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Young Studs for Carol Ch. 02

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After Nick and Tom left the room, Scott stared for some minutes at his mom’s naked body.

The woman was breathing deeply, still passed out from the long wild fucking. Her swollen breasts were ondulating on her chest; her left arm was stretched out over her head, showing the delicious curve of one ivory-white armpit.

The boy tore off his shorts and briefs and stood naked in front of her sleepy mom: his shaft was jutting up, in all its hardness, from his hairy crotch.

He was still aroused from the vision of the torrid sex-session between his mother and the two big black guys. They had easily manhandled and used her small body in any imaginable way, to satiate their sadistic pleasure. And she had greatly enjoyed the big cocks, when they fucked and finally finished her off.

Now his mom laid unconscious on her marital bed, in a pool of male spunk, sweat and her own cum, that soaked the sheet.

Her son knelt in front of her, holding out one hand; his fingers touched her right shoulder and ran along her body. The soft skin was totally coated, from head to thighs, by a sticky substance: the gift from the two spurting dicks.

He removed her thumb from her mouth, before giving a gentle kiss to her open lips, then he laid down on the bed, beside her, and nuzzled in her tender hairless armpit, while fingering the pink protuberance of one nipple.

“Mom,” he murmured in her ear. “Mom, are you okay? I’m Scott, mom”.

His words and the touch of his hand had awakened her: she let out a soft moan and snuggled into his body.

Sliding closer, he stroked her left underarm, from shoulder to tit, where he delicately tipped the erotic spot of her little mole, which interrupted the smooth texture of her baby-like skin.

She cooed and purred.

He buried his face in her cleavage, in the white valley between the two delicious mounds, as his passion increased more and more.

Carol threw her head back, lifting up her torso to the exploring mouth of her son: she enjoyed his kisses and caresses.

Now Scott’s left hand had reached her face, feeling the softness of her lips and neck, tracing the delicate outline of her nose and chin.

The other hand was still playing with the sensuous round flesh of her splendid boobs, delightfully feasting on the displayed goodness of nipples, areolas and soft, ivory-white skin.

His mouth shifted from the tender curve of her armpit to the erect peak of one breast, hungrily licking and sucking as much as he could of motherly flesh.

She moved her hips; when her cunt touched the head of his manhood, both of them gasped.

“All in the family, huh?” a sudden voice from behind shocked them. “The sexy mommy and her sex-starved boy! What a nice picture to show to the old man!!”

When John entered the room, his intention was to have just some fun with the older lady, before giving her another good fucking: the first one, for him, after the long night of lust and the final orgy in the kitchen, where the small brunette had been, for long time, at the total mercy of four big studs. But now, watching the scene in front of him, everything was moving to a much more exciting way.

Carol and Scott heard the sound of a thump on the floor. When they turned back their heads, John’s gigantic, fully naked frame towered over them; he had discarded his pants, making them fly to the foot of the bed, and now his huge cock was growing up, harder and longer, between his hairy thighs.

“Oh my god. . . John!!” the woman exclaimed, istinctively covering her sex with her tiny hand, while her son loosened his grasp on her breast.

“Nice to see you again, little mama! Master is back, with his big tool, to pleasure again the old chick!” he said, with a sarcastic tone in his voice. And to the astonished boy: “Mom is a tasty mouthful, huh!” he said, loudly laughing. “Don’t stop, kid! Continue to play mom’s sweet tits! Give these boobs a good workout. I’ll take care of her crotch! And then yours!”

After these words, the big stud climbed on the bed, kneeling in front of the incestuous couple. He grabbed Carol’s legs and spread them; then he pulled off her hand, fully exposing to his gaze the rosy, bald area of her cunt-lips and clit.

Scott was motionless, still incredulous of what was happening around him. John encouraged the boy: “Go ahead, dude, feel mom’s boobs! Mouth’em! Take your dessert!” till Scott reached out with his hand and gently cupped Carol’s left tit, before bending himself over the laid woman and closing his lips around her second nipple.

Carol gasped and arched her back towards her son.

His hand ran over the silk-soft skin, enjoying the stiffened peak against his palm, while his teeth tugged the other nipple, causing the breast to stretch out of its shape.

