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Little Jen Goes Dancing

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Jenny had had a normal upbringing, as a teenager she had experimented with sex, gropes in the back of cinemas and backs of cars leading to using the parental bed when her parents went on holiday, all the usual stuff that teenagers got up to. Then she packed her bags and went to college in Leeds, England and continued as a middle class girl enjoying her life. Sex was incidental to enjoyment, it was ok and she occasionally was able to orgasm with a guy, she’d even enjoyed the odd “girl on girl” experimentation with her flatmate, Jane, when there was nothing else to do.

It was not until her second year at college that she realised what her real sexual preferences were. She found them unusual and frankly to her own mind pretty sick — but compelling.

It happened when Jane came home, in the early hours, from a night club, distressed. She had met up with two guys and the normal kissing and canoodling had taken place. After she had gone round the back with the one, his partner joined them. She was only up for heavy petting and kissing, but the two guys wanted more and did not care about consent. No innocent virgin, Jane was not into first night sex or threesomes, but they did not care slamming her down face forwards on the bonnet of a car, before pushing up her skirt and tearing off her underwear. She related all of this to me and how they went on to fuck her, a couple of times each, before thanking her and leaving her, lying abused and humiliated on the bonnet to make her own way home, cum dripping down her thighs. She knew her abuse had been watched by others, adding to her embarrassment and humiliation, she could hear the sniggers of her audience, as she pushed her way past and hailed for a cab back bring her back to the flat.

Jenny sympathised with her, held her tight and did her best to console her. Jane did not want to go to the police, she felt humiliated enough, without a medical examination. Jenny understood, but was no, longer focussing her attention fully on Jane. She was shocked at her own physical reaction, she could feel her nipples harden like bullets against her t-shirt and it was not through cold, they were being aroused as they stroked the material of her blouse. Confused, she became more aware of her body’s reaction to the nights events of her friend and realised that she had a spreading heat from her crotch. Conscious that she should not appear to be aroused in front of Jane, she tried to hide her breasts behind her arms.

Fortunately, Jane was too distracted to notice her friends nipples and shallow breath and decided that she wanted a shower and go to bed. Not unhappy with this Jenny checked that she was sure and let her go, gently kissing her friend on the cheek and making sure she would be ok.

As Jane left the room, Jenny rushed to her own, shutting the door, as she raised her skirt and checked between her legs, she was soaking, she could not believe how wet she was, guilty for getting wet, but highly aroused, as never been before, she knew she had to do something about this.

She removed her vibrator from her draw, lay on her back on the bed, fully clothed, except for the absence of her panties which were still around one ankle. With the vibrator moving between the opening of her vagina and her clit and her other hand pinching and squeezing her nipple, her imagination relived the events of the evening, but instead of Jane it was Jenny dancing with the guys in the night club. She plunged the vibrator deep into her pussy, stabbing repeatedly. In her fantasy, she was wearing a short black skirt and a vest top, covering her ample bosom, a black thong and ankle boots, she danced with the two guys, teasing them, she let them see up her skirt and allowed them to grope her breasts. One black, one white, they took it in turns to thrust their tongues into Jenny’s mouth. Grinding their hardness against her.

Jenny came back to consciousness, as she had to stifle a scream, from her biggest orgasm, she bit down on her fist, drawing blood and then lay there exhausted. She drifted to sleep, guilty that her friends experience had excited her so much and fearful that she knew she wanted this to happen to her.

Jenny was no fool, she was not going to do something rash and turn this experience into reality. Jane decided she needed some time and took off back home for a few weeks to recover, leaving Jenny with the flat to herself. Each night she would relive the fantasy, each time the story would develop further. She could describe the car bonnet on which she had been slammed, she was mercilessly taken, being brought back to reality by another extreme orgasm and with Jane away there was no need to be quiet. In the right circumstances, Jenny had discovered that she was a screamer. Each night her fantasy would take her to two, three orgasms, until she would fall asleep content and weary.

