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You Know I Can See You, Right? Ch. 08

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Mom was laying back in the pillows, leaning back on her elbows. I stood and gazed at her sexy loveliness; prefect body, sexy and nude, my mother. Lying there in the soft glow of the candlelight she looked like a classic Playboy centerfold, come to life; perfect.

“So,” she finally smiled seductively at me, “Is my handsome, studly son ready to actually fuck his own mother’s juicy, wet pussy?” she grinned wickedly, her eyes dropping to my hard cock, bouncing with eager anticipation.

“Oh you naughty Mom! You are going to get it now!” I growled at her.

“Oh yeah? Stud?” She whispered softly as she casually raised one knee and began waved it back and forth, slowly revealing, hiding, and then revealing her swollen pussy lips to me again and again. She noticed me watching this intently and then gently laid her leg wide open.

“Do you like this?” she asked me, indicating her pussy. “Is that a nice view, sweetheart?” I nodded dumbly. She slowly moved her other leg apart, causing her pussy lips to gently part, wetly, revealing the gorgeous pink inner lips. “Am I totally naughty for showing my naked pussy to my son?” she asked, smiling a bit.

“Yes you are.” I told her hungrily. “You are a very naughty mother, for showing your son your beautiful naked pussy.” I told her. “Am I a naughty son for standing here, naked and erect, loving the sight of my own mother’s pussy?” Her thumb came up and she slipped it into her mouth, smiling a bit. She nodded. “Yeah? I’m a naughty son for wanting to feel your pussy? For wanting to taste my own mother’s sweet pussy?” She kept nodding, her smile growing and her hungry look intensifying. “Am I a naughty son for wanting to push my hard cock into the vagina that I was born from, my own mother’s wet, warm vagina that gave birth to me all those years ago?” Her eyes rolled closed for a moment at the thought.

My cock was aching; actually painful it was so hard.

“Well, … you are a naughty boy, my son.” She purred at me. “Just look at you. My own son, standing there, beautifully nude, with the hardest, biggest, most beautiful cock I’ve ever laid eyes on, …” She licked her lips again. “…that I’ve ever laid my lips on, just standing there, watching his mother, nude in bed, in my most private, intimate moment, and you stand there watching me, like a peeping tom.”

Her right hand slowly moved up to cup her gorgeous breast. She squeezed and released, and teased the nipple.

“Here I am, enjoying my private moments, touching myself, pleasuring myself, and you stand there all erect and horny, as you spy on me playing with myself.” Her fingers trickled downward over her tummy across her swollen mound and gently worked back and forth over her clit.

“Mmmmm.” She moaned as she toyed with her clit. “I was so naughty to let you lick me, lick my pussy. My own son, down between my legs, licking and sucking me, tasting my very wet pussy. The very same one that gave you life. Now look at me. Laying here, nude before you, playing with my pussy and dying to have you back in me, especially that part of you.” She nodded towards my aching cock.

“I want that part in me, sweetie. I don’t care if I’m wicked, or evil, or perverted beyond belief. With all that’s happened to us, I just … don’t … care anymore. I want your sweet cock, Andy. I want to let you fuck me! Fuck my pussy with that fat cock.” Her lustful eyes came up to mine smiling. “We’ve both had all the time we need to consider our actions. We know what we want and who we are to each other. Let’s finally make that fantasy a reality.”

I smiled wide at this and slowly moved to kneel on the bed. I noticed that she was shaking a bit, trembling that ‘this was it’. I moved to kneel between her wide-spread thighs and then sat back on my heels.

“I want you to know how much I love you and always have; always will!!” I told her softly. “I want you. I want you so bad. I want you forever.” She smiled at me in the most gorgeous, loving, angelic way. She nodded her agreement.

I scooted forward, taking her legs and raising them around me, moving closer and closer until my painful cock came to rest on top of her clit. I gathered some saliva and swirled it onto my hard shaft and slowly began to stroke over her pussy.

“Oh Andy, yes!” Mom moaned aloud. “Oh my sweetheart, darling. You feel so hard, so heavy.” I kept slowly working my hips, stroking my cock over her pussy. “You feel so wonderful!” She leaned up so she could watch the show of my thick penis slipping over her.

I leaned forward, continuing to stroke over her, and we came nose to nose, gazing deeply into each other’s eyes. My hips moved as her rose up off the bed to meet me. We kissed long and deep, as we ground against each other. Her hands came up and cupped my face as she pulled me back for a soulful look.

“It’s time, darling, darling, Andy.” She whispered softly. “Take me, sweetheart. I need to be filled completely with you.”

I pushed back up onto my knees and gazed down at the vision of my cock slipping wetly over my mother’s swollen, gorgeous pussy lips. I reached down and gently toyed with her perfect nipples for a moment, giving her full breasts the slightest shake. I stroked my hands down her ribs, over her tummy, along the length of her fit, sensuous legs, and took both ankles in my hands.

I lifted and opened her legs even wider, giving me a lewdest, sexiest view of my naked mother, laying there waiting for her own loving son to penetrate her wet pussy with his hard cock for the very first time; hopefully the first time of many; the rest of our lives.

“I love you Mom.” I told her with a smile. “Take me back inside you.”

I drew back my hips, slowly, dragging my hard, heavy cock back across her clit. It gently dipped down until the head smoothed through the open flower petals of her lips, and came to rest against the opening to her vagina. She was visibly trembling now. Her lower lip firmly caught in her teeth. She tried to remain still, but was vibrating under me. I gently pushed forward until the head of my cock was inside of her.

“Oh Andy!” Mom groaned as her eyes rolled back. “My sweet, loving son! Fuck your mother, darling.”

“Yes, mother. My mother. My sexy, gorgeous, nude, loving mother! Let me push up into your body. Take my cock, Mom.”

I slowly, gently pushed, then withdrew, pushed and withdrew, each time easing just the tiniest bit more of my cock into her. Her hands came to my hips and just held me. She didn’t push or pull, just held me, as I worked slowly in and out. It took a while before I had even reached halfway in. Her pussy was literally drooling around my cock, which shone wetly in the candlelight.

“Oh Fuck, Andy! Do it! Fuck me! Give me all of your cock!” She was now raising her hips trying to speed my progress. “Don’t tease me! I need it baby! I need your cock so bad! Fuck me!” I withdrew to the point where her lips where just touching the tip of my cock, and then pushed it hard, all the way in! Mom grunted with surprise and shock at the depth that I suddenly reached in her. “Ooooohhhhhhh!” she groaned aloud. “Ooooohhhhhhh, Fffuuuuccckkkk!!!” she howled.

I rammed it in again, having drawn all the way out again. “Ooooohhhhhhh, Fffuuuuccckkkk!!!” she repeated. “Ooooohhhhhhh, Fffuuuuccckkkk!!! Oh Andy! Oh Andy! Oh Andy! Oh fuck, you are so deep!” Her head was rolling around, back and forth. Her fingernails were digging into my hips as she held on for dear life. “Yes, baby! Yes! My sweet baby! My sweet baby man!

I found a long slow rhythm, withdrawing my cock, drawing her sweet wet pussy walls with me, and then ramming the whole thing back into her. I drove the air from her lungs with each forceful thrust. I could clearly feel the depth of her vagina, as I seemed to hit her soft, squishy bottom on each thrust. She looked like she was supporting her entire weight on her hips, resting in my lap and the top of her head, which was thrown back as far as it would go; her back was arched off the bed, her tits pushed up in the air. The veins on her neck stood out as she held her breath, every muscle taught.

