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Young Studs for Carol Ch. 03

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Still spent, Scott was gazing in amazement at the scene in front of him.

John was laying on the bed and mom was locked in his embrace.

After being thoroughly fucked, the unconscious Carol was resting in the arms of the big stud, who loved cradling in his massive arms the mature, hot milf. Her small size fitted perfectly in his large frame, like a little baby fondled by an adult.

John’s lips were gently kissing the beautiful face of his naked asleep lover, while his huge hands caressed the jutting curves of her breasts and ass.

He had screwed the mature lady like his cock was the piston of a well oiled engine and he had made her squeal and scream like he had never heard in his life. He had extended her multiple orgasms to the highest possible level, before filling up her whole sex box, down to her womb, with a torrent of powerful floods, and yet his hunger for this female prey was not satiated.

The naked victim, totally displayed to his lewd gaze and totally available to his ravenous hands, mouth and cock, was the most delectable object of pleasure he would have ever figured in his perverted mind, before meeting with her.

A middle aged babe, mother and wife, captured in her own house in front of her family; her small, clean and luscious body to die for; her full, heavy breasts, her tight, round buns, her perfectly shaved little pussy, hiding a very sensitive pearl, her white, tender flesh, her soft, unblemished skin: all of her body claimed to be used and abused forever.

When Carol opened her eyes, getting out of her torpor, John stood up in all his gigantic size, gathering her up, like a little baby.

He had easily lifted her up in the air, supporting her boby, in horizontal position, with the strength of his huge arms.

Then his mouth started kissing and licking her smooth skin, back and forth, from the swollen breasts to the pink folds of her still gaping cunt.

The woman didn’t struggle; she giggled happily, clearly pleasured by his gentle tonguing, after the wild fucking from his monster cock.

She accepted to be rocked in his embrace and when he rolled her body around and applied his lips to the little mole, on the left side of her chest, tickling it with expert flicks of his oral member, she let out soft, girlish like moans.

“You love it, don’t you, little one?” he whispered in her ear.

“Ohhhh. . . John, you are so big! I really feel like a child, when you carry me!” she exclaimed.

“And you get me so hot, Carol!” he smiled. “Your little body is nearly driving me crazy, when I have you in my hands! You love to have sex with me, don’t you, babe?”

“Ohhhhhh. . . yeeesssss. . . you give me the most incredible sex I’ve ever had, you big stud! Nobody. . . nobody like you. . .”

“I can fuck you down to your womb, baby! Nobody, before me, had been so deep inside you!” And his words were followed by a sharp love bite on her left tit, that made her shriek.

Then the big stud, uncaring of her yells, moved her effortlessly, still keeping her firmly in his arms, till her body was turned around and her back faced his mouth.

His right hand was circling her thighs, while the other one was cupping one meaty breast, holding up her torso.

The white, round, upturned buns were displayed to him, like an appetizing food. He gazed at them and again he pulled out his tongue.

Carol gasped, as she felt his lips; they were running up and down, alternately, along the crack of her magnificent butt. He licked her puckered anus over and over, probing and sucking the little hole, biting the smooth skin of the twin cheeks, pushing his nose as far up her anal ring as to smell her inner juices.

“Ohhhhhh. . .” she pleasantly cooed. “You dirty boy. . . you dirty bastard!”

“Damn. . . how good you taste, little one!” he exclaimed, with excitement, looking at her buttocks. “You make me horny!!”

From her position, the woman could see the huge and fully erect cock swinging from side to side, under her suspended body, while the young stud was carrying her again to bed.

With a grin of lust and delight on his face, he sat on the edge and, rolling Carol in his arms, he made her stand up.

Now she was facing him: her small feet were planted on his hairy thighs and her small hands were wrapped around his neck. His hands circled her tiny waist, taking her in place.

From the bed’s corner Scott was ogling at the two lovers, who were starting a new fuck session.

“Shit, dude, this babe is a hot piece! If I had a mommy like this in the house, I’d put her in bed and fuck the old chick all day long!” John exclaimed. “Watch these jugs! Watch these nipples! Hard like rocks! Fuck, I love them, I have to taste them! I have to give a fucking lesson to this old wife with these juicy melons!”

“Ohhhhhh. . . gooodddd. . . you want to fuck me again, big man?” she asked. “You are never tired. . . you are so. . . strong. . . ahhhhhhhh. . . ”

She didn’t continue: the giant had lifted her above his shoulders with the only help of his strong hands and now he was looking up at the small woman, grinning lewdly, while her legs were freely dangling.

“Never tired, baby! Never tired of your pussy toy, Mistress Blum! Look down at this tool, lady! Is it big enough for you?”

