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You Must Try It On!

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Paula stepped quietly and nervously into the small lingerie shop. While she did not consider herself a particularly inhibited individual, Paula had never before gone out of her way to purchase a sexually provocative piece of clothing. She’d woken up that morning, however, with a tingling decision to buy a special birthday present for her husband, Jack. Something to take the edge off of hitting thirty-five, and put an edge back into a seven-year marriage’s predictable sex life.

After a quick look through the yellow pages, she found a store nearby, Exotic Wear and Flare. Inspiration and execution were different things though. Now that she had arrived, she felt rather unsure of herself.

Quick glances around the dimly-lit interior revealed mannequins sporting outlandish bras and crotchless panties, black leather things Paula could not name. At least the place was empty. Then she noticed a display case filled with items other people referred to as “marital aids”. Long thick vinyl penises. Some seemed impossibly large. Silver balls. Vibrators. Paula’s mouth went dry. She’d always led a pretty straightforward sex life. What was she doing here?

Maybe this wasn’t such a great idea, thought Paula. She initiated a retreat for the door.

“Hi there!” came a smooth, deep voice from the back of the store. The friendly tone caught Paula and turned her around. She blurted out a “hello” and peered into the shadows behind the counters, unable to locate a face to match the voice.

Then the woman stepped into the light and Paula’s eyes widened.

“My name is Zeena. May I help you?” Zeena smiled and Paula had to catch her breath. Before her stood the most stunningly beautiful woman she had ever met.

Zeena was of African descent, and clearly the blood line had stuck closely to that continent. Zeena was black, truly black, her skin so dark and smooth it seemed to glow. When she smiled, her thick lips stretched to reveal very white teeth. She was slender in build, but her full breasts pressed almost upwards against a blouse of sheer, grey fabric. It was impossible for Paula to overlook the lack of a bra. The lingerie clerk’s posture was erect and confident.

Paula tore her eyes away from the woman’s lovely body and moved up to her face. High cheekbones emphasized her bright, coal-black eyes. Thick, tight curls of hair curved smoothly with the shape of her skull.

Royalty, thought Paula. She would have ruled an empire five thousand years ago. This Zeena was a force of nature, a queen, a goddess.

The force of nature reached out a long, graceful hand. After a moment’s hesitation, Paula put her hand in Zeena’s, who closed firmly yet gently around it and held her there, spellbound. Paula looked down at the long fingers, the carefully manicured nails, the lighter-colored fingertips.

Zeena slowly let go of Paula’s hand. “This is your first time to a lingerie shop, isn’t it?” A light Caribbean accent danced between her words and gave her smile extra warmth.

Paula nodded. Zeena waved a hand at the various displays. She rested her other arm on Paula’s shoulder, who held her breath at the contact.

“Are you interested in anything in particular?”

“Well,” Paula let out slowly, “I don’t want to get anything too, um, too, way out. How about those?” She pointed to a black nipple-free bra on a mannequin near the back counter. She also couldn’t help but blush.

Zeena pretended not to notice. “That’s a fine choice. Most of my customers like to start, shall we say, slow, and work themselves up. What size do you take?” Zeena’s eyes roamed quickly over Paula’s chest with an appraising glance. “36C?”

Paula gave her a how-did-you-know look and again nodded. Zeena bent to open a drawer and Paula had another opportunity to marvel at this woman’s beauty, from a different vantage point. Muscles were evident on her arms and legs. This woman was strong. The knobs of her spine were visible through the blouse; Paula followed them down to her butocks, which filled out the skirt perfectly. Zeena looked like a very athletic dancer. A thought flashed through Paula’s head: Zeena must be incredible in bed.

“Here we are! 36C. Black, right?” Zeena pulled a box out and handed it to Paula. She opened it. Looked like the one on the mannequin. Fine with her. Gotta go. She closed the box and looked up.

“Fine. How much is it?”

“Don’t you want to try it on first?” asked Zeena, sounding surprised. Her eyebrows arched up.

“Try it on?” Paula swallowed heavily. “Do you do that? I mean, don’t you say we have to keep it if we try it?”