“Oh my god, Mom!” I hissed, realizing that all my muscles were equally taught. “Oh fuck, yeah! Take my cock! Take my cock in you!” I rammed it and rammed it and rammed it, reveling in how tight she really was. When her breath finally did escape, it did so with a loud howl that certainly was heard by everyone in the neighborhood. She completely un-sprung at that moment, collapsing heavily on the bed. I continued to pummel her pussy, but her body was limp and her eyes were closed. She flopped a bit with every hard thrust, her beautiful breasts gently swaying as I fucked her. Her entire body was coated with a sheen of sweat.

“Oh yeah Mom, take it! Take that cock! Let me fuck that pussy with my cock!” I was thrusting just as deep, but even faster now. “Take your son’s hot cock in your pussy. I love your pussy!” I watched for a bit as she lay there, flaccid; rocking gently as I fucked her pussy. “Mom?” I finally questioned. No response. “Mom?” I asked again, my thrusts slowing. She was out like a light. “Mom? You okay?” I asked, coming to a complete stop, a bit alarmed. There was no movement.

Slowly, she came to, her eyes fluttering, then opened slowly. They seemed to adjust and then rolled up to meet mine. We stared at each other for a second, then a slow slight smile came to her lips. “You okay?” I repeated. She smiled for a bit and then told me,

“Oh Andy. Oh my goodness, sweetheart. Wow!” Her smile became a huge grin. “Holy fuck sweetie, you are, …” her head shook a bit. “I have never in my life, …” She reached up and cupped my cheeks in her hands. “You fucked my lights out. My beautiful boy. My wonderful, wonderful, loving son. You’re incredible!”

I told her that she had freaked me out a bit, that I had thought something was really wrong. She just smiled and shook her head in wonder, her thumbing going back into her mouth in that sexy way of hers.

“I have never cum like that, before. Never even thought it was possible. You fucked my lights out!” I stared in disbelief. I was kneeling there, not moving, still holding her ankles, legs wide apart, lewdly displayed, with my cock hallway in her. “Don’t stop, my loving son, don’t stop fucking me. Don’t ever stop fucking me.” That horny gleam returned to her eyes. “You are such an incredible … mother fucker. I love fucking my son!”

I began to move again, which caused her eyes to roll back a bit.

“Oh yes! That’s it! Oh Andy, Give your mother your amazing cock! Fuck your mother’s wet pussy with that amazing, gorgeous dick!” Her hands came to her breasts and she took hold of her nipples roughly. “Oh fuck me, baby” Her jaw was clenched and she was leaning down to watch me in her. “Oh that cock! My baby boy’s beautiful cock! My son is in my pussy! I’m being fucked by my son!” she said to the ceiling. She looked back to me. “I love you Andy!”

I was back to ramming her deep and hard. I kept looking down the view the incredible sight of my penis disappearing into my mother’s vagina. It was a surreal, thrilling sight.

“Oh yeah, Mom! Take that cock. Take my cock. Take your son’s cock into you. Take it so deep! Yeah! Feel how deep I am in you!”

“Oh you are, sweetie. So fucking deep! I love it! I love your cock! Fuck me baby! Oooof! So deep! Ooof! So fucking deep in me. You can’t get any deeper! You cock is so fucking big, it’s hitting me so deeply! Ooof!

“Oh Mom! I’m gonna cum!” I whispered. I was frantically fucking her now. Her whole body was shaking and bouncing with the strength of my thrusting. She moaned that she wanted it. “Can I cum in you?” I begged. “Can I shoot my cum in you?” she was nodding and gasping, simply holding on as I destroyed her tight little mother pussy. “Yeah? Yeah? Oh get ready for the flood, then. Get ready! I am going to fill my mother’s sweet pussy with cum. I’m going to give you all my sperm!”

“Oh yes baby! Yes, my sweet baby! Shoot in me. Fill me! Flood me!!”

Our movements were frantic and wild, but our voices fell silent as we both climbed the wave to our orgasms. We held our breath and held onto each other, and then the crash came!!

Mom repeated her howl from moments before. I emitted one long ‘Oooooooooooohhhhhhhhh!!!” as my penis burst forth with a spew of cum that left me flailing in a delicious agony of release, my balls ached as they emptied inside my mother’s womb, my early home. My mother’s sweet, tight, hot, little pussy was overcome with the deluge of my seed, forcing it out around the shaft of my cock and running out and down her bottom. I gathered a huge breath and expelled another long groan of agonizing pleasure. It had never been this wonderfully painful before to ejaculate, but the volume left the sensation of the actual flow of my cream through my penis. It ached.

“My God! Andy!” My mother gasped and giggled a bit. “Holy shit, sweetheart!” She was panting as she realized the degree to which she really was flooded. “Oh my sweet boy, are you okay? My goodness what a cum!!” Her fingers dipped into the flow that was still escaping her vagina, drawing a tight clamp over the shaft of my still spewing cock. “Jesus! I’ve never in my life, ….”

I opened my eyes to find her staring at me with a slightly alarmed gaze. Slowly a smile broke onto my lips; hers did as well.

“Wow!” was all I could think to say. We smiled at each other.

“Wow!” Mom repeated. I realized that I was still thrusting in and out, my cock not as painful, but still completely erect. Our smiles burst into outright laughter at the ludicrous level of our arousal and the height of our orgasmic pleasure. We were giddy, even as I continued to fuck her. She was sloppy wet with cum and so slick and smooth, I glided in and out effortlessly.

“Not done, I take it?” Mom finally questioned. I was still holding her legs wide apart and my hips hadn’t slowed a bit.

“I guess not.” I told her cheekily.

“My turn.” She said, as she pushed me off her and laid me on my back. “Your loving mother wants her turn at riding her son’s spectacular penis.” She straddled me and stood there on her knees, hovering above my cock, warm cum dripping onto my stomach. “Oooh, how gooey.” She cooed, “How wonderfully gooey, we are.” She leaned down and licked the droplets of our mixed fluids, from my stomach.

“You are incredibly beautiful.” I told her, stroking her hips, once she had raised up again.

“So are you, Andy. My son, my beautiful, nude, hard, sexy son.” Her hips moved gently side to side, as she absent-mindedly cupped and squeezed her perfect tits. “Your cum is so tasty sweetie.”

“Dance for me.” I told her as she continued to move above me. She realized how she was moving, and made an effort to make it even sexier, like a lap dance.

“You don’t mind your own mother, dancing naked for you?” she teased. My grin told her, without doubt, that I didn’t mind a bit.

She moved and stroked her body, in the sexiest display I have ever seen. She cupped her breasts for me, squeezing and kneading the pliant flesh, tugging her nipples so hard it made me hurt for her; she loved it! She ran her fingers through the sloppy mess of her pussy juice and my cum that continued to ease from her pussy and brought it to her mouth, then to mine. The taste was exotic and erotic.

Mom leaned down and gently swabbed her lips over mine. My hands came up and cupped her perfect tits.

“Would you mind sweetie, …” She whispered in my ear. “If your naughty mother has some more of your luscious big penis?” I shook my head smiling. “Yeah? That would be okay? You wouldn’t mind letting me be so bad? Mmmm I want to be naughty again, I want to be the slut mother who takes her son’s hard, big, beautiful cock and shoves it up her cunt.” We were nose to nose again as she grinned down at me, while reaching back to take a hold on my cock.

“I, … Ohhh sweetheart, darling, Andy! You’re still so hard, baby. Mmmmmm” she moaned never taking her eyes from mine.