“Yes. . . yes. . . it’s the biggest. . . cock. . . of my life,” she gasped.

“Spread your legs, little one!” he ordered. “Yes, yes. . . like that. . . good girl. . . you’re a good little girl, Carol!”

Now her legs were going to give access to the gigantic dick; her cunt, still wet and gaped open from the recent fucking, was ready to accept again in the inner cavern the invasion of the long thick shaft.

“Watch, boy, watch your mom!” John enjoyed to show his great performance to the speachless Scott. “Watch the way I’m impaling the bimbo on my sixteen inches!”

His cock head was scraping her pussy lips and clit; the mature lady was giggling like a schoolgirl, as the young stud was making her jiggle like a rag doll, suspended in the air by his hands.

Then, in a sudden motion, he made her body sliding down, along the massive pole, up to the hilt.

“Aaaaahhhhhhh. . . myyyyy!” she yelled: her uterus had been again invaded by his incredible manhood.

“In your womb, slut. . . I’m in your fucking womb!” and after putting his hands around the cheeks of her face, he bent down, to french kiss her, with his tongue deep in her oral cavity.

Her legs were laying on the bed, on either side of his hips. He made her bounce up and down on him a few times, enjoying the loud screams she was letting out.

“Ohhhhhh. . . please. . . please. . . soooo. . . big. . . ohhhhhhhh!!”

“It’s too much, baby?” he asked. “Okay, little chick! Don’t cry; daddy’s giving you a rest, now. Daddy loves his little child!”

And, tightening the grip on her waist, he lifted her completely off his long shaft, making her dangle, like a rag doll, in front of him. Her huge tits swayed and rolled: two inflated balloons, decorated by a pair of delicious hard nubs, surrounded by the wrinkled skin of the rosy areolas.

“Watch your mommy, Scott, watch her leaking pussy,” he said to her son. The monster cock had stretched her pussy to its maximum: her labia were gaping open, her clit was erect like a little finger, her entire crotch a wet expanse. He glued his lips to her cunt and started eating out, twirling his tongue inside the love channel, tasting her most intimate juices.

“Ohhhhh. . . suck me, big man, suck my clit. . . please. . . ” she moaned.

“Beg me, child!!” he shouted, after raising his head from her twat.

“Yes. . . yes. . . I beg you, please, suck me. . . please!” she implored.

“Who’s your daddy, Mistress Blum?” he insisted.

“You, big boy. . . you. . . you’re my daddy. . . my master!”

“And who’s my child, Mistress Blum?”

“I. . . I’m your child, daddy,” she cried insanely. “You made me your child, daddy, your little slave. . . lick my clit, daddy, lick it now . . . please!”

John had mercy of her. His tongue found her clit and flicked it, then he pulled the succulent bud with his teeth and hungrily suckled it.

“Ohhhhhh. . . god,” she squealed mindlessly, as he continued to work on her sensitive nub. It quivered in his mouth, as the intensity of her pleasure was driving her crazy.

She moaned and cried. “Ohhhhh. . . I can’t stand it, daddy, you make me mad!”

His lips were devastating her clit. The mature woman writhed, bucked and jerked, totally pleasured by the torment he was giving her.

A gush of juice flew out of her cunt and ran along her thigh.

“You have had enough, child! Time for cock, now! Come to daddy, baby!” John exclaimed. And, with a single thrust, he pulled her down, to fully impale again the poor lady on his dong.

The long dick was so firmly planted in her insides, that he was able to remove his hands from her waist and put them back, around his neck, while Carol continued to remain easily seated on his cock, without falling from her position.

John was loudly laughing. “Who gave you this treat, baby? The boyfriends who cuckolded your sissy husband?”

“Nooooo. . . nobody. . . nobody. . . ohhhhh. . . your cock. . . your big cock is all in my pussy. . . again. . . it’s like a tree. . . ahhhhh!” she was crying. “Watch me, Scott. . . watch your mom. . . he’s fucking me. . . watch your slutty mom!”

And finally Scott spoke: “Do it, mom, do it, it’s all right, mom. . . take it, take it all. . . I love you, mom, I love seeing you fucked by this monster!” The boy was crazily excited by the erotic scene of the fucking couple: her small, naked mom and the young gigantic stud.

“Pull your nipples, whore,” John shouted. “Let me see your fucking tits all stretched, when I’m doing your married pussy!”

The petite housewife was totally submitted to her big captor. She brought her hands to her long nipples and took the two nubs between index and thumb, pulling them so hard as though she was going to rip them off her chest.

“Go ahead, baby, don’t stop,” the guy incited her. He moved his hips up and down, alternately, bouncing the small, busty woman on his large lap, still holding her solidly screwed on his huge tool.

