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My Blind Masseur

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It was a long day and I was ready for something to ease my stressed body before a nice dinner with this new guy I met recently. I really wanted to make sure that this would be a special dinner. He would be a great catch!

My name is Hye-min, 25 year old, single, American-Korean living in the Bay Area. I’ve been working for an engineering consulting firm for the last five years as an administrative assistant.

Unfortunately, there were no real prospects at work–besides it’s a bad idea to date co-workers. But my good friend at work introduced me to another American-Korean, Danny, who was born in South Korea, but was naturalized a few years ago. He’s not only good-looking, but also athletic, cultured, and kind.

I came to work early this morning in my usual working black dress, 2″ black heels, and sheer tan pantyhose. Just before leaving for dinner, I changed quickly in the restroom for my date. I changed into a flared black skirt, sheer white blouse, black garter belt, sheer RHT off-black stockings, and even sheerer black panties. I imagined what I would look like–pretty hot–but classy. Only I would knew what I had on underneath.

But before the date, I had already scheduled an appointment with my regular masseur down the street. Masu ran a one-person clinic and only had a select clientele. No walk-ins, just by referral. Fortunately, a co-worker introduced me to Masu the other year and I’ve been a steady customer since. His magical fingers did wonders to the human body. I was feeling horny, so I thought I would treat him to a special experience for a change.

Masu was in his early 30s, muscular, and good-looking–but he lost his eyesight as a teenager. Massage work suited him well. Back in his home country of Japan, blind masseurs were somewhat known for being skilled in the vocation. Masu had a steady income and loyal customers, so his clinic was thriving. His techniques involved mostly shiatsu (pressure point massage) plus some western styles such as Swedish.

Today would be a little different because I was in a hurry between work and dinner. It would be in and out with not too much time for my regular 1-1/2 hour massage. I was already wondering how I would get a decent massage in only an hour.

Walking along the busy street, perhaps only I noticed the swishing sound of my sheer nylons rubbing against each other. I felt excited by the sensation of nylons under my swirling skirt and the cool breeze against my sheer panties, unhampered by constricting pantyhose.

A few minutes later, I came to Masu’s clinic which was tucked in between a mom-and-pop grocery store and a liquor shop. The only clue was a small hand-made sign with the Japanese katakana for “massaji”. Masu didn’t want too many people bothering him, especially while he was with a client.

I rang the doorbell and Masu came to the door expecting me. “Hi, this is Hye-min for my 5:30 appointment.” Masu replied, “Yes, I know. I was expecting you. You’re always on time. Please come in.” Masu was dressed in loose white shorts and a Japanese style hakata top tied at the waist. It was comfortable, cool, and allowed easy movement.

Masu ushered me into the interior room with subdued lighting and a massage table set up in the center. He didn’t bother with a dressing area for clients because they knew that he wouldn’t care. I knew the drill.

I walked over to the clothes rack and slipped off my heels. “OK, Masu, I’ll get ready. Just a moment….” I unzipped my skirt, slipped it off, and hung it up on the rack. No slip to bother with, so I next slipped off my blouse which I also hung up on the rack.

Next, my bra came off–but I left on my garter belt, nylons and panties. I thought this massage could be a little different if I left my nylons on for a change. How would Masu react?

Masu had laid out a clean white sheet on the massage table. He never bothered to lay out another sheet to cover his client’s bodies because he couldn’t see anything–and that seemed OK with his clients. I got on the table face down as usual, and placed my face in the head support. With the soft piano music in the background, I could already feel the day’s stress leaving my weary body. The faint fragrance of bamboo incense further relaxed me before Masu even began.

Masu called out, “Are you ready?”

I replied, “Yes, Masu, anytime.”

Masu came up to the table and asked, “How have you been? It’s been a couple of weeks since your last appointment.”

I answered, “Pretty good, Masu. It’s been super busy at work, but I’m still employed! Can’t complain at all.”

Masu said, “OK, I’ll start with your neck and shoulders first like always, then work my way down. You said earlier that you had to take off for dinner, so I’ll plan on a one-hour course with time for you to clean up.”

With that, standing by the side of the massage table, Masu laid his warm hands on my back and pressed down on my spine with his palms. He steadily pressed down, released, and moved down my back until he stopped short of my garter belt.

I felt a twinge of excitement as he was close to discovering what I had left on. Masu moved back up to my neck and shoulders and found all the magic pressure points to release pent up stress and unkink knots. My mind drifted as he worked his magic. I almost forgot that I had left my garter belt, stockings and panties on.

