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Martha’s Garden

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When the weather was warm, it was Martha’s custom to lay naked in her back garden. She stretched out luxuriously on the large sun lounger, reading, dozing or just contemplating the world for an hour or two each fine afternoon.

A high brush fence surrounded the garden, screening it off from the houses either side. Thus, she could lay nude and unobserved, or at least, almost unobserved.

Martha knew that there was a very small split in the fence that would enable someone on the other side of to get a partial view of the garden. She could have repaired the hole or covered it up quite easily, but she chose not to. She was fully aware that she was observed from time to time by Derek, the eighteen-year-old son of her neighbours. Derek had been spying on the naked Martha for some years and her knowledge of this both amused and sexually excited Martha a little.

If Martha did not wish to be observed, as when she wanted to masturbate, the sun lounger could be moved to a position that was beyond the observation range of the hole. Martha often chuckled to herself when she did this, thinking how frustrating it was for Derek, and how he must be mad to know what she was doing out of his sight.

Martha was a widow and fifty five years of age. When it came to observing her, there was plenty to see. She was a large lady, with heavy, soft and pendulous breasts. Her thighs were thick, but well shaped and strong. Her late husband had many times nearly had his spine snapped by those legs, as Martha wrapped them round him in sexual ecstasy.

Where her thighs joined her lower abdomen there was a thick thatch of once black, but now greying, pubic hair. Within the thicket of the hair there lurked the large vagina of which her husband used to say, “A man could get lost in there.” He had in fact often been “lost in there.”

Martha’s face was, like the rest of her, plump, with wide, sensual lips, a slightly turned up nose, and near black eyes. Her hair, thanks to the ministrations of her hairdresser, was still black. As for the lines of aging, these seemed to have been ironed out by the fleshy plumpness.

For the rest of the physical Martha, let us just say she was “abundantly blessed.”

She was a very cheerful, open sort of person. Always having been “buxom,” she attracted men easily but once married she remained faithful, almost.

There had been a couple of instances that had been kept locked away inside her. Once when she had taken a tourist bus trip for the day, and found her self in a wooded glade with a rather ardent young man who was also taking the trip. It was a lovely day and Martha had been thoroughly relaxed. The little interlude with the young man rounded out the day nicely for her.

The other brief liaison took place when on a fortnight’s visit to her sister who lived in a distant town. One evening, her sister had invited in some friends and neighbours to meet Martha. One of the visitors was a young man some ten years her junior and he showed every sign of being attracted. Her sister, being a sympathetic sort of woman, and observing that Martha was responding to the young man, arranged for all the guests to depart, leaving the young man as the last to go. He in fact did not go, but spent the night in bed with Martha.

She passed off her two little aberrations as “Ships that pass in the night,” that took nothing away from her husband.

On the whole, she had been very content with her husband who took her vigorously and often, and on four occasions joyfully fertilized her. The outcomes of the impregnations had now left home.

Widowed for five years, Martha now lived alone. She had deprived herself of sexual gratification, apart from masturbating, being of the opinion that she was “past it.” It was not that her own sex drive had faded – far from it – but she felt that no one of worthwhile virility would be interested in “screwing an old woman like me.”

It was rather sad that she held this view, especially as she found masturbation a poor substitute for the real thing. There were times when she ached for a man’s penis in her vagina and warm sperm spurting into her, and the sensual cleansing of orgasm. Unfortunately, it had not reached her ears that many young men sought the security of lovemaking with an older woman, and needed the experience such women brought to the sexual act.

As for young Derek spying on her through the fence, she wrote this off as sheer curiosity, thinking he probably got a hearty laugh out of seeing an old woman naked. So, it was almost by accident that fresh light was shed upon the situation.

One warm afternoon a little demon seemed to awake inside Martha. She knew that Derek was at home, and his parents were away somewhere for the weekend, so Martha decided to have a bit of fun with Derek. “I’ll give him something to really stare at,” she thought.

In the past she had never done anything overtly sexual within his line of vision except lay naked on the sun lounger. On this day, she decided to give Derek a little demonstration. She placed the sun lounger so that, as she lay on it, her feet pointed in the direction of the spy hole. Martha could tell when Derek was watching her because the little sliver of light, normally visible through the hole, would disappear as soon as he applied his eye to it.

After laying on the sun lounger for about half and hour, Martha saw the light disappear, and she knew she was being observed. Trying not to chuckle, Martha opened her legs and drew up her knees, thus giving Derek a full view of her genital region. She waited for a while, and then reached down with her hand, and slipping her finger through the bush of pubic hair, she inserted it into her vagina.

She pushed her finger in and out of her opening for a while, and then transferred to her clitoris. Lifting the hood covering the little spot, she began to gently run her finger round it. As she did this, she emitted soft gasps and moans.