“It is a little different for me darling. I can remember every moment of your life. You were born out of my pussy, this pussy. Mmmm. I nursed you with these breasts.” She moved a bit giving me a view of her breasts, hanging just above me. “You used to suck on these nipples for hours. Drinking your fill of my milk and turning me on at the same time. I could barely admit to myself that it turned me on to have your beautiful little mouth and tongue coaxing the sweet milk out of my tits, but it did. Oh how it did!” This last comment she made gazing into my eyes, inches from me. She kissed me softly.

“I used to care for you when you were tiny and helpless, cleaning you, washing you. Washing your adorable little penis, wondering to myself what it would become when you grew up. You were so naughty then. I would open your diaper and you would instantly pee.” She giggled at the memory. “Stream of pee going everywhere. I learned to cover you with my hand as soon as I undid your diaper. I can remember the feel of your tiny penis in my hand, when I did.” Her hand slipped down to squeeze my cock. Her eyes rolled closed at the feel.

“Oh sweetheart!” She moaned softly. “I never dreamed it would become this!” She squeezed the thick shaft. “I never dreamed it would pleasure me as it does. My son’s penis has become my prized treasure. I love the feel of you. I love the feel of you in my mouth.” Her gaze turned intense. “I ADORE the feel of this magnificent cock in my pussy, deep in my body, working in and out.” She began to stroke the head over her clit. “Mmmm yes baby. Over my clit. Your cock is so hard, so big, so beautiful!”

Her eyes came to mine again.

“I want you in me again. Is that okay?” I nodded smiling back.” Yeah? Oh sweetheart, thank you. Thank you for loving me and letting me be such a naughty slut mom.”

“You could never be a slut, Mom. You are sexy and wild and free with your body, but never a ‘slut’. Not to me.”

“Oh baby. You are so sweet to me. I am naughty though. What mother let’s her son, … or makes her son, … use his fingers and tongue and penis to pleasure her sexual needs? What sort of mother fucks her own loving son, just to get off?”

“The most beautiful, wonderful, loving and well-deserving mother in the world!” I told her. “You are so deeply loved by me. I adore you so thoroughly that making love to you is the perfect way for me to express it. The fact that we both love the fucking we give each other is proof of our tender devotion to each other, for life.” Her eyes were misty as she gazed into mine. I think mine may have been too. “I want to fuck you so badly. I want to feel your exquisite body taking me into your loving core. Fuck me mommy!”

She raised herself just a bit, aligned my cock, and slid it gently, slowly, firmly into the depths of her pussy. She waggled her hips a bit to make the entry complete.

“You mean like that?” she grinned. I grinned back and nodded. “Mmmmm God sweetie. Your cock is heaven!” She pushed herself up, hands on my chest until she was sitting up straight. “Oh, holy fuck!” she moaned loudly. “You are so fucking big, Andy! Oh your cock is so fucking big in me!” She sounded breathless. I was so deep in her that it was slightly uncomfortable, being jammed into her depths. She was unbelievably tight around me.

Mom would work her hips back and forth, stirring my cock around inside and then she would begin an up and down motion, drawing me out and jamming me back in, bouncing her breasts in front of me. I took them in my hands and just held their beauty. Her fingers were digging into my chest as she rode me; back and forth, up and down. Her eyes were tightly shut as she came and then came again, drenching my entire crotch with her wetness.

I was holding her perfect tits, my thumbs touching in the middle, where I could feel her heartbeat; it was racing and pounding as she came again. She was panting in shallow little breaths as she fucked me and fucked me. After her 6th orgasm she finally gave out completely, falling off me to the side and gasping for breath. It was the sexiest thing I have ever witnessed!!

I glanced at the clock to notice that it was 2:00 AM. I gathered Mom into my arms and worked the bedclothes over us and spooned up behind her and we fell into a deep satisfied sleep. But only for an hour at the most. I awoke to the wonderful feel of her big breast in my hand and my hips working themselves in my sleep. My cock was hard again and the soft skin of her bottom was caressing it wonderfully.

I moved slightly and without waking her, began to gently search out her vagina. Slowly, slowly, over her lips and clit I worked. I gently ran the head between her lips, finding that wonderful yielding spot that signaled her opening. I began to push into her, as gently as I could. Mom moaned and rolled her hips a bit but didn’t wake. I followed her pace and matched her gentle rocking as I moved slightly deeper and deeper.

“Ohhh Andy!” she moaned softly, coming awake. “You’re in me.”

“Yes I am, Mom. I am in you.” I began to work a bit deeper.

“Ooooh baby, you are sooooo fucking big!” she moaned reaching around to grab my butt and pull me in deeper. “Yes sweetheart lover. Give me that beautiful cock.”

We fucked like that for a while, my hand holding her sexy, curvy hip and caressing her bottom, as I rammed my big dick in her over and over. I leaned over her and we kissed, her sucking my tongue. I then rolled her over onto her tummy, legs together, and straddled her as I continued to fuck her pussy deep and slow. She was pushing her cute bottom up at me as I picked up the pace.

“God baby! You are so deep in me. Can you feel that?” I told her that I felt like I was bottoming out in her. She agreed. “But I love the sensation of being so filled up with your thick hard cock, Andy.” She pushed back more and then came fully up on her knees. I was thrilled by the sight of her sexy round bottom pushed up at me, her hips rolling like the ocean. I grabbed a hold and pounded her like no tomorrow. She was moaning so loud that I pushed her into a pile of pillows where she unleashed a bellow that would have awakened the entire neighborhood.

Her orgasm left her spent and she flopped down onto the bed, coming off my cock. I watched as she lay there panting. What an incredible sight to behold. My mother, nude, worn out completely from the fucking I, her own loving son, had just given her. I lay down and spooned her again. We slept until 5, when the sky was just lightening. I was awakened by tender caresses on my penis.

Mom was creating a lump under the covers, as she gently caressed me. I pulled the covers back and was afforded a view I shall never forget. Mom looked like she’d been fucked all night. Her hair was a disaster, but sexy looking, she looked tired but happy, she was completely nude with her breasts fully visible and she was inches from kissing the shaft of my growing cock.

“You caught me.” Was all she said, smiling gently. I just watched as she leaned in and kissed my penis softly. She shifted a bit and laid her head on my thighs, facing my balls and kissed them softly as well.

“Since I caught you, can I keep you?” I asked joking.

“Forever.” She replied, with such seriousness that my heart melted.

“I will then.” I said more seriously.

“I will be happy forever, then.”

I pulled some pillows under my head so that I could continue to gaze at her. A minute later my phone dinged with a text message. I frowned, curious as to who would text me at this hour. I stretched out to reach my phone on the bedside and opened the message. ‘Am very excited to know how your night is. Call me when you are waking. XXOO – Mari’. I smiled at the message. Mom gave me a questioning look.

“Message from Mari.” I told her. Mom grinned.

“She’s up early. What does she say?”

“She wants to know how my night was. She wants me to call ‘when I am waking’.”

I typed in a reply asking her, ‘You’re up early. How are you doing this morning?’ I short while later she sent back, ‘Haven’t been sleeping. Too excited for you and Judy. Was nice?’ As I read it out to Mom, she sighed contentedly, and moved to lick the root of my cock.

“You should call her.”, Mom said. I gave her a look, but she was serious. I pushed my auto-dial.

“Awndy?” came the soft answer.

“Good morning sweetie. How are you?”

We chatted a bit about how she was doing. I said I was fine. Mom was great, though a bit sleepy. Mom shook her head at me. Listening to my one-sided conversation.

