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You. Owe. Me. Ch. 01

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AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is my first try at anything erotic, so I’m desperately craving feedback of any kind. You like it? Let me know. Think it sucks? Let me know that, too. In any case, suggestions are 150% welcome. Thanks, and enjoy.


The first time Chris saw his stepsister masturbating, it was the most erotic sight he’d ever laid eyes on.

She laid on her bed, oblivious to his presence, her hand sliding inside her jeans. Her other hand roamed underneath her tank top. Her cheeks were flushed and rubbed against her bare shoulders as she squirmed over the covers.

He’d come home not ten minutes ago from his dentist appointment. Apparently she’d been so consumed by her task, she hadn’t heard him come in the house. When he’d reached the top of the stairs, he saw that her door was ajar. Before he could knock and say hello, he’d caught sight of her through the crack.

He was instantly mesmerized.

At 22 years old, the only time Chris had seen a girl masturbate was in porn. Now he was watching his stepsister, Laura, feverishly finger herself, working her body into a frenzy.

And he was instantly hard.

He wasn’t really surprised at his reaction. Most people think the default setting for the human body is non-arousal; most people are incorrect. In actuality, the norm is arousal. The brain actually secretes an enzyme that tells the rest of the body, “Do not be aroused! Do not be aroused!” When we get turned on, that’s because our brains have halted that enzyme, allowing the normal state of arousal to return. And with a 22-year-old male, that enzyme was produced even less than normal.

Besides, Laura was beautiful. Long, auburn hair that flowed just below her shoulders, big brown eyes, and a smooth olive complexion. At 21, she had a natural beauty and a body that rivaled any girl Chris had seen in real life. Supermodels and actresses didn’t count, by his standards. But she was normally so prudish. It wasn’t just seeing her like this that excited him so much. It was the fact that masturbation was the last thing he had ever expected to find her doing. She always wrinkled her nose at any talk of sex. So, despite her good looks and physique, Chris never really thought of her as a sexual being.

As he watched, her pace quickened and a soft panting escaped her lips. Chris’s cock bulged against his jeans, and he flirted with playing with himself right there outside her door. Instead, he adjusted his package.

Her panting became more fevered and immediate. Her hips began to rock against her buried hand, and the one under her shirt descended to her waistline, tugging distractedly at her pants. It was like she wanted and yet didn’t want to take them off. Her tugging had lowered them slightly, revealing the edges of her hips and exposing her smooth tummy. Her free hand quickly popped the button and unzipped the fly, then joined the first. She now had both hands working herself.

Her eyes were closed, lids fluttering passionately, and she was biting her lip, her tiny little moans tickling Chris to a raging hard-on. She was the picture of sexy, so sultry and evocative, that Chris wanted nothing more than to join her. But he didn’t want to embarrass her or himself. And he was enjoying his peep show far too much.

Her rocking hips began to thrust harder, and her brow furrowed, her face scrunching up in ecstasy. Her head fell back on the bed, her mouth hanging open, frozen in a silent cry of delight. Her back arched up into the air, and she looked almost in pain for instant, before the breath that was caught in her chest escaped in a heaving, trembling moan that sent shivers through Chris’s entire body.

Laura’s orgasm quivered through her body, her bottom lip trembling, her eyes held shut as she settled back down on the bed, her hands still working inside her jeans, but slower and more gently. She cooed against her shoulders, shivering briefly. And then she spoke for the first time since Chris had stumbled upon her.

“Oh, Chris…”

His eyes popped wide and now his breath caught in his chest. Had he heard that correctly? Had she really just said his name? Did she know he was there? Of course not, her eyes hadn’t even opened yet. There was no way she could have seen him. But she had to. She just said his name.

“Oh Chris, Chris, Chris…”

She moaned it over and over again, as if putting herself to sleep with it. And then Chris realized, she wasn’t saying it to him. She was imagining him. She was fantasizing. She was getting off thinking about him.

Deciding he’d seen enough, Chris had to do something about his own arousal. He decided to take a shower, but in his parents bathroom. If he used the one he and Laura shared, she would hear him and possibly suspect something. Or maybe he was just being paranoid. Still, he decided to play it safe, so he silently padded over to the master bathroom on the other end of the house, closed and locked the door, then started the shower.

