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Milk for Dave

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Part 1

Something that never left Rita was her milk. It was because she loved to have her tits sucked so much. Rita has very long nipples about an inch long when she’s aroused. Rita very seldom where a bra because she liked the way the material makes her nipples hard and stick out. Rita’s tits were the size of a large grapefruit or a melon. Perky, one fellow called them. Rita, now 46, was a big girl, a size 18,but she always turned the heads of many men.

She was a very pretty girl with big blue eyes& dark hair. Her tits would jiggle as she walked and clothing swayed back and forth causing her nipple to always be erect. She liked that feeling.

What a lucky day for Dave to be shopping at the A&G store.

Dave was retired from work now .He was 63. Dave was widowed and lonely. Oh, he was handsome and had many dates but they were all his age and were not really interested in sex they way he was. Every time he saw Rita, his cock would stir. He was sure she enjoyed they way men looked at her. Surely, she knew what she was doing to them. She walked with such confidence and always had a smile on her face. He’d seen Rita before and finally had the guts this time to approach her.

“Hi there,” Dave’s voice was shaky.

“Hi” she smiled as she looked at who was talking to her. She waited for a reply.

“Ahhh, Nice weather for a change, huh?” he felt stupid. What a dumb thing to say. He thought.

“ Yes for a change, I‘ve seen you here shopping before. Do you shop here often? Asked Rita.

She had admired him from a distance. She had thought he was a very handsome man for a man his age. He was always dressed to the nines.

“ Actually, yes, I do, every day so I get fresh vegetable & meat.” Dave began to relax. He was glad he had finally made the decision to approach her.

“ Yeah nothing like fresh meat!” she giggled as she turned and grabbed a loaf of bread. She looked back at him with a mischievous twinkle in her eye.

“Nice to look at and a sense of humour! That’s a package you don’t see often!” He smiled. He was 63 but not dead!!

“Dave’s the name.” he reached out his hand to shake hers.

“ Rita” She replied. “Nice to meet you!” That twinkle didn’t go away.

Dave rattled on about things in general and all the time Rita looked him in the eye as he spoke & she answered.

“ I like the way you look at me when you talk to Me.” he finally said. “Most people look all around when the talk. You never know what to believe.” Dave complemented her.

Rita blushed a little “ Thank you, Listen are you in a hurry? Can we go for coffee? I would really like to chat more with you.”

“ Sure, I’d like that. Lets finish shopping and I’ll meet you at the coffee house on the corner.” said Dave.

“ Great, I wont be long.” Rita rushed down the isles and got all her goodies for supper that night. Paid, and went to the coffee house. She had beaten him there so she took the liberty to order his coffee.

She had an idea she hoped would work. She would invite him for supper.

“Hi, Lil Lady, you beat me.” He chuckled as he sat down.

“ I hope you don’t mind I ordered you a coffee.” she smiled as he took his place next to her.

She was so glad he had decided to sit next to her instead of across form her.

As he sat down, he rubbed against her tit.

“ Oh, Pardon me!” He was embarrassed.

Rita laughed aloud “ Oh. Not to worry they get in the way all the time.”

‘I was wondering, if its not to forward of me to ask, if you would like to join me for supper tonight? Nothing special, just nice to have company to eat with.” Rita was a little shy about asking but, a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. Nice guys like this don’t come by to often.

Dave smiled from ear to ear “ Yes I would love to!”

“Good!” Rita took is hand and rubbed it and put it back down.” I Love to cook for someone other than me!”

They sat, laughed & chatted for over an hour. Then Rita said “well, I had better get a move on. I want to get everything right.”

“ Hey?” Dave questioned “I thought you said nothing fancy for supper”

Rita giggled, “Who’s talking about supper.” She leaned over and kissed his cheek .She let her tit rub hard against his arm. She whispered “see you later, honey.”

Dave had to sit for a couple of mins after she had left. He had such a raging hard on that it was going to be hard to hide.

He hurried home to freshen up. He knew tonight was going to be special. He felt it.