After a week of constant masturbating leading to orgasm after orgasm, she felt the affect begin to wear off, her fantasies needed to go to a new level.

She had heard about adult chat rooms but never used them, once or twice on messenger things had got a little heated, but there had never been any cyber sex. Playing around on the net, adult chat rooms a plenty, were discovered and the added bonus, as a student, there were many that were non paying. She was very nervous about going on line at first, it took a while to get used to the technology and open rooms and private rooms. Of course, as soon as She went on line She was bombarded with private messages, but soon discovered how to filter these out. It was quite fun playing out men’s fantasies. In the first few days, She was seduced at a party, played a school girl and generally was cyber fucked and gave cyber blow jobs. The frustration was that nobody played her fantasy, mainly because she was too embarrassed to say, so how could they guess, plus there were the guys obviously unable to hold their load would get her so far and suddenly disappear.

She decided to be brave and explore her fantasy, she needed satisfaction and the initial excitement of the chat rooms had subsided. Like a drug she needed more to sate her desire for high powered orgasms. A room just entitle dirty, was discovered after much searching.

Jenny felt excited all day, as she contemplated trying to explore her desire for a rough cyber shag and was dripping by the time she got home. Quickly she undressed, got out her vibrator and brought herself to a swift and temporarily relieving orgasm.

It was not worth going on line till about 11.30, so in the intervening hours she had dinner, did some college work and then get ready. Normally she would just sit at her computer before she played, but tonight was her fantasy and she wanted every thing to be just right. She took a bath shaved her legs, applied her make up and perfume and then dressed in her black vest, skirt and thong, wearing hold up stockings and black ankle boots — her fantasy gear. She placed her vibrator next to the computer. She took a picture of herself on her digital camera, one standing up and another on her haunches, legs apart, so the lens could see all the way up to her crotch. She edited the pictures so that her face was obscured and the background wall was re coloured … to be safe, then uploaded them to her profile. This was the first time that her profile had any image of her and if she said so herself they were pretty hot.

The first night was disappointing, the room was hardly used, although in the past she saw up to 30 people in there and she only had a couple of disappointing pm’s one from a guy who wanted to talk animals another that wanted to be mothered — yeuch! Was her only thought.

The next night she dressed the same again, it was Wednesday, maybe that was kinky night in cyber land, she was constantly approached, but she was looking for that specials encounter, by 01.30 am, she thought it would not happen, but as she began to close down, she was messaged by someone using the handle “darkness”.

“Tell me your fantasies!” flashed his message.

She was kept in the room by his direct question and his handle was so sinister that it put her on an orgasmic high. But how do you start to tell my secret, she thought to herself? There was only one way and she related the story of Jane and how she had been so turned on and gone to her room and cum so hard.

She was soaking as she told him, her breathing was deep and erratic and her hand quickly removed her thong, typing what she was doing, as she related the story.

“Do you have a web cam?”

She did but had never used it, other that when it was tested at set up. When she confirmed he told her to turn it on, she angled it so that she did not reveal her face, and turned it on.

“No face? I’ll forgive you that luxury for the time being! Remove your skirt and aim the cam at your cunt.”

She did as she was told, pointing her desk lamp so that the image if her pussy was picked up.

“I’m going to fuck you! I’m going to take you, in every way possible, my friends and I will use that fucking body of yours to exhaustion .. would you like that.”

Jenny was slow to reply, as she examined her own mind and thoughts, her fingers were working over time, She did finally manage to type “yes.”

“Next time we talk, you need to be bald.” And that was a parting shot, his screen disappeared.

Jenny logged out of her PC, and picked up her shirt and underwear, throwing them into her clothes bin, before crashing on her bed, falling straight to sleep, anyone coming into the room would have laughed at her half naked, asleep in a t shirt, heels and stockings.