Carol gasped, tossing her head back, her legs wide open. “Ahhhh. . .!” she screamed throatily, like a bitch in heat, under the incessant action of the young guy, while her fingers continued to pull her own nipples in rhythm with his thrusts.

The squishing sounds from the friction of the gigantic cock against the wet flesh of her love tunnel were filling the room.

It was the most arousing erotic sight her son had ever figured, including the porno movies he had seen in the last year. And his mother was there.

“Hey, boy,” John exclaimed. “Watch mom’s belly swell up! Look how it lumps out, with all of my prick inside it! And what a nice soft pussy!”

“Ahhhh. . . ohhhh. . .!” Carol moaned in ecstasy, nearly out of her mind, her eyes bulging from her head, her fingers tormenting the peaks of her breasts.

Then he moved again his hands towards her, gripped her waist and pulled her completely out of his cock. He glued his mouth on her jutting tits, laving and biting all of them with his ravenous tongue and teeth; he made her sigh and shudder in pleasure, while her toes scraped the head of his huge member.

John was handling the mature woman like she was no more than a toy, a little plaything to enjoy in any way he could imagine. The presence of her son, who watched in amazement, without caring to disguise his arousal, added more lust to the action.

For at least fifteen minutes his strong hands, without pause, lifted and dropped alternately his luscious prey, calling her all the dirty names under the sun and making her scream like a woman possessed.

“Ohhhhh. . . yes. . . fuck, fuck me. . . do my pussy. . . ohhhhh. . . you bastard. . . fill me harder. . . make me cum . . . again . . ohhhhh. . . god . . cum. . . cum!”

Carol had lost the count of how many times she had been fucked, how many times she had orgasmed, since she had met John and his buddies. These guys, and especially this gigantic stud, with a monster cock between his legs, were insatiable.

How many times had they penetrated her cunt and ass, how many times had they played with her clit, felt her supple breasts and asscheeks, fingered her holes?

She didn’t know, but one thing was sure: at age fifty-two, she had been captured, in her own house, by a group of fugitive convicts, who had transformed her luscious body in their object of pleasure. Fully naked all the time, in front of them, in the last twenty-four hours she had become nothing more than a sex toy, a little plaything for these big studs.

And, to add more lust, they had her horny son involved in their naughty games.

Her first resistance had been easily and briefly overwhelmed, giving up to her sensual nature: she loved being handled by all of them like a little baby, she loved their kisses and caresses, she loved those huge, devastating cocks. Now, firmly held in John’s arms, she loved being bounced like a doll in his lap, fully impaled on his long shaft.

“Ohhhhh. . . daddy. . . daddy. . . ahhhhhhhh. . .!!!” Her shameless screams of extreme rapture filled the room.

“Yes, baby, yes. . . cum for your daddy. . . squirt your honey. . . squirt on my cock. . .!” he encouraged the mad woman.

“Cum. . . cum. . . again. . . again. . .” she cried loudly, as she turned her lustful gaze up to his face and her fingers desperately grasped his hairy chest and roughly twisted his dark nipples.

A final flood of juice flew out of her twat, coating the monster dick. Then Carol collapsed on his torso, her body covered in sweat, his tool still buried in her twat.

“I’m done,” she said, in a feeble voice.

“Have I finished you off, child?” John asked, in a proud tone.

“Yes, daddy. . . yes. . . nothing more,” she implored. “Nothing more. . . ohhhhhhh. . . please, come out of me. . . please, daddy!!”

“Okay, little one, don’t cry,” he mocked her; and, in a single jerk, he pulled her body up, getting himself out of her pussy, with a drenched squishy sound.

“Aaaaahhhhhhh. . . ” she groaned in discomfort.

For one long minute he held his female trophy high in the air, above his head, with his large hands clasped around her waist, enjoying the sight of an aged, busty lady he had just dominated with a wild fucking into her cunt; streams of pussy fluids were still leaking from her crotch, leaving a trail down her fleshy inner thighs.

He made her body swing back and forth, her legs dangling like she was a marionette, her swollen boobs erotically bouncing and wobbling around.

He looked up, mesmerized by the view of her nicely shaped tits, capped by her puckered, prominent nipples and her rosy areolas. He was in heaven. He was close to cum.

“Please. . . please, daddy. . . put me down!!” she pleaded.

“You want it, pet? Beg me, child, beg your daddy!” he insisted, giving her another twist. The sounds from her oscillating and slapping titflesh were so exciting.

“I beg you, daddy. . . please. . . put me. . . ohhhhhhhhh. . .!!” John had lowered her just to make the head of his long, hard dong scraping the twin pearls of her nipples.

Carol giggled.

