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He was the perfect gentleman. I’d been working at Junior’s, an old fashioned ice cream parlor in the tourist trap part of town known as The Riverside for a couple of months. He came in at least once a week, had a single scoop of chocolate ice cream and always he made me laugh.

His name was Craig. I’d guess his age at about 50. He looked his age, but in all the right ways. He had thick hair, black at one time but now going white.

The streaks of white hair from his temples and forehead looked gorgeous, like something a younger man might imitate with some bleach and hair dye. His dark brown eyes always looked just a little bit sad or serious despite his friendly smile and constant joking. Craig was a good looking man over all, keeping in shape by walking a few miles along the river every day, he had the kind of thin muscular body that seems to age the best.

I’d caught Craig looking at me a few times, but only because he didn’t know I could watch his reflection in the freezer door. He would never have eye me up and down blatantly as many of the men who came in did, some right in front of their wives. Getting dressed for work I was surprised and even a little embarrassed to catch myself thinking about Craig, wondering if he’d stop by, if he’d be unable to resist checking out my ass and long legs if I wore the green shorts, or if I’d finally catch him peeking directly if I wore my yellow t-shirt. My breasts are small enough to skip the bra, but when I do, it does not go unnoticed.

I was wearing my long flowy brown skit with a simple white silk tank top and sandals on the day that Craig and I went to the movies.

“Hey ya Shelly.” he greeted me as he came through the door. “How’s it today?”

“I’m great Craig. How you doing?” our usual exchange, it varied little.


“Really? Usually you’re fine, or great, but today it’s fantastic eh? What’s going on with you?”

“I was listening to the two jackasses on morning radio and I won free tickets to The Palace, for the next year.”

The Palace was a classic movie theatre right up the street from Junior’s. They showed mostly older films, classics.

“So, you’re taking me to a movie then?” I hadn’t intended to take this step in our friendship, expanding it outside the ice cream parlor. I was just making banter. But Craig didn’t bat an eye.

“Sure, absolutely. They’ve got a new one today, when do you get off?” he asked cheerily.

I realized what was happening, but I felt fine with it. I knew that Craig never took my flirting seriously, assuming I was humoring an old man. He didn’t seem to realize what a sexy older man he was. So, it was no big deal to tell him that I was off at two that afternoon.

“Great. They’ve got a show at 2:30. Would you be alright with heading straight to The Palace after your shift?”

“No, that would be fine.” and as I said this, Craig smiled and walked back out the door, without his one scoop of ice cream.

Craig was back at Junior’s at two, on the dot to walk me to the theatre. He offered me his arm and I took it, noticing just how fit he was.

The movie turned out to be a film from the thirties called “Ecstasy.” As the big winner of the radio promotion Craig was introduced to the manager of the theatre who told us about the picture.

“Ecstasy caused a huge stir when it was released. American audiences were appalled at Hedy Lamarr’s nude scene or at least pretended to be. It’s quite tame by today’s standards of course, innocent even, but it’s a great film without the hoopla. You and your girlfriend are in for a treat.”

I squeezed Craig’s arm as the word girlfriend tumbled out. I was glad that it was a long skirt day, as opposed a short shorts day. We looked more like a real May-December affair rather than a gold digger and her prospect. I was flattered to be thought the girlfriend of such an attractive and charming man.

Ecstasy started ironically enough with a May-December couple’s wedding night. The older man carried the stunning Hedy Lamarr over the threshold and then went on to ignore her completely as he went about preparing himself for bed only to fall asleep in a chair leaving his new bride unsatisfied.

The nude scene was indeed innocent. Lamarr’s horse running off with her clothes as she takes a quick dip in a lake. Innocent as it may have been it was sexy as can be at the same time. Lamarr is just beautiful and her being caught in the act of running around naked by a young man is a delightful fantasy.

So wrapped up in the film, I wasn’t sure how long my hand was on Carl’s leg before I realized I’d put it there. My heart quickened, but I decided to be okay with it. Carl certainly didn’t seem to mind, and as the film ended it felt quite natural to take his hand as we made our way out of the theater.

“Can I buy you a cup of coffee?” Craig offered. I accepted and we discussed the film at a nearby cafe.

“What a great picture. I loved it. I want to see more classic films, to get a stronger sense of film history. What’d you think Craig?”

“It was a good picture. But they got a few things wrong. I think that older man she started with should’ve been able to show Hedy a much better time than that pup she ended up with.”

“Oh yeah?” I asked flirtatiously. Craig blushed. He may not have realized how it would sound before he said it. He excused himself and made his way toward the restroom.

My friends Lilly worked at the coffee shop and rushed over to my table. “Nice Shelly. He is a doll. He has tea here every morning and I just absolutely lust over him. He’s so, I don’t know, dignified. How’d you get up the nerve to ask him out?”

