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Spots of dappled sunlight streamed through the trees and danced and twirled on the pavement as I waited for her outside the building. She was always late, frantically trying to keep up with her life. Not that I would ever want her life, I snorted to myself. Immediately regretting the thought, I focussed on the distant rush of traffic echoing softly through what had to be the last quiet street in Brisbane’s central business district.

The occasional fragrance of Lebanese cooking swirled on the cool breeze from the kebab shop across the road. It looked to be a family business. Mum and the daughters were up front, serving customers and seeing to the salads. The men bustled about backstage, the only ones permitted to shave curls of meat from the giant columns of beef, chicken and lamb slowly turning in the vertical rotisseries. There was something cute about it, I mused. The whole family working together, as opposed to the detached isolation of my own profession.

“Feeling hungry?” a smooth, female voice teased over my shoulder.

I spun on my heel to see Bree smiling at me. Beaming, I proffered my hand. “Oh, hello. How are you? It’s great to see you again.”

“I’m doing good. How about you?” Her handshake was firm, and her smile soft and genuine. She released my grip and swept back the thick tendrils of dark auburn hair which had blown across her face, tucking them behind her ear. Most women in their mid-forties kept their hair short and manageable, but I thought the collarbone length of Bree’s suited her nicely.

“Good,” I nodded. “Hey, that’s a nice blouse. White really suits you.” Every other time I had seen her, she had been wearing something dark.

The compliment threw her. Reflexively, she smiled, but then her brow twitched and she cocked her head slightly. She seemed bemused. Bree briefly broke eye contact, and I jumped at the chance to avoid the rapidly escalating awkwardness.

I shot a fleeting look over my shoulder at the kebab shop. “It’s no Jamie Oliver,” I apologised. “But it’s all right for a quick feed if you don’t feel like cooking.”

“Oh no,” she laughed, obviously relieved with the change of subject. “It’s actually perfect. Kebabs are the only thing I can get Jessica to eat.”

“Well that’s lucky. At least I don’t have to make up any lies about how it’s the best kebab shop in the city. I ushered her over to the building entrance. As I fished around in my coat pocket for the swipe card, I leaned into her conspiratorially and whispered, “Actually, I think they deal drugs out of there.”

Bree laughed and slapped my chest with the back of her hand as I held the card to the reader. It chirped three times, causing the lock of the glass door to click open. I stepped through, holding the door open for her to enter the dark, shiny lobby.

“Oh, the mailboxes are inside,” Bree noted, studying the bank of stainless steel compartments opposite the two lifts on the left.

“Yeah, the postman actually has his own swipe card to get in. Really cuts down on the junk mail, and more secure if you want to check your mail late at night.” I stepped over to the boxes and tapped one on the top row. “This is yours, Number Fifty-Four.”

Bree gave me another bemused grin as I strode the three paces over to the lifts and pushed the call button. I always used possessive pronouns, like ‘yours’, when showing properties. It was an easy subliminal trick to get buyers in the right frame of mind. But she was having none of it.

The stainless steel doors on the right opened with a soft chime. I held my hand protectively across the door to stop it from closing and guided Bree into the lift first. Using the swipe card again to activate the panel, I pressed the button for the ninth floor.

“Will?” Bree breathed, gently touching my forearm as the doors closed. “I’m really sorry about Monday. Jessica had a bad meltdown, and I just couldn’t leave her.”

“That’s okay,” I smiled back, feeling my weight press into the floor of the rising elevator. “Half my day is waiting for no shows and cancellations. At least you have a good reason. I can’t imagine how hard it is to look after a disabled child.”

“Child with a disability,” Bree corrected, removing her hand from my arm.

“Huh? What did I say?” I was genuinely confused, but I knew I had said the wrong thing. My cheeks were warming and I could feel my forehead prickle with sweat.

“My daughter isn’t disabled,” she explained. “My daughter is Jessica. And Jessica has autism.”

I frowned at her. I still wasn’t getting it, my embarrassment growing. Trying to mask the move by scratching a pretend itch at my temple, I discreetly wiped the sweat from my brow.

“‘Disabled’ is a label that defines someone.” Bree’s tone was patient, her brown eyes serious. “‘Person with a disability’ is a description of something they have. The person comes first, not the disability.”

“Oh, okay,” I nodded, finally understanding the distinction. The elevator’s electronic voice announced our arrival to Level Nine and I gestured for Bree to step out onto the floor. “Well, you’ve got to give me some credit. At least I didn’t say handicapped this time.”

Bree spun around on the charcoal carpet in front of the lift, coming to rest with her hands on her hips. Her soft smile told me that she got the joke, but her brows were furrowed in playful admonishment. I shrugged a cheeky grin and beckoned her to follow me down the corridor. She allowed herself a small giggle, then sighed theatrically with a shake of her head as she fell in beside me.

