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You Have To Go To Mass! Ch. 02

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Maria knocked on her son’s bedroom door. “Matthew! It’s Sunday. Time to get ready for Mass.” Without waiting for an answer, she swung the door open.

Matthew was lying on his bed, naked, sporting an enormous erection. “I’m ready for you to help me get ready, Mom!” He leered at her with his evil, lascivious grin.

Maria sat on the edge of the bed, and traced one finger up and down the underside of her son’s cock. “How would you like it today, baby?”

“How about that two-handed twisty thing that you do so well?”

“Sure thing.” Maria gripped the long, blue-veined shaft with both hands, one above the other, and started twisting them in opposite directions, back and forth. At the same time, she slid them up and down the shaft, slowly but smoothly. Matthew purred in pleasure.

A small part of Maria’s mind felt guilty about what she was doing. She was giving her own son a handjob, after all! But ever since his eighteenth birthday a month ago, it was the only way she could get him to go to Sunday Mass. When he was younger, he would always go without a problem. But now, he always woke up with a raging hard-on, and needed to be relieved before he could leave the house! Yes, it was almost certainly a sin, and yes, it would probably damn her immortal soul to Hell. But she comforted herself with the knowledge that she was saving her son’s soul, and that was more important to her than her own welfare, in this life or the next. She had been doing this for four Sundays in a row now, and had gotten quite good at it. And each time, after he cums, Matthew returns to the sweet, gentle boy that he always had been while growing up.

Maria suddenly realized that she’d been stroking for quite a while. “Are you alright, Matthew? You usually cum by now.”

“I don’t know what the problem is, Mom. You give good handjobs; but it’s just not doing it for me today. Maybe I’m ready to move on to something more.”

Maria’s eyes widened in surprise. “Something more? What do you mean?”

“Maybe you should take your shirt off,” Matthew suggested. He raised his eyebrows up and down twice, suggestively.

“Why, I never!” said Maria. It was one thing to stroke her son’s cock in order to relieve a perfectly natural physical affliction. But this… this… this was simple lasciviousness, and nothing more.

“C’mon, Mom. I’ll bet you have really nice boobs. It will help me get excited enough to cum. You don’t want me to miss Mass, do you?”

Maria had misgivings, but she certainly didn’t want Matthew to miss Mass, and risk the loss of his immortal soul. Also, she was flattered that he thought she had nice boobs. Reluctantly, she began to slowly unbutton the front of her crisp white blouse, from top to bottom. She didn’t realize that the slower she did it, the more erotic it became.

“Yeah, Mom, that’s it! Take it off!”

She got to the bottom button, and shrugged the blouse off her shoulders. Matthew leered at her lacy brassiere.

“Is that enough?”

“Mom! Don’t be a tease. Take the bra off too, please.”

Maria blushed a bright crimson. But she slowly reached behind her back and unclasped her bra. Matthew was watching, transfixed, holding his breath. She slowly dropped the bra into her lap, spilling her middle-aged breasts out into the open.

Matthew gasped. “They are beautiful, Mom! You do have great boobs!”

Maria didn’t know what to say. “Thank you, son,” was all she could manage. “Now let’s get this over with.” She reached forward toward his cock again, which was longer and harder than ever. She resumed her two-handed jacking and twisting.

Matthew never took his eyes off her boobs, which were swaying and jiggling in time with the stroking motions of her hands. Yet his heart refused to race, and his breathing refused to become shallow and ragged. And his cock stubbornly refused to issue any pre-cum. Maria was very disappointed. Revolted as she was at sexually servicing her son, she always got a perverse satisfaction from the power that it enabled her to exert over him. But that power seemed to be slipping away from her.

“Matthew, darling, what’s wrong? You should be cumming by now!”

“I’m sorry, Mom. You have great boobs and all, but it still isn’t enough. I think we have to take things up one more notch.”

Maria stared at him. She had no idea what he was talking about. At least, she didn’t want to admit that she knew.

Matthew gave her his evil leer again. “You know what I mean, Mom. C’mon, how about sucking on me for a while? Suck my cock with that pretty, sexy mouth of yours. I’m sure that your hot, wet lips and tongue and throat will make me cum in no time.”

Maria blinked in surprise. Suck her own son’s cock? She had gotten used to the fact that she gave him handjobs on a regular basis. But actually taking him into her mouth? She furrowed her brow and shuddered.

Matthew was afraid she was going to chicken out. “Mom, I need to cum! I can’t go to Mass with this enormous erection. And if I can’t go to Mass, I’ll be committing a sin! I don’t want to go to Hell, Mom! Don’t damn me to Hell! Save me!!”

