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Young and Naive

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This might have been 1972 in San Francisco but out here in rural Averill Park it might as well have been 1930. There may have been gay guys my age around, but if there were they kept it to themselves like it did.

A couple of weeks ago my Mom let me take the car into the big city, which in our case was Albany, New York.

That gives you an idea of what Averill Park was like when Albany is your nearby Metropolis, but anyway I had heard they had a theatre that showed dirty movies so I told Mom I was headed to this shopping mall they had just built outside of Albany and went to find this theatre.

It was a tiny little place, this aptly named Petit Cinema, and I parked the car way out in back, just in case somebody drove by an recognized Mom’s car. Outside there were many posters, and it was then that I found out that the little building contained two theatres showing different films, and what a difference there was!

One side showed regular porn, judging by the looks of the posters, but the other side? These movies had men in them. Only men if what I was looking at was accurate, and I didn’t have any idea such things existed which is an indication of how naïve and ignorant I was.

The problem was that you have to buy the ticket from a guy in a booth and that meant telling him what side of the theatre you were going into. There seemed to be a steady stream of people wandering in an going to both sides, but I was scared so instead of walking up and buying the ticket I stood in the corner of the little lobby looking at the posters like I couldn’t decide which movie to see.

Finally the guy behind the window must have either took pity on me and whistled for me to come over.

“You have to be 18 kid,” he said, but I assured him I was and provided my license to prove it. The man looked at the license and nodded, handing it back to me.

“Just trying to decide which movie to see,” I said, and that made the ticket seller chuckle.

“You’re kidding, right? It’s the theatre on the left,” he said while taking my money and handing me a half of a ticket. “Enjoy.”

The theatre on the left was of course the side where the all male movies were shown, and I nodded while feeling my cheeks burn before turning and almost running to the entrance to get out of sight.

Inside it was like a cave, and I stumbled over people as I tried to find a seat in the back row, my awkward entrance made worse by what was on the screen. Finally I found open seats at the end next to the wall and plopped into the most uncomfortable seat in the history of theatres.

This was heaven. On the screen these men were doing things to each other that I wish I had done myself along with some things I didn’t know you could do. Most of the men were good looking guys with equipment much more impressive than my own or even many of the guys in gym class.

I was trying to rearrange my underwear so my stiff dick didn’t snap in two when a hulking shape made his way down the aisle and dropped into the seat next to me. My eyes had adjusted to the darkness well enough to tell that it was a guy probably my old man’s age, if he was still alive I supposed, and while I was enjoying my elbow room and solitude before I didn’t have much choice.

Three minutes. I think that’s how long to took for the man’s hand to land on my leg. I thought it was an accident but he only let me nudge it off once before moving his hand right up to my crotch. What did I do? I let him.

After finding my dick, which harder than I wished it was, the man’s hand massaged my cramped erection for a minute before pulling my zipper down. Considering how cramped it was back there the guy did a great job of reaching in and pulling my boner out from what were slightly gooey underwear. Maybe he had a lot of practice.

That was how the second hand besides my own ended up holding my dick. Tammy Morin was the first, and that was the sorry track record of my sexual exploits for 18 years.

In the murky darkness I watched the big fingers slide up and down my slender prong, his rough skinned thumb rubbing the tip every time the hand slid up. I was hoping he would stop doing that with his thumb because it was making my tip sore, but before I could say anything he stopped on his own and leaned over and lowered his head into my lap.

Holy shit. Just like the actor on the screen in front of me, my dick was being sucked. The guy’s mouth went right down to the base and he began to work on my dick. What a feeling it was, and my only regret was that it ended almost as soon as it started.

I started cumming in about 20 seconds, although it seemed my dick was spurting for a hell of a long time afterwards. I heard the man gag a little after my dick jerked for the eighth or ninth time, but he kept sucking until I shriveled up.

The man straightened up and went back to watching the movie while I tucked my limp dick back into hiding and went back to looking at the screen myself. After a minute the man next to me cleared his throat, and then when I didn’t get the hint his beefy hand grabbed my wrist and brought it over to his lap, where he had already made it easy for me by taking his cock out.

