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The Consultant

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Was this just another tease? Was it more? I know that I can be a little thick at times, but this sure seemed like an invitation, as barely veiled as her breasts were now. She leaned a bit further over my desk, pointing to numbers on the three papers she had spread out before me, turning them slightly to herself. Explaining to me in that lilting voice of hers, dripping with seduction, how some of my income could be made tax exempt by investing in bat guano or something.

At least, that’s what she might have been saying. Who knows, it was all Greek to me. Besides, who could concentrate? I sure couldn’t, not with her leaning further over my desk, her absolutely perfect breasts all but spilling out of her half-cup lacey bra.

I’m usually pretty good about maintaining my professionalism in such cases, but her sheer white blouse did have the top three buttons undone. Sheer enough to definitely make out the size and shape of her nipples. And damn, her voice….

Medical school is good at teaching medicine, but lousy in instructing us on how to financially hang onto what we made. First mistake I made was going into private practice. Second was trying to be as financially honest as I could. It just got worse from there. After about fifteen years, I realized that the only way I could afford to retire was to hit the lottery.

So I started asking questions, pumping some of my colleagues down at the hospital for their secrets. And apparently it was some kind of secret, for all I got out of them was that I needed a financial consultant. Not that they would recommend one, though. Usually, after being rebuffed, I would catch some whispering as I walked away, and on more than one occasion I heard the name ‘Kelli’. I asked, but no one seemed to know of her, or at least were not talking.

I decided to look into who she was. The internet is full of information. I checked the list of licensed financial consultants in the state. Only seventeen were named Kelly or any other spelling of that. Sixteen had offices not in my immediate area. The last, a Kelli Scott, didn’t have any listed office, but did give a local phone number. This had to be the elusive financial genius.

“Is this Kelli Scott I keep hearing about really all that good?” I asked the business manager of the hospital. My bluff worked. The way his eyes lit up, I expected a duck with a mustache and a cigar to drop from the ceiling.

“You know about Kelli? She’s the best kept secret in these parts, and she wants it to stay that way.” Wink, wink. Nudge, nudge. I caught his drift. He also said that she was expensive, but worth every penny, and then some.

I called her up, explained what I needed. I let her know that I had no business sense at all, and that I needed top to bottom help. Gave the business manager’s name as a reference to her inquiry. Then dropped a few other doctor’s names as also being clients, just for good measure. We made an appointment for the interview.

She showed up on time for the interview, all business, very professional. She asked me many questions, and took pages of notes. She talked to my secretary, the transcriptionist, the PA, and the nurse. Then she started following me. For three days she followed me. How long I took with each patient, the time involved with charting, everything. She even noted how many times I stopped to grab another cup of coffee or to take a piss. Her method was to find the office weaknesses, and then present plans to correct them.

I run one of the most laid back offices in the world. Work shouldn’t be a chore, but a fun place to go to every day. As a result, everyone feels free to speak freely, tell jokes, and goof around. Everyone there teases and flirts, but we also all know that it is just in fun, and everyone gives as good as they get. Besides, everyone knows that inter-office affairs are bad news.

The first morning that Kelli was following in the office, she raised her eyebrows at how we interacted with each other, but by noon she began to loosen up. By the second morning, she was joking around and teasing too. But it seemed a bit more, too, but what was it?

It was no one thing in particular. It was just the way she carried herself, presented herself. Even though she dressed conservatively in a business suit and skirt, she had this ‘air’ of sensuality. Not conveyed by her actions or words, this deeper sexuality seemed to flow from her, as if through her very pores. She wasn’t ‘stunning’, nor did she wear any make-up, but she was one of those that had natural beauty.

And after she became more comfortable with the office, and she stripped off that first veil of severe professionalism, her beauty and sensuality began to flow. And her teasing seemed more too, as if she really wasn’t quite doing it in jest. The look in her eyes, her smile, the way she stood just a bit closer than necessary. Even Frank the PA noticed, joking to me that she had been good for a couple of wet dreams.