“Ohhhh. . . ohhhh. . .yeeesss. . . bite it!!” she whispered, softly moaning.

Then, suddenly, she squirmed: a second mouth had attacked her pussy.

It was John, who had plunged his lips onto her pubic mound, leaving a trail of soft kisses on her genital area, while the woman started squealing.

“Go ahead, Scott! Work on her boobs: I’m serving her cunt!” the giant ordered, raising his head from Carol’s crotch, after a long licking and teasing. “The bimbo, here, loves my tongue!”

“You love my tongue, lady Blum, don’t you?” he asked her; and, without waiting her reply, he continued: “Let’s play with your mini cock, sweetie. Let’s pick it out of its hood!”

His hand reached down, to her labia, and rolled the sensitive bud between his thumb and the tip of his index finger.

Carol couldn’t help crying.

“Goooooddd!!!!Arghhhhhh!!! Oohhhhh!!! Stop. . . please. Stooop!”

But he didn’t stop. He had her. The older lady was again in his hands, at his complete mercy; and he knew very well that she was available for any kind of depravity he wished.

“Go ahead, boy, don’t stop eating and rubbing her tits! Mom is mine, now! She loves my treat. She’s ready for anything!” John shouted. “And you too are mine, dude!”

Then the big stud held out his hand and wrapped his fingers around Scott’s young and well sized cock.

One hand on mom’s cunt, one hand on son’s dick: the family was surrending to his libidinous desire and he was strongly determined to take the opportunity: both of them, Carol and Scott, had to be dominated; both of them were his puppets; both of them were ready to be used and abused.

Still pulling her love button with two fingers, John lowered his head to her twat, kissing and tasting the hairless slit.

The woman squirmed, her toes curling, her tiny hands flailing, like they were searching for something to grab.

At the same time, his grip around her son’s dick tightened, rubbing the now fully erect shaft, back and forth mercilessly, till the boy started moaning, his body twisting and jerking, in response to the touch of the huge palm: John’s hand was clearly pleasuring Scott’s love muscle.

“Mom is your toy, kid!” the giant encouraged his male victim. “Hold on her tits, squeeze them, mouth’em. You like mom’s flesh, don’t you? You have it, now! It’s yours, all yours!!”

These words, together with the firm, continuous massage of his dick, while his hand and mouth were in strict contact with the silky-soft skin of his mother’s chest, were driving the poor boy over the edge.

His right hand grabbed one fleshy orb and squished it against his cheek, while his eager tongue lapped and sucked furiously at the other tit, covering the tender skin, the rosy areola and the pink nipple with gobs of saliva.

“Mmmmmmmm. . .” he groaned, unable to control the movements of his lower body, under the increasing pressure from John’s gigantig fist.

“Ohhhhhh. . . goooodddddd!!” the woman loudly cried, overwhelmed by the sensation she was feeling.

The rich and respectable queen of Blum’s house had been transformed by her young captor, in less than twenty-four hours, in a slutty bitch, taken in turn by a group of horny guys, who played with her in any imaginable way, fucking all of her holes. The mature woman was just a toy, for them: a living doll, a little pet, ready for any kind of manipulation. And now John, the giant stud who loved playing the role of her “big daddy”, while she had become his “little child”, had bedded her and son in her marital bed, well determined to fulfil, again and again, his libidinous desire of her small, luscious body.

The big man had lifted both her legs over his shoulders; he was rubbing his hand over the cunt area, caressing the tiny, sensitive protuberance and alternately fingering the crack of her vagina and bum. She felt her pussy-lips gaping and her clit stiffening, under his assault; then she felt a darting tongue flicking and wetting her anus.

Another mouth and another hand (these ones from her son) were mauling and devouring her succulent titflesh.

The two guys were manipulating Carol’s body, as though she was a plaything.

John was in full control of the incestuous couple.

The woman was letting out muffled moans, clearly enjoying the erotic caresses on her sensitive holes; the boy was squirming and deeply breathing, pleasured by the fleshy curves of his mother’s body and by the jerking off on his member.

Now Scott’s hands were cupping mom’s tits, fondling them, playing with the two areolas, pinching and pulling her nipples, getting them harder and longer.

Then he bent downwards and their mouths melted together in a passionate kiss, whilst his hands continued to take possession of her magnificent breasts.