Every night the following week, they talked, some of it was role play, some was just chat, Jenny became more and more secure, he was a banker, married with kids, he played here when his wife went to bed. She no longer hid her face from the web cam, and often sat there naked chatting to him. They talked about his work and her college, what she did in her recreation time and they role played, sometimes they would share their chat room he would invite groups, other times a threesome, always she was a victim and an unwilling participant and each time her climax had been enormous. He never turned on his web cam, never identified himself, he knew her first name, she only knew him as “darkness”.

After three weeks of chatting practically every night, Jenny told “Darkness” that she would not be on line for a couple of days, the next night she was staying at a friends and the following evening, Wednesday going to a celebration at her favourite night club. Although he asked its name, she avoided answering.

On Wednesday evening she prepared to go out, shaving her legs, armpits and nowadays her pussy. She liked her naked pussy, and when she was masturbating on her bed would position a mirror so she could see it. Of course, on line, the webcam was often positioned to view it fully.

She decided to be sexy and as her fantasy always turned her on she decided to go to the club in her black gear. The evening started in a restaurant, lots of wine was drunk and by the time they reached the night club at 11.30 all the girls were tipsy. Jenny was straight on to the dance floor, and her friends watched amused as she was being dry humped by a couple of beef cakes. She was not the only one of the group, putting out, but they were just students having fun.

She then went back to drinking, knocking back vodkas, brought by a variety of guys, with whom she danced. She had no problem letting them “cop a hand full” or even slipping her skirt up and holding her cheeks, while they danced, but she was not going home with them, and so she slipped between guys, not keeping any connection for more than a couple of dances.

Still dancing around 03.00, her top soaked in sweat, nipples protruding, she looked a horny site, dancing in a circle of 5 or 6 guys, towards the back of the club. A tall 40 ish guy was dancing with her grinding with her, pushing her slightly, as if steering her, holding her ass. He said something , she could not hear, she put her ear to his mouth,

“Enjoying yourself, Little Jen!”

She froze, only someone in the chat room would know that name, but she was unable to break through the circle of men, who guided and pushed her out of the fire exit to the back of the club.

“Welcome to darkness! Here she is boys, this cock teaser wants it, she’s been playing with me for weeks”

He stepped back and the guys, in the circle, started to push her towards each other.

“No, no this is not what I want!” she screamed.

“Its not about you, you tart, its about us and how you service us!”

They bounced her backwards and forwards, not so fast she would lose her balance, but too fast for her to be stable on her feet, as she was bounced they held her top, so it slowly ripped and soon she was simply holding a rag to her chest until it was forcibly pulled away. Then the bouncing stopped, she held her arms across her breasts, to hide her ample bosom.

“She has no qualms on the web cam, you’ve all seen the pictures. She loves being seen, sticking her vibrator inside, well we’ve got more than a vibrator for you tonight baby.”

This was greeted with a whooping and a hollering. Jenny blushed, she had not known that her pictures had been shared that she had been some unknown target of lust, she thought her nightly liaisons were intimate and private but she shivered inside realising that the web cam had been turned into pictures and were shared on the net, at least with these guys, if not with many others. Jenny could feel her nipples being squeezed and pinched, as the group closed in on her. This was not how her fantasy was supposed to be, and yet, there was a tingling, her fear was mixed with excited anticipation. She knew that between her legs she was dripping, like she had never dripped before, her breathing was rapid and shallow. She felt her legs being lifted and her skirt removed.

“Take off your panties!”

Was the order and there really was no choice, as she slipped them down, she managed to get a quick feel of her pussy, it was, as she thought, engorged and soaked.

“Look how much she wants it, she can’t keep her hands out of pussy.”

They laughed and came closer, she tried to protest her innocence, but to no avail. Her thong was taken from her, she saw it being sniffed, before being stuffed into a shirt pocket.

“Well they’ll be pungent tonight.”, she thought to herself.

Naked, in her boots, she stood, although still trying to push her way between her captures, imprisoning her in their tight circle, secretly pleased that her strength could not match one of them let alone five. She was grabbed by the hair from behind, her head pulled back and her assailant attacking her mouth with his own his tongue pushing into her mouth, saliva mixing, more hands assaulted her breasts and her cunt from the front.