“Well, yeah, a little bit.” I said into the phone. Mom looked curious, as her tongue worked its magic on my thickening penis. “Well maybe a lot.” Another pause as I listened. “Oh yeah!” I said, “I did indeed.” Mom raised her head at this comment.

“What is she asking.”

“Mari wanted to know if we had been a bit naughty. I said we had. She asked whether just a bit, or a lot. I told her.” Mom’s eyes went a bit wider at this. “She wanted to know if I had seen you nude, I said ‘Oh yeah!” Mom hid her eyes in my crotch, aghast.

“I’m sorry, what?” I asked into the phone. Mom looked up at my silence. “Well, … you should ask her. No, of course you can.” Mom was shaking her head at me. “Hang on one sec.” I handed the phone to Mom, who refused to take it. “Mari has a question.” Mom shook her head again, but finally took the phone from me with a scowl.

“Bonjour, Cheri. Ҫa va?” she chirped brightly into the phone a fake smile on her face. I watched and listened. “I’m well sweetie. Andy said you had trouble sleeping?” She listened and the smile faltered. “Oh, well, I’m sorry, … that we, … kept you up so late.” Mom gave me kind of a horrified look. “Andy said you had a question for me. No, no, you can ask me anything. No it’s fine. Go ahead.”

I watched as the expression on her face fell completely and her eyes closed. She was silent for a bit.

“Well, … actually sweetie, …” she was steeling herself for the answer. “Yes. Yes we did.” Her eyes popped open at me. “Yes. We did. We fucked all night long.” Her expression softened a bit. “Oh yeah.” She finally added, as her eyes rolled back a bit. “Yes he is. Andy is fantastic. Oh sweetheart it was incredible! Oh my goodness, yes. His cock is amazingly big.” She glanced at me.

Mom had to look away from my gaze as she related to my girlfriend how much she loved being fucked by her son. Her thumb went into her mouth and she giggled into the phone. She was like a schoolgirl, relating the details of a first date to her girlfriend. She moved over and laid down beside me as they talked.

“Oh you should!” she exclaimed into the phone. “Yes, yes. Oh, please do. Please. No sweetheart, no. never. I want you to. I want to too. Perfect! That’s wonderful! I want that for you too.” Her look turned serious. She was thoughtful for a moment, then her eyes found mine. “Well, … I don’t know, … I mean, I just never, … No, no! It would be incredible, I’m sure. I will. Yes, I will. I promise.” Mom reached out her hand and took mine in hers. “We’ll see you then. Okay sweetie. Salud.”

I watched as Mom hung up the phone, staring at it for a moment, before handing it to me.

“So? What’s up?”, I asked. Mom looked up at me for a long moment.

“Oh nothing.” She finally dismissed.

“What?” I practically screamed. Her face broke into a wide grin, teasing. “What’s ‘going to be incredible’?” We wrestled for a bit, my trying to get the gist of her conversation, her trying to hide it from me.

Mom sat up and crossed her legs under her. Sitting there like that, completely and comfortably nude, made me so hard. She finally admitted that Mari wanted to know if we had actually had sex.

“I told her that we had. That you had fucked me all night, that you were incredible,” her voice dropped conspiratorially, “which you were sweetie.” She added softly. “Then she told me, …”

Mom paused as if not wanting to tell me the rest. Her eyes dropped to her lap.

“Then she told me that she thought she should leave us to ourselves, that she didn’t want to interfere in our relationship.” Mom’s eyes came up to mine, they looked wet. “She said she wanted you more than anything, but didn’t want to come between us.” Mom was looking genuinely hurt. After all that Mari had admitted to us the day before, about being unloved and discarded, it broke her heart to think that Mari feared being in the way.

“I told her that I wanted her to be here, be with you, to be your lover.” Her voice dropped off. A long pause ensued.

“So what else did she say?” I asked, catching her gaze. “What is it that ‘you’ve never done’? ‘That you think will be incredible’?” Mom looked at me for a long time, rolling my question in her mind, considering how to respond. I was really intrigued now.

“Well, … she wondered, … if I would enjoy having her, … make love to me as well.” My eyebrows rose in surprise; and excitement; questioning. Mom’s thumb went into her mouth again, in that adorable way she does, when she suspects she’s being naughty.

“I told her, … thaaaat, …” She was drawing it out, either from embarrassment, or that she knew how crazy turned on it would make me; both maybe. “Well, … I told her that I would try it.” My wide grin embarrassed her a bit. “I told her that I would let her make love to me. That, … if I liked it, … I would try it on her.”

“Try what? Making love to her?” I asked. She bit her thumb, grinning like a naughty school girl. She nodded, testing my reaction. My big smile answered her question.

“Yeah? You think I should?”

“What? Try it? Or like it?” I asked. She giggled.

“Well, both.” I nodded, growing seriously aroused. I pulled her to me and kissed her deep and wet, my tongue easing into her mouth. She sucked on it and caressed it with hers, by now on her hands and knees.

She moved around a bit and I scooted towards the bottom of the bed, both of us heading for a 69. I turned to see her sexy, strong thigh lift up and over me, exposing that gorgeous pussy, swollen and open as it lowered to my mouth. I reached around and took gently hold of her bottom in both hands, pulling her tighter. My tongue immediately pushed into her slick, tight cunt.

I moaned loudly as her lips slipped, warm and wet over the head of my cock and I felt the interior of her mouth caress every inch of me as she pushed me in deep. I felt her stomach lurch and she gagged, but she didn’t withdraw. She gagged again and then quickly again before drawing off, panting through her nose. I stroked my fingers over her vagina and anus, as I sucked her clit and hood into my mouth, tonguing it gently, slowly. She moaned at that.

We lay like that for a long time enjoying each other’s intimate parts, tasting, smelling, feeling, looking, and touching each other. Mother and son, exploring each other, in the most intimate way possible; each the sexy genitals of the other. I was loving the sensation of having my mother grinding her nude wet pussy into my face, as she choked and gagged and tried to swallow my hard cock. ‘Incest is heaven’, I thought to myself.

I worked the index finger of one hand into her vagina and the index finger of the other into her tight, sexy ass. She let my cock fall from her lips to flop heavily onto my stomach as she expelled a loud,

“Ooooooohhhhhhh fffffuuuuucccckkk!!! Yes! Yes!! Yes!!! Oooooooohhhhhh ffffuuuuccckkk!” I felt an easing of the tightness around the finger in her pussy as her vagina swelled in orgasm. “Oh! Andy! Oh! Andy, sweet love!” She was really panting hard now as she soaked my chin with her juice. I moaned loudly into her pussy, her clit sucked into my mouth. “Ffffffuuuuucccckkk!” she moaned again.

Abruptly, she rose up off me, my fingers yanked from her tight sockets.

“Oh fuck baby! I need you in me. I need that gorgeous cock in me. Give me that sexy cock! My son’s sexy cock.” She moved off me but just knelt on the bed next to me. She wanted it from behind. My cock lurched a bit harder at the thought.

I scrambled to my knees and knelt between her calves. Her gorgeous round hips and bottom were raised up at me; her pussy open and ready. It was such a sexy, lewd display of my mother’s charms, that I felt a quick shudder run through me. As I moved forward I noticed her hand held out between her legs, awaiting my cock. I dropped it into her palm and she moaned at the contact.