When they broke the kiss, his tongue ran along her body, tracing a wet path from her neck to her cleavage.

The round boobs were changing shape, under the constant attention of his grasping fingers. He removed his own hand from the left tit and replaced it with his lips.

He licked, bit and sucked the nipple like a newborn; he lapped all of the rounded, soft surface of her mound, enjoying the savor of her springy breast; he was delighted by the smooth and unblemished texture of her skin and mammary flesh.

“Lick the tits, dude, suck’em, toy with mom!” John shouted; his left hand was still wrapped around Scott’s captured cock, sliding up and down the hard shaft, enjoying the possession of this young piece of meat he was vigorously manipulating, knowing that it wouldn’t take much to send the boy over the top.

At the same time his right hand was working on the moistened flesh between Carol’s thighs; the woman’s body quivered, when he rolled her clit between his fingers.

“Oohhh. . . please. . . enough. . . enough. . .ohhhh. .” she couldn’t take anymore of it; her eyes were rolling back, her little toes curling.

His lips moved from her upturned ass, landing on her silky, bald pussy. He pushed his face towards her cunt and his tongue opened its way through the pink folds of her slit, down inside the love tunnel.

“Ahhhhhh. . . ” she arched her back, gripping tightly on the mattress.

He let his tongue explore the channel, as he felt her tormented body tremble and shake under his assault; girlish moans of pleasure escaped her mouth: she was starting to erupt in another orgasm.

His lips savored Carol’s flesh; sweet juices were gushing from her insides, while her little nub was throbbing, hard and elongated like a miniature penis.

“Ohhhhhh. . . goooodddddd. . . please. . .” she cried.

“Please what, baby?” he mocked. “You want more, don’t you? Okay, child, you got it!” and, still playing the clit between thumb and index, he easily slipped his middle finger into her pussy, causing a river of sex cream out of her labia.

“You like it, don’t you? Let me check more of you, little whore!” and his finger slid deeper inside her, till he could feel the ring of her cervix.

“Ahhhhhh. . . enough. . . you touch my. . . cervix. . .!” she yelled, twisting her hips.

“More, baby, more!” he exclaimed, pushing the tip of his thick, extremely long finger against the hard crown and then, finally, thrusting it inside her womb.

“Feel it, little pussy?” his finger was probing her most inner parts.

“Ggoddd. . . arghhhhhh. . . oohhhhh. . . myyyyyyy god. . .ahhh… stooooopppp!!”

Her high squeals were all music to his ears.

“You little chick. . . you little babe. . . cream for your daddy, little pet!” he told her, to stir her up.

And at the same time his left hand was still toying with Scott’s pulsating dick; his thumb had reached the swollen tip and now he was gently caressing, with expert touches, the little opening of his prick: pre-cum was oozing from the cockslit.

Carol was unendlessly squirming, under the invasion of her womb and the manipulation and mouthing of her tits by her son. Her body was devastated, her mind out of control.

“Ohhhhhh. . . gooodddd. . . enough. . . enough. . . it’s tooooo. . . much!” she cried.

“Ohhhhh. . . little whore, you are wet!!” John exclaimed. “You want to cum, don’t you, baby?”

A long, suffocated moan was the reply to his words.

“The babe wants a good cock!” he told the boy, releasing his erect manhood. “Fuck her tits, fuck mommy’s boobs, put your tool between these puppies! Give’em a good fuck!!”

Scott needed no further incitement: in a quick motion, he jumped over his mom and rode her chest, placing his aroused cock in the middle of her breasts. Then, with feverish hands, he grabbed the two fleshy mounds and pressed them in a tight channel around his dick.

Carol continued moaning, while the walls of her womb were still accepting the probing touches of an invading finger.

“Yes, boy, fuck the big titted babe! She’s horny! She’s all hungry for cock!” John shouted.

Now Scott’s tool was starting a back and forth movement between the huge boobs of his mother; the thick shaft disappeared in the soft tunnel he had created on her cleavage and when he pumped up, the head of his prick peaked out, a couple of inches from her open mouth.

The room echoed with the flesh-to-flesh slapping sounds. The scene was amazing.