“This is you, at the end,” I declared, stopping in front of the last door on the left of the deep purple hallway. Knocking first to check the owner wasn’t home, I slipped the key into the stainless steel lock and opened the heavy charcoal door to the apartment.

I strode in and pirouetted on the dark, porcelain tiles, leaning back against the self-closing door to keep it open for her. Bree paced through into the small foyer and tentatively looked around. The charcoal flooring carried through from the corridor, but the off-white walls in the apartment contrasted nicely with the purple outside. The owner had decorated with sleek, trendy furniture, with the odd flourish of vivid primary colour. It really was a nice place.

“So, this one doesn’t have all those great storage cupboards by the front door, like that one I showed you last week,” I pointed out as I clicked the door shut. I stepped over to the wall opposite. “But there is space here to put your grandmother’s side table and that antique mirror you were telling me about.”

Bree’s warm, brown eyes lit up, and her lips slid back from her teeth in that trademarked soft smile of hers. She was obviously tickled that I had remembered something about her.

“The other plus,” I went on, reaching in through the adjacent doorway and flicking on the light. “Is that this place has a separate laundry, rather than just a cupboard in the bathroom.”

She hummed her approval as she went in to inspect the small utility room by the front door. Bree was thorough, examining every inch of the space. I was ready this time for her questions about the hot water system and fuse box, holding up well to her interrogation. Satisfied, she turned off the light and drifted back out into the foyer. She looked up at me expectantly, waiting for the next part of the tour.

“This way.” I guided her the half a dozen or so paces across the entry. “Waving my arm from the kitchen on the right, past the glass eight-seater dining table to the white leather lounge setting, and the balcony on the other side of the full length windows, I continued. “This is obviously the living area.

Bree quickly scanned the space, then walked past me into the kitchen, trailing her fingers across the black granite bench top. I flew into my sales pitch, pointing out the sellable features of the spacious galley kitchen, as she carefully appraised every nook and cranny. She swung open the white, glossy doors of the overhead cupboards, then tested the working order of each soft-close hinge. There was something about the way she moved, so deliberate, so graceful.

Moving around into the dining area, I watched her across the island bench. She had her back to me while she studied the gas cooktop. My eyes automatically fell to the subtle curves of her ass in those simple black slacks. Although she had a good fifteen years on me, she was a very attractive woman. When she squatted down to look inside the under bench oven, the hem of her white blouse rode up from her waistband, revealing a few tantalising inches of delicately contoured skin. I couldn’t quite see the top of her panties, but it was a pleasant little thrill regardless.

Bree coughed a laugh, and I lifted my gaze up her slender back to see her glaring at me over her shoulder. Her nose was wrinkled in a what-the-fuck expression, complete with a crooked smile. She had caught me perving. The heat returned to my face and my forehead prickled again as she stood, holding my gaze the whole way.

I cleared my throat. “Um…” I swallowed. “I might just let you take a look around yourself. It’s pretty self-explanatory.”

Bree’s smile widened, and she couldn’t help giggling at my embarrassment. She kept her eyes fixed on mine as she stepped onto the carpet in the dining area. Twirling slowly between the dining table and couch to get a sense of the space, she finally released me from her scrutiny to continue her inspection of the apartment. I wiped the moisture from my brow and gave myself a mental slapping as she surveyed the living area.

Spinning around to face me, she asked excitedly, “The bedrooms are on either side of the living area?”

“I told you I had one that was perfect for you,” I grinned smugly. Holding my left arm out like an auto show model. “You’ll want to see Jessica’s room first.”

She smiled at me warmly, my pronoun trick working its magic. Bree rushed through the doorway to check out the room that might soon be her daughter’s. I couldn’t help but chuckle to myself when I heard the sound of her opening the wardrobe doors. A minute later she flashed a quick grin at me through the doorway on her way to the main bathroom, shortly followed by a thorough drawer-banging search of the vanity unit. When she returned to the living area, I could tell she was obviously impressed.

“So, how was that?” I leaned back against the kitchen bench. “Enough room for Jessica’s drawing table, do you think?”

“Yeah,” she beamed. “It’ll easily fit in there. Her bookshelves too.”

“That’s great,” I smiled. “Come on, let’s check out your room.” I ushered her across the living area and into the main bedroom. Full length windows made up the walls on two sides, one of them leading out onto the balcony. The king-size bed was neatly made with a white, patterned quilt, and sat between the doors to the ensuite bathroom and the walk-in wardrobe.

Bree couldn’t conceal her excitement as she strode around the room. She was as happy as a pig in shit with the walk-in robe. Women and wardrobes, I silently laughed to myself. The ensuite too, blew her away.

