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Five Hard Studs

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Liz threw back the measure of brandy she had just poured in one gulp and felt it burn all the way to her stomach. She paced nervously across the floor as she waited for the taxi to arrive. Checking her reflection for the umpteenth time, she adjusted her hair and clothing needlessly. Oh god, she thought. What am I doing?

Despite her nervousness, heated arousal burned in the pit of her stomach. Her panties were already damp with the trickle of juice from her pussy lips. She’d spent most of the afternoon fantasising about what the night ahead would bring, and those thoughts had led to her hand creeping between her legs, her fingers furiously strumming her soaking clit and plunging inside her, bringing her to a frantic orgasm as she lay in the bath. She didn’t know what Pete had planned for tonight. All she knew was that it would be something she’d never experienced before. Liz was nervous but determined that she would finally put her past behind her…


It had been 18 months since Liz’s husband had walked out on her for a woman 20 years her junior. As he’d walked out, he’d called her frigid, unappealing, sexually inept. The comments had cut her deeply. George had been her first and only lover, and everything she knew about sex, she’d learned from him. She’d tried to spice up their sex life over the years, but he’d seemed content with a 5-minute coupling every so often, while she’d lain in bed frustrated and yearning for something more.

After he’d gone, she had spent a long time in despair, thinking her life was over. After all, who would want a fat, frumpy 42-year-old woman? As time had passed, however, she had lost weight and her best friend had insisted that she get rid of her old fashioned clothing and go out and get a whole new wardrobe. She had been reluctant to buy many of the things Meg had forced her to try on but once at home in the privacy of her own room she had to admit that her friend had been right. The low-cut shift dress she was wearing now skimmed her generous curves in a very flattering way and the stockings and new lingerie she had indulged in had given Liz a real boost.

As part of her new lease on life, she’d gone to night classes and learned to use a computer. And that had led her to Pete. They had started out chatting on an adult internet site that Meg had insisted on signing Liz up to. She’d been reluctant initially, but curiosity had got the better of her. At first, she’d been shocked by some of the things she’d read, but over the months, she started to wish that she could participate in some of the sexual adventures other people seemed to consider as normal. Of course, when Meg had heard about Pete, she’d pushed her into meeting him. And that had been the start of her sexual liberation. Pete had shown her that she wasn’t frigid, that she was a very passionate and exciting woman, but that hadn’t been enough for her. Those things she’d read…the memories lurked in the back of her mind, teasing her, tempting her to take the next step. As she and Pete had lain in bed after a particularly frantic lovemaking session, she’d confessed her fantasies. And far from being disgusted, Pete had been enthusiastic. He’d agreed to help her experiment and explore her fantasies. At first it was just small things; they had sex outdoors, and he’d even taken her dogging once or twice. And then, one afternoon, he told Liz he’d arranged a surprise for her. All she had to do was turn up.


Liz started as she heard a horn beep outside and glanced out the window, she realised her taxi had arrived. She grabbed her jacket and bag, gave herself one last look in the mirror before she walked out, locked the door behind her and made her way to the car. Once settled into the back seat, she gave the driver her destination and turned to gaze out the window, not really seeing the passing view as her mind raced, thinking about the evening to come. Pete had told her he’d booked a table at a local restaurant and she’d agreed to meet him there.

Nervously she smoothed her skirt, she realised the taxi was slowing to a halt. She glanced out the window, she’d arrived and her nerves bubbled to the surface again. She paid the driver with a trembling hand and stepped out of the taxi, grabbed her bag and coat and giving herself a shake. Pull yourself together! she thought. She took a deep breath and walked into the restaurant, glanced around, looking for the familiar face and found him almost instantly seated at a table for two. He smiled at her and stood up; she relaxed, returned the smile as she walked toward his table.

“You look beautiful,” he said as she moved toward him. He touched her arm lightly and brushed his lips briefly over her cheek before settling her into her chair and returning to his own. “Would you like an aperitif? Some wine?” he asked as she picked up her menu.

The waiter filled her glass; she reached for it and took a large gulp. Pete smiled again.

“Don’t be nervous Liz,” he said, “I promise this will be a night to remember.”

The rest of the meal passed in a haze for Liz. She vaguely remembered small talk, but her mind kept wandering to what lay ahead. Her nipples were stiff and her panties were sodden. She’d squirmed on the chair, desperate to touch herself, aware of Pete chuckling at her plight. Finally he’d taken pity on her and called for the bill.

As they left the restaurant, Pete opened the door of the waiting taxi and settled Liz inside before giving the driver the name of a residential area a few miles away. He sat back in the seat, moved toward her, and brushed his lips lightly across hers. Liz deepened the kiss, snaked her tongue between his lips, moaned softly as his hand moved to her stocking-clad leg and softly stroked upwards, underneath the fabric of her dress. As his fingers encountered the soaked material between her legs, he chuckled again.

“You’re desperate to get fucked, aren’t you?”

Liz panted heavily, hoping he’d slide his fingers inside her and ease the ache in her groin, but he pulled back, prolonging the agony. Before long, they came to a halt outside a large Victorian house, in a part of town Liz hadn’t been to before. The place looked normal, no clue as to what lay inside; she slid out of the car as Pete handed money over to the driver. He took her hand in his and walked her up to the door.

