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Night-time Antics

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I was having an interesting day. I was at a friend’s house and was having a few drinks. I had planned to be home in the afternoon to shower and change before meeting you later. I was expecting my evening to be a very interesting and educational interlude, and I wanted to be dressed just right for the occasion. Maybe a knee length skirt with side split and a low cut top.

This would allow you easy access to me, at anytime, anywhere you chose. The shoes were a favourite. Black, strappy, 15cm platforms… sexy and slutty. Underwear would be optional. However, as it turned out, I never got home in time to change.

My best male friend, Larry and his flat mate, Adam knew I had planned to go out with you later. They decided that I should stay to have a few more drinks with them. We kept ourselves amused by playing with air pistols and a knife collection! They knew I had plans to have a ‘secret’ meeting with you. They teased me, wanting more information. I am usually fairly boisterous and bossy with these two guys, as I am a few years older. I knew later, the tables would be turned. I wanted to do anything you asked of me. The guys noticed I was more subdued than usual. They had no idea of my thoughts.

After a while my friend Larry had to leave for work. Adam and I got comfortable on the couch and continued with the bourbon. I kept looking at the clock, my mind wandering. The conversation turned to piercing. He didn’t have any. I did. He knew I had my nipple pierced. He asked to see it. He didn’t say ‘please’.

‘Now.’ Is all he said.

It took me by surprise. Without really thinking about it, I lifted my top. ‘Come closer’ he said. He pulled me over to him. He pulled my bra to the side to expose my breast. He sat and inspected it, fascinated. ‘Cool,’ was all he said. He had one arm firmly around my shoulders, my back to his chest, while his free hand played with my nipple and jewellery. Gently pulling, tickling, flicking. I didn’t know exactly what to say. So I said nothing. I finished my drink slowly while he played. I relaxed into him and closed my eyes. I wondered where this was going…

My phone rang, jolting me into consciousness. It was you. You were ready for me. My heart pounded as I gathered my belongings. I ran into the bathroom and applied extra eyeliner and lip-gloss – the only makeup I had with me. I felt a little self-conscious, as I wasn’t wearing anything too spectacular. Black pants with side splits up the lower leg and a sheer lightweight long sleeve top. Adam asked me if I was sure I wanted to go. I felt the familiar pulsating between my legs….I was sure I wanted to go. He told me to leave my keys behind, gave me his cell phone number and told me he would be there if I needed him. I kissed his cheek and looked at him with his concerned expression. I reassured him I would be okay and told him thanks. He walked me outside to where you were waiting for me, butterflies were dancing like crazy in my stomach.

I saw you smiling at me, and couldn’t help but grin back. I felt my cheeks fill with colour, and heat up. When I saw the mischievous glint in your eyes, I wondered what it was you had planned for me. I knew I couldn’t refuse you and it made me instantly horny.

The plan was just to cruise into the city and maybe catch a movie first. Unfortunately, as it turned out, we had missed the last session. You asked me what we should do…all I could think about was having you between my legs.

We walked down the main street people watching and window-shopping. I love the night. I felt intoxicated, not only by the alcohol I had consumed earlier but also with the busy city, bright lights and the jostling crowds of people. I vaguely wondered if their night was going to compare with mine. I doubted it. I felt decidedly smug and slutty at the same time, and couldn’t help but smirk.

Your hand would ‘accidentally’ rub and bump against my ass. “Oops” you kept saying, with an evil grin. I wouldn’t tell you that it sent my heart racing and my pussy throbbing. We walked and talked and laughed, enjoying each others company.

We came to an arcade. It was brightly lit but no other people were around. I could see people walking past at both entrances. I found a shop with some very sexy shoes and we stopped to admire them for a few minutes. You came up behind me and put your arms around me. I felt your hands slide down my front and I held my breath hoping you would take my aching cunt in your hands. You grabbed my breast and squeezed gently. I let out a slight moan and pressed against you. You were much taller than I, even though I had platform shoes on.