Her tits, the same tits that had caused a lot of men drooling on them, during her pool parties, when she used to tease the male guests long enough to make them crazy, before offering the treasures of her body just to her preferred boyfriend, were now permanently exposed, in all their nakedness, to a group of escaped convicts.

She was no more in control. On the contrary! These brutal guys had invaded the house and captured her; she had become a succulent prey for all of them; the rich, dominant wife and mother had been turned into a sex slave, to be played by some young, well endowed studs: anywhere, anytime and anyhow.

She was no more than a human toy; and John, the big giant of the company, who had just fucked her, ravaging her small pussy with his monster tool, in front of her son, was well determined to abuse her body and fulfil any kind of perversion.

After having positioned her in his arms, he had pulled one of her jutting buds inside his mouth, swirling and rolling it between his lips; and Carol, her head thrown back and her eyes closed, was incessantly moaning, clearly pleasured.

“Did you see, boy, how to handle a little sexy number like this hot mom of yours?” the big stud asked her son, while his cock head was again playing with her pinkish nipples. “Do you want to see more? Watch carefully, dude, because I’m ready to explode and this little thing asks just to be filled up with sperm!”

“Yes, John, yes! She loves your cock” the excited Scott exclaimed.

“Okay, kid, watch and learn!!” he exclaimed.

“You love my dick, don’t you?” he asked her. “Tell your son what my dick is doing!”

“Ohhhhhh. . . dirty bastard. . .”

But John didn’t let her continue. “Tell your son, bitch! Tell him what I’m doing, or I’ll tie you up and put you all naked on the road, for the first starved trucker in the night!!”

“Nooooo. . . please. . . nooooo. . .” she cried. It was impossible to disobey his orders. “Okay, daddy. . . okay. . . don’t beat me. . . please. . . please, daddy,” she screamed. And to Scott: “Watch, honey. . . he plays with my tits . . . watch the big cock. . .watch my tits. . . ohhhhhhhh. . . again. . . again!!”

The long shaft was sliding along her cleavage; it was caressing the soft skin between the two fleshy hills. Then the engorged tip thrust onto her chin and John felt his semen boiling in his gigantic balls: an eruption, ready to explode.

He loved, of course, to bed and deflower the young teen pussies. But how much better was this older chick! How much better was to dominate a married housewife! Her luscious body, the velvet texture of her flawless skin! This babe asked just to be manipulated and tasted by him! She was so soft, so round, so submissive! Her ivory white breasts, adorned by two incredibly elongated nubs, dangled on her chest like a pair of ripe, juicy melons: the big stud gazed at them with lust.

He manoeuvred the woman on the bed, making her kneel down, beside him, with her face resting on his dick. Her jugs were gently wobbling against his lap, sending erotic waves of excitement through his body. He couldn’t help to reach out and close entirely in his huge hand one bouncing globe, caressing its smoothness and feeling its softness.

“Ohhhhhh. . . please. . . please. . . don’t hurt my tit. . . you’re so big!!” Her voice was trembling, but he didn’t care.

“Take the tip in your mouth, bitch!” he ordered, and his free hand firmly pushed her head against the upper end of his colossal shaft.

“Mmmmmmmmm. . . ” Carol moaned, quite choking. She opened her lips, but his girth was too large for her to fit the monster inside her mouth.

“Spread your fucking lips, whore! Don’t make me upset, or I’m going to squeeze this sweet boob of yours like a lemon squash!!” and his fingers increased the grip around the captured breast.

These words scared the mature housewife. She tried to close her tiny palm around the gigantic shaft, but there was no way: it was too thick and the woman had to use both hands. With all her fingers wrapped around the beefy stalk, she started to pull it towards her pouting lips, while the pressure of John’s strong hand on the back of her head helped her into the prone position.

When, finally, she barely fit the head of the monster inside her oral cavity, her lips were all sore for the wide extension of her mouth: she had no chance to gulp in her throat all these inches of hard meat, without suffering a permanent damage.

John well understood that the small woman had reached her physical limits; and he didn’t want to destroy his beautiful toy, the lovely wife’s body. He had in mind so many delightful games, still to be played with her!

“Use your tongue, baby!” he spoke softly, while holding her head in one hand and her whole tit in the other one. “Lick. . . lick. . . yes, baby. . . you’re a good girl. . . aaaahhhhhhhh!!”

Carol had twirled her small oral member over the gigantic bulb, going around the swollen surface and covering it with her saliva: a series of gentle wet caresses that were driving him absolutely crazy.

“Oh fuck. . . oh fuck. . . you fucking babe. . . lick, baby, lick. . . oh shit!” he grunted; he could feel the manjuice surging from his balls.