He rapped briskly on the door; a few moments later it opened to reveal a young, blonde man, barefoot and dressed only in a pair of low slung jeans. Liz’s gaze swept across his lean body before she followed Pete into the house. As she passed the young man, she felt his eyes rove over her, openly appraising her figure. She looked around and saw three more men, in their mid-twenties, all in various states of undress, and watching her entry into the house with predatory eyes. At that moment, Liz knew what Pete had planned for her and she swallowed heavily, torn with indecision. Now that she was finally here, she wasn’t sure if she had the guts to go through with it.

Pete led her into a well-appointed sitting room and guided her to a leather sofa. Some unidentifiable music was playing low on the stereo. “Sit here for a moment, Adam will get you a drink.” Pete walked out of the room, leaving Liz.

The young blonde man, who had followed them into the room, wandered over to a large cabinet and grabbed a bottle of brandy. He splashed a large measure into a nearby glass and handed it to Liz. He then poured out three more measures and took them over to the three other men, who had wandered into the room and settled on the other large couch, before settling next to Liz on the sofa.

“Erm….do you think Pete will be long?” Liz asked Adam.

He smiled, almost wolfishly, before replying. “No, I don’t think he’ll be too long. But he’s told us all to make you feel at home while you wait. That’s Paul, Mike and Rick over there.” He pointed to the three other males in turn.

As she turned to look at them, the one Adam had indicated was called Mike, walked over to the sofa and sat down on the other side of her. His eyes ran over the swell of her cleavage. Liz felt her nipples tighten in response to the open appraisal. She stiffened suddenly as she felt a hand brush over her left breast and gasped as it cupped the heavy weight.

Instantly, she felt a surge of arousal between her thighs and it was some moments before she realised she hadn’t ordered the young man to stop touching her. His thumb brushed roughly over the fabric covering her stiff nipple; she swallowed and enjoyed his touch with guilty satisfaction. As she wondered whether to tell him to stop, she felt another hand on her thigh. The stroking movement caused the fabric of her dress to slip further and further up her leg. Oh god, she thought, what the fuck am I doing? I must stop this!

Liz turned to Adam, her mouth suddenly dry, trying to form the words to make him stop, when his lips covered hers. Instantly, her lips softened and her mouth opened, allowing his insistent tongue to push inside. The flood of lust swept through her as she responded to the young man’s kiss, causing a slow trickle of juice to slip from her pussy. She kissed Adam urgently, passionately and dimly registered a hand slipping inside the neckline of her dress; it pushed inside the lace of her bra to toy with her swelling bud.

The hand on her thigh moved higher and brushed over the bare skin above her stocking tops. All thoughts of stopping slipped from her head; she moved instinctively. Her legs opened as she felt fingers slip beneath the damp fabric of her panties. Liz felt them slide over her trimmed bush, move down over her soaked slit and push between the sticky lips before delving into her juicy quim.

Somewhere in the back of her mind, she was aware of Pete returning to the room, but her body was being ruled by lust; she responded to the touch of the young men. Her hips moved toward the questing fingers. She felt hands pulling her breasts from the confines of her dress, lips covered both nipples. They sucked and nibbled at them. Other hands pulled at the fabric of her panties. She lifted her hips, allowing them to be removed. Through half-closed eyes, she watched Paul move between her legs. He pushed her thighs apart before opening her juice soaked slit and slurping at it with his mouth and sucking at her hardened nub. Liz moaned loudly as she felt a finger slip inside her cleft, probe deeply, and rub over her ridged insides. Paul’s mouth continued to suck at her clit as her pelvis rocked against his face.

“She’s such a dirty bitch, Pete,” she heard Adam say as his mouth left her breast.

Liz turned to watch him as he stood and removed his jeans. His thick cock sprang to attention; she ached to feel his length slide inside her soaking cunt. He moved back to the sofa and straddled Liz. She sat back; Paul still fingered and licked her pussy. He moved his swollen prick in front of her face, held it in his fist and eagerly she took it between her lips. Her tongue slid over the smooth, purple dome before Adam pushed it further into her mouth. He wrapped his fist into her hair and pulled her head toward him until his long shaft slid into her throat. She gagged slightly before he pulled back and began to fuck her mouth in earnest with his cock. He used her mouth like a cunt, pistoning back and forth as she sucked round him. Her moans vibrated through the length of him as the fingers in her quim pushed her relentlessly toward her climax.

Frantically she sucked on the meat in her mouth; her hips bucked as she came hard on Paul’s fingers. Her juice squirted over his hand and trickled down between her buttocks. She grabbed Adam’s hips; his hand gripped harder in her hair as he grunted, “Fuck, bitch. I’m gonna come. Suck my fucking cock, you slut!”

She felt the first spurt of his spunk hit the back of her throat as Adam’s orgasm ripped through him. He pulled back from her mouth, his fist wrapped around his girth and she felt the second jet of hot goo hit her face and then the third as he pumped his hand along his shaft. Liz swallowed the come in her mouth and then pushed her tongue out to catch the globules that covered her face.