And now, here she was on her third and final day in the office, leaning over my desk explaining her findings to me. She had removed her suit jacket earlier, as the day was too cool for the air conditioner, but too warm for the jacket. She normally had the top two buttons of her blouse undone, but when had she popped the third I didn’t notice. But I sure took notice now, her blouse now open to the bottom of her cleavage. She smelled delicious.

Was this just part of her plan, her method to get me to sign onto her program? If so, it was working, as it was becoming very difficult to concentrate. The way she was leaning over my desk, I had full view of her cleavage, her perfect breasts full and firm. Her half-cup lacey bra did nothing to hide her nipples. Her face, framed by her dark blonde hair, with just a touch of highlighting, told me she knew just what she was doing.

The smile on her face told me she had caught me looking down her blouse. Hmmm, was it that obvious? She continued to explain her findings, pointing to one of the pages on my desk laid sideways to both of us. I stared blankly.

She glided around the desk, to stand alongside my chair. Leaning over, she turned the pages to face us both, and started talking about efficiency, time management, and other such drivel. Every now and then she looked over her shoulder at me to see if I was following her spiel. I was busy looking at her cute little ass mere inches to my right. The high side cut in her above-the-knee skirt revealed her long luscious legs all the way to her thigh.

Shifting her weight to her right leg, her ass shifted to the left, towards me. I decided to test her. I leaned forward, pretending to look at the calculations and graphs on the paper. Doing so, my shoulder pressed against her ass and hip. She didn’t move away, but seemed to press back into me. Hmmm, still could just be teasing.

I slipped my hand behind me, looping back between her legs, and started sliding it slowly up the inside of her left calf. She kept talking. My fingertips floated past her knee, slowly upwards along the inside of her thigh. Her voice slowed, became more throaty, and if possible, more seductive. My fingers touched her lacey panties, already damp. She shifted again, her legs spreading a bit.

I decided to take the chance. I leaned back in my chair, teasingly letting my fingertips slide down the back of her thigh to the back of her knee. Then turning my chair so I faced her rear directly, I began to ever so lightly drag my fingernails up the back of both of her legs very slowly. Reaching the hem of her skirt, my hands slipped underneath, lightly dragging nails up her thighs, letting her skirt ride up with my hands.

She arched her back, moaning quietly as she pushed her ass out to me, as I reached and cupped her cheeks. When had she stopped talking? Her ass began to sway as I slipped her panties off her hips, down her thighs, to let them drop to her ankles. She lifted one foot at a time, leaving her panties at her feet. I leaned forward, inhaling deeply. Roses?

I slipped my tongue across her pussy lips, already moist with her juices. Delicious. She shuddered, moaning again. I slid my tongue up and down between her lips, running the tip around her clit, and back again. I sucked her clit into my lips, dragging it lightly across my teeth. She pushed back harder, driving my nose between her lips. I sucked her clit in and out harder. She pushed back more. I sucked her clit in and out faster. She started grinding against my face. I sucked harder and faster, as my tongue danced over the tip of her clit. I heard papers crunching as she clenched at her precious charts and graphs.

Groaning deeply, she shuddered hard, and then stiffened, as I was rewarded with a flood of her juices. I licked her clean, as she continued to grind into me.

After a moment, Kelli pushed herself upright, turned, and pulled me up out of my chair by my tie. Again using my tie, she pulled me down to her face. We kissed madly, passionately, as my hands went to her fabulous breasts, hers to my crotch. As intent as I was to get her blouse and bra off of her, she was at getting my slacks open and down. We tied. She groaned again as she squeezed my hard cock.

She pushed me back into my chair, then stepped up and straddled me. She stopped momentarily as the head of my cock entered her, then slowly began to slide down onto me. Inch by inch, deeper, as her fingernails began to dig into my shoulders where she held onto me. She was so tight, so hot. I felt her muscles squeeze me hard as she buried me to my balls inside her. She held there for another moment, then slowly began lifting. Inch by slow inch, until just the head was still in her.