Next, Masu climbed on the massage table to straddle my back so that he could work from on top instead of from the side. He continued to hit all the pressure points along my neck, shoulders, and down the spine, all the way to my lower back. Although his knees and legs were alongside my hips and thighs, he did not seem to have discovered that I was wearing a garter belt and nylons. That would be coming soon…. I could already feel a moistness in my crotch.

His hips were directly over mine as he worked my back. I suddenly realized that his dick was hanging down from his loose shorts and touching my butt crack. As he worked up and down my back, his dick was sliding along my sheer panties along the crack. I don’t know if I was imagining things, but his dick seemed to be getting bigger and bigger, and sliding more deeply into my crotch. I couldn’t contain my excitement and moaned quietly under my breath.

Masu then moved down the table so that he was straddling my legs. He began work on my hip area, pressing his thumbs into the edges of the hip bone and lower back. As he first pressed into my panties, he blurted out, “Oh, what’s this? I thought you removed all your clothes as always.”

I replied, “Normally I would, but tonight I’m running off to dinner and I thought I would enhance your massaging experience for a change. After all, you have been taking such good care of me and my body–I would like to reciprocate in my own little way, even though I’m no good at massage. I hope you don’t mind.”

Masu, a little confused, paused and lightened the pressure of his thumbs. He replied, “OK, I’ll go with the flow and enjoy the moment. The last time I even touched a woman’s body that was partially clothed was as a teenager, but that was in the 1980s. Feeling the smoothness of pantyhose then was exciting. I haven’t had the same chance since I lost my eyesight–but my hands are still working! OK, let’s see what you got.”

With that, Masu continued to press down along my hips. He pressed along the waistband of my panties and garter belt. Surely, Masu must have been wondering about the garter belt because it probably felt different from an ordinary pantyhose. When his thumbs pressed on the waist clasp of the garter belt, he paused again.

Masu asked, “What’s this? It’s something with metal clips and seems to be holding a belt together. Pantyhose don’t have anything like this.”

I explained that I was not wearing pantyhose because they are too confining in the crotch, too hot in warm weather, impractical because any little run means ditching the entire pantyhose, and good ones are expensive.”

“So, what are you wearing, if not pantyhose?”

I said, “Old-fashioned nylon stockings, 15 denier, with reinforced heel and toe. They are much better made than pantyhose, very sheer, less likely to run, and feel great. Also, nothing turns on guys like sheer nylon stockings.”

Masu replied, “Oh, yeah, I now remember that some of my friends used to fantasize about making it with a pretty woman who wore garter belt and stockings–but it was a fantasy in the 1980s because pantyhose had taken over. I heard from someone that nylon stockings were making a comeback, but not for everyday use. I have never felt good nylon stockings, ever.”

“Well,” I said, “enjoy. I love it when a guy appreciates my legs and the trouble I go through to dress up.”

Masu then proceeded to follow the outline of the rear of my garter belt with his thumbs, pressing straight down into my flesh and onto pressure points along muscles and bones. He pressed at the edges of the garter belt top and through my sheer panties. Switching from shiatsu style, he began a semi-Swedish style with even strokes. That felt so good! The Swedish style complemented the pressure point style very nicely.

Masu reached over and poured citrus scented massage oil on my buttocks, then slowly caressed my buttocks, easing out kinks and knots.

After he worked the butt area, he moved down to the backs of my thighs. When he first pressed on the top edge of my stockings, he again paused. It seemed this was the first time he ever touched stocking tops! His fingers followed the edge of the stocking tops, fingered the garter clips, and stroked the smooth nylon material just below the bare skin of my thighs. I though I heard him say something like, “Oh, this IS nice!”

Masu hopped off the table for a moment and poured a little more massage oil on the entire back of both legs, all the way to my feet. He was going to give me the full Swedish treatment through my nylons! By this time, my juices were really starting to flow. I felt a wet spot developing on the white sheet separating me from the table.

Masu jumped back on the table without a word. He straddled my body facing my feet. This time, his gorged dick was planted between my nylon clad legs. Steadily, up and down, up and down, his dick slid along–and I felt something wet through my panties–perhaps his precum?

Again, using Swedish style, he stroked my thighs and calves through the sheer nylon stockings. The massage oil eased his fingers as they stroked my tired muscles. He then hopped off the massage table and went to the foot of the table. He poured more massage oil on my stocking covered feet and proceeded to press the soles of my feet and each toe, one by one.

Although he couldn’t see the effect of massage oil on nylon stockings, I imagined my dark nylons getting even darker and the RHT showing more contrast. He was working close to the table, so I could occasionally feel his stiff dick rubbing against my feet as he massaged them.