“Jesus, she’s wet.”

“I knew you said she was horny, but we’ve never come across one gagging for it so much.”

“Time for a show, bitch.”

She was given a bottle, it was a beer bottle, about 12″ high and very round.

“Put it on the floor and sit on it.”


“We could break it and remodel your face.” Came the vicious reply.

She could see he was serious, reluctantly, she took the bottle, put it to her mouth and applied lots of saliva, to ensure it was lubricated, they all laughed.

“What a cunt, she’s trying to blow the bottle, don’t worry love you’ll soon have the real thing for that.”

Jenny placed the bottle on the floor, and straddled it, gently she lowered her body, positioning it at her vaginal entrance, feeling the tip of the bottle at her lips, opening them up, and then entering. Her reaction was to move back up, but as she did so she felt a hand on her shoulder. Lower she went inch by inch, her pussy was being filled by the bottle. The men were whistling and laughing, calling her every name there can be for a slut, whilst she rode the bottle. It stretched her and she could feel it, the feeling was pleasant, but more for the circumstances she was in rather than just the bottle. Once she had as much of the bottle inside her as she could take, she began to finger her clit, more juices flowed round the bottle and it was not long with the shouting around her, the humiliation of her position and the fingering of her clit that she came. Losing her balance she was caught before she hit the ground and lifted to a standing position, the bottle slipping out and remaining on the floor. It was picked up and she watched as her juices were shared around, by the group.

As she stood there, from behind, her mouth, her face and her neck were savagely being eaten, sucked and bitten, she knew her neck would be a mess in the morning, she had always picked up hickey’s easily, when guys had not intentionally been meaning to mark her and here was a guy purposely wanting to brand her.

“Now baby, you’ve had your orgasm, its time for us to have ours.” The guy behind her forced her to her knees, holding her shoulders to prevent her getting up, one of her friends in front stood in front of her.

“Do it, bitch.”

How could she, then she realised, she had to release him. Her hands reached for his zipper, fumbling, her hands were knocked away. He grabbed her by the chin.

“Listen whore, we know you are good at this, we’ve seen your dextrous hands, so don’t play for time, there is no help coming. Do it right and you won’t get a slap, keep playing for time and you’ll be sorry.”

“You don’t want to be sorry, do you?”

She had not been playing for time, but she knew she had to get this right, pain had never been part of her fantasy.

“No” she whispered.”

This time she released his fly easily, amazing what a little motivation can do, she undid his trouser button, and his trousers partially dropped, revealing his semi hard member. It was oozing pre cum, she stared at it.

Pulling her hair, looking into her eyes.

“Do it bitch, don’t make me slap you.”

With one hand she pushed his trousers right down, with the other she held his cock and she moved her mouth forward, her tongue, began to clean up the mess around his cock, taking in the clear fluid. She noticed he was, like her clean shaven and she strangely thought to her self, how nice it was not to have hairs sticking into your face and nose when eating cock.

He was soon hard and she took, him fully into her mouth, deep throating had always come naturally to her, she only gagged, when he held her nose. She could hear the rustling of clothing being removed, by her audience and knew that this was not the last load she would take tonight. He held the back of her head and thrust hard and deeper, getting faster and faster, she sucked as hard as she could, hoping to bring him off quickly.

“Come on bitch, faster, bitch, that’s it bitch … aaaaaahhhhhhh!”

The final thrust and then copious amounts of cum, most she swallowed, some dripped down her chin. He stepped back, tousled her hair, almost like petting a pet. She looked around, she was still surrounded, but now they were naked, in fact she was the most clothed, wearing, her boots. Could she run for it, even if she had wanted to she knew they were more athletic than her and she would be very quickly caught, not to mention the fact she would not run naked, through the streets.