Dave filled to tub up and soaked. He was thinking of how the evening would go. Again, his cock rose to the occasion. All 7 ½ inches of it. Good thing his age didn’t dictate how often he could come. He masturbated at least 3 times a day, every day. His hand traveled to stroke his cock and that when he felt the stubble. “Good thing you thought of that!” He was talking to his cock. “We need a shave!” He giggles like a little boy getting ready. Dave lathered up his cock and balls. “ Mmmmmmmmmmm that feels good” He thought. He carefully stroked the skin all around his balls and cock with the razor, until he was completely bald. He looked in the mirror and admired his cock. He stroked it with the left over shaving cream. “Soooooo soft” he thought “Just like her lips will be” He stroked and watched in the mirror. Dave like the way his cock looked bald and was sure Rita would too. He kept thinking about the way she would feel. He let his cock go and stroked his balls, the next thing he knew cum shot from the tip of his cock and hit the mirror. He grunted as two more huge loads ran from the massive cock.

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMm, Yeahhhhhhh she will feel just fine … I’m sure!!” With a smile on his face, he sank back into the tub.

Rita ran around picking up things and polishing things. She turned on some music and climb into a hot bath. Rita let the hot water splash down on her skin. She took extra care in her normal routine, because she wanted it to be special with Dave tonight. She didn’t want him to think she was a slob. As she soaked, She thought to herself.

“I bet he’s got a huge cock…mmmmmmmmmmm nothing like a full size cock to fill you up!

She got out her razor and made sure every inch of her pussy& legs was completely clean, soft & smooth. She loved her pussy lips bald. She was hoping Dave would too. When she was satisfied that she was completely clean and perfect for Dave, She got out of the tub and begin drying herself with a towel. She stood in front of the foggy mirror, wiping it with her fingers so she could see herself. She run my fingers through her wet hair and then got out the hairdryer. Rita dried her hair, brushing it so it’s soft. Then misted on some perfume and rub some lotion onto her skin. She put on her favourite white dress, the one that showed off her tits and tan. Then she poured herself a glass of wine.

She didn’t wear any panties or bra. “What was the sense?” she laughed, “They wont be missed at all” She sipped her wine & lit all the candles she had.

Knock, Knock.

Her hear skipped a beat. “He’s here!!” She ran to the door and swung it open.

“Come in! I’m so glad you made it! MMMMMMMMM don’t you smell nice!”

“ So do you!” He took her shoulders and kissed her passionately. She pulled away and poured him a glass of wine, “You have to have supper before you have dessert!!” She winked at him as she handed his wine.

“I like my appetizers first ” he sipped the wine, smiled at her & he scooped her up again in his arms and kissed her again. She responded back as his tongue searched for hers.

He kissed her neck and ear. Then ran his tongue down her neck. She tilted her head back and as she did her tits mashed against the soft material of her dress.

“Fuck, Lil Lady, I have dreamt about this for months. Your tits drive me crazy when I see you in that store.” Dave whispered in a husky voice.

“Well, come and sample them, then. Your gonna have a little dessert before dinner!”

She sat on the couch and motioned Dave to lie in her lap and suckle like a baby.

He was so aroused his cock was pushing against his pants begging to get out.

Rita slowly unbuttoned her dress to reveal her beautiful tits .She thought Dave had cum right then and there, he groaned so loud.

He laid his head in her lap, took a hold of her nipple and sucked it softly. Moaning he took more of her tits and sucked harder. Rita unzipped his pants only to see he wasn’t wearing and shorts.

He winked at her and said with a mouthful of tit, “no need!”

Her eyes twinkled and she nodded her head. Rita pulled out his cock and exclaimed happily “Wow!!! A Nice full cock!!” She stroked it softly.

Dave was too busy sucking her tit to hear anything .He had both hand on her tit nursing like a baby. Then he tasted something sweet.

He looked at her with a surprised look on his face.

“ You see… Dessert,” She grinned “ You like Momma’s Milk baby?”

He nodded and sucked greedily drinking her milk. He wanted it all. His most wanted fantasy in his life was now in his mouth. His cock was so hard and full .She could feel the veins pulsated as she softly admired and stroked his cock. As he sucking her tit, she could hear the milk hitting the bottom on his stomach.

“ There’s lots their hun drink all you want. I love the way you suck me.” She kept encouraging him to suck.

Just then, his cock shot out gobs of white cum. She continued to stroke, he continued to suck.

“ Oh my gwad, I bet you taste good too! Look at all that cum. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I knew I was going to love you!!!”

She cleaned her hand on a near by cloth and then stroked his hair as she gently spoke to him.