I felt your cock harden against my back, loving the feel. You took my jaw in your hand and turned my face to the side. You kissed me hard. Your tongue explored my mouth and I envisioned you doing the same to my pussy. I wondered how long I would have to wait. I knew I was very wet. My mind spun when you reached into my pants. You felt my wetness and groaned your approval. You turned me around and we shared the taste on your fingers. I noticed people walking past and felt a little frustrated and flustered. I straightened myself up and wandered over to look in another shop window. More sexy shoes. You took my hand and put it on your exposed cock. I hadn’t seen you get it out! This was nearly too much. I wanted you in my mouth.

‘Suck my cock’ you said gently. I was dizzy with lust. I checked again to see if anyone was around. “Suck my cock’ you said a little louder. You took a handful of my hair. You smiled at me and I saw the glint in your eyes. I checked again for people. I felt you pull my head down slowly by my hair. You had your cock out and I couldn’t refuse. It looked so fucking inviting. You pushed my head down and I didn’t resist. I took your cock in my hand and lowered my mouth onto it. I loved feeling the fullness and heat of your cock in my mouth. I swirled my tongue around the head and sucked on it. I love you telling me what to do, but I love sucking your cock too. Anywhere, anytime you want it. I licked your shaft one more time then stood up. Your mouth was onto mine immediately. Damn I was horny.

We continued walking for a while. I wondered what you were thinking about that was making you grin like that. It was driving me crazy. I was getting impatient.

Soon we got back to the car.

‘Where to?’ you asked me. I could feel you staring at me.

‘Anywhere, I don’t mind’ I told you, looking away. I just wanted to fuck.

‘No.’ you stated. ‘Tell me. Where to?’ I could feel myself getting flustered again. Damn how do you manage to do this to me!

‘North’ I finally decided.

You drove to a popular beach. We could hear music pumping from a nearby pub. You gave me a cool look.

‘Now, let’s find somewhere for me to lick your cunt.’ I nearly dropped on the spot. I love hearing you talk to me like that.

We made our way through the small, darkened park. I saw a bench in the distance. My heart raced. Surely that would do. I needed your head between my legs, needing your tongue slide its way up my throbbing cunt. You also saw the bench. We headed in that direction. I noticed the few streetlights. They were brighter than I first thought. I got a little nervous. Anyone could see us if they looked. When we reached the bench I was shaking from nerves and cold, but mostly from anticipation.

‘Take a seat’ you told me. I looked at you and smiled nervously. I sat down. You stood in front of me. You spread my legs apart and crouched down. You unzipped my pants and started to pull them down. A slight panic washed over me. I couldn’t remember anyone making me feel so exposed. I slid my pants off. You lifted my legs up and lowered your face. I needed to feel your hot tongue on me. When at last it happened, I was in ecstasy. I relaxed a little and opened myself up to you, further. Your hot tongue flicked over my pussy, then delved into my wetness. Deeper. Then you stopped. You looked at me and took my face in your hands. You kissed me. I could taste myself on your lips. Do you know how wild that makes me? I think, maybe you do. You moved away and stood up.

‘Stand up’ you told me. ‘Let’s find somewhere else’. I pulled my pants up. My head was spinning; my pussy was ready to explode. I nearly whimpered in frustration. You led me over to a wall that had iron railings on top of it.

‘Turn around,’ you told me. You took my hands and made me grip the bars.

‘Bend over,’ were your next words. I did. You unzipped my pants and they slid to the ground. I could feel you crouch down. I had a good view of the road and the pub and I wondered how noticeable we were. Those thoughts were shattered when I felt your magic tongue probing my sopping wet cunt. I gripped the bars tighter and let out a moan.