Carol knew exactly what was starting to happen: so many guys, in the past, had been put over the edge by her beautiful lips. Now it was the turn of this stud, whose hormones had reached the point of explosion: just in her mouth, just in front of her loved son.

“Feeding time, little pet, take it all!” he exclaimed, when the first powerful stream came out of his seeding channel and invaded her cavity, hitting her tonsils.

Her immediate reaction was to remove her lips from the pulsating knob, but his strong hand was firmly pressed against the back of her head and she was forced over the cock.

“I feed you, child!” he shouted. “Gulp it down, baby. . . all. . . all of it!!”

Carol had already tasted the male semen, in her sexual adventures; just one week ago she had played a brief intercourse with her gym instructor: an athletic handsome guy, fifteen years younger, to whom she had given an intense blowjob before getting fucked by him in the cunt. She had gulped some of the cum he had delivered her, and she had been pleasured, but it was nothing, compared to the load of sperm this gigantic stud was able to produce.

She had to swallow, fast and faster, or she would have been drowned.

“Suck, little one. . suck and put it all in your stomach!” he yelled. “Daddy’s feeding you and you love it!”

The erotic scene was too much for Scott: a beautiful mature woman dominated by a younger guy and verbally abused by him, while the huge dick fed her with an unending river of cream. This beauty was his own mom! The slurping sounds that filled the room were coming from his mother, from her sweet mouth, strictly wrapped around the plump cock head of her big lover!

“Don’t stop, baby!” John urged, when he blasted a second jet of cum into her. “Eat my food, you hungry wife!!”

Carol’s cheeks were swollen from his load, but no ounce of it leaked from her lips: she was swallowing everything.

“Look, friend,” he said to the horny boy “I’m shooting more than one quart of my jizz and the bimbo, here, is drinking all!”

Stream after stream, he was emptying his nuts into her mouth.

Now Carol didn’t need to be forced; she was able to remain in position by herself. Her lips were firmly tightened around the pulsating tip, her tongue didn’t stop laving the spurting hole, her little fingers were stroking and caressing the long shaft and the heavy balls. She loved the oral sex her super hung stud was giving her, she loved the taste of these thick shots of cum he was pumping down to her throat and stomach.

John was aware of it; he released the grip around her head and moved the hand to her chest: both her tits were engulfed in his large palms, while his tool continued to ejaculate relentlessly.

When his cum finished, he looked with pride at his lovely fifty-two years old prey, whose lips were still wrapped around his big knob. Again he had submitted the older woman, all naked like a newborn in her bed, to his desires. The woman was his toy, his fuck-doll; he owned her.

“Did you like it, baby?” he asked, removing his dick; a sloshing sound came from her mouth: the mixture of her saliva with his last deposited juice.

Carol was unable to speak: she simply gazed up at him.

“Did you see?” he told Scott. “Mommy was hungry and big daddy fed her!” And he bursted out with a deep, resounding, sarcastic laugh.

The young boy couldn’t take his eyes from John’s hands: this hunk of a man, not yet satisfied of the great fucking he had given her, was caressing and rolling mom’s beautiful tits, squeezing and mauling the fleshy orbs, like they were his playthings. And mom, knelt on the bed, facing his lap, let him manipulate her body, as though it was the most natural thing in the world.

“You love my cum, don’t you?” John asked. He wanted to show Scott how much he was in charge of his mother.

“Yes, yes,” she replied shamelessly. “I love your cum, daddy!”

“You’re totally mine, now!” he exclaimed, pinching and twisting one nipple with his fingers.

She let out a sharp gasp: “Ohhhhhhhhh. . . please. . .don’t. . .”

“You’re mine, little wife!” he insisted. “Is your husband filling you up like this?”

“Ohhhhhh. . . nooooo. . . never. . . never!!” she was crying.

“And your boyfriends?” his fingers continued to provoke her pink bud.

“Nooooo. . . never. . . not like you. . . never!!”

“Did you see, pet?” John had no mercy for the woman. “You fed your childrens, when you were young, and now your master is feeding you. Yesterday your boobs, today my cock!!”

He was debasing her in every way; he was using her submitted body to live out all his perverted fantasies.

“You love my cum, don’t you, pet?” he asked again.

“Yes. . . yes. . . so much. . . so much. . .”

“I fed you, little one! I emptied my balls and filled up your stomach!” he laughed. “And you love being fed by your big daddy, don’t you, little lady? Because you drank everything, you little whore!!”

“Yes. . . yes, daddy, thank you!!” she was loosing any control of herself.

“You’re mine, baby!” he exclaimed; and a quick, effortless motion of his massive arms made her sit sideways on his lap. Then her fleshy naked tits were cradled again in the palms of his hungry hands.