“I know, the shower’s over the bath,” I admitted. “But you actually have a bath. And the great thing about being on the corner of the building is that you have a window in your ensuite.” All the other apartments I had shown her had dark, internal bathrooms with no natural light.

Her big brown eyes were alight with excitement. It was infectious, and we both started giggling. She really was a beautiful woman. A few lines, a few grey hairs, but I liked it. She had an intangible quality the twenty somethings I usually ended up with lacked.

I became very aware of how close we were standing in the tight bathroom. The sound of our breathing echoed off the white porcelain that lined the walls, and I was sure it was growing louder. There was definitely a shift in the atmosphere. Bree sensed it too, toying with the button of her blouse between her modest breasts.

The piercing trill of her mobile phone startled us both as it broke the tension. She fished out her Samsung and checked the screen. “I’m sorry. Excuse me, I need to get this. It’s my ex-husband about Jessica.”

I nodded an understanding smile and stood back against the double vanity to give her room to leave the ensuite. Slowly padding out into the bedroom behind her, I could hear that she was in a heated discussion with him. I watched Bree slide open the glass door and step out onto the balcony to continue ripping her ex-husband a new asshole in relative privacy. Leaving her to it, I went back into the living area and took up position to wait for her, leaning against the kitchen bench.

I heard the sliding door rumble open in the bedroom about ten minutes later, then close again with a click of the lock. But Bree didn’t reappear. I gave her a few more minutes, anxiously watching the doorway. Still nothing.

I poked my head in the bedroom door. “Hey, how are you doing?”

“Oh, I’m fine,” she smiled brightly, as if everything was all right. But the almost imperceptible tremble of her voice betrayed her.

“Oh, Bree, what’s wrong?” I breathed as I entered the bedroom and moved towards her.

Her armour cracked in an instant, and her best light and breezy body language immediately collapsed into despair. Her shoulders slumped and her hand covered her mouth as she began to cry. I bounded the last few paces to her at the foot of the bed, wrapping her up in a tight, supportive hug. She fell into me, sobbing into my chest.

“I’m sorry,” she sniffed after only a few seconds, desperately trying to compose herself, rubbing at her eyes and nose with the back of her hand.

“Bree, it’s okay,” I whispered, brushing a few wayward strands of her hair behind her ear. Her face was red, probably just as much from embarrassment as the tears, and her mascara had begun to smear. “You’re allowed to cry.”

The dam burst and Bree buried her head in my chest again, this time letting herself go for a full thirty seconds before she sniffed and snorted herself back under control. She pulled back half a step, hiding her face with her hand.

“Here,” I offered her a blue spotted handkerchief. Putting my arm around her shoulders, I guided her to sit on the foot of the bed and placed my other hand on her knee. “Do you want to talk about it?”

“No, thank you, I don’t want to bother you with my dramas.” Bree blew her nose, but before she finished wiping, the floodgates opened again. “I’m sorry to break down on you. It’s just that I have to fight for absolutely everything, all the time. I just…I’m just so…”

“You just need a break,” I whispered, squeezing her shoulder.

“Exactly!” she whined, wringing her eyes shut and throwing her head back. “Dale, my ex-, you know, nothing’s ever good enough. I should be doing this for Jessica, or I should be doing that. But does he ever step up and help?”

I of course knew the answer was no, but I bit my tongue and just listened to her. It was heartbreaking to watch this incredibly strong, confident woman coming apart at the seams. But it was hardly surprising. There was only so long she could keep up the façade. She unloaded her awful life story, filling in the gaps between the odd pieces I already had from the half dozen times I had spoken to her before.

I knew she was on her own with an eighteen year old daughter with a disability. However, I was saddened to learn that her husband had run out on her shortly after Jessica had been diagnosed with autism. She was only three at the time. A real hero, leaving her with the burden of raising her alone. She had battled the education system and disability services for years to get Jessica through a mainstream school. And now that she had finished, she needed Dale to give their daughter some work experience stocking the shelves of his stationery shop after closing.

Her ex-husband was once again, nowhere.

This poor woman, I thought as I sat on the end of the bed with her, listening to her vent her spleen. I held her close, gently stroking her shoulder with my thumb. The feeling of her bra strap through her thin blouse triggered the less honourable centres of my brain, and I found myself wondering how long it had been since she had last had sex.

Oh, good one, dickhead. I looked away for a moment as I mentally chided myself. That’s the last fucking thing she needs, you cracking onto her in the middle of all this. Like you’re some sexual dynamo who could make her forget her troubles. What an ego!

I shook the thought and returned my attention to Bree. She was in a tailspin, running through an overwhelming list of things she had to do for Jessica, all of them this minute. Her usually smooth voice cracked as she went on, the increasing anxiety causing her eyes to brim with tears.