‘Bend over further’ you asked. I spread my feet further apart. I bent down more. My ass was up in the air. Totally exposed to you. I felt your hands on my ass. You played with my pussy. Suddenly you drove your fingers into me and started to finger fuck me. I groaned and pushed down onto your fingers. You slam them into me hard. I want more. Expect more. Then you stop. I feel your breath on me. You grasp my ass cheeks. I feel your tongue dart out and hit my cunt. You slide it up towards my ass. I get a little twitchy. I haven’t had a tongue so close to my ass before. You hold me tight. My mind reels when a feel your burning hot tongue. I can’t believe what you are doing. Here I am; no pants on, legs spread, bent so far forward holding onto bars. And you are behind me. I can’t help but feel vulnerable. My cunt is yours. And now it seems, so is my ass. The lick to my asshole jolts my whole body. I am unsure how to react. I feel myself move away, but you hold onto me tightly. Your tongue won’t give up. I find myself relax a little more. I’m surprised I let you do this.

My mind is spinning as I feel your fingers sink into me again. I can feel moisture on my inner thigh. The breeze is making it intensely cold; at the same time my cunt is burning and aching for you. It was an insane situation. I check again for people. The thought of being caught, is forever at the back of my mind.

I feel you stand up. I wasn’t sure what to expect next, as I couldn’t see you. I stayed in the position that you put me in. I feel you put your cock hard against my ass. God, it’s so hot! I panic a little. I was unsure what you wanted to do. Do you want to fuck my ass? Here, out in the open? Maybe you sense my uncertainty. I feel your hard cock against my pussy. I need my cunt filled. And finally you deliver. You drive your cock deep into my cunt. I close my eyes. I know I should stop you. I just can’t bring myself to say no. You slide your cock in and out of my pussy only a few times. I wonder if you will fuck me long enough for me to finally cum. Or are you just teasing? My pussy is so wet and loving the attention. I feel my cunt tighten around your cock. I open my eyes and look up. I see a police car driving slowly past. I’m instantly concerned. I try to turn around but my position doesn’t allow much movement. ‘Does it matter that there are cops around?’ I whisper, trying not to sound worried. You pull your cock out of me and look up.

‘As long as they let me finish fucking you before they arrest us,’ you tell me. I just know you’re smiling. ‘Maybe we could borrow their cuffs,’ you whisper back to me. My knees buckle at the thought.

You stand me up. I feel my dripping wet pussy getting cooled by the cold air. ‘Come on,’ you say. I pull my pants up. There is pussy juice on the inside of my thighs. I’m getting pissed off with all these interruptions. I want to scream at you ‘Just fuck me!’ But you are calling the shots, so I say nothing.

We walk a little further. You stop. You turn around and look at me. ‘Take your top off’ you tell me. I look down as I wiggle out of my top. It is so lightweight I’m hardly going to get any colder. ‘Take your bra off,’ you smile. I give a nervous laugh. I can’t believe I’m doing this. But I do anyway. I stand there exposed, feeling self-conscious. You take my breasts in your warm hands. How dare you be warm when I’m freezing! Your attention turns to my hardening nipples. I groan as you lower your head and take a nipple into your mouth. Your mouth feels like liquid fire. You suckle gently at first. My whole body tingles at the sensation. Then your teeth clamp down. My cunt muscles contract violently. I groan loudly. My head rolls back and I close my eyes. This is such blissful pain. You kiss and lick and suck and bite my breasts and nipples. I wonder if I can finally get the release I crave. Instead you stop suddenly. I take a deep breath, trying to get some sort of control over my aching body. Again you say ‘Let’s go’. My frustration mounts rapidly. I reach for my bra. ‘No,’ you tell me. ‘You don’t need that.’ You put my bra into your pocket. I feel a little embarrassed as I put my top on. My wet nipples stiffening against the soft fabric.