She stood up and was grabbed by the arm, before being thrown onto the bonnet of a Mercedes parked back there. Her legs were hoisted, over his shoulders, as she was bent practically in two. At an angle on the bonnet her head was hanging over the edge, another cock was offered to her, her face was slapped back and forward by this cock. She had noticed that none of these guys were average, far from it, these were big fuckers and she knew she was going to get to know them intimately.

“Come on baby, open wide.”

She did as she was bid. Then she heard the owner of this cock shout.


The cock that had been running gently up and down her crack, shifted. Oh my god, she felt the cock head at her asshole. No this is not right, her virgin ass was about to be raped. In her on line chat, they had talked about anal and whilst it had featured in their play, she had always made it clear that she never wanted to try it.

She wanted to plead, but the cock in her mouth, was firmly embedded and his movement gave little option but to continue to eat or suffocate. The cock at her ass was not going to gently break this cherry. This had never been a two way street, she had never so much as had a finger there and now this monster was at her gate. His playing with her crack had just been to lubricate his dick, to ease it in for him. Her own excitement, meant that her own juices had betrayed her and lubricated her forbidden entrance, with one hard thrust he went straight in to the hilt of his weapon, it wasn’t the length, it was the girth. Her stifled scream, clamped her jaws around the cock in her mouth, adding to his excitement and more cum spewed into her mouth. As he withdrew, he cleaned his cock on her hair.

“Filthy whore, he spat out as he walked away, made me cum too quickly.”

Well, that’s a result she thought to herself, amidst the pain from her ass. They watched as her ass was pounded. Her muscles accommodating this alien penetration, and whilst she was sure her ass must have ripped, she was getting more comfortable and the feeling was more pleasurable. It was not long before he too, was increasing his pace, thrusting became harder, but instead of pain it was pleasure, she felt him stiffen and the final thrust as he came inside her. As he stepped away, his member softening, he dipped his fingers into her battered hole, pulled out his gooey fingers and offered them to her mouth, she refused, was slapped and she then licked them clean, savouring all of her juices. Then it began in earnest, al of them attacking her body, she lowered herself onto a cock, slipping it easily into her cunt, pushed forward, she took another cock in her mouth, as each of them rode her, she was eased forward and she felt a cock against her no longer resisting ass. Obviously, she had never been DP’d before and she felt stretched, by the feeling it was sensational. Cum was being delivered into her ass, her cunt and her mouth, time and again as each man came he was replaced, it seemed like all three holes were being used constantly for hours and then they began to tire, each of them used her individually,, they watched her on all fours hair bedraggled, matted and her body glistening with cum. The last cock was finishing its business in her ass, while her fingers frigged herself and she came to another orgasm.

As they watched on, the guy who had started it, the ring leader, the one she had called “Darkness” stood in front of her, she opened her mouth to try and suck his flaccid dick to hardness, but he held her back, but he placed his hand on her forehead, holding her back, with his other hand he took his dick and aimed it at her mouth, it twitched, he squeezed and he gushed his piss into her mouth.

“Drink whore.”

And she did, swallowing as much as she could, her fingers played with her pussy and as she came, her own bladder released, as she came.

The guys watched this sight, but “Darkness” was not finished, she was crouched in a small pool of her own urine, mixed with his and some cum.

“Drink bitch.” He pointed to the pool.

She shook her head, but his insistent glare, put her right and she moved out of the pool so that she could go on all fours and start to lap up this cocktail of human juices.

“Hose her down boys!”

They moved forward and she was showered with streams of gold, in her hair off her back and down hr buttocks. At last they stopped, the Mercedes door was opened and Jenny was thrown a towel. Humiliated, abused and embarrassed, she slowly stood up and wiped herself down, dried herself off, watched by each of the men, as they dressed and slipped away into what remained of the night, until there were just the two of them. “Darkness” took her hand and pulled her into the Mercedes, on the back seat he cuddled and caressed her. With a satisfied look on her face, she smiled up at him, contented with her owner’s treatment.

“What took you so long? I thought you had missed the clues.”

His reply took her breath away….

“Marry me!”

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