“For a slut like you,” he said “your pussy sure was tight! It was like fucking a virgin! Virgin at fifty-two!” and again a resonant laugh followed his words.

“Ohhhhhh. . . please, don’t make fun of me!” she was quite imploring.

“An old little virgin and her big daddy!!” he insisted. “What’s better than this?” and his ravishing mouth started licking and sucking, up and down, both her round arms, searching its way inside the inner skin of her soft armpits.

“Hahahahaha. . . stop. . . please. . . stop. . . ” she laughed and cried, throwing her head back as the relentless tickling continued.

Suddenly, a wet spurt of hot liquid hit his groin.

“Holy fuck!!” he thought. “The fucking bimbo is pissing!” and immediately his softened member grew up, hard again.

The expert action of his flicking tongue over her sensitive skin had caused an uncontrollable movement of her internal organs and functions, and her bladder had given up a spray of urine.

“Look what you did to me!” she cried; but there was no scolding in her voice. She was becoming accustomed to his nasty games; she loved, now, the way he was handling her.

“Come to daddy, baby!” he said, lifting her body in his hands, till the delicious roundness of her mammaries was within easy reach of his greedy mouth.

“Eat me!” Carol whispered: she had well understood his purpose. “Eat your baby, big daddy. . . eat my boobs. . . play with them. . . make them your toys!!”

“Yes, baby, let’s have a taste of these puppies!!” and with that he dived into her softness, with a groan of delight.

Her son was watching in amazement: his face was turned red, in a mixture of humiliation and jealousy, at the sight of the totally vanished dominant nature of his mother, who was behaving submissively to this very young stud.

John’s whole body was on fire, as the woman started manipulating his manhood. One of her stiff nipple was deeply engulfed into his jaws, together with the surrounding areola and a good portion of titflesh. Her boobs stood out so proudly on her chest and filled up so lusciously his mouth, as though they were inviting his mouth to dine on them all day long.

“I eat you, sweetie!” he exclaimed, interrupting for few seconds his aggressive mouthing

“Yes, daddy, yes. . . eat. . . eat me. . . eat your little baby. . .ohhhhhh!!”

He was literally devouring her jutting breasts, one after the other, sucking the soft meat in his large oral cavity, licking and savouring the smoothness of her tight skin, biting the protuberances of her nipples, enjoying her sweet high pitched cries of pleasure.

He feasted on her tits for at least ten minutes. When he raised his face from his succulent dish, some hickies were left at the bottom of her orbs.

“You really love my tits, you nasty bastard!” The woman was smiling at him; her hands were still caressing the long, erect shaft. “How do you dare to treat this way a lady like me? And in front of my son, in addition!”

“This is nothing, you shameless mom! Let’s have some more fun, little one!” he shouted, standing up and cradling her in his large arms, as easily as though she was weightless.

“Watch, boy!” he told Scott. “Mom loves her big daddy!”

Carol was screaming in surprise, as he started carrying her around the large room, showing her naked body to the aroused Scott.

“You’re mine, don’t you, little pussy? Tell him who is your master, baby!” he ordered.

“You, daddy, you are my master!” she replied obediently.

“And why are you acting like a slut, right in front of your son?”

“Because. . . because I’m your nasty girlfriend, big daddy!”

“You want make happy your daddy, don’t you, little child?”

“Yes daddy, yes!!” Now the woman was at his full mercy and her words were a pleasing music to his ears.

“You’re big daddy’s property, now, little bitch!!” And, still holding the mature wife up, with his strong hands, John kissed and flicked her navel, twirling his tongue all around the lovely belly button. Carol moaned and giggled, allowing herself to be swept up and played by a much younger stud, who made her feeling like a little schoolgirl. Her tiny feet kicked up in the air and she was squeaking and whining, while John continued to walk and to bounce her, playfully, in his massive arms.

“I have to piss,” she said. The long tickling from John’s lips had stimulated her bladder, and now her floodgates were starting to give up; much more than the first gush she had already produced.

“Carry me to the toilet, daddy, or I’m releasing it just now; I can’t hold anymore!” Carol gazed up at him, in a pleading voice.

“Nope, little one!!” he shouted. “You stay here, in my arms. I want to feel your own shower over my skin!”

“Nooooooo. . . I can’t. . . I can’t. . . it’s pervert. . .” She was crying, now.

“Piss yourself, slave!” John didn’t care her protests. “I’m your master, little one, don’t forget. . . I’m in charge. . . go ahead, baby. . . piss. . . piss!”

“Do it, mommy. . . please. . . do it. . .” it was Scott. The vision of his mother at the full mercy of the big stud had aroused again the sexual desire of Carol’s son, who was anxious, now, to watch another step of her debasing and abuse.