“I don’t know. It just sort of happened.” I wondered if Craig knew he was making the young girls of our town so hot. When he came back to the table Lilly stuck around a moment, despite my not introducing her, my attempt to tell her to beat it. She was awful. She stuck out her ass, and pushed her shoulders together. She even bit her bottom lip while laughing too loudly at Craig’s jokes. Finally she went back to making espressos.

“So, you really like ice cream a-lot.” I teased.

“No. Not so much. I like pretty girls who serve Ice Cream. I rarely finish the scoop you serve me.” I blushed. He continued. “When it comes to sweets, I’m very picky, a connoisseur. I like chocolate, dark, rich chocolate. If you get the good stuff, a small piece is enough. You place it on your tongue and you savor it as it melts. No need to water it down with milk and nuts and too much sugar. No wonder candy bars keep getting bigger. They only hint and tease at the real pleasure.”

It was then and there, that I decided I would like to have this man as a lover. “Craig, let’s go for a walk.” I suggested.

I took his hand again, flashing Lilly a look as we left the cafe. Having to work by it every day, I’d forgotten just how lovely the river is. Craig knew the trails inside and out, and led me to a perfect clearing off from the water by a few yards.

“This is where I like to sit after my walk. Oddly enough nobody else seems to know about this spot, and I always have it to myself.” I wondered how innocent he really was in letting me know that we were somewhere private. Craig was unlike anyone I’d ever had a lover. Obviously he was older, but he was also classy and graceful. I thought about his comment regarding the older man in the film. I was lost in these thoughts when Craig leaned over and kissed my mouth; a firm but brief peck, and then he kept his mouth nearby, waiting for the okay to continue. I kissed him back, and his arms came around me. I lay back and enjoyed being kissed thoroughly. Craig kissed my top lip, and then my bottom. Sucking lightly and appreciating every part of my mouth individually. His tongue slid lightly along the underside of my upper lip and felt his hand slide up my right leg, raising my skirt to mid thigh.

The breeze flowing off the river felt wonderful on the exposed skin of my legs. This lovely man took his time, and I felt absolutely savored. My legs had never felt so long or shapely as they did now under his long strokes. He kissed at my jaw, and my neck. He’d stop kissing, raised himself up and just looked at me; drinking me in. I felt sexy and increasingly turned as his eyes caressed my every curve.

His hand found my ribs, and I felt like a curvey Hedy Lamarr type beauty as that strong firm hand pet my side from my ribs to my waist to my hips and back up again. When his hand at last found its way to my belly, his mouth now kissing along my collarbone and shoulders, I was feeling like candy, like chocolate, being indulged in and savored by a connoisseur.

My patient lover lifted my shirt and kissed my belly, my belly button, my ribs. He pushed my shirt higher and kissed along the bottoms of my breasts. I put my hands above my head. If they had their way they would hurry him along, as I was dying to be made love to right then and there. No, my hands would be kept safely away; I was going let this chocolate melt slowly.

Craig kissed each of my nipples. I could hear his breathing growing heavy and I could feel his cock pressing against my thigh. He took my left nipple in his mouth and sucked gently while cupping my right breast in his hand. Again, he raised himself and looked at me. I squirmed and couldn’t help but stare back with heavy lids, bedroom eyes. His gaze made its way from my face to my toes, and slowly back again. Then he kissed my mouth. He kissed my chin. He kissed my neck. He slowly kissed every part of me that had grabbed his attention, and I’d really gotten his attention. He lowered my skirt slightly to kiss my hips. and lower belly. He raised my skirt to kiss my thighs, my knees, my ankles, the tops of my feet.

He kissed his way back up my legs, and he lowered my panties, slowly, slowly, down my legs which now felt a mile long. He gently lifted my feet and my panties were off. He parted my legs and he kissed my inner thighs. He kissed my lower belly. He kissed on both sides of my now warm and swollen sex. He squeezed my lips together softly and kissed my pussy. Still squeezing me closed, he ran his tongue along my slit. He relaxed his hold on me and ran his tongue along me again. My hips pushed up at him as his tongue ran over my clit. He gripped my hips and he kissed, sucked on, licked and explored every inch of my sex. I slowly rocked my hips up and down, my hands finding the top of his head, my fingers running through that thick hair. My legs came together, my thighs resting against his ears as I came closer to cumming. He clutched my thighs and his tongue slid inside me, then up to my clit, than back down inside me again, over and over. I started to cum then and he pressed his tongue firmly against my clit, moving back and forth just enough to keep me cumming long and hard. My back was arched so that only my feet ass and shoulders were in contact with ground. My hands held his head against me. I came so intensley and for so long that the muscles in my stomach ached when I was done.

I set my head back down and Craig again pushed my lips together and kissed my pussy one more time. He lay next to me raised up on one elbow and ran his hand the length of me. My hand, at my side, found his hard cock pushing against his pants and I squeezed. He had a nice sized penis and he was hard as a rock.

