head her breasts raised up slightly.

With her fleshy arms raised, her grandfather looked at the deep pockets of her armpits, and was pleased to see that they were shaved, unlike her rebellious mother’s were at Christie’s age. Surveying the way the five o’clock shadow filled the spacious caverns, he suspected that they would have been quite the sight had they been left unshorn.

After letting the backs of his hands slide along her moist underarms, releasing the aroma of pheromones and Teen Spirit deodorant, his hand continued down her sides until they came to the elastic of her panties.

Slowly, he eased the undies down off of her full hips. As they came down his eyes watched Christie’s lush bush exposed, and without the cotton the aroma was even more intense. The hair was so dense that he couldn’t make out her opening visually, although the dark brown pelt was much darker where it he would find it.

After her grandfather slipped the panties down her full but surprisingly shapely legs, Christie stepped out of them and stoof naked before him.

“Oh my – they’re positively dripping,” Richard Thomas sighed as he held the damp cotton up to his face and inhaled the pungent aroma. “I know you’re excited honey, but I want to hear it from your lips. Tell Grandpa how excited you are.”

“Scared Grandpa. I’m scared.”

“I know, but you’re excited too aren’t you? You’re a virgin, aren’t you Pumpkin?”


“That’s wonderful. You’re so beautiful that it doesn’t seem possible.”

“I’m not beautiful. I’m fat.”

“Plump. Not fat, and you are beautiful. You’re a woman chronologically, but up until now you’ve been a child. That will change tonight. And Grandpa thinks you are beautiful. Look and see how I feel.”

With that Richard Thomas rose from his perch on the bed, and as he did his erection brushed against Christie as he towered over her.

“Omigod,” Christie mumbled when she looked down at what had poked into her, and there was nothing she had experienced – certainly not playing in the woods with Jimmy Barnes – that prepared her for the sight of her grandfather’s throbbing erection waving in front of him like a billy club, inches away from her stomach.

“It’s all for you honey,” Grandpa was saying as his hands went on Christie’s pulp shoulders, easing her down to her knees, and then his over-sized phallus was right in Christie’s face.

“You know what Grandpa wants, don’t you Pumpkin?”

“I can’t,” she protested while her veiny, muscular organ waited patiently, bobbing slightly, with the pink tip of the glans peeking out from underneath the shroud of his beige foreskin.

“You can and you will, my precious. Here.”

Christie’s hands were brought up to hold his penis by the base, and even with both hands wrapped around it more than half of Grandpa’s manhood was still exposed. This wasn’t like kneeling in front of Jimmy Barnes, with Christie taking control – nothing like that at all.

“Open your mouth, Pumpkin,” Grandpa was saying as he used one hand to retract his foreskin while the other was in Christie’s hair, bringing her face closer to him.

It was as big as a plum, the head of Grandpa’s cock, and Christie opened her mouth wide when her mouth was brought to the drooling tip of his member.

“That’s it babe. Just suck on the head of it for now. Work your hands up and down the shaft for me,” Grandpa was saying. “Beautiful. Look up at Grandpa for me.”

“I’m so proud of you,” he was saying as he ran his hands through her scalp while she looked up at him from her place between his legs. “You’re doing fine. Work your lips down a little farther. That’s it.”

Christie kept moving her lips up and down the first few inches of her grandfather’s cock, bracing herself for him to shoot his spunk in her mouth like Jimmy Barnes had done, but Grandpa had more control, and soon her jaws were aching from having her mouth stretched out so much.

“Almost time, Pumpkin,” Grandpa was saying as he reached under her arms and brought her back to her feet, and then she was on her back on the bed. “Almost time. Let Grandpa taste you and get you ready.”

Christie felt her legs being raised by the strong hands under her butt, and then she felt Grandpa’s head move between her pudgy thighs. When she felt his tongue dancing in a place where only two hands beside her own had ever been, she squealed and writhed on the bedding.

From between his granddaughter’s thighs, Richard Thomas looked up through the pubic jungle at Christie squirming around, those huge breasts rolling from side to side as she wiggled up the bed.

She was a live-wire, that much was certain, and as he lapped greedily at her pussy, with his cheeks buffeted by the dense bush they were buried in, he sensed Christie was on the verge of cumming.

When she came, she was bucking so hard that he had to hold on to her hips to keep her on the bed as she came, convulsing wildly under his tongue, and when she stopped squirming and squealing, he raised himself up onto his knees.

“It’s time, Pumpkin,” Grandpa was saying to Christie, whose body was drenched with sweat and her face as red as a beet, looking like a deer in the headlights as she struggled to comprehend what was happening. “Time to become a woman.”

“Please,” Christie pleaded, wanting to slow this all down while the room spun around on her.

Her eyes darted around the room; to her school books – the posters of Justin Bieber and Twilight

– and her cross hanging over the end of her make-up mirror – but then blocking the view was Grandpa towering in front of her, with a wild look in his eyes at he brought the head of his monstrous organ along the drenched lips of her sex.

“Omigod!” Christie cried as her grandfather put the head of his cock inside of her, not yet penetrating her but instead just rubbing her clit with his glans.

“Feels nice, doesn’t it babe? Just relax for Grandpa.”

Christie looked like her mother had when she gave birth to her daughter, her face strained as she held her legs open by clutching the backs of her thighs, and after a moment she felt the pain.

“It’s okay – it’s okay,” Grandpa was saying as he pushed his cock into what felt like a wall, and then suddenly the wall was gone, and as he popped inside his granddaughter she let out a scream that made him glad she lived in a neighborhood where the houses were spread out.