“Oh yes, sweetie, give me that big cock. Fuck your mother sweetheart. Be a good boy and fuck your mother hard and deep.” She guided me to her opening. There was no need for overture; I rammed it in deep and hard the first stroke. She ‘ooomphed’ as I hit bottom. “Oh yes, baby! Be a good boy for Mommy! Give her all that juicy, sweet cock!! Mmmmmm yes! That’s it baby, be a good boy for me. That’s right. Treat Mommy’s pussy right. Fuck it hard and deep. Mmmm. Fuck your mother darling, fuck your loving mother.”

I grabbed her hips tight and slam-banged for a solid 5 minutes, loving the way she took it. Mom was made for this. Mom was made for high-speed racing! Her hand came up again and cupped my swinging balls.

“Oh yeah! Slap my clit with these big balls, baby. What a good boy you’re being! Yes you are. You are being so good for Mommy, aren’t you Andy?”

“Yes I am. If my Mommy wants a good, hard fucking, then I’m the guy to do it!”

“Mmmmmmmm yes.” She giggled, then moaned at the jack-hammering her pussy was getting. “Oohh God! Oh God!! Oh God!!”

“Cum baby!” She told me, demanding. “Shoot my pussy full of that sweet warm creamy cum!! Give me what I want, baby. Give me what I want. Flood me with your sperm, lover. My lover. My son. My lover!” She sounded delirious. I kept hammering but was slowing the tempo a bit. I was getting close.

“Yes.” I managed, with a voice that sounded so strained, it sounded like someone had me by the throat! “Oh yes! I gonna cum!” I was almost shrieking. Every muscle and sinew was taught as I came closer and closer. “Oh fuck! I gonna cum!” Mom was just moaning. Her face was lying on the bed. Her tits were on the bed. Her ass was stuck so lewdly up in the air, her back looked bent at 90 degrees. I loved her sexy bottom, as I held it in a death grip.

The world slowed. The room fell almost silent. My movements slowed way down as my orgasm raced up the hill to the pinnacle! Slowly I withdrew almost completely, waited motionless for a second and then, as the cum squirted out the tip of my cock, I rammed it back in her. I heard someone screaming aloud, realizing quickly that it was me. I didn’t care or stop. I withdrew and slammed home, withdrew and slammed home, withdrew and slammed home. Each time shooting a huge gush of cum into my mother’s vagina. It simply displaced, squirting back out around my thick shaft and ran slowly down her lips and my balls.

My eyes opened. They were unfocussed. There was a shape. There was a noise. I frowned at not recognizing something that felt so familiar. Concern? Worry? The noise was a voice. Mom’s voice. Where the fuck was I?

My vision cleared. It was mom’s voice. She looked mad. No, she looked scared. She was mumbling.

“What?” I asked her.

“Are you okay, sweetie?” she asked. I had to think. ‘Was I?’ Why was I so fuzzy?

“Are you okay?” she asked again, the concern in her voice evident.

“What happened?” I finally managed.

“You passed out and fell out of bed.” I realized that I had.

It came back to me in a rush. I came in Mom’s pussy, and then woke up here.

“Are you okay?” she asked a third time.

“Yeah. Fine.” I told her, sitting up. “Holy shit! What an orgasm!” She maintained her alarmed look for a beat and then a wide smile grin broke out of her face.

“Holy cow, Sweetheart! When you fuck you really give it your all!”

“Yes I do.” I leaned up and kissed her mouth. “When it’s you I’m fucking, I do.” She helped me up and back into bed.

She related the fact that I flooded her pussy, screaming out loud, then went totally silent. As she turned to look, I rolled to the side, took one bounce on the mattress and flew like a marionette onto the floor. I hadn’t made a sound as I went, but scared her when I landed so hard on the wood floor; my head had made a loud thwack as it hit the wood.

I laid back in bed to the gorgeous sight of my mother, kneeling nude, pussy and tits on full display, hand over her mouth as she giggled a bit at my misfortune.

“I think I will never get over the incredible thrill of simply being allowed to see you naked”. Her giggling melted into a warm smile as she crawled up and over me and lay down on me full length. She felt light as a feather. Her head was nestled under my chin, and her arms encircled me. We lay like that until we fell asleep.

My phone dinging again, woke us. It was noon.

Bleary-eyed, I reached for the phone. I had to blink a few times to see the screen. Mom dozed on, still laying nude on top of me.

‘What are you 2 doing?’ came a text from Mari. ‘I M Xctied 2 No.’ followed shortly. I pushed the call button.

“Allo.” Came the lilting reply.

“Hi sweetie. How are you?’

“Oh Awndy!” she whispered. “I cannot stand eet.” “Vat are you two doing now?”

“Just laying here. Mom’s sleeping.”

“Did you … fuck with her.” She whispered low and excited. “Did you love your mother Szhudy?” I was taken aback at her bold question, but answered quietly,

“Yes.” I heard Mari gasp as if that was the sexiest thing she’d ever heard. She told me that she wished she could see it. I told her that I did too. After a long pause she wondered if she could see it. I told her that I would love that.

“Oh my fuck, Awndy!” she whispered a scream into the phone. “I am so wet in my pussy!”

“Tell her to come here.” Mom said, without moving, obviously not asleep, and listening.

“Mom says to come here.”

“Oh my fuck, Awndy!” she whispered another scream. “I will come to you just now. I will leave work now!” The phone went dead instantly. I pictured her hanging up the phone, yanking off her work uniform, and dashing for her bike, all at the same moment. I held the slient phone to my ear for a second longer, confirming that she was, in fact, gone.

“She’s on her way, isn’t she?” Mom asked, still not moving. I leaned down to catch her eye and simple smiled and nodded. Smiled and nodded.

I was sipping tea, wearing a towel. Mom was in the shower when the bell rang. “Marianne must have ridden like the wind’, I thought, slightly irked that it might be someone else. I cracked the door to find no one there. Looking out a bit more I saw Mari standing all the way at the bottom of my stairs by the street, looking up anxiously at me. She looked frightened and out of place.

“What are you doing down there?” I called to her, confused. She simply shook her head. She looked ready to flee, but then steeled herself and climbed the stairs again. She stood very close looking up at me, dressed in her black slacks, with the huge cuffs, shiny, tiny, patent leather shoes, black button down dress shirt, tight across her breasts; straight from work I noted.

After a moment I took her in my arms and we embraced there on my stoop, wearing my towel. The day had turned quite lovely. I ushered her inside. In my living room, I drew her into my arms again. We held each other rocking slowly. Nothing was said as she buried her face in my chest and I kissed the top of her head. One hand stroked the swell of her hip. I could feel the fullness of her tits against me. Her fingertips wiggled into the wrap of my towel, feeling my hips.

“Good morning Marianne.” came the lilting voice from behind me. We both turned to see Mom, emerging from the bathroom. She was casually drying her hair with a towel. Aside from that she was completely nude! Beautifully, sexily, comfortably, nude. Mari and I just gaped at her as she crossed the room to us. Mom kissed me when she got close, and then took Mari’s hand and pulled her from me. “Hello sweet girl.” She told her and then Mom wrapped her arms around my girlfriend and kissed her mouth softly, but lingering.

After a moment’s hesitation, Mari’s hands came slowly up and rested on Mom’s hips. As their soft kiss lingered more, Mari’s hands eased around to take hold of Mom’s bottom, eliciting a soft, approving moan. Their kiss became more passionate, as Mari’s hands explored from Mom’s bottom to her shoulders and back; Mom did the same. I stood there rooted to the spot, overcome with the magic of this moment. I didn’t want to make a sound and break this incredible spell.

