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His Turn

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She awoke from her nap and smiled at the stickyness between her legs…He was still sleeping and she gently raised up to look at him. They had been napping after an intense session of fucking and sucking and he was on his back, nude, lying with legs spread and arms overhead. His penis was semi-erect and still leaking cum from their earlier fuck.

“Okay,” she thought to herself “Now is the time to turn the tables. He’s fucked me, now I get to fuck him.”

With that, she eased out of bed and walked across the darkened room to where her briefcase sat on the table. Quietly opening the case, she felt her heart begin to pound when she saw the familiar shape of the strap-on dildo, two short coils of rope, a bottle of oil and a blindfold nestled among the papers in the case. She removed the dildo, walked into the bathroom, and after relieving herself, carefully positioned and tightened the straps so that the dildo was firmly seated over her pubis and protruding just as if it were the erection of an extremely stimulated man.

She eased back into the bedroom and grabbing the blindfold, crawled onto the bed, taking care to turn herself so he could not see the blindfold or her crotch and the surprise it carried. He kept his eyes closed, but smiled as he felt her hand close around his penis and begin to slowly massage the cum on its tip into the rapidly erecting stem. When he was fully erect she slowly sucked the shining head into her mouth and swirled her tongue around and over it.

“M-m-m-m-m,” he grunted “God that feels good!”

“Like that?” she questioned as she replaced her mouth with the softness of her hand and continued to stroke.

“Oh, god, yes!” he gasped at the sensation of her stroking up and down his saliva slickened cock.

“Want me to take my hand away and wrap my pussy around it?” she questioned, loosening her grip but continuing to stroke.

“Y-yes, p-please fuck me!” he gasped at the sensation.

“Well…” she replied, “I’m going to let you fuck me, but before you can do that, I have a surprise for you.”

“W-what k-kind of surprise?” he stuttered as his hips jerked in rhythm with her stroking.

“Here, let me put this on you” and without hesitating, she slipped the blindfold over his head and firmly seated it over his eyes.

“H-hey,” he stammered “What’s this.”

“You’ll see,” she replied “Here let me help you up.”

“B-but,” he stuttered

“No buts,” she replied and then thinking to herself “You’re going to be thinking ‘butt’ in a minute big boy.”

She helped him get off the bed and led him across the room. Holding one of his hands so he wouldn’t lose his balance, she reached out and pulled a straight-backed chair from under the desk. She turned it so that the seat was facing him and then taking both of his hands began to pull them down toward the seat. He, not being able to see, resisted at first, but she slapped his ass and said, “Bend over.”

His hips jerked forward at the slap and his now wilting penis bobbed at his reaction to the stinging in his ass.

Finally, she placed his hands on, and grasping, the edges of the chair seat.

“Now be still” she said as she reached into the briefcase, withdrew the coils of rope, and began tying his wrists to the seat.

“Oh, god,” he groaned, his heart pounding at the realization that he was no longer in control.

Once he was tied, bent over with legs spread and his ass in the air, she reached between his legs with one hand and encircled his scrotum above his testicles with her thumb and forefinger. Pulling down firmly to pull tight the skin on his reawakening penis, she used her other hand to reach around his hips and began to stroke his penis back to its fully erect state.

Once he was fully erect, she released his penis and reached for the oil. She opened the bottle and squirted a liberal amount onto the base of his back, letting it trickle between his ass cheeks, over his anus and around his testicles.

“Ah! G-god” he gasped as she began to rub the oil into his ass, over his balls and into the twitching erect stem of his penis.

As the oil worked into his skin, she added more and more until he was shiny and slick from his navel to the middle of his thighs. He had grown used to the binding of his hands and relaxed as she continued to rub oil into his skin. Then her rhythm changed. Suddenly, she placed one hand at the top of his hips so that her fingers pointed down and her middle finger rested at the top of the crack in his ass. Slowly, she moved her hand down over his ass, pressing her middle finger between his cheeks until it brushed his anus.

“W-w-wh-h-h-o-o-o!” he gasped and clinched his ass at the sensation trapping her finger in the process.

“Ah, ah, relax that ass!” she chuckled as she slapped his ass a second time and he yelped at the sting in the slap, forcing himself to relax.

Squirting another stream of oil directly onto his anus she, without hesitating, slipped the tip of her finger into his anus and setting the oil on the desk, used her other hand to stroke his throbbing penis.

“W-w-h-h-a-a-a-a!” he groaned at the combined sensation of her soft hand on his penis and the ever deeper probing of her finger in hisass….Soon she was in him to the knuckle.

Noticing that his penis was distended to its max and hearing his gasping breath, she feared his orgasm was immanent, so she released her grip on his penis. He groaned his disappointment then gasped anew as she began stroking her finger in and out of his ass. As soon as she felt him relax she removed her middle finger and before he could react inserted both her first and second finger into his ass.