“You’re holding on so tight,” I reflected back gently.

“I have to,” she whined. “I don’t have any other choice.”

“What about just letting go?”

“Pfft,” Bree snorted. Clearly it was the most preposterous suggestion she had ever heard. Her head dropped as she shook it, launching back into her monologue of responsibilities and pressures.

“Hey,” I interrupted, gently squeezing her knee. When her dewy brown eyes looked up, I asked, “When was the last time you did something just for you?”

The question seemed to snap her out of it. Her eyes, glued to mine, narrowed slightly. Bree’s bottom lip twitched in concentration as she searched for a response. All of a sudden, her focus sharpened, but there was still no answer.

“And don’t say, buying an apartment,” I warned. “We both know you’re doing that to make sure Jessica has a future.”

Bree’s eyes twinkled and her lips spread into her beautifully soft smile. It wasn’t pride with what she was doing for her daughter, I knew. It was because I could see through her. “You don’t know me,” she snorted in mock indignation.

I held her gaze and smiled. “I think I have a pretty good idea.” I lifted my right hand from her knee and brushed the auburn hair from her forehead. As my fingertips lightly caressed her skin, I was emboldened by the spark of electricity I felt. When I returned my hand to her leg, I placed it considerably higher up her thigh.

Bree swallowed. Then subtly moistened her lips with her tongue, leaving the pink flesh glistening in the light streaming in through the full length windows. As she sat there, with my left arm around her, and my right hand on her thigh, she did absolutely nothing to pull away. She just stared at me, her eyes smouldering with anticipation.

My own heart pounded in my chest, and I became aware of the sound of my own breath. Her closeness, the feeling of her slender frame, the look she was giving me, it had to be a signal. I was sure she wanted me to kiss her.

Are you out of your mind? She’s a potential buyer, you idiot. And you’re way too young for her. My inner voice was a real ass, but he had a good point.

I sat a moment longer, not moving. The tension was palpable. I felt the flush in my cheeks, and the coy smile that turned up the corners of Bree’s mouth only made it worse. Unable to take it any longer, I leaned in, slowly, closing the maybe six inches between us to about three.

Bree’s breath hitched, but she didn’t pull back at all. She kept her big brown eyes locked on mine, waiting for me to keep going. I moved in another inch or so and Bree tilted her head up to meet me, her eyes closing as her soft pink lips parted. It was definitely a signal.

I moved forward the final inch.

Our lips met softly for just a moment. Tentatively, I pulled back a fraction, keeping my nose in contact with hers, and opened my eyes to gage her reaction. Bree kept her eyes closed and inhaled as she chased the kiss. I pressed my lips to hers and sucked her bottom lip between mine. The sound of gentle slurping and our quickening breath became my whole world.

I slid the tip of my tongue along Bree’s bottom lip, eliciting the sweetest little moan. She reciprocated, gingerly probing my mouth with hers. I sucked at her warm, wet flesh, spiralling my tongue around her own. I was losing myself in the rising passion of the kiss, and judging by the increasing tempo of Bree’s whimpering moans, so was she.

She lifted her left hand to touch the side of my face, but the cold moisture of the dirty handkerchief she still held caused me to flinch. Bree gasped, shocked by the oversight. “Oh, I’m sorry,” she couldn’t help but giggle. Turning away from me to place it on the bed beside her, I took the opportunity to catch my breath. She smiled brightly at me, wiped her hand on her knee, and gripped the back of my head to pull me back into the kiss.

Giggling into each other’s mouths, we picked up where we left off. My hand moved up her thigh, and I felt Bree’s body tense slightly. I snorted a small laugh as I lifted my hand to her stomach and slid it around to her side. I wasn’t quite ready to go between her legs, and when she understood, I could sense her relax.

My hand found the round dome of her breast, supported in a tight, padded bra. Cupping her, I squeezed the half handful and swung my thumb across the area where her nipple should have been. Unfortunately all I could feel was the wonders of fabric engineering. Undeterred, I moved my hand farther up until I cradled her chin with my thumb and forefinger. Then tracing my index finger down her throat, I made my way back down to the top button of her blouse.

I got the first button undone with one hand, and revelled in the sensation of the smooth skin between her breasts against my knuckles as I continued onto the next. But I was too distracted by Bree’s fingers combing through my dark brown hair as we kissed feverishly to manage the second. We shared another giggle as I brought my other hand around from her back. Still, I couldn’t get it. I pulled away from the kiss and focused all my attention on getting her blouse undone.

Bree’s head was down, intently watching me wrestle with her buttons, her long hair tickling at my hands. She looked up at me when I finished, her brown eyes ablaze with mischief. “Smooth,” she teased.