Zeena shook her head, her thick hair bobbing from side to side. “Not here. We are completely devoted to customer satisfaction. We insist, in fact, on having you try everything before you buy, at least on your first visit. Most our business is with return customers, you know.” She touched Paula’s arm and the skin tingled under those long, thin fingertips. “I insist.” What could Paula do? She’d try it on quick, sure it would fit, then get out of there.

The lingerie clerk led Paula past the counters and cash register, through a curtained opening. The back room was cluttered with all sorts of stock and empty boxes. Off to the left was the changing room, really little more than a closet with a light in it. Paula gave Zeena an uncertain smile and stepped in. She closed the door and latched it quietly, feeling at the same time a little silly for doing so.

Paula slowly took off her blouse and bra, made awkward by a wash of strange emotions. She found Zeena so attractive, so purely sexual, and she WAS being rather physical. But was she being anything more than friendly, and a good businesswoman? Anyway, what difference did it make? What was Paula thinking? Images flitted all around her brain but refused to make an appearance.

She fitted the bra over her breasts, fixed the clasp, turned to the mirror. She couldn’t help but smile. She thought it looked kind of silly. But, she realized, Jack will like it just fine. Idly, she played with her nipples and watched them expand. She pictured Jack doing the same and kissing her breasts. Kissing, sucking, moving down….her breath quickened and —

“How does it look?” Zeena called. Paula snapped out of her fledgling fantasy with a gasp. That voice. So wonderfully melodious.

“It, uh, it looks fine,” replied Paula, barely suppressing a shake in her voice.

“Come out here so I can see it.”


“”Let’s see how it looks. I want to make sure it fits right. Don’t worry!” Zeena laughed, a rich and happy sound that unaccountably made Paula shiver. “I’ve seen many, many breasts. If it would make it easier for you, I will take off own my blouse, too.” Zeena laughed again. Paula flushed.

Quickly, fumbling, Paula opened the changing closet door and stepped out. Now she was embarrassed by her swollen nipples and had trouble meeting Zeena’s eyes.

“Mmmmmm,” murmured Zeena, hands on hips. Her eyes cruised over Paula’s body. “You look great. I mean it. Turn around,” she gestured with her chin. Paula turned slowly, unsure of what to do with her hands. She glanced in one of the full-length mirrors and tried to look at herself as a stranger like Zeena would. She saw a young woman getting older, but still looking good. She wasn’t a slim beauty like Zeena, but she was very attractive, with full breasts (and you can look right at ’em!), a nice curve to her hips, legs that held their shape through two children and a moderate exercise program, and a strong neck that Jack loved to kiss and massage.

“It seems like the right size,” continued Zeena. “You see, however, it’s very important to us that our customers are completely satisfied. There are a number of things we like to check. First of all, the lingerie has to feel right to YOU. If it makes you uncomfortable, it won’t impress anyone else.”

Brief silence. Paula realized Zeena was waiting for her to answer. “Oh, well, it feels okay, I guess. It takes a little getting used to, if you know what I mean.” A draft of cool air swept in from a window and ran over her exposed nipples. Paula giggled. Zeena smiled.

“Great! So they’re comfortable. Now the next thing is: how do they feel to someone who is touching them, someone you want to turn on.” Zeena stepped forward, right next to Paula. Before this nervous customer knew what was going on, Zeena reached out and cupped both breasts under her hands and lifted slightly. Her long fingers curled up around the curves, then swept over the lacy material. Paula’s heart pounded, her mouth went dry. What was going on here? Should she pull away and leave in an indignant rush? The fingers tips moved slowly, easily towards her nipples. Zeena kept a quiet smile on her face, eyes down on the merchandise in question. Could this really be “all business”?

Then Paula’s nipples were surrounded by fingertips. She sucked in her breath. Zeena began spoke in a low, mesmerizing tone: “The nipples need to be readily available. You don’t want any of the silk to get in the way at this point. See how I can hold the nipple, twist it lightly, in complete freedom?” She did this. Paula’s breasts felt swollen, heavy, her neck hot. She tried to hold herself straight, to not appear to be offering anything, but this only served to push her breasts out further.

“So far, so good,” said Zeena. She pulled gently on the nipples. Paula’s eyes closed, the room blurred. She felt drawn to this tantalizing woman. The calm voice drifted to her ears: “There is room for several fingers. Essential. But of course, more than fingers will venture here. Is there room for a tongue? I will check.”