“Do it, mom,” he continued. “Nobody knows! Just you and us. You are great, mom!”

“You really want me to do it?” she asked meekly. And, without a further order, a golden stream shot out of her crotch, against John’s chest, running along his torso and legs.

“Good girl. . . ” the giant exclaimed. “Yes. . . yes. . . do it again. . . let it go!!” His tongue was feasting on her beautiful round belly, sending waves of pleasure through her entire body.

“Do you like this, daddy? And you, honey?” Carol squealed, as another spurt of pee splashed over the hairy chest of her captor.

“Damn bitch! That’s fucking hot!!” John held the woman firmly in his arms, his cock standing up, erect like a tower.

“Follow me, boy!” he told Scott, who was ogling at the couple. “The bimbo needs a good wash, and I’m carrying her to the bathroom!”

The trio got out of the room: John came first, with Carol in his arms, then Scott followed.

Hissing sounds, of unmistakable origin, were surging from the woman’s lower body. The boy looked in astonishment at the wet trail which was forming on the floor, behind the two lovers: mom was freely pissing, completely uncaring of all that mess, while the young stud carried her, gently kissing her open mouth.

Just before they reached the bathroom, the woman said, with a joyful smile: “I’m finished, boys! You wanted it and now I’m totally empty! Are you satisfied?”

“Good girl, you nasty little slut!” John lowered his head to her cunt and gave a quick licking on her wet labia. His legs were all glistening from the golden fluid, still deposited on his hairy skin.

Scott hardened, again and again; mom and her stud were showing the most erotic performances he had ever seen. Never he had figured in his mind a woman so happy, like his mother, to let herself piss all around the house, strictly embraced to her new lover.

Inside the bathroom, John went to the large tub, entered it and sat on the edge: Carol was in his lap, facing him; the big, fully hard cock was nestled between her cleavage and his belly. The mature housewife was no more than a doll he could play at his complete pleasure.

“Open the warm water, boy!” he told Scott. “I’ll hold the babe!”

Scott was naked. When the water reached the right level, he stepped into the basin and stood beside the couple of lovers, placing both hands on his mother’s shoulders.

Carol’s head was resting against John’s chest, her eyes were closed and she was lightly bouncing herself on his lap. The stud was gently caressing the silky soft flesh of her thighs.

Her son couldn’t help to lower his hands down to her flat stomach and then up, cupping from the bottom the twin, full, heavy boobs. His teeth were lightly biting her soft neck. Carol purred and moaned.

John stopped the boy.

“Wait a minute, kid!” he exclaimed. “Let me give the babe a better accommodation!” and with that his arms lifted the woman up, just to line her crotch with the head of his dick. The monster tool, threateningly erect, was scraping her love opening.

“Down to the hilt, baby!!” he shouted, letting her drop: his entire cock slid into her, without resistance, like she was made of butter.

Carol’s high squeals followed John’s sharp cry of satisfaction.

“Ohhhhhhh. . . again. . . again. . . ohhhh!!” The woman was amazed how often her insides had been screwed, in the last twenty-four hours, and how easily this gigantic cock had just penetrated her. But she didn’t complain: because she had always preferred the younger lovers and now, finally, she had at her disposal (better to say that she was at disposal of) all the youngest meat in her sexual dreams.

“Yes, little one,” he laughed. “Again in your hole! And you love it!”

“Unbelievable!” Scott thought. His petite mom had been so much “trained” during the unending sex sessions with this team of visitors, that she had become able to keep in her pussy, with no difficulty, any kind of thick long shaft; she had just engulfed in her twat, like nothing, a gigantic cock and now she was staying totally impaled in sixteen inches of solid muscle, moaning in pleasure and caressing the immense chest of her big stud, whose large fingers were enjoying the snowy white, satiny skin of her shapely, fleshy arms.

Scott looked down at her body: the two naked orbs bobbed erotically, on her sweet chest, pointing straight up, with their erect pink nipples.

From his position, the hollows of her delightful armpits were partially visible: he reached out with his feverish hands and stroked the tender hairless curves.

When his fingers touched the two wobbling mounds of titflesh, his cock started swaying, in hardness, in front of his belly.

John, from his side, had cupped her tender, round buns in his callous palms and was bouncing her weightless frame on his lap, effortlessly like she was a little plaything.

The woman yelled, still grasping his large torso with her small fingers. She was again in ecstasy.

“Ohhhhhh. . . so. . . so. . . good. . . I love it. . . oooohhhhh. . . fuck. . fuck my pussy. . . yeeeesssss!” she moaned, trapped between the two guys.

“Yes, yes, dance on my cock, Mistress Blum! Move your fucking ass, you little married slut! This is the biggest dick you have ever seen, ain’t I right, baby?” he asked.