It worked. Maria gulped and said, “Okay, Matthew. For you. For your soul.”

She stared at the giant cock as if seeing it for the first time. The flaring purple head looked way too big to get past her lips. The long, blue-veined shaft looked far too long for her throat. She hadn’t sucked a cock since her womanizing scumbag of a husband had left her almost eighteen years ago, and his had been much smaller that Matthew’s. Still, she had a job to do.

She leaned forward. She opened her mouth as wide as it would go, and approached the flaring cock head. Involuntarily, she let a long string of saliva drip down onto the head, where it glistened and reflected the morning window light. She prepared to plunge her mouth down over the bulbous knob, but at the last minute she chickened out. Instead, she stuck out her tongue and licked the underside of the head; a long, slow lick like she would to an ice cream cone. Matthew moaned in pleasure, and she knew she was on the right track.

Encouraged, Maria gripped the base of the cock with both hands, and licked up the shaft from bottom to top, over and over again. Then she turned her head sideways and licked the side of the shaft, and then the other side. Matthew was loving it. Finally, she went up to the top and licked all over and around the head, concentrating on the ultra-sensitive rim. Matthew shuddered and moaned, his head thrown back and his eyes rolled up into their sockets.

Maria began to feel confident again; her power over her son was returning. She decided to attempt the head again. She opened her mouth wide, and plunged it down over the flaring knob. Surprisingly, she got it in past her teeth, as well as almost an inch of the shaft! Matthew let out a huge sigh of pleasure. Maria closed her mouth, pressing the wet flesh of her lips and tongue onto the head and shaft. She flailed her tongue back and forth inside her mouth, lashing at the tip and the pee slit. She thought Matthew would go crazy from the way he was squirming. She gripped his shaft all the tighter in her small pale hands, and sucked and licked for all she was worth.

After several minutes, she pulled her mouth off her son’s cock and looked up at him. He opened his eyes and stared back at her. “This is awesome, Mom! Don’t stop. You’re doing great. You’re a natural cocksucker!” He closed his eyes again, waiting for further pleasure.

Maria took his cock back into her mouth, an inch deeper now than before. She could feel her jaws beginning to loosen up. She was getting the hang of it! She moved her head up and down, letting her lips slide up and down the top two inches of his pink, blue-veined shaft, while her tongue continued to caress the sensitive head deep inside her mouth. Meanwhile, her hands began to jack the bottom half of the shaft up and down. Matthew was shuddering and gurgling and clenching the sheet in his fists. Maria pushed her head a little way further down, and felt his cock head reach the back of her throat. That started to make her gag, and she involuntarily swallowed. But that just drew him further down into her throat, and she could feel another inch of the shaft slide past her lips into her mouth. Matthew was going out of his mind. She managed to relax her throat enough to conquer the gag reflex, and continued swallowing and caressing and stroking.

With nearly half of Matthew’s cock shaft in her mouth, there was no longer room for both of her hands to jack him. She took away one hand, and, on a whim, reached down to grab his nut sack. She slowly and gently squeezed his balls. Matthew’s eyes popped open at the sudden and unexpected new sensation, but he was loving it. Maria rolled his balls between her fingers and palm as she continued to suck and jack and swallow. She could feel his cock head getting bigger and bigger in her throat, and his balls getting tighter in her hand. She knew from experience that he was getting close to orgasm. Her mouth was already full of saliva and precum, and she let it run out the corners of her mouth, down the sides of the shaft, to pool in obscene puddles on his thighs. The slickness in her throat enabled Matthew’s throbbing, bobbing cock to slip yet further down into her gullet, until she could almost feel his pubic hairs tickling her lips. She swallowed and gurgled and slurped, making whatever motions she could think of with her tongue and lips and cheeks. She only had room for one finger and her thumb on his shaft, which she continued to twist back and forth while squeezing his balls.

This was the end for Matthew. The combination of the sensations from both her hands, her lips, her tongue, and her tight, gulping throat, pushed him over the edge. His hips bucked, shoving his cock all the way into her mouth, and his balls against her chin. His ejaculation forced a huge jolt of cum into her throat, but since she was already involuntarily swallowing on a regular basis, she was able to take most of it down into her stomach with no gagging at all. Some of the cum pooled up in her mouth and leaked out at the corners, running down on his balls and pubic hair. As his hips continued to buck, Maria moved her head up and down in time with it, keeping his cock shaft between her lips and his cock head deep in her throat. The peristalsis of her swallowing motions continued to massage and stimulate him, milking him of every last drop of cum.