Was Paula’s mind so slow or Zeena just that quick? There was no time, it seemed, for an objection, to protest the indignity of a complete stranger bending to suck at her breast. Zeena enclosed the right nipple in her mouth. Her tongue twirled and twirled, perked up the nipple, caressed the aureole. Paula felt herself giving in, letting go, opening up.

Suck the other one, she pleaded silently. Please don’t forget the other one. Her hands moved to Zeena’s head, but before they could stroke a single hair, Zeena straightened up, her pink tongue slipping over her lips, back into her mouth. Paula sagged forward. Her nipple chilled as the saliva evaporated. And almost as quickly, the aching desire was attacked by doubts, by this woman’s infuriatingly brisk demeanor.

“Everything seems just perfect, then,” said Zeena brightly. She patted Paula on the shoulder and ignored her customer’s bewildered look. She turned around to gather the box for the bra. Paula ran her eyes down along Zeena’s body and over her ass. So shapely. Paula felt wide and heavy. She also felt very confused, quite manipulated. She tried to get angry, but all she could do was conjure images of Zeena naked. Was her ass as black as her face? And her breasts? Paula shook her head. The moment was passing, the sexual tension dissipating. She would, in any case, have some outstanding fantasies to dwell on as Jack moved her along to orgasm.

“You know, I just remembered,” called Zeena, over her shoulder, “we’ve got a special sale on. Matching bra and panties, crotchless, you know, 50% off the second item. Here, I’ll get them for you to try on, see what you think.” And off she went through the curtain. Paula reached out her arm.

No, she mouthed silently. This is all I want, she would have told Zeena. But Zeena was gone.

Zeena returned in a moment with a thin green box. She pulled out the panties, handed them to Paula, gestured to the changing closet. “Go ahead, see how they look. I’m sure your husband would appreciate your frugality.” She glanced down at the sticker on the box. “It really is a great deal.”

Paula smiled weakly, took the nothingness of silk and lace, and retreated. She stood behind the thin, shuttered door, and trembled. She just couldn’t figure out Zeena. Was she taunting her? Making fun of her? Did she do this with all of her customers?

“Do you do this for all your customers?” Paula found herself calling through the door, as she stepped out of her skirt and slip.

“Do what? Help you get a bargain? Sure.” came the confident, easy reply. “No, I mean, uh,” stuttered Paula, staring blankly at the panties as she held them in front of her body, “check to make sure they fit right.”

“Oh,” said Zeena breezily, making busy noises, “It depends.”

Not much of an answer and Paula’s throat was too dry to probe further. She slid the panties up her legs, over her knees, felt the soft material sing over her thighs and then onto her ass. They didn’t cover much. Certainly not her mound of brown-red pubic hair. Certainly not. She ran her hands in from hip bones to her center, reached down inside her thighs, sighed. She looked in the mirror and felt ripples of excitement run off her shoulders, down her back, and shudder to a halt at her clitoris. Paula could feel it start to swell.

“How does it look?” Zeena called. Paula had expected the question, and yet it hit her with an almost physical force. She wasn’t able to make any articulate sounds.

“Do you need a different size?” Zeena just didn’t let up.

“I’m very….” Paula faltered. She was losing her bearings. “I, I like it, I think.”

“Come out here so I can see you.” Zeena sounded as though she were earing a very sly grin.

“Come out? Like this?” Part of her objected, strongly. Part of her knew that was just pretense. She shook with a hunger for this woman, and this was a new feeling. Sure, she fantasized about making same-sex love. But this was different. Here, now, in the flesh, gorgeous. Paula ran her tongue over her lips. Adrenalin pulsed through her body, pressed at her to make a move, stroke this woman’s back, kiss her neck, suck on her nipples and beyond.

Zeena chuckled. “Come out and strut your stuff for me, honey. You’ll want to practice a little before you let your husband take a peek. And, no, I won’t offer to take off my skirt to make you feel more comfortable.”

There it was again, that mixed signal, that tone of a business transaction. It propelled Paula out the door. Fine, you can look all you want. She stepped to the middle of the room, under the light.