“Yeeeeeesssss. . . you have got. . . the biggest cock I have ever seen! And so hard. . .!!”

“Bigger than your husband?”

“Bigger. . . bigger. . . four times bigger. . . never seen something like this!!”

“Bigger than your friends?” he continued to play with her body like she was a doll.

“Yeeeeessss. . . yeeeeessssss. . . bigger. . . ohhhhhh. . . you’re splitting me in two!!” she pleaded. His shaft was running up and down her intimate channel.

“Your son is horny, little one! Look at him, baby!” John was right: the manipulation of mom’s breasts, added to the sight of the great fuck the big stud was giving her, had caused another erection to Scott’s painful dick.

Standing up, Scott’s stiffened cock was lined with her breasts; he took it in his hand and rubbed the purple head against the side of her left tit, stroking the delicate spot of her little mole.

Carol gazed up at him and, as if it was the most natural thing to do, she bent over and engulfed the probing tip of his manhood in her own mouth.

He was shocked. The sensation of her moist, soft lips on his intimate skin was incredible. The woman was mewling softly, while her tongue licked the little slit at the bulbous end of his dick before descending, along the meaty bar, to the hairy base.

“Ohhhhh. . . mom. . . again. . . again. . . so soft. . . so beautiful!” he groaned.

“Okay, lady Blum,” John incited her even more. “Lick, whore, suck it, take it all, fuck the boy’s baby cock in your fucking mouth!” And his words were followed by a couple of thrusts into her vagina, which made her jolt and wiggle.

The sex starved woman had lost any restraint. Her son’s member was much smaller than John’s monster: it could be enveloped in her oral cavity and it looked so tasty!

She kissed again the shaft in its length, then wrapped her lips around the swollen knob and deep throated all the thickness.

Scott was on fire. The sight of his mom, who was bobbing her head back and forth, making the young cock slide in and out of her jaws, was intensely erotic.

Her tiny hands were closed around the meaty cylinder, helping the wild blowjob. The well endowed cock alternately disappeared in her expert mouth and danced over her lips and tongue: she was determined to give her son the most enjoyable oral sex he had ever figured.

John had raised his huge hands from her thighs, laying them on the full roundness of her pliable, big tits; his fingers caressed the soft skin, while his thumbs traced the contour of her areolas and rock hard nipples; then he started to fondle and knead the twin melons, rolling them like crazy. Scott had slipped his hands under her arms and was caressing and fingering the silk skin of her armpits. The trio was fully engaged in a torrid sex session. Their moans and cries of pleasure echoed in the confines of the bathroom.

All at once, the boy felt the beginning of his orgasm. He fucked her mouth even more vigorously than before and she tightened the grip of her lips on his penis.

She increased her suction and he sped up the pistoning of his cock.

“I’m coming, mom!” he yelled out; and his semen erupted from his balls, finding its way into her mouth, throat and stomach. For the second time in the last hour, Carol was drinking males juices, and now it was coming from her own son: he was filling her with his warm, thick seed.

“Fucking horny bitch, you eat from your son!” John’s voice resounded in her ears, while her mouth sucked the boy’s sperm. The big stud could feel the vibrations of her diminutive body, under the attack of her son’s member, through the grasp of his own ravishing hands around her mauled tits and through the rolling movement of her groin over his lap. The gigantic shaft continued to be fully imbedded in her stretched pussy.

The physical contact with the petite, busty mom, all impaled in his monster cock, while her son was ejaculating in her throat, made his insides churning again, till his fluids rushed up and a new violent stream invaded her womb.

The two guys had discharged their loads deep into the woman. At the same time.

Her son came out of her mouth and Carol collapsed, exhausted, into the large chest of the big stud, without a moan.

For five minutes, everybody was silent, in the bathroom.

Then John spoke, addressing to Scott. “Pick her up and give her a good wash! I’ll go outside, for a swim in the pool, before taking my shower. Hurry up, boy, dislodge your mom from her seat!”

Scott put his left arm around her back and slid the right one between the thighs of the two lovers; when he pulled her up, it was like to uncork a bottle of champagne.

A hot stream of juices gushed out of her cunt, while she pushed her body against her son’s, wrapping her hands around his neck.

“A new couple in Blum’s Family!” John exclaimed, standing up and watching the woman, strictly cradled in Scott’s embrace. “Clean her out, boy, and don’t forget a good spray of perfume! I want my girl’s body all scented, for the dinner!!”

And, with a grin of triumph in his eyes, he get out of the bathroom.


Author’s Note.

To be continued?

If I’ll get positive feedback and comments, some other Chapters will follow.

I hope you enjoyed my writing.

Thanks to all of you.

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