“You think this is clumsy,” I smiled back, brushing the white cotton from her shoulders. “Wait until I try and get into that bra.”

Bree giggled. Then tilting her head and pursing her lips to give me a sultry look, she reached behind herself and unclasped her black bra. The tension released around her chest, but she left the thin shoulder straps in place. More interested in getting me undressed, Bree peeled my pinstripe suit coat off my shoulders and expertly went to work on my red tie as she began kissing me again.

With the hard part already done for me, I ran my hands up the subtle contours of Bree’s sides and in under her bra. The soft swell of her breasts felt so incredible, literally taking my breath away in an amazed gasp. They were small, but there was a weight to them as I cupped them in the crook of my fingers. They were softer than any others I had ever felt, making the stiffness of her erect nipples all the more prominent. I couldn’t help but roll the smooth little nubs between my fingers.

I leaned back to shrug off my shirt. I hadn’t even noticed her get it undone, too consumed with kissing her and fondling her breasts. Bree’s cheeks were flushed, and I noticed the pinkish hue that spread to her chest. When I looked up to meet her gaze, Bree was staring at me expectantly, almost pleading with me. It took me a second to figure it out, but I could tell by the way her fingers trembled, hooked in the shoulder straps of her bra, she was nervous to show herself to me. I gave her the warmest, most reassuring smile I had in my arsenal.

Bree’s shiny eyes were hopeful, overflowing with the beautiful vulnerability that lay just beneath the surface. The vulnerability that touched my heart. She bit her bottom lip, then slid the straps off her shoulders. The dark cups fell away in her hands, revealing her small breasts. They looked just as good as they felt. I couldn’t help myself from staring. Eventually I looked up into her big brown eyes and smiled. Bree smiled back, relieved that I was pleased with what I saw.

I moved in towards her again, kissing her deeply and pawing at her breasts. As she wrapped her arms around my neck, I ran my fingers down her soft tummy to the waistband of her black slacks. The button came undone easily, as did the zip. Bree moaned loudly into my mouth in response. Burrowing my fingertips into the elastic of her panties, I slid my hands apart over her hipbones and grabbed her pants and underwear together at her sides. I pulled them down together to the bed, and bree lifted herself up into me to allow me to slide her clothes out from under her ass. I stopped when I had them halfway down her thighs, switching my grip from her pants to her legs.

Breaking away from the kiss, I looked down to see a gorgeous thatch of dark pubic hair, and my face flushed with intense warmth. I couldn’t believe this was happening. I looked up at Bree again. “Are you okay?”

Bree nodded, her face rubbing against mine as she did. We shared a brief look and started kissing again.

I swivelled off the bed to half crouch in front of her. Falling onto my knees, I pulled Bree’s pants down her thighs, trailing my fingers along her skin as I went. I snorted a playful laugh.

“What?” she frowned down at me, her head tilted quizzically to the side.

“How long since you last shaved your legs?” I smiled up at her.

“Oh my God!” Bree threw her hands to her face, trying to hide her embarrassment.

“It’s okay,” I laughed. “It’s not like you were expecting anything to happen today. Besides, I like the not so perfect you.”

She scoffed a laugh, then lowered her hands to her lap. She was blushing, and her lips twitched as she pressed them tightly together, but she let me continue undressing her anyway. When I reached her knees, she lifted her left leg up to help me get her pants off. She still had her shoes on, but when I tried to slip the first one off, it wouldn’t budge. She was tightly laced up in a pair of sensible walking shoes. There was nothing for it but to give up on her pants and undo her laces.

Bree giggled above me as I fumbled with the double knot. “How are you doing down there?”

It was now my turn to playfully chastise her. She giggled again, and I got her first shoe off. Unable to cope with leaving her in black socks, I peeled that off too and freed her left leg from her slacks and panties. Although it was probably all I needed, I got rid of her other shoe and removed her last stitches of clothing.

Cradling the back of her ankle with my hand, I straightened her right leg and began kissing the inside of her calf. I massaged the soft muscle as I went, trying my best not to snigger as the stubble on her leg prickled my hands and face. The sound of my own muffled breath brought my attention back to the task at hand. My heart was pounding and I was getting dizzy. But still, the thrill of kissing my way up Bree’s slender, naked leg brought me an indescribable bliss.

Our eyes met when I reached the inside of her knee. Bree was panting just as hard as I was, her mouth hanging open in excited disbelief. Everything I was craved to please her. I was so eternally grateful that she was letting me try. I lifted her knees up from the corner of the bed, causing her to lean back on her arms. Her legs parted and I got my first look at her amazing sex, nestled in amongst the unruly curls of her unattended bush. I froze for a second, completely in awe.

I looked up at her. “Oh, Bree,” I gasped.