Five seconds later he was naked and under the soothing water, jerking off furiously. Chris had never thought about Laura while masturbating before, and now that he was, it was the most intense J.O. of his life. Burned in the backs of his eyelids was the image of Laura’s face, biting her lip, eyes fluttering in rapture. He mentally undressed her, imagining what she might look like sprawled out naked, fingering herself, one hand rubbing her clit while the other worked a finger or two inside her pussy. Then, just as he neared climax, she opened her eyes and met his, a deep, wanton gaze that begged him to join her. And he heard those words again escape her soft lips.

“Oh, Chris…”

And that was all she wrote. With a quiet groan that still echoed against the bathroom tile, Chris came in his parents’ shower, the warm spray tickling the head of his cock, the image of Laura just as strong as ever.

Despite her beauty and physique, he’d never thought of Laura in that way. He wasn’t sure why. Even though they weren’t related by blood, some part of Chris’s mind had decided she was off-limits. Now, after seeing her in her room and then jerking off in the shower, Chris honestly couldn’t imagine anything or anyone more erotic.

After he dried off, he got dressed, put on some deodorant, then grabbed some cologne and splashed a bit on for good measure. When he came through the doorway into his parents’ bedroom, he was suddenly jumped on from behind.

“Hey!” Laura said. “You’re home early. Thought you were at the dentist.”

Ever since their parents had married, the two had always gotten along. And Laura was known for pouncing surprise piggyback rides on him. Now, the smell of her so close and the feel of her pressed against him were intoxicating. He held her legs for support.

“I was. Got back about ten minutes ago.” He whisked her around their parents’ bedroom. She held her arms out and flew through the air on his back.

“How come you used their shower?”

He shrugged. “Something different.” Hoping to change the conversation, he dipped and rolled, dangerously close to losing his balance and sending them both to the floor.

“Watch out! Chris!” He teetered to the side, unable to right himself, and they both toppled onto their parents’ bed, laughing.

“Mayday, mayday!” he said. “We’re going down! We’re going down!”

“Honey, we’re already down.” She was smiling, her arms hanging across his chest from holding on.

He slid off to the side and sat up. “No classes today?”

“Friday’s off,” she said with a shake of her head. Laura went to a nearby art school. She was studying photography. Chris had gone to a top-rated medical school across the state. Both of them had full scholarships.

“Nice schedule. Wish I had three day weekends.”

She shrugged. “Wish I had a whole month off for Christmas.”

“It’s not that great.” True, Chris was thankful for the end of the semester – finals had been devastatingly hard – but all his friends were at school. He barely knew anyone at home.

At least he’d brought home his video games.

“So…” Laura was propping herself up on her elbows, giving him a sideways look.

“What?” Looking at her, laid out on their parents’ bed, it was easy to picture her on hers, a hand down her pants, eyes closed, lip trembling. Instantly feeling his cock’s reaction to the image, Chris pushed it out of his mind.

“Our parents’ shower.” Chris groaned mentally. He thought he’d avoided this. “Afraid I might have seen you in our bathroom?” He laughed dismissively, hoping that would end it. “Afraid I might catch a peek?”

She was grinning playfully. Chris noted he’d never seen her like this before. He wondered if it was her post-orgasmic state or if there was something else going on. He thought it couldn’t hurt to play along.

“And why would I be afraid of that? I assume it’s nothing you haven’t seen before.”

She cocked her head knowingly. “Books aren’t the same as real life.”

He laughed. “You’re right. Sometimes they’re much better.”

“Aww, that’s so cute,” she cooed, smiling even wider now. “But I bet no book can live up to the real thing.”

Chris decided to see just how playful she really was. “What real thing? Sex or cock?”

Instantly, a coat of blush spread through Laura’s cheeks and she looked away briefly, her smile turning slightly embarrassed. “Either one.” When her eyes came back to his, there was a slight glimmer of excitement to them. She pulled herself to her knees and scooted closer to him. “Chris…”

“Yeah?” He leaned back and reclined on his elbows now, stretching across the bed.

“Have you ever…well…” She trailed off, biting her lip. The image of her on her bed returned to Chris’s mind. She looked in his eyes again, then away.