Martha had not intended to give herself an orgasm, but finding that she was getting beyond the point of no return, she completed the activity with a full blown climax during which she struggled to suppress the screams she would have liked to give forth with. She gasped and moaned a little more loudly while she squirmed with sexual delight.

As she began to calm down and take in the world around her again, she heard a sound from behind the fence. Having had three sons, she knew the meaning of those sounds. The gasping intakes of breath followed by grunts and moans clearly indicated to Martha that Derek was masturbating.

Martha was shocked. She had not intended to produce this result. It was supposed to be a bit of demonic fun with Derek getting a bit of a shock at seeing an old woman “worked up.”

“My God, he got hot watching me,” she thought. “He wants me!” She no longer wanted to chuckle. She knew all too well, the pain of unfulfilled sexual desire, and never had she gone out of her way to arouse men if she was not going to gratify them.

She fled indoors feeling ashamed of what she had done to Derek. “You’re a wicked old woman, tormenting a boy like that,” she told herself. “You must do something to make amends.” But what could she do?

Martha puzzled over this for the rest of the afternoon, and this led on to further thoughts. “If I got him so worked up that he had to relieve himself, then he must have wanted to fuck me.” Having for some time decided that no man, especially a young man, would want sex with her, she had great trouble in coming to terms with this thought.

About her own feelings she at first tried to deny them, but a wet vagina and a throbbing clitoris would not let her escape. She would just love to have that boy in her. “Oh God, just once,” she thought, “Just one more time with a vigorous young man, that’s all I ask.” If she had inspired sexual torment in Derek, she was now being repaid double with the torture of her own arousal.

At this point, it was no longer a question whether or not she wanted sex with Derek, but how it could be brought about. She could hardly go knocking on his door and say, “Would you like to fuck me, Derek?” There had to be some other way…some way they could search each other out. Some way to test how far the other wanted to go, and leaving pride in tact if there was rejection.

Light shone in the darkness. “Of course, there is an obvious way that would seem perfectly natural. His parents are away, so invite the boy to an evening meal.”

Martha could not muster the courage to meet Derek face to face at this stage, so with a shaking hand she picked up the telephone and dialed. When he answered, she tried to steady her voice. “Hello Derek, Martha here.” “Oh, hello.” She could hear the quaver in his voice. “I believe your parents are away for the weekend?” “Er, yes.” “I thought if you didn’t have any plans about a meal, you might like to come and eat with me?” “I, er…well, I was going to prepare something, but…yes, its very kind of you…it will save me…yes, thank you very much. What time?” “How about seven o’clock?” “Fine. See you then.” “Lovely. Goodbye.” “Bye.”

As Martha put down the telephone, she was shaking all over. “What have I done, ” she thought. “I’m making a complete fool of myself. Inviting a young chap like that and thinking he might have sex with me. You stupid idiot.”

Still, it was done. He said he would come for the meal, so now she must go through with it whatever happened, or did not happen. She set about preliminary preparations for the meal. Having done this “idiot thing,” she decided that she might as well give it her best. She would use the best cutlery and crockery and, “heaven help me,” it would be a candlelight dinner.

The next preparations were focused on her self. Martha showered and sparingly but carefully applied makeup in the most seductive way she knew. Thinking (incorrectly as it happened) that her plumpness would be off putting, she chose a dark red, long loose fitting dress to try and cover up her generous curves. She dressed her hair into two loose plaits one falling on either side of her face, reaching almost to her breasts.

She decided that her breasts, being very full and no longer standing out firmly, needed to be given the support of a bra, but “just in case,” she resolved that panties could be dispensed with for the occasion. Her long dress would cover what needed to be covered, and at the same time make her easily accessible should the miracle take place.

Martha returned to the preparations for the meal and opened a bottle of red wine. Having checked that everything was in order, at five minutes to seven she lit the two candles she had placed on the table.

As a ploy to prepare her for disappointment, she kept telling herself “nothing will happen.” For good or ill her body protested at this stratagem with nipples erect and firm, and wetness at the top of her legs. Promptly at seven, Derek was on her doorstep bringing with him a bottle of red wine. Martha thought, “Well, if nothing else, we can at least get drunk.”

Derek was clearly in a very nervous state. Martha at first took heart from this, thinking, “If he only thinks he is coming for a meal, he would not be so apprehensive.” Then the further thought struck her, “Perhaps he thinks I shall try and seduce him, and he doesn’t like the idea.”

Derek offered rather effusive and stammered thanks for the invitation that Martha interrupted saying, “It’s all ready, so why don’t we eat.”