Zeena leaned against a table by the wall. She nodded her head repeatedly. She stared at Paula’s crotch. “Beautiful hair. You don’t shave down there, do you? I like that. So, how does it feel?”

Paul ran a hand through down the side of her face, which was flushed. Her forehead was covered with a thin sheen of sweat. “Feel? I can’t barely feel the panties at all. There’s not much to feel.”

“Sure, but how does it feel to be absolutely wide open? Does it make you desire for things? That is the whole point.” Zeena still hadn’t moved her eyes from below Paula’s waist. Paula felt a strong need to meet those eyes. She didn’t answer the question, just watched the black woman.

Zeena eventually shrugged. “Okay, so it feels unobtrustive. That’s good. We need to check, however, the freedom of motion. Crotchless panties can’t just leave you uncovered. They need to let you do the things you want to do. Come on over here.” Zeena waved Paula over.

The almost-naked woman moved closer with uneven steps. Zeena kept waving. Finally Paula stood a half-foot from Zeena. Her legs shook. She had to keep licking her lips to get rid of the dryness. Zeena straightened up, just inches from her customer. They were almost exactly the same height. She finally looked into Paula’s eyes.

“It’s one thing for this kind of stuff to not be a bother. It’s another thing for them to be a stimulation. Not just for your partner, but for you. If you don’t feel excited, it’s just not worth it. So let’s see if my stock has gotten you excited.” And as Zeena kept Paula trapped with her eyes, large, round and bottomless, she moved a hand gently across Paula’s hips, her abdomen. She didn’t even need to look as she slipped a single finger amidst the pubic hair and folds of ultra-sensitive skin. Like a knife falls into warm butter, the finger dipped into Paula and curled upwards. Paula’s knees knocked together; her legs almost gave way. She had never before gotten so thoroughly wet on her own, before any contact. She closed her eyes and concentrated on the circling, beckoning strokes of Zeena’s finger.

“There is very little resistance,” whispered Zeena. “You are excited, I think. Open to new possibilities. Open.” Another finger slid in and stretched Paula, then another finger joined it and they spread apart inside her. Paula’s stomach rumbled. She wanted to raise her arms, but was unable to move a single muscle. Just feel. And breath in rapid, shallow gusts.

The low, captivating voice continued on in a dreamy fashion. “I’m glad that my lingerie makes such an impact. It gives me great satisfaction to help my customers. As you can, mmmm, detect, there is room for several fingers. This is very important to those early moments of foreplay. But as I am sure you know, fingers are just the beginning. What about a tongue? What about an erection?” Zeena sighed. “I will have to see about this.”

The fingers came away. Paula pressed her body forward, searching, pleading. Cool hair brushed her face and chest. She popped open her eyes. Zeena had crouched down in front of her, her face was raised, eyes gleaming. Her mouth opened and she moved upward.

Tongue contacted flesh. “Ohhhh,” moaned Paula. Her muscles jerked. The tongue was thick and strong and knew which way to go. Paula’s neck went limp, her head fell forward. She reached out and leaned on Zeena’s shoulders. This did not disrupt the lingerie clerk’s concentration at all. For several minutes, Zeena licked and sucked and stroked. her tongue literally danced from the insides of Paula’s thighs, to her clitoris, then inside her, pushing strongly, then out again. Paula felt herself building rapidly to an orgasm. She experienced a powerful mix of embarrassment, excitement, guilt and raw lust. She thrust herself against Zeena’s mouth and grunted. She was so close….

Zeena stood up abruptly, almost knocking her stimulated customer right onto the floor. But her strong arms grabbed and steadied Paula.

“We had best not get too carried away, correct?” Paula had NO idea what she was talking about. Zeena paid her no mind. She was looking down at her hand, counting off. “Let’s see, room for fingers, room for tongue. I’m pretty sure we’ve got the right size.” She held up Paula’s chin with a finger. Paula swayed at the touch. Her fluids were evident on Zeena’s lips, even a little on the tip of her nose. She wanted very much to kiss those lips, but had lost her own will to act.

“Did the panties get in the way at all on that last check?” Paula shook her head.

“Great. See, if I let you walk out of the store and THEN you try them out for size and flexibility and all, well, I can’t take them back after that. So I really want to be certain. You don’t mind, do you?”