“Have I ever what?” he asked quietly.

She giggled nervously, playing with her fingers. “Have you ever p-…p-played with…”

“Played with what?”

She looked like she was mulling something over in her head, then she looked straight at him, a slight smile still on her lips, but it was different now. “Yourself.”

He laughed. “I think you can assume that of every guy on the planet.” She laughed with him, the ice breaking and he could see her visibly relax. “How about you?”

Her tension returned immediately. “What do you mean?”

Chris smiled. He was really enjoying this conversation. “Have you ever played with yourself?”

She looked back down at her hands, and he knew she was debating her answer. “Only recently. One of my girlfriends at school told me…how to…how I could…do it. So I’ve been…” She got lost in her mind for a moment, then blinked back to the present with a flashy smile and a sparkle in her eyes. “Yes. I have.” She was loosening up.

The thought of another girl explaining female masturbation to Laura ran through Chris’s mind. Combined with the still-present image of her on her bed with her hands in her pants, he was starting to get hard again. And smelling her perfume wasn’t helping. If they kept this up, he was going to have to reposition himself soon to hide his bulge.

“And what do you think?” he asked. “Do you like it?”

She bit her lip again and this time her eyes never left his, but if felt she was looking through him. Or maybe she was looking deep inside him. He suddenly felt very exposed. He couldn’t break her gaze.

“Yes,” she answered softly.

After a moment, he was finally able to look out the window and away from her. An awkward silence hung between them briefly. Then she asked, “How did you know…what to do?”

“What do you mean? Like, how to do it? How to get off?”

She nodded. “Yeah.”

He shrugged. “Uh, I don’t know. Just comes naturally.” Then he added, “No pun intended.”

It took her a second, but then she broke out laughing. “That’s funny,” she said, almost impressed. One thing about Laura, her laugh was contagious. Chris had never heard a truer, more innocent laugh.

“Would you show me?”

She asked it so plainly that Chris wasn’t sure at first what exactly she meant. But then her eyes darted to his khakis and he saw the small tent beginning to rise.

He sat up quickly, leaning forward and sitting Indian style, trying to hide it. But he was also still laughing, more so now, partly because he honestly thought the whole situation was absurdly funny, and partly because he was, of course, a little embarrassed.

She turned instantly soothing, laughing along with him, but also putting a hand on his arm. “It’s okay, please, don’t be embarrassed!”

He stammered through his laugh. “Why do you – why do you want, um” – laugh – “me to” – clearing his throat – “um…why?”

Her hand rubbed his arm; it was comforting. When he looked at her, her eyes were incredibly soft and caring. “Well,” she started. “I’m curious. And…you’re the guy I’m closest with. I mean, Chris, you may not be my brother by blood, but you’re the closest thing I’ve got to one. I just…” She looked away for a moment, ordering her thoughts. “I’m close with you and I’m curious, and I figured it wouldn’t hurt to ask.”

His lips had gone dry. He licked them.

“Besides,” she added with a playful smile. “You show me yours, I’ll show you mine.”

He laughed again and so did she. At this moment, he felt closer to his stepsister than he ever had with anyone before. He’d dated his fair share of girls, too, but none had disarmed and put him at ease as much as Laura just had.

“In that case,” he said, “I have a confession to make.” He looked up at her, into her big beautiful eyes. He wondered if she would take this well. “I already saw you.”

Her hand froze on his arm. She hung there motionless, her eyes darting back and forth between his, searching. “When?”

He grimaced slightly. “Twenty minutes ago. When you were on your bed. The door was a little open. I didn’t want to embarrass you, but…” He swallowed. “I couldn’t look away, either.” He decided not to mention what she’d moaned. Unless she brought it up. And even then, maybe he’d lie and say he hadn’t heart anything.

As he studied her frozen face for any kind of reaction at all, a small smile slowly spread back across lips. “Well, then,” she said, and leaned forward so that her mouth was less than an inch from his. When she whispered, he felt her breath on his face and it smelled of cinnamon.

“You. Owe. Me.”

And then she kissed him. Light and innocent, a very slight, barely noticeable peck on the lips.

She’d never kissed him before. Ever.

His cock sprang up in his pants. The fact that she continued to hang nose-to-nose with him even after the kiss made him even harder.