Finally their lips parted. I noticed Mom’s tongue remained extended for just a moment before her eyes opened. Mom was maybe 3″ taller than Mari. Their eyes were locked as gentle, loving smiles crossed their lips. Slowly Mari’s gaze dropped to Mom’s breasts. Both her hands slid up her back and then pulled her closer. Mari bent only slightly, her lips closed softly on Mom’s right nipple. Mom’s eyes rolled closed and she held onto Mari for support, moaning softly. I was afforded another incredible sight, as my adorable French girlfriend, fully clothed, suckled the nipple of my mother’s breast, while she stood nude in my living room.

Mom ran her fingers gently through Mari’s hair as she reveled in the thrill of having Mari lick her nipple. Mari’s hand came up and gently squeezed the breast that she was sucking on. I stood watching for a bit and then came up behind Mari and took gentle hold of her hips. I felt Mom’s hand come down, and with one little tug, my towel fluttered to the floor. Now Mari was surrounded front and back by her nude boyfriend and her boyfriend’s nude mother.

Mom took a hold of Mari’s head and guided her mouth to the other nipple.

“Yes. That’s it sweetheart. Suck that one too.” She whispered to her. Mari’s other hand came up and now both of Mom’s perfect tits was being squeezed and fondled by my girlfriend’s little hands. “Mmm that feels wonderful darling!” Mom’s hand found my cock and was stroking it. “Yes. My sweet young lovers. You both feel so good. You make me feel so good.”

Mari returned to kissing Mom’s lips after spending a long time at her tits. Mom began to slowly edge backwards towards the couch. The three of us stumbled a bit as we struggled not to break contact, as we moved with Mom. Mom gently sat down and held Mari’s hips, her fingers entwined with mine. My cock was bursting as I pushed it against Mari’s sexy back. Mom was running her hands over the outside of Mari’s clothes, exploring and feeling her body. One hand that came around behind her, took a hold of my cock and gave a tug. She pulled me around the side of Mari until it came into view.

Mom took Mari’s hand and guided it to my cock. She gave a cute little mewling sound like a kitten and the feel of my hardness. She squeezed it and felt along its length, measuring. She turned to look, to take in the view of what was in her hand.

“Mmmmm Awndy, you are so thick.” I noticed Mom’s hands now holding and squeezing Mari’s big tits through her shirt. Mom was sitting just in front of her and I was right at her hip. I watched Mari look down at Mom, then at my cock, then at Mom.

“You enjoy to kiss it?” Mari asked. Neither of us knew what she was referring to. Mom, bless her, before she thought about it blurted,

“Kiss what sweetie?’

“Kiss Awndy’s cock?” Mari asked. Mom had a brief, stricken look, she was found out. She relaxed almost immediately, Of course she was found out.

“I love to kiss Andy’s big, beautiful cock.”

“Mmmmm. C’est tres grande, oui?” Mari asked. “I have not seen very many. And none so, … ‘beau’? How you say?” Mom looked at me with a questioning look.

“Handsome?” I translated. Both girls gave an ‘aha’ kind of look at the translation, then immediately thought, ‘yes, handsome.’ Mom blurted first.

“Yes! Handsome. Andy has a very handsome cock. I love it.

“Mmmmm, oui!” Mari sighed. “Handsome. Kiss it?” she asked Mom. Mom looked up at her unsure. “Do you enjoy to kiss it? His handsome cock?” Mom simply nodded. “Show me for it?” Mari asked her.

Mom moved her full attention to my cock, Taking it gently in both hands and stroking the length.

“Oh Marianne, sweetie. It is so handsome, it feels so wonderful. I love my son’s handsome cock.” Mari was watching intently. Mom leaned over and wrapped her exquisite lips around the head. I felt a shudder ripple through Mari as she watched this erotic, incestuous display. Mom began to bob on me, my cock appearing and disappearing, deeper and deeper. Finally she opened wide and pushed down hard, until it was obvious that I was lodged at the back of her mouth, the opening to her throat.

“Oooh la la.” Mari uttered quietly. Mom pushed harder, gagged hard but swallowed the entire length. “Mon Dieu!!” Mari whispered. “Regardez ça!!! Dans sa Gorge!!” Mari sat down on the couch next to Mom to watch more closely. “This I cannot do.” She whispered. “You are too beeg for me, Awndy.”

“Yiou know, that’s what I first thought.” Mom said after withdrawing me from her soggy mouth. “Andy turns me on so much though.” Mom turned to look at Mari. “Would you like some?” Mari eyes were fixed on my cock. She appeared a bit unsure. “Try it sweetie.” Mom cooed. “Taste Andy’s sweet cock.”

Mari hesitated for a while and then slowly leaned forward and gently, tentatively kissed the head. She pulled back fully to look at it, then to me, then back to it. She kissed it again and then gently again. After another tentative delay she then wrapped her lips gently around me. It was such a tender contact, after Mom’s rugged sucking, that I swooned. Mari was incredibly beautiful with my thick penis in her mouth.

“Oh yeah, Mari. Oh sweetheart! That feels so good.” My thighs were trembling a bit as I leaned forward to give her access to me. Mom put her arm around Mari’s shoulder.

“Yes, Marianne. Suck my son’s beautiful penis, baby.” Mari’s eyes rolled closed and she took more of me. “Yes, that’s it sweetheart. Doesn’t he feel so big in your mouth?” Mari drew me out.

A big drool of spittle ran down her chin and she quickly moved to wipe it. She was nodding her answer to the question. “Dieu! You are very beeg Awndy. Your cock is very, very beeg!”

“Suck him some more sweetie. May I take your clothes off?” Mari nedded as she went back to town working and struggling to get half of me in her mouth, as Mom reached around and unbuttoned her shirt, pulling it off her. Mari’s mouth never left my cock as she pulled her arms free. Once free her hands came up to caress my thighs and balls.

Marianne was wearing a sexy black, completely sheer, demi-cup bra, that allowed the top of her areolas to show above the cup. Her nipples were almost popping out. Mom’s hand came up and cupped them both, holding, squeezing, and measuring them; size and weight. As Mom toyed with them, both nipples did pop out, appearing over the tops of the cups, erect and perfect. Her nipples were kind of a dark tan, brown, whereas Mom’s were a deep pink color.

One quick flick of the clasp and Mari’s bra was history. Mom returned to playing with them, perfectly happy to explore her new toys; the breasts of her soon-to-be lesbian lover/son’s girlfriend. I was enthralled to the point of getting close to cumming, watching Mari suck my cock and Mom play with her tits at the same time.

“Help her up.” Mom said, breaking the silent reverie. I took Mari’s hands and stood her up, kissing her lips.

Mom busied herself with undoing Mari’s pants and working them down and off her. Mari was wearing a matching thong to the bra; tiny, black, sheer and sexy. Mom kissed both of her cheeks as she worked her finger into the waistband and began to draw them down.

I stood back a bit to watch and noticed that Mari was completely shaved. No tiny patch, no landing strip, just bare as a 10 year old. As I was taking in this sight I noticed Mom’s hand appearing from behind, between her thighs. Her hand turned up, cupped Mari’s adorable little pussy lips and slowly drew back, stroking her pussy as it went.

Mom did it again, and then again. Mari’s eyes were closed and she was visibly shaking.

“Oh Marianne, sweetie, you feel so good!! So wet and warm!! I’ve only ever touched my own pussy, but I love yours.” She leaned in and kissed her bottom.

I kissed Mari on the mouth, returning her to reality. I took her hand and led her, and Mom by extension, to the bedroom. Mom never let go her hand as she sat on the bed and drew Mari close. Mari held her head to her tummy as Mom ran her hands all over this lovely young girl’s body. Mari let go my hand to hold Mom’s head to her with both hands. I stood back a bit, achingly excited, eager to see where this would lead.