“Ohhhhh. . . yeeesssss. . . I love it, give me more. . . more of it!” the woman yelled, before pushing her lips out, in the attempt to capture some of the cock-tip.

With that invitation and without hesitation, Scott thrusted his dick and pointed it towards Carol’s mouth: now its head was scraping her teeth, while its root and balls were nestled in the soft embrace of the twin globes.

Her squishy melons were burning in his grasping fingers, her hard nipples tickling the surface of his cupped palms, the silky soft skin of her mammaries driving him crazy.

“What a tits, mom! I love them. . . I want them…. ” he grunted, increasing the action of his cock, deeper into her valley and then up, to her eager mouth.

“Yeeeesss. . . yeeess. . .” his mother screamed, welcoming the cock between her lips, flicking with her tongue the engorged head, sucking and slurping like mad.

John was enjoying the scene. Knelt on the large bed, he had positioned himself beside the incestuous couple, from where he could have a close sight of their sex-session. He had removed his finger from the cunt-channel and now the huge palm of his right hand was gently caressing her bald crotch, delighted by the female fluids that oozed from her love-opening. His middle finger traced the wet pink skin of the pussy folds and the enlarged ring of the cunt-hole. When index and thumb drew out again the clit from its hood, squeezing and rolling it, the woman let out a high squeal, followed by a gurgling sound: her son had just inserted his tit-fucking cock into her mouth.

“Ohhhhh. . . fuck, mom, I’m gonna cum,” Scott yelled; and his first hot spurt of jizz violently erupted from of his dick. Carol sucked hard, her wanton lips clamped around the pulsating shaft, while her boy’s cum was hungrily swallowed inside her throat and then down to her stomach.

“Spray on those jugs, kid,” exclaimed John; it was quite an order, and Scott complied.

He released her right tit, pulling his cock out of mom’s mouth with his left hand; then, with his right hand, he shaped her left tit into a cone of flesh, topped by the nipple and the surrounding areola.

“Ohhhh. . . so nice. . . my tit. . . my clit. . . cum. . . cum!” She was theirs, now, all theirs. A sexy mature woman to be fucked and toyed by two young guys, one of whom was her own son. She had been fully taken by them; and she loved it!

“Here it comes, mom. . . I cum on you. . . here. . . here. . .” and, with that, Scott blasted his second stream onto the peak of Carol’s hand-squeezed tit. A white, hot cream covered the mammary set, leaking down the smooth skin, like rivers from a mountain.

“Ohhhhhh. . . yes. . . cum on my tits. . . ohhhhh. . son. . .” she cried.

“Yummy!” exclaimed John, pulling her clit with his fingers.

“Good work, buddy, the bimbo loves your cock!” he continued. “Go ahead! She has another puppy!” and a loudly laugh followed. “Finish yourself off and then I’ll give her some more, from my dick!”

Mother and son were in heaven. Her hands reached out and her soft fingers encircled Scott’s thick, wet shaft; she slowly caressed it, from the head to the ball-sac, letting him massage and squeeze the resilient flesh of her right mound. She was helping him: she had laid the tip of his throbbing member on her rock-hard nipple and now she was making it rub the wrinkled skin of her large areola.

“Uuuuuugghhhhh. . . ” he grunted, and a last shot of cream gushed out, splashing onto her tit.

He was drained. Finally he had cum on his mother’s chest and now his cock was softening. Before collapsing, exhausted, onto the bed beside Carol, he lowered his head to hers and kissed her lips.

Now, finally, it was John’s turn.

He gave a look to Carol’s body; her tits were a mess: all covered in a thick coat of sperm, leaking down to her cleavage and stomach.

He moved his fingers from her aroused clit and tasted in his mouth, for an instant, her sweet juices; then opened his large hand and gave her twat a couple of gentle slaps.

The woman quivered.

“Okay, little wife,” he told her, in a sarcastic, sadistic tone. “You got just a breakfast. Now it’s time for a real lunch, from a real man!”

“Ohhhhhh. . . your cock? It’s big. . . you’re so big. . . ahhhhhh. . .!”

Unceremoniously, he had grabbed Carol by her legs, easily turning her small body around; then his arm circled her hips and lifted her butt. In an instant he had repositioned the woman. Knelt on her knees, with her elbows supporting her upper body, her head nestled down on the sheet, her tight round ass sticking up in the air, she was an inviting target.