Hot. That was what I first noticed when he put my hand on his cock, the first cock besides my own I had ever touched. The second thing I noticed as I wrapped my hand around it was that his cock was thick. Maybe only a little longer than my own but way thicker.

“I don’t know how to do it,” I whispered as my hand awkwardly went up and down his dick which was getting harder and bigger every second.

I don’t know if he heard me or not. What I do know is that he grabbed me by the back of my neck and put my face in his lap for me. The armrest was digging into my side, and there was his cock right at my mouth.

My oral experience consisted of what I had seen on the screen along with what the man had just done to me, so when I saw the fat log inches from me my mouth I was scared. Scared and intimidated. Not unwilling though.

Nothing about it was right. With the armrest killing my ribs and being contorted like I was, it sure wasn’t comfortable. As for the cock in front of me, the size was intimidating and the aroma that came from his crotch was musky to put it mildly. Sort of like a cock and balls that had been hanging around in boxer shorts all day, like mine were.

I opened my mouth and tried to slide my lips down, but my first effort was not impressive judging by the way he jumped when my teeth raked his sensitive head. I kept my teeth as far away as I could after that, and to my surprise I seemed to be doing better rather quickly.

I was only able to get my mouth down over the knob but when I spun around so I was kneeling on my seat the pain in my side went away and I was able to slide my lips down further, maybe about halfway down a cock that seemed like it was a foot long but was likely little more than half that.

The man had a lot better self-control than I did, but that was fine with me. With the man’s hand on my neck now gently massaging while helping to move my head up and down on his manhood, the sounds of the movie in the background became erotic to me.

Finally, after what seemed like 10 minutes the man’s grip on my neck tightened and he grunted something that was apparently a warning because then I felt his cum spurt onto the roof of my mouth and down my throat. I gagged some but my head was kept down as his cock kept jerking.

I managed to keep swallowing until he finally stopped cumming but I kept sucking until his dick was limp. He ended up pulling my mouth off of him when he figured out I wasn’t going to stop on own. I worked myself back into my seat and noticed that the man sitting in front of me had turned around and had been watching me all the time.

I was embarrassed enough but he kept staring at me for a few minutes even when I tried to go back to watching the movie. Next to me, my first male lover of sorts gave my arm a squeeze and made his way back out of the aisle and out the door.

To my relief the guy in the row ahead who had been watching me got up and left too, and I was kind of happy about that because I felt weird think I had been seen doing what I did. My relief however was short-lived because the guy didn’t leave but merely came around and down my row, plopping in the seat next to me.

“I could use some of that action,” he whispered in my ear.

What did this guy think I was? Well, he found out because I found myself getting back into my kneeling position in the chair and looking at a dick that was skinny like mine but way longer. I had become like a bat with my eyes now fully acclimated to the darkness and was able to see the man waving his long prong around and telling me he knew I wanted it.

To my shame I did. I sucked him just as energetically as I had the first man and when he came I didn’t gag or anything even through he had most of the long rod down my throat at the time.

I got no reciprocation or even an offer from this guy, who said something to me that I couldn’t make out and then simply got up and left, which was sad because my dick was as hard as a rock. My mouth was dry and caked with cum so I decided to go out to the lobby to get a soda.

Out in the lobby I squinted in the bright lights as I looked down to make sure my zipper was up. That was when I discovered that the front of my slacks had a big stain right in front, where my dripping dick had left a mark. In a panic, I hurried out the door before anybody could see me and there I was out in the cool evening air.

Nothing to do now but go home, I figured, hoping that my pants would dry by then. I made my way back to my car, but as I neared it I heard footsteps in the gravel behind me.

“Thought you might have changed your mind,” the man said, and when I looked up at him I thought I was that guy from ShaNaNa at first, what with his tall thin build and his slicked back hair.

It wasn’t obviously. It was the man that had been the one watching me and then joining me in the back row.