Mom pulled her down a bit so that she could lick and suckle both of Mari’s tits. She repeated what she had just done in the living room; cupping them both, holding, squeezing, and measuring them. Now she leaned forward and sucked as much of her breast in her mouth as she could. Mari expelled a huge moaning sigh at this new stimulation. Back and forth from breast to breast Mom went as Mari began to shudder again.

Mom released her and climbed backwards onto the bed, looking so turned on and erotic that Mari crawled over her trancelike. They kissed and Mom arms and legs went around my girlfriend’s body, pulling her close. Mom’s hands squeezing Mari’s adorable bottom was such a fucking turn on!!

They kissed and Frenched and rubbed against each other for a long time, enjoying this newfound sensation. Mom pulled and pulled, moving her body farther and farther up until Mari, getting the idea, adjusted herself so that she was straddling Mom’s head, looking down into her eyes. Mom was on fire and she grabbed Marianne’s cute butt and pulled her pussy down onto her face. Mom literally disappeared under Mari’s bald pussy, devouring her with such abandon that Mari cried out loudly.

My mother ate my girlfriend’s pussy for a long while, through 2 powerful orgasms. Mari moved off her at one point, forcing a break from Mom’s insistent mouth. I thought they might be done, but after catching her breath, Mari leaned down kissed my Mom’s soggy face, and then spun quickly around and dropped onto her in the sexiest 69 I’ve ever seen. Both my girls went at each other like rabid sluts, finger-fucking, sucking and slurping, and moaning loudly into each other’s pussies. The orgasms seemed countless as they began to string together; the gentle slow loving having given way to lust-filled abandon.

“Come!” Mari suddenly demanded of me. I looked up from this sexy tableau to notice that she was looking at me. She extended her hand out to me. “Come!” she repeated. I moved closer. “Show me! Show me that handsome cock, fucking your beautiful mother!” I was starting to be concerned that every aching erection I would ever have, from now on, would hurt this much, from being so hard, so long. I moved onto the bed and Mari guided me to a position, kneeling between Mom’s thighs. Mari sucked my cock with passion for a short while, before guiding it to the opening of my Mom’s vagina.

“Oh yes, Awndy! Do it! Show me! Let me watch you in her; in your mother!” The head was poised right at her opening. I noticed that Mom wasn’t even moving, awaiting my penetration. ” Oui, Oui, Dans, dans! Le mettre dans!! Put it in!” She was moaning, almost crying she was so turned on. “Show me how you fuck your sexy mother!”

I couldn’t help myself another minute. I jammed it in her. Again she orgasmed, both from watching our naughty, incestuous display and Mom’s oral attention on her pussy. Either way, she gave a keening wail and flopped around as I fucked Mom’s pussy.

We were all mashed together, arms, legs, Mari’s head as I bucked and jammed my cock in and out. Mari was keeping up a running dialogue in French, most of which I missed, but it was apparent that she was excited as we were; maybe more. Mari’s hands grabbed my hips and pushed and pulled, forcing me to go faster, harder, deeper.

“Oh fuck me, sweetie!” Mom wailed from under my girlfriend. Mari moved off her and moved around to scoot in behind Mom and hold her in her arms as I continued to pound her tight little pussy. “Oh my god, Andy! Your cock is so wonderful!” she sounded like she was crying, which I then noticed that she was. Her orgasm went on and on as she gently wept in Mari’s tight embrace. I came slowly to a stop and just kneeling there, between her legs as she caught her breath.

We all lay like that for a time, until Mari gently moved down to kiss Mom’s lips. Then she moved to kiss mine.

“Oh Mari.” Mom whispered in a deep satisfied moan, “You have to let Andy fill your perfect little pussy with this cock.” Mari gave me a slightly frightened glance. My eyebrows furrowed at this reaction. Mari averted her gaze from mine and moved to stand up.

“I must use the toilet.” she said heading for the bathroom. Mom noticed my concerned look as I watched her exit the room.

“What?” she whispered to me, with a look of gentle unease. I just shrugged my shoulders, as I watched the empty doorway. Mom turned to look in that direction.

I lay down next to Mom and we kissed and I played with her nipple as we waited for Marianne to rejoin us.

“Coffee?” came a lilting voice from my kitchen. Mom and I exchanged concerned looks as we wondered what was up. We had both fully expected Mari to rejoin us in bed for the fucking that we had both waited so long to experience.

Mari stayed busy in the kitchen until we both rose and joined her in the other room, the three of us standing around nude. We made no inquiry into her apparent change of heart, but let her work through her thoughts until she could explain. Once we all had a cup of coffee, sipping it nude in the kitchen, she glanced back and forth between us, even occasionally to my semi-erect penis. Still we simply waited.

Finally she asked us to join her back in my living room on the couch. We gathered, me on one end, my mother practically in my lap, Mari on the other end; a comfortable distance. Finally, after a long silence, Mari began to relate more details of her past. She was a little afraid of having sex with me, because she was not 100% sure how she would actually respond. She wanted to make love with me, with us, but her insides were churning like the sea in a storm. In her broken, funny, charming, English she told us about her past.

Marianne had begun to run away from home at 13. Life in her house had become so intolerable that she would leave and head off down the road, only to be found, by her abusive father, beaten horribly and dragged home again. One such trip away from home she had stayed overnight in an abandoned factory building outside Lyon, to escape a pouring rain. Five boys from the nearby village had found her there and raped her repeatedly, beating her to a bloody mess as they did so. Afterwards, before dawn, they had carried her to the marina and dumped her limp, half-naked body in the ocean. She had barely managed to swim to the rocks of the jetty and lay shivering until morning. She lay there barely conscious, praying for death, but it did not come.

The following morning, she limped home, only to be found halfway there by her father who, for once, did not add to the beating; that came later. Her mother did her best to treat the vicious bite marks around her budding nipples, and the cuts and bruises around her crotch. Internally her vagina had been so abraded that walking was agony. For the weeks following, her father continued an abusive stream of name calling and beatings, over the fact that she was such a slut to have sex with 5 boys at once. He didn’t believe her story that they had forced her. He remained convinced that she had wanted it. Sluts like her deserved whatever they got, he reminded her again and again. His drinking got worse and everyone in the family received increased abuse. Mari was quietly blamed for this as well.

Her mother had finally had it, and shortly after Mari’s father left for work one morning, had gathered her brood and swept them, and their ragged collection of baggage, to the train station. They left for Nice. Their father never came looking. Mari never saw him again. She did continue to run away, her mother never coming to look for her. Mari would return home a few days later, hungry and tired. Mother would take her in, but never was happy to see here return. The few days away turned into weeks away, then months, then one day Mari left forever. As far as she knew her mother and siblings lived within 30 minutes of her but she never saw them; they never looked for her.

My mother and I sat there, pouring out silent tears, listening to this further tale of woe, from a girl that we had come to adore, but didn’t really know. We anguished over the utter aloneness of this beautiful young girl. Worse than the fact that she was alone, her story was agonizingly painful. We sat there looking at her as she gazed into her cup of cold coffee. Mari had related the story with such a remarkably dry-eyed, matter-of-fact reporting; disconnected, as if remembering someone else’s story.

When Mom reached out and gently touched her foot, breaking her reverie, she looked up to see us both openly weeping for her. It took a moment to register that we cared, cared deeply, before her face broke, chin trembling, eyes tearing, and she scrambled into my mother’s loving arms, wailing a cry that shattered both our hearts.