“N-n-n-n-g-g-g-g! O-o-o-w-w-a-a-h!” he gritted as he felt his anus stretching to accommodate her fingers….Precum formed at the tip of his penis and dripped to the floor as he humped his ass back into her probing fingers so that they began to hit his prostate.

Knowing he wouldn’t last a long time she pulled her fingers out and said “Now, I have a surprise for you.”

“W-what I-is it?” he panted gasping for breath.

“Here, let me show you” and with that she removed his blindfold and stepped into his field of vision so she could see the strap-on.

“O-oh g-god!” he stuttered.

“Like it?’ she questioned, grinning at him and she made couple of hip thrusts to demonstrate her intentions.

“O-oh p-please…I-I’m afraid it’s too b-big!” he panted staring at the obscene protrusion over her cunt.

“Oh, don’t worry, I’ll go slow” she giggled “And besides, you’ll stretch”

He groaned and dropped his head, knowing his fate was sealed….And deep inside he knew he wanted her to fuck him.

With that she walked around and stood behind him. She placed her hands on each side of his hips and used her thumbs to spread his ass cheeks. Her eyes moved across the surface of his ass, picking up first the two faint red handprints where she had swatted his ass; then his oily, distended anus winking at her…..She stroked her thumb across it once more just to see him jump.

“A-h-h!” he gasped.

“Easy,” she giggled “Now squat a little. Your legs are longer than mine.”

He bent his knees into a squat and groaned in both fear and anticipation as he realized that squatting only caused his ass to jut out for easier access by this woman who was about to fuck him..

She poured oil on the dildo and spread it like she was a man masturbating. Then she grasped the fake penis, took careful aim at his anus, and pressed the head into the oily opening.

“A-h-h-h! G-g-god, p-p-please g-go slow!” he gasped through gritted teeth.

She pressed forward until the head disappeared and then she stopped. His anus was distended around the dildo like the mouth of a suckling child. She held her hips still until his panting slowed, then she pulled back slightly looking with fascination as his anus gripped the head of the dildo as it retreated from his ass…She could actually see the point at which the brown skin on the exterior met the bright pink of the interior.

“W-w-h-h-h-o-o-o-e-e-e-e-e! Y-y-a-a-a-h-h-h!” he squealed as she pressed forward again, slowly but steadily running half the dildo into his ass.

Again she held still as he groaned and panted, sweat covering his body. She reached around and found to her delight that his penis was rigid…He was squealing, but he was liking it.

Again she withdrew and this time in one long stroke, ran the dildo in until her belly pressed against his ass.

“A-r-r-r-g-g-h-h-h-h! O-o-o-o-h-h-w-w-e-e-e-!” he squealed again as the dildo pressed against his prostate.

With that, she pulled back and began stroking in and out of him in earnest…It was not violent, just slow and steady. She stared mesmerized at how his anus seemed to suck the dildo in as she stroked into him and how it grasped greedily onto the dildo on each out stroke. Her pussy dripped, then ran juice at the sight of him at her mercy. He could only babble and gurgle as his assfucking continued. It wasn’t long until she wanted him inside her pussy, but rather than remove the dildo from his ass, she pushed it in to the hilt then carefully unstrapped it while she pressed her belly into his ass, holding the dildo into place.

He sensed the change in her demeanor and held still, clenching his ass around the dildo so as not to lose it. Using one hand she quickly untied his hands and then led him to the bed.

She fell into the bed and spread her legs as he scrambled in between them his dripping penis bobbing, then pointed at the pink gash between her legs. She reached around him, grabbed the straps of the dildo and pulled his throbbing cock into her pussy.

“Wha-a-a-a-a!” he grunted as she use the straps to simultaneously pulled him in and out of her pussy and bump his prostate.

“Fuck me baby!” she gasped as he began pumping into her with blinding speed.

Their flesh slapped together with the force of his strokes until she gasped at the recognition of her orgasm. Her pussy began to vibrate as the spasms rocked down her spine and around her turgid clit.

“A-a-a-h-h-h-h, y-y-yes! A-a-h-h-h! O-h-h-h-h, y-y-y-e-s-s-s b-baby!” she squealed as her orgasm washed over her.

As soon as he recognized her orgasm his eyes widened as her final pull on the straps pressed the dildo onto his prostate and he crammed his penis full into her gaping cunt.

“O-oh m-my g-g-o…O-oh s-shit b-b-baby…H-h-here it is-s-s-s-s-s…Unh! Unh! Unh!” he grunted with each spurt of cum rocketing out of his penis and he fell into her arms.

Neither could move, but both were already thinking of needing more.

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