Derek was somewhat surprised by the elaborate arrangements Martha had made for the meal. He had anticipated something at the kitchen table, and not the best equipment laid out in the dining room, and candles! Was he being given a message?

They settled down to eat and after a couple of glasses of the red wine became a little less tense. Conversation was at first rather limited and polite, but became more animated with the wine. The meal over and the clearing up done, Derek asked Martha hesitantly, “Would you like me to go, now?” Martha wanted to say, “Please don’t go,” but instead asked, “Do you have anything arranged for the evening?”

Derek cut in quickly, “Oh, no.” “Well, we’ve still got the other bottle of wine to open, so let’s go into the lounge with it,” Martha hopefully suggested. The lounge was not candlelit, but Martha made sure that only a low powered standard lamp in the corner was turned on.

Derek opened the second bottle of wine and poured for them. They both seemed to avoid sitting on the couch, and selected separate armchairs. A new awkwardness seemed to descend on them as they sipped their wine. The situation had reached that difficult stage wherein Derek was trying to conceal a throbbing erection, while Martha tried to pretend she was not soaking wet between the legs, and each was fearful of making the first move in case of rejection.

The moment came when Derek, fortified by the wine and urged by his now painful erection, noticed that Martha’s glass was nearly empty. He approached her with the bottle and began to fill her glass. Completing this task he leaned forward and kissed Martha on the lips.

Martha had not expected that this would be the moment for the opening gambit. Derek, having made his opening move, was now amazed and embarrassed at his audacity and starting to splutter apologies. Martha made a hasty recovery from her surprise and decided to take the initiative. She put down her glass and rising, she pulled her soft yielding body tightly against Derek, and planted a return kiss on his lips, at the same time forcing his lips open to insert her tongue.

Neither of them seemed to want to break this kiss, so Martha began to rotate her hips against Derek, whose erection was now throbbing almost painfully, and his penis discharging precum.

Martha, by now thoroughly soaked with her own sexual discharge, took the wine bottle from Derek’s hand and stood it on a nearby table. She drew Derek to the couch. Releasing his penis from the confines of his trousers, she pushed him down onto his back, pulled up her dress to expose her femaleness, and sat across Derek.

Neither of them were able to last long, the prior sexual tension had been too great. In less than a minute they were both screaming and moaning as they came to orgasm. Then it was over. Martha sat across Derek for a while as they both recovered from the sudden onslaught. When she felt him slacken in her, she pulled away from him. Derek was trying to speak, “That was…it was so…I’ve wanted for years…if only you…” He hesitated for a moment, then went on rather plaintively, “Do you want me to go…?”

Martha felt a deep compassion for this unsure young man sweep over her. His urgent need for her had moved her to sweet tenderness. She was so grateful that it was he who had the courage to make the first move. Her pride had been preserved, and it had set aside her fear that he would not want a woman of her age. She smiled at him and asked, “Would you like to stay the night?”

Derek looked as if he had just received a gift he had fervently desired, which in fact he had. He said, “Oh yes, Martha.” Martha said, “Then let’s clean up and go to bed.” They showered together with Martha making sure Derek’s penis got plenty of attention. It was erect before they got into the bed.

Martha felt that it was she who must open the game this time. She pressed close to Derek, leaning over him and kissing him wide mouthed with tongue exploring. She could feel him shaking with lust for her as she licked over his face and down his body to take his shaft into her mouth. It was throbbing and she tasted the little discharges and knew he could not hold back for long. Momentarily she came away from him and said, “Let it all go, darling, just let it come.” He protested, “But, it will…” “Don’t worry my love, just let go.” She smiled and took him into her mouth again, this time sucking powerfully.

He came with a mighty flood of sperm. She felt it hammering out of him, filling her mouth and then overflowing as she struggled to swallow it. He was crying out, Oh Martha, Martha, I want…Aah.”

Then he was finished. He lay back making little groaning sounds of contentment. Martha drew herself beside him, embracing him and murmuring, “Feel better now, my love?” “Oh God, Martha,” he sighed, “It was so beautiful. How can I ever get enough of you?” “We have the rest of the night,” she answered.

She left him for a few minutes to clean her self, and returned with cloth and towel to wash his penis. She wondered if he had now expended himself in his two discharges. She did not have long to wait before she found out.

No sooner was she beside him in the bed when he reached for her breasts. “I’ve always wanted to touch your breasts,” he said, “they’re so beautiful.” Martha was amazed. She considered that after four children and the passing of time, her breasts were not exactly her most attractive feature. Yet this young man now fondled them as if they were the most beautiful objects he could imagine.

Martha lay back and closed her eyes, relishing every moment of his touch. She felt his lips close over a nipple and begin to suck while his hand continued to embrace her other breast. The tenderness she had felt for him began to turn into something else. Could it be love? He was now almost consuming her breast and wild desires began to flood her. She pulled away from him, pushed him on to his back and brought her vagina up to his mouth. “Kiss me there, darling. Lick me. Suck me.”