It was as if a dam, long held together by sheer force of will, suddenly burst. Mari buried her face in my mother’s bosom and wailed, in a cry that was so long overdue, nothing could suppress it; it just needed to release. We both held her and rocked in unison. The couch shook with her gasping for breath before crying out a new long wail, again and again.

I was overcome with a mixture of complete adoration for this girl, hatred of her father, rage at her family, fury at the boys that ruined such a precious young girl, and a burning sense of indignation that screamed out for vengeance. I thought that this must be the most exposed she had ever been in her life. Nude on my couch, having revealed a past that had no doubt been kept tightly hidden all her life, pouring out emotions that had been pent up for many years. I adored her. My mother cradled her like a child, her child. Mari clung to her like the mother she dreamt of but never had.

After a long time spent quietly rocking Mari, her crying stopped and she fell asleep. We carried her to my bed and tucked her in. We sat on opposite sides, watching her quiet breathing as she slept. Finally, we left her in bed and moved back to the Living Room to relax and make lunch. The day, which had begun with such passion and sexual excitement, had become almost funereal. We had dressed a bit and ate quietly while Mari slept. It was 2 in the afternoon when she emerged sleepily, beautifully nude from my bedroom and walked silently to me and hugged me. She then hugged Mom. She apologized for having spoiled our lovely morning.

“Oh, Marianne, sweetheart, no, no!” Mom soothed. She held her hand out and Mari went immediately to her, chin trembling a bit. Mom pulled her into her for a hug and I moved in from behind and we cradled her between us. “I am so sorry for you.” Mom whispered in her ear. “I am so sorry for you.”

“You’re safe here with us.” I added from behind.

At this, Mari turned to look into my eyes. She seemed to be searching me to see if that was true. She seemed filled with doubt about that. “You’re safe here with us.” I repeated.

“Truly?” she asked.

“Oh sweetheart,” Mom added, “of course you are! You are with us now.” Mari turned to her with the same almost unbelieving look, like it was too much to hope for. It was the look of someone whose entire life had been filled with disappointment and lies. “You are safe with us.” She and my mother shared a long look, Mari wanting desperately to believe, Mom smiling her assurance. “Oh sweetheart. My girl. My beautiful girl.” Mari collapsed into her arms.

We moved back to the couch and quietly talked about her revelation, avoiding details, not wanting to upset her further and I not wanting to feel the overpowering anger that had flooded me earlier; I could feel it starting. Mari related another detail of her past. She had, for a time, been taken in by a woman, Frédérique, who had been 59 when she was 14. They had been lovers. She taught Mari about love and sex and how to care about others. Mari had called her Fred as she was a bit masculine. She had been a tender lover and had become almost like a mother to Mari.

For 2 years she had lived with Fred, caring for her as her health failed. Fred had never revealed her cancer to Mari, until she got so bad she needed to go to the hospital and the doctor disclosed her condition and the fact that she would never return home. Mari had once again been emotionally devastated, after the funeral. Fred’s family who had basically rejected her lifestyle, now swooped in to lay claim to Fred’s meager possessions, not the least of which was the house. Mari was tossed. On the street alone, again, at 16.

Then there had been Flavian, the store owner, who after many thefts, arrests, then dropping the charges, had become a friend, had also died leaving her alone. I began to realize the depths of the layers of self-protection that Mari had developed, just to survive emotionally. It would not be easy for any of us to break these down. I felt determined to try.

Later we all dressed for dinner and headed to the Bistro for dinner. It had been an emotionally, as well and sexually exhausting day. Diner was subdued but far more relaxed, even sharing sexy looks and winks, warming again to the thrill of being in one another’s intimate company. Strolling back to my place, Mari made an offhand comment about the story of her rape. I asked what became of the boys that did it.

One boy was killed 2 years later. He had been doing something stupid, playing near the TGV tracks and had been neatly cut in two by the train. The parts had been found almost 2 miles apart. Two of the boys were in jail; 25 years and 45 years for committing robbery and firing a gun in the process. France frowned on that. The 4th boy Luc owned a grocery in the next town that his parents left him. The 5th, Pierre owned a car dealership here in town. Mom and I shared a look across the top of her as we walked home.

Once at home I needed the bathroom. When I emerged, I noted that the room was dark but for a number of candles lit, I peeked out into the Living Room to see Mom and Mari topless, kneeling on the couch, kissing and stroking each other’s backs. For someone that had never done this , and wasn’t sure how she would like it, Mom sure seemed to take to her new lesbian lover with gusto. I remained quietly in the dark as I watched them undress each other further, until they were both nude and wildly aroused.

Mom pulled Mari close and whispered in her ear. Mari gave an incredulous look and turned towards the window. Mom rose and, taking her hand, led her to the window. They opened it and stood in full view of the street. I leaned out a bit to see them wave to the neighbor again and then hug and kiss passionately. ‘Oh my god!’ I thought, ‘my neighbor is either going to collapse dead, or call the cops’. I could see them turned to him again and, playing with each other’s breasts, simply watch him.

They stood there a long time, watching. I undressed completely, quietly and crept over to them on tip toes.

“What are you watching?” I whispered. I peeked around them to see him standing there with his pants down and cock out, jerking off for them.

“Your neighbor is quite friendly.” Mom whispered back.

“Appréciez-vous la série, monsieur pervers?” Mari called to him, asking ‘Mister Pervert’ if he was enjoying the show. He simply nodded and smiled. Noticing me there, she called out louder, “Mon Amant est là. Bonne nuit.” ‘My lover is here. Goodnight.’

We moved to my bed, Mari appearing to wonder if she should head home. Mom picked up on this subtle look. “You are staying with us tonight, yes?”

“If …” she hesitated, a bit unsure, “… If you would like it?” Mom nodded, I smiled. “In the cases, I would very much like to stay viz you tonight in Awndy’s bed. Your bed.” she corrected herself, referring to Mom, now being my other lover.

We climbed in and made out again for awhile.

“So.” Mom began with Marianne. “Are you ready for Andy’s big, hard penis in you?” Mari’s eyes burned with excitement, but flickered with a bit of trepidation. Again Mom picked up on this subtle look. “May I ask you something, sweetheart?” Mari turned to her and nodded. “When is the last time you were with a man? I mean, with a man that way?” Mari’s eyes cast back and forth between us. She was weighing her response.

“Apart from those 5 boys I tell you of before now, …” she hesitated. “Apart from these boys … I have never …” Mom’s eyebrows raised in wonder. “I have not been … I have had no man inside.” My head fell off! My heart was pounding. This beautiful, lovely, sexy young woman, apart from being gang-raped at 13, was in all other ways, a virgin!!! She looked back and forth from me to Mom and back. Neither of us could think of what to say. The idea that I was to be her first, perhaps not technically, but certainly emotionally, her first lover was a bit daunting. I admit that my pounding erection softened a bit at the import of this newest information. This was a way bigger deal than I had thought it might be.

“If that is the case,” Mom suddenly stated gently, “then we need to do this very differently.” Her serious look softened a bit and a broad smile grew on her face. “I have an idea. I think though that we should sleep now and begin again tomorrow?” Mari and I were both good with this plan. It was by now almost 2:00 AM, we were tired, emotionally worn out and not ready to do the deed quite yet. We all kissed a bunch cuddled up like a pile of puppies and were immediately asleep. As I drifted off I wondered what Mom had in store.

To be continued …

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Chris wrote

No chapter 7? I can’t find it on this site

Chris wrote

Wow this story’s plot has truly evolved from what it started as. Very good.