“You like mommas milk? You like to drink it every day? It’s all your to have. Any time you want! It makes Momma’s pussy wet to watch you drink. Your tongue feels so good on my nipples”

Dave just lay there nursing drinking all the milk there was in that tit. His soft cock was cleaned and airing outside his pants. Oh how didn’t want to stop. If he died right now, it would be fine. Throbbing cock and tits full of milk for him to suck dry…. What more can a man ask for? A tight wet cunt!! That’s what.

“Oh honey you have no idea what you have just done for this old man.”

“ Oh yes I do!! Cos I do it for me too!!

“ Come one Hun, dinners ready. I hope you didn’t spoil you appetite!! As she got up, she tugged on his cock!

“ No way lil lady! Lots more where that came from! He winked at her.

They enjoyed the soft music and hot conversation as the got to know each others likes and dislike (of which there weren’t to many dislikes)

Part two cumming right up….


After two bottles of wine, both were ready for more. More fucking that is. They had talked about fucking other partners now they wanted each other.

Rita had just purchased a Queen Elizabeth Lounge Chair. Perfect for every position. Dave unbuttoned every button of Rita’s dress and let it drop open. He gently lay her back on to the chair and put each leg on the floor so she was wide open. He gazed at her bald cunt. He had never licked a bald cunt before. Her tits were swollen with passion and her cunt was wet with lust. She never said a word. She watched him undress and admired his body. He was in terrific shape for 63,Very muscular. Dave started at her toes… licking and sucking each one. Then slowly kissing and licking parts of her leg until he got to her thigh. He listened for her breathing which was deep and lusty by now. He knew how to get a woman’s juices flowing. And flowing they were. Hot thick fluid dripped from her swollen lips. Dave slowly licked her labia until he reached to top. He softly whispered “ you have a beautiful cunt “ Then inserted his tongue into the crack until he touched her clit. She jumped and moaned loudly as his tongue darted back and forth over her clit .Her hands found their way to his head and she ran her finger nails thru his hair. She pulled his mouth closer until he was mashing her clit with his tongue. He licked it hard like an ice cream cone and kept it up as he inserted his two long fingers into her wet cunt. She went wild bucking and humping his fingers as he licked her clit.

“ Fuckkkkk Dave,,,,, I’m Cumming,,,, her juices gushed out and spilled all over his hand and mouth. Her back heaved in the air. Dave pulled out his fingers, grabbed her arched back and drank her juices.

“ Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” he said “ Dessert!”

She lay there for a couple mins gathering her self together.

Then she turned and kissed him passionately & laid him back on the chair.

He was fully erected, waiting for her mouth. She trailed with her tongue to his nipples. She stayed there for a long time. She knew men’s nipple were just as sensitive as a woman’s. Dave loved it. When she got to his cock, it was dripping with pre cum. She took his cock in her hand, traced her lips with the pre cum, like lipstick, and came to Dave’s mouth for a kiss. Dave had never tasted his own precum. He licked it gingerly.”MMMMMMMMM sweet….” Then hungrily kisses all the juices from her lips even licked her lips after all the precum was gone. Just to make sure he got it all.

Rita trailed her tongue back to his waiting cock.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmm and he shaved too… bald against bald niceeeeeeeee.”

She popped the head into her mouth and suck hard,,, and popped it back out.

“Aahhhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssssssssss!! She kept it up and then slid she mouth all the way to the base on his cock, kept it there and slowly softly dragged her teeth back up to the head.

“ Ahhhhhhhhhhhh Ritaaaaaaaaaa yesssssssssssssss!!!! Fuckkkkkkkkkkkk””

She did this many times.

Dave was in ecstasy. Rita wanted his cock now …

She climbed on the chair; spread her legs wide on each side of the chair, planting both feet on the floor. As she touched the floor, her wet cunt slides onto Dave throbbing cock. Dave took a deep breath,,,” Ohhhhhh , yesssssssss .”

Rita ‘s hot cunt locked on to Dave’s throbbing cock. They were both caught in such a lust trance they milked each other till Dave grunted out loud ‘Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!”

Rita pleaded “ “ Fill me up Dave pump that hard cock into my cunt and fill me up.!!

Dave did just that .He came like he never came before …..

When he gathered his strength he carried Rita to the bed and cuddled into her.

“Stay the night hun, please.” Rita asked.

I thought you’d never ask…. Dave slid down to Rita ‘s other tit snuggled in,put each hand on either side on her tits and greedily sucked till the milk began to pour and nursed on it all night …..

It’s been three years since that night and he still has his milk whenever he wants.

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