He moved on his knees and stood behind her, his massive hard cock raising from his hairy crotch. His hands went to her white, well-shaped thighs and spread them wide open, to have her butt-hole and shiny wet love channel all displayed to his ravenous gaze.

“So sweet. . . so sweet. . . ” his fingers touched her pliant buttocks, enjoying once more the softness of her unblemished skin: unbelievable, for a fifty-two aged woman, wife and mother of two. Up and down, from her anal ring to the pink folds of her pussy lips, he explored her lower body.

“You’re a cutest thing, baby!” he exclaimed, giving her a slight slap which made jiggle, deliciously, her righ bun.

A soft moan had just escaped her throat, as a second harder slap reached her left asscheek.

“Ohhhhhh. . . . don’t hurt, please, don’t hurt me!!” she whimpered.

“Call me daddy, little whore!” he commanded.

“Yes, daddy, yes. . . ” she said meekly.

“Remember that I can do what I want, with you. I’m your daddy and you’re mine, hotty! You’re a little thing: my sweet, little thing! My child!” he smirked. And another two slaps, at open hands, landed sonorously on her superb butt.

But John didn’t want to hurt the woman; he just wanted to show her who was in control. He was her master and she had become his obedient sex-toy. A sexy female, a luscious body he was going, again, to pleasure with his engorged tool.

On the other side, Carol, despite her feeble attempts of protest, was still well aroused from the great assault on her tits by her horny son. She felt her orgasm growing, at the contact with the huge stud who was manipulating her.

Her heavy boobs hung erotically from her chest, swaying back and forth and making the pink nipples brush against the sheet.

He slid his hands along her back and circled her tummy, caressing the underside of her large mammaries. When he cupped the two melons in his huge palms, he felt them all covered by the sticky substance her son’s cock had deposited on her chest. But John didn’t care; her boobs were so inviting! He had rarely found a woman with a rack like this.

“These puppies are crying for a big treat,” he said, smoothing and fondling the twin mounds, bouncing them in his hands, as though he was checking their weight.

“Look, boy,” he told Scott. “Look at the treasure you have, at home: a mom with tits like this! If I had a mom like yours, I’d be never tired to feast on these jugs!” And his fingers tweaked and pulled the nipples, like he was milking a cow.

The woman was delighted. Her sexual urges were rising once again; her lower body was struggling, her ass dancing no more than a couple of inches far from his long shaft.

He bent his hips down and made the head of his cock sliding along the crack between her cheeks, back and forth, from her spread labia to the tiny ring of her sphincter. With his hands still playing her breasts and her ass and pussy all offered to his throbbing member, he could enjoy his sexy prey, the mature Mistress Blum, anyway he wished.

“Are you daddy’s little child?” he asked, loving to hear her girlish scream of “yes”.

“This pussy is mine, baby!” and the cock-head explored the entrance of her love tunnel.

“Yes, daddy, yes; toy with my pussss. . . ahhhhh. . . ” she cried, because her wet walls had given easy access to the thick tip and a few inches of his shaft.

“You. . . you are. . . fucking me. . . ohhhh. . . daddy!” Carol was rubbing her head on the sheet, her mouth gasping for air. “Oh yes, oh yes. . .ohhhhh!” and again she came.

Scott was shocked. The full submission of his petite, busty mom to the desire of this young, gigantic stud was so perverted! But it was also an exciting sight! And the “daddy child” role they were playing increased the depravity of their sexual acts.

“I’ve not yet fucked you, little pet!” John laughed. “Got only two inches of my meat. Lemme warm you up like you deserve, baby!”

And after giving her breasts a final hard squeeze which caused from her a long low moan, he put his hands on her butt, spreading her cheeks, to reveal her rear assets.

“Daddy’s going to pleasure the lil one,” he said, and pushed his index finger into her anus. The upper portion of his cock was still inserted in her pussy. Carol shuddered.

“Another step, child!” and his second index finger, together with his thumb, grabbed her clit and twisted. Now, all of her sensitive spots, in her lower body, were at mercy of her lover. She screamed, in pleasure.