I follow your lead as you head, once again, towards the car. We drive through the city. You’re talking but I’m not really paying attention. I’m focused on the throbbing between my thighs. I can’t stand it. I spread my knees and slide my hand down the front of my pants, past my drenched G-string. I touch my swollen clit. I moan slightly. You stop talking and look across at me. ‘Oh, fuck!’ I hear you exclaim. The car swerves, and you have to turn your attention back to the road.

I’m loving touching myself. I love the velvety softness. The heat and the wetness is nearly too much for me. My fingers slide into my cunt so easily. I know you’re watching. I don’t care. In fact it makes me push my fingers deeper. The heavenly sounds of Led Zep pulsing through the stereo, was almost hypnotic. I slide my fingers around my cunt lips and clit. God, I was wet! I open my eyes and see you are paying more attention to me finger fucking myself, than you are to the road. I sigh and slowly remove my pussy drenched fingers. I straighten myself up and sit up. It takes a moment for me to figure out where we are.

You have a very evil smirk on your face as we pull up to a small churchyard. I can’t help but laugh. My heart races as we get out. My arms instantly cross my chest as the cool breeze hits my bra-less nipples. Once again, we are near a busy road, with bright streetlights. There is a low wall surrounding the church and graves. There are several trees throwing dark shadows across the ground. I am walking in front of you, slowly. You have your arm across my shoulders. I feel safe with you. I think. Suddenly you have your arm across my throat. You are very strong and it takes me by surprise. You tighten your grip, making it harder to breath. I can feel your breathing quicken as you speak into my ear. ‘See that wall over there?’ I know which wall he means. It runs along the back of the church, next to the graveyard.

‘Yes,’ I whisper.

You pull my head back slightly by my hair, ‘Well I’m going to fuck you there.’ And you gripped my breasts and squeezed them hard. My breathing quickens. My heart was pounding. The pain was intense. I never even considered moving your hands.

I could feel my pussy dripping. We walk around to the wall. You climb over it and wait for me. I carefully make my way over the wall and over to the graveyard. Once again you stand in front of me. You tower over me. We kiss gently, both of us aware of the scent of me on your lips. You unzip my pants. “Take them off,’ you ask me, gently. ‘Take your shoes off too.’ This was said in a firmer tone. I sat on the cold wall behind me. I bent down and unstrapped my boots. First the left, then my face passes by your crotch, about to undo my other boot. All I could think of was your fabulous cock just a tongue length away from my face. I groaned inwardly as I got both boots off. I stood up. I watched you as I slid my pants down. Hungry, dear? I thought to myself. I knew you were. I sat back down. You stood in front of me and spread my knees apart. Again the cool air assaulted my pussy. You crouched down before me. I held onto the wall tightly.

‘Get your legs up over my shoulders,’ were your instructions. ‘I’m going to eat your cunt.’

My heart leapt and I vaguely hoped like fuck I wouldn’t fall off this wall. I steadied myself and lifted my legs. You now had both of my legs over your shoulders. I was loving this.

My pussy was open to you, to do exactly what you wanted. I could feel your warm breath on the inside of my thighs. I felt you playing with me. I wanted to slam your face into my cunt. It ached for you. Almost like you read my mind, you put your face into my pussy and gave me a long wet lick. Finally, I thought to myself. I felt myself smiling. God, I wanted this.

You ran your tongue the length of my cunt. Slowly at first. I could feel your tongue working deeper into me. I wanted to lean back to open myself further for you, but I had nothing to lean against. My hands gripped your long hair as you began to fuck my cunt with your tongue. Deeper and deeper you went. I wanted to cry out – I had waited all night for this. I knew it wouldn’t take to long for me to cum over your face. You nibbled my pussy lips gently…and not so gently. I wanted to squirm but didn’t dare move too much. My breathing was heavy and I knew my moaning was getting louder. I felt a familiar feeling spread over me. Again you thrust your tongue into me. I gasped at how deep you could get that tongue of yours. I felt my cunt muscles tightening around it. I grabbed your head and fucked your tongue…faster and harder….And I knew any second I would feel the sweet release of orgasm.