The warmth of her smile melted me in an instant, and I resumed kissing my way along the perfect softness of her inner thigh. I followed the tiny depressions made by my fingers in her flesh as I got closer. Bree was shaking slightly. It was half from the awkward position she was in, and half from her excitement. There was no mistaking her arousal, signalled by the heady aroma of her pussy.

My own cock was all but tearing out of my pants, desperately aching to fuck her. I brushed my fingers across her mound until I was lightly holding her thighs apart. I wanted to tease her, drawing this out as much as I could to build the tension, but I didn’t have the strength to restrain myself. I planted a heavy kiss on her swollen lips, causing Bree to gasp a surprised moan. Droplets of her wetness clung to my lips as I pulled back, and I licked them away, revelling in her earthy taste.

I touched my tongue to the bottom of her slit and licked up through her steamy folds until I reached her clit. The sound of Bree crying out when I lapped her button fuelled my lust, spurring me on. Not that I needed any encouragement. I licked through her sex again and again, each time her slick wetness growing thicker.

Bree collapsed onto her back as I ate her out. She grabbed at my hair, clenching it into tight fists and pulling me into her. She bucked her hips as I probed my tongue into her dripping hole at the start of each lap, and she arched her back and howled when I spiralled around her clit at the end. I loved the way she was able to just let go.

I spread her labia open with my thumbs, splaying out her glistening sex. It was the most perfect, sexy flower I had ever seen. I licked at every delicious petal, making my way to the tight little hood at the top. Sensing that she was close, I sucked her clit into my mouth and rolled the tip of my tongue around and around. Bree was almost wailing in response to my ministrations, on the brink of hyperventilating. My own breathing was laboured, quickening to match hers.

“Oh, Will. I’m close. Yes. Yes!”

I moaned myself, still sucking her clit, and excited that her release was near. Urged on by her increasing intensity, I slid my index and middle fingers deep inside her sodden hole. Bree convulsed wildly, and I twisted my fingers back and forth as she was overcome by an intense, heaving climax.

Bree’s horny cunt clamped around my fingers, almost breaking them as she came. Her vagina flooded with wetness, soaking my fingers and dribbling down over my knuckles. When I kneeled back and slipped my fingers from her, I was stunned by how engorged her pussy was. It was a deep red, almost purple. And her pungent aroma had me in a frenzy.

“Are you all right?” I murmured, struggling to catch my breath. “Do you want to keep going?”

Bree’s head lolled up from the spent heap she had become on the bed. Her eyes were glazed over and she seemed to have trouble focusing on me. But after a few seconds, a wicked grin spread across her lips, and she shuffled back from the edge of the bed to get into a better position.

I shot up from my knees, frantically unfastening my belt and getting my pants undone. The image of Bree laying naked on the white doona, her legs spread and her long, auburn hair fanned out around her, was irresistible. I stood on my heels to kick off my shoes, and shoved my pants and undies down my legs. Bree giggled as my cock flicked free. She kept her eyes fixed on it, chewing her bottom lip.

“Circumcised, huh?” she teased.

Grinning back, I crawled over the top of her, devouring her in a hungry kiss. She stroked the side of my face, then I felt her hands travelling down my chest and stomach. The feeling of Bree’s delicate fingers wrapping around my shaft nearly made me come. It was all I could do to hold on. And when I felt the softness of her inner thighs caressing my hips, I almost lost it.

Bree guided my cock to her opening, nestling my engorged head between her lips. Letting gravity ease my weight into her, I slid inside her in one, long, smooth motion, submerging myself in her soaking heat. Her hips rolled up to meet me as I bottomed out, and we broke our kiss, both of us needing to moan out in unadulterated pleasure.

She hooked her knees over my thighs and stared into my eyes as I slowly withdrew. I pulled out, leaving just the tip inside her. Waiting an agonising moment, I steadily drove my cock back into her wanton snatch. I took my time with each stroke, savouring the wonderfully warm, wet sensation of her pussy.

Bree was amazing. With every thrust, she pulled me into her with her legs, her calves pressed into the back of my thighs. She bucked her hips up at the bottom of each stroke, taking me as deeply as she could. We fell into a perfect rhythm, rocking into each other with lusty abandon.

We kissed. We shared breathless giggles. We stared into each other’s eyes. The symphony of sounds filled the bright bedroom: our heavy breathing; the increasing grunts and moans; the slopping friction of my cock pumping in and out of Bree’s pussy; and the slap of my balls against her ass.

It was the most magical experience of my life. It was more than just sex, but it wasn’t quite making love. Perhaps it was the brilliant space in between.

Bree held me close, her arms tightly clasped around my back. Her body squirmed beneath mine with increasing urgency. Her moaning too, reached a fever pitch. I could tell that my pelvic bone grinding into her clit was pushing her to her next orgasm.