She put her hands behind his head and dragged him into her, grinding his lips against her opening. She felt his tongue flash into her, thrusting and seeking. She flicked her organ against his face, feeling her fluids running out of her onto him. He struggled to dig deeper and deeper into her.

Martha felt her orgasm approaching, so she pushed Derek away saying, “Come into me now, my love, please, now.”

He fell across her, his penis seeking her entrance. She guided him into her and felt him penetrate deep as he seized her hips and pulled her to him. She was beside herself with desire for him, wanting to feel the hot sperm smash into her. She was crying out, “Derek, take me, take me deeper. Don’t stop. Please don’t stop.”

Her orgasm came with an intensity she had never in her life felt before. It shook her entire body with wave after wave of agonising pleasure. She would have willingly died for the sake of this one experience.

In the midst of her own orgasm she suddenly felt Derek convulse. He gave a great cry, and then his sperm shot into her. They struggled together to drag him deeper and deeper into her, crying out incoherent words of love and desire.

They were finished. Slowly Derek withdrew from Martha, and dropped beside her, his hand seeking her breasts. He gently fondled her, kissing her shoulders and neck. Martha was lost in a mist of love and gratification, yet with desire still burning inside her. They rested for a while.

Derek’s kissing and fondling started to become more urgent. Martha felt for his penis and found it hard and ready again. “Darling,” she asked, “Would you like to take me in the anus this time?” “I don’t know,” he replied doubtfully. “I’ve never done that.” “Try it,” Martha said gently. “If you don’t like it we can stop. Just push in slowly.”

Martha lay on her side with Derek behind her. She guided him carefully to her anus and said, “Push now, darling.” Her anus was wet where her discharge had flowed from the previous intercourse, and Derek’s penis was also wet. As he pushed, he felt him self slip in easily. Martha was relaxed, and she instructed him, “Push harder now, put it all in me.”

He felt the entire length of his penis slip into her, and then the sudden grip of her rectal muscles. He gasped. “Nice, darling?” Martha asked. “It’s wonderful, he groaned.” “Come into me whenever you’re ready. Don’t hold yourself back, darling,” Martha said.

Derek came with another flood of sperm.

After that, they slept, to awake in the morning again aroused and ready for sex. They hardly got out of bed at all, until in the mid afternoon Derek, now feeling somewhat drained said, “My parents will be home soon. I must go.”

Martha, still full of vigour and feeling better than she could ever remember feeling before, was a little disappointed. She longed to ask if and when they could be together again, but the old insecurity of her age returned to block her question.

Again, it was Derek who bravely made the move. “Shall we do this again some time?” he asked.

Martha, who had a little plan taking shape in her head said, “How would you like to do this often?” “As often as you’re willing to let me. But what about my parents, we don’t want them to know, they wouldn’t understand?” Derek responded.

“I think I know what to do,” said Martha, “So if you’re willing to leave it to me, I’ll try and arrange things.” As Derek opened his mouth to ask what she was planning, she cut in, “And don’t ask me what. Just trust me.” “Okay,” Derek responded, and kissing her, he departed.

Martha waited a couple of days before executing her plan, and then, putting on one of her “frail old lady” looks and dresses, she knocked on the door of Derek’s parent’s house. The door being opened by Derek’s mother, Martha was invited inside.

Seated in the kitchen Martha came straight to the point. “I’ve come to ask a favour,” she announced. “I’m finding some of the jobs in the garden are getting a bit too much for me. I’ve been wondering if your son would like to earn a bit of money and give me a hand occasionally? There’s often the odd job around the house as well.”

Muriel, Derek’s mother, thought that Derek wouldn’t mind helping out, as long as it didn’t interfere with his university studies. “I expect he would like to earn a bit of money to help out his university grant,” she said. “I’ll ask him as soon as he gets home. I’m sure he would find it a pleasure to be of help,” she went on.

Martha hid her smile.

That evening Derek knocked at Martha’s door. As soon as it was opened, he said laughing, “I shall be very happy to help you.”

Martha hauled him inside and dragged him to the bedroom saying, “Well there’s one furrow you can plough right now.” Derek ploughed very heartily and ended by planting some seeds.

You might like to know that the hole in the fence is now repaired, as Derek does not seem to be interested in it anymore.

The sun lounger is still in use on warm afternoons, but it also came to need some repairs and strengthening.

Derek’s parents are surprised at the numerous “little jobs” that need attending to around Martha’s garden and house, but as his father said, “He does seem to enjoy helping Martha, and he is certainly much more content than he used to be.”

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