And finally it hit me. The wave that swept over me nearly knocked me off the wall. I gripped your head and rode your tongue. My entire body jolted every time my cunt contracted. I closed my eyes and enjoyed this intense throbbing sensation that spread from my cunt to every single part of my body. I spread my legs further and opened my eyes; my chest was rising and falling quickly as I tried to catch my breath. I watched you as you lapped at my pussy. My clit felt so engorged it was nearly painful. I held onto the wall tightly as you licked at my cunt slowly. I was still feeling groggy with ecstasy, when you moved my legs from your shoulders. You placed my feet on the ground and then stood up. You pulled me to a standing position, took my face in your hands and kissed me hard. My knees nearly buckled again as I licked my own juices from your face. I was still felt partly dazed when you moved behind me. You took my place on the wall. I could make out your bare legs and a gorgeous rigid cock. You turned me around so as my back was facing you. Once again I couldn’t see you. Didn’t know what to expect.

‘Sit on my cock,’ was what I heard.

What a magical demand. I didn’t need to be asked twice. I backed up to you, spread my legs for you and leaned forward. I reached between my legs and grabbed your cock. It felt hard and hot. I felt you grab hold of my hips as I positioned your cock head against my still pulsing saturated pussy. I took a breath. You didn’t see me smile as I enjoyed the sensation of lowering myself onto your rigid pole. Inch by inch I slide until my cunt envelops you completely. I hear you let out a groan. You lift me slightly and slam me back onto your cock. I am so wet you slide into me easily. God I love being shafted by you.

‘Stand up,’ you growl after a while. Your cock escapes me as I am made to stand. Pussy juice trickles down my thigh.

‘Turn around,’ I hear you say. I turn around and see your cock glistening. You pull me down and before I know it your cock is directly in front of my face. I lean forward to take it in my mouth but you stop me. I look at you wondering why.

‘I’m going to jack off in front of your face,’ you explain. I groan. You know that drives me crazy.

‘Then I’m going to cum on your face,’ you tell me.

Oh, god! I watch in awe as you stroke your cock. I ache to have you in my mouth. To taste my pussy juice on it. I can see it glistening. I watch mesmerised as your strokes get rhythmically faster. My mouth is open, waiting. I hold onto your thighs to steady myself.

‘Stick your tongue out. Right out,’ I do as I’m told. Stretching, I try to touch you with my tongue. You have my hair grasped tightly.

‘I’m going to cum… now!’ As you say this I feel a shot of hot cum hit my face. You grab my head and slam your cock into my mouth. It slides across my tongue and hits my throat. I try to relax my throat as much as possible so as I don’t gag. I want you to fuck my mouth deeply. I feel your cum sliding down my throat. I can feel it dripping off my chin. You fuck my face hard. You continue to shaft my face until you are spent. You groan deeply. I take your cock with one hand and gently suck it. I want to savour this moment. You pull away from me and once again drag me up, till I am facing you. You notice cum on my cheek. Taking my face gently in your hands you lick it up. I gasp slightly. You take advantage of my open mouth and kiss me. I suck at your tongue, tasting your flavour. You repeat this again and again, depositing your remaining cum into my eager mouth. Fuck you taste so good!

You pull at me gently and I sit down next to you. We both smile and let out satisfied sighs. I find myself resting my head on your broad shoulder. You put an arm around me and I find myself hoping I had pleased you enough. If you wanted more, I was willing to give. Eventually you stood up.

‘Come on girl,’ you say quietly. ‘Let’s get you dressed before you freeze.’

After having a slight worrying moment when I couldn’t find my g-string, we were both dressed, if slightly disheveled. We made our way back to the car. You opened the door and I got in. Cheekily you reminded me about my absent bra. I grabbed it and laughingly wiggled back into it. You tease me because I didn’t let you have a look at my tits while I did this. As we drove back through the city I sighed contentedly, watching the bright city lights flash by. I called Adam to let him know I would be back soon, to get my keys. I needed him to open the security gate of the apartment building when I arrived.