“Oh yes,” she grunted. “Don’t stop. I’m going to come.”

“Yeah? You’re going to come?” I kissed her excitedly, getting carried away myself.

“Uh-huh,” she moaned into my mouth.

“Come for me, Bree. I want you to come all over my cock.” I was puffing like a madman. I fought to keep my pace, not wanting to vary anything that may deny her another release.

Bree held her breath, her whole body clenching as she struggled to hold back the painful ecstasy of another climax. A short groan escaped her gritted teeth. She held on a moment, then another. Her nails dug into my shoulder blades as her body shuddered uncontrollably beneath me.

She was gone.

“I’m come…” she almost sobbed, unable to catch her breath. “I’m…I’m co…I’m coming.”

Bree screamed from deep down in her diaphragm. Her body quivered, arching up into mine. No longer finding her undulating harmony with my strokes, her body locked around me in a frozen, vice-like grip. Her heels dug into my ass, holding me firmly in position. I felt the increasing wetness of her cunt as it tightly clenched my cock.

I mashed my mouth to hers, ravishing her in yet another desperate kiss. She held me so tight, I could barely move inside her. All I could do was grind her deeper and deeper into the mattress, my knees burning with friction as they slid repeatedly on the doona, trying to gain a purchase.

I sat back onto my heels, staring down at the spent beauty splayed out before me. She was a wreck. A spectacular, sexy wreck, thankfully still impaled on my raging cock. Bree had her forearms crossed over her face, taking a minute to regain some composure as I continued to fuck her.

Scooping up her legs, I lifted them over my shoulders, resting her prickly calves against my chest. Somehow, my cock sank even deeper into her gooey core. It never ceased to amaze me how closing a woman’s legs during sex allowed for deeper penetration. It just didn’t make sense.

I felt the tip of my cock nudge Bree’s cervix. The sensation jolted her back into the moment with a surprised grunt. She threw her arms aside to the bed and stared up at me, wide-eyed. My next thrust caused her to wince with discomfort, and she tried to hold me back, pressing her fingers into my stomach as I drove into her again.

“Oh, God. I’m sorry,” I panted. “Did I hurt you?”

“It’s just a little too deep,” Bree whispered breathlessly. “Can we please change position?”

“Sure. Of course we can,” I nodded apologetically.

Bree swung her left leg down off my shoulder to the bed, twisting her torso with the movement. The muscles in her core compressed as her legs opened, forcing my intruding cock from the depths of her canal. “Oh, that’s better,” she sighed.

Almost instinctively, I scrambled to straddle her left leg and get myself into a scissor position. I held her right leg close to my body, massaging the soft muscles of her thigh as I kissed her ankle. I pumped my cock into her greedy cunt, watching my glistening shaft slide in and out of her.

The dark curls of Bree’s pussy looked so incredible, contrasting with our pale flesh as we bounced against each other. Her slender fingers reached down for her clit, rubbing tiny circles around the sensitive bud. I cast my eyes up her body, past her jiggling breasts, her nipples standing so erect, they looked painful. Bree smiled at me, her brown eyes sparkling.

“Oh, Christ. Bree, I’m going to come,” I rasped; overwhelmed by that familiar, warm tingle that swelled deep in my stomach.

“Mmm.” Bree’s eyes were fixed on mine as she unabashedly frigged herself.

“Oh, Bree. I’m going to come,” I heaved. The immense, expanding churn of my orgasm was reaching critical mass. “Do you want me to… Where do you want…?”

Bree stared up at me, gently jostling against my panicked thrusts. She didn’t say anything. She just lay there, moaning, the corners of her mouth curling up in a wicked smirk.

It was too much. My climax seized me in a violent spasm, and I exploded deep inside Bree’s pussy. I roared as jet after jet of spunk gushed out through my cock, filling her with thick spurts of cum.

When my euphoria subsided, I was overcome by a wave of emotion as the paralysis of hypersensitivity radiated from my cock. It flushed through my body, and I hugged Bree’s leg to steady myself. I felt her bearing down on me, her urgent moans breaking through the haze of my semi-consciousness. She was still masturbating, furiously rubbing at her clit. As her pussy convulsed in another orgasm, my own cock bucked with another hot release of semen. A second blast followed, leaving me stunned.

“Oh my God,” Bree panted, her face flushed. “Did you just come again?”

“I think so.” I was dazed, astonished that I had just experienced a multiple orgasm of sorts.

Bree swung her right leg down to meet the other on the bed, rolling her body onto her side. I fell down onto the bed behind her, sweeping her up into a tight, spooning hug. She snuggled back into me, wiggling into position until the full length of her body was pressed against mine. I was still half inside her, but slowly I began to slip from her slick folds.