“That’s my girl,” Grandpa was saying as his cock squeezed farther and farther into her pussy, and then he was retracting before sliding in and out as gently as he could.

Tight beyond words, and the sloppy sounds that went along with his thrusting helped to drown out the sobs of his granddaughter. The sobs soon got softer and then stopped, and soon Christie was coming again. Unable to hold back any longer, Grandpa came along with Christie, filling her womb with his seed until he was drained.

“I’m so proud of you, Pumpkin,” Grandpa was saying as he leaned over Christie and planted a kiss on her flushed forehead. “You okay?”

Christie nodded, and let out a startled cry when her grandfather’s deflating cock slid out of her pussy.

“You were so good – so good for Grandpa,” he sighed as he rolled onto the bedding next to Christie and cuddled with her while she caught her breath and hugged him back.

They rested for a while, and then Christie told her grandfather that she had to go to the bathroom.

“I’ll help you, Pumpkin,” Grandpa said as he climbed off the bed and helped his granddaughter to her feet.

“Don’t look,” Grandpa said when Christie looked back at the bedding while walking – or more accurately waddling – toward the bathroom.

“Blood of the virgin,” Christie said softly as she leaned on her grandfather on the way to the bathroom, and he chuckled at her comment while helping her.

Richard Thomas changed the bedding, and was reclining on the fresh sheets when Christie returned.

She looked the same physically, with those magnificent breasts and that luxurious bush, but she had changed. her grandfather knew it, and so did Christie.

“Might take a while,” her grandfather cautioned when Christie climbed back onto the bed and crawled between his thighs, lifting his flaccid cock and bowing her head. “Then again, maybe it won’t.”


“So I’ll see you next weekend, Pumpkin?” her grandfather said as he kissed his sleepy granddaughter goodbye.

“Yes. I love you so much Grandpa.”

“I love you too Christie. Sleep tight.”

Richard Thomas paused at the door before leaving, looking back at his cherubic granddaughter before closing the door gently and leaving.

“No fun being 66,” he muttered, his bones and joints protesting while going down the stairs to his car.

He had only cum 3 times, which was another sign of his aging. Might have to go on Viagra soon, he mused, because Christie was giving every sign of being the insatiable type.

The change that took place over the course of the evening was stunning. Once he taken taken her, it was as if something was unleashed inside of Christie. The third time she had acted almost feral, riding him like a deranged Annie Oakley, bouncing on his cock with her big tits flying all over the place while implaing herself.

“Viagra next week,” Richard Thomas said to himself as he pulled out of his daughter’s driveway, wanting to make sure he would be hard enough to break through the final chaste place.




“Yes baby,” Toni Platte said as she turned the lamp on at the lowest setting and sat next to her daughter on the bed. “Sorry to wake you up.”

“Something wrong?”

“No honey,” Mom said. “I was just so excited I couldn’t wait until morning.”

“About what?”

“I saw the sheets in the hamper.”


“My Dad was here, wasn’t he?” she asked, and Christie nodded.

“All night – I couldn’t think of anything else. Through the concert – dinner.”

“You knew?” Christie said.

“Yes baby, and I’m so jealous.”

“You are?”

“Tell me – please tell me. How was it? Was it good for you?”

“Omigod yes,” Christie said, leaning up on her elbow, and her mother noticed that the usually very modest Christie was standing there with her breasts fully exposed. “It was amazing.”

“I’m so happy for you,” her mother gushed, and they hugged, both women crying for a while before getting themselves together.

“How many times?”

“Three,” Christie gushed.

“Wow! You must be sore.”

“Yeah, but after a while I didn’t care. It was like I couldn’t get enough.”

“I remember.”

“Grandpa sort of said that you and him…”

“Yes, although I wasn’t a virgin when he took me. I wish I had been. I don’t even remember the guys who came before him. That’s how good he was. Tell me, did he take you – you know – anally?”

“No. He said next time. Grandpa wants me to come over to his house and spend next weekend if him, if it’s okay with you guys.”

“Of course it is.”

“Do you and Grandpa still – you know?” Christie asked.

“No. Once you get married that’s the end. Dad’s strict about that. You’re the last one. Your Aunt Nancy’s girls are all grown and married.”

“You mean Grandpa did Lori, Kim and Barbara too? And Aunt Nancy?” Christie asked, and her mother nodded.

“So I suggest that you enjoy it while you can,” Mom said. “I know I did, because to tell you the truth, you’ll never get a better lover. At least that’s the way I feel – I think that’s the way we all feel. He’s hung like a stallion and what’s best him, he knows how to use it.”

“I wish he was here right now,” Christie said.

“Heck, if he was here I’m so horny that he would have to fight me off too,” Mom said. “Uh – did you take a shower?”

“No, after the last time I was too exhausted. Probably should though,” Christie said. “I’m full of Grandpa.”

“Wait,” her mother said. “I – Uh – don’t think I’m weird or anything, but would you mind if I sort of shared your experience – vicariously?”

“What do you mean?’ Christie asked.

“You’ll see.”

With that Toni Platte moved down to the end of the bed and climbed between her daughter’s legs. Stuck on the matted pubic hair that surrounded her daughter’s cunt were wads of dried semen, and as Christie’s mother parted her plump thighs she buried her face in her daughter’s sex, trying desperately to taste the seed that her father had filled the womb with.

“Omigod Mom!” Christie gasped, grabbing her mother by the hair, but she wasn’t pulling her away, but drawing her closer. “Yeah! Suck my pussy. Suck Grandpa’s cum out of me!”


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