Paula shook her head again, dumbly.

“We’re almost done.” Zeena turned around and rummaged through a drawer at the table. “We haven’t tested flex at the hips and legs. We don’t want those sexy nothings ripping right as the tempo picks up. Have you ever used a dildo?”

Paula’s breath caught in her throat. She came alert instantly. Her legs turned to jelly as she recalled the monster penises in the front case. Zeena truly wasn’t done yet. A feeling of relief poured through her. Maybe, thought Paula, this could be a dream and then it could go on forever. “No, I haven’t.”

“Doesn’t matter, really. As long as you’re not a virgin. Do you like them thick, long, short, ribbed, what? Oh, don’t worry about it, here’s a good one.” She fiddled around a bit more and then turned to Paula. She held in her hand a dildo that glistened from a thorough coating of lubrication. Just seeing it made the muscles of her abdomen contract. How big is it? Paula wondered. It was hard for her to focus, much less do any fancy calculations. The dildo looked thicker than Jack’s erection, definitely thicker, but maybe about the same length — when he was VERY stimulated anyway. It was very lifelike, with a couple of balls on the bottom, gripped firmly by Zeena. Zeena continued to smile, but there was a shining energy n her eyes which gave away her own level of excitement.

Zeena knelt in front of Paula, who continued to stand shakily in the middle of the room. She wondered for a brief instant what would happen if another customer came in now. If it was a man. She wasn’t sure she would say no to anything or anyone at this point.

At Zeena’s command, Paula spread her legs. The thighs came apart with a soft, wet sound. “In my experience, the best way to do this is for you, the customer, to control the testing. Just do what you’re comfortable with. I’ll hold it here,” and Zeena moved the dildo directly under Paula’s saturated vagina and pressed the head lightly against her flesh. Paula shuddered. “I’ll hold it steady and you bring yourself down on it – as near or far as you like. Put your hands on your thighs, that’s it.”

Paula did as she was told and stared at herself in the mirror. Incredible! She was so drenched that some of her public hair was hanging down between her legs, partially covering the dildo. Zeena’s back was straight, head bowed slightly. She looked like she was making an offering to a very turned-on goddess of fertility. Paula was the goddess! Every nerve ending around Paula’s vagina screamed in her mind. She took a deep breath and then slowly lowered herself onto the dildo. It slipped in. Her legs trembled. The muscles in her vagina clenched the dildo, grabbed at it and pulled. She let out a long, gutteral sound and crouched down even further. Zeena held the dildo steady against Paula’s pushing. The stiff rubber bent to her body’s inner curves as it slid up. She wanted more, needed it to fill her completely. Then her legs threatened to give way. She straightened up suddenly and almost carried the dildo out of Zeena’s hands. Paula began to cry.

“Did it hurt you?” Zeena was concerned. Paula shook her head, fought back the tears. She reached out and stroked the dildo, touched Zeena’s hand. Zeena seemed to understand. She nodded towards a couch on the other side of the room.

“Lie down over there.” Paula sighed deeply and in a moment lowered herself onto the cushions. She let one leg rest on the floor, the other over the back of the couch, opening herself wide.

Zeena stood over her, dildo in one hand, idly stroking its length with the other. “I will give you the whole thing,” she said slowly, “but you have to promise to buy the panties AND the bra.”

Paula couldn’t help but laugh. She threw her head back, closed her eyes, ran her hands rather roughly over her breasts. “Zeena, fuck me, for God’s sake. Fuck me and I will buy a whole wardrobe. Please!”

The slim woman knelt between Paula’s legs. She again tongued Paula’s clitoris. Then as her committed customer pushed herself up off the couch for more pressure and more entry, Zeena parted the lips of her vagina with one hand and slid the dildo in deep with the other. Paula’s hips twitched, thumped the couch. She pushed and pulled her sex around the dildo. Zeena didn’t have to move much at all. Paula had what she wanted and no time to waste. After just a few minutes, each point of contact with the dildo seemed to flash and spark, send jolts to her brain. Loud sounds bubbled at the back of her throat. She tweaked her nipples, grabbed at Zeena’s head, arms, hands.

Then Zeena upped the ante.