You pull up outside the building and we have a gentle kiss goodnight. We give each other silly grins.

I hop out of the car and see Adam walking towards the gate. I find myself wishing the night could have continued some more. But I was exhausted. It was after 3am already. You pull away from the curb and I head towards the open gate.

‘How was your evening?’ enquires Adam, as I walk in. I look at him not quite knowing what to say.

‘Interesting.’ I tell him. I turn away so as he doesn’t see my exhausted smile.

‘Oh, really! Tell me what happened!’ he grins. I laugh and push him away. We reach the apartment and I suddenly realise I needed a shower. I become very self-conscious.

‘Where’s a clean towel?’ I ask, as I look around the trashed bachelors apartment. Adam gets up off the couch. In the light I realise he is fairly spaced out. He darts from room to room and comes out with a clean towel. I am amazed. I take it from him and head to the bathroom. He leans into me to show me how to adjust the shower. He stops mid sentence and looks at me and inhales. He grins. I feel mortified and slap him as I push him out of the bathroom. God dammit! He could smell the remains of pussy juice on me! I have a quick shower, and feel slightly rejuvenated. I get dressed and head to the kitchen to make a coffee. Adam was back on the couch. He is really out of it and I laugh at him stroking the blanket he has draped over him. He tells me to fuck up!

‘Feel it. It’s so soft,’ he says, looking at it. I walk over put my coffee on the table and plonk myself next to him. He puts part of the blanket over me and turns his attention to the terrible infomercials on TV. He stretches his legs out over mine. We sit in a comfortable silence together and I finish my coffee. My thoughts were of the night I just had. Adam looks at me.

‘What did you do tonight?’ he asks. Then, ‘No. I don’t want to know.’ Then, ‘Yeah I do. What did you do?’.

I blushed and said, ‘Oh, a bit of this and a bit of that.’

He was full of questions. I kept my answers to a minimum. Maybe my grins gave me away somewhat. He told me off and slowly got up off the couch.

‘I’m gonna go crash,’ he mumbled. I considered making another coffee. I knew I should be getting home. I heard Adam mumble something else. I went to the doorway of his room and asked him what he had said. He patted the bed. I went in and saw he was under the covers on one side. I went around to the other side and sat cross-legged on top. He was stroking a stuffed animal! He reached across and tickled me under the chin with it. It did feel soft. I shook my head and laughed. I laid on my front and we talked about anything that came into his head. After a while I felt the cold. ‘I’m stealing your blankets,’ I tell him as I slid under the blankets. ‘Like fuck,’ he said. I laughed. He told me to face away from him and he moved in close. He put his arm around and hugged me. The body warmth was wonderful. I hadn’t realised how cold I was. I thought he had drifted off to sleep when I heard him murmur, ‘Y’know what else would feel nice?’

‘What’s that?’ I asked.

‘Playing with that jewellery in your nipple,’ was his answer. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

‘Are you serious?’ I ask as I turn to face him. He gave me a sleepy smile and nodded. I felt his hand make its way up my side to my breast.

‘That’s all, nothing else. I just want to play with it,’ he said. I relaxed a little as he reached inside my bra. I was still fully dressed. He ran his fingers over my nipple, feeling the jewellery.

‘Take that off,’ he said as he pulled at my bra. I unhooked it and slid it off. I settled back down and he immediately reached for my breast. ‘Nothing else, remember.’ I told him. He murmured ‘Okay’.

He played with my nipple and said he loved how it felt. Too tired to get aroused, I told him it felt nice too, my mind wandering to my adventure that night. And that’s how we both drifted in and out of sleep. Each of us exhausted from our individual antics from that night. Two friends, totally comfortable with what we were doing, coming down from our different highs. It was a night that I will always remember.

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