“I assume you live nearby.” I said suggestively.

“I do.” And that was enough said. He helped me up. I stuffed my panties in my purse and tied my skirt high on my thighs enjoying the cool air against my hot and wet pussy. As long as we were along the river in relative privacy, Craig’s hand felt my ass and hips as I walked. I added a little extra swish and strut and sneaking a glance I could make out the shape of his still hard cock straining to be freed.

We arrived at a small town house. He poured us each a glass of wine and led the way up stairs to his bedroom. I sat on his bed and sipped my wine while he dug through a collection of records, settling on The Nat King Cole Trio. He walked to me and as he took his own glass off of the night stand I lifted his shirt, untucked his undershirt and kissed his stomach. I slid forward on the bed, pressing the front of my body against him. I bit gently at his ribs and ran my hands up and down his sides. His erection returned and pressed against my breast. I undid his belt, unbuttoned his pants and slowly pulled downward on his zipper.

Craig’s hands pet along my shoulders, my neck and up into my hair. He did not pull me towards him nor did he ever make me feel like he was holding me in place. I was able to take my time with him, as he had with me. I felt his hard cock through his white briefs; such a nice solid shaft. I squeezed his balls lightly and his hips pushed forward. Reaching into Craig’s underpants, I grabbed a hold of his hard on and stroked him. I kissed his stomach some more. I then kissed the tip of his cock. I circled my tongue around the head.

My lover’s breathing let me know he was getting hotter, but he continued to enjoy what I gave, never pushing forward. I licked the bottom of his shaft from his balls to the head and back and I heard him moan in pleasure. I kissed his inner most thighs on either side of his balls as my hands explored his firm ass. Craig was patient, but I could wait no longer. I took his cock into my mouth, one hand wrapped around the base of his cock and the other cupping his testicles.

I sucked his cock. I licked his cock. I kissed his cock. I enjoyed giving head more than I ever had as I was allowed to play and pose and try new things. Never did he make a request, or try to take over. He’d had his turn, having his way with me by the river and now it was mine. I discovered that Craig responded strongly to having his balls squeezed, caressed and kissed. I was cupping his balls, my fingers stroking the back of them when I sensed him getting ready to cum. I took his cock from my mouth, gripping it firmly.

I spotted a bottle of massage oil on the night stand. I lifted my tank top over my head, and purred as my lover ran his hands over my breasts, squeezing each nipple in turn. He took off his shirts, and he did have a lovely body; trim and muscular, long and lanky. Continuing to grip his cock with one hand I poured the oil over the head of his dick with the other. I stroked him slowly a few times and then I applied the oil to my chest. Laying back, I pulled his cock, pulling him up on to the bed with me. He slid his cock between my breasts which I pushed together. With my small breasts pushed up on either side of his erection and my fingers lacing together over his cock I gave him a soft, tight hole to fuck.

Craig stared at me as he thrust his cock forward and back, titty fucking me. I felt so sexy and beautiful, loving his gaze on me. I was growing wet again. I took his hands, and guided them to hold my breasts together. I kept one hand over his cock pressing him between my breasts and I my other hand I reached between my legs. Looking at each other was delightful. I could tell he was close to cumming and as I pumped my hips in time with his I knew I was as well. I slid my fingers over my slick cunt, up and down, sliding just the tip of my finger inside me. When I felt his warm cum roll over my chest and throat and heard his loud deep moaning, I started to cum. I had a quick but intense orgasm.

We took a moment to catch our breath and we laughed. This was a first. Laughing together after sex seemed so appropriate, so perfect. He excused himself and returned with a warm rag. He sweetly and gently wiped his cum from my chest and throat. When he walked away from the bed to put the washcloth in it’s place I stood, pushing down my skirt and pulling on my tank top. He turned and watched my intently. Again I was appreciated from head to toe. I felt gorgeous, sexy and absolutely adored by Craig.

“I need to get home.” I spoke, my voice coming out soft and breathy as I continued to enjoy a post orgasm high.

“Let me walk you home.” Craig offered.

“No, that’s alright.” I answered. “I’ll enjoy the stroll home. I’ll see you next week. Do you know what’s playing?”

“They’re showing ‘And God Created Women’, a very sexy Brigitte Bardot flick.”

“Sounds great, I’ll see you then.” I would enjoying my week, knowing that on our next meeting I would have that lovely cock inside of me. Leaving my panties in my purse I walked home, holding my skirt up around my knees, enjoying a cool spring breeze.

And so Craig became my lover. Once a week, we’d watch a film, have coffee, always served by the deliciously jealous Lilly and we’d go to our spot on the river. It was understood that neither of us were looking for more. He was right about older men having plenty to teach. He touched me with such patience, skill, and absolute appreciation. He was my teacher in many ways, and I was his candy.

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