Her head rested on my bicep, and she held my other arm close to her chest. My face was nestled in her thick mane of hair. There was nothing special about the smell of it, just regular Pantene. Bree had too much going on to be worried about fancy, tropical-scented shampoo, I realised. Everything about her was sensible efficiency.

Everything about her was perfect.

As she held my hand to the soft pillow of her breasts, I felt so incredibly close to her. There was so much comfort in the warmth of her body. I had never known that feeling before. I usually had the urge to get straight up and get as far away as possible after sex. It was like a switch was flicked and I had to flee the scene of the crime. But with Bree, it was different. I wanted to stay.

I slid my hand down her soft tummy, past her navel, then up over her rounded hip. The only sound in the room was the faint white noise of my palm caressing Bree’s skin as I made my way along the seductive curves of her waist and torso. Combing her hair back off her neck with my fingers, I planted tiny, little kisses on her shoulder, and gently stroked the back of her upper arm.

“Hey?” I whispered. “How are you doing?”

“Mmm,” she purred, pressing herself back into me. “I’m doing good. I’m just enjoying the silence.”

I tried to hold my tongue to let her keep enjoying it, but I couldn’t help myself. “You don’t get any silence at home?”

“No,” she shook her head against my bicep. There was a detached monotone in her voice as she told me how Jessica pounced on her as soon as she walked in the door. “She doesn’t talk to me, she talks at me. And when I do finally get her to go to bed, she spends all night spinning the wheels on her toy car. Zzzz zzzz zzzz,” she mimicked the sounds with her mouth. “It’s all night. Our bedrooms are right next to each other. There’s just no escape from it.”

“That’s why you wanted an apartment with split bedrooms,” I realised.

“You must think I’m the worst mother in the world.” Bree was letting the guilt get the better of her. “You know, trying to get away from my daughter?”

“No.” I kissed the back of her head. “I just figured you wanted some privacy so you could crank that Thunderstick up to eleven.”

Bree guffawed loudly, her whole body bouncing with laughter. She half turned to look at me over her shoulder and slapped me hard on the hip. “No!” Her eyes were narrowed playfully. Then settling back into the spoon, she confessed, “It’s a LELO actually. I don’t need privacy for that. They’re really quiet.”

“Okay then,” I chuckled. “Seriously, Bree, you’re needs are important too. If you don’t take care of yourself, you can’t take care of Jessica.”

She snorted a laugh. She knew I was right, but there was no way she was going to admit it. The silence returned, save for the soft sound of my skin caressing hers.

I ran my hand down over the gorgeous curve of her hip, then cupped her impossibly soft ass. As I massaged her pliable flesh, my fingers worked their way into her cleft until I was lightly stroking my middle finger across her puckered, little asshole.

I felt Bree’s body stiffen at the touch. “That doesn’t feel nice?” I whispered as I sucked her earlobe into my mouth.

“Yeah, that feels nice,” she breathed. “I’m just worried where you’re going to go next.”

“I’m not going anywhere you don’t want me to.”

“Well, you’re not going in there, Cowboy,” she giggled. But still, her body relaxed and she let me continue to spiral my finger around her rosebud.

“Doesn’t it feel good to just let go?” I smiled gently.

“How do you do that?” I could hear the smile in her beautifully smooth voice.

“Do what?” I furrowed my brow at the back of her head.

“Read me so well,” she sighed.

I smiled and kissed her ear. “Bree, it’s my job to know what people want. I need to know when they like something, or when they don’t. I need to know if they have any doubts, or if they’re holding anything back.” Removing my hand from her ass, I squeezed her upper arm. “I need to know how to meet their needs.”

“What about your needs? What is it that you want?” She half turned to look at me over her shoulder.

I playfully touched my finger to her asshole again, causing us both to start giggling.

“You’re terrible,” she huffed, slapping my hip again. Her body stiffened suddenly. “Oop, I’m dripping.” Bree shot up, rolling off the bed. With her hand between her legs, she scurried off into the ensuite to clean herself up.

I heard the rumble of the toilet paper roll spinning on its holder a moment later. It was a good enough signal as any to get up. I brushed my hand over the white bedspread to smooth it out. There was a small wet spot, but nothing that wouldn’t dry out before the owner got home.

Bree stepped back into the bedroom, studying me as I straightened out the bed. She looked so good. It wasn’t just the beauty of her naked body. It was the sparkle in her eyes. She seemed somehow lighter.

She held my gaze as she squatted down and retrieved her black panties from the pile of clothes on the floor at the foot of the bed. Stepping into them, she eased them up her slender legs and over the curve of her hips. Wrinkling her nose at me, she smirked, “What are you looking at?”

“I was just wondering what you thought of the apartment,” I grinned.

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