She cleared her throat, as though she weren’t sure her voice would come out right. It did sound a little shaky. “While we’re doing such a thorough test, we might as well check all possiblitities. I have a feeling you get into some pretty kinky stuff back home.”

And as Paula moved down on the dildo, Zeena slid a well-lubricated finger under the phony erection and up against her anus. It immediately gave way; the finger slid in an inch. In her frenzied state, it took Paula a few seconds to even notice. Then she gasped and bucked. Her sphincter closed tightly around the digit and burned. She hissed out between her teeth. Zeena held still, kept the dildo in deep, jiggled it back and forth.

Paula gripped her thighs tightly, pulled them to her chest. Sweat ran down between her breasts as she accepted the presence of the stiff flesh in her ass. Jack had experimented occasionally this way, but Paula was always too inhibited, too fearful, to get to the point where she might have enjoyed it. That was not a problem with Zeena. Paula gently rocked her body. With each motion, Zeena let her finger slide in a little further. She worked it in a circular motion, widening the orbit each time. Paula was totally vulnerable and exposed and penetrated, and had never been more stimulated in her life. She felt the finger and the dildo rub against each other through flesh that was inside her body. This must be the ultimate sensation, she decided. I am fucked through and through.

Suddenly Zeena withdrew her finger and, even with the dildo fully inside her, Paula felt an emptiness, a piece missing from her formerly completed puzzle.

“Put it back,” she whispered, hoarse from her panting. “Please.” Zeena not only put it back, she pressed two fingers where there was formerly just one. Paula was amazed at how easily they went in. It was tight, there was pressure, but the fingers were in and pushing deep. She had never been penetrated from both ends like this. She went into a frenzy. She pushed at Zeena to take in the full length of everything offered, then hunched back along the couch to experience the backwash, the pull away from the inner walls.

The ceiling spun over Paula’s head. She lost a clear sense of horizontal and vertical, up and down, right and left. Zeena’s tongue then covered her clitoris, pulled the distended flesh into her mouth. In that moment, Paula gave up believing that she might ever experience a maximum level of excitement. There must always be something more, she decided. She promised herself to never stop searching for it. The tongue flicked away at her most sensitive spot. The orgasm, which had been leaving less and less room in her brain for thought, finally burst through and took over completely. Her back arched, her mouth opened. Paula screamed soundlessly, and lost control of most muscles below her waist. She flopped about wildly, as a white-hot bolt of pure sexual energy shot through her.

Zeena kept finger and dildo and mouth in place through every jolt, until Paula gradually came to rest.

Maybe she drifted off to sleep. Maybe she just lost track of her surroundings. When she opened her eyes, she was alone in the back room. She struggled to her feet and realized she was completely naked. Zeena must have heard her move around. She called back:

“I’m boxing up the goodies. Your clothing is still in the changing room.”

Paula shook her head in a vain attempt to clear out the webs. She staggered to her clothes and did the best she could with them. Buttons, zippers, clasps all seemed strange to her, without meaning. After a few minutes in front of a mirror, she stepped through the curtain. Zeena smiled broadly and patted her on the back.

“You’re a beautiful woman, Paula – fully dressed, naked or with just a touch of exotic lingerie. Will this be cash or charge?”

Paula could do nothing more than stare at this incredible woman. Her mouth moved but made no sound. Eventually she fumbled through her purse and came up with some plastic. Zeena ran it through the machine and presented the paperwork for a signature.

“I hope you make frequent use of the lingerie,” said Zeena. “You certainly know how to enjoy it. Here’s your plastic. I’ll put you on our mailing list.” Then Paula noticed Zeena’s nipples. Thin and long, they stood stifly against the blouse. That was enough for this new customer.

Paula leaned across the counter and kissed her mystery woman lightly on her lips. She imagined she could taste the residue of her own secretions.

“Thanks,” said Paula. She headed for the door, bag in hand.

“Oh, by the way,” called Zeena. “I sometimes model new fashions for select customers. Would you be interested?”

Paula turned. A smiled stretched wide across her face. The muscles on her sticky thighs quivered. “Very.”

“I’ll let you know then. You’ll have the opportunity to check them for fit, too, if you’d be interested.”

Paula sighed deeply at the thought. She opened the door. “Very!”

– END –

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