“All mine, baby! And you love it, don’t you?” he exclaimed.

“Ohhhhhh. . . gooodddd. . . you make me cum. . . ohhhh. . . again. . .again. . I’m cumming. . . ohhhh. . . daddy!” she tossed her head back and forth, on the sheet.

“Cumming, huh. . .? Thank your daddy, little child!” he ordered, pushing his cock two inches deeper.

“Ahhhhhhhh. . .yeeeesss. . .oooohhhhhh. . . yessss daddy,” his cock was driving her crazy. “Thank. . . thank you, daddy. . . ohhhhh!”

“That’s the way to fuck the horny moms, kid!” he told her son. “Listen to her screams!”

And these words were followed by a deeper insertion in her shit channel. His finger was fully imbedded in her ass, where he felt her muscle flexing and releasing, to swallow the intruder.

The mature woman squeaked like a pierced swine. Pussy juice soaked her love channel and lubricated his penetrating cock. Her clit was on fire from his constant massage.

Then, suddenly, with a low and guttural moan, John lunged forwards and, in one swift movement, pushed his dick in her cunthole, till its head hit her cervix. Eight inches of his cock, half of its length, were buried into her.

“Ahhhhhh. . . your. . .cock. . . ahhhhh. . . my. . . pussy. . .!” she shrieked.

“Yes, yes, little wifey. . . your mini pussy is mine!” he shouted. “You’re mine, you belong to my cock. . . my fucking cock!” His finger continued to play with her rear hole, where he felt his own dick through the thin membrane between her rectum and her vagina. The tips of his other hand were feasting on her engorged clit, increasing her pleasure.

“Yessss…ooooh god yessss. . . do me harder. . . goooooooddddd. . . you make me cum. . . make me cuuuummmm. . . ” she cried like an animal.

“The baby wants more,” he said, turning his gaze to Scott. “Tell me, boy! D’you want I’m going deeper and make her scream around my whole cock into her?”

Seeing his mother fully submitted to this strong stud, who toyed with her like she was a living doll, with a good portion of his massive tool firmly inserted in her little pussy, while she was filling her marital room with girlish giggles and high squeals of delight, was enough to put him, again, over the edge.

His fingers were stroking his member, which was, now, on the verge to ejaculate.

“Yes. . . yes, John. . . fuck her, fuck all of your cock into her. . . fuck my mom. . . make her scream. . . make her your slut!” he yelled; and a thick stream gushed from his cock-head, arching in the air and falling onto the floor.

“Okay! You want more. . . and your son, too, wants more! Get it all, lil wife!” John exclaimed.

Without releasing his shaft from her cunt-channel, he grabbed her by her waist and effortlessly lifted and pulled her back. She was in vertical position, now; her back against his torso, her legs partially bent over his large thighs.

“Ahhhhhh. . . what . . .” Carol was in confusion.

But he didn’t let her finish. “Go down, baby! It’s all for you!” his voice boomed in a triumphant scream, while he released his grip: Carol’s body, under its own weight, fell down onto his cock.

“Uuugggghhhgggg. . . ahhhhhh!” she cried: the cock-head had penetrated her womb.

“A big cock, little one. . . a young big cock! All for you, slut!” his hands had captured again her swaying tits, squashing and crushing them in an iron-like grip.

“The little old chick is all mine, now” he thought. “I’m going to fuck the big-titted whore like she had never had!”

His monster dick was digging into her deep insides; the purple head was caressing the soft walls of her womb.

Her screams and wails were becoming higher and higher, her head lolling round and her eyes popping; she was crying out from orgasm, from the most intense pleasure she had ever experienced.

“Fuck, baby, fuck!” John yelled, moving her small body around his rigid staff. “Screw daddy’s big dick. . . does it feel good in your belly. . . huh? . . .you love getting fucked by your daddy in front of your son. . . you dirty little mommy!!”

“Aaaaww. . .gooooodddd. . . yeah. . . yeah. . . fuck, I’m gonna cum….” she wiggled her hips from side to side, as he worked his shaft around and around.

He squeezed one nipple in his fingers and she shrieked loudly. Then he raised one of her beautiful arms and exposed her armpit to his mouth: it was shaved clean and smelled erotically; John let a trail of kisses and hungry bites on the soft, sweaty skin. Carol shrieked again. The woman, impaled in the gigantic pole, was an object of pleasure, wholly owned by the young stud.