“Sorry?” I mumbled.

“Let’s go back. You been here before, right?” he asked while herding me back into the woods.

“No, I never.”

“This way,” he said as he led me down a path in the woods, and while is seemed like a desolate place it sounded like there were other people back there.

We reached a little clearing, a space that was littered with beer and whiskey bottles, and it was there that we stopped and my newest friend knelt down in front of me and undid my slacks.

“Cute,” he said after lowering my underwear and grabbing my dick, which had grown limp from fear.

He swallowed my limp dick and began to suck on it, even taking my balls in his mouth at the same time for a while, but while it felt good I was so scared that I couldn’t get hard.

“What’s wrong? No good for you?” he asked after about 5 minutes of sucking that made no difference.


“Don’t be. I love your little dick,” I said, flicking the tip with his tongue. “I could suck on it all night. It’s making me really excited.”

“There’s other people back here,” I said, referring to others that I couldn’t see for could hear. “What if somebody comes?”

“Everybody cums back here,” he said as he reached in his pants pocket. “Relax. Here. I’ll help you relax.”

His mouth went back onto my dick but now his hands were back on my ass, and then I felt his finger pushing between my ass cheeks. It felt greasy as it slid between my buttocks, and then I yelped when he pushed that oiled digit into my ass and screwed it in deep.

“Omigod!” I cried out, and from the distance I heard giggling but was too distracted by the finger probing my insides to care.

“Yeah. That’s it,” the man muttered, taking my dick out of his mouth long enough to comment on the stiffening of my dick before going back to sucking.

Two hours ago I was a virgin in almost every way and now I was a totally different person; squirming around with a finger deep into my rectum, my mouth crusted with cum from two different men and my dick being sucked by another stranger.

I didn’t cum right away, but when I did I came so hard that my knees buckled. Maybe the finger in my butt was keeping me up, but for whatever reason my whole body tingled as I shot a load and a half into my new friend’s eager mouth.

“You liked that, didn’t you?” the man said as he pulled what had actually been two bony fingers out of me and stood up. “You’ve got such a tight ass.”

“You like it rough or gentle?” he asked as he dropped his pants, his long slender prong swaying lazily in front of him.

“Rough?” I asked, not knowing what he meant. “No, I don’t like rough. I don’t even know…”

“Here you go,” the man said and he eased me down on to my knees.

I had gotten ready to open my mouth and take his dick but his hands were moving me around so that I was on my hands and knees, and it was about then that I realized what was going on. I had seen a man do that to somebody else in the movie, but this was not on my radar.

“Please,” I said when I felt him pulling my slacks way down to my ankles and moving in behind me, pressing what had to be his dick against my anus, but by then it was too late.

His sleek manhood slid in rather effortlessly, no doubt aided by his digital foreplay, but it still hurt and unlike his fingers his cock seemed to have no end as the probe continued to tear into my virginal orifice right down to his balls.

“What’s wrong?” the man said as he leaned down over my shoulder, and it was then that I realized I was crying.

“It hurts,” I sobbed.

“I thought you wanted it,” he said, his cock still fully impaled inside of me, and then I think he sensed I wasn’t what he might have thought. “Son, are you a virgin?”

“Yes,” I admitted.

“I’m sorry,” he said. “It’s just that when I saw you in the theatre I figured you knew the score.” Do you want me to stop?”

“I dunno.”

“Here, let me pull out a little,” he said, and as I felt his cock slid back out of my bowels a little the pain stopped. “How’s that?”

“Better,” I admitted, and it was actually getting better every minute. “Sorry I’m such a baby.”

“It’s okay. My bad.”

“It’s just that I never did this before, and you’re so big.”

“Big?” he said, and he chuckled at that. “Never been called big before, but I like hearing it even if it isn’t true. Only have about 7″ and most guys wish it was a lot thicker.”

I was about to say that it was a little thicker than mine but stopped because I had a feeling that was faint praise.