He looked around the master bedroom. “Here?”

She smiled. “Wherever you want.”

His stepsister’s kiss and his ever-hardening cock began to embolden him. He decided if he was going to this, might as well make it as memorable as possible. Though, really, he knew there was no way he’d forget anything about today.

“You’re room,” he said.

Her smile widened with excitement and her eyes glimmered again. “Okay.” Then she looked down into his lap. “Are you okay to walk?”

He couldn’t help but laugh. “Yeah, I can walk.” He brought his hand over to adjust himself but she caught it in hers and locked her fingers with his. He looked up at her, saw that her eyes were locked with his, then felt her other hand move to his pants. His breath caught when it slid inside, her fingers floating through his pubic hair and wrapping around his shaft. They sat their motionless for a moment, eyes and fingers locked together, her hand around his cock, lightly holding it. She ran her thumb over the tip, sending chills through his body, then adjusted him, pressing his dick against his abdomen.

“Better?” she asked.

He nodded, unable to speak for the moment, he was so surprised by her forwardness. With a knowing smile, she took the hand that hers was locked with and led him from the master bedroom and down the hall to hers.

She closed and locked the door, even though neither one of their parents was expected home for an hour. “Better safe than sorry,” she explained.

She led him to her bed, and he was fully aroused now, being in the room where she’d just fingered herself not half an hour before. He thought he could almost smell her juices.

“How do you want me?” he asked. It was all so surreal to him. This was probably the most unexpected thing he could have imagined happening that day.

“Here,” she said, and she took his legs and spread them out in a V and kneeled between them. She took hold of his shirt and pulled it off over his head. Seeing his bare chest, she stopped for a minute, running her hands lightly over his skin, feeling his build.

Chris wasn’t in the best shape of his life, but he wasn’t unfit either. In high school he’d run track, and he still had a certain natural muscle tone. Then her hands drifted lower, over his abdomen, and to his pants, where she proceeded to unsnap them and lower the fly.

She stopped then, looking up into his eyes as she took hold of the waist and inched his khakis and boxers down over his hips, revealing his hard-on. The cool air of the room was refreshing against his nakedness. Only after his cock had been freed did she break from his eyes and look down at it. She smiled.

“Definitely better than a book.”

They both smiled, and then she sat back on the bed between his legs.

Surprisingly, he wasn’t embarrassed anymore. Now that he was exposed, he felt totally comfortable. In fact, he’d never been more turned on in his life. “Now what?” he asked.

“I don’t know,” she said with a knowing grin. “Now what?”

“What do you want me to do?”

“Whatever you do normally.”

“No,” he shook his head. “What do you want to see? What do you want to see me do?” He was curious how into this she was. But she didn’t understand. “Tell me what you want to see.”

The blush that started to appear in her cheeks told him she was catching on. “Oh.” She looked down at his hard-on again, which was in no danger of diminishing. “I want you to play with yourself.” It was barely louder than a whisper.

So the prudish, asexual Laura was still in there after all. Chris smiled. She was so fucking cute. “What? I’m sorry, I didn’t catch that.”

Her eyes returned to his. Their sparkle said she liked what he was up to. She spoke louder this time. “I said, I want to watch you play with yourself.”

He turned an ear toward her like a deaf old man. “You want me to play with what?”

“With yoursel-” She cut herself off, finally seeing where this was going. Leaning forward, her hands on the insides of his bare thighs, she drilled her eyes into his. This time she was soft-spoken, but there was nothing timid about her.

“I want you to play with your cock for me.” She leaned a little closer, and one of her hands trailed fingertips upward from the base of his balls to the tip of his dick as she said, “I want to watch you cum, Chris.”

Staring into her eyes, he could have melted, and at that moment, he most likely would have done anything she’d asked. Never looking away from her, he wrapped his hand around the base of his cock, and slowly started pumping.

Laura leaned back again on the bed, but left her hands on his inner thighs, gently massaging. She watched his hand as it pumped up and down. She noticed a drop of milky liquid squeeze out from the top and trickle down the shaft. She lowered herself to her stomach, laying flat on the bed between his spread legs, and grabbing a pillow for her head, watching intently as his pace quickened. Her face was no more than a few inches from his shaft. She hadn’t thought it could get any bigger or harder, but as Chris steadily stroked his cock, it did.