His cock spent, Adam slumped down onto the sofa panting heavily, as Liz sat there, a picture of debauchery with strings of sperm hanging down from her chin onto her bared breasts and her legs spread wide, showing her glistening, pouting vulva.

On the other side of the room, Pete swallowed hard, his cock gripped in his fist as he looked at her. Liz smiled at him, holding his gaze as she stood, stripped off her dress and moved toward the other sofa where Rick and Mike sat stroking their thick shafts.

Kneeling down in front of them, she took Mike’s cock in her hand and pumped it, while she slid her lips over the head of Rick’s fat prick. She moaned with pleasure as she slurped on each man alternately, licking pre-come from each slit, raking her teeth along each shaft.

As she leaned forward, taking the cocks into her mouth, her pussy lips gaped obscenely, glistening with her come. Pete watched, entranced by the swaying of her firm buttocks until he could take no more and moved forward. He knelt between her legs, moved his cock into position, rubbed it along the length of her swollen slit, then grabbed her hips and pushed himself deep into her slippery cunt, moaning as he felt her hot sex wrap around him like a sheath.

Liz whimpered as she felt Pete sink into her, and pushed back to meet him as he began to fuck her in long, hard strokes. She carried on sucking on the two swollen pricks as Pete drove into her cunt, taking each deep into her mouth. Drool spilled out over her chin as she slurped enthusiastically. Pete began to move with greater urgency inside her, pumping harder, faster, as his seed boiled in his balls, ready to spill out into her velvet chasm.

As her cunt clenched around him, Pete let out a yell and shot his load into her. Jet after jet of his sticky seed coated the walls of her pussy. Liz squealed with delight as she felt him spurt inside her hole. “Fuck, that feels so good. I need another cock; I want to cum on a cock!” she cried out, all pretence of inhibitions abandoned.

The men needed no second invitation. Mike pulled to her feet, spread her legs to either side of his as he sat on the sofa and drew her onto his lap, pulling her onto his cock. He slid easily into her tight hole. Pete’s spunk squelched around his cock as he thrust into her. Liz bounced on his lap, rolling her hips back and forth as she felt Mike’s dick slamming in and out of her cunt.

She turned her head to find Paul’s penis being thrust at her mouth; she took it in her hand and smeared the sticky head over her cheeks before sliding him into her mouth and fellating him vigorously. The three of them moved together in unison, fucking wildly until the two men cried out almost simultaneously and ejaculated into Liz’s pussy and mouth, filling her with their hot goo.

Liz swallowed hard as each spurt filled her mouth. When both Mike and Paul’s pricks softened and slipped from her, she licked her lips and grinned. “Is that all you’ve got for me boys?” she smirked, “I told you I wanted to come on a cock!”

Rick growled, “I’ll fucking make you come, bitch!” He pulled her off Mike’s lap and turned her to face away from him. His hand moved between her legs. He coated his fingers in the cum that dripped from her pussy, pulled her buttocks apart, rubbed his fingers roughly over her puckered rosebud and pulled her down. His cock pushed at her anus. Liz gasped and cried out, feeling the burn as he pushed past the resistance of her sphincter and slid slowly into her.

“Oh fuck!” she squealed. “Your cock feels so fucking big inside me! Fuck my arse, you bastard!”

Rick needed no prompting. He slowly moved inside the tight sleeve of her arsehole, drawing himself out a few inches before pushing back in, each time making him movements bigger until he had stretched her arse to accommodate him. He started to fuck her in long, smooth strokes. Liz wriggled on his cock, moaned loudly. Her legs were opened wide. Her pussy gaped open with the remnants of the men’s cum dribbling from her.

She begged breathlessly, “I want one in my cunt; someone fuck my cunt! Please!” Without any hesitation, Adam, his big cock once again standing at attention, moved between her legs. He rubbed his cock along her slit before pushing between her sticky labia and sliding into her gooey hole. As he pulled out, her sticky lips clung to him and his shaft was coated with the ejaculate of the others. He slid back into her, burying himself balls-deep and then started to fuck her hard, ramming his prick into her. Her pussy squelched with each thrust.

“Shit..I’m..I’m coming..fuck me, I’m coming!” Liz yelled, and her body began to shudder with the intensity of her climax. As her cunt and arse squeezed, vice-like, around the two men, they drove into her racing towards their own orgasms.

First Rick, then Adam, grunted as their seed spurted into her writhing body. Liz, still wracked by her own orgasm, moaned loudly as she felt the men explode inside her. Eventually both of them slowed and their cocks stopped spitting goo. Adam slid from between Liz’s thighs and slumped to the floor, completely spent. Liz felt Rick’s cock soften and slip from her; she moved to lay next to him on the sofa, sore but sated.


As Liz slid into bed later that night, her mind replayed the events of the evening and she grinned. Her hand slid between her thighs and her fingers gently played over her tender vulva, still sticky with cum as she remembered how wanton she had been. As she and Pete had left the house, Adam had told her she was welcome back any time.

Finally she had laid her ghost to rest. If only George could see his frigid wife now, she chuckled to herself…

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