Finally, Matthew was spent, and his hips stopped bucking. He relaxed down onto the bed with a huge sigh of satisfaction. Maria opened her mouth and let his softening cock slide out from between her puffy, swollen lips. She swallowed hard, three times, to empty her mouth of the reservoir of cum and saliva. She wiped her chin and looked at Matthew.

“That was awesome, Mom! You are an incredible cocksucker!”

“Don’t talk to your mother like that!” Maria said crossly. But secretly, she felt proud; proud of her ability to make her young son’s body cum, and proud of her power over him. Ashamed of herself, certainly, but proud at the same time. She stood up, straightened her skirt, and picked up her bra and blouse. “Now you shower and get dressed. We leave for Mass in one hour.”

Later that morning, Maria and Matthew sat side by side at 11 o’clock Mass. Matthew was smiling and praying, the perfect little angel. Maria felt a confused jumble of emotions: satisfaction that she had gotten Matthew to Mass, guilt at how she had done it, and pride that she had performed a creditable blowjob and exerted control over him. And of course fear that she was losing her own soul in the process.

But there was more. She also felt a tingling in her loins, a longing in her being. An emptiness deep in her nether regions. She hadn’t felt anything like that in a long, long time, and wasn’t exactly sure what it was.


Maria spent another fitful night unable to sleep. She had come to terms with the fact that she had been giving Matthew handjobs on a regular basis, and had even stopped going to confession over them. Father Flanagan always gave her a hard time anyway. But this… this was more than she could handle on her own. She would have to go to confession tomorrow.

Maria was in the church promptly at 1 pm, and watched Father Flanagan, his vestments flowing piously around him, walk down the aisle of the church and enter the center compartment of the confessional. She was first in line, but she didn’t rise. She motioned to the woman next to her to go first. Maria didn’t want to confess this heinous sin with other people in the church. She would wait and go last, after everyone else had finished. She bowed her head and prayed for guidance.

Eventually, all of the other penitents had confessed, said their penances, and left, and Maria was alone in the church. Father Flanagan was still in the confessional. She slowly made her way to the ornate wooden enclosure and entered the end compartment. She knelt down on the kneeler, and looked around at the richly carved wood and the velvet upholstery. This was a holy place. She did not deserve to be here.

The partition slid open. “Bless me Father, for I have sinned,” she said.

“What are your sins, child?”

“Well, a couple days ago I ran a red light. And yesterday, I gave my son a blowjob before Mass. And last week, I was late returning some library books. But I already paid the fine, so that doesn’t really count as a sin, does it?”

“Wait a minute – what was that middle one?”

“Oh Father; I know it is awful, but handjobs weren’t getting him to go to Mass anymore. He wanted something more. So I sucked his cock!” Maria put her face in her hands and began to sob. “I even swallowed his cum!”

“Maria, I told you that you had to stop this sort of behavior.”

“I know Father, I know,” she said between sobs. “But I couldn’t help it. I wanted to save his soul, and I didn’t care about the consequences!”

Father Flanagan was intrigued. Giving a blowjob to save a soul? “Tell me everything,” he said. “Start at the beginning.”

Maria sniffed. She choked back her sobs. “Okay, Father. At first, I started stroking his cock, like usual. I wrapped both my hands around it and stroked it, slowly and rhythmically. That usually gets him to cum, so his erection goes away and he can go to Mass.” She felt a slight tingle in her crotch at the memory. “But this time, it wasn’t working. He asked me to take off my shirt. I did, and my breasts hung out in plain sight.” Maria remembered the cool air on her breasts, and it made her nipples crinkle at the memory, and poke against the fabric of her crisp white blouse. The tingle in her crotch increased the tiniest amount. “But he still wasn’t responding, so I had to suck on him. At first, I couldn’t get his cock into my mouth, it was so huge, so I just licked it. You know, like an ice cream cone. All around the rim, and up and down the shaft.” The tingling in her loins was becoming insistent now, along with a slight dampness; she squeezed her thighs together to try to make it stop.

“Go on,” said the Father, starting to feel his own libido rising.

“Then I opened my mouth as wide as I could, and I got the head of his cock inside it!” At the memory of Matthew’s cock knob invading her mouth, Maria suddenly felt a wet gushing sensation between her legs. She reached one hand down into her groin to feel it. As her finger touched her pantyhose between her legs, a jolt of pleasure ran up and down her spine. “Oh!”