Despite he had already come, Scott was still rock hard as he watched the wild fucking his mother was receiving from her giant lover.

John bent forward and licked her white neck, whispering in her ear: “You want my big dick, don’t you? The little old lady wants the young cock!” A couple of firm thrusts of his hips made her bouncing like a rag doll on his lap.

“Watch your mom,” he told Scott. “She loves dancing on my tool. And I love playing with her married pussy!”

Carol looked at her son: her face was completely red with lust.

Now John’s finger tips caressed her areolas and she was pleasured by the gentle touch over her wrinkled warm skin.

“Ohhhh. . . gooooodddd. . . your big dick. . . you. . . stretch my pussy. . . you fuck. . . I cum. . ” she yelled like mad.

“Tell your son what I’m doing, baby,” he hissed.

“Ohhhhh. . . honey. . . your mom is fucked. . . this big dick is in my womb. . . it’s so big. . . it’s the biggest cock I’ve ever had. . . ohhhh, my goodness!” she was cumming over and over.

Scott was stroking his dick.

“Baby, your son is jerking off; he’s horny, he loves seeing his mom like this, his mom taken by the big cock!” Another thrust and Carol let out a high pitched squeal.

Scott increased the action on his dick.

“Baby, what would your husband think if he saw his wife all naked and spread open by a young man on the marital bed?” John continued to torment her.

“I don’t care. . . you make me. . . so good. . . ohhhhhh. . .” she cried.

“You’re my sex toy, lady! You’re no more the queen of the house!” now he really wanted to humiliate her, before spurting in her womb. “Admit it to your son!”

“Ahhhhhhh. . . yeeeesss. . . I’m your sex toy!” she had been totally submitted, she was obeying to each of his commands; and John knew it very well.

“Admit it to your son, I said!! Tell him that his mom is my sex slave!” he shouted, and his words were reinforced by a loud slap on her left tit, which made her yelp.

“Yes, sir. . . I’m your little slave!” she admitted again, between sobs. And to Scott: “Son. . honey. . . forgive me. . . your mom is owned! He’s my daddy! He made me his. . . toy. . . his slave. . . ohhhhh. . . he’s fucking me. . ohhhhhhh. . . and I love it!!”

John’s huge hands had captured the two large melons on her chest and were manipulating them like a pair of playthings.

“This is my cow, dude! Watch these udders! I milk them and she likes it,” he was kneading the soft flesh, laughing with excitement.

“Tell me, pet: are you my cow? My little personal cow?” he was asking the woman. He had cupped her fleshy breasts from underneath and now he moved them to the sides and let them drop: with a loud “slap”, they flopped back and bounced against each other.

“A cow, a little cow with two fat tits! Let your son know how much his mom loves to be the cow of her big daddy!” he was insisting.

“Ohhhh. . . daddy, you’re making me hot. . . ohhhh. . . I love it. . . I love to be your. . . cow. . . your big titted cow. . .” she moaned, feeling another wave of orgasm building up.

“Boy, you want your mom filled up with my jizz?” John asked, sarcastically, tightening his grip on her breasts.

“Yes. . . yes. . . take her. . . she’s yours. . .” Scott said feverishly, beating himself off, without pause.

Now Carol was again suspended in mid air: her lover had pulled her up, half way out of his cock.

“What a little slut you are. . . let’s see how you like this. . .” he said, and suddenly he pushed her down, all the way onto his lap: the whole dick was stuffed in her insides. He felt his come surging up through his body.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh. . . ahhhhhhhhh. . .I’ve never. . . never. . .” she cried, crazily twisting her body.

Two, three, four times he repeated his action. The woman was weighless-like, in the massive arms of the giant: he bounced her up and down as though he was handling an inflated doll.

And finally it happened.

With a loud scream of intense pleasure from his throat, the fluids in John’s huge sex organ exploded, flooding the womb cavity.

At the same time, Scott convulsed in a series of spasms, till his stiffened member gave up, in the air, its load of white semen.

Carol let herself being dislodged from the huge shaft, before passing out in the cradling arms of the young stud.

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