It had felt like a lot more than seven inches when he first put it in, and it was occurring to me that maybe all these guys, both on the screen and in the theatre, weren’t as much big as I was small. Since the only erect dick I had seen before tonight was my own, I had little perspective.

“Had enough I guess,” the man said.

“No. It’s okay,” I said.

“You sure?” he asked and I nodded. “I’ll be gentle.”

“Mister?” I asked. “What’s your name?”

“Tony. What’s yours?


“Nice to met you, Timmy,” Tony said, and when he said that we both chuckled a little at the absurdity of a introduction after a cock had already gone into an ass. “How’s this feel?”

“Nice. Really nice,” I had to admit, the feel of what still felt like a big cock gliding deep into my cavity with long slow strokes.

“Never had an ass this tight before,” Tony said. “Never want this to end but let me know when you want me to stop.”

“Okay,” I grunted, and soon I felt myself moving back into his gentle probing, the rhythm so intoxicating that I no longer was bothered by the sounds of others in the woods and the thought of asking him to stop had become absurd.

My knees and palms were getting numb as Tony continued to slid in and out of me, almost taking his cock completely out of me before coaxing it back into me each time, but I felt no pain.

“Timmy,” Tony said after he leaned down and reached around me and began to milk my semi-erect dick. “That stuff you said before? About my dick? Say it again for me.”

I didn’t know what he meant at first, but after Tony explained I was happy to accommodate him.

“Oh Tony,” I groaned. “Your cock is so big.”

“You like my big cock, don’t you Timmy?”

“Yes, it’s so big it feels like you’re splitting me in two,” I moaned, hoping I wasn’t acting so well that he stopped, but he didn’t although his tempo quickened. “I never had a cock this big before.”

“Here it comes,” he soon snarled. “Take it all.”

I felt his long prong jerking deep inside of me, and then a warm soothing feeling coated my bowels as his spunk filled my cavity. His thrusting slowed and then I felt him go limp, his organ slithering out of me and leaving me feeling empty and sad it was over.

“Was it good for you?”

“Yes,” I said excitedly. “It was great. Really great.”

“Couldn’t have been as good for you as it was for me,” Tony assured me as we got to our feet, and on the way up Tony asked me if I wanted him to finish what he had started.

“Uh, I came,” I said sheepishly, having popped a load under Tony’s pulling even though I never did get hard again. “Thanks though.”

“Thank you, – you know – for saying that stuff for me,” Tony said with a sheepish grin of his own. “Kinda fulfilled a fantasy for me, and the fact that you’re a good actor made it even better.”

I wasn’t acting, but all I did was nod as he led me out of the woods.

“One thing I have to ask you,” Tony said as we reached the parking lot. “How old are you?”

“18,” I said. “I know – I don’t look it.”

“I didn’t mean anything by that, it’s just that you seem so young and all. Plus, everybody looks like a kid after you get deep into your forties.”

“Well, you don’t look your age either,” I kidded.

“Can I give you a word of advice? It’s free and probably worth it.”


“Around here? Be careful. You’re so innocent looking and all and not everybody is a nice guy like me,” Tony said, adding, “Sometimes I’m not that nice either.”

“I will be. Thanks.”

“Like I said, it’s free and I remember back when I was your age I wouldn’t listen to somebody like me either.”

“I understand.”

“If you’re looking for companionship some night…”

“I’m going away to college pretty soon.”

“Just my luck,” Tony said. “Eh, you can do better than an old wreck like me.”

“No, I like you. I like you a lot,” I said. “Can you give me your phone number? Maybe I could call you next week.”

“Sure!” Tony said and in seconds produced a card that had his name, address and business on it.

“I will call,” I said, and I would in about four days. “I enjoyed being with you – and your big dick.”

We both laughed and he surprised me by giving me a hug, I relished the embrace and as I nestled my face in the open collar of his shirt, the feel of the hair that sprouted up felt nice against my cheek. What would it be like to feel a man’s hairy chest against my smooth skin?

I would find out a few days later, and it was even better than I had envisioned.


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