“What is it?”

“Nothing, Father. I had my mouth around his cock head. It felt incredible: smooth and velvety, and tasting like saltwater taffy. My tongue couldn’t stop licking it inside my mouth, trying to taste every inch.” By now, she was rubbing her wet pussy through her nylons, two fingers going up and down, and she was beginning to shudder with lust. “I kept pushing my head further down, trying to get more and more of his cock into my mouth and down my throat.” At the memory of her son’s cock pushing its way past her tonsils, she suddenly needed more stimulation in her pussy. She reached her hand down inside her nylons, and pushed her middle finger between her lips, curling and beckoning it inside her pussy. “Ohh my…”

“Are you alright, Maria?” Father Flanagan was getting quite turned on by now, too. He could feel his own cock getting erect inside his cassock. He shifted in his seat to give it more room. Maria continued to talk, but she frequently paused for several seconds at a time.

“I sucked harder and harder on his cock, Father… And I started jacking his cock shaft with one hand, and… and squeezing his balls with the other… He was loving it, and I could hear him moaning and whimpering with pleasure…”

Father Flanagan had no choice. He reached inside his cassock and wrapped his fist around his straining cock. He began stroking it, slowly and rhythmically. He could feel his body shudder with pleasure.

“I could feel his cock inching its way down my throat… The deeper it got, the more I loved it. I could feel his precum pooling up in my mouth, and I could feel his cockhead getting bigger and bigger against the back of my throat…”

The Father couldn’t help but picture the obscene scenario; Maria’s mouth clamped around her son’s cock, her mouth stretched wide and her eyes bulging. He felt sweat breaking out on his brow, and a tingling sensation starting to grow in his scrotum. He hiked up the hem of his cassock so that he could have better access to his straining shaft.

“I squeezed his balls and stroked his shaft, and I kept swallowing on his head…” Maria had two fingers in her pussy now, and was sawing them in and out furiously. The Father was fisting his shaft up and down as fast as he could, his hips swaying in time, hoping that Maria could not hear the squeaking of his wooden bench. He had both his hands between his legs now, one rubbing his shaft and the other squeezing his balls.

“Then I felt his cock jerk a little, like it usually does in my hands, and I knew he was about to… about to… cum…” She now had both hands in her own crotch, one with three fingers jammed deep in her pussy, and the other viciously strumming two fingers across her clit. The Father could feel his own precum lubricating his cock as his hand flew back and forth at the speed of light. He felt the old familiar tightness in his balls that signaled an inevitable orgasm.

“And then… and then… and then he came! He shot his load! Right down my throat! Ahhh!!” Maria reached a climax as her furious frigging worked its magic on her clit. She felt wave after wave of pleasure pouring through her body, and she shuddered and screamed and clenched her eyes shut and threw her head back in wild abandon.

The Father heard her climax, and it pushed him over the edge, too. He bit his lower lip to stop himself from crying out, but he still grunted and groaned as his cock spat jolt after jolt of pearly white cum onto the wall of the confessional in front of him. He watched in horror as his river of spooge dripped obscenely down the carved wooden wall, his rock hard cock still pulsating in his hand and his heart pounding.

They were both silent for long minutes. Finally, Maria opened her eyes and pulled her hands out of her nylons. “Father?” she asked.

Father Flanagan had been staring at the dripping rivers of cum on the wall of the confessional in front of him. But he was jolted out of his trance by her voice. “Yes, child. Umm…” His heart had finally stopped racing, and he fought to keep his voice under control. “Umm, your penance will be to say three Hail Marys and five Our Fathers. Now go, and sin no more.” He waited until he heard Maria leave the confessional, waited while she knelt in the pew and prayed, and waited until he heard her echoing footsteps leaving the church. Only then did he button up his cassock, leave the confessional, and go to the back room to get a towel.

As he was cleaning up the confessional wall, and giving thanks that Maria had been the last penitent of the day, he thought back to his life before entering the priesthood. He thought about his deceased wife, about how beautiful she had been, and how much he had loved her, and about all the sex that they used to have. All the freaky, crazy sex, in freaky, crazy places. And he thought about how devastated he had been when she had died suddenly twenty years ago. He couldn’t bear it. He had sent their young daughter to live with relatives, and had entered the priesthood, fully intending to put those sexual feelings behind him and live a chaste life devoted to the Church. Putting all thoughts of sex and women and lust and freaky, crazy feelings behind him. And it had worked, for a while. But now, after all these years, he wasn’t so sure anymore.

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