She opened her eyes, glowing demonically. Then she slammed down hard onto me, impaling herself onto my cock. I bit her right nipple at the base. Then she began to bounce, slamming herself up and down along my length. I tried to keep sucking on her nipple as she rode me faster, and harder. And faster. And faster.

She plunged down hard onto me, shuddered again, and then stiffened, as her muscles sucked my cock into her. Grabbing her hips, I pushed up hard and came, pumping deep into her.

Resting my head against her breasts, I willed my heart to slow down before my head exploded. Her muscles continued to milk me.

“I’m sorry, I just couldn’t hold out any longer. You are… that was… just too intense.”

She just looked down at me, a devious, knowing smile breaking her lips. She pulled me tighter to her breasts, as she shifted slightly in my lap. And then I felt it. Wave after wave of rolling contractions moving up and down my half hard cock. Such an incredible feeling, it didn’t take long before I was hard again. Damn, she was good! No wonder she was such a well kept secret.

As I got harder, and she got tighter, she started gyrating her hips. Then she started slowly moving up and down on my shaft. And then she started bouncing again, hard, as I tried to catch a nipple in my mouth as her breasts slapped against my face.

Suddenly, she jumped off of me, turned, and leaned onto my desk. She arched her back, sticking her ass up in the air as she looked over her shoulder at me. I stood and slipped the head of my cock between her pussy lips. Kelli looked at me with desperate anticipation. I lunged forward, slamming my cock deep into her, as she released an animalistic moan. Holding still, I savored how tight she was, the way her muscles contracted on me….

I started pounding into her, harder and faster, her nipples dragging across the desk with every hard stroke I made. She pushed back against me harder. Her whole body shook as she groaned in ecstasy, then she stiffened, not even breathing as she came deep and hard. I held still until she began to breath again, and her vaginal muscles released their death grip on my cock.

I started taking long slow strokes, letting her feel every inch, when suddenly the door burst open and Frank, my PA, walked into the room, a couple of charts in his hands.

“Hey Doc, what did you want me to do with th…… Whoa!!…. ummm…”

I froze like the proverbial deer caught in the headlights. Damn, I really need to modify my open door policy. Kelli looked up to see Frank standing there, his mouth open. She moved forward, popping me out of her as she climbed onto the desk on all fours. Reaching out, she grabbed Frank by his belt, pulling him to her.

Before he could even recover from the sight before him, she had his pants open and her lips wrapped around his cock, intent on getting him hard as quickly as possible. I just stood there, staring as she voraciously devoured him, wishing I could feel her lips too. I didn’t have long to wait.

In mere seconds she popped him from her mouth and quickly turned to face me, lifting her ass in the air towards Frank. He took the hint, grabbing her hips as he guided himself into her. The look on his face told me he too was amazed at how tight she was, as he started sliding slowly into her. Apparently too slowly for her, as she pushed back hard, impaling herself on his cock.

Kelli reached out, pulling me by my cock to her lips. She sucked me deep into her hot, silky smooth mouth, her tongue assailing the head of my cock. Frank started driving into her harder, pushing her onto my cock harder. He pounded into her faster, her breasts swaying violently beneath her. She closed her eyes tightly and began to shake, the vibrations of which I felt through my cock and up my spine.

Frank began slamming into her wildly, the force pushing me deep into her throat. Suddenly he pulled back and out of her, laying his cock between her ass cheeks, and exploded, sending streams of hot cum onto her, coming to rest in the hair on the back of her head, between her shoulder blades, and three sticky lines up her back.

That was too much for me, as I held the side of her head and face and began ramming my cock in and out of her mouth faster. Kelli sucked harder, intent on pulling another load out of me. I obliged, cumming deep in her mouth as I held her face to my crotch. She relentlessly kept sucking, pulling out every drop. I had to force my cock from her mouth, falling back into my chair.

Kelli, still on all fours on my desk, smiled sweetly at me, putting her chin in her hands with a deviously angelic look on her face, and said:

“So… If you liked my proposal, I can come back next Monday and begin implementing the program.”

I looked up from my search of my desk drawer for some nitro pills.

“Where do I sign?”

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