Chris’s eyes never left his stepsister’s face. She was so enthralled by his throbbing dick, and the proximity of her face – he could feel her breath against his balls. Even though he’d just jerked off in the shower recently, he knew he wasn’t going to last long.

As he continued to work his cock, Laura found herself getting more and more turned on. This was the first real penis she’d ever seen. It was the first one she’d ever touched. Her forwardness was even surprising her. But her recent discovery of self-gratification had unlocked some hidden well of unknown desires. She wanted Chris. She wanted him as badly as she’d ever wanted anything before.

Unseen by him, one of her hands slid down between her and the bed and disappeared into her jeans again. As she rubbed her clit, just as her friend had told her, she matched the pace of his pumping hand. She noticed the tip of his cock was getting redder, and the veins running up the shaft began to bulge. She wondered if that meant he was getting close.

She told him, “Tell me when you’re close.”

His head was back on the bed and he was staring straight up at the ceiling. His eyes might have been closed. She couldn’t tell from her position. All she could see was his rock hard dick between his legs. More liquid appeared at the tip. She reached up and smeared it along his cock’s ridge.

He groaned loudly. “I’m close.” His breathing was quick and shallow.

Speeding up her fingers on her clit, she moaned slightly, and her other hand slid up his inner thigh, brushing past the base of his cock, and up onto his abdomen. There, she found his free hand and took it in hers. The connection of their hands was like a hundred bolts of lightening coursing through her veins, each of them exploding between her legs.

When she started panting – her precursor to climax – Chris felt her ragged bursts of breath against his balls, and he felt them tighten, his juices boiling up. He looked down at his stepsister and could see she was playing with herself, too, and he squeezed her hand, seconds away from coming.

Laura had gotten so caught up in her own approaching orgasm, she’d had her face buried in the pillow and wasn’t even watching Chris. When he squeezed her hand, Laura felt an overwhelming urge take control of her. Before she realized what had happened, she’d pulled herself up, opened her mouth, held out her tongue, and pressed it flat against the tip of his cock, tasting his precum. A shudder swept through his body.

“Holy shit, Laura…!”

He squeezed her hand harder, and just as she moved out of the way, three ribbons of cum shot out of his dick and up onto his chest. She bit down on her quivering bottom lip, eyes glued to his cock as it continued to spurt, but the bulk of it had already been spent. Just as his climax was winding down, hers swept over her.

“Oh, Chris. Oh, god. Oh, Chris. Oh, god. Oh, Chriiis!” Her voice rose in pitch and turned to a melodic moan that crested its peak just as her body did the same. She froze between his legs, eyes closed and fluttering, lips pursed tightly together until finally she relaxed, the hand between her legs coming up to take hold of his shaft and gently stroke it. She did it without any hesitation. Chris wasn’t even sure she knew that she was doing it, but her fingers were slick with her own juices and her strokes moved easily over his sensitive member as they both wound down.

They lay there for about five minutes, neither one saying anything. Hands still clasped together. Eyes closed. Just breathing. Reveling in the moment. It was so tranquil. Finally, Chris let out a deep breath. “We must do that again sometime.”

She laughed, rolled over and looked up at him. “Or something completely different.” She sultry look in her eyes warmed his insides, and he half expected another erection to set in.

But before that could happen, Laura rolled over to reach for the tissues on her dresser and proceeded to clean up the mess of spunk that was still on his chest. He told her he could do that, but she insisted. “You did this for me.” She stroked his cheek with her hand, smiling warmly. “Thank you.”

She leaned forward, halted, smiled, then leaned the rest of the way in and kissed him again. This time there was more pressure, more force. She smiled again, and this time it was a whisper: “Thank you, Chris.”

When he was all cleaned, she pulled his pants up, closed the fly, buttoned them shut, then looked at her watch. “Shit! I forgot. I’m making dinner tonight. I gotta get started.”

She jumped off the bed and headed for the door. “What are we eating?” Chris asked.

She was about to answer when she stopped, her playful grin returning. “It’s a surprise,” she said from the door and then disappeared down the stairs.

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