Then, Masu asked me to turn over on my back so he could work on the front of my body. If only Masu had his eyesight, he would see my bared chest with two healthy breasts, and my sheer panties showing my dark cunt fuzz, as well as my garter belt and dark nylon stockings. But Masu has super sensitive hands and a well-developed imagination from years of living in the dark–so he would probably have a heightened experience!

Masu jumped onto the massage table again with his hips lined up with mine. As he leaned over to work on my chest area, I could feel his enormous dick resting on the front of my panties. He went back to shiatsu style, pressing along my collarbones and sternum–brushing again my firm breasts. The front of my sheer panties must now be soaked, showing my dark pubic hair even more clearly.

He moved down the table a little so that he could work on the top of my thighs. Starting off with shiatsu style, he pressed along muscle lines on the thighs. He moved down along the front garter straps, then down past the stocking tops. Now I could feel his dick between my lower legs, sliding along the sheer nylons.

Now he switched to Swedish style again, pouring more massage oil on my stockings, then smoothly stroking my legs through the oil-covered sheer nylon material. Oh, it felt sooo fantastic!! I never felt so stimulated in my life. I then realized that Masu was also moaning as he worked. I think he was deliberately allowing his dick to slide along my nylon-clad legs.

Briefly opening my eyes, I discovered that Masu has taken off his loose shorts and jacket and was now working naked with his dick at full-mast.

“Masu, I know this is not what you or I planned, but come closer. I want your dick rubbing my moist clit, now! I can’t stand it anymore,”

Masu complied without delay. He scooted up so his dick was resting on my cunt. Pouring a little more massage oil on my panties, he began to slowly slide his prick along my cunt through the sheer nylon material–up and down, up and down, pressing down more and more. My juices were really pouring out now.

I pulled aside the edge of my soaked panties and guided his stiff dick into the crack of my impatient pussy. He slid his dick along the crack for a while, teasing my cunt and stimulating even more juice to flow. My cunt was ready!

His dick easily slid into my count. Ohhhh, the hugeness of his dick was almost too much for my inexperienced cunt to handle. He pushed his dick in to the hilt–it seemed like over a foot long and a couple of inches in diameter–but it was bigger than any prick that ever entered me before!

My nylon-covered legs were now clasped behind his sweating back. My stocking covered feet stroked his back up and down–it was my turn to give him a stimulating massage! In deep, out, in deep, out–he repeated the deep strokes endlessly as I felt ready to explode.

He paused, slowed down the stroking, teasing me without regret, as he brought me closer and closer to total, overwhelming immolation.

I felt like the world just exploded as I had the most unreal climax ever–just as Masu also shot at least a pint of cum deep into my cunt. His throbbing dick continued jerking loads of cum for what seemed like minutes.

He slowly withdrew his pole-like dick from inside me. Exhausted, he lay on my body. He held my head and gave me the deepest, most intense kiss ever. We had both gone to Heaven!

I then glanced up at the clock. I was due for my dinner date in a half hour. I had to take off. “Masu, I hate to leave now, but I need to get dressed and meet my date soon. Can I clean up first?”

“Sure,” Masu replied, “go ahead and use the shower room.”

I jumped off the massage table and went to the shower room. I had massage oil all over and in just about every crevice. I wan’t sure if I could wash off all of the fragrant smell, but it was a pleasant citrus, so it wouldn’t be bad.

I stepped into the shower stall, and turned on the hot water. No need to strip down naked–I needed to wash off my whole body anyway, as well as my garter belt, panties, and nylons.

The hot water felt so nice as it washed down my body. After shampooing my dark, long hair, I washed off the rest of me with a nice-smelling body wash, also with a citrus scent. I lathered up my nylon covered legs and panties, being careful to wash off all the cum and my own juices. As I rinsed off, the hot water glistened on my entire body and legs. I followed up with a cold water rinse to cool off.

I stepped out of the shower stall and dried up quickly. I walked over to the changing area outside, put on my bra, blouse, black dress, and shoes. Masu was sitting on the side, sipping some hot tea.

“Hey, Masu,” I said, “great massage session. What do I owe you?”

Masu replied, “it’s on me today. I should be paying you, but that would not be right. Let’s call it even. Today was one of the best days of my life, thanks to you.”

“Masu, I can say the same. Thanks for the best massage ever! I’ll call you next week for my next appointment.”

“OK,” said Masu, “next time, let’s schedule a 2-hour session. And, I’ll take you out for dinner later.”

I said, “You’re on. And, next time, I’ll be dressed for the occasion, if you know what I mean.”

“I think I do,” replied Masu, “I think I do.”

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